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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  November 19, 2018 5:00am-6:00am PST

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it's 5:00 a.m. you are looking at air quality conditions right now in the bay area. we saw some improvement over the weekend. most of us, we will still be breathing unhealthy air today. >> you can find the map on incident updates every five minutes. >> we are not out of the woods. we have a couple more days to go. you are he never more than 7 minutes away from our accuweather forecast. mike, people still need to wear their masks? >> of course. unfortunately the gains we got over the weekend will be erased as another offshore wind will develop today and tomorrow. the red, unhealthy for all of us, will slide over the orange,
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which is just unhealthy for sensitive groups. it will linger through tomorrow. by wednesday, we'll get back into orange. and then yellow rather quickly. green as the rain comes in wednesday night, into thursday. that means much healthier and cleaner air. waking up chilly this morning. mid-30s to mid-40s by 7:00. low to mid-60s at noon. low to mid-60s at 4:00 too. slightly cooler thanks to high clouds that will dim our sunshine, along with all the smoke. over to alexis. let's see what's going on this morning. starting off with a rollover crash on the 5th street exit. the roadway is open. that was really quick work. hopefully it will start to thin out just a bit. if you want to be safe, use harrison or fremont so you don't
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get caught in the backup. highway 4 to the maze, in the green at 17 minutes. 11 minutes across the bay bridge. not impacting the drive. stpropb to sfo, you look great, in the green at 8 minutes. thank you, alexis. as the air quality slowly improves in the bay area, although mike told us it might get worse again, some school districts are planning to reopen today. >> other schools like uc berkeley, san francisco state, and the contra costa district say they will stay closed. we're updating a full list of school closures on you can also find them on abc 7 news app and on the ticker running at the bottom of your screen. one school that will reopen today is san jose state university. a lot of students aren't happy about it. >> lots of students have signed a petition saying is the air quality is still you unhealthy.
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matt kel ser liler is live >> reporter: the air quality is 159, unhealth y. they say they are opening for classes today and tomorrow. san jose's football team still played in the bad air over the weekend on saturday. the air quality was poor then. that came after the campus was closed on thursday and friday. san jose state officials put out a blog letting everyone know the campus would be back open today and tomorrow for classes and wednesday for faculty duty day. it sparked strong reaction on close to 11,000 people have signed it asking them to close classes leading up to the thanksgiving break. some professors are giving students an out. >> how do you feel about going back to class today? >> i was actually kind of bummed out. but my professor just canceled
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class. she just postponed the exam today. they understand students do have problems with the air. >> reporter: san jose state are encouraging students experiencing health issues to seek medical advice and avoid prolonged outdoor activity. matt kelkeller, abc 7 news. >> if you have the app, you have probably seen our push alerts about canceling classes. coming up at 5:30, a closer look at attractions that are closed today. we are learning more of the origins of the camp fire in butte county. the first flames were reported near podan. now, this. pg&e admits it suffered a second problem in comical of the fire. 77 people dead.
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this is astounding. 993 still unaccounted for. it has burned 150,000 acres. firefighters are make something good progress with containment now at 65%. a vigil was held in chico to remember the lives lost in the camp fire disaster. >> they were all paying their respects. abc 7 news reporter carlos saucedo was also there. >> reporter: the amount of devastation has taken its toll. >> it's a big loss. and it's very difficult to put into words. is >> reporter: dozens came to first christian church to pray, weep, and mourn. >> what i would like to do is just hold a moment of silence. >> reporter: it is hard not to find someone who has been impacted by the camp fire. >> i know so many people who have lost homes. ♪ >> reporter: while people take time to reflect, many have opened up their hearts.
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>> we are offering whatever we can and trying to figure out what that is has been difficult. >> reporter: donations keep pouring in, including outside chico's walmart, where many displaced fire victims have been camped out. christy of paradise finally got some good news. >> we are going to a shelter now. she was nice enough to find one that will take two dogs. because my husband and my dogs are any normal now. >> this is always flooded. always. always has been as long as i can remember. it just floods. and we can't have the people here. >> reporter: the goal now is to place evacuees in indoor shelters. a work in progress as a community tries to rise from the ashes. >> the community and the area will carry on. and it will be very hard, but there's light at the end of the tunnel. >> reporter: and being here this
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past week, i have learned this community is resilient. i have seen signs posted paradise strong, butte county strong. a sign of what's to come. carlos saucedo, abc 7 news. and here is a live look at the walmart parking lot that carlos was talking about. as you can see, there is still a setup of food and a number of tents. also port a potties. we will let you know if we have any new developments. never more than 7 minutes away from my accuweather forecast. temperatures getting close to frosty levels in our east bay valleys. danville and san ramon, 34. brentwood at 40. black hawk, in the hills, 41. diablo, up above 3,800 degrees. los gatos, in the hills, 57. 48, pacifica. mid to upper 30s throughout the north bay.
