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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  November 12, 2018 4:00pm-5:00pm PST

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speculation once again is pointing to a pg&e high voltage power line in the area. wref team coverage. unsar hassan is live with the evacuees. we begin in a neighborhood def state by the fire. laura? >> well, hi, larry. i'm actually in magalia. this is a small town close to paradise. it's also closer to where believe the fire started. the scene is tragically close to what we've seen in paradise. in paradise we talked with a man who says he believes his cat saved his life because she wouldn't leave the house. >> well, i heard the neighbors screaming and all the rushing about. >> reporter: a long-time resident of paradise, this man-o who didn't want his face shown, told us the flames engulfed the homes around his. he couldn't, he wouldn't leave his cat zara behind.
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>> the cat was in the house hiding scared. i said ir. and three times tried to find her to get out of here. but they told me if i would have walked out of here i would have been dead. >> reporter: the man told us he mostly just sat on his front porch and watched the inferno around him. >> i watched the fences feed the fire. the fences took every single house here down. >> how did yours get saved? >> i don't know. i didn't even get smoke hardly. i sat on the front porch. >> reporter: as it turned out, in paradise we now know that many who did try to leave and some who stayed did not make it. search teams including a police chaplain spent the day looking for missing people with little more nthan a list of names and addressed to go on. at the same time fire crews from far away including the bay area have arrived in paradise and surrounding communities to help pout hot spots. >> how big was this one? >> probably a
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1400-square-foot-plus home. >> this man knows his community will never be the same. his local safeway, an entire shopping center, has been reduced to rubble and he expects many of his >> think you're lucky? >> very, very lucky. i never cared that much for the house. but now i feel like i owe it. >> now it's all hands on deck here when it comes to the search for the missing fire crews, police. we have even encountered fish if wildlife officers who have each been handed a list of names and addresses and that fanning out trying to search all of these properties, all of cars that have been left behind to try to see if anyone is in them. they're checking off those names one by one for better or worse. in magalia laura anthony, abc 7 news. >> what a difficult task. laura, thank you. and thousands had toevth as the fire burped around th the missingones.
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>> abc 7 news ansar hassan has been speaking to and families joining us from glen county fairgrounds, one of many evacuation centers that have been set up. it has been a tough few days for these families. behind me you can see a small group of tents. a family of 19 people is living here. and just hours ago four days after the start of the fire they were finally reunited with the last of their families. >> tyler weiss greets his 'cause winn a bear hug. they were looking for her for days. reunited just hours ago. >> pretty. >> referee:. especially on an emotional level. just trying to have good spirits. we'll rebuild one day. but it's definitely been tough. >> they total 19 in all. and now all 19 are homeless. these tents at the glen county fairgrounds and everything around them is all they've been able to save. jennifer kramer drove her car
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packed with her family and dogs including her 1-year-old twins as her home and community wurnd burned around her. ? just seeing things blow up and hearing them blow up and stuff like, that pretty scary. we had to stay calm so that way we know we didn't crash into anybody. it was harsh. once we got into sterling city we see people out of gas and mothers and babies out of gas and you can't help them because your car's already full. >> her nephew should be in school but life is teaching them a different lesson today. 12-year-old andrew juarez says it's tough to sleep at here at night. >> it's been hard adapting to not living in my own houts, not coming home every day to my to us to do my normal day stuff, instead sitting here. >> reporter: the cousins say they know they've lost everything but their family is helping them stay positive. >> if we just stick together and have a fun time it will get it off of our minds and we'll try not to be stressed out.
