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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  November 8, 2018 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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[ gunshots ] >> now from abc 7, live breaking news. >> all units, we've got four people trapped. >> we're at skyway. we've got the road completely blocked. we've got both sides of the road open. >> a fierce, desperate battle is being fought right now four hours north of san francisco. tens of thousands of people are being evacuated. >> i was just getting from downtown and it's just a cloud of gloom. >> terrifying, obviously. good evening. i'm dan ashly, and i'm kristen sze. that fire has grown to 28 square miles. that's bigger than the city of alameda. >> take a look at this map. you can see the campfire as it's called is burning east of chico, but pushing west towards chico as well. residents say the whole place was suddenly in flames. >> and we've just learned from the butte county sheriff that they received multiple reports of fatalities, but have not yet verified any death.
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>> and this could get very much worse. laura anthony is there live and begins our coverage. laura? >> well, hi. i can show you how bad it is here. kristen and dan we are actually two miles west of paradise here. just one of many homes that are burning behind me. we can see in this neighborhood, and unfortunately, the wind is starting to pick up. it's been a very terrifying day for the folks in this area. one after another, the homes in paradise are burning, a scene as dark and horrific as any we've seen as another raging inferno wipes out a whole community. one resident gave us a ride on his atv. >> friends of mine. the moved from southern california. their backyard is awesome. they've been working their butt off on their house, and they lost it all. >> homes are burning despite the efforts of firefighters and some residents who stayed behind to try the save their, or failing that, one of their neighbors. >> we lost everything, trailer, all our belongings.
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now we're on grinding rock, trying to save everybody else's stuff. there is trucks and stuff. we've got them in the street. >> it's tough. it's tough. i help everybody. that's my nature. i have two shattered ankle, and i still help. >> driven by winds in excess of 50 miles an hour, the campfire burst in size overnight from just one thousand acres to more than 18,000, forcing the evacuation of entire towns, including paradise, just north of chico. these horses were set free but left behind to try to find their own way out. both lanes of neil road to the west of town were converted to the outgoing direction to accommodate all of those who evacuated. many who could only grab their loved ones, their pets, and themselves. could you take anything? >> barely us. >> you could hear explosions from gas tanks and stuff. like you could hear. i could feel >> how does it look to you now?
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>> pretty bleak. i tried calling the house, and the machine didn't pick up. >> and we're back live here again just west of paradise, a neighborhood that unfortunately is suffering heavy damage. we're showing you a house that's burning behind me here just in the four ground, you can see there is a small home here that is still standing. there are even some lights on inside. but at this point, firefighters are just trying to do what they can to contain it, get some space between them and the fire. so they're really not doing even structure protection at this point. the horses we just showed you, they were just about 20 yards to my left. they're now five of them, and they are still trying to figure out how to get out of here. near paradise, laura anthony, abc 7 news. >> all right, laura, thank you very much. >> the situation is escalating so quickly due to the conditions, it's really been a very difficult battle for firefighters. >> joining us on the phone is
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cal fire spokesperson lynn now dateday light savings the hurting you. what is the battle plan as it gets dark? >> they hope the winds diminish. they are expected to recede by tomorrow morning. but until that happens, the firefighters are going to be dealing with a very active fire. >> in the meantime, let's talk about rescuing people. we're seeing reports of people trapped. some say they can't get out because the roads are closed or so congested. what's being done? >> yeah, the problem was in that area, there is three to four main roads that lead out. and trying to get 26,000 people out on those main arteries is definitely a challenge. they do have a plan in place. firefighters in law enforcement did the best they could to get everyone evacuated as quickly as they could. but this fire was moving very, very fast. it was quite a struggle. >> obviously, lynn, terrifying how quickly this thing has moved. we are hearing stories of people not being able to get through to
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911 or the sheriff's of obviously it's a very chaotic situation. a lot of people are making phone calls. what do you know about trouble getting through, and is there an alternate way to get help? >> it is very chaotic. sometimes you cannot rely on knowing that you're going to have help coming, especially in a situation like this when you're talking so many people involved. so at some point, you do need to learn to be a little bit more self-reliant, or have friends that can help you out. work together in your community, your neighbors, that sort of thing. come together with a plan. >> we also understand the power is out in so many of the fire areas. how is that playing into your efforts to rescue people? >> yeah, the power being out, not necessarily the power being out, but the fact that the power lines are down in the roadway, that definitely proves challenging. people are not able the get out of their streets or their homes. so that's more of the strug well deal with rather than the electricity being out in general. >> and, lynn, i wonder if you can gauge at all just how bad
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this is going to be in terms of how it will continue to spread, and do you have any even rough idea when you might be able to get somewhat of a handle on this? >> you know, once the winds die down obviously, that will be a tremendous help to the firefighters. the other thing that has helped is the fire has moved out of the more steep terrain and the heavier fuel conditions down into more of a valley to where it's lighter fuels, flatter land, it's not moving as quickly, which is also a good thing. >> boy, that's helpful. thank you so much for coming on. good luck with this. >> thank you. >> also, we have some cell phone individu video to show you. this one was filmed by california resident colton percyfield. look at that inferno. did you see that tree branch hitting his car? denting his hood. that happened as he was driving down a lane there as the firestorm erupted around him. >> just look at the intensity
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and the bright orange glow in the sky. really, you get a sense of how powerful this fire is. and again, it is spreading so fast. but as lynn just said, maybe because it's into the valley now, maybe it will not spread as quickly, by the way, colton piercyfield is okay. this is what the fire looks like from redwood valley. that's a community three hours east of butte and near ukiah. but look at the smoke in the sky. just surreal. certainly looks like the fire is much, much closer. >> now as we reported already, over 1500 firefighters are battling this blaze. the alameda county fire department tweeting out these pictures, saying they are sending crews to fight the campfire. crews also being sent from san mateo, marin, solano, santa clara and san francisco count counties. it is very much a situation of all hands to the pump as this crisis unfolds. this is not the time of year we would normally be talking about fires.
