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tv   Jimmy Kimmel Live  ABC  November 2, 2018 11:35pm-12:37am PDT

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>> we appreciate your time. i'm dan ashley. >> i'm ama daetz. for al >> dicky: from hollywood - it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight -- kobe bryant -- from "splitting up together", oliver hudson. and music from the mighty mighty bosstones -- and now while we're at it here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: very nice. thank you. i'm jimmy. i'm the host. thank you very much. thank you for coming. thank you for joining us on our exciting night. tonight, i'm sure a lot of you know, tonight is lotto night in america.
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did any of you -- any of you buy a ticket for the mega millions drawing tonight? any of you get -- all right. did you guys win the lotto? because you seem very excited. tonight's jackpot, the lottery jackpot was the biggest in lotto history, $1.6 billion, which is a lot. usually to get that kind of money for doing nothing, you would have to be -- fred trump would have to be your father. and i -- i know a lot of people have this thought but if i won the lottery, first thing i would do is i would storm into my office and tell myself i quit. like, you -- i will see you in hell. but the chances of winning the lottery are 1 in 302 million, roughly the same odds as finding love on "the bachelor" and they always say you can't win if you don't play but what they don't mention is you can't lose if you don't play. we have a lucky number 24 with
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us tonight, the great los angeles laker kobe bryant is here. he'll be -- kobe has a new podcast and he has a book called "mamba mentality." kobe won an oscar this year. so far, kobe has more wins this year than the lakers do. and this is special. we have music tonight from our beloved silken throated announcer dicky barrett and his mighty mighty bosstones. of all the nights for you to perform on the show, you picked a night when the red sox will be playing in the world series. >> i didn't pick the night. >> jimmy: oh, we picked the night? >> dicky: it just happened that way. how did i know? if i could pick it, i would have bet on it. >> jimmy: you should have known. tonight from fenway park, game one of the world series, the dodgers playing the red sox.
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and it's -- i have to say, i'm -- i wonder who president trump is rooting for in this. maybe boston because he loves tom brady or maybe the dodgers because that's how he got out of vietnam. i don't know. but this is the second straight year that the dodgers are in the series. everything in l.a. is a remake. but as you might imagine, fans here in l.a. are very excited. people are excited. >> oh. excuse me. are they? are they excited? is everyone -- really? is everyone excited to see if their little sports ball team scores enough home hits to win the big match? >> jimmy: well, it's -- that's not the terminology that you use and yes, some of us are baseball fans and we're excited to see who wins. >> oh, yeah, oh, gosh, how's it all going to end? will the big boys in the blue jerseys hit a pop shot into the paint zone or will the red guys get the slam run?
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i can't wait to find out. >> jimmy: i get it. you think sports are dumb so you make fun of people for caring about them. >> i think sports are dumb? no, no, not at all. sports are the most important thing in the world. >> jimmy: well, maybe they're not but i enjoy them. a lot of people enjoy them. it doesn't interfere with your life so just give it a rest, maybe. >> oh, sure. the whole planet's a dumpster fire but we need to be well rested for the big running ball world cup championship title. >> jimmy: hey, i don't know what's going on with you, but are you okay? >> no. no, actually, i'm not okay. once, when i was 8 years old, my dad was watching the world series. i didn't really care about baseball but i cared about him, so i sat down with him and i asked him every question i could think of, how many points is a home run worth? what are they chewing? why do they spit so much? and he listened to all my questions and do you know what
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he said to me? he said, son, please be quiet, i'm trying to watch the game. >> jimmy: wait, that's -- that's all? that's it? that's all he said? >> that's all he said. >> jimmy: and that traumatized you to the point where you hate sports and have to ruin them for everyone? >> oh, i'm sorry. is my trauma not enough for you? okay? am i not damaged enough? should i get a concussion like one of your precious l.a. rammers? >> jimmy: it's rams. >> what. >> jimmy: it's rams. it's not rammers, it's rams. >> enjoy your little game of sportsball. i hope your team gets all the grand slam dunkers. >> jimmy: i just have one quick question. are you excited about the new "harry potter" movie that's coming out? >> am i? i just got this done last week. >> jimmy: okay. is that a -- are those bedbug bites you have there? >> no, no. just a tattoo. >> jimmy: all right.
