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tv   ABC World News Tonight With David Muir  ABC  November 14, 2018 3:30pm-4:01pm PST

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tonight, trafficking a nor'easter just hours away. driving already turning deadly tonight. two dead, more than 40 europes in a major crash. heavy snow, sleet and rain falling at this hour. a dangerous commute home. winter washiwarnings and watche up right now. rob marciano standing by with the new track tonight. the new fire roaring to life tonight. the stunning images. the flames. communities already burned to the ground. and the dire warning tonight. authorities now fearing the death toll could reach 100 or more. the horrific traffic stop. the deputy targeted when the suspect suddenly opens fire. the suspect jumping out without warning, taking aim, unloading
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on the sheriff's vehicle. the investigation tonight, the 18-year-old college student, a freshman, another possible fraternity death at a major american university. tonight, the school now taking action. the dramatic new video moments after a security guard holding down a suspected gunman, when police arrived, an officer then shooting and killing the guard. what the video shows, and what members of the family are now demanding tonight. new developments. the woman partially sucked out of that plane. passengers trying to pull her in. tonight, the words of the pilot who was struggling to fly that crippled passenger jet. and the american passenger who fell off of a cruise ship and did not survive. good evening. and it's great to have you with us here on a wednesday night. and we have a lot to get to. we begin with the major nor'easter moving from the south up into the northeast. 110 million americans bracing for the first severe blast of winter. heavy snow in pine bluffs, arkansas.
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part of the same storm system. treacherous driving on the roads. two people were killed, dozens injured when their bus overturned on an icy highway. that was a ramp near memphis where that happened. drivers avoiding the mississippi river bridge in greenville, mississippi. and the morning commute could be treacherous. then the nor'easter arriving by the evening commute in d.c., philly and new york. abc's steve osunsami in atlanta, where the storm is hitting right now. >> reporter: slick roads in mississippi sent a vehicle crashing into this tour bus, which sent the bus flying with nearly 50 people inside. police report at least two people are dead this evening. in video from the scene, the belongingsle of passengers who had to be pulled from the bus are all over the road. they were traveling from huntsville, alabama. the sleet and snow stretching across several states. this is pine bluff, arkansas, tonight. cars are losing it on the ice and sliding off the roads. the tow trucks are busy there this evening. winter weather and flood alerts
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are up in at least 24 states. and the storm is now moving east and will soon move up the east coast. here in atlanta, where it's been raining for days now, almost nonstop, we're under a flash flood watch. there's now flooding possible from here all the way into the carolinas and into maryland. david? >> steve, thank you again. this is a sweeping or the northeaster, from the south, all the way up through d.c., philly and boston. rob marciano live in new york tonight with the latest track. rob? >> reporter: hey, david. it's starting as an early winter, very dangerous storm across the south, but you're right, it's going to unfold to really be a double barrel nor'easter by this time tomorrow night. we have winter weather advisories from mississippi, where that horrible crash was, through missouri, up through me mep. those flood watches in the warm sector. breaking it down, sleet and snow tonight in memphis and st. louis. heavy rain through georgia, the carolinas. by the morning, roqanoke, richmond, d.c., a wintry mix there. philadelphia, new york, evening
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rush is going to be slick with snow. a bit of a changeover to rain, but interior sections could seal a half a foot of snow here in the middle of november. david? >> rob marciano with us again tonight. thank you, rob. and next this evening, to thwildfires in california, and the dramatic new images tonight, after another fire roared back to leitch overnight. firefighters battling this fire in san bernardino county overnight. the flames, of course, fueled by the winds there. and look at this tonight. new drone video showing the devastation in the city of paradise, california. officials now fear what they could still dils cover there, and abc's will carr from california tonight. >> reporter: fueled by perfect fire conditions -- >> these winds are really really roaring. >> reporter: -- the sierra fire scorching more than 100 acres in san bernardino county. flames exploding across california for the past week. our gio benitez reporting from the destruction. >> so many people here in southern california haven't been able to get back into their neighborhoods to see their homes. but when they do, this is what they might see.
