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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  November 4, 2018 5:00am-5:59am PST

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good morning, thanks so much for joining us. we are going to start with a quick look at the weather with lisa. >> yeah. temperatures were well above average yesterday. you can see high clouds around the bay. everyone experiencing them. as a result we'll wait for the sun. another hour left of our red flag warning. it means the winds are still quite breezy. we had a wind gust last hour.
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east bay around 20 miles per hour. this will expire. winds will turn more on shore. cool numbers 44 santa rosa and 56 in oakland right now. for the next 12 hours we'll be looking at temperatures coming up through the 70s. a good 10 degrees cooler than yesterday with high of 80 inland and 70s at the coast. >> as lisa mentioned, a red flag warning remans in effect until 6:00 sunday morning. >> dude, that was so hot. >> this isn't what you want to see on any day b especially not while a red flag warning is in effect. >> we prevented the fire from getting into the homes and kept it in the backyard and wild
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land. >>. >> i can't even -- >> it didn't help him. >> he worked from germany f and created strulktures like these by hand through his business. this is what's left. >> my life, 20 years. >> he was flplanning to move ne month. across the lot all suffering deep losses. >> i opened the back door there and couldn't see the black smoke and things flying through the air. >> the family is just beginning to recover from the north th movedere six months ago. when it hopped the train tracks and headed for their home -- >> instant panic mode. zbli recommend everybody has a
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plan. it can happen any time. >> winds. police investigating a stabbing that left a woman injured. a passer by found her yesterday afternoon inside a parked car. her car was in the parking lot of roanoke park. she said a man she did not know walked up and asked for cigarettes. when she said she didn't have any he stabbed her and ran away. anyone with information is asked to call police. amber alert for two police say their mother pictured ton left took the children during a supervised visit on friday.
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she does not have custody. she is believed to be driving a gray minicooper and has license plate 6 uwl251. if you see them to car with the license plate you're asked to call 911. one man dead noling a police involved shooting. it started after a call about a suspicious person. >> rep>>te the scene of a deadlr involved shooting. >> at the intersection of front street and deablo road they try today contact the man. >> the driver drove his voek straight towards one of our officers. our officer fired his weapon towards the vehicle. >> the man crashed into another vehicle after being struck by the gunfire.
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he was pronounced dead at the hospital. w they say around 10:00 the man entered the neighborhood. about an hour later he came back. he appeared disoriented and had something under his >> walking around the area. >> police say the man drove away when they initially tried to contact him shortly after 11:00 in the morning. >> it is a very quiet street. >> they have not identified the officer who fired for the man who and killed. the incident being investigated by the da and
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they say this overpass in oakland is safe after a driver crashed into it. it caused this big mess early yesterday and shut down northbound traffic for hours. we explain how it could have ban lot worse. >> how long have you been ton freeway? >> two hours. >> they got stuck saturday morning suffering the consequences of this unbelievable mess. they say the drive other of a ford expedition does going about 100 miles per hour when she crashed. >> the driver lost control of that expedition and ended up colliding with support beams that were supporting steel gerders. >> remarkly the several came feet from being crushed. the driver was not seriously
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hurt. >> it is part of the new overpass project. >> the bridge is safe. >> they say the crash did not damage the bridge's structural integrity. >> they are not pafrt of the main structure. >> all lanesover 880 were shut down for hours so they could remove them. traffic was detoured off. the back upstretched for miles. >> i have to go to san francisco. i have to be there around 10:30. >> you going to make it? >> i can't. >> almost two hours now. >> i made a quick walmart >> they say the 23rd a avenue bridge is still scheduled to open in traffic november 9th. they say saturday was the only day when overnight roadwork was
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not scheduled to happen near that overpass. it may have prevented a lot of workers from being injured. abc 7 news. chances are you're waking up a little more rested after falling back with the time change overnight. if proposition 7 passes it would give ledge islators to enact no daylight savings but only if the federal government also approved it. you'll the red cross says now is a time to test smoke alarms and replace batteries. there should be one smoke alarm on every level of your home. practice an escape plan an hon w to get out of the house in less than two minutes. w was starting in ten minutes. >> and you looked at your cell phone. >> yeah.