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>> reporter: two very articulate young men. i spoke with the office of emergency services just a short while ago. they say they need help. especially cash donations to help them buy the supplies they need, to find out how you can help. we have a link on our website, live in orland, ansar hassan, abc 7 news. >> thank you, ansar. and check is this out. a horse was saved from a fire in paradise thanks to a back yard swimming pool. he found the house when he returned to his back yard neighborhood. he said the horse was tangled in the pool cover, which helped to keep that horse from drowning. >> cal fire is snanking fire crews from all across the west who heeded the call for help. crews from at least six states have come to fight the fire burning all across california right now. >> there's a need for money, food and clothes to help fire victims. we have resources o'our website, n some evacuation centers are accepting donations like
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blankets and socks. you can also make a $10 donation to the red cross by texting red cross to 90999. >> a winter spare the air alert has been extended through friday. >> the bay area continues to experience heavy smoke. take a look at conditions friday, saturday, and now today. abc 7 news reporter lyanne melendez is live at the berkeley mari marina. >> you guys are over there but of course you can't see a single building in san francisco with where we are at the berkeley marina. practically all cities in the bay area were red today. the worst ones were conquered and livermore. on a holiday todayed toos santos park in downtown concord would be packed with families enjoying the outdoors. but parents tried limiting playground time. >> we've been staying ib doors,
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windows closed trying not to go out. >> jim king took his grandchildren out for a few minutes because they were going stir crazy. >> went out for a few minutes and then we'll go back home. seems like the weather's getting a little bit better but not much. >> reporter: most people at restaurants were opting to eat inside. we did find this couple who decided to defy the conditions here. >> the air quality's bad but don't think it's as bd bad as it is in concord as it may be somewhere else. can i tell you it's the worst in the bay area today. >> oh, man. >> i didn't know that. >> you're talking about cars burned, houses burned. whatever's in people's homes was burning. >> walter wallace of the bay area air quality management district says conditions are still unhealthy. it's the tiny articles released by wood burning that worries them the most. >> it's so small your body can't defend against it. what happens when you breathe it
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in it sticks to your lungs and it exacerbates asthma, bronchitis, lung disease, causes all sorts of health issues. >> as the fire continues to rage on people in the bay area are mindful of what those in butte county are going through. >> our heart goes out to you guys and we're praying for you here in the bay area. we love you guys. >> reporter: here's what they're saying. limit the use of fireplaces, even if it gets chilly at night. and fudge tell, there is no wind around here. this is not my hairspray working overtime. there is no wind. and we need that to sweep this smoke out of here. i'm live from the berkeley marina, lyanne melendez, abc 7 news. >> thank you. spencer christian for the latest on the fire and the air quality. spencer, as i was driving across the bay bridge, which you see behind me, visibility off to the side and looking at the bay was close to zero. like pea soup out there. >> i encountered the same thing, larry. i drove across the bridge myself. you can see on this satellite image why it's so hazy and smoky. smoke continues to flow down
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into the bay area and other regions as well. central valley and some of it out to sea from the camp fire. as long as that pattern continues we're going to have very poor air quality. this chart with the red dots indicates where the poorest air quality is. in the green areas it's good. if you're looking for a place within driving distance, way up farther in the pacific northwest air quality is quite nice. back to the bay area as mentioned earlier air quality continues to decline. there's no end in sight right no now.smoke coming cowan, at least not over the next few days. our spare the air alert has been extended through friday. air quality will be poor at best. at worst we're lookling at up healthful air in several bay area regions. we are now checking out the wood woolsey fire.
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so far it's burned more than 140 square miles across los angeles and ventura counties forcing evacuations from thousand oaks to malibu and calabasas. two people have died. flames have destroyed 370 homes and that number is expected to increase. carlos granda with our sister station in los angeles has the latest. >> reporter: on dume drive more than a dozen burned home. the fire went through here friday and residents who stayed 4i7d said embers were flying everywhere. >> i had no hope. >> it's undiscriminating. the embers hit senior houses. my old neighbors eight you out of tens homes are lost. >> the whole hills were just blazing. we in a we had our trucks on the beach. if we had to zip out. >> people onre.