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>> that's true. you can tell it's impacting our air quality in the bay area. my son called me and said mommy, the sky looks so weird out there. >> my son did in that also in the east bay. he is working at an airport and said it is so smoky. sandhya patel has the conditions here and on the fire lines. >> the winds near the fire lines still gusty, but not as strong as yesterday where they were gusting over 50 miles per hour. from the emeryville camera, look at the heavy smoke in our area. air quality advisory through tomorrow for the entire bay area, moderate air quality is expected. take a look at the visible satellite picture. the dramatic view of that plume of smoke from butte county drifting into our area very obvious. we do have a red flag warning for the hills. also for lake and solano counties until 7:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. that's because wind gusts 40 to 60 miles an hour combined with low humidity keeping the fire danger up. right now on mount diablo, winds are gusting to 35 miles per hour. when you check out the humidity, atlas peak, 8%.
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that's dangerously low for this time of year. dan? >> okay, sandhya, thanks very much. now abc 7 news cameras show just how much of the smoke can be seen here from walnut creek to marin to parts in between. walnut creek on the right. marin on the left. san francisco and berkeley there in the middle. more on that now from abc 7 reporter from jovina fortson. >> i can clearly smell smoke. i want you to check out the red flag waving slightly in the wind. it was whipping much faster than that earlier, which led to some issues today. neighbors in oakland hills could instandley smell their fear and then saw it outside as a smoky haze sat over the east bay. >> have always been afraid that fire would com exactly what hap. a grass fire started along highway 13 and the winds carried it up thishi threatening
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virgel nixon's neighborhood. >> i and my neighbor on the other side of the road started setting up fan fundraiser sprayer, and then they started setting up their hoses. >> fire crews had extra patrols out because of the red flag warning. two of the units were able to get here quickly. >> there was smoke literally billowing all over across the road. >> with winds at one point clocking 50 miles an hour, embers were carry aid cross the highway and into this backyard. >> there is super high alert right now with the red flag warnings. this is a true red flag event we're having right now. >> brook's husband helped put out the flames until first responders arrived. she said this home is used as an airbnb rental. >> we know when we're in a stress area with the fires, and we knew today was it. >> everyone is in the clear for now, but as this flag waves in the wind, the fear lingers. >> wish all our neighbors would make sure that the grasses were cleared out, the dead trees were
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removed. >> which is why firefighters say it was critical to have a plan. the deputy fire chief tells me that patrols will be out in the community is monitoring through the evening. he is asking the community to remain vigilant like these people you just saw in our story. soy f you see anything or smell anything, make sure to contact first responders right away. we're now reporting live in oakland, jovina fortson, abc 7 news. >> thank you. now we move on the southern california. in ventura county which is reeling from this morning's deadly mass shooting, a wildfire has erupted and it's forcing evacuations. making things even more difficult, the flames have forced a full closure of highway 101. >> in southern california, that's where our other major story we're following so closely is happening tonight. terrible tragedy, 12 people killed by a man who started shooting inside a southern california bar. >> and one of the victims has now been identified as a young woman from napa, alaina housley. we'll have more on her in just a
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moment. >> another victim was ventura county sheriffs sergeant, this man, sergeant ron helus ran into the borderline bar and grill and exchanged fire with the gunman. sergeant helus later ied at the hospital, having been hit by several rounds. another victim was 22-year-old cody coffman. his father gave an emotional interview outside the interview. >> my first born son. only him i know how much i love, how much i miss him. oh, god, this is so hard. oh, son, i love you so much. >> police identified the gunman as 28-year-old ian david long. he was found dead inside that bar. investigators are still trying to figure out the motive. >> yeah, why in the world. abc 7 news reporter wayne freedman begin ours team
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coverage with more on one of the victims we mentioned, alaina housley. wayne? >> a lot to report, dan. here in yountville, about an hour from now, that there will be a candlelight vigil. in napa county tonight, across parents' nightmare you. raise a child. you take care of that child you. send that child off to college, and then this happens. it did not take long for last night's mass murder tragedy in southern california to reach out and cause pain in napa county, vintage high school in particular. >> alaina housley is an incredible person. >> first came the rumors that alaina housley had died in the shooting, then confirmations and sadness over the loss of a model honor student, athlete, and member of the student council who everyone seemed to love. what about her will you miss? >> everything. >> out of respect, we stayed away from friends and fellow students today. they wore their emotions on their faces. >> i cannot believe. this i'm just shaking like a leaf. i just -- i cannot believe it.