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home after home just leveled. an entire community wiped out. >> reporter: north of sacramento, the town of paradise now a wasteland. >> there are potentially over 100 people that were killed. potentially. >> reporter: members of the national guard wearing protective white suits, joining search teams, combing more than 60 square miles. you can hear the national guard going through this debris. this is a targeted search. a family member called an said, you actually may find my loved one here. >> reporter: moments later, a deafening silence. the guard discovering remains buried in the rubble. an anthropologist brought in. those bones animal, not human. what is your message to the families with people still missing? >> to let us know if they do located their loved one. >> reporter: one town over, a reunion. how long did you stand in line to get your mail? >> a good hour. >> reporter: paradise residents snaking around the block in
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front of the post office. for many, the mail, their only possession. >> it means so much, because i honestly came out of it with the clothes on my back. >> continue to think about all those families. will carr joins us live from the camp fire in car dice, california. will, i know officials are worried that the death toll will rise to possibly more than 100? >> reporter: that's right, david. with the potential for the death toll to double. residents won't be allowed back in here to paradise to see this destruction until the search for the missing is over. even then, it may take years for this community to rebuild and membership not ever be the same. david? >> will carr tonight. will, thank you. next, this evening, to a developing headline at this hour. reports the attorney who represented stormy daniels, taking on the president, michael avenatti, has been arrested. let's get right to our chief justice correspondent pierre thomas with the breaking developments. pierre what have you learned? >> reporter: that's right. we're learning that the lapd made the arrest today. a report was taken yesterday. he has not been booked, david.
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>> pierre thomas with the breaking developments tonight. pierre, thank you. we turn next to the terrifying moments when a deputy comes under fire when the suspect he pulled over jumped out of his car in front of the deputy and began shooting right into the windshield of the patrol car. here's abc's victor oquendo tonight. >> reporter: watch what starts as a routine traffic stop in arkansas -- >> [ bleep ]. shots fired, shots fired. jesus! >> reporter: -- quickly turn into a shootout in broad daylight. >> shots fired, county! >> reporter: this newly released dash cam showing the driver sunday unload round after round. that silver car pulling up, quickly reversing, getting out of harm's way. >> sheriff in a gunfight out here with somebody, he needs backup. >> reporter: the driver then gets out and starts approaching the police vehicle. from another camera, we see the gunfight play out. that's corporal brett thompson behind his suv. while the shooter, identified by police as 29-year-old luis cobos cenobio, takes aim and fires from the
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hood, before getting back in his car and taking off. >> county, i need units now! >> reporter: briefly stopping down the road to let a passenger out. >> i've got a white female, just got out. >> reporter: that woman, his girlfriend, later approaching the corporal with arms raised. >> why did he pull a gun on me? >> i have no clue. >> reporter: corporal thompson was unharmed. is but his vehicle and wi windshield riddled with bullets. the suspect eventually surrendering, appearing in court wednesday, now facing several charges. the suspect is now being detained by i.c.e. david? >> victor oquendo with us tonight. thank you, victor. and there are new images tonight from the moments after a security guard who was holding down an alleged gunman until police could arrive, then that guard was shot and killed by an officer. here's abc's whit johnson. >> killed folks who was helping us. >> reporter: tonight, dramatic new video showing the moments after an illinois security guard was gunned down by police.