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get the hell out of here. whoever that is -- whoever that is, he definitely doesn't work here. and he definitely isn't the only member of our staff who got bedbugs in brooklyn. so, hey, not only has -- not only has l.a. versus boston fired up the sportsball fans in the area, it has given our local newscasters in town a great chance to flex their accent muscles. >> the dodgers will take on the red sox first on their turf there in boston. >> that's right. boston. >> boston. >> boston. >> game one of the world series from fenway pahk. >> we are live at fenway park. >> fenway pahk to see the green monster up close. >> let's see if we can find some wicked smart dodgers fans. >> don't leave your car in the yard out there, rob. >> have some clam chowder. some chowder. >> clam chowder. >> boston. boston, you're going down. that's my best accent.
11:42 pm
no? >> yeah, no. >> jimmy: definitely no. anyway, i'm glad the world series is here. it's nice to spend time talking about the green monster instead of the orange monster for a change, and -- but there are new reports of infighting and discord at the white house. i know, it's hard to believe, but according to the failing "new york times," there was a physical altercation outside the oval office between trump's chief of staff, john kelly, and former campaign manager cory lewandowski. john kelly reportedly grabbed lewandowski by the collar and tried to shove him against the wall. the secret service had to come in and break it up while president trump broke a pool cue in half and screamed, only one survives! but you know trump loves this stuff. i wouldn't be surprised if we found out he orders his staff to fight it out like django unchained. and another former john kelly foe, anthony scaramucci, has a book called "trump: the blue-collar president."
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nothing screams blue-collar like the old regular joe takes a full-size private jet to play golf every weekend. and just like -- i know my -- yeah. [ applause ] how many -- here's a question. how many blue-collar people do you know who named their kid baron? so, anthony scaramucci only lasted 11 days in the white house and he wrote -- is that enough for a book? 11 days. although, stormy daniels wrote a book and the president only lasted two minutes with her. allegedly. of course, the mooch is not the only one who wrote a book, sean spicer, omarosa, michael wolf, bob woodward. all wrote about what's going on inside the white house. there are more to come. >> can't keep up with the tell-all books about the trump administration? introducing the trump tell-all book of the month club. subscribers will receive every
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scathing trump book published so far, including "fire and fury," full disclosure, "fear," unhinged, and more. plus a new tell-all book will arrive in the mail every month. like melania trump's "the devil wears maga." sarah huckabee sanders, "b.s. i love you." vice president mike pence, "mommy, can you hear me." and eric trump, "color by numbers." hold on to your maga hats. we'll throw in the robert mueller report absolutely free. the trump tell-all book of the month club. turn your library into a lie-brary. >> jimmy: thank you. [ cheers and applause ] thank you all for -- meanwhile, our proudly nationalist president took his comedy tour to houston, texas, last night where we slowed him down to half speed for tonight's i don't know what the hell he's talking about edition of "drunk donald trump." >> they want to go out and they
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want to go into the hurricane to show their wife how great they are? and then they get out there and they say, oh my god, i'm dead. [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: for a guy who doesn't drink, he's a fun drunk. the new "halloween" movie is a big hit. it was number one this weekend. it had the second biggest opening for a horror movie ever. "halloween," as you know, has one of the most iconic villains in movie history, michael myers, who's very well known to adults but maybe not as much to kids. we asked parents if they wanted their kids to take a halloween picture the same way you take a picture with santa claus or the easter bunny but we told them this picture would be with michael myers and lots of parents sent their children right in.
