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tv   ABC7 News 1100AM  ABC  November 14, 2018 11:00am-11:29am PST

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. governor brown and the interior secretary are about to tour the areas devastated by the camp fires. this as pg&e issues a new warning that its liability insurance would not cover the cost of the fire. thanks for joining us. i'm kristen zse. we just got an update on the camp fire burning in butte county. 48 people were killed by this fire, confirmed so far, making the deadliest and most destructive in state history. hundreds are still missing, and a partial list was just released by the butte county sheriff's department and there's a link on take a look at this map showing you where the camp fire
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is burning. right now the fire is 35% contuned and has burned more than 135,000 acres. and this look at the wildfire gives you some perspective as to how much it has grown, 13 13 13 acres, 210 square miles. that could cover a big chunk of the bay area if it were here from san francisco all the way down to half moon bay. in less than an hour, governor brown and u.s. secretary of interior ryan zinke will tour areas damaged by the fire in butte county. they are also expected oc foow a news conference. meantime, smoke continues to pour into the bay area from the fire. you can probably tell. >> absolutely. >> the latest on when we can expect some relief, mike. >> if it's spreading, it's still burning and producing a lot of smoke. if that slows down then the smoke production slows double so hopefully we get that under containment. which way are the winds blowing.
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right now they are more out of the northwest than northeast. you can see parts of the north bay that have been red for the last four to five days are now orange which means it's not quite as dangerous as the red. all of us in the orange or red which means those that are most susceptible in orange to all of us could get sick or have side effects from this. to give you an idea where some of the reporting stations are. we put the dots there, color-coded, and around l.a. that's where some of the better weather is as far as clear right now. everyone is feeling the effects. breathing, itchy eyes, the big story when does it change? saturday is when we're going to start calling the all clear, kristen, a couple more days, unfortunately. >> thanks, mike. the fire is not even a week old, and the lawsuits are already beginning. a group of bay-area lawyers are suing pg&e claiming i lines. determinedow fire started. pg&e told state regulators last week it experienced a problem on
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the transmission line in the area of the firen to determine whether sparks from the transmission line are to blame, but pg&e says if its equipment is responsible, damage costs would exceed the company's insurance coverage. stock in the company fell more than 25% this morning. six people are in custody this morning for crimes related to the camp fire, including looting. these are mug shots released by the butte county sheriff's department. two were found in an evacuated home yesterday with items believed to have been stolen. two others were found with drugs and a laptop that didn't belong to them. the other two were found in a motor home that had been reported stolen. authorities say they have gotten 20 will reports of suspicious incidents in evacuated areas so far. in sonoma county, most schools that have been close stty cons iseum s.
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r hi, kristen. petaluma high school is buzzing inside right now as was an elementary school in santa rosa that we visited earlier this morning. the new rules meant students had to to class today, but we've been getting mixed reviews from parents on this. the day started a little differently in santa rosa. the smokey sunrise is still here. but students could be seen with accessories. they have been out because of the poor air quality as smoke from the camp fire and butte county continue to fill the air. >> the smog is not that bad. >> reporter: joe may be the only parent we found that feels this way. >> my child has asthma and the smoke is not good. >> reporter:
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ed outside the elementary school. >> he's very shy and afraid to ask for inhalers. >> reporter: santa rosa school is one of 40 in sonoma county that adopted new guidelines that cancel classes due to the air quality index and now they will consider at an air quality index of 275 or above. 150 is deemed thy tehe at lincoln didn't go on camera but told us they do not think this decision is safe for the students. >> i feel the same way. the air feels kind of, you know, kind of weird. >> today due to air quality we're not having outside recess or pe. >> the morning announcements solidified the fields will stay empty. suzanna says her asthmatic son knows better anyways. >> he says nope, i'm not going outside for nothing. >> the sonoma county office of education is still determining
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which is the best website to use to choose this air quality index of the right now they are and when we arrived around 4:00 a.m. the air quality index was at 180. it's now at >> getting worse, not better. >> now more on the massive f ag bringing the death toll from the woolsey fire three. this map shows the new numbers that we just received from cal fire. it's burned 97,620 acres and is 47% contained. abc news reportis live there wie latest. >> reporter: the good news is more people are starting to go back into their neighborhoods and sadly this is what some of them will find, their homes destroyed here. some 400 structures burned to
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the ground because of the woolsey fire here in southern alert. the woolsey fire's unforgiving flames leaving their mark on malibu, carving out a path of destruction throughout l.a. and ventura counties, burning some 97,000 acres, roughly the size of denver. >> the only other incident i've been to on this magnitude was hurricane katrina 2005. >> reporter: those flames not giving up. we saw more flare-ups tuesday, and with gusty winds in the forecast again today, fire crews aren't taking any chances. >> there's explosions everywhere. oh, my god. people's tires are popping. >> reporter: and in northern california, the camp fire showing no mercy. new drone video giving us a bird's eye view. devastation. >> ah, it's okay, you guys. keep going, baby, keep going. >> reporter: streets north of sacramento lined with homes that have been leveled, burned-out cars and lives destroyed as
