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tv   World News Now  ABC  November 8, 2018 2:12am-3:58am PST

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talking out this last night, something we were so excited about, veterans. 73 veterans won last nit. that makes a total of 91 vets in congress in 2018. i don't know about you, but i feel confident having folks that have sacrificed so much for all of us and for this country. >> matt rose in staten island, a conservative borough, he took it. a liberal veteran. >> i was surprised -- not surprised but i don't think people should underestimate the power that the president has to get his people out to vote. he still struggled with women and minorities. but the white men are still very excited about president trump. he did well in some of the big senate races. >> like that. >> curb your enthusiasm. >> i'm trying to show that i understand. >> i watched. i watched all ght, well, way into the night. and i was happy that the democrats took over the house becaus i really think in this country, we need a system of checks and balances. i think the framers wanted it
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that way. and we haven't had it that way. that was very important to me. i actually still don't think that the georgia governor's race is over. there wereo many instances of voter suppression there, that i really think every vote needs to be counted there. >> right. >> there's been a lot of funny stuff going on. [ applause ] so, i don't think i was as disappointed as so many other people were because we knew beto was a long shot. we knew that gillum -- >> drink now. >> margarita. >> we knew that gillum was a long shot. these are deeply red states. but it was very close. and that gave me a lot of hope. >> are you up? >> i'm so sorry. we were up so late last night. i have a few takeaways. the first thing i want to say, in 2010, the way that the tea pay, with 63 seats, nowhere near the amount that democrats got this time. wh i think is interesting, i said be careful nationalizing candidates. candidates that got nationalized ended up losing. all politics is local.
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this is a message for democrats. just because "new yorker" and "people" in major media markets love you, it's not a winning pathway in the middle of the country. all politics is local. that's the first thing i would teach if i was teaching politics. the second thing i want to say, the serious lesson from democrats is that republicans are not going to vote against their own agenda and their own interests. meaning, i think there's an impression if you don't watch fox news, all republicans, if you're against trump or you have issues with his rhetoric, that out to m automatically i have morphed into a liberal. that the principles that make me who i am, the conservative who i am, are out the window. d all of a sudden, i'm a democrat. that's not the case. republicans are going to vote for their own agenda, andhey did in senate and gubernatorial races. and the democrats that were competitive, were more moderate. >> tt's disappointing to me, actually. >> of course it's disappointing. you're a democrat. it's not disappointing for me,
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because i'm a republican. i'm going to vote for republicans. there's a way to differentiate the candidates. >> i believe tt character was on the ballot. i understand that people want to vote with their party. at some point, you have to put country before party. and there's been so much divisiveness. >> this is an example. if i vote for josh hawley, who won against claire mccaskill, great candidate, young guy, also a veteran. if i voted for him instead of claire mccaskill, i'm putting my country behind my party because the trump isn't the entire republican party. we're still here. conseatives are still here. >> he's taken over the party. >> i'm sorry, but there's people -- >> there were a lot of other histic firsts last night, that's kind of great. >> i'm not going to vote for gill. >> i don't think anybody was expecting that. i don't think sunny believes that you were going to vote for gillum. but i would think that there are certain things t hem that part
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happened is people, whoever went out and voted -- and congratulations, by the way, to the folks who won. now, your jobs are to take care of the country. you have to -- you know, whether you're left or right, your job now is to make sure that the people in your district, your state, your city, are taken care of. not crazily, as it seems the -- the top seems to be. you're right, all politics is local. but ihink a lot of the people that won, with the exceptionf one or two, are pretty decent people, who want to take care- yeah. i just want to put a period on it and then i'll shut up. >> go ahead. go ahead. >> no. i'm gointo put a period on my thing and finish. >> josh hley is not a veteran. >> to me, i think it's important
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that everybody remember that the referendum is on how things get done, with the exception of two folks. whether you're lef or right. the referendum is, a lot of people don't want the b.s. they don't want the b. if you're living in kansas, you want stuff done a specific way. >> that's true. >> and you don't want to hear, because you got people from next door -- go ahead, joy. >> i got a little point to make. >> go ahead. let me shut up. go ahead. >> the thing that i will say is that may be true what you say, that people are still going to be republicans. but people are not voting necessarily in their own interests. take florida. i understand two climate deniers, one in florida. the state is practically under water. come on. vote in your interest, even if it's local,s you say. >> the message for democrats going to 2020, if you vote for a republican, you're putting your country second. that's a losing message. this was not a blue wave the way you thought it would be. >> to my point --
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>> thank you for your complete -- >> they did take the house. that's pretty wavey, as far as i'm concerned. >> the election of the first openly-g openly-gay governor, jared polis. i find this amazing that these are the firsts. the first two muslim congresswomen, rashida talib and ilhan omar, who will be live with us later onn "the view." as always, we'll be back. ♪ [ applause ] next -- will last night's wins and losses fce democrats and republicans to work together? tear them further apart? abc news chief political analyst, matthew dowd, breaks it all down, next. this november --
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>> that's how i roll. okay? >> get ready to set the political view on fire. you know this is the place to be heard. and now -- >> on a totally different note. >> -- the stars are coming out to voice their views. john c. reilly. hugh jackman. vig viggo mortensen. viola davis. sara silverman, john hayes. and here comes "queer eye's" fab five. oh, yes. it's a must-see "view" all month long. right here on abc.
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still ahead -- the muslim woman who made american history, congresswoman-elect, ilhan omar, is live on "the view." [ applause ] hey. you know, we're talking about the impact of last night's historic midterm elections. here to break it all down, is abc news chief political analyst, matthew dowd. hello. >> great to be here. >> matthew, you saw everything, heard everything. wh do you think happened last night? >> let me say first, on january -- at? 2019. the congress will look more like the table at "the view." think about that. more than ever before. people of color, more women.
