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tv   ABC World News Tonight With David Muir  ABC  November 5, 2018 3:30pm-4:00pm PST

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tonight, from abc news election headquarters in new york city, a special edition of "world news tonight." the sprint to the finish begins now. president trump's final campaign blitz, three states in one day. the president doubling down on messages of security, fear and the caravan. and tonight, now pointing to new jobs and the economy. the polls razor thin tonight in so many battlegrounds. in florida, the new numbers tonight on the governor's race, and the senate, too. in georgia, will an african-american woman make history? in the midwest, democrats fighting to keep their senate seats. will claire mccaskill survive in a bitter fight with josh hawley? and they say everything's bigger in texas. the giant stakes there. ted cruz and the challenge from texas tonight. also this evening, severe storms. tonight, and right into election
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day, possible tornadoes, dangerous winds moving into the east. ginger zee standing by with the new track. the other news tonight, the newlyweds married just 90 minutes, cheered on as they board their helicopter. the deadly crash just a short time later. what we've now learned tonight. the teachers accused of pitting children against one another at day o of them fighti. there is major news on this tonight. and the winner is? one mom in america whose life suddenly changed in an instant. tonight, she's changing other lives, too. she's america strong. ed ed and good evening tonig here in new york city. this is where we will watch it all unfold with you at home. we're on the eve of a crucial midterm election here in america. the polls razor thin tonight, and president trump knows it. telling supporters, pretend i'm on the ballot. in so many ways, this will be a
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referendum on the president. the stakes are enormous. and just take a look at what will be decided, as we bring the capitol to life right here in our studio tonight. all 435 seats in the house are up for voting, and 35 seats in the senate. that's a little more than a third of the senate up for grabs. voters in 36 states will elect governors. and two numbers to watch as we head into election night. 23 seats in the house, that's what democrats need to take back control. they also need two seats in the senate, if they want to take control there, but that's going to be a very difficult task. with so many democrats playing defense, trying to keep their jobs, up for election in states president trump won. it's impossible to predict, of course, how this will go, but look at this tonight. at least 36 million americans have already voted in early voting this midterm, that dwarfs the last midterm at this point, just 20 million voted then. the energy, the interest enormous this time around. tonight, the key raceses, where it's a fight to the finish. it is so close. and president trump now on his final push, knowing all of this
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will reflect on him. abc's chief white house joernt jonathan karl leading us off tonight. >> reporter: urged by party leaders to focus on what they think is his strongest selling point, president trump is now talking up jobs and the economy. >> republicans have created the best economy in the history of our country. >> reporter: but the core of the president's closing argument is not hope, it's fear -- dark warnings about illegal immigration. >> democrats are inviting caravan after caravan -- isn't that nice? -- of illegal aliens to flood into our country and overwhelm your communities. >> reporter: there's no evidence democrats having anything to do with the caravans of migrants fleeing violence and poverty, and they are more than 600 miles from the border. >> you think we're letting that caravan come into this country? you can forget it. >> reporter: and now, just hours before polls open, the president is raising the specter of a stolen election.
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>> there are a lot of people, a lot of people, in my opinion, and based on proof, that try and get in illegally and actually vote illegally. >> reporter: but there's been no evidence of widespread voter fraud, and the president hasn't offered any. in fact, in 2016, "the washington post" could only find four documented cases in the entire presidential election. president obama, stumping for democrats, has taken aim at president trump's falsehoods. >> unlike some people, i don't just make stuff up when i'm talking. i got facts to back me up. >> reporter: president trump is drawing large and enthusiastic crowds, but he's acknowledges anything can happen tomorrow. >> but who knows, right? who knows? you've got to get out to vote. >> but who knows, the president says. he seems to know that anything can happen tomorrow night. jon karl with us here tonight. the president clearly knows this is a referendum on him. >> reporter: well, he's been explicit about it. vote for me as if i'm on the ballot.
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a fascinating interview that just came in he did with sinclair broadcasting, he was asked if he had any regrets over the past two years, and he said, quote, i would say tone. i would like to have had a softer tone. and he added, he maybe had no choice because of how democrats were talking about him, but he added again, i could have been softer. >> tone on the eve of the election. >> reporter: especially given the way he's ending this campaign. >> jon, thank you. in the meantime, we're watching several other races tonight. many are very close in the polls, and some could make history tomorrow night. in georgia, if stacey abrams wins, she would be the nation's first african-american we mafem governor. abc's steve osunsami and so many of our teams out across the country tonight. steve has the state of the race in georgia. >> reporter: democrat stacey abrams' final pitch to become the nation's first black female governor has her getting out the vote in rural georgia tonight.