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>> he didn't have to do that, bro. he had ten seconds to think before he shot that -- >> reporter: a gathering crowd shouting at officers, as they give jemel roberson cpr before he died from multiple gunshot wounds. roberson, a bouncer at a bar, was pinning down a shooting suspect when he was shot by a white officer arriving on the scene. a preliminary report by state police says he was wearing "no markings identifying him as a security guard" and that an officer gave him multiple verbal commands to drop the gun. but this man says he and others tried warning police. >> we all yelled, he's a security, he's a security. and without any -- giving any thought, they shot him. the vest says security as well. >> reporter: david, a family attorney wants that officer filed and plans to file a civil rights lawsuit. tonight, the police department is calling this a tragic case of blue on blue friendly fire. david? >> whit johnson. whit, thank you. and from ohio tonight, the
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investigation into the death of a freshman at ohio university. he was found understaresponsive apartment, late to his fraternity. here's abc's paula faris tonight. >> reporter: authorities tonight investigating a mysterious death at ohio university. after collin wiant, an 18-year-old freshman, was found unresponsive in this off-campus apartment on monday. the university confirming that residence was an unofficial annex of the fraternity sigma pi, where wiant recently pledged. in response, the university ordered the fraternity to cease and desist all activities and turn over all records, after receiving information that the fraternity "has engaged in conduct that puts the health and safety of your members at risk." athens police tell abc news they don't suspect foul play at this point. the national sigma pi fraternity says they're advising members to cooperate fully with the investigation. is and david, while an investigation into wiant's death is under way, his family is preparing for his funeral in
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columbus, ohio, where he'll be laid to rest this weekend. david? >> paula, thank you. next, this evening, president trump striking a bipartisan tone today, throwing his support behind legislation on prison sentence reform, that backed by members of both parties. there was also a breaking development tonight, after first lady melania trump publicly said that a top deputy does not deserve to work in the white house. that deputy is now out tonight. abc's cecilia vega from the white house. >> reporter: at the white house today, president trump backed a bipartisan plan to reform the nation's prison and sentencing laws. >> did i hear the word bipartisan? did i hear -- did i hear that word? huh? that's a nice word. >> reporter: that's a far cry from his fear-mongering message on the campaign trail, insisting democrats were behind that caravan of migrants heading north. he tweeted about immigration and the caravan at least 30 times in
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the weeks before election day. but since then, the number of presidential tweets about immigration? one. and not a word about those 5,900 american troops he deployed to the border. today, arizona's republican senator jeff flake called it a ploy to win votes. >> you can't call it anything but a stunt here. >> reporter: secretary of defense jim mattis and homeland security secretary kirstjen nielsen meeting some of those troops on the border today. >> hello, soldiers, how are you doing? >> reporter: sources say nielsen is likely to lose her job in a looming white house shakeup. chief of staff john kelly could follow. asked about their fate, today the president told "the daily caller," "we're looking at a lot of options." deputy national security adviser mira ricardel, after first lady melania trump publically declared she does not deserve to work in the white house. the first lady has told abc's tom llamas she does not trust some of the president's staff. >> did you let him know? >> i let him know.
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>> and what did he do? >> well, some people, they don't work there anymore. >> reporter: but late tonight, the white house announcing ricardel is off the job. she'll be taking on a different role in the administration. >> all right, so, let's get to cecilia vega live tonight from the white house, and cecilia, that national security adviser now out. your sources telling you tonight she's been reassigned? >> reporter: she has, david. but we still don't know where she's headed next. we're hearing that the first lady was irritated with ricar l ricardel, and the first lady feels like she has disrespected some of her staff. >> cecilia vega, thank you. and next this evening, to that new interview with monica lewinsky making headlines, in a new documentary. she accepts much of the blame for the clinton scandal, and talks candidly about her mindset at 22, hoping she can help other young people avoid the painful scandal she was swept up in. here's abc's linsey davis again tonight. >> reporter: she is now 45 and making headlines again tonight. monica lewinsky, hoping to help
3:44 pm
other young women by sharing how she felt at 22, and how she says she was swept up into something she couldn't handle. >> he had the ability to hold everybody that was there. not just young women, not just older women. but young men, older men, gay, straight, everybody is sort of starry-eyed in his presence. i kind of have to laugh at my younger self, but that was when my crush started. >> reporter: lewinsky recalls how she felt when a president paid attention to a white house intern. >> he, you know, paid a lot of attention to me. he spent time sort of standing there and held my hand longer than what he should have and gave what others have described as the full bill clinton. >> reporter: in that new a&e docu-series, she explores what she was thinking, that led to what she calls her own poor decisions. she believes he was wrong, too. >> the moment we were actually in the back office for the first time, the truth is is that i think it meant more to me that