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we are looking at changes. the second half of your weekend on the cooler side today. still above average. mid-40s to the north bay. winds will shift and we'll look for more moisture. not quite november-like. i'll explain. growing pot on pumpkin farms? why some want a controversial ballot measure to pass. what does lifetime warranty really mean when it >> make-up done in the dark. >> let's
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trying to ohair brokeutfter
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burned and several others have heat damage. crews stayed on the scene for more than three hours making sure any and all hot spots were put out. firefighters say an electrical junction box is believed to have started a fire on the roof this happened on friday night. nobody was hurt and no damage to the inside of the buildings. the fire did force school officials to cancel a choir fundraiser on campus. two days until midterm election. five more voting centers opened this weekend. one of those is at city hall. if you're eligible you can still do that at one of nearly 40 vote
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centers. this is the conditional voter registration process. some farmers are counting on a controversial controversial cl >> the tufrp kin capital of the world. the pumpkin festival attracts hundreds of thousands of people to the small coastal town. some farmers here say it could smash the pumpkin industry for good. >> it's real. >> they owned iconic farm. we have nowhere to go. >> it would allow starter marijuana plants to be grown in
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existing greenhouses in zoned areas under heavy regulation. >> we want a crop to keep sus sustainable. >> they offered to grow starter plants in greenhouses on another piece of their property about a mile from their pumpkin farm. the company would also rebuild their hispanic community leaders she says are also opposed because it puts them at risk. >> it puts them ton radar of the federal government. >> abc 7 put together a complete election guide for you. it outlines and you can find it
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on abc7 and you can count on abc 7 for live coverage on election day. we'll have coverage of the biggest races around the country beginning at it could have an entirely different meaning when it comes to >> he made good use out of a shovel he purchased four years fracture. heidt becau warranty. >> i thought maybe it was my lifetime, the lifetime to have
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newcompany. >> they say it they are free from manufacturing defects during normal use. dominic said the word lifetime is a misnomer. >> however that doesn't necessarily match up with the warranty printed fwi manufacturer. they told us tools that are used are excluded from this warranty. this fell into the latter category which is why his claim was denied. it made no sense. >> i didn't quite understand
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what the lifetime to have the tool meant. it could break in a week. >> they asked 7 on your side for your help. the company agreed to replace the shovel to keep david happy. >> why shouldn't they, the manufacturer is permitted to provide certain limitations on warranty and consumers should read those limitations prior to purchasing product. >> i have a link to the publication on warranties. i put it average high mid-60s. should be about 69 on the
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peninsula it is 54 in san jose. it is in the 40s in the north bay. very warm in our inland valleys. the coast remained in the 60s we should see the 5 degree spread. we have clear skies. most have switched to an on shore component. still a bit offshore. the flag here up to around 15 miles per hour. a few high clouds aro temperatu around average. by midweek we'll lose another 5 degrees. no rain in the next seven
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so as we look at the south bay it will be cooler. around san jose starting out in the 50s with the clouds. through the 10:00 hour mid-60s. high clouds still with us. low 70s by noontime and by 2:00 or 3:00 you should see mid-70s around the south bay and dropping back to the 60s 50s. in the north bay looking at about 77. coming down 10 degrees here near
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east bay in the 80s as well. it is 73 in union inland valleys still pleasant. around 70s around the coast. for election day slightly cooler. 60s at the coast. >> definitely felt really warm for november. >> all right. thanks. san francisco police say car break-ins are down nearly 15% from last year but they are still
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thieves shattered this window and stole everything from inside this rental car. >> little tablets and >> they were visiting san francisco from abc 7 news was with police at a meeting that same day for positive news. car break-ins are down 14% year to date. they told abc 7 news if your car is broken into police will come to your location to take a report. >> if people call officers will respond out and take reports. if they don't they times. >> we met after that interview.
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they said they called the police nonemergency line. >> the couple called central station the following day. >> they didn't have their manpower at the time to investigate. >> i e-mailed deputy chief redmond. >> within three hours. >> we had our stuff back. >> we got back medication, clothes. >> they sent it to their hotel in monterey. >> i don't think it would have happened without your assistance. >> one that everyone involved shouldn't take a call from a reporter. >> i feel for the people that have to deal with these every day. >> writing there an e-mail to me this should not happen. abc 7 news.
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>> great reporting. just ahead, a new way to beat the traffic, when the public will be able to take this test drive in this for switching to progressive? [ engine revving ] you cannot hear me at all, can you?
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as sooef are spiel berg have signed onto help produce it the color purple was originally a 1982 novel.
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spielberg received nominations happening today it is the largest pet street fair in san francisco. an kul dog day and adoption event in front of more than 18 dog and cat rescues. there will be a contest for the top three winners. it runs from 11:00 until 3:00 this afternoon. still to come, count down to election get out and vote with just a few days to go. >> an unusual approach in an effort to accomplish a dream. here is a live look. you can see the bay area is lit
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up this morning. the sun is not quite out there. lisa is going to be back with your sunday forecast and what you can expect for the workweek.
