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tv   ABC World News Tonight With David Muir  ABC  November 6, 2018 3:30pm-4:00pm PST

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tonight, several developing stories as we come on the air. the first results set to come in. the massive turnout across this country. millions of americans voting in the midterms. the first exit polls just in tonight. what americans are already saying about president trump. even the president saying, "pretend i'm on the ballot." and the images tonight -- the crush of voters in one place using flashlights in a school gym, trying to cast their votes in the dark. the other news this tuesday night. the plot to blow up the new york city subway, right under new york's times square. the video never seen before, and the verdict now in tonight. the father and husband accused of killing his wife and two little girls. the girls' bodies found in oil tanks. tonight, the breaking new headline in the case. the amber alert unfolding tonight.
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the 13-year-old abducted outside her home. what authorities said late today. the deadly tornadoes. the severe storms hitting up and down the coast. reporters talking about this dog, left amidst the wreckage, the homes destroyed after the tornado hit. the driver who allegedly crashed his truck into a group of girl scouts. what investigators have now revealed tonight. and coming home. the return of a fallen hero. major brent taylor, a beloved mayor, husband and father of seven. what his wife said today. good evening from abc news election headquarters here in new york city. there are several developing stories tonight. and we begin with the midterms, of course, and the exit poll results already coming in right now. so many races razor thin tonight. massive turnout coast to coast, look at this line inside a gym in georgia. in houston, look at this. lines out the door. and in st. charles county,
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missouri, lined up since early this morning. the first exit polls just in, and these are preliminary results tonight. voters were asked, do you approve of the job president trump is doing? 44% said they approve, 55% said they disapprove. did they vote today to send the president a message? here's what they said. 26% said they voted to show their support, 38% said they voted to show their opposition to the president. and 33% said the president did not figure into their vote. we know so many issues in these state races were local. in fact, look at this tonight. when asked which one of these four issues is most important, health care by far topped the list at 41%, immigration, 23%. followed by the economy and gun policy. so, let's get right to our chief national correspondent matt gutman and our team across the country tonight. matt is in santa ana, california. matt, i know they're processing the bat lots right behind you tonight? >> reporter: that's right. they are expecting 800,000 ballots to go through this facility. the fifth-biggest in the country. the supervisor here tells me
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voter turnout has been so intense that people coming to vote in person have come out in greater numbers than they have in any presidential election, david. and that's one reason we're seeing lines of 90 minutes or more just outside the door here. they started lining up at dawn, in high school gyms in doylestown, pennsylvania, parking garages in atlanta, where people waited more than three hours to vote. in knox county, tennessee, the power went out, so poll workers pulled out their flashlights, citizens voting in the dark. total turnout projected to top 100 million, a record for a midterm election. driving the enthusiasm? president trump. so many voters showing up today to send him a message. >> thank you so much. >> reporter: in missouri, claire mccaskill, one of ten vulnerable democrat senators running for re-election in states trump won. abc's deborah roberts is there, speaking with voters. >> was your vote today about missouri or about the president?
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>> both. i cannot stand the president. i think he's just a faker and a liar and i hope he gets impeached. >> reporter: mccaskill's opponent, josh hawley, a strong trump ally, which means a lot to pamela meyer, whose key issue is immigration. >> so what do you want to say to the president about your vote today? >> well, i love president trump. what can i say? he is the first president in years that's actually trying to do everything he said he would do. >> reporter: in texas, senator ted cruz among the most vulnerable republicans. beto o'rourke hoping to pull off the night's biggest upset. >> we're going to do this together. we just do not care about the differences between us right now. >> reporter: at the polling place, o'rourke meeting 77-year-old pamela, who grew emotional in this video now widely shared. >> we think he's pretty important. and we're honored that he was here. >> why is he so important? >> because he represents everything donald trump isn't. >> reporter: in florida, where folks today lined up around the block, the president a major
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factor in the racially-charged race for governor. democrat andrew gillum versus republican ron desantis. >> thank you, sir. rooting for you today, sir. >> thank you, appreciate it. >> reporter: abc's whit johnson is outside a polling place in tallahassee. >> you voting for gillum, you're also voting against president trump? >> absolutely. i couldn't be more adamant about that. >> reporter: but steps away, connie jokisch, who came to vote straight from her overnight shift as a nurse, there to support one man -- the president. >> my brother-in-law has a job he hasn't had in three years, my brother has a job he hadn't had in five years. you know, they're happy. you know, this wouldn't have happened without trump, i don't think. >> reporter: in georgia tonight, stacey abrams looking to make history by becoming the nation's first female african-american governor. she is counting on high turnout among black voters like tyler cummings, who spoke to our steve osunsami. >> what does it mean if stacey abrams wins tonight?
