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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  November 5, 2018 5:00am-6:01am PST

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we're following breaking news in the north bay. one person is dead after a shooting at a detox center. we have a team live at the scene. we will take you there in just a moment. good morning. it is 5:00 a.m. on this monday, november 5th. let's check in with meteorologist mike nicco. hi, mike. >> live doppler 7. bone dry. maybe a little bit of dew on the car and the grass this morning. let's roll out this first monday of november and show you what's going on. temperatures at 7:00, upper 40s to low 50s. by noon, we're going to stay near 60 at the coast. upper 60s to mid-70s at the bay. same temperatures at 4:00. by 7:00, you'll definitely need the coat. when i come back, i'll take a look at what kind of weather to expect during your commute. how about the commute itself. here's alexis
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>> we're off to a rough start in the central valley. we are heavy out of tracy due to road work. now we are hearing about a crash in a tough spot. westbound 580 before you get to altamont pass, a three-vehicle collision blocking the slow lane. it does not take much along the stretch. it is slowing down from the 205 merge. we'll take a look at the drive time in a few minutes. right now, a busy bay bridge toll plaza. carpool lanes are open. no issues using fast track. >> thank you, alexis. breaking news in the north bay. one person is dead, several others hurt in a shooting at a drug and alcohol street center. >> amy hollyfield is live at the scene. amy. >> reporter: hi, jessica. we asked investigators if this had anything to do with the detox center, were these people involved at all, were they patients, do they work there. at this point they say they don't know.
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they are still looking into that. that is a brand-new investigation. they got the call at 1:30 this morning to come here and found three people had been shot. one man was pronounced dead. they looked for the suspect in the area. they even brought in the chp helicopter to look from above. they were not able to find anyone. >> when deputies arrived, they searched the scene and searched the area with the assistance of chp helicopter. they were unable to locate the suspect. the suspect fled the scene. the immediate area is secure. and the area, no one is in danger currently in the immediate area. >> reporter: he would not elaborate, though, why this area is considered safe at this point. since they have no one in custody. this is in the area of sylvia parkway and smith ranch road in
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san rafael. we asked about the victims. at this point they don't have ages or names for us. they are still working to identify those involved. reporting live in san rafael, amy hollyfield, abc 7 news. okay, amy, we will keep checking in. your voice, your vote. early voting continues today. >> here in the bay area and across the country, early voters have turned out in force for the midterm elections. matt keller is live at the registrar. matt? >> reporter: good morning, jessica and reggie. one day away from election day. you don't have to wait to cast your ballot. the register is open today for early voting from 8:00 this morning until 5:00 this evening. a lot of people are registered to vote. in fact, it's a record number in santa clara county. more than 886,000 registrations. santa clara county registrar here in san jose and seven satellites were open over the weekend. >> well, we saw people were lined up when we opened the doors at 9:00.
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they wered they wanted to come in and vote. i love that you have the opportunity to do that because everyone's schedule is different. to rush over before or after work. i try to avoid that. >> reporter: early voting centers are open again today. san francisco county is predicting 60% turnout. santa clara could be 60% to 70%. back in 201, they were as low as 50%. you could still sign up for conditional registration, have a ballot and vote before tuesday's deadline. all that could happen at any of the early voting centers. matt keller, abc 7 news. the battle for prop 8, which would cap revenue for kidney dialysis centers, set an all-time record for spending. the proposition has spent $111 million. as anser hassan explains, both sides have one thing in
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common, the patients. >> reporter: a kidney dialysis technician. >> my dad, sometimes he's yelling over for a telling admission to help him because they're taking care of 12 patients at one time. >> reporter: gonzalez is fighting for yes on on prop 8. the proposition caps revenue of dialysis at 15% and pays refunds to patients and insurers for money not spent on improving patient care. prop 8, put forth by a labor union, would get them to reinvest inpatient care. >> so they can protect billions in profits, marking up 350%. meanwhile, too many dialysis patients are dying. >> it is unacceptable. they have the money to hire more staff, and they refuse to because they are only worried about making money. >> in a clinic like mine where there is no private insurance, it is a non-starter. there is no excess profit.
