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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  November 3, 2018 6:00am-6:59am PDT

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female from hayward lost control afford expedition. crashed into a support beams holding steel girders on the new overpass that's being constructed. knows steel girders crashed across all four lanes of northbound 880. the driver was transported for non-life threatening injuries. >> at least one car was damaged and ended up on its side. it's unclear how long the lain he is will closures last. stay with abc 7 news for updates on the news. another big story, the red flag warning. the calendar tells us it's early november but the fire conditions feel more like late summer. can you see hills around the bay area are brown and dry. and warm weather magnifies the danger. abc 7 news meteorologist lisa argen is here with more. lease is a good morning to you. chris, good morning. it's a dry start to autumn and temperatures well above average. live doppler 7 shows the fog offshore and a red flag warning
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highlight the areas here in red. throughout the day today we are experiencing winds 15 to 30 miles an hour from mount keebl o to tam with the gusts in excess much 50-mile-per-hour. .relative humidity decreases below 10%. with the wind and dry fuel, grasses and brush, we could ignite fires and see them spread rapidly. right now we are looking at winds from 15 to 20 miles an hour. upper elevations and temperatures mainly in the 50s. 56 in moupten view. and a live look outside. looki looking at good air quality. est of the bay area moderate air quality. temperatures through 10:00. 60s, 70s. 2:00 in the 80s in the east bay. and then by 6:00 it's mild. a few high clouds around with 60s and 70s. then a wind shift a a different story for sunday i'll have a low back at that come up. >> lisa, thanks. the this morning all lanes back open on substitutes 880 near the
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the san jose international parapet. last night a grass fire turned the rush hour into a nightmare. the highway patrol had to close all southbound lanes. officers eventually allowed drivers to make u turns to get off the freeway. the lanes were back open aefr 8:00 last night. in western sonoma county firefighters battled this fire. starting just before 9:00 last night half an acre of grass burned. this is video from an observation camera set up to spot wildfires. the press democrat reports firefighters were able to save the home on the property. in concord a new class of future firefighters learned how to fight structure fires as in re teachers planned for the red flag warning. abc 7 news anchor eric thomas went to the training center and learned that this is becoming the new norm. >> reporter: today's lesson plan, make a high pressure inch and a half fire hose bend to
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your will or navigate a dark structure looking for flames. the training is tough on mind and body. >> i thought i was in good shape coming in. and i was but they challenged us every day, both in the gym and on the training grounds. >> while the recruits training for a structure fire the teach remembers planning for high fire danger weekend. the red flag warning runs through sunday morning. >> we expect the high heat and high winds to be conducive to -- if we were getting a wildland fire to spread quickly. >> fighting a fast moving vegetation fire is something these recruits will have to face in a future training evolution. >> we train our firefighters from the frowned up suppress fires utilizing tools, hose lines and the different equipment we have when the wild fire offer ignacio valley road burned 363 acres threatening a pair of subdivisions. quick response and air attacks
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saved the homes. but when the rekrouts mocruits the field they'll find motor faster fires than in the past. >> we are at some level of threat throughout the year. >> and that's why they take no chances. they'll have strike teams ready in the event of a wildfire that starts that could be added to by the weather in weekend. by the way the recruit training program here in concord has been accredited by the state for its excellence, only one of 20 programs in the state of california that have done so. . in concord, eric thomas, abc 7 news. >> and stay with abc 7 news as we track the fire danger in weekend. you can download the abc 7 anus app to get alerts where you live. new overnight one person dead and another missing after a partial building clps at this amaze. distribution center. vifd from the scene in baltimore, ph.d.. the collapse happened as a storm hit the area.
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the fire department says the incident was weather related. back here at home police in east palo alto want to find throe men who kidnapped and sexually assault add 17-year-old girl. the teenager told officers she was in front of her house when the three men forced her into a van around 1:30 yesterday morning. the girl said the men drove her to an unknown location, sexually assaulted her then threw her out of the van. she was able to eventually make it home. the van is zroibd as bladescrib with tinted window. san jose need you to be on the lock out for this woman and her children. she abducted them during a supervised visit. a social worker was the three at ema perch park in san jose yesterday afternoon. the social worker took the daughter to the restroom. when they returned police say the mother was gone with her son. while the social worker was looking for them, the daughter went missing. both children are believed to be with their mother.