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>> honestly, it means a lot to me, being an african-american individual, just to have someone being in the office that is african-american, as a woman. >> reporter: abrams' republican opponent, brian kemp, has donald trump on his side. abrams had oprah, one of many celebrities making their voices heard this year. taylor swift, coming off the political sidelines, today urging young voters to turn out. >> i promise you it feels so wonderful to exercise that right that you have. >> reporter: the big question tonight -- did they listen? >> matt gutman and our team out all across the country tonight. matt back with us live, and matt, our ballot watch team tracking polling stations across the country. are we seeing any problems tonight? >> reporter: there have been scattered problems, david. in north carolina, the board of elections there says that ten poming stations reported problems with their vote counting machines. apparently caused by humidity. so, some of those ballots are being stored in emergency bins until they can be counted. also, in johnson county,
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indiana, just south of indianapolis, apparently some machines broke during check-in, making it difficult to get people in, causing those delays that you see, and those long lines. now, one voter protection group tells us that 24,000 people have called its hotline with problems and with questions. much higher than in 2014, but david, given the size and scale of the voter turnout today, it's not that surprising. david? >> matt gutman leading us off tonight. thank you so much. president trump landed back in washington at 2:08 this morning after a whirlwind campaign trip. is he prepared for the possibility of democrats taking back the house? here's abc's chief white house correspondent jonathan karl tonight. >> reporter: he's campaigned hard, and now president trump is back at the white house, waiting for returns. he has said he has no idea how it's all going to turn out. >> you know what you do? my whole life, you know what i say? don't worry about it, i'll just figure it out. does that make sense?
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i'll just figure it out. >> reporter: he's been all in. >> i did a lot of stops. i saw a lot of people. i saw a lot of make america great again hats. >> reporter: 30 rallies in 20 states since labor day. his closing message has been big on fear of illegal immigration. >> if you want more caravans and more crime, vote democrat. >> reporter: over and over again, he's urged his voters to vote as if he himself is on the ballot. >> and i'm not on the ticket, but i am on the ticket. a vote for david -- a vote for marsha -- a vote for morrisey is a vote for me. >> jon karl with us here, and jon, take us inside the white house tonight. is the president prepared for the possibility that the democrats could take back the house? >> reporter: he is absolutely prepared for the possibility of a democratic takeover. in fact, his political advisers are telling him that this is likely to happen. and the clear syndication of that is, i'm told the president is now telling his advisers and
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his supporters, don't say that i'm on the ballot, because i am not. >> after weeks of saying pretend i'm on the ballot. >> reporter: exactly. >> jon, thank you. as jon pointed out, the white house is prepared for whatever happens tonight. the president said he couldn't campaign for everyone, after all. and tonight, the democrats are projecting confidence. they like the turnou turnout,particularly when it comes to their chances of taking over the house. when nancy pelosi was asked if he's 100% sure of victory tonight, she answered, yes, i am. we have one more question on this tonight. we have mary bruce here. we're going to show everyone the tool we'll have all night long here on election night. here's the magic number for the democrats. they have to flip 23 seats in the house. they have to pick up two seats hi battle if theyr that. but at least when it comes to the house, if that happens for the democrats, how would life change for this president for the white house? >> reporter: well, if democrats do take the house, the president is going to face an onslaught of investigations. democrats are likely to dig into everything from conflicts of interest to the president's tax returns. and they're likely to take steps