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first responders work to locate hundreds of missing people. >> as i've said again and again, one of the hardest proviou whert with the recovery of human remains. >> reporter: officials finding six more bodies tuesday, bringing the death toll up to 48, more than 200 still missing and 52,000 people evacuated in what has become the state's deadliest wildfire. and these aren't the only two wildfires burning in our state right now. overnight another fire started east of l.a. as you can see imagine adding even more stress to the fire crews who have been working around the clock since all of this broke out last week. reporting live in oak park today. kristen? >> nick, thank you. abc 7's parent company, the walt disney company, has submitted half a million to support relief and recovery
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efforts for california wildfires. part of the money will go to the community foundations wildfire relief found that provides assistance to survivors and another will go to the firefighters foundation which helps fifthers and their families. if you would like to help fire victims, there's some resources on our website, you can also make a $10 donation to the red cross by texting red cross to ss a csholving a u n in the slow lane. the driver climbed out with a broken arm. all the packages were destroyed. two lanes are still closed at this hour. if you're looking for a way to help camp fire victims, we'll tell you about a blood drive kicking off in san francisco in about 20 minutes. and part of the central american my grant group is already at the u.s. border. many climbed over the fence near san diego but then
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new reactio this morning to this viral pre-prom photo in wisconsin. it's actually causing an outrage because it appears some students were giving a nazi salute. now, one student and the photographer are explaining. >> demonstrated by sticking his arm up, like kind of what the salute looked like, so we all kind of imitated it. >> i said to them, okay, boys, you're going to say good-bye to your parents so only african-amt
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is reacting saying his classmates are not racist. he says it's been hard now that the photos are out there. >> you can clearly see in the picture my hands are to myide. was minding my own business. i wasn't even looking at the camera. >> the school district says they are investigating and if the gestures are what they say the district will pursue any and all available actions. thousands of central american migrants have reached the u.s. border. this is video of them climbing the wall in tijuana this. group of 400 broke off from the estimated 5,000-group currently in mexico city. authorities say the ones who climbed over not only did so or i should say they only did so to provoke border agents into arresting them but climbed back laerignt groupre thomg days, and the u.s. defense secretary james mattis is at the border personally this morning. if you've been at home
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watching our coverage of the devastating camp fire burning in butte county. you're probably wondering how youaeis live in san francisco with details on a blood drive that kicks off in a few minutes. >> see the calendar behind me. a look at just how dry it's been. we're on our 42nd day, and there will be 50 before the next chance of rolls in, thanksgiving and into friday. the models are coming into more
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whenever there's a disaster
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like the wildfires the centers need blood. today there's a blood drive and more on that from michael finney on how to help. >> reporter: absolutely. vitalin is n being said here in san francisco, the new name for blood centers of the pacific, very famous. been here in san francisco for a very, very long time and there is a big need for blood, but it's not for the reason you think. let me have kevin adler come in and speak to this. there's a big need for blood but not because blood is going out but it's not coming in. >> the wildfires are impacting our collections. people are being evacuated and schools cancelled. just not to donate right now. >> because of the interruption in their life, right? >> people are worried about
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their homes. they are being evacuated. they can't get to a donation center so donations are down right now. >> this seems like an especially bad time of year for that because we're moving into the shopping season and people quit doing other things. i assume that includes donating blood. >> this couldn't happen at a worse time because of the holiday season. during the holiday season people have a tendency not to donate. they are on thanksgiving vacations, out visiting grandma and are busy. donations are typically down during the holidays so we're encouraging people to donate not only now but throughout the entire holiday season. >> okay. so let's make it easy for everybody. how can you help? how do they sign up because in today's world you can't really walk in. >> you go to find a location near you and donate when you go. >> we'll post that information on we'll about this and how you can help all the fire
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victims throughout the day. i'm michael finney, on your side. >> sounds wonderful. thanks, michael. now let's go over to mike nicco. going to take a few more days. >> before we can call all clear. santa cruz and salinas there's moderate air quality so not that far of a drive. the altima pass into the central valley. that's where we're finding the thickest fog and they also have an air quality warning about 2.3 million people are suffering from poor air quality in the central half of the central valley because of the smoke coming from the camp fire. delays at sfo and this is day six of unhealthy air with about two or three more to go. stars tonight, a little bit cooler than average and tracking clear and a chance of rain. if you're heading out right now besides the mask, dress appropriately with temperatures in the 50s.