2:26 am
>> is someone going to dye their hair red or what? >> what do i think happened last night? we had a presidential year in a midterm. you look at everything, the amnt of turnout, 110 million people. highest turnout ever, in total. and highest percentage turnout since 18-year-olds got the right to vote. i think with that, what we also saw is -- and i said this last night on abc, there's been a battle in 2016, from geography, that republicans had. there's more red states and more red area and demoaphy, which democrats have. fastest growing groups of people are democratic voters, people of color, urban voters, latin. these are trending more democratic. in 2016, we had a politic decision. trump takes the electoral college, and hillary clinton wins the popular vote. democrats won the popular vote last night by 8 million votes. right? they lose -- but they lose u.s.
2:27 am
senate races in red areas becaus -- >> gerrymandering. >> that's tconstiti. an -- t gerrymandered but the pa of theand wte eing i bothid -- the blues are getting bluer, the reds are gettg redder, and it's harder and harder for each side to decide how do we come together and deal with this? what i think is going to happen, is both parties are going to take the wrong lessons from last night. i think the democra had victory, obviously, taking the house in a very difficult time, with redistricting, was tough. they got about what they would normally get. they won 31 seats in 2006. they will probably win 32 seats here. but they have to figure out how to appeal to smalltown and rural voters and working class white voters in the country. republicanare losing urban area after urban area. suburban areas are becoming bluer and bluer. if you think about this, a
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republican has only won the popular vote for president one time in the last seven presidential elections. george bush in 2004, was the ly time in seven presidential elections. if this keeps up, they could win the electoral college and lose the popular vote. >> won't governorships chang the geography, which is what you're referring to? the redistricting? and we saw more democtic wins in governorships than we've seen in a long time, as well. >> the democrats -- it was almost the reverseap for the republicans. the republicans had more governors at stake. democrats had more senators at stake. democrats picked up seven governorships. >> that's significant. >> that's a huge thing. they will draw the maps in all those places, michigan, wisconsin, kansas. there were some surprises. but they lost -- part of the problem was they lost ohio. democrats thought they were going to carry ohio. they lost florida. >> but florida voted to give convicted felons the vote, which
2:29 am
is a big deal in florida in 2020. >> that's thedemoat -- donald ts victory. he has a right in some ways to claim victory. he picked up sene seats. he didn't lose as many house seats as people thought. they lost key governor races. bu there was over 100 aggressive ballot initiatives. now not only are convicted felons allowed to vote, they passed medicaid expansion in a number of states. a gun referendum in washington state. a series of referendums -- >> marijuana passed. >> pot legalization in michigan. >> yes. >> i think weave conflicting signals. the president wasn't popular last night. if you -- if this was a no confidence vote and this was parliament, the president would right? he won a places where he rallied there.
2:30 am
and the candidate, the republican was a trump candidate. florida, desantis, the governor, giving him that win. for 2020 democrats, it's not going to be a walk in the park to beat president trump. >> that's the interesting thing. you look at last night as an electoral college map, right? democrats in 2020,ould easily win the popular vote by 5 million or more votes than hillary clinton won it by but still lose the electoral college. what happened last night, there were a few blue waves around the country. there were major red walls. the blue waves was pennsylvania. it's an overwhelmingly democratic vote last night in pennsyania. michigan, overwhelmingly democratic vote. those two states in a normal electoral year would go to the democrat. but wisconsin was dead-even. the democrat won but barely. florida, dead-even. barely won by the republican. ohio, dead-even. barely won. iowa, dead-eve barely won. we're faced with a 2020 sllav aegwhere democraoverwhmi
2:31 am
>> wiscoin is significant, is it not? wisconsin in some ways helped trump win the presidency. >> wisconsin, michigan and pennsylvania did. two of those states have gone back to the democrats. >> now, why is trump heaping praise on nancy pelosi? why is he kissing her butt when we know what he thinks about her? what is he scared of? >> i don't know if he's scared of anything. don't throw me in that breyer patch. oh, no. he's politically astute. >> you think that? >> i do. i think he's politically astute. >> he didn't say he was smart. he said he was astute. >> what abby said and what i caught meghan saying earlier, donald trump went to the places he knew that would turn out his vote and tried to avoid the places he knew that he was offensive to. i think he's astute to know -- >> where he's offensive. >> i don't think he often knows
2:32 am
that. but i think he knows enough to know this is a moment. who knows? it may last 30 minutes, a day, two days. it may be ended by the time he holds his press conference. he's astute to know that the vote didn't go for him overwhelmingly. he has to work with- he has to work with nancy. but i think he's doing this primarily because nancy is exceedingly nationally an unpopular figure. he would rather be one-on-one with her, than someo else that is a new generation candidate that does not have her baggage. >> that's smart. >> go ahead, megs. >> i want to ask you about the arizona race. you think mcsally's going to win? >> the outstanding numbers from what i can tell she'll end up pulling that out. >> what do you think about arizona that it has the potential to become purple? i didn't think i would see it in my lifetime. first time since 1976, a
2:33 am
democrat was in play. what does it mean for arizona? >> arizona is a purple state. arizona should be contested by the democrats in a presidential year. so, that state has moved more purple. some other states have moved more -- indiana, now, a state that barack obama won in 2008, is red. indiana, now, is redder than texas. texas last night -- >> what happened in indiana? >> indiana has trended that way. i'll give you why this has happened this way. there's 3,0 counties in the united states. 3,100 counties that people live in in the united states. when bark obama won in a landslide in 2008, he carried 850 of those counti which means he lost 2,300 counties. when he won re-election, he carried 700. when hillary clinton won the popular vote, she only carried 500 counties. last night, the democrats won the popular vote by 8 million votes and lost 2,60 counties last night. >> translate that. >> let me give you that --
2:34 am
indiana. urban areas -- when there's a place with a large urban area and large expanse, indiana is a perfect place, indianapolis, ft. wayne, urban areas. great expanse of rural and small towns. that's trending republican. same with missouri. missouri is st. louis and kansas city, with alabama between. >> between. >> that's where we are. i'm hopi -- i don't know if it will be this president. but i'm hoping a leader emerges who say, not only do we have to bridge the divides of race and sex, but we have to bridge this political divide in this country. >> with all of the women that have been elected, i feel if anyone cano it, it's all those sayingth sides.are coming in, ihink women do i tt tre, for the first rst time -- y man. >> will look more like america than it's ever looked before.
