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tv   ABC7 News 430AM  ABC  November 13, 2018 4:30am-5:00am PST

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has more from nearby yuba city. >> reporter: i'm from the yuba city fairgrounds. these folks just learning if their homes survived. up in the fire zone we found a veteran who had a chance to see his loss up close. >> i've seen combat zones that looked as >> reporter: gary conner has seen, he ps. he and his wife, marilyn,marily, watching their home in ash and debris. >> it's a lot to take in. >> total loss, no doubt about that. we spent the last seven years building this up. no more buildable. >> reporter: their store is more than 7,000 structures des as the death toll rises, it's become the most lethal fire in california history.
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thanks to the work of more than 4500 firefighters as far away as south dakota, the fire itself is getting closer to containment. >> gas can and bag of tool. >> reporter: what the camp fire left behind could be tough for even a hardened war veteran to fully comprehend. where did you go from here? >> forward. you can't go backwards. we're both very strong. so, we should be okay. but a lot of people in town won't be and that's what bothers me. >> reporter: i'm told this shelter has about 200 people in it right now. it's about an hour from the fire zone. unlike some others that are a bit closer, this one still has space in it. in yuba city, laura anthony, abc7 news. dozens of schools will be closed sonoma county because of the air quality. we have a full running list on the ticker at the bottom of your screen. you can see why. smoke drifts down from the camp
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fire will make the bay area sky hazy for a fifth straight day. that could cause delays at sfo again. the recommendation is to limit outdoor activity and to stay indoors. we do have a complete list of school closures on our website, it's 4:32. let's get a check of our weather and traffic again. mike, the concern the air quality. >> and it should be. red on the current neighborhoods, except the peninsula, where it's orange, which means it's still unhealthy for the most susceptible. here's a look from sutro tower. we'll have some high clouds drift in. they're drifting in now. they'll get thicker. that and the haze will keep our temperatures down today. let's take a look at traffic
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again. hi, alexis. >> we're starting off with another full closure of the nimitz in oakland. southbound 880 shut down at 23rd. you're forced off the freeway. you can get right back on, but that is starting to cause a backup. unless you're in a big rig, i definitely recommend using eastbound 580. that is wide open. a quick check outside. here's walnut creek. another smokey commute in store for you just north of highway 24. >> thanks, alexis. state regularities are investigating two utilities, pg&e and california edison for their possible roles in the camp and hill fires. >> reporter: jessica, the investigation into the cause of these fires in butte county in southern california continue. pg&e says they're cooperating with investigation. the damage is significant in both locations, lives and property loss. california edison saw a pow
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disruption two minutes before the fire started and in butte county, two minutes befe it started they detected a transmission line out. looking into legislation that would break up one of the largest utilities in the united states. hill says he's looking into legislation and here's what he had to say. >> you could take away their license to do business in california as a monopoly. you could then open it up for competition. >> reporter: starting next year, a new law goes into effect making it easier for utilities to pass along fire-related damages to customers. matt keller, abc7 news. >> thank you. many families in paradise and surrounding communities lost just about everything they own to the flames. >> some evacuation centers say theyee lunderway for fire vic they' been unte wit che ims they s th
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need. many organizations say the best way to help is through monetary donations. you can make a $1the red crosbys to 90999. we have a list of other ways to help on our website, people who survived the north bay wildfires are paying it forward, helping animals impacted by the camp fire. a woman brought a trailer of supplies to the butte county fairgrounds for animals being held there. another woman started camp fire rescue and reunification to find lost dogs and cats. her volunteers were able to reunite hundreds of cats with their owners after the tubbs fire. >> like so many other responders, we're paying it forward. we're just here to help another community. >> if you're looking for a new
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pet, the humane society in silicon valley is helping with adoptions to free up more space. cal fire has released an interactive online map identifying the damaged and destroyed homes and businesses. most have been labeled with a red dot on this map and an image is attached to a lot of them. you can find the map on our website, institute police were patrolling a neighborhood destroyed by the camp fire when they came upon an american flag in almost perfect condition. elk grove police say they passed home after home destroyed when they came upon this pole still standing with the american flag barely touched by the flames. officers secured the flag and toeturt to its owners. now to southern california. firefighters are struggling to contain wildfires in windy and dry conditions. >> evacuation orders are keeping about 200,000 people from their homes. the smaller hill fire is 85% contained. the much larger woolsey fire is
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only 30% contained. it has burned more than 146 square miles stretching from thor is fernando valley to malibu and two people have died. the fire has destroyed 435 buildings there. you can stay on top of the wildfires are the abc7 news mobile app. enable push alerts to receive breaking news updates. you never more than seven minutes away from my accuweather forecast. temperatures a little milder this morning, up to 3 to 4 degrees milder. still chilly. 41 in fremont. union city in oakland. castroville -- excuse me, castro valley, 44. alameda, hayward, 50. 52 in san francisco. pacifica, good morning, 41. a here's a look at what's going on in your commute. caution, caution, caution because of the unhealthy air quality that will be out there
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all day today. we'll throw in high clouds that will keep temperatures down. 52 at 8:00 in san francisco. hang out to the mid-60s in the afternoon hours. for the peninsula, 50 at 8:00. we'll be back into the mid-50s by 8:00. the east bay valley, starting off in the 40s, but mid to upper 60s by 4:00. temperatures closer to where they should be today. we'll take a look at the rest of the state and what's on fire and could potentially be on fire. let's bring in alexis. >> let's take you down to the south bay, state route 237, the westbound connecter to northbound 101 is currently shut down. sounds like we had a crash about 30 minutes ago and they're hooking up one of those vehicles to a tow truck. i don't think it will be closed just a brief delay for folks on 237 trying to head northbound
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onto the peninsula. i'll keep an eye on that situation. a quick check haze. it's a "spare the air" alert today. 280 and 17, we're looking at light volumes. overall we're pretty light but we have full closure of 880 on the southbound side in oakland due to overnight roadwork. democrats claim victory in a crucial senate race and they may soon be celebrating even more wins. >> somebody out there that knows what they're doing. >> wow. trouble in the tower.
