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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  November 9, 2018 3:00pm-3:30pm PST

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♪ tv's number one daily viral video show "right this minute." >> angry words for a driver who should learn to -- >> listen to your wife. >> why she had a good reason to be upset. >> ooh! some tourists. we'll solve the mystery of the ewok trolls. >> what are they? >> daddy's got the moves. >> and mama is a bad mamajama. >> why the real fun started after the baby shower. plus, your chance to win a new ipad buzzword. we break down the best on the web.
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including the mooning while sleeping prank. why it takes some real acting skills to pull this off. >> ooh, awkward. >> this is a hard lesson about learning to trust and listen to your wife. >> reports are this couple in china were leaving out of one of the underground parking garages, went out on to the street and hit this woman carrying the boxes. but it's not just the act hifting the woman. it's what happens after. >> oh, no. >> hit and run. >> he just kept going. she's telling him to stop, right? go back. let's check on this person. >> he's not listening. >> you may not be able to understand but you can hear the tone of her voice as she begs
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him to turn around. reports are that the wife was telling him to turn around. let's go back. we'll be fine. and he was responding, what fine? what happened, as if he saw nothing. here's the part about listening to your wife because he didn't get away with it. he was latest arrested and fined and will be serving about 15 days in jail. he'll also be losing his license for good. >> what happened to the woman he hit. >> she suffered a broken hip and was receiving treatment. they found the vehicle at a body shop being repaired. over to this video from dash cam owners australia. we're moving full speed ahead. >> oh, no! >> straight through the intersection. >> yeah, the car we're riding in had the right of way. the car that came out to the intersection had a stop sign. last time i checked, stop signs aren't optional. they came to a screeching halt when the driver crashed into th intersection.
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driver laid on the horn. too late for all of that. >> darn. of course, it was the other person's fault. you guys are staring down an uncovered well in pakistan. what happened to something we've heard of many times before. a child, 4 years old, playing with a ball outside his home. falls in. >> the entire town has turned up to assist. >> that's because the little boy muhammad was playing with his 4-year-old cousin, and his cousin went and alerted everybody. >> wait. that's the well? >> that's the well. >> at first i thought it was huge. that's tiny. >> it's ten inches in diameter. >> wait, how old is this child? >> 4 years old mean was able to fall in there and fit. they tried multiple ways to get him out of there. rescue crews came and dropped their rope with a plastic pipe. that little boy had to listen to the instruction from all the way
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up there get it around his body and then they have to pull, inch by inch and finally, finally -- >> wow! >> they just erupt. >> it's like a stadium when somebody scores a goal. >> look at him. >> he was down there four hours. and unharmed. pretty miraculous. ♪ following this guy anywhere is difficult. but following him doing that kind of stuff is nearly impossible. >> huh. >> that is tom. he is a champion fmx rider. if you haven't figured out how they got these angles yet. you have two pilots. the pilot of the motorcycle, tom, and the pilot of their racing drone that's following him, thomas. put together by red bull motor sport. >> it's making the case for
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these extreme photographers. if they'ra good enough pilot with their drone, they're getting moments and angles we never got before. they had to train for it. they had to choreograph it and know each other's every move. a mere bump by this small racing drone could really hurt tom. >> this honestly is probably one of my top three drone videos ever. >> how do they get the reverse shot going through the trees. that was the best shot of the lot. >> thomas the drone pilot flipped ahead, and flipped his drone around. you fly backwards his drone can fly up to 90 miles an hour. it gets up to speed rapidly. that minute's worth of impressive footage tookmm t ur days. >> there it is. >> ow. >> and these aren't things you do time and time and time again.
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you maybe get obout it. >> thi se eigh and the mind progressed rapidly. this entire video is fascinating to watch. go to and click on tv show or use our mobile. hey, what's up? it's time to give away another ipad mini. friday's buzzword, be at least 18 years of age and a legal resident of the u.s. >> the buzzword is coming up in just a little bit. >> the ipad mini the tifourists were kayakin and round the corner and may have entered the twilight zone. close. >> whoa! >> you may notice these ewok-like troll monkeys making all of these peculiar noises and sounds.
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the people gathered around not sure if they're supposed to be kayaking in the opposite direction. >> wow. that's really bizarre. in a way, it looks very human, right? >> not at the same time. >> so then it leaves you wondering, how do we handle this situation, and is our life in danger? >> call a scientist. that's what i want to know. what are they? >> you don't need to call a scientist because we've looked into it, and there is a plausible explanation. there is still kind of weird. what you're seeing here is essentially an art installation. an art installation that's going to be here for the next few month. it's all put together by a traveling vocalist. she's a norwegian artist and teamed up with a local set of actors. you can actually see some pictures posted to instagram of them actually pairing the outfits and things that were going to be put together. and part of her art is she's developing her own troll technique. and improvised nonverbal
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language based on rhythm and temperament. and that's essentially what you're hearing right now. >> reporteart is supposed to pr emotion. this is provoking some feelings in the people. >> run, stay, look, go. >> obviously, never ha v to say the sentence ewok troll monkeys. here they go. "right this minute" television. >> talented kiddos come together to put their twist on a queen hit. and you start to realize we are in for something pretty special. ♪ we are the champions we are the champions ♪ >> hear the powerful rendition that proves they really are the champions. and a diver puts on a bubble ring display. >> you can see it rising to the surface. >> why this stunning underwater show is just getting started. >> that was so cool.
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♪ closed captioning provided by -- look good. sfx - multiple screams told ya... man up! 30-year-old victor was diving off the coast of spain and he got this video. >> pretty rad. he learned on youtube how to create a bubble ring under water. he does one, and you can see it rising to the surface, but not before he sends another one up there. this is the cool part about this video. >> wow. >> this is great. >> but watch what happens right about here. >> no! >> yes! >> that's awesome. >> yes, as they're going up, both of the rings combine to create that beautiful underwater loop-di-dupe thing.