2:35 am
the congress will look more like america. >> what's better than that? what is better than that? >> that's good. >> thanks to abc's matthew dowd. you need to come over more often, too. >> give trump some credit for this. >> say that again. >> give trump some credit for this. the reason the turnout set records yesterday was people that supported donald trump and people oose donald trump came out. >> that's what you're supposed to do when you vote. that's how you're supposed to do it. this is what voting is supposed to look like. we'll be right back. was congresswoman-elect, ilhan omar afraid to run as a muslim woman in america? and why she says there's no debate the president is racist. she's live on "the view" next. what does help for heart ilure look like? ♪ the beat goes on. it looks like emily cooking dinner for ten. ♪ the beat goes on. it looks like jonathan on a date with his wife. ♪ la-di-la-di.
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♪ to the voters, to the voters of congressional district 5 -- [ cheers ] -- who did what nobody thought that they would do, who understoodha we don't we orgaroundhawe aregetting. thank you. >> among the many historic wins last night, were the first two muslim women elected to
2:41 am
congress. and we're talking to one of them right now. joining us, via satellite, from minneapolis, minnesota, is congresswoman-elect ilhan omar. happy, happy win to you. congratulations on your first gigantic win. you are the first somali-americaever elected. [ applause ] so, how are you feeling this morning? >> good morning, whoopi and the rest of you. i feel really happy. very excited and honored to have the opportunity to represent my people, t people of the 5th, in congress soon. congresswoman-elect, congratulations from everyone at this table. you have an interesting story to tell, as well. you came to this country at the immigrant at the age of 12. you didn't speak any english. what message of hope about last night, about your victory, do you hope to send everyone this morning? >> so, my message to people is
2:42 am
that, if you work hard and you believe in creating positive change within your community, you can achieve anything. >> that's quite a meage. [ applause ] >> congresswoman-elect omar, this is sunny hostin. du your campaign, you faced islam phobic atcks. did it ever deter you? were you ever scared? >> i mean, we are living in an era, really, when we have people who are in positions of influence, who look at someone like me, who is muslim, who is a woman, a black woman, an immigrant, a refugee, and don't recognize me as an american. and so, there is lots of opportunities for people who harbor hate to use that. but i have always said, i don't defend my identity.
2:43 am
i defend ideas. once we are in position to have conversations with people, it makes it hard for them to hate us up close. that is what our triumph and our victory is really about. >> that's right. congratulations. this is joy. joy behar, talking to you. trump's closing message was about stoking fear and division. everybody who is watching knows that, with that caravan stuff that he kept pushing out there and pushing it. a lot of people say it worked in many districts in the country. you've said there's no debate on whether trump is a racist. you have made that statement. can you elaborate for us, please? convince us why he's a racist. >> so, you know, we see clearly, today, with all the wins, actually, that there is a rejection ofhe politics of fear and divisiveness, this is really a country that welcomes
2:44 am
people and treats them like family. and we don't only just welcome refugees and immigrants,ut we send them to washington. but with trump and the fact that i recognize him as someone who is a racist, i go back to that maya angelouuote that says, if they tell you who they are, believe them the first time. this has been someone who has cozied up to white nationalists, who has called people who look like me and come from the country that i came from really horrible things that i can't repeat on a friendly, daytime tv. and so, we should recognize him as what he is and move, i thit the conversation beyond him, beyond this divisiveness and to a place of hope and inclusion and that is what this election
2:45 am
has been about. we've seen here in minsota, a lot of the folks who were running on his politics, lost. we had a really great night and a great morning because we decided to use the politics of joy and vote with our warm hearts, even though it's a cold state. [ applause ] >> congresswoman, congratulations, you made his tear last night. that's incredible. and there's a lot of people watching you this morning that probably see you as the face of th future of the democratic party. 87 conessional candidates declined to support nancy pelosi as speaker of the house. are you one of them? and should nancy pelosi be the leader of your party? >> nancy has been someone that i have admired that i know to be someon who works really hard. and i thi there's a really
2:46 am
amazing cohort of young, bold, progressive members of our caucus, who are going to come together to have a discussion about the direction of the democratic party. and i look forward to being part of that conversation and deciding, really, who is fit to lead our party and the agenda that we want to accomplish for the american people. >> is it fair for me to say you're not completely sold on her remaining the leader? >> i am currently really thinking about what it really means for us to accomplish what we campaigned on last night at our dfl rally at the democratic headquarters. i said we made lots of promises. we've invited people to participate in our democracy. and for the next two years, four years, six years, we ha to get to work in delivering that for them. and so, i am open to having think might be able to help us
2:47 am
move that agenda. >> congratulations again. >> yes. congresswoman-elect, ilhan omar. we'll be right back. we're going to be watching you, girl. congratulations. [ applause ] ] i just got my ancestrydna results:4% italian. and i found out that i'm from the big toe of that sexy italian boot! calabria. it even shows the migration path from south italia all the way to exotico new jersey! so this holiday season it's ancestrydna per tutti! order your kit now at take prilosec otc and take control of heartburn. so you don't have to stash antacids here.... here... or here. kick your antacid habit with prilosec otc.
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♪ hey, welcome back. we're still two weeks away from thanksgiving. but some people, apparently, have already begun their christmas decorations, staing that christmas music, the day after halloween. i'm not pointing to anyone. [ laughter ] i think it's a lite early. but you know? what do i know? >> are you decorating >> i'm decorating questning you. >> well, i love it. the quicker i can get that tree up, all those things, the little balls, i love my balls. >> she ordered her tree.