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>> we're happy we're still here. s the side of the house got real close to -- we're still here. so we're good. >> reporter: and no matter how tough things are, with devastated home all the around them people wanted to make sure the american flag was flying in honor of veterans family. >> it's an important day to remember that life remembers when we sacrifice for one another, when we make sacrifices for the good of others and our country is founded on that. we have to remember that. >> carlos granda, abc 7 news. the redwood city fire department also paid tribute to veterans posting this video of a flag in the fire zone on instagram writing "in honor of veterans day the flag still flies in paradise where so many have lost so much." some historians have dubbed the korean war the forgotten war. >> but that certainly wasn't the case in san franciscoday. veterans of the conflict gathered at the korean war memorial in presidio to mark the
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day. >> prayers and a wreath laying ceremony in memory of young soldiers who sometimes fought against all odds. >> that's all we did was look out for each other. they got your back, you had their back. when you lost someone it was devastating. >> the korean war memorials with built with the support of the presidio trust, veterans groups and the south korean government. traders honored america's veterans way moment of silence before the market opened. the dow jones fell more than 600 points today. it lost slightly more than 2% of its value. apple and amazon stock plunged more than 4%. goldman sachs declined more than 7 1/2%. today's losses followed two weeks of winning on wall street. coming up, remembering a legend. the man behind the marvel comics, stan lwa have a lookt we art levi's
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. that is comic book genius stan lee at a 2014 giants game. today the architect of the contemporary comic book died.
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stan lee mapassed away at cedars-sinai mktd center in los angeles. he revolution ooigsed comics by introducing human fralts and superheroes like spider-man,'s the fantastic four and incredible hulk. and if you're i afan of any of those movies, you always saw the stan lee cameo. >> he was somewhere in the movie. >> halfway through you'd see him sneak in there. we have mbl m"monday night football" coming up right after this newscast. 49ers are hosting the new york giants. >> nick mullens will again start at quarterback for the niners. abc 7 sports anchor mindi bach like at levi's stadium with a preview. >> hi, larry. there was a concern this game may not happen because of air quality. but earlier this week the 49ers did cut short or cut out altogether parts of their practices because of the bad air. the head coach was not worried nick mullens would get needed reps because this is the first
4:17 pm
week that he ran -- shanahan gave us some insights as to how mullens has prepared himself. >> he's out there, he's dialed in. he takes advantage of every opportunity. we showed some clips of where he was last year at this date. middle third safety 37 we were showing that. how did you get better that day? there's clips of him after practice and the next clip was a year later to the day. he was playing quarterback instead of safety, not on the field by himself. he always finds a way to get work. he works the same way every day. i'm sure i lot more fun for him, better work now that he's got other team eyes out there he's going to be working with on sunday. >> reporter: mullens made his first ca am.willay notete
4:18 pm
they interceptions this year and ten sacks. nick mullens could have himself a night if that offense gets going. we'll bring you more later in the program. mindi bach, abc 7 news. >> two hand-picked opponents almost, perfect for nick mullens. a special group of teenagers has been invited to attend the game. the teens are members of the paradise high school football team their coaches and cheer qulaerds. >> david lui for their arrival. has the team arrived yet? >> they have i am deed. we were there to greet em well. at least for thithe'll watch so action. the contingent of 68 people arrived aboard two yellow school bus that's were provided by the school district in neighboring chico and paid for by the 49ers.