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>> that was like something out of space, man. >> it's amazing because it keeps moving. look at that. two rings become one. they do this twirly whirly thing and then you see another ring just kind of take off in the distance. and we're left with this. it almost looks like a snake under water. >> yeah. >> mesmerized? >> yeah. mesmerized. you might think you know where this video is going when lydia sits at this piano and starts playing a tune familiar to millions around the world. you have no idea how far this is going to go. ♪ i paid my dues time after time ♪ >> as this group of child prodigies from around the world start singing queen's "we are the champions," we are in for something pretty special. ♪
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>> i love that kid! >> some of these guys and gals you may recognize. they've gone viral in their own right because they're also incredibly talented. and they've all been brought together by a band from india. they literally translate to language of the either. that's exactly what we're getting here. ♪ we are the champions we are the champions ♪ >> this is so powerful. and the message behind it, if you aren't picking it up already, is pretty magnificen ♪ of the world >> okay. >> excuse me, young man. >> of course, a powerfully timed video considering bohemian rhapsody is the number one video
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in the world. look who shared it, queen themselves. you know it's legit. ♪ no time for losers because we are the champions ♪ ♪ he heads down hill. >> playing fetch with her own. >> next "right this minute." and still to come -- flying in the skies above egypt, but -- >> not just anywhere in egypt. >> see the unbelievable adventure above the pyramids. >> that's amazing. plus, it's almost time to give away another ipad mini. friday's buzzword for your chance to win, coming up. for a quick and convenient clean, try swiffer wetjet. there's no heavy bucket, or mop to wring out, because the absorb and lock technology traps dirt and liquid inside the pad. tile, laminate and hardwood. and it prevents streaks and hazing better than a micro fiber
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a lot of people when they see the pyramids they see the pictures and it's all desert in the background. the city does butt right up to it. just literally right there. >> look how close he's gotten to them. >> you can't climb them or touch them because people were just carving their names into them but this is really cool. a unique perspective no one else can get. >> you can tell he's really loving this right about here. even he can't believe the experience he is having. it's so freaking cool. >> i take it he has to get special permission to do this? even though these are ruins, i'm sure they have to give you permission. >> he's a professional paraglider and a world traveler. i'm sure he's being very respectful about how he goes about all of these things. his goal is to experience this, not ruin it. the video is absolutely stunning. it's a dream come true for him. >> what's cool is he only just
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realized that was a video. he was broadcasting it live on facebook while doing it. that was pretty -- >> look what i'm doing! ♪ baby showers can be a blast. in this case, the real fun started after the baby shower. >> hey, girl. >> jalen and her mom put on a show. they were waiting for baby bralen to come. shake it a little bit. >> as long as she doesn't drop too much. >> that's kind of the point. >> dang, girl. come on. >> yes. >> they are a fly couple. and mama is a bad mamajama. that's how you got that baby. >> amazing theynl oy anthony wa shortly after that. he's absolutely adorable. >> this next mama is no stranger to the show. she's 8 months pregnant and
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doing the famous dance steps to "thriller." she is dancing michael jackson at 8 months pregnant. she's due december 10th. >> girl. >> she's got some fancy footwork. the founder of galaxy, a website that allows you to follow in famous footsteps. she's taken a pop star booty camp class. >> i can't move like that now. >> i've got a whole bunch of these. it's not all black and white. >> but she's been doing this for a while. they did the bruno mars flash mob and beyonce's "love on top" where she was actually able to. >> she's back. it's time to give away another ipad mini. >> you need the buzzword, be at least 18 years of age and a legal resident of the u.s. enter the buzzword to facebook,
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>> go to our website, "right
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this minute," and click on tv show. sweater weather has arrived. ♪ >> oh! >> sometimes you're the guy that just had his coffee. he's revving high and ready to take on the day. and sometimes you're this [ snoring ] >> awkward. >> he's not amused. >> i think he's concerned for this guy. what has he been doing that he's
3:26 pm
so tired that he's moan snoring like this. >> i love that people are legitimately concerned for him. probably wondering whether they should wake him. he goes to a different place to take a nap because apparently he wasn't welcomed at the last one. >> people around him are trying to hold their composure. you see this guy here trying to just focus on his texting or e-mailing. >> texting every one of his friends right now. >> this guy takes the opportunity to make a good social media post. >> you notice how the guy walks right up to him to take the video. even though he's asleep, i'd try to be sly about it. >> in this situation, you think the guy is waking up? >> this guy just trolling to see what people are going to do and how they're going to react? >> that's the best part. we know this is obviously a
3:27 pm
prank. this is brennan hastings. i love that finally someone actually took some compassion and tried to wake him. >> i don't know if it's compassion or annoyance. >> see the way he walked up there and shook him. >> he tried this one last time. this time at what looks like a park on a bench. there's already someone else trying to take a nap. >> [ bleep ]. >> hey. what is that. >> return fire. >> we'll never know what happens because the video ends. let's hope this guy finally got some good rest. all right, guys. that's all we've got for this episode. if you need more, read to
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tonight, the breaking news from california. the wildfires here in ventura county and in several other parts of the state. there are mandatory evacuations under way. the massive wildfires burning out of control tonight as we come on the air. the walls of fire burning in the los angeles area. right in the community where there was a massacre less than 48 hours ago. homes now burned to the ground. also, the urgent race to get families out of malibu. we're on the scene there as well. and in northern california, the wildfire exploding in size, turning deadly. people trapped in their cars when fire engulfs their vehicles. and my interview tonight with the police chief, breaking down, after the massacre and now the


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