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to protect robert mueller. as for that big question of e h impeepment, they want to see what mueller has first. he said, i don't care. the president telling our team, quote, democrats can do whatever they want and i can do whatever i want. >> all right, mary bruce, you'll be with us. we'll be joining george and the entire team at 8:00 p.m. eastern here on abc, with all of the results. impossible to predict what will infold tonight, but we'll be right here with us. we do move onto the other headlines tonight, and to the plot to blow up the new york city subway, right underneath new york's famed time's square. tonight, a verdict in the case and video never seen before. abc's ere reielle reshef in newk tonight. >> reporter: he was caught in december detonating a bomb strapped to his body at the height of new york city's rush hour. >> inside the subway, they're evacuating at this time. >> reporter: tonight, a jury finding bangladeshi immigrant
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akayed ullah guilty of federal terrorism charges. prosecutors releasing video that tracks his every move. here he is leaving his brooklyn apartment, where he allegedly built the bomb using instructions from the internet. and walking into the subway wearing the explosive device. posting a message on facebook, "trump, you failed to protect your nation." around 7:20 a.m., in the tunnel underneath the port authority bus terminal, the bomb partially detonates, injuring five people. stunned commuters turn and run for their lives. and moments later, ullah lying spread eagle on the floor as police approach with guns drawn. and david, ullah addressed the court during his sentencing he hearing, saying he was not a soldier of isis. he was just upset with president trump's policies. he now faces life in prison. david? >> erielle reshef with us tonight, thank you. we're going to turn next to the developing headline out of colorado tonight, and to a father and husband accused of killing his pregnant wife and their two little girls. you'll remember he made a public plea for his wife, his family to
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come home. tonight, he's offering a plea deal to save his own life. abc's clayton sandell in colorado. >> reporter: he was once seen as a devoted husband and father. >> he was the one for me. and he is amazing. >> my daddy is a hero. >> reporter: but tonight, chris watts pleading guilty to murdering his pregnant wife and two young daughters, leaving their bodies in this colorado oil field. 34-year old shan'ann watts, 4-year-old bella and 3-year-old celeste vanished from their fred fred frederick, colorado, home august 13th, watts pleading for their return. >> shan'ann, bella, celeste, if you're out there, just come back. >> reporter: days later, the girls' bodies were found submerged in remote oil tanks, shan'ann in a shallow grave nearby. according to investigators, watts was having an affair with a co-worker. he confessed to strangling shan'ann in a fit of rage after claiming she killed the girls.
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>> frankly, a flat-out lie has been corrected. the spotlight shines directly where it belongs, on him. >> reporter: shan'ann's family was in this courtroom today, they were sobbing and comforting each other. the minimum sentence watts could face is life in prison without parole, but with today's plea agreement, he will not face the death penalty. david? >> clayton sandell in colorado tonight. clayton, thank you. we turn now to a story we've been following here this week, the return of a fallen soldier, a hero, making his way home to utah. army major brent taylor, a utah mayor and father of seven, was killed on his fourth tour of duty overseas. tonight, what his heartbroken wife said about him coming home on this day, electday.'sbcef gl affairs correspondent martha raddatz tonight. >> reporter: in the pre-dawn darkness, a somber homecoming for army major brent taylor, on this day americans exercise their right to vote. his wife jennie, shattered yet stoic. >> it seems only fitting that
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brent has come home to u.s. soil in a flag-draped casket on our election day. >> reporter: taylor, killed in an insider attack, one of nearly 2,300 americans killed in afghanistan. but his story has struck a chord with so many. a republican mayor, a father of seven. the oldest, megan, 13, then lincoln, alex, jacob, ellie, jonathan, little caroline just 11 months. the public servant from utah hailed as a hero when he deployed for the fourth time in january. his life's mission, to bridge this nation's divide. taylor's wife today quoting his last facebook post -- >> whether the republicans or the democrats win, i hope that we all remember that we have far more as americans that unites us than divides us. >> such an incredibly sad story, but a powerful message there today. wef the children are so young.