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police say she may be driving a gray minivan or suv. the time is 6:0 a. a b.a.r.t. train worker is mailed as a hero for saving a passenger's life. the worker jumped into action performing cpr on a man found unconscious. at as katie utehs reports the train cleaner says he was in the right place at the right time. >> i wasn't supposed to be there. i was out eating with my family. >> vincent seals cleans b.a.r.t. trains at the end of the lynn line. on sunday night he picked up an extra shift at the dublin pleasanton station. >> one of my coworkers and started screaming someone is dead! >> instinctually vincent rushed to the first car. >> when i seen him and seen his eyes in the back of his head i immediately jumped in there. and i had to do something >> the 20-year-old man was unconscious wsh lips already blue. >> that's when i picked him up and placed him on the loor. >> how long he performed cpr.
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>> straight down, straight down. >> he is unsure. >> it was just like i was focused on him at that time. i felt something touch me and say do you want me to take over? i said no i got it. for some reason i felt connected with him. >> it was a b.a.r.t. officer. she helped with broegting. the man was conscious when paramedics took him to the hospital. >> can you imagine saving somebody's life aday he is not supposed to be here. >> vincent learned cpr at a previous job. his boss took cpr when she started at b.a.r.t. and would like the training made available to all employees. >> we took it 30 years i've been here never had to use it. >> i was just there at the right time. he is the hero for coming back and fighting. he wanted to live. he wanted to survive. >> because of patient privacy laws vincent has now idea how the young man is doing. b.a.r.t. police told him the man just sbrited his toth birthday sunday. vincent says he would like to connect with him and let him know that people do care, even
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strangers. in millbrae, katie utehs, abc 7 news. just throe days until the midterm elections. and in santa cruz the battle is -- the battle poefr a rent control measure is getting no are divisive. abc 7 news reporter amanda del castillo explains how a flier is causing controversy. >> longtime landlord darius mesanine. >> google gang images i had some more ariana brother maryland and ms 139. >> he put the pictures on fliers with the the message meet your new neighbor. in response to a specific portion of propose so. >> when you lose control over your unit who lives there, how long they stay there, how many people can be in the unit that's a real problem. >> abc 7 news has chose ton blur the images. critics like this man with students united with renters say the message is clear.
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>> talking to the late -- the sort -- underlig racism present in santa cruz people aren't willing to admit. >> minor chld says when the landlord showed up to an event. hifrp chld only saw the flier with the ms 13 gang members pictured. a move he says ultimate connects people of color to crime. on friday, hirschfield and other measure m supporters marched against the actions of the landlord. >> the landlord tells abc 7 news he is apologizes and understands now his actionsy ill time and his picture choice was in poor taste. still, he stands behind his message. >> hirschfield tells me measure m supporters don't want the apology. intd he says those who oppose the measure aren't doing enough to distance themts from landlords. count on abc 7 for all of
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the election coverage pch abc 7 news network will have coverage of the biggest races around the country and live local election coverage throughout the evening on coffey 26 20 and here on abc 7. coming up an i-team exclusive on the elections next week. some opponents raise questions about how the santa clara county sheriff sought out endorsements. was it improper. alo the return of >> make-up done in the dark. >> let's
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fireworks in the santa carr county sheriffs race. with the election next week sheriff laurie smith's opponents raise questions about how she sought endorsements. two opponents allege smith improperly tried to handout political favors in exchange for support. i-team reporter dan noyes has the story only on abc 7 news. >> john hirokawa was once the second in command to laurie smith now he provides a tough challenge to smith who held the office almost 20 years. in story began when martin monica called me weeks ago, one of three candidates for santa clara county sheriff knocked out in the june primary. he says after the loss the sheriff and her second in command rick song met et and his son at this coffee shop. trying to get him to endorse her she gave him the new shfrp patch. >> she brought internal