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grab that heavier coat. golden gate bridge, the haze not too bad here right now. some of our cleaner air is along the coast, in the peninsula right now. that's about to change as other 12th consecutive day of unhealthy air. it is all going to be dangerous. north bay, or 44 at 8:00. 20 degrees warmer at noon, 65. then the high clouds will keep us, along with the smoke, in the mid to upper 60s through 4:00. a chilly 47 by 8:00ment start off in the upper 40s in the east bay shore. 63 at noon. 63 again at 4:00. down to 55 at 8:00. check this out. in san francisco, 51. near 60 at noon. low 60s if you're lucky. most of us will be in the upper 50s this afternoon. into the mid-50s at about 8:00. all right. when i come back, we dusted off the storm impact scale, and i think you will like what you see if you're tired of the smoke and
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the dry weather. we'll show you that in a second. here's alexis with a look we have the all clear from chp just at the top of the hour, 5:00 a.m. it sounds like the rollover is clear. and we did have a decent backup starting to form. that is starting to thin out. beyond that, westbound 80 at the ninth street off-ramp, we are hearing about a new crash but it sounds like that is contained to the shoulder. we are seeing a little bit of red from treasure island area. you will start to slow down. i do think this will bounce back since that is all clear. next traffic update at 5:20. yikes! in today's gma first look, it is hard to believe but the 17-year-old driver in that crash survived. there are reports, though, that she fractured her spine and is undergoing surgery.
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eva pilgrim has more. >> reporter: in this morning's gma's first look, a terrifying crash you have to see. a formula 3 car back yards, slaming into a booth on this track in mckeown. behind the will, 17-year-old sophia flourish, who miraculously survived. her air borne car plunges through, and ricochets off before crumbling to the ground. the crash sending five people to the hospital with serious injuries and causing the remainder of the race to be halted for over an hour. flourish remarkably still conscious after the accident was taken to the hospital and initially diagnosed with a spinal fracture. and we'll have the latest on her condition coming up at 7:00 a.m. eva pilgrim, abc news, new york. when i first saw that, it
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made my heart drop. >> it's awful. hope she recovers. the bay area housing market is becoming more affordable. is becoming more affordable.
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soerbgs this a sight for, well, bloodshot, itchy, irritated eyes, nose, throats, whatever from the smoke we have had. showers heavy at times. timing is not great trying to get out of town. think of all the positives it's going to bring, especially if you can put out some of these fires across the state. an hour by hour look at this coming up. okay. this went really bad. a panic at a festival in myanmar. nine people were hurt when a hot air balloon exploded. 40 pounds of fireworks were launching from the balloon at the time. obviously something went haywire and it crashed into the crowd below. going to move to the seattle skhrepblg student accused of murder while studying abroad in
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italy. now she is celebrating an engagement. amanda knox's knee fiancee popped the question with a sci-fi themed proposal. >> will you stay with me until the last star in the last galaxy burns out and even after that? the sound and glow of a fake meteorite lured her out of the house. he said in the video he doesn't have a ring but he does have a big rock. at the end he clarifies she doesn't wear rings. the engagement comes a decade after knox and her former boyfriend were accused of killing her roommate. she spent four years in prison before the conviction was overturned due to lack of evidence. the mother of an east bay girl taken 30 years ago today is asking anyone with information to please come forward. 9-year-old makayla garrett was last seen in hayward in 1988.
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she was with a friend at a market on mission boulevard when a man kidnapped her. makayla's mom believes someone out there knows what happened to her daughter, and she wants to know. >> everything that could have happened to her is in my head. if i could find out what did happen to her would limit everything else. >> this case has never gone cold. they are still following up on leads. seven possible credit card skimmers have been found at gas stations in mendocino county. sheriff's deputies say someone tampered with gas pumps a lot 101 and highway 175. they found them friday. a customer told deputies about unauthorize said credit card charges after stopping for gas. investigators believe there are more victims. authorities say you should always inspect the credit card machine for any loose parts to avoid card skimmers.