2:53 am
>> who doesn't have the balls up? >> i was surprised when you told me you ordered your tree. >> i love christmas. i would start in june, if i cod. >> i don't picture you as a big -- >> why not? >> i don't know. like, year-round christmas. >> i love christmas. >> your name is joy. but i don't -- >> exactly. joy to the world, hello. >> joy to the world. >> i put myree up the day ter thanksgiving dinner. >> that's what we do. >> i have a bunch of people over. and i do it up. and i usually do more than one tree, which has been a bone of contention in my home. my husband is like, it's about jesus and not about christmas trees. why can't it be about jesus and christmas trees? what is the big deal? he thinks it's really -- it's more of a religious holiday. but what's wrong with havin more than one tree? >> i listen to christmas music all year around. and christmas movies. by the way, today is the 50th15
2:54 am
anniversary of "love actually." it's one of my favorites. >> when i hear "all i want for christmas is you," it makes me a happy person. >> whoopi, you're so happy around christmas. you have sweaters. >> yes, yes. i love christmas. i love it. but i also love my season i want to have my thanksgiving -- i love autumn. you know? i like to see autumn. i like to see fall. and so, for me, you know, i didn't shame you. i just was questioning. >> it's like having two boyfriends. thanksgiving and christmas at the same time. >> that's great. >> no. when one gets mad, you know, you're stuck because you're stuck. now, i will listen t christmas music after thanksgiving on. that's cool with me. >> it's fine after thanksgiving. >> after thanksgiving because it's done. >> i like thanksgiving more than christmas. i know. i know.
2:55 am
all you have to do is eat. dad fried eight turkeys. you can hike and shoot guns afterwards. i can't do any of that after krs m christmastime. you have to go to church. you have to go shopping. >> i'm about to get hit by lightning because i don't generally go to church. i feel like i am ahurch in my own self. happy birthday, j.c. >> if i can just go to the church of whoopi, fan-freaking-tastic. >> come on, we accept everybody, including you. and we'll right back. [ applause ] tomorrow on "the view," april ryan goes from facing sarah sanders to facing the women of "the view." plus, john c. reilly comes to our house. it's all happening this week on "the view." ♪
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[ applause ] welcome back. there's a new sneak peek of the season of "real housewives of
3:00 am
new jersey" where family secrets are revealed. take a ok. >> she was saying something about how frank was disbarred. i'm like, we don't talk abo stuff like that. >> you know it's not because i'm closeell you. >> there's an unwritten law in italian culture, where you don't ask someone their personal business. you don't address the pink elephant in the room. if i choose to share it, that's my oice. >> you know, that's really sort of a time thing. adults didn't tell you anything. i n't know if it's an italian thing more than it's a time thing. >> and unless you overheard the adult's secret was and you leeb leaked it or spilt it to a cousin, wow. i rember getting in trouble for spilling a secret and my mother said, you don't put my business on the reet. what street? i just told --
3:01 am
[ laughter ] it was a big deal. >> our family's terrible. it's a complete open book. you know my sister. there's a moment where we sit at the dinner table and someone storms off. one time, my sister was dating a guy and the whole family knew he was into men. and now he is. but my sister at the table was like, your boyfriend's gay. and my sister storms to the bathroom. that's our family, though. it should be zipped. but maybe it helps you in the end. >> i think you miss ed the poin of this. this is about not putting family business out there in -- no, to strangers. it's about strangers. >> now y'all know. >> my family didn't want it at the table. my mother was the original don't ask, don't tell. you could not do it. they kept secrets fromme. a little secret, i won't even say it. >> my brother told everybody
3:02 am
everything. when i got this job and it was a secret, he told somebody in the media and they d.m. me. your dad td me you had this job. what? why are you telling people? he would tell people everything. meghan is dating this guy. he told people we were engaged, all this stuff. my dad was the worst. maybe it's being in politics, that he is open. >> was he gay or straight? >> it's helpful. you warn people. >> i will say, that "the view" -- "the view" family show, though, we're like the mafia. we don't talk about what goes on at the meeting in the morning. >> that's why i don't go with you. >> it's what fosters trust on this show, for real. it's what has helped everything on this show. we do not -- >> no. not ever. >> not ever. >> yeah. >> we're like the mafia. >> you see stuff that so and so said -- we don't do that because we know how hard it can be on people.
3:03 am
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>> announcer: this is an abc news special report. and good morning, everyone. we were interrupting programming
3:10 am
for the breaking news from southern california and it is horrific. at least 12 people have been killed in a mass shooting at a nightclub in ventura county. >> this is in thousand oaks, california at the borderline bar and grill. there was a college country night happening when a lone gunman came in and began shooting. among the 12 people killed, we've now learned, is a ventura county sheriff's sergeant ron helus. he was responding to those shots fired, walked in and within seconds was shot by this gunman and learned now that the gunman is dead. once officers made their way in they said they found him. they're not sure if it was a ed >> all of this playing out around 11:20 p.m. pacific time when this was a college night. it was a relatively young night
3:11 am
bar in ventura county and all these young people, you see them there, emotional after thisshti. were having a good time at a country line dancing when the gunman entered. witnesses say he may have set off smoke grenades and opened fire. 11 people, probably a lot of young people, are killed there inside of the bar. the sheriff's deputy and highway patrol officer responded within three minutes. >> and in addition to those 12 innocent lives lost we know that between 10 and 15 people at least were injured in this. some of those gunshot wounds and we heard from witnesses they had to break out the windows using chairs to try to get out of this th gun we'reeang ty. witnesshandgun at least once. investigators there at the scene say they've only so recovered one handn.'s u tre wer
3:12 am
eyav't found a at this guan lett the do ts c outy a ln whrtot arr on the scene within the last few moments. kayna, what are you learning? oh, actually we'll pause for that. but we do have some people who were inside of the building when the shooting started. here's what they had to say. >> we were just dancing on the floor. we heard a couple of shots. i told, you know, her to get down. all my friends to get down. we went in behind the -- stayed behind the stage and got out. went through the kitchen. went through the back door. she got out and i went in, got, you know, got some more people to get out and just -- we just tried to get out, get behind a cart, get behind something. >> we just tried to take cover. >> all we did is just kind of sit there and wait and kind of