11:46 pm
>> this is spooky. this is scary. >> oh [ bleep ]. no, no, no. [ bleep ]. no, no, no. please don't hurt me. please, no, no, no. ♪ >> nope. >> jimmy: shame on every single one of them. oh, back to the lottery. you know, we -- in honor of the
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mega millions jackpot, we had a drawing of our own tonight. we thought it would be fun to bust my aunt chippy's balls a little bit. my aunt chippy is not the most patient person i know, not really even in the top ten, so we set her up with what she thought was a broken lottery ball machine and, well, the rest is temper tantrum history. >> dicky: here's aunt chippy with tonight's winning numbers. >> good evening, ladies and gentlemen, the lucky numbers are -- they're lucky numbers. wait. >> cut! >> here we are. >> wait, sorry. go over that way a little bit. here we go. big smile. lot of energy, lot of energy, lot of energy! lot of energy. lot of energy. and action! lot of energy. >> all right! we're ready to roll! >> what happened? >> it died. i'm going to hold it and then
11:48 pm
pull out the numbers. we're going to do this again. the lucky numbers are -- the first one -- i hate this machine. >> ready? step back over to the side. smile. and lots of energy, and -- >> good evening, ladies and gentlemen. >> wait. you talked when i talked. you can't do that. action. smile. smile! >> i'm smiling, you bastard! i can't smile and talk! >> go! smile! >> good evening, ladies and gentlemen. we got three new numbers. i think i've had enough for the day, because you're driving me [ bleep ] crazy. >> chippy, what's going on here? >> i don't know. it keeps stopping. how many of these do you need? >> do it quick! >> i'm pulling out some perfectly great numbers.
11:49 pm
and the first son of a bitching number -- i can't do this no more. >> dicky: and that was aunt chippy with tonight's winning numbers. >> jimmy: thank you, aunt chippy. tonight on the show we have music from the mighty mighty bosstones, oliver hudson is here and we'll be right back with kobe bryant. should happen everydred five hundred years, right? fact is, there have been twenty-six in the last decade. allstate is adapting. with drones to assess home damage sooner. and if a flying object damages your car, you can snap a photo and get your claim processed in hours, not days. plus, allstate can pay your claim in minutes. now that you know the truth... are you in good hands?
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"look what she's accomplished... she authored the ban on assault weapons... pushed the desert protection act through congress, and steered billions of federal dollars to california projects such as subway construction and wildfire restoration." "she... played an important role in fighting off ...trump's efforts to kill the affordable care act." california news papers endorse dianne feinstein for us senate. california values senator dianne feinstein
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>> jimmy: tonight, from "splitting up together" which aired earlier tonight here on abc oliver hudson is here. then -- their latest album is called "while we're at it" our very own announcer dicky barrett brings his band, the mighty
11:54 pm
mighty bosstones from the mercedes-benz stage. go get ready. why are you hanging around here? go warm up or whatever people do. >> dicky: okay, i will. thanks for having us, jimmy. >> jimmy: you can see the bosstones throw it down december 28th through the 30th at the house of blues in boston. tomorrow night carey mulligan and kevin nealon will join us, we'll have music from lukas graham. and on thursday martin lawrence, daniel kaluuya and music from big boi. so please join us for that. our first guest tonight is the only athlete ever to win five nba championships and an academy award. his latest project is a podcast for kids called "the punies" and this new book -- "the mamba mentality: how i play." please welcome, the one and only, kobe bryant. [ cheers and applause ]
11:55 pm
very snazzy. you look nice. >> thank you. thank you. >> jimmy: how you doing? >> i'm great. >> jimmy: i like the -- everybody's excited to see you. that's got to be good. well, you're beloved. >> thank you. >> jimmy: how you doing? what's going on? everything all right? >> everything is good, man. >> jimmy: enjoying retirement. is it fun? i mean, i know you're doing a lot of other things. >> but it's fun. >> jimmy: do you watch the lakers? have you been sitting and watching the games? >> i watched the last 8 minutes of the fourth quarter because my team, my girls, we practice every night with my team. >> jimmy: yeah, you're coaching. how many games in a row would the lakers have to lose for you to unretire, for you to come back to the team? would it be, like -- if it got to 20, you would think about it, right?