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>> dr. wong is working kidney dialysis for years. he said patient death is high not because of poor sanitary conditions but the overall poor health of most dialysis patients. the staff shortage isn't about salaries. they can't graduate the number of technicians to do the work. if it closes, it runs the risk of sending patients to the emergency room. >> guess what happens? it drives up the cost. >> if prop 8 passes, thousands of us dialysis patients will be thrown out into the cold. >> two corporations run more than 70% of all of california's dialysis clinics. california's legislative analysis office puts their profit at close to $3 billion. clinics won't close even if prop 8 passes. >> if the ballot measure tells them, encourages them to spend more money on quality improvements and staff, how does that equal cutting back on services? it doesn't.
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>> reporter: abc 7 news. for more information on prop 8 and the other propositions on the abc 7 news app. we sent this out yesterday and we will send out alerts on election night, tomorrow. all the information is also available on our website. make sure you're watching abc 7 for live election coverage tomorrow. abc news network will have coverage of the biggest races around the country. that stars at 5:00 p.m. we will have live local election coverage throughout the night, including on abc 7 news at 9:00, on k on ofy tv 20, and 11:00 on abc 7. happening now, firefighters are trying to contain a wildfire that shut down highway 9. > >> a as of last night, it has burned 17 achers and is 30% contained. rincon began in a rural area. there are no mandatory evacuations, but people living in northern paradise park should be ready to evacuate.
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weather won't be an issue. they will have fine temperatures and light pleases. the terrain will be the biggest challenge for the firefighters. hi, everybody. let's take a look at microclimates. east bay valleys, mid to upper 40s from lafayette, san ramon, livermore. 54 in pittsburg. brentwood, 56. concord, 52. low to mid-50s around the bay area, san jose. los gatos, 61. 44, napa. santa rosa, 47 degrees. a look north emeryville, interstate 80. the roads, expect early sunshine now that daylight saving ended and we're back on standard time. mass transit cool. limited breezes out on the bay. we'll head up to the north bay. look at all this sunshine. 54 this morning at 8:00. 20 degrees warmer at noon. mid to upper 70s through 6:00. -- 4:00, excuse me. it gets cooler faster. 56 at 8:00.
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as far as san francisco, tkw wh great day. mid to upper is 60s through 4:00. mid-50s under the stars at 8:00. you'll need a coat this morning in the east bay. 57. by lunchtime, you're wearing sun glasses and shedding the coat, 67. low 70s this afternoon. down to 59, you'll need a coat, heading out this evening. what to expect in the accuweather 7-day forecast. i'll give you a hint, it will be pretty warm. here's alexis good morning, mike. one new issue in the east bay. a crash involving two vehicles on highway 4 on the busy side. unfortunately westbound 4 near harbor street in the pittsburg stretch, we have one lane blocked. lo looking on getting more details. i wonder if it was further west than reported. drive times westbound 580, tracy to dublin, 37 minutes. you're in the yellow. a crash near altamont pass road. southbound 680, dublin to mission, in the green at 15.
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101 to cupertino, in the green at 15 minutes as well. alexis, thank you. highway patrol officers now believe speeding led to a driver being killed in sonoma county. a fire broke out when a man's nissan hit a power pole in windsor yesterday. it triggered a power outage in the area. pg&e crews spent the day repairing the damage. sonoma county coroner is working to identify the driver who died. >> in the east pay, we know the name of a man shot and killed by danville police. >> he has been identified as 33-year-old leta. someone reported he was acting suspiciously. officers caught up with him at front street and diablo road. he drove toward an officer who then shot the suspect. he later died after being rushed to a hospital. >> hear from the hero who took down the gunman at a deadly
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shooting at a yoga studio. gavin newsom heading to san francisco this morning. and so is this box first, it continues to pay paramedics while we're on break. second, it ensures the closest ambulance can respond if you call 9-1-1. vote yes on 11.