3:13 am
just waited till the sheriffs -- >> looking for all our friends and -- >> did you see him at all? >> we were dancing, and i saw someone walk in, and then after that i just -- i saw just shot so often, we got down -- >> it was just smoke and just like little -- i mean he was shooting everything from the speakers to anything so all we saw was just smoke and just saw the shots taking off so we just tried to get down as fast as we could and get out of there. >> and you were dancing then you heard the shots and dropped to the ground. >> yes, so essentially -- there was a line dance going on. we got out there. i heard the shots and i pushed -- we all -- everyone just got down freaking out running around. i told her to get down and get out. just move. we need to get out of here before anything happens. we don't know where he's coming from, where the shots were or anything. that's all we just tried to do, get ourselves out safe and get
3:14 am
everyone else out safe after that. >> what did you think the noises were? >> i knew they were gunshots. i'm prior military so i knew what they sound line. i think everyone had an idea what they were because everyone dropped to the ground pretty quickly so everyone just trampled out of there as quick as possible. they broke windows and got out of the kitchen. >> how did you get out? >> we got to the back part and got to the loading dock. i know some people went through and knocked out with a stool through the window to get out that way and i know people went up to the attic above the bar, so they tried to find any type of cover any ways at all. >> what was going through your mind when you heard the first shot? >> just to get my friends out safely. just to get them out. i didn't -- i mean, i just wanted her to get out safely. i don't really care what happens after that. >> did you know what kind of weapon it was? >> i don't know. >> only know i think it was a semiautomatic. >> yeah. >> just heard 18, 20 rounds at a
3:15 am
time is all i heard before i got out. >> that is an insane amount of -- first of all, we just want to thank you for coming to talk to us and telling us. >> the sheriff there in ventura county calling this a tragic, tragic situation saying multiple calls came in around 11:20 pacific time and one of the sheriff's deputies as well as california highway patrol were there within moments. >> they were, they were nearby. kayna whitworth is with us right now. kayna, what are you learning? >> reporter: so, we just heard from the ventura county sheriff's office. hard update. right now we have 11 victims that were shot inside. we have a sheriff sergeant who was killed. they've told us that he died at the hospital about an hour ago and then they also ut the suspect found inside dead. when asked if they believe it
3:16 am
was a self-inflicted gun wound, they said it y bu tre not confirming that at this time. we know that the sheriff's sergeant was hit multiple times, actually one of the first to respond. he responded along with a highway patrol officer. the two went inside. he was hit multiple times and the highway patrol officer pulled him out. the sergeant's name was ron helus. he is survived by his wife and son. it was really emotional. really hard-working man and died a hero and telling us they have no idea if it's terrorism. the investigation is just beginning but telling us it is a gruesome scene. >> just an absolutely horrific scene and the sheriff who was sharing that information got choked up talking about sergeant
3:17 am
helus saying he was a personal friend. >> it was his gym buddy but he said, you know, one of the reasons right now that we have to focus on the other victims because there were so many other victims that were killed and they were very, very young, but sergeant helus was expecting to retire come next year. >> 29-year veteran of the force. >> 29-year veteran. it was a little difficult to hear kayna there but the sheriff, jeffrey dean, who spoke said it was a horrific, horrific scene and he described his colleague, ron helus, as a hard-working, dedicated man who did die a hero which is what kayna was telling us as well. mo agoiththff wigg ck tea listen. >> ttiple victims of different levels of injury inside that were rescued
3:18 am
from the scene. and taken to local hospitals. in addition to the number inside, the numbers upward of 10 to 12, additional victims with minor injuries fled the scene on their own and took themselves to local hospitals. the sergeant passed away at the hospital. about an hour ago. i only mention it might be terrorism because that's where we go these days. there's no reason for it and we have this horrific death. i have nothing to lead me to believe or the fbi that there's any terrorism link here but we certainly will look at that option. losing wrong, you we work out together. it's horrific and terrible and it saddens our heart but there's also parents of those 11 other victims in there that -- whose
3:19 am
hesh, y ohildren in or my brother? so there's just no way to describe this. it saddens us all and it tears at our hearts and emotions as it should. if we ever get to the point where it doesn't, there's something wrong with us. >> there you have jeff dean speaking and, you know, he mentioned that this is something that we have not become accustomed to but this has happened a lot if you think about it, pittsburgh, the synagogue shooting was only 12 days ago, last weekend a shooting at a yoga studio that killed two people and several people were shot and now, again, this has happened in america. >> there in ventura county, thousand oaks, california. this is about 40 miles from los angeles. investigators still have not identified the gunman. that is something they are working to do at this point but we know it was just absolutely
3:20 am
hore rick horrific inside. line dancing on the dance floor. let's hear from one of the witnesses right now. >> i was to the front door. i was talking to my stepdad and i just started hearing these big pop, pop, pop, pop. there was probably three or four, i hit the ground. i look up, the security guard is dead or i don't want to say dead, but he was shot but he was down and the gunman was throwing smoke grenades all over the place. i saw him point to the back of the cash register and he just started -- he just kept firing. i ran out the front door. i hear chairs being thrown out the window, people were trying to get out the window. and the gunman went to the -- he went behind the cash register. he kept -- there was probably 12 shots before i got out the front door. and i go out. i come back in to see if my stepdad is okay.
3:21 am
i hear him yelling and i ran, the gunman, he had a beard. he looked middle easterner or so. he was wearing a hat, black jacket. i think he had glasses on like prescription glasses. he had a big handgun, and i mean shots were just firing. >> are you okay? i mean -- >> i'm -- i was closest -- the security guard was closest to the front door. the two people behind the cash register were closest to the front door. i was the next person closest to the front door. i thought it was a joke when the shots started firing and i just -- i don't -- i hope -- i know people there. i know -- i just -- i hope everybody is okay. i don't know how i didn't get shot. >> do you come to this bar a lot? >> yeah, here and there. it's a local spot.