11:56 pm
>> they go 0-5, i'll think about it. >> jimmy: you will think about it. lebron may tank those games just to get you on the court. how involved were you in lebron coming to l.a.? did you speak to him? >> no, i didn't speak to him about coming to l.a. but i spoke to the owner of the team. she wanted to get lebron here, but you know, you're not going to have -- lebron's not going to come here if management isn't figured out. so you have to figure out management, you have to make sure that things are clean, there's a focus going forward, it's not chaotic as it has been in years past, and she did that. >> jimmy: she did do that and she wound up -- did she call you afterwards and say, you were right? we got him? >> no, i sent her a nice little meme. >> jimmy: you sent her a meme? what was the meme? >> i think it's a gif. >> jimmy: i think they go with -- yeah, gif. >> i sent her a gif of the mother of dragons. >> jimmy: yeah, i'm sure she
11:57 pm
loved that. and now, yet, here we are. but you're worried about your own team. you're coaching your daughter's team. >> they're doing well, though. they've been playing for like a year and a half. >> jimmy: what's their record? >> they don't have seasons. it's crazy. they just have tournaments, like, every weekend. >> jimmy: i see. and if they don't win the tournaments, do you, like -- do they have to sleep in the yard or anything like that? >> no food for a week. yeah. >> jimmy: because if anyone -- if anyone would think like that, i would think it would be the mamba mentality. >> just running for two hours straight in practice, no water breaks, nothing. push-ups and sit-ups all day. >> jimmy: how serious do you get? are you guys breaking down game film? >> not yet, but we will. we absolutely will. what we try to do is teach the kids what excellence looks like. and it's not that, you know, some of them may want to play in the wnba, some of them may not but we want to give them the amount of preparation and work that it takes to be excellent in whatever it is that you choose
11:58 pm
to do. we're going to focus on the details, learn the basics, learn the fundamentals, do those things over and over, and hopefully it's something that they can apply to other areas in their life. >> jimmy: do you think your daughter might want to play in the wnba? >> she does for sure. i mean, this kid, man. >> jimmy: wouldn't that be great. >> dude, man, i'm telling you. the best thing that happens is when we go out and fans will come up to me and she'll be standing next to me and they'll be, like, you got to have a boy, someone to carry on the tradition. she's like, i got this. don't need no boy for that. i got this. like, that's right. yes, you do. you got this. >> jimmy: how old are the kids now? >> 15, 12, and our little one, bianca, will be 2. >> jimmy: do you guys have halloween costumes figured out? >> they got mine figured out. i never know what the heck's going on. they just tell me. >> jimmy: will you trick or treat? >> we go trick or treating every halloween. >> jimmy: you're in a costume.
11:59 pm
what were you last year? >> last year, we were a league of their own so i was the black tom hanks. no crying in baseball! she's crying, sir. >> jimmy: speaking of baseball, the dodgers are in the world series. are you interested in that? are you watching those games? did magic invite you? he's the owner of the team. did he invite you to the game? >> he's been inviting me to go. i will go to the series. >> jimmy: is this a situation where you might go in the locker room and talk to the guys? >> maybe. >> jimmy: hand them copies of the book? >> if it's going to help bring the world series to l.a., man, i'll do it. >> jimmy: yeah. i went through the book. boy, i was just planning to kind of, like, flip through it before you came on and i got really invested in it because you go through -- well, first of all, you're a lunatic. >> 100%. >> jimmy: there's no two ways about it. you always hear about your preparation and all these things that you do but then when you read the specifics, it's like, oh my god, this is a mental patient.