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70s, a few of those inland. otherwise most of us in the mid to upper 60s this afternoon. this is the way it looks from emoryville. you can see how murk he the sky is out there as it's full of that unhealthy pollution, and that's going to continue from noon to 4:00 with the temperatures in the 60s and dropping down into the upper 40s to mid-50s by 8:00 and already low to upper 40s so quick cooling under that clear sky and dry air. temperatures tomorrow morning about the same as they were this morning, a little thin layer of frost possible in our inland valleys because there's no moisture in the air. still freezing cold. low to mid-40s and 50 in san francisco. a rain event starting thursday into friday, but it's becoming much weaker. unfortunately, not as robust as it looked yesterday, so here it comes in thursday at about 10:00. it starts raining in the north bay, and you can see as we head friday towards the day, that's when the rain comes in, light to moderate and by the time we get to friday evening it's already gone. here's the setup until we get to
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that. all eyes are pointed towards saturday. that's when the winds at all levels start to shift out of the west and push the smoke away from us. that will open the door to clean air and that's tahoe's report, bone dry through tuesday and then our seven-day forecast, we drop out of the 70s friday, and then by tuesday we're in the low to mid-60s getting ready for that chance of rain on black friday. >> so nice when the kids can safely go outside at recess. >> thanks, mike. santa clara police are asking for your help in solving the mysteriousr fan monday nigh the new york giants. abc news 7's matt keller is live at the police department with the clues we have so far. matt? >> reporter: hi, kristen. people call this case baffling. a search will take place around. -year-old ian powers was
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traveling with his girlfriend from spokane, washington, when he stopped in the bay area to visit family in antioch. he went to the 49ers came monday night in santa clara. in fact this, photo is from that game. his girlfriend says he left his seat in the fourth quarter to us the bathroom and never returned. powers sent some text messages and sent video to her but they never connected in person. that's the last time anyone has seen or heard from ian. >> meaning no further e-mail contact with anybody, no further financial activity that had been done with his accounts, and so we're really left asking for some help. >> reporter: power's girlfriend contacted police the next day after he didn't return to their hotel. police found his car in a nearby parking lot. investigators say he ts is out of character for powers. >> missing persons cases that kind of disappear like this is always baffling for us because we as police always want to solve the mystery and that's
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where mr. powers is and out hopefully finding him in good health. >> and the 49ers say they are cooperating with this investigation and giving police their complete support. reporting live here in santa clara.
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new at 11:00, this 67-year-old man just claimed his
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$343 million jackpot prize in new york. robert bailey was one of two winners in the $687 million drawing on october 27th. he bought a ticket in harlem. only went in to get out of the rain. as far as the numbers he picked, a family member gave him 25 faithfully ever since. the retired federal government employee explains what he plans to do with all that money. >> get a house, especially for my mother, god bless her. she's still around, with a little land around it. i definitely want to travel a little bit and hopefully iod in for me and my family. >> yeah. one of the first places he plans to visit, las vegas. is that where he's planning to make the investments? >> really. >> guess he's feeling lick. the other winner was a woman in iowa, and she claimed the other half last week. what kind of investments would you make? what would you do, mike?
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>> i'd go to vegas. no idea. i would think about my kids, my wife and their futures. >> set everybody up with property, something solid that they can hang on to. a nice trust, sure >> exactly. >> no cars. >> from all of us here at abc 7 news, thanks so much for joining us. "who wants to be a millionaire" is coming up next. one last look outside at the smokey air. >> our sixth consecutive day of unhealthy air. we've got about three more so be
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