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proposition 11 "a common sense solution" to protect public safety. it ensures the closest ambulance remains on-call during paid breaks "so that they can respond immediately when needed." vote yes on 11. i would like to take you back a couple of years. remember that resilient ridge we had during the drought? almost the same what we are seeing from this high pressure. that was of way up in the gulf.
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it kept aware all the way away from the west coast. here's the storm tracker. pretty much what it will be all week with the cold air of autumn in the midwest and the east. nothing for us. here's jessica. mike, thank you. we are hearing from a florida hero who took down a shooter during a deadly attack at a yoga studio in tallahassee and hearing from one of the students he saved. >> i was able to rush out of the door. i was slipping. i was dripping blood everywhere. >> all i could think of was this vacuum with a heavy end. as soon as he came around the corner, i hit him over the head with it. >> joshua quick spoke to good morning america. new video is posted on youtube show the military veteran openly sharing his ma sopblg tpheufbg
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and racist views. police say the 40-year-old walked into the hot yoga studio with a duffel bag and began shooting. before taking his own life, he nearly shot six people. >> in today's gma first look, a homeowner stopped alleged would-be burglars are breaking into his house using his smart doorbell. in this morning's gma first look, a homeowner scaring off would-be burglars all thanks to his doorbell cam. he was at work when he got an alert from his doorbell cam app on his phone. someone was at his house. this man dressed as a construction worker, knocking on his door. apparently check to go see if anyone was home. before radioing a second man to allegedly help him break in.
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that man pulling out a screwdriver, which the two then used to try to wedge open the door. that's when he uses his app to send the pair a message, loud and clear. and we will tell you how to keep your packages safe coming up at 7:00 a.m. anita pilgrim, abc news, new york. wow. that was wild. >> your voice, your vote. gaffe in newsom is he heading to san francisco this morning. >> someone will follow him up interstate 5. look at who is following the bus as it makes its way north. that is a box truck. it says caution, fraud ahead. the group californians for accountability is behind the stunt. cox will be in berkeley. the new oakland raiders broadcaster is in hot water over
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a controversial tweet this morning. brent muss berger showed this picture of president trump in a rally in montana. the caption reads elizabeth warren's relatives backing trump in montana. that refers to the president's controversial comments over senator warren's claims of being part native american. muss berger joined the raiders as the play-by-play announcer this year. so far no comment from the team for the nfl. more than a year after a trader joe's in santa rosa burned in the north bay wildfires, the storm is now repaired and ready to reopen. according to the north bay business journal, trader joe's will reopen next friday, november 16th, just in time for thanksgiving shopping. there will be food tastings and giveaways as well. doors will open at 8:00 after a cutting ceremony. amazon is offering free shipping through the holiday season. this is the first time they have done this.
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last year you had to spend 25 bucks to earn free shipping. it could be the company's way trying to pump up sales after low revenue projections for the remainder of the year. happening today, the spice girls are about to tell their fans what they really, really want. and it's a reunion tour. >> the '90s girl group is planning a uk stadium tour. an official statement is specked to two hours. victoria beckham, posh spice, won't be on the tour. >> what? >> but the other original members, melania, emma, melanie brown and gemma will be there. >> they had a reunion tour already, didn't they? >> they did? is this the second time they're reunited? >> i don't remember that. >> i'm going to look it up.
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>> what is victoria beckham do that she can't be on the tour? what did she do originally? was her mike on? >> i like her. she was my favorite. we'll get on top of the story on twitter. >> you do that. i'll do the forecast. never more than 7 minutes away. 280 at 17, mostly clear this morning. temperatures around the mid to upper 40s throughout the south bay. it will be warm and sunsational this afternoon. back in the 40s and 50s tonight. and the extend said, i can't find any rain. maybe you want a second opinion. i think they will say the same thing. here's a look at our chance of fog. 7:00 this morning. no matter what time you look at the clock, noon, nothing. let's go into the afternoon. 2:00, 3ing, 4:00, nothing. then we go into the evening hours and the stars start to come out. a fog-free day means
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temperatures warmer than average. fairfield, 80. mid to upper 70s in the north bay, east bay valleys, mid-70s in the south bay. 67 from san francisco, 72 in fremont, 63 at half moon bay. tonight's temperatures, maybe a touch cooler than this morning. low to upper 40s from santa rosa 42. 52 in san francisco. 40s in the south bay. here's a look at my accuweather 7-day forecast. if you like today, you'll love tomorrow. great weather to get out and vote. can't wait to see all of your pictures of everybody that votes. a little bit cooler as the sea breeze comes back weapons, thursday, friday, saturday. sunday slightly warmer. each and every one of those days warmer than average. all right. i'll start off with good news in the oakland area. we had a full closure of 880 overnight for the overpass demolition at 23rd avenue.