12:00 am
yeah. >> that's true. it is. it's true. >> jimmy: you're aware of that. were you always aware of that? >> i am self-aware of my lunacy, yes. >> jimmy: you go through -- one of the things, speaking of magic, you only played with magic one time. >> one time. >> jimmy: in a practice. how did that go? >> he called every single foul, even the ones that weren't there. i was like, hey, that was a foul and i was like -- >> jimmy: all right, you're magic. >> what's the score? it's 10-6. no, it's not, it's 10-9. i'm like, what the -- all right. >> jimmy: are you still reaching out to -- i know you would reach out to people that you admired, people that you felt like were the best in their field. are you still talking to people, calling them, and asking them questions? >> all the time. all the time. >> jimmy: and is there anyone recently that we would be surprised to learn that you call? >> surprised?
12:01 am
i don't know. >> jimmy: maybe not. >> maybe not surprised, but, you know, recently, i've been spending a lot of time with debbie allen. >> jimmy: really? >> debbie allen. >> jimmy: are you learning to dance? >> i actually shared that. >> jimmy: there is a -- that is interesting. in order to protect -- and correct me if i have any of this wrong. in order to protect your ankles, you learned to tap dance. >> i did. >> jimmy: why didn't we know this? >> well, it was kept secret for obvious reasons. >> jimmy: do they make tap shoes in your size? >> had to get them made. i can't go to, like a store and be like, i'll take those size 14s, tap. >> jimmy: you can't really call nike and say, do you guys have tap shoes. so are you an accomplishing tapper? do you know how to tap? >> no, god no. but one summer -- for a year there, yeah. i could, like, tell my feet to do this and they would actually do that. >> jimmy: and you don't ever do it anymore? >> i don't. i don't. my first class, though, i walked into the studio, and it's all these, like, 6-year-olds,
12:02 am
7-year-olds. >> jimmy: really? >> straight-up, man. studio in santa monica and these kids are looking at me like, what in the world? what's this grown ass man doing in here learning tap dance? >> jimmy: wow. this is great. tap dancing. yeah. and you never do -- you want to do a little tap dance? can you show us? we'll take a break. >> if i could, i would. >> jimmy: we'll go get -- guillermo, go get a giant pair of tap shoes >> guillermo: all right. >> jimmy: we'll be right back. ♪ ♪ ♪
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>> jimmy: we're back with kobe bryant. this is his book. it's called "the mamba mentality." who came up with "mamba mentality" the phrase. >> i didn't know what was going
12:08 am
on with twitter and i started throwing stuff out there, being my usual sarcastic stuff and i threw out mamba mentality. >> jimmy: it's good. the cover photo is fantastic. >> andy bernstein. if you've seen any picture in the nba that you absolutely love, he took that picture. this guy is a legend. >> jimmy: is this a real drip of sweat? >> that's -- yeah. i believe that is a real drip of sweat, although i do not remember the exact moment that i began to perspire during that particular contest, but i think it's authentic. >> jimmy: one of the things that i thought was most interesting in the book is that you read -- and this goes back to the lunatic thing. you read the referee's official handbook to find out where the referees are on the court. explain this idea. >> well, it's a rulebook and the officials have to be in certain positions so if you watch a game, you'll see officials
12:09 am
sliding in different areas. you have your slot official and so on. and so i read it to understand where they need to be in certain moments of time so if i need to get away with a foul -- [ cheers and applause ] i rush back there. the slot official's not going to see this little hold right here. >> jimmy: had any player you know ever done that before? >> not that i know of. >> jimmy: that is absolutely nuts. you also wrote something that i thought was very, very interesting. you wrote, "a big shot is just a shot." is that right? >> yeah. we psych ourselves up too much. if you try to talk yourself into, this is a big moment, it's a big shot, you're putting a lot of pressure on yourself. you've shot that shot hundreds and thousands of times, just shoot another one. >> jimmy: so when you would take those shots in overtime or last second or playoffs, long shots, you didn't have any extra anything on you? >> nope. i've done it thousands of times before. it's like you getting up and doing a monologue. >> jimmy: really? >> it's like breathing. you do it so many times, you just do it again.