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documents that have jobs for us to apply for and get. >> she also said well you could do -- you could do this one here or whatever you apply to give me a call use my name and we'll get threw. >> after martin monica says laurie smith sent this text hi, martin i have info for your son. do you have some time to meet again? also thank you so much for endorsing me. but monica is not endorsing laurie smith. >> it wasn't the right thing to do. i vote for people that i believe will do the correct job. >> former candidate for sheriff pan retired lieutenant jose salcido tells me he saw something wrong in his meeting with smith's second in command rick song at a restaurant across from san jose city hall. >> sheriff would like to know if you would endorse her. >> he says song made an offer he believes came from the sheriff. >> at that time he offered what if we brought you back as aand interesting. >> aftersa li o sent an email to the district attorney requesting a confidential megardi
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unethical if not illegal actions by laurie smith during the current election cycle. i've experienced offers from sheriff in exchange for support and i'm aware of other candidates experiencing the same. john chase from the d.a. public integrity unit answered not everything unethical or even illegal is a criminal and later declined to investigate. >> he did he indicate that this is the just the way things. >> he says this is politics you've been in involved in politics lopping enough to know that it goes on all the time. i said well that doesn't make it right. >> john kmas declined an interview but sent a statement the promised promotions under the circumstances they were allegedly made could not be proved to be crimes. >> the sheriff laurie smith declined to be interviewed but messaged me on facebook that the desperate last minute mutd slinging is a lie. we met with all the candidates in the primary a as a matter of practice. you can smil the her opponent says he hasn't
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raised the issue in campaigning even though he heard the stories from the other candidates months ago. >> let's try try to get the votes based on merits of who john hirokawa is versus disparaging the incumbent about her tactics. >> for the i-team, dan noyes, abc 7 news. late last night rick song messaged our dan noyes saying jose salcido is a bold faced liar. i didn't offer him a position. the time is 6:16. the crab season is open at midnight tonight. kate larson has more from half moon bay. >> we spent the last two woks f season. it's a brand-new boat we brought up from san diego. it's been eight days on the water. this was the crew on the boat for the trip. a lot of people on the small boat. >> you're not sick of each other yet? >> i can't answer that. >> for the past 20 years woody
6:17 am
woodward has spent the first week of november in half moon bay fishing for crabs. >> beginning of the season we are not taking anything less than a 7 inch crab. >> that would be a jumbo dungeness. >> people go nuts for it they love it. >> that was a bit hasty. >> woody introduced me to some of his friends and their game ofgenica which is not easy on a boat with the wind off the pacific. >> we might not catch crab tomorrow or tonight but bringing everybody together, it's just nice to have everybody come together. >> any type ofber bait. >> take this, chop it up, put it in the bag in the crab pot. >> exactly. >> by the time the sunset the rig was ready. now wait and see if the crabs are crawling towards the bait. commercial crab fishing season starts here on november 15th. so whether you are catching them yourself or buying them at the
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story, i am told boiling the crabs upside down and just salt and fresh garlic and eating straight out of the pots is the way to go. in half moon bay, abc 7 news. >> now the accuweather forecast with lisa argen. hi, everyone. saturday morning live doppler 7. the fog off the coast a clear and breezy start in the upper elevations. that's why we have the red flag warning. check out the 70 degree temperatures around vacaville. the winds blowing the past several hours allowing for numbers to be warmer than others compared to yesterday. but it's 53 in hayward, 52 in oakland. san francisco at 57. and so the warmest numbers right around vacaville where they have they have the north wind. just a little warmer in the north bay and cooler over by hayward. we are concerned about the relative humidity decreasing with the offshore winds. the warmer temperatures. through the next several hours, the darker shading means the dryer air from napa to fairfield to concord, right through the afternoon it's bone dry.