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they wrapped it up ahead of schedule. all lanes are back open. that looks a little bit better. central valley, westbound 580, we have a crash. down to 24 miles per hour. 205 recovering from earlier road work. another crash on westbound 580. that closer to altamont pass road. basically heavy on all roads out of the tracy stretch. no official word about the bay bridge metering lights. it sure looks like the lights are on. everyone has a delay unless you're using the carpool lanes. alexis, thank you. the examiner reports san francisco police department held its first motorcycle training class in three years. there are 16 trainees. sit required for officers. their goal is to reduce injuries and deaths from traffic accidents and to ticket drivers. veterans day is next sunday.
5:22 am
sit never too early to honor those who fought for our country. a veterans day ceremony today at 3:00 p.m. at city hall. honor guard will be there to present colors. the oakland a's defenders are the bev in the american league. matt olsson and matt chapman each won a gold glove award. it honors each position. a front-runner for the platinum club honors. the best defender in any position. run, forrest, run. a man is making headlines after running the new york city marathon dressed as the iconic movie character. it was posted to instagram. the caption says when forrest is outpacing you.
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>> it is still very clever. coming up next, the 7 things you need to know as you start your day. why prices are expect to go plummet. how you can get gas for free. >> you are about to save money at the pumps.
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thdelicious.i-wheat. but it's more than that. 10 lays of crunchy wheat to fill you up on big days. whether your day involves steam, mountains, or woah- fire... ...we've got youbreakfast right here. is your breakfast built for big days? >> 5:25. if you're just joining us, the 7 things you need to know before you go. breaking news. one person is dead. two others are hurt after at the helen detox center. the gunman is still on the loose. number two, a purr before tomorrow's midterm elections. traditionally there have been low turnouts. >> number four, a new amazon store opens in berkeley.
5:26 am
this is called amazon four star. all the items have been rated four stars or above. we will show you the exact location at 5:45. number five, weather-wise, expect a warm and dry week. some of the warmest temperatures will be today and tomorrow. hang out in the low to upper 70s. the exception, san francisco at 67. >> number six, we have a handful of slow spots on the roads. one is a crash westbound highway 4. rye between pittsburg and bay point. they updated it a by. the hov is blocked. you're done to 16 and 13 miles per hour approaching. >> number seven, queen rocked the box office this weekend. it focuses on the life of freddy mercury. critics gave it mixed reviews. rotten tomatoes has the audience score at 95. the next story is my dream. the world's first underwater hotel is now open.
5:27 am
>> these are pictures of the cole rad maldives island hotel. it is 15 feet below the indian ocean. it has a private gym, bar, in finity pool. the top floor is above water. you will find a relaxation deck where you can soak up some sun as well. you have to book a four-night package. it will set you back $200,000. >> it's incredible if you have the money. >> it includes a personal chef and the kwraous of a private boat as well. it is well worth it. >> someone out there please take me. another full 90 minutes of news, including >> also, the action pg&e is
5:28 am
recently, more than $20 million has been spent in the race for superintendent of public instction to attack my friend tony thurmond's record. well, i've worked with tony, and no one is more qualified to lead our state's schools. that's why tony thurmond is the only candidate endorsed by classroom teachers and the california democratic party. because tony will stand up to the donald trump-betsy devos agenda and has always protected our local public schools.
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join me in voting for tony thurmond. let's put our kids first.