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someone who other people desired desired me. however wrong it was, however misguided, for who i was in that very moment, at 22 years old, that was how it felt. >> reporter: lewinsky now telling "vanity fair," "an important part of moving forward is excavating, often painfully, what has gone before. i took the small, narrow sliver of a man i knew and mistook it for the whom." lewinsky describes looking back at those 20-year-old images of her with the president saying, at the time, she was excited for all the wrong reasons. and that she had no idea that life as she had known it was about to end. david? >> all right, linsey davis with us again tonight. thank you. there is still much more ahead on "world news tonight" this wednesday. the american passenger who fell off of a cruise ship. also, the new developments, the woman partially sucked out of a plane. passengers trying to pull her in. well tonight, the words of the pilot now struggling to fly that crippled passenger jet just now amerging. a deadly military crash here
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3:49 pm
before the high speed landing, under her breath, captain schultz says, "heavenly father." >> we are almost landing. everybody breathe. we are almost there. >> reporter: seconds after touching down, schultz says, "thank you, lord, thank you, thank you, thank you, lord." the enginemaker an the ntsb are still investigating why that engine failed, which led to, as the crew noted in the cockpit, to the first death on a southwest jet. david? >> all right, david kery on this story again tonight. when we come back, the discovery in space. the super earth planet, much bigger than ours, they say. and there is news tonight about that deadly military crash involving that super sonic jet. and the american passenger who fell from a cruise ship. who fell from a cruise ship. news coming in on that, too.od t i was thinking... could there be another around the corner? or could it turn out differently? i wanted to help protect myself. my doctor recommended eliquis. eliquis is proven to treat and help prevent another dvt or pe blood clot... almost 98 percent of patients on eliquis
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3:53 pm
condition. the cause of the crash is understood investigation. the cruise ship passenger who fell to her death in the south pacific. holland america saying a 70-year-old woman fell from a platform, hitting the water while moving between the ship and a smaller boat. passengers reportedly were complaining of rough sapps at the time. her name has not been revealed. and the new discovery in space tonight. scientists say they have found signs of a so-called super earth orbiting a star six lightyears away. the planet size, three times our own and apparently much colder. when we come back tonight, 18 days that gripped the world, and what we did not know about that rescue.
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finally tonight here, it was the rescue the world held its breath for. those boys in the cave. and tonight, what we never knew about the u.s. air force team who suddenly had to plan their own way out. here's abc's matt gutman. >> reporter: the u.s. air force team that planned and organized that daring rescue forced to make its own harrowing escape after that thai cave flooded. two american airmen, the very last people out. going in, they feared that many of the boys would die during the rescue. >> we either have a shot where we could get some of them out, or we leave them in there and there's a very, very high chance that none of them survive. >> reporter: 12 soccer players and their coach became trapped in that cave this summer during a flash flood. for ten days, no one knew if they were alive or dead. >> how many of you? 13. brilliant. >> reporter: we've learned in reporting the book "the boys in thcave," that two of the boys barely made it out. one was hypothermic, another stopped breathing.
3:58 pm
we visited a nearby cave to get a sense of the conditions rescuers faced. imagine going through that with 60, 70 pounds of gear, tanks. and tonight, the first images of the cave since the moment the cave flooded at the very end of the rescue. those air tanks and water bottles still there. >> those tanks still in place. our thanks to matt. and his new book, "the boys in the cave" and the rescuers and their fears that that rescue wouldn't be a success. remarkable reporting, matt. i hope to see you tomorrow.
3:59 pm
. one of the worst decision as centers i've seen in my career, hands down. >> this is so devastating that i don't really have the words to describe it. it looks like a war zone. it is. today governor brown and other officials toured the devastation in butte county after the campfire raged through. each saying it's the wos disaster they've ever seen. >> thanks for joining us. i'm ama daetz. >> i'm larry beil. here is where the campfire stands now. at least 48 people have died. the butte county sheriff's department has listed more than 100 people still missing. the car of the fire still under investigation. pg&e admits it had a problem with the line before the blaze began seven days ago. >> the fire is now 35% contained.
4:00 pm
it's burned 135,000 acres and more than 7,500 homes. the fire has torn through towns including paradise and meg gail yeah. the smaller cities of sterling city and paradise pines are still threatened. president trump got an update over the phone from federal officials on the ground in california. in a tweet he said he's with the people of california, quote, all the way. >> we have team coverage on the devastation. abc 7's wayne freedman talks with an elderly couple who lost their home to the flames. >> we'll begin with laura anthony who was with the governor today. >> reporter: we were with the governor for a portion of his tour, where he saw images like these behind me close up. this is what's left of an apartment building. like we felt when we first arrived, we could see the scope of the tragedy. the reality of it leaves one searching for the right words. >> this was our worst


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