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price reductions on homes are happening at a rate we haven't seen in years. take a look at numbers from october of last year compared with this year. california association of ays 600 more homes had price cuts this year compared tyth last year in santala that is a 539% increase. san ma toyeo saw 220% increase. 184% in alameda last year. the mercury news reports these are the highest levels or since october 2012. scooters made their official return last month to san francisco streets. now one company is noticing an alarming trend. in the first two weeks of operation, more than 200 scooters were either stolen or damaged beyond repair. the company says it does have a fix.
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it is developing a special cable lock you will see next month. the company is experimenting with other ways to keepsecure. a school bus driver reuniting with 22 students and teachers from a paradise school and sharing his story how he got them to safety as the camp fire closed in. the a stranger saw the bus and stopped to give the people on board a bottle of water. the bottle was put to good use. the driver tore up his cotton shirt and poured water in paoegsz to create makeshift phafrbgs. >> we started with doing this. then we have a bunch of them. we have a finite amount of water. we were able to get the kids each a cover. >> it took more than five hours for the bus to make it to safety. no one was hurt. all the students were reunited with their parents. unhealthy bay area wasn't enough to keep farmers from selling produce at local farmers
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markets. the sunday before thanksgiving considered to be one of the busiest days of the year for california they would take a big financial hit if they didn't put products out over the weekend. >> farmers specifically target growing a lot of crops this time of the year. so there is a lot of product to move. we wanted to make sure we could provide farmers that outlook. >> that wasn't enough to keep produce shoppers away either from the bad air. a lot of people still went out but wearing masks, as they should be doing. >> absolutely. i will have to finally put one on and do yard work. i haven't done it in two weeks because of the bad air. the neighbors are looking at me like, really? >> get ready for the mask breath. >> we will talk about when we will need the umbrella, how it will affect your commute.
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all sorts of changes in the forecast. healthiest area in santa cruz and celinas. orange and red across our neighborhoods. the areas that were cleaner down around l.a. are not clean anymore. they are orange. san jose, unhealthy air for all of us. we will reverse with our first chance of rain wednesday. tonight's lows in the mid-30s to mid-40s in most neighborhoods. san francisco in the upper 40s to low 50s. here we are at 10:00 tuesday night. a nice wall of weather. it will hit 3:30. and it will hit pretty hard. puddles and spinouts as people
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for tkps get how to drive when for tkps get how to drive when it rains. wednesday morning, nothing measurable. by the time we get to 7:30, 8:00, a half inch to an inch on our way to possibly a third of an inch in the south bay. inch to an inch and a half in the north bay. here's my accuweather seven-day forecast. more than likely in the 50s wednesday, thursday, friday, saturday. we will flirt with 60 here and there. same thing sunday. scattered showers for thanksgiving. another round of steady and lighter rain saturday and sunday. westbound 80 getting into san francisco. san francisco. i have an update.
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9th street exit crash it is closer to fremont. we can't find that. we have been moving this camera all over. you can see the poor air quality as well. it is starting to ramp up in tracy. 9 miles per hour. 580, 12 miles per hour. maybe not so light today. bart, no delays. ac transit looking good. no cable cars today. they will be running bus shuttles as well. we want to wish mickey mouse a belated birthday. both appeared on screen in 1928. the character who created the characters said i hope we don't
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lose sight of one thing, it all started with a mouse. shouldn't he have said mice? can't minnie get her due? disney is the parent company of abc 7. >> i saw mickey this weekend. he says hi. >> what about minnie? >> i didn't see minnie. he says he's 90 but he's young at heart. >> doesn't look a day over 32. fi stssl whilo y holiday shopping. one bay area city made parking free for the rest of the year. free for the rest of the year. a local company shares
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now that you know the truth... are you in good hands? seaonly abreva cany to helpget rid of it in...e? little as 2 1/2 days when used at the first sign. abreva starts to work immediately to block the virus and protect healthy cells. abreva acts on it. so you can too. forget about vacuuming for weeks. the (new) roomba i7+ with clean base automatic dirt disposal empties the roomba bin for you. so dirt is off your hands. if it's not from irobot, it not a roomba. we're coming up on on 5:26 this monday morning. whether you're just joining us or heading out the door, 7 things you need to know. the first is a negative. 12th consecutive spare the air. tomorrow will be 13 days in a row. look what happens wednesday. the rain rolls in and the air
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clears out. more on that coming up. number two, unhealthy air quality is closing muir woods and alcatraz to close. many say it is disappointmenting. >> number three, while many schools remain closed because of the poor air quality, san jose will be open. students have signed a petition asking the school to close classes. >> the camp fire continues to burn in butte county. the sheriff's office confirms 77 people have died. 993 remain missing. number 5, santa clara county authorities are looking to identify a body over the weekend. there is a high profile missing persons case in that area right now. we have been telling you about 32-year-old ian powers who disappeared from a 49ers game last we can. >> number six, our trouble spot has definitely been the bay bridge commute. metering lights on quite early
5:27 am
for the holiday week. we have had two crashes on the other end, the san francisco side of the bridge. those are clearing but it is definitely slowing you down. >> number seven, the cleveland browns are denying reports they are considring condoleezza rice as their new head coach. they said the team wants to interview rice. rice is an avid football fan. reggie, she dismissed the report. she said, nope, not happening. >> all right. we're coming back with another 90 minutes of news, including the search and rescue team now helping out in butte county.