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the north bay, east bay hills and we have the offshore winds. but by the overnight hours we get a wind sheft in the occupier elevation hopefulliy and bring up the moistures sunday is cooler with the recover of the moisture. eed fire danger this weekend. sunny and warmer this afternoon. temperatures well into the 80s in the warmest inland valley. and daylight saving time ends tomorrow morning. an extra hour of sleep tonight as we look at winds. the yellow indicates the breezy winds out of the north and east. calistoga and fairfield 5 to 22 miles an hour. by the afternoon we continue to see the elevated winds out of the north in the east bay and then along the coast as well through the day. 4:00, the rest the of the bay area not breezy but temperatures will still be on the warm side of average and then through early tomorrow morning finally we see the winds dial back. but they still will have an offshore component for a little
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while until we get a stronger on shore push threw sunday. 83 today in napa. warmest in the seks 7. notice cooler tomorrow. by monday temperatures up a little bit. and we still see the slight offshore flow. throughout the week we see the shift back and forth from offshore to on shore. we are not out of the woods with no rain in the 7-day outlook. 81 in fremont. it's early november. s in certainly unusual to have the low to mid-eighths in inland. 82 in san jose. lack at the coast. 69. half moon bay. lower 70s yesterday. 84 in santa rosa. we'll be looking at a warm day but with the sun setting after 6:00 tonight, cooling off quickly. you know that. mid-40s in santa rosa. tomorrow morning 53 in fremont. still winds in upper elevations will be breezy. and the seven-day forecast, 60s
6:21 am
coast low 80s around the bay. up upper 80s inland. looking forward for the extra hour of sleep. and temperatures tomorrow as much as 8 to 10 degrees cooler. monday we hold steady. election day a little bit more in line with when we expect for november but still dry with little change temperaturewise the rest of the woke. >> a lot of people enjoy the weather conditions but it's so concerning. >> it's been such a dry start. you can download the app to cope track. >> thanks. just ahead, fraud warning,
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whitt johnson joins us from new york to tell us what's coming up on foerng america. good mor coming up on gma severe weather hits the east coast. slamming the state with torrential rain and damaging winds. where it's headed next. plus the countdown downto tuesday's election. president trump and president obama making marks on the campaign trail. obama pushing back on immigration warnings. the topics the to you focus on and the historic early voter turnout in a critical election. and finally alec baldwin arrested in new york yesterday after allegedly pugmiring someone in a dispute right in front of his apartment. what started the altercation and the charges the actor faces. that's coming up on gma. a petaluma mother wants to thank a mystery good samaritan who found her purse and returned
6:25 am
it to her home halloween. a security camera on her porch captured the kindness. the man comes up and rings the door bell when no one answers he puts the purse in the mailbox brown was out searching for her purse that went missing. she saw the video on her security camera when she got home. >>ny li in addition to trick or troeters there was a video of a man ringing the door bell holding my purse. when we didn't answer he put it in the mailbox which we -- it's a closed mailbox we wouldn't have seen it when we came home. i was so relieved. >> brown says everything was still in her purse, including a neckless she received as a teenager. she posted the video online hoping to identify the good samaritan. we posted in to our website. if you know this person send us a message using the hashtag abc 7 now. >> still to come on abc 7 mornings, freeway closure in oakland. we have the latest. some are going back to work
6:26 am
today. but others remain on the picket lines. the toll this strike takes on hotel woerngs and families. plus. >> deer young people. >> don't the veet. >> don't vote. >> everything is fine the way it is. >> the so-called gray army working to get out the vote with a few d sfx: stair creak sfx: clink sfx: deep breath sfx: grunt sfx: tinny headphone music