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our highest fire danger conditions down in so cal until 5:00 this evening. poor air quality. we have an air quality warning for the southern central valley. sacramento all the way into the grapevine. that's going to be through 7:00 this morning. thankfully if you're headed that way later, it will clear up. our temperatures, mid to upper 60s. mid-70s around los angeles and san diego. temperatures a little above average and dry weather all the way through monday in tahoe. in the north bay today we expect update on boater crack
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down happening in sausalito. the city has been tightening boater rules meaning they can remove boats that have been anchored off sausalito for three days. some people live on their boats but officials say it's a safety and environmental issue. aid plan is expected at tonight's city council meeting starting at 7:00 at city hall chambers. lineup of heroes, spider-man, the incredible hulk and x-men, stan lee died yesterday. he was the writer and eventually the publisher of marvel comics. he considered it an art form and revolutionized the industry. lee himself made cameos in more than three dozen marvel films. the last one being "venom.""ven" lee was 95. a las vegas air traffic controller is no longer with the
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faa after have i very frightening scare. the faa says she was incapacitated on wednesday night and she was slurring her speech while trying to communicate with pilots preparing for takeoff and landing. take a listen. >>. >> somebody out there that knows what they're doing? >> 7762 -- >> confirm it's frontier 262 cleared tore takeoff. >> confused pilots called their airlines until another air traffic controller took over the job. the faa says the incapacitated controller was alone while another controller was taking a break. the agency now requires two controllers in the tower. one week after the midterm elections democrats are claiming another vick. a democrat just flipped the seat in an arizona senate race as other counties continue to count votes. kenneth moaten with more. >> reporter: one week after the votes and democrats are doing
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better than they previously thought but the elections battles rage on in a number of key states. this morning the democrats are celebrating a nail-biting victory and another flip, this time in arizona. krysten sinema defeating march that mcsally in the race for senate. >> we can do this differently for our country, for our future, for senator mccain and for each other. >> reporter: one week after the midterm election, vote counting continues in several states. in florida a dramatic recount of 8.2 million ballots inches closer to the thursday deadline. in the governor's race, sanchez over gillum. over 13,000 votes separate democratic senato bill nelson and gop challenger governor rick scott, who filed lawsuits claiming voter fraud. >> i'm urging because of the
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highly public nature of this case, to ramp down the rhetoric. >> reporter: and the democrats after flipping several governorships and legislature are expected to pick up more seats in the house. the president will still have his gop majority in the senate. kenneth moton, washington. "the washington post" says president trump has decided to remove kirsten nielsen, secretary of homeland security. the president is unhappy with her implementing immigration policies. several schools are closed in sonoma county because of poor air quality. at the bottom of your screen you'll see a running count on the number of schools closed. keep checking that. >> there are so many of them. with that reason, some of us suffering from bad air quality. >> they could be closed for a couple more days. the winds will started to clear
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out friday. the next pattern change will be next week when we have that threat -- threat? welcomed rain, i should say. partly cloudy, a little haze, temperatures running in the mid to it upper 40s. let's talk about, yep, unhealthy air and a little cooler this afternoon. it will still be comfortable, just won't be as warm as it has been. wind shifts friday. that's why we'll see the cleaner air coming in from the west. the dramatic air pattern for next week. timing not great because you may travel, but sacrifices we make because we need the rain. most neighborhoods 65, half moon bay. tonight a little milder than this morning by a couple degrees. as the clouds will be around but then they'll start to clear out and the haze will hang around. we'll have mid to upper 30s in our north bay valleys, east bay
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valleys and everybody else in low to mid-40s, antioch and san francisco, upper 40s. we saw rain coming in monday when we talked about this yesterday. now it's going to come in tuesday. but as it comes in tuesday and wednesday, it's one storm. wednesday into thursday we'll quiet a little as it heads up into the mountains and creates snow. thursday, thanksgiving day, another chance of rain. my accuweather seven-day forecast. temperatures in in the mid-60s at the does, low 70s everywhere else. with the pattern change friday and cleaner air coming in, temperatures will taper into the 60s for monday. we'll taking a look at the roads this morning. we have another full closure of the nimitz in oakland for that overpass demolition. southbound 880 closed once again at 23rd avenue. things are definitely starting to back up due to that. i'd say you're heavy for about two miles right now andndndndnd