12:10 am
>> jimmy: do you feel like other players also feel that way? >> well, if they don't feel that way, it means they're not getting enough reps in. because after a while, it's like downloading software. once you download it, it's there. >> jimmy: speaking of downloading, you have a podcast now for kids. >> yeah. >> jimmy: what is the idea behind the podcast? >> it's called "the punies" and it's all about kids have imagination and playing and having fun playing and learning valuable lessons amongst themselves. you don't hear any parents in the podcast. >> jimmy: it's just kids. >> it's just kids playing, interacting, challenging each other, competing with each other, and learning what means to compete. >> jimmy: this is scripted? >> it is scripted. >> jimmy: do you direct this? >> i directed it. i created it and i had a brilliant writer named john who stepped in and wrote the scripts, and we've had a lot of fun. i mean, season one is the last episode's coming up shortly, next saturday, and we're off to outlining season two now. >> jimmy: you are? and the kid actors must be -- are they excited? >> we have adult actors but they're all just -- >> jimmy: playing kids.
12:11 am
>> i mean, they're phenomenal. it's just -- you know, my little daughter still sings "lily's lemonade" to this day. they sing all the songs. >> jimmy: and the adult actors with the kids -- do they have kid voices? are they weirdos? >> no, it's strange because, like, you know, take the character, the actress that plays lily, for example. you hear her speak, and she sounds completely normal and she gets in the lily character and she has a southern accent and you're like, where the hell did that come from? they're performers. >> jimmy: it's nothing we need to worry about. >> no, i don't think so. >> jimmy: your daughter is driving age now, right? did you teach her how to drive? >> i teach her, vanessa teaches her. we have different methods of teaching. >> jimmy: what's the difference? >> vanessa is more like, you know, give me the wheel. >> jimmy: vanessa's less patient. >> watch out for the curb. watch out for the curb.
12:12 am
she's -- she teaches in a very -- >> jimmy: mommish way. >> proactive way. very proactive. i'm like -- which is probably worse. i'm sitting there and she's driving and she makes a turn and i see she's about to hit the curb, i won't say anything, i let her hit the curb. >> jimmy: whose car is it? is it your car? >> it's my car. well, when i'm -- she's driving with me, it's in my car. i'm like -- >> jimmy: will you teach her to fly the helicopter? >> no. >> jimmy: you will not? >> no. >> jimmy: maybe when -- >> can't check your blind spots in the car, you can't check them in a chopper. >> jimmy: that's for the next book. advice to live by. the book is called "mamba mentality" and kobe's podcast for kids is called "the punies." kobe bryant, everybody. we'll be right back. oh, no, no, no, no... go back to bed... take your marks... you got this, bud! [phone ringing] oh, gosh! that is my phone... [phone ringing] oh, my phone's ringin'... [phone ringing] ♪ [phone ringing]
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>> dicky: if you're going to be in the l.a. area and want to see the show, call 866-jimmy-tix or go to
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>> jimmy: hey now, we are back. the mighty mighty bosstones are on the way. what our next guest may lack in nba titles, he more than makes up for with a head of luxurious hair. his show is called "splitting up together," it airs tuesday nights on abc. please welcome oliver hudson. [ cheers and applause ]
12:24 am
i kobe was here, man. >> jimmy: did you get those for kobe? i wonder what kobe thinks when he sees guys, like look who showed up in the purple and yellow sneakers. >> look at this idiot. i grew up watching the lakers. >> jimmy: are you a die-hard lakers fan? >> i am. i saw them win in 2000. rick fox came out of the crowd. i thought he was running to me. i went to go, like, give him a big hug. i was like, oh my god, rick fox, and i went for a high five and i got a little finger brush. >> jimmy: that stuff is -- how old were you at that time? >> i was maybe in my 30s. i wasn't that young. i'm 42. >> jimmy: not in your 30s in 2000 unless we're just both really bad at math, you were not in your 30s.