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welcome back. we'll start with a look at our weather with lisa who is here to tell us about warm temperatures and what it will be like. >> we were well into the 80s starting out with a red flag warning. we still have the offshore winds from the north bay mountains. still gusts to near 20 and 25 miles per hour. you notice that the direction is still out of the north. they are switching to the northwest at the
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in mountain view as well. clouds mixed in with sunshine throughout the day today. low 70s inland. mid-60s along the coast. season set we are not looking at a fog bank. just 60s at about 6:00. numbers pretty mild throughout the night with no fog in sight. >> thanks. politicians are urging people to get out and vote. many have already cast their ballots with early >> holding rallies in montana and florida supporting republican candidates. >> a republican congress means
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more jobs and less crime a democrat congress means more crime and less jobs. >> the vice president also out on the trail. >> we are securing our borders, enforcing the law. we put the caravan on notice and we already started to build that wall. >> joe biden even with larn jie tis as they attempt to take control of the house and senate. >> we have to show them who we are. this is the united states of america. there is nothing we cannot >> how about we go together? >> georgia seeing the same trend, more than 1.6 million early votes already cast. democrat stacey abrams
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campaigning with john lewis. abrams hoping to become the first african american female governor. >> you're going to redeem your soul of our nation. >> in addition to the record turnout we are seeing a record number of women running. 16 running for >> and this week a special edition. they will report ton latest in the nation's races including what's up for the candidate and the country. as the trump administration immigration several caravans are slowly trying to make their way
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to the u.s. border. we have the latest from mexico. >> the caravan continues to work its way north. it remains about a thousand miles away from the u.s. mexico border. thousands woke up thinking there would be buses that would take them to mexico city. it was an offer made by the governor but this morning those buses never came. this group set off on foot to the flexinext biggest town. at one point the largest group covered an entire two-lane as that group marched along the highway. residents have been offering supplies and food to the migrant as they passed by. as we have seen since it started several weeks ago there were points when come will hop on passing trucks
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a candle light vigil will be held in wisconsin tonight for three girl scouts killed in a hit-and-run crash. they were picking up trash in a ditch yesterday morning and a man in a pickup truck crashed into them. one died at the hospital and one other is in critical condition. the driver did later turn himself in and is expected to be charged. alec baldwin is denying he punched someone over a parking spot. he was arrested and charged with icced of hitting r ma in the fr th parking lot. the man said baldwin hit him
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with his hand saying he wasn't sure if it was a punch or a slap. transportation security administration has give tennessee go ahead. it is designed to screen multiple airport passengers from up to 25 feet away. the device reads peoples energy. it creates an it should help alleviate long lines at airport security. tesla founder is sharing a mile test tunnel in los angeles. it is meant to help ease traffic congestion. it is intended for cars and shuttles to travel at speeds up to 155 miles per hour they wrote
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it is on track to take test rides on december 10th. take this is a live picture from new york city. all four winners have returned to defend their security is hieightened year. still ahead, celebrating a giant legend, the ser men no, i honoring . >>you can see the bay bridge lit up beautifully. we'll have your foreca
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big corporations are making and just got a huge tax break. but the middle class is struggling. prop c is a common-sense plan. the top 1% of businesses pay their fair share to tackle homelessness for all of us. companies with revenue greater than $50 million pay, not small businesses or homeowners. the prop c plan is supported by the democratic party, nancy pelosi & dianne feinstein vote "yes" on c.
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big corporations pay for it, not you. happening today the veterans day parade will highlight the 100th anniversary of the war i. the holiday is one week from today. the par rad starts at 1:00 thisn pleasanton. also happening today, celebrate the day of the dead in the oakland's fruitvale neighborhood. the event runs from 10:00 until
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5:00. it should be a good time everyone what about the weather in we are dealing with winds and warm temperatures? >> that's right. the winds are turning more on shore. those are upper elevation winds. it will be cooler everywhere. the golden gate bridge you can see fog free. certainly a cooler start to the day. a cooler finish and we'll talk about when we really get back down to average. that's in my seven day forecast coming up. can the wears pull off another upset for
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>> fans can acceptabilitier ssh enter through -- lot a not open. mccovie remembered for his class and graciousness off the field. 49 efrers and raiders are o today. last night took stage against washington state. abc 7 has the highlights in this morning's sports. good morning everyone. it was circled on everyone's calendar. by the time they met on saturday both were unranked. the huskies have won 18 of the last
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ran it in 60 yards out. j.j. goes down with an ankle injure rir. he had to be carted off the field. down 21-0 at the half. sanford got 13 points. ran it in from six yards out. he had 71 yards on the ground. 333 left. costello 33 yards. the two score. stanford down after a missed point after a touchdown. they get the ball back. costello has to go for the hail mary. stanford fell 27-23. cal at washington state and all of the cougars fans wearing mustaches. leading by 3 in the first