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sfwls now from abc 7, live
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breaking news. half past the hour on this saturday morning. we begin with that breaking news in oakland where the northbound lanes of interstate 880 near 23rd avenue are closed. you can see why. the chp says around 3:40 this morning a 28-year-old woman from hayward was speeding and lost control and crashed into support beams. the beams held still girders of the 23rd avenue overpass being constructed. the girders fell cross all four northbound lanes of interstate 880. the woman was taken to the hospital but is expected to be okay. >> there is a lot of debris, a lot of things could have gone wrng for the driver this and you know she is very miraculous to be alive and only non-life threatening injuries. >> at least one vehicle was damaged. you can see it ended up on its side. it's unclear how long theai closure will last. stay with us for updates on the news. turning to weather now a
6:30 am
preview of the bay area forecast with our meteorologist lisa argen. good morning to you. chris, good morning to you. we have breezy winds. in fact the higher winds and the direction has indicated a red flag warning for the north bay hills and mountains and east bay hills. the national weather service highlighted the area. with that we look at wind already 37 miles an hour gusts from the diablo range. and relative humidity throughout the day continues to decrease to less than 10% in some areas. and because of that it won be hard to start a fire and have them spread easily. we'll be very vigilant of that hopefully today. and you in the the change with warmer temperatures right now atlas peak. 14 miles an hour gusts. mount tam, 20. foothold at 30 miles an hour. warm day today we have the details coming up chris. >> thanks, lisa. new this morning fire officials in alameda county are investigating a fire at castro valley high school. flames break out on the roof
6:31 am
between the school's administration building and 200 haul. the fire was out before 7:30 no one hurt. new details about a deadly crash knocking out power to thousands in santa clara. police say the driver, 45-year-old francis carpenter ito of san jose was speeding and lost control and hit a power pole. the crash cut power to more than 2,700 customers. the driver died, but no one else was hurt. more than 200 marriott workers in oakland go back to work today. the workers ratified an agreement to end a strike yesterday. they've been calling for better pay fan mont this dsotmpac ioatnsn san or sske rem o strike. abc 7 news anchor dion lim spoke to employees about how this impacts them and their families. >> reporter: for the past 30
6:32 am
days julian pen rest has been on the picket line. >> fighting for fair wages so he and his wife of 13 years can just in his words live a normal life. >> i don't feel like my wife and i can afford to have children in the city, that i would be able to afford that and raise them in the way i would want to raise them. >> julian has been a bellman at the w hotel for eight years and makes just over minimum wage plus tips. he claims to work 24 or even 32-hour shifts to make ends meet. his story not unlike the 3,200 union members who work at marriott properties on strike. we found this single mom and her son who at 10 years old feels the burden of the money woes. >> i feel like she is just struggling not having the money. that's just the problem. and i feel like i need to help her on something. >> even a recent $50 a month rent increase is too much.
6:33 am
>> he asked me, mom, what can i do. >> at the marriott marquis the effects the strike could be felt out souds outside. this couple, rewards members. change allegiances after learning about the working conditions. >> you want to stay at a hotel where there is people to care for you but i don't want to stay where people are protesting because i believe in fair wages. >> until that happens these workers will stay somewhere else as well, on the sidewalk outside. the union is set to negotiate with marriott on november 12th. according to the workers they say they are optimistic in comes to an end. in san francisco, dion lim, abc 7 news election day is tuesday. and a record number of californians are registered to vote. that's the first step. you still have to cast the ballot, right. our reporter leslie brinkley shows us the effort to encourage everyone to get votes in >> dear young people. >> don't vote.