3:22 am
there's one of maybe three -- yeah, i mean, quite a bit. >> and you knew more people that were inside already? >> yeah. >> have you heard from anybody? >> no, i mean, my friend that works behind the bar wasn't working tonight, but from what i've been told, there's still people in there, and it's an active shooter. >> and, of course, it is no longer an active shooter situation. that interview from earlier. the gunman is now dead. >> and we want to go live now on the phone to kabc reporter jory rand. i know you've been there since shortly after this shooting began and you have been talking to some of these witnesses getting these really emotional interviews. tell us, are there still witnesses there now and share some of these story, these horrific stories you've been hearing there at the scene. >> reporter: yeah, it looks like the last -- the last group of people who were on scene are mostly sadly parents of loved ones who they have yet to hear
3:23 am
from. and so that's just the next kind of gut punch of this awful story is to learn who the 11 families are and find out what they're now dealing with knowing that whoever went to this bar tonight is not coming home, that interview that you just ran, that was the first person we encountered here on scene and i asked him if he was okay, he clearly was not okay. his eyes were as red as i've ever seen anyone's and he was clearly just in shock. he was there with his father-in-law and at times his father-in-law was breaking down and he went over to console him. this was fresh, within an hour of it happening and they were reliving their experiences and how do you tell someone that just went through in that they're going to be dealing with this for so long, reliving this and his father-in-law having
3:24 am
survivor's guilt of not having done more, feeling like he could have somehow done something to stop the shooter. and then we hear the toll it's taken, 11 dead, 12 dead including the sheriff's deputy, sheriff's sergeant and think of the dozen or more that were injured and those jumping out windows and running out the back door or trampled. we saw one -- talked to one girl who said when everyone hit the floor there were a pile of bodies trying to seek shelter however they could. this is an event that is going to live with a lot of people for a long time. >> jory, they did everything they could to try to get out or tried to get to safety. didn't they? >> yeah, yeah, some people, we talked to, were by the front door and ran out immediately. others were on the dance floor at the time and were simply lying on the ground.
3:25 am
it provides no shelter but someone shouted get down so everyone got to the floor and only when the gunman reloaded there was a break in the gunfire they were able to run out the back door, smash windows with chairs. we spoke to a young man who still had blood on his shirt who took a chair, threw it through a window, so other people could escape and get out of there as fast as they could. i asked a couple of people whether, you know, we heard someone say panic and wanted to know what the scene was like. there weren't many screams. it was almost pretty quiet as they were going through this and -- but there definitely was a sense of panic knowing exactly what it was. everyone knew right from the start what was happening. what the noise that they heard was. it was clearly gunfire and just did whatever they could to get out of there. >> gunfire shot at random from what we're hearing from eyewitnesses that it didn't appear that there was a specific
3:26 am
target, investigators say at this point they still don't know the motive. still have not identified those 11 people who were killed inside. they don't have an age range, but it's safe to presume that at least some of them were pretty young. >> this was an 18 plus night. it was college night. jory, this was at the borderline bar. tell us a little about the bar, this community where all of this played out. i know it's about 40 minutes from l.a. >> yeah, we're about 40 minutes west of los angeles in a town called thousand oaks and this bar is well known in the college circuit. there's a local college here in town but kids were coming from further west into ventura county and back east into l.a. county and the valley, the santa clarita area, as well. this was a bar that was -- this is known by young people on a wednesday night, a place to be and the first note we got from
3:27 am
the sheriff's department was that there were hundreds of people inside when this happened. so this was a well-known bar that was packed with people having fun, not expecting just on a wednesday night their life would be turned upside down as it has been and we do know that 11 attendees were shot and killed. the 12th was sheriff's sergeant ron helus, a 29-year vet of the department who was planning to retire in the next year and who ran into the building upon arriving on scene and hearing gunfire inside thinking there was something he could do and ran into danger and was immediately struck by several bullets upon entering the door. there was a california highway patrolman who went in with him and pulled him out and, of course, the shooter is dead so 13 dead in all as of now.
3:28 am
>> jeff dean said sergeant helus died a hero and he shared that with the sergeant's wife. we know there are multiple agencies there at the scene. the fbi, atf as well as local agencies. tell us about the scene there right now. >> reporter: it's tough. it's tough. some of the last few survivors that we saw were a pair of girls walking down the middle of the street in blankets. it's a cold night here. not as cold as on the east coast but it has dipped down into the 40s here which on the west coast is pretty chilly at night and so you have a lot of people in t-shirts and shorts looking for jackets or cover, whatever they can get and then, of course, just a massive media in the middle of the roadway and just family and friends hoping upon hope that at this point hours after the fact that they haven't
3:29 am
heard from their loved ones that maybe it's just someone is in a hospital unable to respond or they've lost their phone and they're somewhere sheltering. so those who haven't heard from loved ones there running out of time, you just sense the emotion from sheriff dean who was friends with sergeant helus. they said they work out together. the sheriff's voice breaking up a couple of times when recounting what had happened and his relationship with his friend and it's just -- it's just a tough night and thousand oaks now joins a long list of cities around the united states that have now experienced heartbreak. >> a long list just? the last week you add it to tallahassee as well as pittsburgh, 12 days special report. abc news and continuing coverage on "good morning america." >> announcer: this has been a special report from abc news.
3:30 am
and we are following breaking news this morning out of southern california. 12 people shot and killed inside of a nightclub, among them a sheriff's sergeant, ron helus. the gunman we've now learned is dead. investigators still working to determine who he was and why he did this. >> this is a scene, some of the images we've been getting in the last few hours, this is -- the shooting started around 11:20 pacific time in ventura county at college night, college country night.
3:31 am
our kayna whitworth is there in thousand oaks, ventura county, ha to tl you tot oad ity it was highly emotional for the ventura county sheriff to talk about that. what i'm seeing right now is something i have to tell you, though, kendis, pretty incredible. i'm watching right now as deputies, as witnesses, as the victims have now gathered in the middle of an intersection, some of the young girls have bandages on their legs and have joined in a prayer circle together right now. they're trying to tell us that this community is going to come back stronger than ever after a horrifying night at the borderline bar and grill. it's located just off the 101 which is a major thoroughfare in california. sheriff's officials describe the scene as horrific saying that there is blood everywhere. it's absolutely tragic and this investigation is just beginning.
