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tv   ABC7 News 1100AM  ABC  November 6, 2018 11:00am-11:30am PST

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live where you live. this is abc 7 news. live, your voice and here that will decide everything from state house to control of congress. it is tuesday, november 6th. election day. the polls open at 7:00 a.m. they will stay open until 8:00 tonight. the big national story is the ba balance of power in congress and republicans had 235 seats democrats had 135 seats and
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there are seven vacant seats. all 435 seats. neither needs 218 seats to control the house. with the latest projections here is how things look right now. 168 seats projected as or likely democrat. democrats need to get 23 of the 73 seats in play to get control of the house. as i just mentioned, all 435 seats in the house of representatives are at stake and so are 35 of the 100 seats in the senate. voters in 36 states will elect governors including right here in california. our gubernatorial candidates newsome and cox are making their final pushes across the state. abc 7 news reporters will bring us a live report in a few minutes. he held his final event in san francisco yesterday.
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they were there to show support. newsome is strongly favored in a state where the gop has fewer registered voters. he pledged to continue the cot battive stance and push for universal health care. newsome's began his election day. he voted last week so he had breakfast with his wife and daughters north of san diego. he tweeted a picture. it said change versus status quo with the hash tag help is on the way. >> they want to be able to afford their rent, gasoline, food on the table. >> oakland mayor running for reelection also cast h ballo
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yesterday. she spoke voting. >> i'm very hopeful that we will wake up tomorrow to a better country. i have been encouraged by the new level of activism of concern about community, about justice and i hope that no one ever takes the right to vote for granted again. >> if she is reelected mayor would be the first two term oakland mayor since jerry brown was the mayor 16 years ago. voted in the south bay and he is not alone. we have already seen big turn out with early voting. matt is live in san jose. hi matt. >> reporter: yeah. we are here at the registrar ofs if you go down the hall you can see the line going down the hall there. those people are there waiting for their registration and a ttle ls than nine hours to
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go to get your ballots in. he already won his election during the primary in june. this morning he dropped off his ballot campaigning for yes on two bond issues facing san jose voters. >> we need to do more to ensure everybody understands they have a stake in this democracy and their vote matters. >> how does that feel? >> happy. >> reporter: voters getting their final chance to cast their ballots today. they have made it sooizer to have their voices heard in record breaking numbers. the more than 885,000 people are registered to vote. 257,497 ballots were returned before election day. both smashed previous highs. >> i am really excited to see how many more ballots and votes we get from today and receive in the mail this week. >> drivers were coming through and handing off their ballots.
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>> how cool was that? >> bins were filled to the top. people can vote today at the rej registrar of voters office. she says voting is in the a choice to her. >> i have to. my ancestors fought for it. we have to >> reporter: abc 7 news. >> thank you. it is a movement across the country. voters are making sure their voices are heard and deciding which party takes control of congress in several key state races. a record number of votes have already been cast.
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>> there have been huge numbers for early voting that far surpassed 2014 numbers and shattered records. for many americans getting these i voted stickers, their votes are as much about who is on the ballot as who isn't and that's president trump. more than 36 million americans already casting their early voting ballots and election day polls are already open in the key battle gunshot wound state of voters there well aware of why this midterm is high stakes. >> the most important ever participated in. i feel like the country is moving in the wrong direction. >> our latest abc news washington poll shows democrats lead the race to take over by 8
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points needing to gain 23 seats to control that >> if pelosi gets in there it will be a mess. >> with the possibility of this party and presidnt trump to rouse republican voters. >> you must reject the democrat politics of anger and division and fear and you see it. >> the democrats will have an open transparent congress that will strive for bipartisan >>. >> reporter: it is about power and who takes control of congress. if it is republicans it could be a continuation of what we have
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seen the last two years. abc 7 news. >> thank you. some extra eyes will be on the election in san mateo county. it is one of five counties in the state that has no polling places for today's election. voters required to mail ballots of drop them off at an election office. >> most mail in ballots need extra postage and don't forget to sign the back of the envelope. stay with us for live election coverage. we'll have results of the biggest races all around the nation beginning at 567b8:00.