4:19 pm
there's a special connection paradise has to the 49ers. it's the hometown of 49ers assistant strength and conditioning coach shane wallen, whose father lost his house in the wildfire. wallen feels strongly about the need to reach out and help all the victims of so at least for now a few student athletes koechlz and cheerleaders can leave all that behind pem and enjoy m football at levi's stadium. we talked to a couple of the paradise students as they arrived in santa clara who expressed their gratitude for the 49ers kindness. >> we've been going through a lot lately obviously and it was just a really great way to come out and just help relieve the town or some of the people from the town. i'm really xooitd excited to be a part of my first football game. >> we are very grateful for this. and i wish the people at home could have this opportunity too. but like we're here for them. and right now they're thankful as well. >> reporter: the students from paradise boarded those bright yellow schoolbuses this morning
4:20 pm
around 10:30 for the 4 1/2-hour drive to santa clara. many were sporting the school's colors of green, gold and white. their mascot is the bobcat. many of them have not seen each other ever since the firestorm started. they consider themselves a very close-knit family and are so grateful to spend an evening together. as they filed into levi's stadium singlephile many of the fans tailgating youlths made a big fuss and plauded them. you can be sure they'll get a lot of love as they sit tonight in the stands. we understand they may have the chance to meet general manager john lynch. live in santa clara david lui, abc 7 news. >> nice evening for them. thank you so much, david. the poor air quality is again forcing the postponement of a number of high school football playoff gametoy california inte scholastic federation canceled 19 games scheduled for tonight. the games were originally scheduled for this past weekend. they were supposed to be make
4:21 pm
upgames. no new dates have been set. spencer christian joining us. how are we doing in terms of wind, what we expect, overall air quality? >> wind has been relatively light. good for not spreading the fire. we may have hay little boost yesterday afternoon. it wasn't quite as bad as saturday. we still have poor air quality all across the bay area. of course the current spare the air alert has been extended through tri. this is the view such as it is from sutro tower looking ut over san francisco where you can see it is quite smoky, visibility reduced. 68 degrees here in san francisco right now. mid 60s in oakland and mountain sprup looking along the bay bridge, 68 degrees north at santa rosa. 69 at concord. livermore only 63 degrees. these are all forecast features.
4:22 pm
poor air quality will be with us the next several days. spare the air alert expected through friday. no rain alert the next several days but we will have a few air quality terrible across the entire bay area. truly sad when you consider poor air quality an upgrade. but comparatively speakig that will be the case tomorrow in the central bay and santa clara valley. overnight tonight in the hazy conditions overnight lows will drop into the mid 30s. k4i8y in the -- mid 40s right around the bay and on the coast and tomorrow under hazy skies once again rook for highs in the mid 60s at the coast and mainly upper 60s just about everywhere else bay and inland at one or two inland locations may top out at 71 degrees pi alook at our rainfall category you can see drive conditions through next
4:23 pm
mond monday. but we may have something to cheer about going into thanksgiving. that looks like our next chance of rain. let's hope for that because that will truly give us something to be thankful for. going into tuesday you see the arool of rain as it moves over, as the system moves over into the sierra. it's expected to snow there. we may get if this system holds up some deechblt rainfall in the bay area and some snow accumulation in the receiver rah. through next monday it's looking dry although we'll see a slight college doub on sunday and next monday. and an increase in clouds as that system approaches from the pacific. if it holds up and gets energize al n week >> that would be nice. thanks, spencer. >> remember chain letters? they're back. and now they're pretty high-tech. plus -- ♪ flows of angel hair >> ah, this is fun.
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♪ flows of angel hair ♪ and ice cream castles in the air ♪ ♪ and feathered canyons everywhere ♪ ♪ you know those characters. "toy story" is back. a preview of "toy story 4" released today shows woody, buzz and the rest of the gang and a newcomer. porky. >> i don't belong here! >> if you ever wondered how plastic utensils always seem to wind up in your kids' toy stash you'll identify with forky who's
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labeled a reluctant toy. disney is the parent company of pixar and abc 7. michelle obama's new memoir "becoming" is available starting tomorrow. the former first lady was the subject of an exclusive one-hour special with grm afrpgor robin roberts. she visited her old high school in chicago where she offered advice to students. >> how do you deal with that? >> you stop trying to make everybody happy. i wanted everybody happy. i wanted everybody to like me. but no matter what i did thre was always going to be somebody out there that thought what i was saying was stupid. that can't the goal. >> she'll appear live on gma tomorrow. she's also hitting the road with her book tour with a stop in san jose next month. and oprah winfrey has chosen "becoming" as her next book club