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. and we're following breaking news. a search for a gunman after an overnight shooting at a detax center. new affordable housing in the south bay. you just have to representative like a college student. what happens if you give up social media for two weeks. an impossible experiment for a lot of folks. wow. they survived two weeks? >> i don't know. did they survive? >> we don't have the yet. >> do i have to have a body like i had in college? >> we vice president gotten to that story yes. the weather going to be really nice. it is going to continue. live doppler 7 showing the high pressure sitting on on top of us. barely a breath out there.
5:31 am
10 miles per hour in fairfield. that's as fast as it gets. east bay hills, 12-hour day planner chock-full of sunshine. rpidly by noon if you're heading out, we will be near our high for the day. 74 inland. 60 at the coast. sunset will be a little bit cooler, 54 to 60. all right. a check of the monday morning commute. hi, alexis. hey, good morning. we have slow spots out there. the last time i was up here talking about the bay bridge toll plaza i said no official word for the metering lights. as i said that, they did turn them on. 5:19 the official time. fast track cruising through without issues. tracy to dublin, a crash around altamont pass road. 56 minutes. antioch to concord, a crash along that stretch. you're in the yale at 28.
5:32 am
no issues 101, san rafael to san francisco. still looking good, in the green, at 16 minutes. thanks, alexis. police are searching for a gunman who shot three people at a drug and alcohol treatment center overnight. >> one of the victims has died. abc 7 news reporter amy hollyfield is live with the latest. amy. >> reporter: hi, jessica. i just talked to investigators and the spokesperson. they said this did happen inside helen vine detox center. they will be out here all day long srelgting this case. it happened at 1:33 this morning. three people were shot, a woman and two then. -- men. a man was pronounced dead at the scene. the woman and other man were taken to the hospital in unknown condition. police say they thoroughly searched the area, used a chp helicopter. they believe the suspect is gone. they believe the area is safe. they are convinced the gunman
5:33 am
got out. they don't know the motive. they don't know what this had to do, if anything, with the center. they are still investigating that. smith ranch road is blocked off while they gather evidence. again, they think they will be be here all day. they don't have any information about the victims, names or ages. they are still trying to identify them. live in san rafael, amy hollyfield, abc 7 news. the helen vine recovery center is owned by buckelew program. based in san rafael. they patient inpatient and outpatient in lake, marin, mendocino, napa and sonoma counties. it is funded by county mental health department and fees by clients. we will continue to follow the story for you. your voice, your vote. election day is tomorrow. president trump is campaigning to the very end. >> former president barack obama and other democrats campaigning
5:34 am
for candidates in their party. >> stephanie ramos live for us in washington. stephanie? >> reporter: reggie and jessica, this is the final push. toward one of the most con testified midterm elections in history. president trump campaigning to as you mentioned, former president barack obama doing the same. over the weekend we saw him zigzagging across the south and in the midwest. both of them trying to boost as much support as they can in these final days. the president is closing out the midterm campaign with a mad dash. our latest abc news/washington post poll shows democrats leading 52% to 44% among likely voters. but for them to win the senate, they need to gain two seats. that means winning states the president won. states the president is focusing on as he sticks with his key theme, immigration. >> democrats are openly encouraging millions of illegal aliens to break our laws.
5:35 am
>> reporter: democrats are out with their own heavy-hitter, president obama. obama made campaign stops in in in and illinois hitting republicans on health care. >> they have declared war on obama care, declared war on the affordable care act, and all the provisions in it. >> reporter: voter turnout in these midterm elections are expected to break a number of records across the country. more than 80% of voters surveyed in one of our recent abc news/washington post poll say definitely vote in this election. on capitol hill, stephanie ramos, abc 7 news. stephanie, thank you. crews will be out in san francisco drilling through some sidewalks. they are installing well water monitors in the marina district and fisherman's wharf.