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>> if every eligible georgian in the state votes, then we will win this election. >> reporter: if she wins tomorrow, democrats everwhere will be studying her campaign, because abrams has been preaching to the progressive choir, talking gun control and subsidized health care, not at all trying to convince hard conservatives. and she has no worries bringing in out of towners like oprah winfrey to knock on doors. >> they said, "i have her cell number." i go, "give it to me." i'm going to call her up right now. so i called stacey abrams, and i said, "stacey, this is oprah." you know what she said? she said, "girl, let me pull over to the side of the road." >> reporter: republican brian kemp has the blessing of the president. >> this race is a battle for the soul of our state. >> reporter: kemp is ignoring repeated calls for him to resign from his day job as secretary of state, where he supervises state elections. over the weekend, kemp, in his
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official role, launched an investigaton into state democrats, accusing them of hacking into state voter registrations without any evidence. >> i'm not worried about how it looks. i'm doing my job. >> he is abusing his power. he is both the candidate, he is the elector and he's the guardian of the system. that is wrong. >> reporter: abrams says kemp's office is still sitting on thousands of registrations from minority voters. >> and steve osunsami joins us live tonight from atlanta. and steve, this is a close election, might not end tomorrow night, in fact. >> reporter: yes, there's a very real possibility of a runoff election. to win tomorrow, someone has to get to 50% of the vote, and there is a third candidate, a libertarian candidate in this race. and right now, this race is very, very tight. if no one wins a simple majority, a runoff will be scheduled in december. david? >> all right, huge stakes on both sides. steve, thank you. texas could also make incumbent senator ted cruz challenged by democrat beto
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o'rourke. look at this number tonight. more than 4.8 million texans have voted early in this midterm. that's more than the total number that voted in the last midterm. abc's tapaula faris is in texas tonight. >> reporter: tonight, it's a fight to the finish in texas, as voters decide if this deep red state will turn purple. the two senate candidates both in their 40s, one ran for president, the other could run one day. senator ted cruz and three-time congressman beto o'rourke could not be more different. overnight, we were with cruz in his final push. >> you look at the texas economy right now. the economy is booming. we've got the lowest unemployment rate in 49 years. and i think texans understand, why would we want to screw that up? >> reporter: and beto o'rourke with a new ad, traveling to all 254 counties, documenting it on his iphone. >> this our chance, texas, to lead this country. america has never been more divided, never been more polarizeorter: more pe have already voted than the total
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that voted in the last midterm. do you think that early voter momentum is leaning your way? >> i do. >> reporter: and with president trump focused on the images of the caravan, so is cruz. >> security is on the ballot tomorrow. >> reporter: you say you want to secure the borders, can you do that without a wall, can you do that without militarizing the border? >> we don't need a wall. we don't need to militarize the border. >> reporter: o'rourke says we need immigration reform. >> it is precisely at that moment that texas stands up, not as democrats, not as republicans, but as americans, as human beings, to rewrit this country immigration laws in our own image. >> paula, we know that beto o'rourke is from el paso. he likes to talk about the safety of el paso, with all this talk of the caravans. >> reporter: that's right, david. and the mexican border is just a half mile from where we are. o'rourke tells me that the city
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of el paso has been one of the safest cities in 20 years. as for senator cruz, he's making his closing arguments tonight, david, a main theme will be border security. david? >> all right, big race in texas, paula. we'll see you tomorrow night here. in the meantime, florida is shaping up to be a referendum on president trump, as well. new polls tonight show a very tight race. both for governor and for senate. abc's whit johnson from florida tonight. >> reporter: david, this is a state that president trump won by just one percentage point back in 2016, and tonight, a bitter battle to the finish, voters with a clear voice to either celebrate or reject the trump agenda. tonight, tallahassee major andrew gillum is hoping to become florida's first democratic governor in 24 years. a true progressive, endorsed by former president obama and bernie sanders, gillum would also be the first black governor in state history. his opponent, republican congressman ron desantis, hand-picked by president trump