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pick. we return to our fire coverage. just ahead to southern california where evacuations are still under way as crews fight the woolsey fire that just keep going. and in the butte county fire
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here are the stories making headlines at 4:30. authorities in butte county are
4:31 pm
set to give an update in about 90 minutes on the 113,000-acre camp fire. hounds of people still missing. the death toll stands at 29. the fire is 25% contained. abc 7 lorter laura anthony tweeted out this photo. that used to be a shopping center in paradise. everything. including a safeway was destroyed. abc 7 news reporter ansar hassan is at one of the evacuation centers. he met an extended family of 19 people. their five homes were all destroyed. they're now staying in tents at the glenn county fairground. meanwhile, in southern california a new fire erupted today. this one is in simi valley. firefighters were able to get it under control at 150 acres and they are making some progress on the larger woolsey fire. abc news reporter natalie brunell live in ventura county with the latest. natalie? >> reporter: firefighters were able to make some good progress over the weekend but check out this destruction. that home belonging to a firefighter who is back on the fire lines and we are under a
4:32 pm
wed flag warning meaning strong wintds and bone dry conditions fueling more flames. firefighters on the front lines battling fatigue and a new round of ferocious santa ana winds and now new fires erupting. flames coming dangerously close to cars in l.a.'s simi vamly. >> they're going to shut down the 118 completely, the eastbound lanes. >> eporter: containment numbers for the woolsey fire increasing but taking its toll as homeowners return to see what's left of their communities. >> five houses, three of them are gone. >> reporter: governor jean brower pressing the white house for a disaster declaration. ? this is not the new normal. this is the new abnormal. and this new abnormal will continue. >> reporter: nearly 400 homes here leveled. multimillion-dollar raelgs in malibu gutted. celebs losing homes too, including gerard butter who shared photos of the destruction on social media.
4:33 pm
in some areas entire neighborhoods look like a bomb went off. to the north the devastating toll of the camp fire emerging. not only the most destructive fire in california's history but now also equaling the state's deadliest. >> i would say the first hour was terrifying. i was in surviving mode. i thought i was going to die. >> reporter: the city of paradise wiped out. cars turning into tombs. and more than 200 people remain missing. and with all those people missing officials expect the death toll in the camp fire to increase significantly. as for the woolsey fire it is now 20% contained. but again, firefighters very concerned about those winds, especially heading into tonight. live in oak park, california natalie brunell, abc 7 news. >> natalie, thank you. the fires in northern and southern california have forced the evacuation of more than 250,000 people, many barely made it out of the area alive.
4:34 pm
>> oh, my [ bleep ] god. o oh, my god. get us the [ bleep ] out of here. >> look how scary that is. malibu resident ari safer showed this on instagram. you can clearly see flames from the woolsey fire just exploding on the side of the road and embers as they just hit his windshield. >> that is truly frightening. to understand what the town of paradise lost in the camp fire, abc 7 put together some before and after figure skaters of landmarks, neighborhoods and sfreets. >> abc 7 news anchor kristen sze is here with a look at some of those images. kristen. >> reporter: every town has its unique stores, right? aunt mable's general store is the antique shop everybody lochz. cute kitschy finds. all of which now rubble. on the abc 7 news site we put together before and after photos. this is aunt mable's before the fire. notice the pink foundation. and here it is after the
4:35 pm
foundation is all that remains. the store and everything in it gone. take a look at that. so sad. let's move on to another one for you. here is the before picture i'm going to show you on skyway paradise. you know that is the main road out of fountain, right? it's tree lined and just gorgeous. and here it is now after the fire singed trees, burned out vehicles all around the road abandoned as people try to escape. i want to show you one last one here. neil road. a last home before the fire. notice the trees peeking out from behind the home. now after the fire look at that. revealing the trees because the home burned to the ground. look at the trees scorched and lifeless. but sometimes trees can survive a fire. sometimes they grow back. perhaps paradise will as well. larry and ama? >> gosh, so hard to see those images, cristen 37 one elaborated leader believes k58 cal can do more to prevent fire