6:34 am
>> don't vote. >> everything is fine the way it is. >> nationally there are viral videos like this taunting young voters to vote because seniors certainly do. meanwhile locally, silver haired soldiers armed with cell phones and ipads are tapping their way into potential voters heads. actualliy texting get out the vote messages. >> you're technology savvy. >> we are technology savvy. 66 of us here in ross more part of the texting group that started in march. and we have texted over 3.6 million people. >> locally, republicans are also on the move. >> we have also deployed about 20,000 door hangers that have who our recommended candidates are, our endorsed candidates are. and we have deployed hundreds of thousands of digital ads. >> i worked on jfk's campaign. >> the democrat of ross more are happy to have a this nickname. >> we are the gray army. honestly, i think the gray activist army who are doing this
6:35 am
work on behalf of not just ourselves to save medicare and social security but for our children and our grandchildren. >> that gray army is also deploying those with the best penman high pressure. cursive counts. they've sent out 16,000 handwritten post cards. >> i find people that get the campaign envelopes ands to them in the basket but nobody is not reading a handwritten post card. >> it's your secret tactic. >> a secret tactic of the old people. >> in ross more in walnut creek, leslie brinkley, abc 7 news. a closer lock now at one ballot measure that could be a possible slugs to homelessness in san francisco. proposition c would tax businesses with administrative offices in the city making more than $50 in revenue. supporters say the money would pay for things like permanent housing programs and mental health services. last week one of prop c's biggest supporters sales frps ceo mark ben
6:36 am
studio. this man is seen wearing a yes on c shirt. the images were posted to a twitter account. a video shows a yes on c shirt among another person's belongings. noen on prop c joined us at abc 7 news to explain his concerns about the proposition and the petition process that got if in the ballot. >> proposition c we believe is the wrong approach to address homelessness in san francisco. it doubles our homelessness bunlt overnight with no reforms or accountability attached we don't think that's a serious which to approach the issue. most voters would be alarmed to here that the largest tax in san francisco history was based on ballot through a few thousand signatures not elected leaders. wh the reasonable people can compactright number that's sochlg homelessness in san francisco.
6:37 am
but i do believe that consensus is necessary on important issues like homelessness in san francisco. >> abc 7 is the home for complete election coverage. you can find a guide to all of the measures and propositions on your ballot, again at our website. abc 7 enchts time now is 6:37. palo alto police are warning residents about a phone scam. in one involves a suspect pretending to be of an officer with the department. they say a man who received three calls tuesday was scammed out of $10,000. two of the calls were from people claiming to be immigration workers. a third came from someone claiming to be officer jim hopper who told him to cooperate with the immigration. police say there is no officer by that name and that they will never ask for payment over the phone. still ahead on abc 7 mornings a good time to stock up on books and the good prices you find at this event and the perk o the last day.
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heading to break a live look outside from the emeryville camera, clear conditions out there as the distance. lisa argen will have the full ♪ ♪ connecting people... ...uniting the world. ♪♪
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the largest used bock sale on the west coast continues in n n weekend. it's the 54th annual friend of the san franccoli library book sale at festival pavilion at for the mason. you find box in 70 categories.
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it raises money for san franscs icresh merchandise come every day and the prices are right. and i hope everybody comes down. >> all of the books are $3 or $4 depending on if hard cover or paperback. tomorrow the final day of the sale, all books will be $1. you can check it out from 10:00 to 6:00 today and tomorrow. still ahead on abc 7 mornings, lisa argen is here tracking the accuweather forecast for us. >> need a shady tree to read outside today. it's wrm. here a live look nice a dark. temperatures in the upper 50s from san francisco. but a north wind at 15 has allowed the temperature in degrees. we're on our way to a very warm afternoon. high fire danger. details straight ahead. nk yo ahead, klay thompson did not go for 50 last night but he did heat up
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in sports all three bay area college football teams are on the road tad san jose state try for the sparnt as second straight victory when they face wyoming at 11:00. tonight stanford has an opportunity to become bowl eligible against wrkt. kickoff in seattle at 6:00 p.m. and it will. appear cal can become bowl eligible with the win over washington state at 7:45. you can watch that on our sister nikkei spb. the warriors are off until
6:45 am
monday after kicking off november at oracle against minnesota. here is abc 7 sports director larry beil with the highlights in this morning's sports report. >> good morning, the warriors tried to extend the winning streak to 7 games. t wolves pick aring star. jimmy butler played after missing a game with general body soreness. let's talk about my soreness. let's talk about with authority. that's a way to start the game. damian jones, the lob from draymond grown who had 11 assists. warriors had 12 of the piers 15 tts. kevin durant slam therefore "i." 30 for k.d.p. jimmy butler, i'm so sore. he 21. t-wolves -- you've heard the term shooters bounce. 28or at the half. andrew wigans with 13 in the third as the t-wolf take after .