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early on. seen in this campaign ad using toy blocks to build trump's wall with his daughter. >> build the wall! >> reporter: but the race has been ugly from the start, including accusations of racism. >> i'm not calling mr. desantis a racist, i'm simply saying the racists believe he's a racist. >> reporter: the republican then taking aim at gillum, pointing to the feds looking into corruption in tallahassee. >> the fact of the matter is, he has not served honorably as the mayor. >> reporter: the other big race in the senate, the incumbent democrat bill nelson facing a tough challenge from republican governor rick scott, who's maintained president trump's support, despite their differences on several key issues. and tonight, new polls just out in florida show both democrats with a slight lead. but it's all about turnout, and the party that wins florida gets an influential advantage looking ahead to 2020. david? >> whit johnson in the key state of florida tonight. whit, thank you. and across this country, many democratic senators are trying to keep their jobs, keep their senate seats in states
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president trump won. abc's deborah roberts tonight in missouri. will claire mccaskill hold on with a challenge from josh hawley? president trump in missouri later tonight. >> reporter: david, president trump won missouri by 19 points, and now democrat claire mccaskill is fighting tooth and nail here to hang onto her senate seat. the two-term senator's message to voters here in trump country? she's not one of those, quote "crazy democrats," and on issues like immigration, she'll work with the president. >> i support whatever the president needs to make sure the border is not overwhelmed. >> reporter: but to her republican opponent josh hawley, mccaskill just another washington liberal. >> it's time to say to claire mccaskill, you are fired. >> reporter: mccaskill's counting on one issue to save her seat -- health care. >> josh hawley will always protect pre-existing conditions. >> reporter: in fact, as missouri's attorney general, hawley joined a lawsuit to overturn obamacare that would gut protections for people with
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pre-existing conditions. health care is one of those top issues for missouri voters, but hawley is counting onhe president's last-minute swing through this state to put him over the top. david? >> deborah roberts in st. louis tonight, where it could be down to the wire this time tomorrow. deb, thank you. those are just some of the key senate races we're watching. we have mary bruce with us tonight, we've brought the capitol to you for a change. let's show everybody at home the number we showed at the top of the broadcast. for democrats to take control of the house, they need 23 seats. it's a big if, but if they're able to pull that off, what are the three things you'll be watching? >> reporter: democrats are going to put the trump administration under an intense microscope. the first thing i'm watching, the investigations. they are going to demand to see president trump's tax returns. they're going to dig into conflicts of interest to questions about possible russia collusion. second thing to keep an eye on, robert mueller. democrats are likely to take steps to try to protect the special counsel. the third issue is impeachment. don't expect democrats to bring that up much. they want to see what the
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special counsel has discovered. in the meantime, if democrats pull this off in the house, much harder in the senate, so many democratic senators defending their seats in red seats that trump won, but in the house, it's not a guarantee it would be madame speaker with nancy pelosi. >> reporter: many candidates have already said they will not support her. nancy pelosi's going to face a battle, but she is a fighter and we're told she's been working the phones behind the scenes with some of those possible freshmen candidates. >> mary bruce, great to have you here in person. we'll see you tomorrow night. mary and i will be here this time tomorrow. we'll be joining george and the entire powerhouse political team. our coverage begins at 8:00 p.m. eastern. it's going to be a huge night. mary, we'll see you here then. we're going to follow the other news this monday night, as well. a major storm and a tornado watch up as we're on the air right now. this could effect turnout tomorrow, as well, up and down much of the east coast. there could be impacts in key races. all part of a severe storm
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system that brought snow to colorado. parts of the east could get rain, storms, a few tornadoes. we're tracking it all with ginger zee tonight. she has the latest. ginger? >> reporter: yeah, david. as this miserable rain here for the east coast for election night, but let's go ahead and talk about what's happening tonight, and that would be the atmosphere spinning. already, we've seen the tornado in northern louisiana, that watch up up there mississippi. and it's really the overnight hours that will become critical, because this is a dangerous time for tornadoes to come through. and you have the possibility of that happening all the way through that area that is the elevated risk. then i'll time it out for you, we move the line to the east and eastetennessee, western , north carolina. rain and severe storms along the i-95 corridor by tomorrow afternoon again. david? >> ginger zee with us live tonight, ginger, thank you. and there is still much more ahead on "world news tonight" this monday. the wedding day tragedy. the newlyweds who had just tied the knot. the couple cheered on by the crowd as they board their helicopter, and then the deadly