4:36 pm
firefighters. republican tomasier to clear overgrown bush from forests. right now that program only exists in the tahoe basin. however, expanding it tots statd require eliminating several areas of environmental review. >> when our laws are impeding our ability to protect our forests from forest fire that ought to tell us it's time we revisited them. >> reporter: mcclintock also believes changing the law could reduce the achl timber harvested and that could boost local economies in california. >> in napa this morning what had already been a plapd rally took on extra sivt significance following last week's mass shooting in thousand oaks. wayne freedman was there as the cowed gathered, spoke and marched. >> imagine the kind of event you could never want to attend but could not stay away. that happened in napa this morning. >> our sfunt leaders figured if
4:37 pm
out. >> reporter: the mix of pligsz parents children all prompted by the eating of napa native alaina housley a vimtd of the mass shootings in thousand oaks last week. >> she was so smart and so hard-working. i believed she was going to change the world. >> no one imagined her doing so this way. >> what's up, buddy? >> even alaina's father eric attended. he received just as much comfort as he gave. >> this is just senseless acts of violence because we're not there for one another. >> reporter: supporters of this rally and march wanted to make a point today. they said it wasn't anti-gun. it was anti-gun violence. they see a distinction. >> people can use guns for hunting, for protection, but they shouldn't be bringing them in places with people especially if it's in the hands of someone with mental health issues. >> reporter: in napa one might describe if as grieving with a purports. what else can anyone do? >> if it just saves one more life life, if it stops one more shooting it's worth it. >> reporter: in napa wayne
4:38 pm
freedman, abc 7 news. >> eric and anna housley intend to establish a foundation called alai alaina's voice. eric says we know her voice will live on. too close to call. and tensions are rising. protests for races still unresolved a week after the midterms. it's "gaming with america's best internet provider" internet. just any internet.
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now to politics and the election cliffhangers. >> more than a dozen across the country remain too close to call including the senator and governor races in florida. abc news reporter elizabeth hur has the details. >> reporter: with ongoing protests outside election headquarters and legal fights brewing inside courtrooms. >> what we are asking the court to do today is to remove any doubt. >> reporter: this emergency hearing in broward county on monday ending with the judge saying he sees no evidence of wrongdoing. the two sides in florida's senate race have filed lawsuits with just over 12,000 votes separating the current governor rick scott and democratic incumbent bill nelson. the race for governor also tight. just within a half percentage point. that margin triggering an automatic recount for both races and president trump tweeting claims of election fraud without evidence. >> the evidence is that rick scott and ron desantis have won
4:42 pm
and in fact andrew gillum conceded on the night of the election. >> reporter: democrat andrew gillum did admit defeat on election night. but he has since rescinded his concession. and his republican opponent ron desantis is not backing down. voters in florida in the meantime continue rallying, chanting "all voices need to be heard." >> every vote should count. every vote should count regardless. >> we want to make sure all ballots are counted legally. >> reporter: election workers in florida have until 3:00 p.m. this thursday to complete the recount by machine. now, if the margin of victory at that time falls under a quarter of a percentage point then the law calls for a recount by hand. elizabeth hur, abc news, new york. it is always florida. and here in california some races are still too close to call. including insurance commissioner, where state senator ricardo lara is ahead of steve poizner by they'rely 164,000 votes. for superintendent of public
4:43 pm
instruction marshall tuck leads tony thurmond by more than 13,000 votes. 16 seats in the state legislature are still uncalled including district 16 representing parts of alameda and contra costa counties. incumbent republican katherine baker leads democrat rebecca bauer kayhan by just 627 votes. >> announcer: now your accuweather forecast with spencer christian. sunny skies above. hazy conditions because of the build-up of smoke in the atmosphere. overnight lows in the mid 40s around the bay and on the coast but chilly in the north bay valleys in fact chilly in virtually all the inland valleys with lows drong into the 30s. hayes goes on poor air quality and another spare the day. that has been extended through friday. mid 60s at the coast to upper 60s just about everywhere else. here's the accuweather seven-day forecast. there will be very, very little change through this pattern through the weekend type next monday.