3:32 am
when asked if they believe the suspect killed himself, they said it appears that way, although it is currently under investigation. they do not have that confirmed. they know the gunman used a handgun but investigating to see if there were other weapons. many inside reported to us they saw smoke bombs going off and sparks shooting out of them. they have no idea if there is a link to terrorism and no idea of a motive. we have spoken with so many witnesses who poured out and say they go there all the time, two or thee times a week and consider it their safe space. we talked to one young woman who was there to celebrate her 21st birthday and another who told me a bartender saved her life. he helped her hide s >> kayna, you were there for the las vegas massacre a year and a month ago and here, yes, again, it's got to be quite an emotional scene and reminiscent of a horrible situation in this country. >> reporter: well, and, you
3:33 am
know, kendis, as we've been talking throughout the night this is a country music bar and so there are actually a lot of people that i have spoken with tonight who were in las vegas themselves. they were at that concert. they were there to see jason al de aldean. they know co-workers and know people in the bar and many experiencing this kind of incredible gun violence in our country twice in their lifetime. >> and we're seeing some of those images of a prayer circle there at the scene and these people who were there, many of them were so young. this is an 18 and older club as you mentioned, this was college country night. this is near a college campus. and we know that investigators have been talking to those witnesses since this happened. are you still the questi happening o what is the scene like right now? >> reporter: you know what i'm seeing that's even worse, it's
3:34 am
even scarier is we're seeing parents arriving and they're getting out of their cars and they're panicked. and that's what we're seeing right now and that is hard to see and that is scary for everybody here. most of the people have cleared out. the ones that survived this and so we're seeing some very, very panicked -- what looks to be parents showing up at this hour. >> and absolute just nightmare. >> it's got to be such a horrendous situation for anybody, much more for a parent to get there to that situation, kayna, being a new mom, i'm sure it's really difficult to see that situation. there are many people who were going to the hospital on their own, kayna. you spoke to some of the witnesses. did they say -- give a description of what this guy, this madman looked like or what he was doing? >> reporter: yeah, yeah, so those that saw him say that he
3:35 am
was dressed in all black, black hoodie and had some kind of ski mask or something pulled up halfway over his face. i spoke with a young woman who is from a military familiar and familiar with guns and said this person knew what he was doing. he knew how to handle a weapon and he had a good idea of what he was there to do. and that was really just to create this horrible tragedy mass scale. a lot of people, though, also, you know, they didn't see the gunman. they heard the shots and what they're telling me they just listened to that people told them to do. when they heard get down, they got down. when they heard run, they ran and some of the other injury, people were injured by broken glass because some folks were actually throwing chairs through windows to try and escape out of the window. i spoke with another girl who was basically trampled. everyone was trying to escape, so there's still a lot to be learned here tonight, a lot of people that have to take themselves to the hospital. i'm sure we're going to be
3:36 am
learning of injuries to come. >> yeah, one witness there, one guy that was inside said he learned tonight that barstools break windows because he used some barstools to break some windows and many people are saying that the gunfire was louder than the music. i think in some respect that might have helped them realize what was going on at that time. >> it's interesting because some of the witnesses that we've heard several of them say at first they thought it was a joke, which is, you know, it's just so hard i'm sure in the moment to wrap your head around what's actually happening. we heard from people who were right by the door when the gunman came in and knew immediately what was happening because they say he came in, shot a security guard right away, possibly through some smoke bombs in so that could have disoriented people that were there inside the club but then started shooting at random, especially towards the dance floor where there was line dancing. >> yeah, and, kayna, based on some of the witnesses and some of the people you're seeing, the survivors, you assume that -- i
3:37 am
would assume that some of the people who are dead inside that club are very young people. >> reporter: yeah, yeah, unfortunately, i think that that is safe to assume. again, it is an 18 and up bar. it's a popular night. it is college night here at this bar. i'm actually looking right now at, you know, the student body president from the university came down and said i know that some of my fellow students are in there. so it is likely that the victims are among -- very young people, again, we're seeing parents coming down to get them. they say like i said this is supposed to be a safe place. it was a safe club. parents liked when their kids went there. and it's forever changed. >> all of this happened just around 11:20 pacific time and a promoter for this event that happens every wednesday night there said this is around the time that it really started to get busy. there were hundreds of people
3:38 am
according to the sheriff's office who were inside when this happened so we talk about the 10 to 15 people at least would were injured but on top of that, you know, the people who had to run for their lives so maybe they don't have physical injuries but emotionally they're scarred from this for life potentially. >> that, indeed. we'll continue to follow the developments. our thanks to kayna whitworth who is there on the scene in ventura county, thousand oaks, at the borderline bar and grill where this horrific shooting took place.
3:39 am
3:40 am
we're back following the latest development in this mass shooting that took place at popular club in ventura county. these are some of the images that we got into the newsroom
3:41 am
following the incident. we also spoke with an eyewitness. tim dominguez who was there when the shooting started. >> i didn't see his face. i -- i heard the shots, i took cover and i didn't want to be a target with my son next to me. and i saw him moving rapidly to the right when he came in. after he shot the doorman. >> did he say anything. >> he said nothing at all. he didn't say anything. i heard at least eight to ten shots and i got outside. i still heard the shots and there was a pause then i knew he reclipped and he just kept on firing and by that time my son had came out and i was running back in to get him because he didn't follow me like i asked him to. i think he kind of panicked a little and just froze. >> how old is your son? >> he's 26, yeah. and we come here -- he's fine.
3:42 am
and we just -- i got him. i just started yelling, john, john, let's go, let's go so we ran to the car and that's when we saw the sheriff pulling up and i believe that's the sheriff that lost his life and i want to say i'm so sorry for his family. he was a brave man to come into those shots because it was a scary situation for everyone. it really was. >> scary situation for so many family members. >> just absolutely terrifying and we're hearing from people who were inside about how they managed to escape the gunfire. here's one of those interviews. >> walk in and sounded like a submachine gun or a small caliber and had a big magazine and started popping off.