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>> marsha taught elena piano beginning at 5 years old. loved her so much that she still has keepsakes. >> a girl, a beautiful girl. >> and now yet another loss many in this community still smarting from march 9th when a gunman killed three clinicians, including dr. jennifer gonzalez who was three months' pregnant. she too had been one of her piano students. >> music brings people together in many, many ways. but you don't want this to be one of those ways. >> in short, they're there is just no making sense of the senseless. from her uncle today, reporter adam housley and his wife tamara mowrey housley, this statement, our hearts are broken. elena was an incredible young woman with so much life ahead of her. we're devastated that her life was cut short in this manner. so as for the one candlelight vigil here beginning at 6:00, there will be another at 7:00
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p.m. from yountville, wayne freedman, abc 7 news. >> okay, wayne, thank you. the bar was asking its college night, and it was filled with stunlts enjoying a night out. >> one person inside started recording on their cell phone after the first shots were fired. as you can imagine, the video was chilling. >> take a listen. [ gunshots ] >> he's coming out this door! >> i can assure you, we're
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having the same reaction you are. just awful to watch. >> as a parent, i can't even look at that. >> it's terrible. the community will gather at thousand oaks city hall tonight for a village toll remember these victims. >> abc 7 news anchor dion lim is there. dion? >> dan and kristen, we have since moved from that reunification center to the city hall where the vigil is set to start at 6:00 tonight. but already you can see behind me hundreds of members of this tight knit community have already gathered, lighting their candles, holding hands, embracing one another, their heads bowed in prayer, all to support this community that at one point was named one of the safest cities in america. joining me right now is karen cormier. karen, i approach you'd on the lawn. you were wandering around looking very lost, because you lost your friend, your close friend who was the bouncer at the club. will you tell me a little bit about his life? >> yes.
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i own a networking group, organization, and the bouncer there last night that lost his life was shawn adler, business owner, father of two young boys. he owned a small business in simi called rivalry roasters. he had his dream. he opened up a shop, a store that was his own. there is a vigil there this evening at his store. there is going to be another one tomorrow night. it's devastating. it's devastating what's going on. kids that went to dance last night. i know a lot of people that either were there who are supposed to be there, or have lost somebody. it's not like i heard somebody. it's this close. and everybody's gathered here tonight. and my heart is broken.