5:36 am
pg&e are looking to pinpoint where toxins are buried in the ground. they may be draining into the bay. they are working to install the new well water monitors. it begins at 8:00 this morning. if you're out and about, you will see that. developing news in the east bay, drunk driving appears to be to blame for two head-on crashes. >> a woman tried to speed away after hitting a motorcycle on highway 4 and byron avenue. the same 33-year-old woman hit another vehicle head-on moments later. >> next thing you know, she tried to turn around, looked like she ran over him, she was fish-tailing, went out of control and hit the people in this car. this is where it stopped. i hope they are okay. the man on the motorcycle didn't look like he could survive because he slid under the car and it looked like she rode over him. >> the woman was arrested on suspicion of dui. the motorcycle driver and five
5:37 am
people in the second vehicle suffered moderate to critical injuries. they were taken to four different hospitals. two children allegedly kidnapped by their mother have been missing for two days now. and authorities issued an amber alert for them. an amber alert has been issued for her 11-year-old daughter and 1-year-old son. the children were taken during a family visit with a social worker in san jose. the mother is believed to be driving a gray 2012 mini cooper with california plate 6uwl251. she may be headed to colorado springs. there's an investigation under way right now after an inmate at the martinez detention facility died in a holding room. deputies found the 26-year-old unresponsive late saturday night. the sheriff's office is not releasing his name. investigators have not released any further details. we'll pass those along as soon as we get them. now a check of the weather. hi, mike. >> hi, jessica. never more than 7 minutes away.
5:38 am
how to dress when you wake up. uki ukiah, napa, american canyon, rohnert, upper 40s. the rest lee 50s. 48 in lafayette. redwood, 49. everybody else low to mid-50s. tracy, 63 degrees. our roof camera. flags not moving at all. any breezes will be along our beaches. a little bit of caution there. going to be out on the bay, have the polarized sunglasses. you will need it for the glare off the water. you will like the temperatures and the light humidity. peninsula, 57 today at 8:00 this morning. sunshine at noon and 68. we'll spike at 72. 57 by 8:00. all right. head to the east bay valleys. of 54 this morning. noon, 74. mid to upper 70s through say 4:00. down to 64 at 6:00. and 58 at 8:00.
5:39 am
it definitely gets cooler with that earlier sunset. for the south bay, gorgeous day. 55 and sunshine this morning. low to mid-70s throughout the arch hours. 60 by 8:00. come back with the accuweather 7-day forecast. a little bit of a cooling trend. a look for a chance of rain. first, let's bring in alexis to tell us about the morning commute. we have slow spots this morning. they are both in a couple of areas that it does not take much to slow you down. altamont pass, westbound 580, they say it is closer to greenville road in the livermore area. a crash still blocking one lane. as we zoom back into tracy, you can see we are heavy. 205 bouncing back from earlier road work. a collision involving a motorcycle off on the shoulder. you're down to 19 miles per
5:40 am
hour. a lot of heavy traffic out of the central valley. westbound 4, a crash past harbor. between pittsburg and bay point, that is our typical volume. part approaching the crash. we'll take a look at drive times coming up next. alexis, thank you. amazon in real life. what you need to know about its newest store that's about to open in the east bay. and the first affordable phone making its debut. phone making its debut. it wasn't created by here are the facts.leading attacks against prop c. the city's chief economist says prop c will "reduce homelessness" by creating affordable housing, expanding mental-health services, and providing clean restrooms and safe shelters with independent oversight, open books, and strict accountability measures to make sure every penny goes to solving our homeless crisis. vote yes on c. endorsed by the democratic party, nancy pelosi, and dianne feinstein.
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for you early risers, thought we would take care of the school day forecast. 48 to 52. coat weather. by 11:00, sunny and 71. not coat weather this afternoon. rest of us low to mid-70s. upper 70s in the central valley. 58 and sunny, eureka. partly cloudy sky. tahoe, 63. i've got good news. more time to make snow. lows in the teens and 20s. highs thursday through the weekend, 40s and 50s. mike, thank you. happening today, a trial begins for a notorious mexican drug lord, joaquin "el chapo" guzman.