4:44 pm
just mainly hazy and dry. perhaps a little cooler next sunday and monday as clouds move in and maybe some rain developing mid-week next week just before thanksgiving. at the moment it's dry and hazy and declining air quality. >> rain cannot get here fast enough. >> can't wait. you think you get excited when the snow starts to fall? check out these little guys. the winter ski season came a little early this year for some lucky otters at the aquarium of the bay in san francisco. the snow day has become something of a tradition at the aquarium, which is located at pier 39. handlers say the four male river otters are native to north america and are no strangers to snow in the wild. i'll say it again. i've never seen ab unhappy otter. >> that's true. >> they're always thrilled. >> new recommendations for exercise and the age it's the best time to begin. >> a modern version of a chain letter is back and just in
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>> announcer: the following portion of abc 7 news is produced with and sponsored by ibm. we are counting down to the 49ers' giants game "monday night football" at the top of the hour. if you play fantasy football,
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the espn fantasy app actually uses artificial intelligence courtesy of ibm's watson to help analyze players. back to abc 7's mindi bach at levi's stadium with more. mindi? >> i'm pleased to be joined by stefania bell, espn's injury analyst. she also runs a fantasy focused football podcast. you know what about fantasy football. millions of people want to know what you know. and it's pretty interesting because we have saquon barkley out here tonight, odell beckham but you're saying maybe the biggest fantasy player tonight is wearing cardinal and gold. >> that is right. george kittle is the fantasy starlet that people have been pleasantly surprised by this season. 49ers have had their struggles. it's no seeshlth. there have been injuries everywhere. but it doesn't seem to matter who's throwing him thel because he's been accumulating yards and more yards. which is great news for fantasy players. >> he's had three different quarterbacks he's had to work with so far this season. but you need to know so much information not just injuries
4:49 pm
but all the statistics on the offensive and defensive side of the ball. how can some of these fantasy football fans get a little more knowledge? >> we always want them to tune in to our podcast but it's really interesting because fantasy football tends to be emotional. people play emotionally. and yet you have analysts and i try to bring the analyst size particularly on the injury front. but we're also partnered with ibm watson at espn. you're able to use their artificial intelligence where they aggregate data and present you sort of the highlihts of that information. so from everything from media insights where they're scanning millions of articles and looking for the nuggets to pull out for you to ratings or to your chances of how players are going to perform. risk-reward if you will. you can combine that with what your analyst says, pull it all together, and help make better choices and it doesn't have to feel so emotional. >> it is still hard not to be
4:50 pm
emotional. thank you so much. really appreciate it. >> thank you, mindi. >> and i do not have george kittle on my fantasy team. i think you got him in our draft. >> no, i did not. we'd love to have george kittle. i picked up jack doyle of the colts. >> someplace got him. >> jack doyle produced five points. check the standings i think i'm still doing pretty well. first place, ama. >> good to know. will you buy me coffee or something if you win? >> i'll buy you some free coffee. consumer news, a popular money order company is paying up after claims of fraudulent money transfers. >> we have information about a gift exchange you do not want to join. besides michael finney is here with those stories. >> a fonny gift exchange. let me share with you a warning about a scheme that's becoming a holiday tradition. the secret sister gift exchange. i told you about it before. it's postedtilarly facebook, and has been popular over the past few years. the offer is if you buy a single
4:51 pm
gift for $10 you can get up to 36 gifts from other people. it's an old scheme. it used to be done by letters. police departments say it's an illegal scheme and it's not a proper way to get your money anyway. they say people don't know who they're giving their information to. basically not only are they part of a scam but they're setting themselves up for identity theft. gas prices should rise nationwide. saudi arabia says it will start slowing oil production next month in response to lower demand and prices. more cuts to production could follow through next year. global oil prices tumbled into the bear market last week. that means they're down more than 20% from their recent peak. opec, the agency that oversees 15 oil ex-porth nations, has been debating production costs and could bring a decision during its meeting next month.