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crash just a short time later. and what we've now learned tonight. the teachers accused of pitting children against once another at day care. the video of them fighting. and there is news on this tonight. charges. and the winner is? one mom in america whose life suddenly changed in an instant. she's now changing lives. she had people latching today and in tears, and
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we're going to turn next tonight to the helicopter tragedy in texas. the newlyweds killed shortly after flying away from their wedding ceremony. here's abc's will carr. >> reporter: shortly after saying "i do," with friends and family cheering them on, will and bailee byler celebrating their wedding night and boarding a helicopter to launch the rest of their lives together. taking off into the night, but a short time later, something going tragically wrong. >> please be advised that there are no survivors at this time. >> reporter: the newlyweds and the pilot all killed when that family-owned chopper crashed into a hillside not far from the
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family's ranch, 90 minutes after the couple took their vows. >> we definitely saw the helicopter in a terrible state. it was in -- debris all along the side of the mountain. >> reporter: will and bailee were both seniors studying at sam houston state university. their friends and family now mourning. one of their bridesmaids posting kwsh -- "the way will looked at you and the relationship y'all had is something i wish everyone could experience." david, the crash happened in a very remote area. the ntsb is now on the ground investigating the cause and its believed the couple was flying to the airport to head to their honeymoon. david? >> all right, will, just a horrible story. when we come back here tonight, your money this evening. amazon's big announcement about shipping your holiday packages this season. and there's news tonight about those twoay wkers accused of
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to the index of other news. the body of a fallen soldier is returning home from afghanistan. army national guard major brent taylor, on his fourth overseas deployment, was killed by a member of the afghan security
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forces. he was the mayor of north ogden, utah, and a father of seven. he urged all americans to vote after he saw millions of afghans risking their lives to vote. news tonight about that so-called day care fight club in st. louis. two former teachers were charged today with child endangerment. disturbing video shows them allegedly pitting 3 and 4-year-old children against each other in december 2016. and beginning today, amazon is offering free shipping for all customers, prime members will be eligible for free same-day delivery on some items. target rolling out free shipping a few weeks ago. when we come back, the mom and grandmother, her life changed in an instant.
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california's public schools rank 44th in the nation. 44th. i'm marshall tuck, i'm a public-school parent, and i know we can do better. in the public schools i led, we got more funding into our classrooms, supported our teachers, and we raised graduation rates by 60%. that's why president obama's education secretary endorses me. we've done it before. now, let's do it for every public-school student in california.
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i'm marshall tuck. i'm running for state superintendent. finally tonight here, it's always nice when the person who wins one of those giant jackpots seems so deserving. the iowa mom is america strong. this single mom and grandmother is walking into a new chapter. lerynne west of redfield, iowa.
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one of the winners of the major jackpots last month. she won $343 million. she works in health care insurance, or, shall we say, worked. >> occupation is the question -- >> so, currently i'm retired. >> reporter: when she heard someone won from her state, she thought, get the tickets. she left them in her sister's pickup. her sister found them on the floor of the truck. >> it took me about a minute going back and forth to figure out that i had won. and i said to my sister, get that ticket, get in your truck and get up here now and drive slow. >> reporter: lerynne today said she'll pay her grandchildren's tuition, take care of family and friends and she's already set up a foundation, named after a grandson she lost as an infant. >> the callum foundation is set up in honor of a grandson of mine who was born in april and he was born at 24 weeks and he lived for one day.
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and so that foundation is to honor him and to do good for others. >> reporter: a powerful moment, and then some humor. her ford fiesta, she says, will go. >> got 142,000 miles on it, and i'm going to get a car big enough that i can take all my grandchildren places now. grandchildren places now. >> we l here are the facts.leading attacks against prop c. the city's chief economist says prop c will "reduce homelessness" by creating affordable housing, expanding mental-health services, and providing clean restrooms and safe shelters with independent oversight, open books, and strict accountability measures to make sure every penny goes to solving our homeless crisis. vote yes on c. endorsed by the democratic party, nancy pelosi, and dianne feinstein.
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