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crawling four miles an hour, your average speed. as long as you're not in a big rig, i would stick to eastbound 880. we have a lineup in the cash bridge on either side of the bay bridge toll plaza. once again, you can see all that smoke and unhealthy air for your commute today. facebook explaining why the social media site went down for more than an hour. meet a man married to a hologram. here's "techbytes." >> an outage on facebook. a routine test knocked out the site monday afternoon. it also affected whatsapp and instagram. the company issued an apology for the inconvenience. americans are looking at their phones more than ever before. >> a new survey found people in the u.s. check their cells 52 times every day. two-thirds of respondents did say they're trying to cut back. the other third was too busy is
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on their phone. a japanese man has married a hologram. >> this man spent thousands of tlarz on a ceremony to tie the knot with his bride. he says she helps wake him up in the morning and when to go to sleep. his mother refused an invitation to that ceremony. >> mother-in-laws are so tough. >> that is so bizarre. >> it's going to be a no. a no for me. shaping up starts early. find out the new recommendation for the best age to begin exercising. and new critical care center opens in the east bay today. what makes it family-friendly. a modern version of a chain letter is back just in time for the
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and screening finds polyps, so they can be removed, before they even turn into cancer. if you're over 50, get screened for colorectal cancer. screening saves lives. you are never more than seven minutes away from my accuweather. wanted to show you the air quality forecast. while most of our neighborhoods have unhealthy air this morning, by the afternoon it will be in the north bay and coast and central bay. i imagine wednesday and thursday will be peppered with a few red areas which also means unhealthy for all of us as we get closer to that. this is the bay area air quality management district's forecast. i think they got it almost spot on. back to you. >> thank you. two b.a.r.t. stations in san francisco now have canopies protecting their entrances. happening today, b.a.r.t. will celebrate the upgrade with a ru powell street station looked like for several months during
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construction. over the stations and civic center station. they'll build canopies at embarcadero station. >> i've used, it it'ses nice. $340 million morris critical care pavilion is a state-of-the-art facility. it has 68 surgical rooms and 116 beds. this is what you'll really care about. all rooms are single occupancy and has a day bed that allows families members to stay the night. >> it allows doctors to give care in an environment that has decreased infection because of the privacy. it allows doctors to do consultations in the room with the patient and with having a family member present, it gives us family-centered care. >> officials say they seismically say a facility was built on time and on budget.
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when it comes to exercise, you can't start your kids early enough. the american heart association is updating its exercise guidelines for ch doctors now say kids as young as 3 years old should actively play throughout the day. the guidelines used to start at age 6. experts say starting sooner helps children avoid health problems. they recommend getting 2 1/2 hours of exercise a week. . may be smart to skip the exercise outcan doors this week, right? >> i saw a few people running down the embarcadero wearing masks. that's one way if you can't exercise inside. here's our color coding from low to extreme. here's the fire danger. we're in the green here around the bay area. still down to the south, moderate to very high. as we head throughout the day, they'll drop into just high, the yellow. this is at 7:00 this evening. tomorrow they still have some moderate to high while we're still in the green.
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thankfully for them, they drop down to moderate. fire danger tapering as we head into tomorrow. by thursday and friday, the fire danger will be low across most of our neighborhoods as the new wind starts to blow in. we'll take a look at your accuweather 12-hourer planner next. here's alexist. >> yesterday we had light volumes with the veterans day holiday observed. we had a lot of people off of work and out of school. here's the drive from tracy, 14 miles an hour approaching altamont pass. i don't think we'll have the light volumes again today. so far we're looking okay on the san mateo bridge, westbound 92 starting to fill in but no significant blocking issues. we'll head back to the roadwork in oakland coming up at 5:00. a scam alert from michael finney and 7 on your side group. it's called secret gift exchange. it shows up on ste season. if you buy a single gift for 10
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bucks you can get up to 36 gifts from other people. it's an illegal way to get your money. it sounds way too good to be true and it is. we figured voter turnout would be higher than average for midterms. a new statistic showing exactly how big it was. we're hear more amazing stories of rescues and reunions, including the one that saved this horse's life. it's a decision about to transform a city or even two
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the camp fire is now the deadliest wildfire in california history and hundreds of people are still missing. the new concern and threat this morning. >> as the race to contain the fires, so does the poor air quality all across the bay area. >> sorry to say it continues for another day. good morning on this november 13th. >> let's check in with meteorologist mike nicco for when it will finally start to clear up. >> jess kashgs reggie, hi, everybody. let's take a look at right now and then i'll answer that question. there's a small area between the san mateo and dumbarton where the air quality is not unhealthy, the santa cruz mountains and vacaville, where it's yellow, that means it's moderate. the rest of us waking up to unhealthy air. you can see


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