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but the community is planning to have a service this weekend? >> reporter: they'll have a memorial service in north ogden, but david, this is such a reminder, his commitment to country, his commitment to service. it shows us the true meaning of sacrifice and service. >> really lands on this election day, too. martha, we'll see you here for election night. in the meantime, to other news tonight. severe storms this evening. at least nine reported tornadoes, and they have been dead li. this confirmed tornado in louisiana. ef-2. 1 135-mile-an-hour winds destroying this home and killing a woman inside. and a reporter growing emotional as he described this scene playing out on the local news, this dog searching the wreckage of that home. the woman, his owner, did not survive. let's get to meteorologist rob marciano, tracking the system, he's live in nashville tonight. rob, ooanother difficult headli. >> reporter: very much so, david. this home set on fire by a lightning strike with the family inside, the father having to scramble his three young children out as their home burned.
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the storms here moved out prettg eastoast from north fridasdolea the polls close. david? >> rob marciano with us tonight. rob, thank you. and there is still much more ahead on "world news tonight" this tuesday. the mayor recall from dun can hines tonight. also, the amber alert unfolding tonight. the 13-year-old abducted outside her home, and what authorities said late today. the driver who allegedly crashed his truck into a group of girl scouts. what investigators have now revealed tonight. and your money this evening, and this question, how to get everything you buy this holidayi it is possible, and rebecca jarvis has everything you need to know, right after the break to know, right after the break tonight. e safely... with drivewise. it lets you know when you go too fast... ...and brake too hard. with feedback to help you drive safer. giving you the power to actually lower your cost.
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>> reporter: tonight, in the already fierce battle for your holiday dollars, retailers rolling out new incentives to make this year's shopping blitz more convenient than ever. >> with the rise of online shopping, we talk about free shipping, fast free shipping, free returns. >> reporter: amazon now offering free shipping with delivery by christmas to all customers, no prime membership necessary. at target, free two-day shipping, no minimum purchase. and at walmart, two-day shipping, free with purchases of $35 or more. so, what should you look for to make sure you're getting the best deal? >> the difference is going to be the promotions that they're offering to consumers, other types of sales, discounts, deals, cash back offers, and that's really going to be the way to win the game. >> reporter: which is why, david, it really pays to comparison shop, and you can do that using apps like shopsavvy and buyvia. david? >> rebecca jarvis with us tonight. rebecca, thank you. when we come back here tonight, the major recall from duncan hines this evening.
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to the index of other news tonight. the amber alert in north carolina. the intense search now under way for 13-year-old hanya a witness seeing a suspect wearing a wbandana over her fac. her mother pleading for her return. the fbi offering a $15,000 reward tonight. the driver now charged in a deadly hit and run in chippewa county, wisconsin. colton true facing 11 charges, including vehicular homicide. he's now accused of driving into a group of girl scouts. prosecutors say he was huffing chemicals before that crash. duncan hines recalling 2.5 million boxes of cake mix. the recall involves four types of mix. we have much more on our website tonight. when we come back here, the little boy and the video views
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or are prone to infections. xeljanz xr can reduce the symptoms of psoriatic arthritis. don't let another morning go by without talking to your rheumatologist about xeljanz xr. finally tonight here, america strong. a little boy and a simple question. who needs a hug? it started with one simple hug. 2-year-old jude sasfy right there in the white shirt, walking up to a total stranger to give him a hug. he turns around, surprised. and then jude walks up to this mom, sitting there in the grass, another total stranger. jude's dad, nick, was filming the whole thing. it was a chili cook-off and bluegrass festival in atlanta. and once jude's parents told him
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it was time to go, it turned out, he was in no hurry. there he is searching for another person to hug, arms wide open. >> hi! >> reporter: this group of women each getting a hug. and then you can hear the people off in the distance asking, "free hugs?" >> free hugs? >> free hugs. >> hugs for everybody! >> i know, hugs for everyone. >> can i get a hug? i want a hug. >> reporter: and then jude, it seemed, was on a mission -- to finally find someone his own w! gi theivide. now seen nearly 30 million times. we love jude. we could all use a hug. thank you for watching here on a tuesday night. abc's election coverage begins at 8:00 p.m. eastern, a short time from now. i'm david muir. until then, good night.
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