12:25 am
>> i am bad at math. >> jimmy: for those who do not know, your mom is goldie hawn. your dad is kurt russell. your sister is kate hudson. all famous people in your family. what happens in your family if you're not famous? are you shunned? >> you cannot be in the family. that's it. that's it. you're out. you are out. >> jimmy: your sister, kate, was here and she was talking about these family halloween parties that you guys have. >> big, big halloween parties. really, really fun. >> jimmy: whose house are they at? >> they're at my sister's house, really, really amazing parties although this year there is no party. >> jimmy: why is there no party? >> she had a baby. >> jimmy: oh, because of the baby. the baby ruined everything. >> the baby ruined everything but i said to kate, you know what? so what? who cares? there's a baby. let's still have a fun party. >> jimmy: let the baby be at the party. >> she's only a few weekends old. she won't know anything. we'll just get wildly drunk and she won't know the difference. >> jimmy: and she did not go for
12:26 am
that. >> she did not. >> jimmy: so what are you going to do halloween instead? >> oh, i don't know, man. probably nothing. halloween used to be a really fun time for me, especially as a kid. i was a crazy kid. >> jimmy: in what way -- >> shooting paintball guns. >> jimmy: at who? trick or treaters? >> no. well, yeah. well, they were supposed to be -- okay. so, i used to -- paintball was a big thing in the neighborhood. everyone paintballed. so one year, we were 16 years old, we said we've grown up a little bit now, we're going to load our guns just in case. in case there's an attack, someone throws a rock, which happened. >> jimmy: right. >> we go after the kids, but we ended up firing at a bunch of adults. >> jimmy: oh. >> who then called the cops who then, you know, came up on us, guns drawn, assault with deadly weapons, full-on raid. we get out of the -- oh, yeah, put us on the curb and i was with my friend, whose friend was like aloof and they were like, you have two choices, you're
12:27 am
going to end up in jail with bubba or we're going to deport you. and he was like, oh, i love my choices, all arrogant. my other friend was crying on the curb. we got hauled down to the station and then we were all sitting there and they go through and they say, we got to call your parents. they get to me. what's your dad's name? i'm like, oh [ bleep ]. kurt russell. they're like, kid, be serious. i said, his name is kurt russell. it's kurt russell. they start fighting over who's go being to make the call. the guy who drove us -- he goes, i drove them. i'm making the call. and then the arresting officer goes, i took them out of the car and put them on the curb. and they were actually fighting over it. >> jimmy: over who got to call kurt russell? who got to call kurt russell? >> i don't remember. >> jimmy: who was the result -- did kurt come to get you. >> he came to get me, and the cops were, like, here are your guns back, and my -- yeah, because they don't want them. they're paintball guns and my dad was like, they're not his guns and i was like, they're not
12:28 am
my guns. kurt's like, they're not his guns. i was like, oh my god, i don't know what to do. we got the guns back. my punishment was to shoot up my honda prelude with blue leather interior. i had to shoot up my car, dent it up and drive that for the rest of my existence. >> jimmy: hold on a second. who made you do that, your dad? >> my dad, yes. >> jimmy: what kind of a punishment is that? >> he has this -- his philosophy is i know what i did wrong, right? so why ground me, why do this. >> jimmy: instead, let's destroy something. >> you're going to destroy your car and drive it for the rest of however long you own this car. >> jimmy: how much damage could paintball do? >> from five feet, i had dents. >> jimmy: it looked like you were involved in a drive-by shooting. >> yes, exactly. >> jimmy: that's a really weird lesson. >> yeah. yes. >> jimmy: were you -- besides shooting paintballs, what else were you and your friends into? what were you up to as a kid?