6:46 am
klay thompson says no. opens the fourth with 8 points knocking down threes. dubs take the lead. 22 for kla kla kla 116-99 warriors take another one. magic johnson dmoon i should luke walton saying lakers need to win sooner renner later. so much for the patient approach discussed in training camp. >> do you feel management gives you the latitude to be patient. >> i feel like i have a great relationship with management, gentlemen. >> do you feel like you have jobs security. >> i feel like i'm going down here to do my job and coach and i don't feel like i'm going anywhere, no. >> that went awkward, at all, right? i love magic. we are friend. is he here? you know who has a lot of friends? niners quarterback nick mullens three touchdown passes in a wipeou raidersnd on
6:47 am
what a thursday nighte h. ca resistance. john grouden. chucky identified the problem >> i think we gave up six plays for 240 yards. six plays yelled 240 yards. and that cannot happen. and it continues to be a big part of our problem. we have to fix it. and i know people are saying when are you going to fix it? well we're trying. >> mark davis is worning, when are you going to fix it for $1,007 million that's a wrap on morning sports. now the accuweather forecast with lisa argen. hi, everyone. we're looking at that late sunrise again in morning. it's clear. it's certainly mild in some areas. in fact, warm. we'll get to that just a moment. as we look outside you can see it looks calm. but we have some winds that are gusting in our upper elevation the. we are concerned about that. looking at temperatures today in santa rosa, the north bay well
6:48 am
into the 80s. the average high is 70. look at that 14 degrees above average. cooling off a bit tomorrow and the rest of the week looks a little bit more typical but still above average wove been clocking the wednesday all morning, the red flag warning in effect from the national service. for the north bay mountains east bay hills. and live doppler 7, no fog, clear. maybe high clouds today. the 70 degree temperature really stands out in vacaville. that's due to the north wind at 15 miles an hour. very common to see the winds on the diablo range up to 37, 40 miles an hour this morning and also in the north bay where there is a lack of wind in the 40s. 48 in santa rosa and napa. as a result we are cooling in spots. you know the drill, the valleys upper elevations getting the wind. as we low back outside for walnut cross-examine perspective it's a broit and sunny day with highs once again well above average.
6:49 am
fire danger elevated this weekend. sunny and warmer this afternoon. daylight saving time ends tomorrow morning. that means e the extra hour of sleep tonight. i'm excited about that. you notice that the color coding here from the east bay highlights the gusty winds, 11:00 this morning we still have the winds. now the gusts will be up to 20 and 30 miles an hour. maybe even higher than that. and also in the north bay, the direction -- unless you're right at the contest will be on shore here, offshore, and it's going to be until tomorrow where with we see the big change wind direction. as we look at 1:00 wind profile gusty around point reyes. 5:00 tomorrow morning out of the north cloverdale even napa. fall back and tonight and extra hour of sleep. 7:37 if is the official sunrise today. 6:38 tomorrow. looking at concord one of the warmer temperatures around the by. the east bay valleys will be wchg with the gusty offshore winds. and then tomorrow things should
6:50 am
settle down as we look for temperatures to cool off another offshore event likely monday but not as strong. and the temperatures still wrm for november standards. highs about 80 in oakland. would you, wrm for november. 8 process in sand rafael. san francisco, 76. last we can we reached low 80s downtown. that was the second warmest day all year. certainly a warm week and it continues the first part of the weekend. then tonight the clear sky and the windy conditions still offshore in the upper elevations. so it is going to be wrm to start. then cool overnight. the accuweather seven-day forecast today, the warmest day of the we can. upper 80s inland. low 80s at the bay. 60s on the shoreline but that's mild for the coast. tomorrow cooler. download the app, temperatures steady on monday. and finally cooler on tuesday. that should be the trend through the rest of the week. certainly hot one out there. >> still feels like summer. thank you. well the famous mascot from toys "r" us is making a comeback
6:51 am
this holiday season. you'll see geoffrey the graefe at kroger. the nearly 600 kroger stores will sell from brands only sold at toys "r" us. five months after the toy seller shuttered stores and a month after geoffrey llc was formed to try to revive toys "r" us and brands. credit card fees some avoidable some not. why don't you stop paying them. 7 on your side's michael finney can she you how. >> the credit card issuer and your own behavior may be piling on fees. but there is something you can do about it. ask more bank to stop it. dennis bartel still useucretar . >>o u payal fee e rd >>o you know tt if you call and say i want to you waive those fees, more often than not
6:52 am
they will. >> you're kidding. >> new study shows that. >> these are 25-year-old relationships. certainly if they grant that wish that would be wonderful. >> it can happen. credit did the study. ted rossman is an analyst there. >> it's important to mention just because the card has potential fees doesn't mean you have to pay them. >> ted says the list of fees is more of a guideline than a hard and fast rule. and that's important. even to those who are very careful with their money. >> have you guys ever paid a late fee? >> oh on rare occasion. and we hate ourselves for it. >> rarity like that kbifs you leverage. call and ask the credit card company to which have the fee. >> if you are occasionally slip up and incur a late fee, about 85% of the time you get the late fee waived just by calling up and y, i made a mistake could you cut me a break. >> i'm doing it. >> my godness.