3:43 am
and then everyone ducks down and then we start throwing chairs out the window. smoke grenades and then smoke is coming out then everyone starts jumping through the windows and my friend got hit right here. he didn't get hit real hard but it went through his shoulder and then we just start running. there were only like two cops on scene after like ten minutes, ten minutes and only two cops on scene and then we're behind this little barrier that's holding a garbage can and he pops off a whole other 30 rounds, 30 rounds possible, and 10 minutes after that more cops come and they drag everyone out and that's what i remember. >> you watch and listen to him speak and realize once again how young the victims and the young the victims and the survivors were inside that bar
3:44 am
3:45 am
3:46 am
we're continuing to follow the breaking news, a mass shooting taking place at the borderline bar there in ventura county in thousand oaks, california. you see the scene outside in the moments afterwards. so many young people, possibly gunned down and this is file video, though, but we want to show you what this bar might have looked like last night when that gunfire started. >> this is inside the borderline bar and grill during college country night. we've heard that there were hundreds of people inside when the gunfire began and so this is a look at the line dancing, the kind of scene that you would see on a typical wednesday night there at the borderline bar and grill in thousand oaks, california about 40 miles outside of los angeles. >> yeah, the most popular night of the week for this bar, the biggest bar in that area. we heard from the sheriff there in ventura county, jeff dean, he fought back tears as he talked
3:47 am
about the fellow friend and sergeant that they lost just hours ago. >> additional units arrived and including s.w.a.t. personnel, the simmie valley and ventura police department and additional officers from the highway patrol and made entry into the borderline bar and grill and they found 11 ventura countys that had been killed. the suspect who we believe was the only suspect was dead inside. and there were multiple other victims of different levels of injury inside that were rescued from the scene and taken to local hospitals. in addition to the victims inside and the numbers are upwards of 1 additional victims with minor injuries fled the scene on their own and took
3:48 am
themselves to local hospitals. sergeant helus died >> the sergeant passed away at the hospital about an hour ago. i only mention it might be terrorists because that's where we go these days when we have multiple shootings like this. there's no reason for it and there's this horrific death. i have nothing to lead me to believe or the fbi that there is any terrorism link here but we certainly will look at that option. >> were there any -- >> sergeant helus was on the force for 29 years. was looking to retire in the next year or so. he was aar resident and survived by his wife and son. >> what was his name. >> ron helus, h-e-l-u-s.
3:49 am
>> what do you make of this? >> i make that it's a horrific incident. it's part of the horrors that are happening in our country and everywhere and i think it's impossible to put any logic or any sense to the senseless. >> and that is ventura county sheriff jeff dean there saying he spoke with that sheriff deputy's wife and said that sergeant ron helus died a hero because he went in to save lives, the first calls came in around 11:20 pacific time and sergeant helus was there within three minutes. met there by someone from the california highway patrol. they went in and within seconds we're told sergeant helus was shot multiple times, that trooper from california highway pao pul youus heard the sheriff say, unfortunately, the
3:50 am
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we continue to follow this breaking news, 12 people killed in southern california at a nightclub in thousand oaks, california. the gunman is dead. iseo sri and gllhe reearing oplehear from some of these witnesses, one of them who saw the gunman. >> asopedir yeah. >> i was on the like side area like you could say the stage and where i was looking was directly
3:53 am
of where the guy walked in and started shooting and i can't believe i saw it with my own two eyes. it freaks me out because where i was looking, you know, by all means some guy just walks in, pulls out a gun and starts shooting people and once -- when someone shoots a gun you see that little flash. i saw that happen and still just puts me in shock as out here like in thousand oaks, ventura county area is our safe haven. you know, nothing like this happens. >> nothing like this happens in ventura county, in fact, the sheriff there, sheriff jeff dean who has been there a long time said he's never had to deal with a scene like this. he described it as a horrific scene inside of that nightclub. >> he says it's just a tragic, tragic situation, again, this was a college country night. this is an 18 and older club and so some of the victims presumed
3:54 am
to be fairly young. they've not identified those victims other than the sheriff sergeant ron helus who was killed responding to these calls of shots fired. >> the sergeant who planned on retiring next year. he leaves behind a wife and a kid but we are also cares and thinking about many of those parents would won't have their kids returning home this morning. we'll be right back. thiuninterrupted streaminglogy brilliant sound clarity and life-like color.
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3:57 am
and this is a live picture now of the thousand oaks teen center where families are being reunited. parents are awaiting word on their children. 12 people shot and killed inside of this nightclub in thousand oaks, california. our alex stone is at the scene for us, alex, what's the latest? >> reporter: well, marci, the rtigow for law enforcement is trying to figure out who the gunman was. what his motive was and woe understand that police and federal agents who are here on scene, they don't know that in this is so fresh. it only happened a couple of hours ago and working to figure out who the gunman was, his body inside this nightclub, this bar here and what may have prompted him. no indication at this point that terrorism was involved. but they are looking into that. the fbi is here. if it turns out to be, the fbi will take over the case,
3:58 am
otherwise it remains a local ventura county case. they don't know the motive but that is priority number one right now. >> they do believe this is a lone gunman. witnesses describe him as being tall, young man, dressed in all black, possibly with a ski mask on, a black hat, what else are you hearing from investigators about where they go from here? >> reporter: well, first they start working the scene. the victims, identifying the victims, trying to figure out that motive on the federal side, trying to track down the gun, the weapon, where it came from, who it belonged to. the background of that gun and then try to see if they can or when they figure out who this gunman was, go to his home, go to his car. they don't even know that. we've been asking investigators are you going to search a home. they think so but they have nothing to search right now because they don't know who this guy, what he was linked to or where he lived but eventually
3:59 am
they will probably search his home. >> and this was college night at the bar there. borderline bar and grill. you had some student there is from california lutheran university which is right nearby in thousand oaks a learned that pepperdine university is releasing a statement saying some of their students were there at the bar so, alex, a lot of the young people were among the victims. >> reporter: yeah, it was packed with college students and all the folks standing around here with us right now, they say that this is where college students came on wednesday nights for college night. they were here as well. and they say it was very, very busy inside this bar. >> all right, alex stone, thanks so much. 12 people shot and killed there in thousand oaks, california. the gunman has been killed as well. among the victims, a ventura county sheriff's sergeant. "good morning america" will have the very latest on this still developing situation.
4:00 am
and we are following breaking news this morning out of southerncalifornia. 12 people shot and killed inside of a nightclub, among them a sheriff's sergeant, ron helus. the gunman we've now learned is dead. investigators still working to determine who he was and why he did this. >> this is a scene, some of the images we've been getting in the last few hours, this is -- the shooting started around 11:20 pacific time in ventura county at college night,


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