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quarter. weaver is from spokane. you think that's his mom in the stands? i do. he found the big fellow. it is his second touchdown of the year. it puts the bears up 7-3. so this game was tied. it was 37 seconds to tossed out of bounds. he spiked it. cal does not pull off the upset. sharks on hand. sharks two best players second period sharks up by 1
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again. tied up again at 2. with 20 seconds left it lead to that goal. 3-2 fliers. lay in the third period a wicked snapshot. that's his first goal of the year. welcome back. this game went to overtime. what a play. that is the game winner. he is now tied for the nhl lead in goals. shashlgs win 4-3 the final. remember this nfl sunday no 49ers or raiders on thursday night. the big match up against the packers. have a great day. >> hi there. it was 76 degrees. a live look outside. you can see the good perspective
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here. no low clouds. about 8 degrees cooler. average high downtown is 66. we will be above average. upper 80s yesterday. today forecasting around 77. you'll notice each and every day temperatures come down a little bit. the flag is flat out there. this shows everything moving in from the northwest. we have high clouds with us for the morning hours. we are in the upper 40s half-moon bay. it is 54 in san jose.t we ha on shore flow at the surface. the offshore flow allowed for 23
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degrees of warming. 70s early yesterday. the wind gradient has switched and were calm at the surface. with longer nights it's certainly that radiational cooling time. i hope you enjoyed that extra hour of sleep. some high clouds, sunny, not as warm today. no rain over the next seven days. the winds still a little bit breezy in the upper elevations. they are starting to switch directions. instead of straight out of the east you're looking at northwesterly winds and still around 17 miles per hour. it is 14. we looked at santa rosa. very similar. upper 70s for today, this afternoon. the average high is much cooler than that. every day slightly cooler. winds will shift
5:49 am
monday. it is 79 in concord. 73 in fremont. it is 71 by the water. around 70 in oakland. yesterday it was in the 80s. tonight we'll see relatively clear skies with a few clouds around. 40s and 50s. 60s at the shoreline. mid-70s around the bay. high clouds near 80 inland. you'll feel that sea breeze around the bay today. holding steady tomorrow. we are still above average on tuesday and then eventually the numbers trailing back to near where they should be. it will be on the mild side for november. >> and we are dealing withnd ret a week? >> it has been the trend for autumn. >> and no rain in sight?
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>> well, we could look far out. >> thanks so much. >> all right. a big accomplishment for a bay area teen. leigha miller won double championship titles at the nhra junior drag racing finals. she has been racing since she was eight years old. she is interested in sports medicine. good luck to her. >> how far would you go to pursue your dream? one fan is taking a very unusual approach to aba. weav story with larry. >> she has been doing this and this and this. he has been standing outside the warriors practice facility with a big dream, to become a
5:51 am
warrior. >> i think i have what it takes. i wanted to lay it all on the line. >> he quit his two jobs, left chicago and came to oakland. he has been holding up this sign. it says not homeless, need no money, just a chance at my dream. >> i wanted to come up with a crazy approach to pursuing my dream. >> he did play college ball. he tried out with four different nba g-league dreams. he remembered joeanders yearsute the houstonex saying starving for success. it has gotten the attention of real warriors. he gave him two tickets to a gim a -- game and offered words of
5:52 am
advice. >> follow up with action. action behind that was trying out for the g-league. >> he hopes to get an invite. making the jump to the nba is not unheard of. bhafr the result he hopes to inspire others. he posts inspirational messages with #bethewhy. >> it means not being afraid to pursuit the craziest dream and asking yourself is that crazy enough? >> very cool. that was larry beal reporting. he says if he can't be an nba player he really wants to be part of the organization and it is a good one. coming up a corgie meet-up.
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we'll tell you where and when
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spoiler alert. you did not win spour ball last night. i always like when i win enough to win my next tickets. nobody picked those numbers so wednesday's grows to $71 million. the winning numbers from $19 million super lotto, 14, 23, 31, 33, 39 and 18. nobody picked all six of those either. 0 million bucks.ackpotoe corgie lovers and owners ows unite. there will be a group photo with all of the corgies in
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all dogs are welcome and admission is free. okay. next at 6:00 a.m. to set your clocks back. it is 5:56 a.m. so one other thing you should also consider doing at home today. also, an update on this story we first brought you with breaking news yesterday morning. why officials say this did not impact the safety of this overpass.
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i didn't really know you know,anyone here. a., i didn't know any architects. so it was kind of like, building that all over again. i've made lots of connections on linkedin, like mentors, builders, clients. we contribute to one another,
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either by sharing information or thoughts. we're helping each other perfect our craft. and i think that's the beauty of it. i'm in it to make beautiful things.
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good morning. thanks for joining us. we will start this hour with lisa. i think we are dealing with lingering winds this morning. >> we still have the other shore
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component. right now bringing higher clouds no the we'll talk about that in a moment. 55 in oakland. mid-40s in the north bay. it is easy to drop into the 40s for the early morning hours. we are cooler in the north bay and pretty much everywhere. a start to the day here with later sunrise. it will be sunny and not as warm today. looking at temperatures coming down to near


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