6:53 am
okay. thank you. >> you call up and go i've been great customer been with you a long time i don't think i should have to pay this. >> thank you, thank you. >> you are a consumer protector. >> yeah. >> ask to waive each and every fee. it won't always work but not asking for sure doesn't. i'm michael finney, 7 on your side. coming up we have another check on the breaking news out of oakland are part of interstate 880 closed after an overnight crash. here are the winning numbers from last night's $52 megamillions drawing. 3, 23, 28, 46, 62, the meganumber 16. nobody picked all six. tuesday night's jackpot goes up to $70 million. stay close. you are watching abc 7 news.
6:54 am
maybe you're with the family you got. (all) ooh! or maybe the one you've chosen. it's culture salad. our holidays don't all look the same. am i saying it well, l'chaim? l'chaim? and maybe that's what makes us great. make the dream yours. ikea.
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another check on breg news we have been following all morning long in oklahoma. this is video from him 880 near 23rd avenue. all northbound lanes are closed in the area after a crash. the chp says around 3:40 a 28-year-old woman lost control and crashed into support beams that were holding steel girders of the new overpass being constructed there. the girders fell across all four northbound lanes of interstate 880. the woman was taken to the hospital but she is expected to be okay. still no word yet on how long the closure will last but we'll have another update for you in
6:57 am
our next newscasts at 8:00 here on abc 7. now a file number weather check our meteorologist lisa argen. we have the red flag warning in effect today for the north bay mountains, east bay hills. a warm afternoon again. 87 in concord. 83 sand rafael. 76 downtown. upper 70s san mateo. and the seven-day forecast wrm today, cooler tomorrow. remember we get the extra hour of sleep tonight. then eventually the cooling trend continues but not as cool as we should be this time of year. no fog and no rain. >> i can't wait for the extra hour of sleep. >> yeah. >> thank you to you for joining us on abc 7 morning. chris nguyen alongside lisa argen. the news continues ob online on the news continues ob online on m ameca it a gatcopy and
6:58 am
>> announcer: let's take on the issues. let's call out the problems. >> let's face it we have a trash issue here in san francisco. >> announcer: and find real solutions. let's have hard conversations. >> i feel that the community has failed people of color. >> announcer: and hear one another. >> we don't have to use our fists. >> announcer: our concerns might be different. but we are in this together. and
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good morning, america. happening now, deadly storms. one person killed at this amazon facility. the roof damaged at this store. cars submerged. people rescued. >> right there, look at it. >> as tornadoes tear through the south. the severe weather threat ahead. midterm sprint. presidents trump and obama rallying voters focusing on immigration. >> they want these caravans full of illegal aliens to flood into our country. >> they're telling you the existential threat to america is a bunch of poor refugees a thousand miles away. >> with early voting at record numbers, a look at what's at stake in some critical tight races. and a bizarre and disturbing story. breaking overnight, a shooting at a yoga studio.


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