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5:30 this morning. we are starting off the way we did last week, with more unhealthy air.
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mother nature's plans to clear things up, thank goodness, in the next couple of days. good morning. it is monday, november 19th. thanks for joining us. >> an even dozen consecutive days of unhealthy air across the bay. it is starting to get a little bit worse as the offshore flow is returning. let me show you what i'm talking about. we had orange across the peninsula, along the east bay shore. and now that's all turned red once again. so the unhealthy air spreading. got to head down towards the monterey bay to have anything yellow, which is air quality that is acceptable for all of us. all right. here's a look at the embarcadero center. it puts you in a festive mood. i hope so. we are suffering once again from temperatures in the upper 30s to mid-40s. then back in the low to mid-50s at 7:00. we'll talk more about what the tide changes coming up.
5:31 am
here's alexis. good morning, mike. thank you. the bay bridge commute has been our main trouble spot this morning. we started with a rollover crash westbound 580 to 5th street. another crash reported on fremont but we have not been able to find that. metering lights on at 5:19 this morning, so pretty early. tracy to dublin, 1 hour and 3 minutes. heavy out of the central valley. no delays for westbound 4 or southbound 101 out of the north bay. thanks, alexis. a lot of you tried to escape the bay area this weekend. if you didn't, you definitely felt the effects of our unhealthy air. it will keep a number of places closed today, including some schools. amy hollyfield is live for us in pleasant hill. amy. >> reporter: hi. good morning, jessica. don't show up for classes at dee saab low community college or uc berkeley. several campuses canceled classes today and tomorrow because of the air quality,
5:32 am
because of the smoke. it was a poor air quality all weekend. and the conditions are not expected to change today or tomorrow. the advice is to stay indoors if possible and to wear a mask if you have one. this all came as quite a surprise to visitors who arrived over the weekend for the thanksgiving holiday. many were disappointed to find outdoor ice rinks, phf uir woods, alcatraz all closed because of the smoke. >> we wanted to bike and scoot around the city. we wanted to do outdoor activities. it was making it difficult because we saw a lot of people wearing masks. >> reporter: the visitors center at the golden gauge bridge is closed. the view of the bridge is not great. they are not going home with the pictures they were hoping to get. we will be choking on the smoke two more days. rain is expected to bring relief on wednesday. reporting live in pleasant hill, amy hollyfield, abc 7 news.
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many universities, including contra costa community college district, san francisco state, and uc berkeley will be closed today. we have a complete list at and the ticker at the bottom of your screen. we are updating that list as other schools decide whether to open today. >> nearly 1,000 people are still unaccounted for as the camp fire continues to burn in butte county. the butte county sheriff's office confirms 77 people have died in the fire. the search continues for the 993 people unaccounted for. this number has been fluctuating as officials work to track down people reported missing. cal fire reports the fire has burned 150,000 acres and is currently 65% contained. a somber ceremony was held yesterday remembering the lives lost and those still unaccounted for in the camp fire. people from the town of paradise organized this vigil at first christian church in chico last
5:34 am
night. >> it's a big loss. it's very difficult to put into words. >> the community and the area will carry on. and it will be very hard, but there is light at the end of the tunnel. >> more than 10,000 homes were destroyed in a fire displacing thousands of people. we'll show you the effort to relocate evacuees who have been living in tents in the chico walmart parking lot coming up at 6:00. the grim task of searching for fire victims. abc 7 news was in east palo alto as members of task force 3 loaded up their gear. it is made up of 45 team members. they are specially trained to respond to disasters like the camp fire. the mission is straightforward. >> so our primary purpose in going up there, we will assist with the effort to locate any individuals that are still missing. so essentially looking at 1,200 structures.