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we'll have more and then at 11:00 on abc 7. get updates at any time. it's an underwater hunt for treasure. >> biggest find of the day. >>
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the race for governor and
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amy is live. >> reporter: yeah. he just cast his vote here. take a look at the video. it was newsome, his wife and they brought their four kids along. his sister and brother-in-law were watching in the background a little emotionally. he said the family did not get a lot of sleep last night. nerves for the adult. daylight savings times still an issue among the kids. he said he felt like they left it all out there. the first thing she talked about was not the governor's race but all of the other races happening today. >> so much at stake. being a candidate for governor, which i hope we are successful tonight, wouldn't mean as much if we don't take back the
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>> reporter: he says his transition will start tonight. he says his e-mail inbox is full of people interested in his possible administration. i asked him is the family planning to move to sacramento? he said that is up for discussion. they will be talking about that after they get the results tonight. he said basically everything changes tonight. abc 7 news. >> thank you, amy. as america votes today the people who read about who our votes will mean are settling in for a potentially long night. we are here after talking to one of the key members of abc's political team. >> a lot of caffeine. she sees a fight no matter what happens tonight. we are not going to get into chances of this or that happening. there is no point. to instead we'll look at possible paths. so the first path, if democrats
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take the he knows they are talking about major investigations on capitol hill, talking about subpoenaing family members of president trump, his s&l, his own son, steve bannon, his former top adviserment they are preparing for a major hit to come from capitol hill. >> and if republicans keep it then what? >> americans want to see the america that donald trump has been from jepprojecting. >> if power shifts in the house to the democrats it doesn't necessarily mean a certain democrat from the bay area will get a speaker of the house homecoming. >> the question of pelosi's
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leadership is at stake. we are already hearing from republicans from democrats on capitol hill who are pushing to not let her take charge of this party. >> it would be very interesting to watch. >> if close races in virginia, pennsylvania then minnesota then aizona don't decide congress it could come down to california specifically some very close southern california races. if those races stay the way they are at the polling right now it could be a very long night. we'll see you tomorrow. >> keep that caffeine coming. >> there is much more ahead including the new developments released about an officer involved shooting that lead to an hour's long standoff. fire water watch, no more red flag warning. it means the fire danger is on the way starting at 10:00 tomorrow night through 7:00 tom
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morning. the northbound mountains you can see in red. more on that coming up in the
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we all know why the chicken crossed the road. she spotted more than a dozen salmon swimming across a highway on saturday. the roadway is near a river and flooded at the time. they have had like 15 days of rain. this made it much easier for them to get to the creek next
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door. sure makes great video for the rest of us that don't get to see it very often. you can see this is full of sunshine. a touch more haze as the offshore breeze is a little more capping of the atmosphere. right now we have pretty much mid-to upper 60s for most of the north bay. low 70s in the east bay and low 60s along the coast. very comfortable if you're heading out. a little bit of haze out there. a pretty clear sky and one that will be warm once again and a pattern that will stay locked in for a while. you remember the last time it rained? some people 170 days ago. between this when we get rain we have these offshore breezes. they will get faster. here is today's pattern. you can see the offshore breeze chasing the clouds well out over
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the ocean. mid-to upper 70s in the south bay. 70 to 74. we'll have low to mid-60s along the coast and near 70 again in down town san francisco. mid-to upper 70s throughout the valleys. it is 71 at richmond. oakland 74 the warm spots. a lot of upper 70s to low 80s in the east bay valleys. another gorgeous shot showing it is pretty clear. nomar re nomar -- no marine layer out there. here is a shot at what's going on for the rest of today. we peak here and we start to see a little bit of cooling because of that sunrise. we are pretty warm inland. in the 50s by 8:00 and mid-40s to 50s by 8:00. on our way to another cold morning.
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mid-to upper 30s as there was this morning up in the north bay. we are going to see a lot of 40s out there. places that barely get to 50 san francisco. i want to show you the breezes real quick. you can see them increasing wednesday night in the sacramento valley. look how they spread across the north bay and spraed doead down east bay. look once the sunsets they spread all the way to the coast. they get rather fast. we have that high fire danger. because of that wind pattern we are going to have temperatures well above average even though we may taper a degree or two it is still warmer than it >> wow, okay. and no excuses weather wise for
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voti very much. a 32-year-old man wanted far shooting in antioch. the five hour standoff came to an end overnight and amazing pli the police officer was not seriously injured. this is near deer field drive. it all started around 8:00 last night when officers responded to a call about a dispute between two neighbors. they say one of the neighbors showed a gun and shot the officer. he barricaded himself in the home. some people who live in the area had to evacuate and others sheltered in place. covering several breaking news stories. one with was this crash around 6:30. you can see this car went down and landed near murphy elementary. they say the driver had a medical emergency and he is is now in the hospital in stable condition. students are being sent home
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from school because of a fire at a recycling center. the fire started around 2:00 a.m. at a facility and smoke from the fire effected air quality in san francisco students are being dismissed. the bay shore school is keeping kids indoors and turning off the air-conditioning. it is unclear how the fire started. sky 7 was also overhead in san leandro this morning as a fire sent smoke billowing into the air. it appears trash caught fire. it is at 98th avenue. you can see smoke turning white, a good sign firefighters were getting water on it. they are still looking into the cause of that fire. just announced sexiest man. how he is using it for a timely and important message.
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we have all of the details at after you learn about the propositions make sure you get out there and vote. that's what the sexiest man aalive wants you to know. idris elba just announced as
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sexiest man alive. he tweeted how important your vote is this midterm. you were probably like second or third in line, right? >> i thought you were going to say from the bottom. you wouldn't say that but i would. >> thank you for joining us. who wants to be a millionaire is coming up next. abc 7 is your home for live election coverage. abc news will have results in the biggest races around the nation. we'll have live local election covera coverage and then again at abc 7 at 11:00. we leave you with a live look outside to get out there and
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