5:44 am
he smuggled cocaine into the u.s. prosecutors say he continued to run his massive operation from behind bars. he escaped from prisons in mexico twice before being extra indicted to the u.s. last year. he faces life in prison on drug charges. in the south bay, plans are in the works for the largest dorm-style apartment building in the world. and our media partner, mercury news, reports the start-up star city wants to build 800 units in downtown san jose. they feature small private bedrooms. residents share a living room and kitchen with at least a dozen other units. rents could start at $800. they go up to $2,500, which is actually well below the going rate for a one bedroom apartment in san jose. >> oh, boy. okay. in the north bay, some voters in sausalito, boats on richardson bay received warnings that police can remove their vessels if they have been left in the water for 72 hours.
5:45 am
boaters have anchored off sausalito for years to avoid paying for a berth. the high cost of housing is forcing them to live on their vessels. police tell the chronicle they are being forced to take action because of reports of theft and other problems. amazon's newest store opens up. it is the four store at the old crate and barrel on 4th and delaware streets. the store get its name because customers rated all the items four stars and above. that means that you will find a variety of things like electronics, toys, books, and games. the store opens at 10:00 this morning. >> a bay area start-up is up veiling the first foldable phone.
5:46 am
it goes from tablet to smartphone by folding like a book and costs nearly $1300. those are your "tech bites". we will be watching. research shows too much social media can lead to anxiety in teenagers. >> in fact, many feel like they are missing up when they're not using instagram or snapchat. becky wuerl found 10 teenage girls from marin willing to give up social media for a whole two weeks. they recorded their experiences in a video diary and here are the results. >> i'm able to put my phone down and just listen. i'm able to sleep a lot better without being on my technology a lot. >> my friends got to post things and it really bummed me out. >> show of habs. who thinks they slept better? who got into fewer arguments with their parents? >> okay. the teens felt out of the loop after logging on after two
5:47 am
weeks. but they say they felt happier after being part of the challenge. they want to be more present in real life after doing this particular challenge. i bet their parents are happy if they had less fights. >> yeah. >> absolutely. >> you know, i bet the adults too had similar results. fewer arguments. >> i would love to turn off my phone for two weeks. wouldn't that be nice? >> for us it's called vacation. the kids sometimes they can't get away from it. that study was all young ladies. it happens to young men also. >> right. >> a lot of talk about that in let's show you what's going on outside. you're never more than 7 minutes away. sutro tower, a good morning out there. sunglasses needed. total sunshine. average to above average highs all week. may not be as warm as today and tomorrow. we will still be warmer than average. it won't feel quite like november yet. and still not seeing the chance of rain. all right. let's jump into the neighborhood numbers.
5:48 am
77 gill boy the warm spot. santa clara, san jose, 74. milpitas, 72. our spread on the peninsula, upper 60s. from redwood city, low to mid-70s. coast, low to mid-60s. breezy at times. we have 67 for downtown, south san francisco. sausalito,. low to mid-60s along the north bay coast. 75 to 78 through your valleys. east bay shore, we have low to mid-70s. upper '60s, berkeley, richmond. hercules, 72. into the valley, 77 at pleasanton to about 80 in walnut creek and fairfield. tone, cooler than this morning. low to mid-40s up in the north bay. mid to upper 40s everywhere else. all right. here's my accuweather seven-day forecast. mother nature voted. warm weather and sunshine for tomorrow. we taper just a little bit to temperatures as the offshore breeze goes away. but even then away from the
5:49 am
coast, a couple of degrees warmer than average. dry through sunday. hope you have a great day. let's check the commute with alexis. good morning, mike. looking at a little traffic starting to stack up. we checked just about an hour ago. it was totally empty. obviously things have changed. a lot more folks are heading out to work and school this morning. bay bridge toll plaza, early start here. metering lights on at 5:19. unlss you are using carpool lanes, you will have a wait to get through the toll booths. drive times, westbound 580, tracy to dublin, a crash near greenville road in livermore. you're 1 hour and 4 minutes. westbound 4, antioch to concord, earlier crash in pittsburg area has cleared. still in the red at 32 minutes. southbound 101, san rafael to san francisco, still in the green at 16 minutes. while you're out and about today, you will notice a message on many bay area highway signs starting today.