12:29 am
>> we did a lot of hip hop dancing. >> jimmy: you did? for real? >> i mean, as for real as you can get, i guess. >> jimmy: hip hop dancing. >> we had a crew called the rice krispies. there were three of us. we were snap, crackle, and pop, and we used to wear size 40 jeans and huge sweatshirts. we were literally swimming. again, kurt, my dad was like, you know, what the hell are you guys doing? look at yourselves now and we're like, shut up, pa, you don't know what you're talking about. and we went to these underage clubs and battled dance crews. >> jimmy: you had dance battles for real. >> yeah. >> jimmy: and they would go well? >> we did floor work practice and we were really serious about it. >> jimmy: what songs? >> it was '90s hip hop. we were heavily into the '90s hip hop world so, you know, we went after it. >> jimmy: wow. >> we had a coach. >> jimmy: you had a coach? >> his name was logic. >> jimmy: really? >> yeah. >> jimmy: are you supposed to have a coach? it seems to be contrary with the
12:30 am
street culture of the thing to have a coach. >> well, we lived in the palisades, okay? >> jimmy: mom, dad, we need a hip hop coach. >> hey, pa, can i get a hip hop coach? a what? >> jimmy: that's something else. well, and your show -- this is the second season of your show. >> yeah. >> jimmy: you and jenna fisher play a couple that gets divorced but they still are -- >> we got three kids, we're divorced but upside down on the house and forced to live together. >> jimmy: forced to live together. >> it's happening. lot of people i've talked to. >> jimmy: it does happen. it's great to see you and i'm glad you got out of jail. >> thank you very much. i'm so happy to be here. >> jimmy: the show is -- >> you're so good at what you do. you really are. >> jimmy: it's the mamba mentality i have. >> i need some of that. i want to be kobe bryant. >> jimmy: there you go. study. >> oh, yes! did he sign it? >> jimmy: that's oliver hudson, everyone. "splitting up together" tuesday
12:31 am
nights on abc. we'll be right back with the mighty mighty bosstones. >> dicky: the "jimmy kimmel live" concert series is presented by mercedes-benz, the best or nothing. thing. first, it continues to pay paramedics while we're on break. second, it ensures the closest ambulance can respond if you call 9-1-1. vote yes on 11.
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>> dicky: the "jimmy kimmel live" concert series is presented by mercedes-benz, the best or nothing. >> jimmy: i want to thank kobe bryant and oliver hudson, apologies to matt damon. nightline is next, but first, their album is called "while we're at it." here with the song "wonderful day for the race" the mighty mighty bosstones! ♪ ♪ now let me say this about that we might not know where we are at ♪ ♪ where we have been where we are going and it might not be worth it knowing ♪ ♪ we're unequipped for the comprehension how we tripped into this dimension ♪ ♪ that about this let me say for the race it's a wonderful day ♪ ♪ what a wonderful day for the
12:34 am
race everywhere it's taking place ♪ ♪ i swear you'll hear one wasn't run but i'm talking bout the human one ♪ ♪ is there a better understanding why it was we wound up landing ♪ ♪ where our feet are firmly planted not so firmly we were granted ♪ ♪ the permission and the clearance let there be no interference ♪ ♪ anyhow, but either way for the race it's a wonderful day ♪ ♪ what a wonderful for the race everywhere it's taking place ♪ ♪ i swear you'll hear one wasn't run but i'm talking bout the human one ♪ ♪ what a wonderful for the race every smile on every face ♪ eve dayntil it's done i'm talking bout the human one ♪ ♪
12:35 am
♪ what a wonderful day for the race every smile on every face ♪ ♪ every day until it's done i'm talking bout the human one the human one ♪ ♪ what a wonderful day for the race everywhere it's taking place ♪
12:36 am
♪ i swear you'll hear one wasn't run but i'm talking bout the human one ♪ ♪ what a wonderful day for the race every smile on every face ♪ ♪ every day until it's done i'm talking bout the human one the human one ♪ the human one ♪ [ cheers and applause ]
12:37 am
this is "nightline." tonight, mystery in the air. what caused the nearly brand new boeing 737 to fall out of the sky? investigators searching for answers in the lion air crash that killed all 189 people on board. with one black box recovered, will investigators be able to uncover what happened to flight 610? plus, steve carell's new movie about drug addiction, "beautiful boy", already garnering oscar buzz. >> it's something i thought people needed to see. >> this is me, dad. >> one father's nearly decade-long battle to save


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