4:52 pm
but there are others producing a lot of oil including russia. moneygram has agreed to pay $125 million to settle claims it failed to follow a federal order against fraudulent money transfers. we told you all about this. the federal trade commission says moneygram did not conduct timely fraud investigations and allowed scammers to continue to use its money transfer system to rip off consumers. so as part of this new settlement moneygram has agreed to implement expanded anti-23r5ud measures including issuing refunds to some victims. that's a very good thing. the vast majority of scam victims for years lost their money through money transfer services. that's what they're trying to cut off. >> that's brutal. thank you, michael. washington hospital new emergency room and critical care sfimt officially opens tomorrow. the $340 million morris heimann critical care pavilion in fremont is a state-of-the-a f-o
4:53 pm
facility. it has 68 surgical rooms and 116 beds. all rooms are single occupancy with a day bed that allows family members to stay overnight. >> it allows doctors to give care in an environment that has decreased infection because of the privacy factor. it allows doctors to do consultations in the room with the patient and with having a family member present, it gives us family-centered care. >> officials sate seismically safe facility was built on time and on budget. when it comes to exercise, apparently you can't start your kids early enough. the american heart association is updating its exercise guidelines for children saying kids as young as 3 should actively play throughout the day. the guidelines used to start at age 6. experts say starting sooner will help children avoid health problems later in life. as for adults the advice remains get at least 2 1/2 hours of exercise each and every week. >> just ahead, remembering stan
4:54 pm
lee. a look back at the life of the a look back at the life of the comic book legend when w at at&t, we believe in access. a look back at the life of the comic book legend when w the opportunity for everyone to explore a digital world. connecting with the things that matter most. and because nothing keeps us more connected than the internet, we've created access from at&t. california households with at least one resident who receives snap or ssi benefits may qualify for home internet at a discounted rate of $10 a month. no commitment, deposit, or installation fee. visit to learn more.
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coming up tonight on abc 7 immediately following "monda night football" it is "dancing with the stars" followed by "the good doctor" and then stay with us for abc 7 news at 11:00. as we told you earlier this hour, the mastermind behind marvel comics has died. maand x-men. >> lee was 95 years old.
4:57 pm
abc news reporter elizabeth hur takes a look back at the innovator's life and legacy. >> reporter: honored and remembered as the creator, voice and champion of marvel comics. >> invitation, sir. >> i should be on that list. >> name? >> stan lee. >> reporter: stan lee revived comics and helped hollywood make billions. creating iconic characters and often making cameos in marvel movies. >> well, obviously the first thing they should be excited about is my cameo. >> reporter: even appearing with his favorite superhero spider-man, a character his publisher first hated. >> my publisher said stan, you've lost it. he said first of all, nobody likes spiders. you can't call a hero spider-man. >> reporter: the new york city native was born stanley martin lieber in 1922. his love of crafting stories leading to a career of combining jvenile costumes and tales packed with action and adult
4:58 pm
themes. disney ceo and chairman bob iger saying in a statement, "lee was as extraordinary as the characters he created. a superhero in his own right." >> i know, i guess one person can make a difference. enough said. >> reporter: elizabeth hur, abc news, new york. >> many of the avengers stars took to twitter today to hop the legendary stan lee. chris evans, who's captain america, wrote "there will never be another stan lee." robert downey jr., famous for all of his roles as iron man, wrote "i owe it all to you. rest in peace." >> and tom holland, who starred as spider-man, wrote "the father of marvel has made so many people so incredibly happy. what a life and what a thing to have achieved." >> talk about an icon. get the latest news anytime with the abc 7 news app with live video features. don't forget the personalized push alerts to get the news you want i
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i want him to go out with a bunch of winning, we want to let you know, the air quality here has been downgraded unhealthy. we will keep an eye on that. >> what's up, gips? i started playing football in second grade. i was very competitive. i just liked it. my goal was to go play division 1 football. i always told myself i would get a chance in the nfl and i had to work for it. you walk around with swagger, he wants to win. >> just keeping a secret weapon ready


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