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i'm one of those, you know, peace, love. i chose to wear this hat tonight because i've got to believe that we are going to somehow figure out a way to stop this. >> karen, i know you are hurting so badly tonight, and i hope you find comfort in this vigil. we are going to go to that roasting company's vigil that is later tonight at 7:00. and we will bring that to you later on abc 7 news at 11:00. but for now we are live in thousand oaks at a vigil set to start at 6:00. more on that when we return. back to you. >> dion, thank you. and the fbi, by the way, is combing through ian david long's car and house right now. abc news will have much more about his
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members of the white house press corps are condemning the white house for revoking the credentials of jim acosta following this confrontation with the president yesterday. acosta spoke with students last month and chris nguyen got their reaction to the white house incident. >> this was the exchange seen by many throughout the country. cnn's jim acosta trying to question president trump after the mid terms. >> if i may ask one more question? >> that's enough, that's enough. >> mr. president, i was going to ask. >> pardon me, ma'am. >> excuse me, that's enough. >> the white house accused acosta of placing his hands on an intern who was trying to take away the mic. his press pass was later revoked. cnn former correspondent and current san jose state journalism professor john rucker called it an unprecedented move. >> you're denying the public's voice, the freedom of speech that's denied in the constitution says a free press is supposed to ask the questions that we would ask if we could be there. >> adding to the drama, the
5:21 pm
white house shared what appears to be doctored individual wrote to justify its punishment of acco acosta. critics say the video was altered to make his actions look more aggressive than they were. late last month acosta was in san jose to accept the william randolph hearst award to accept the excellence in journalism where he spoke about his role of covering the administration. >> as journalists and citizens we must take a stand, not against the president, it's a stand pour the truth. >> journalism students say they now feel more empowered to enter the profession upon graduation. >> we now know how hard this job is. and for me personally, i'm for excited to do it. >> ready to carry the torch moving forward for journalism, and we want to do the right thing and help it move in the best direction possible and give a voice to the voiceless. >> acosta somewhat as an inspiration as students prepare for the future. in san jose, chris nguyen, abc 7 news. >> a real life lesson for those young students. another local politician is purport lid preparing a win for
5:22 pm
the 2020 presidential race. political reports a source close to democratic representative eric swalwell says, quote, he's definitely running. the report comes a few weeks after rumors swirled around senator kamala layers joining the potentially crowded ticket in 2020. the 37-year-old east bay congressman currently serves as a ranking member on the house intelligence committee. he has emerged as a leading voice in the investigation of russian interference in the 2016 presidential race, and is one of president trump's most outspoken critics. but earlier today, swalwell retweet a fox news anchor saying i'm absolutely looking at a 2020 presidential run. when we come back, abc 7 meteorologist sandhya patel will be here with the
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now your accuweather forecast with sandhya patel. >> hi there, everyone. let's check out live doppler 7 right now. we do have a few high clouds passing through the bay area. temperatures in the 50s to the
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70s. highs today in the 70s for most of our region. visibility is poor, down to one mile in santa rosa because of that smoke from the butte county fire. so tonight drive carefully. oakland is down to 4-mile convict. this was sent to us from our morning executive producer from san francisco's russian hill. he can smell the smoke. he can see the smoke. obviously it's bad. you can see it from the mount tamalpais camera. wind advisory issued in effect until 10:00 p.m. for lake county, solano county. so the gusty winds will continue. possibility of downed trees and power lines. hour-by-hour we go. winds at 7:00 tonight, gusting over 30 miles per hour in calisto calistoga, fairfield, even stronger in the hills. 9:00 p.m. still pretty windy there, and then the winds will begin to subside. but not until tomorrow morning at 7:00 a.m. that's when that red flag warning will expire. frost advisories, freeze warnings for parts of mendocino counties midnight to 9:00 a.m., those are the spots where we're going see some of the coldest
5:26 pm
air of the season. lakeport down 28. windy in the hills keeping the temperatures up elsewhere. 40, 50s. afternoon highs on the mild side tomorrow. temperatures in the upper 60s to the mid-70s for your friday. so it is going to be a sunny day. accuweather seven-day forecast. mild sunshine, minor cooling saturday. and then the winds, gusty winds redeveloping saturday night into sunday in the hills. veterans day is looking dry, and that pattern continues right on through the middle and latter part of next week. but just keemd that one computer model is still hinting at a possible change on november 18th. >> really? >> kristen and dan. >> can't come soon enough. thank you, sandhya.
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>> mullens, who entered as a third stringer, threw three touchdowns and made it look so easily was apparently the big challenge was getting his head coach to be quiet. >> that's always a dilemma for head coaches and quarterbacks. it's funny. if i was a quarterback and someone was yelling at my ears, i would handle it much worse. sometimes i think they didn't hear it and they're trying to call it. and i'm driving them crazy, as i should. so it's -- i wish there was a two-way talk on it. it would be a lot easier. >> mullens and the 49ers face the new yok giants on monday night football right here on abc 7. "world news tonight" with david muir is coming up next. i'm kristen sze. >> and i'm dan ashley. for all of us here, we appreciate your time. >> before we leave you, another look at the exit. people trying to leave and escape, evacuate from the fire in butte county, the campfire, which has exploded today to 18,000 acres in a matter of hours. >> it has indeed. and people are getting out of
5:30 pm
the way as best they can. we'll update this at 6:00. we'll see you tonight, as we come on the air in the west. a new mass shooting in america. we're on the scene here in california. the video now emerging from inside the massacre in thousand oaks, california. chilling images of the gunman in the borderline bar and grill. college students gathered for country music night. the gunman firing at random. the suspect killing 12 people, including a sergeant bravely running in to help. a father overcome with grief today, learning his son is among the victims. >> my first-born son. >> the heroic people inside, smashing windows so people could jump through them to get out. and tonight, what we've now learned about the gunman, known to police. a 28-year-old marine veteran armed with a glock handgun and an extended magazine. this evening, my interview with


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