5:50 am
the highway patrol and caltrans are taking part in drowsy driving prevention week. signs will raise awareness about the danger of driving without getting enough sleep. feel drowsy, exit and rest. and the timing is intentional. it comes right after we all turned our clocks back this weekend. everyone's sleeping habits are out of whack. a good reminder. driving drowsy is almost as dangerous as driving intoxicated. >> they say pull over and take a short nap. >> pull over, take a rest. yeah. you don't want to be a danger to everyone on the roads. >> good advice. >> get sleep. especially if you're on the morning show. >> thanks, alexis. a major announcement from lowe's. bay area stores are about to be shut down. if you have flown in the last few years, you could
5:51 am
tuck those shirts in, fellas. come on. you only have one chance to make a first impression. progressive can't protect you from becoming your parents, but we can protect your home and auto when you bundle with us. -whoa! the club is rockin'!
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5:53 am
the american academy of pediatrics called corporal punishment in the home in effective and harmful to children.
5:54 am
that includes spanking, slapping, insulting, and shaming. the academy's new policy updates its 20-year-old guidance. it says rewarding positive behavior can be much more effective. if you have flown during the past seven years, you may be able to cash in on a lawsuit against the nation's largest airline. it accused american, deadline ta, southwest and united of colluding to raise fares. you may get an email involving american and southwest, but don't expect a lot of money. the $60 million settle many is being split among millions of travelers. united and delta still tomorrow to fight the lawsuit. gas prices are going down, but california drivers still paying a lot. >> the average price around the country is $2.76. but here in california, you could be paying nearly a dollar more with the average price at $3.75. that is down 3 cents from a month ago.
5:55 am
here's what you will have to pay for filling up in the bay area. san jose, oakland close to the state average at $3.76. and $3.78. and san rafael, $3.82. moving over to san francisco, $3.90 a gallon. here's a treat. happening today, a chance to win $50 in free gas. supporters of the g tax repeal are holding a statewide drawing. they are giving gas cards to 1 in 50 people in enter their information. here in the bay area, prop 6 volunteers will take especially tries at the oracle at wellingl. you must enter between 8:00 and 10:00. prop 6 is the repeal of the 12 cent per gallon gas tax which raises money for road and bridge repairs. there's one way to get people interested, though, alexis >> i guess you're right about that. things are getting busy in a lot of areas. especially the central valley. we had a tough morning there.
5:56 am
good news just in the last few minutes. westbou westbound 580, a crash blocking one lane has cleared. a couple other problems in the backup. westbound 205, mountain house parkway, the crash is off on the shoulder. westbound 580, south, once again mountain house parkway, we have another crash on the shoulder. really just heavy delays out of tracy. use ace if you want to use mass transit. >> polls open at 7:00 in many areas. mid to upper 50s here. as we head throughout the morning, into launch, maybe you get an hour off to go vote hopefully, upper 60s around the bay. look at this. some low to mid 70s. upper 70s around napa, fairfield. by 5:00, maybe wait until after work. mid-60s around the bay. upper 60s to low 70s inland. right before the polls close, we
5:57 am
will fall back into the low 60s. hope you can get out and vote. thanks, mike. a british airways flight from orlando to london is supposed to be about eight hours. it turned into a three-day flight from hell for some paerplgs. -- passengers. mechanical problems delayed the flight a whole day. the plane took off on friday. but then they had a technical issue, so they had to make an emergency landing at jfk in new york. many of the passengers ended up sleeping on the airport floor. it finally made it to london yesterday, 77 hours after it was supposed to originally take off. it turns out when they got to new york, the new york city marathon was happening so they couldn't find enough hotel rooms for all the passengers. >> that happened to me in new york city before when they didn't have enough hotels. it of the fourth of july. man, i just spent 24-hour travel experience and i was a zombie. i cannot imagine 77 hours.
5:58 am
yikes! >> come back to america another time. the initiative on tomorrow's ballot that could change tourism in south lake tahoe and make it harder to find a vacation rental. >> and gavin newsom in the bay area today. he will have an unwanted
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