5:35 am
>> one of the members compared this mission to when they were called in for hurricane katrina. they will stand in butte county as long as needed. this search dog could be back to work as soon as today after suffering an injury in butte county. george the canine was helping search burnt homes in magalia. some kind of sharp metal ended up cutting his leg yesterday. his partner with the mountain view fire department brought him back to the street. a doctor was able to stitch and ban badge him up. if you are or a loved one is looking for your own pet, look at this resource to reunite camp fire victims with their pets. the page is broken up into different categories, from dogs to exotic animals. will the group says it is updating the site daily. we have a link at >> we have a full list of resources also on our website. you can make a $10 donation to the red cross. text "red cross" to 90999.
5:36 am
in the south bay, santa clara county investigators are working to identify a man's body found near alviso marina. boaters made the discovery sunday afternoon. he was last seen leaving levi's stadium last monday. santa clara police tracked his cell phone to a nearby parking lot and also found his car abandoned. they say his disappearance is circumstances. thousands of central american migrants have arrived in tijuana, mexico, and that is leading to rising tensions. tijuana residents are calling this an invasion. migrants plan to cross the border and seek asylum in the u.s. but it could be a lengthy stay in tijuana with u.s. border inspectors processing about 100 claims a day. tijuana's mayor said the city
5:37 am
isn't prepared to handle the number of people which could swell to 10,000. president trump is preparing to submit his answers on the russia investigation to special counsel robert muller. he told fox news he wrote the answers himself and said a sit-down interview with robert muller is not likely. this comes as he defends his acting attorney general matthew whittaker. congressman adam schiff called whisker's appointment unconstitutionally. >> it has to be stoupb. he miss spilled his name as an expleti expletive. he said muller was also not approved by the senate. all right. you're never more than 7 minutes away from my accuweather forecast. frost in the north bay. ukiah, 33.
5:38 am
napa, american canyon, 37. tiburo49 right now.sco.lyhe war. we have mid to upper 30s in the east bay valleys. is brentwood, tracy, 40. upper 30s in redwood city. cupertino. mid to upper 40s for most of the bay. our visibility, 2 to 4 miles because of the thick smoke you can see from south beach. mass transit, make sure you have a new mask today. the ferry is calm for now. come wednesday, it will get choppy when the rain starts to roll in. south bay, 46 degrees at 8:00. 20 degrees warmer just about at noon. mid to upper 60s until 4:00. 55 at 8:00. reset the time frame and go to the peninsula. 48 this morning. 61 at noon. from 1:00 to 4:00, in the mid-60s. but down in the mid-50s by 8:00. our last stop will be the east bay valleys. 40 this morning at 8:00. mid-60s from noon through about 4:00. down to a chilly 51 by 8:00.
5:39 am
come wednesday, all the poor air quality will be gone balls rain is on the way. first let's bring alexis in. still having the issue on the bay bridge? >> it's improving. check out the toll plaza for the bay bridge. metering lights on pretty early. 20 minutes ago, 5:10 the official time. it has had a ripple effect across the entire bridge. treasure island, things thin out. the rest of the way into san francisco. it certainly is heavy getting through the maze here up to the toll plaza. and a little bit beyond that really no issues in the south bay. one new problem in the east bay. crash involving a semi and a crash involving a semi and a small sedan.
5:40 am
next traffic update in 10 minutes. on the peninsula, electric scooters will be the topic of discussion tonight. as part of the city council meeting, there will be a meeting on temporarily banning scooter businesses for three months in the city. according to the city council agenda, it's because of safety concerns. the city wants to do more studies. the meeting starts at 7:00 tonight at the san mateo city hall. just when you thought it was over, there is another plot twist involving these three people and their alleged go fund me scam. the update is an abc news exclusive. a salmonella update this one involving raw ground turkey. a live look at 5:40. you can check
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we have unhealthy air in san joaquin valley. red from fresno tokersfield. for us, red and orange everywhere until you get down to monterey bay. socal, orange pops up as sensitive groups have unhealthy air. 61 in monterey.
5:44 am
55 tahoe. look at this. snow so the way. if you can leave tomorrow and come back sunday, those are your driest days >> new developmenting involving the new jersey couple duping people of $400,000. >> this is getting so bizarre. the woman claims she's the real victim. kate mcclure admits her story about running out of gas wasn't true. but she insists her intentions were pure from the start to help a homeless veteran get back on his feet. so she is accusing the men of being the masterminds behind the plot. last november they went on a media blitz with their feel-good story saying johnny bobbit g he h las 20 bucks as she ran out of gas.
5:45 am
>> the whole [ bleep ] thing. you did everything. i had no part in anyi'm the onee fall. >> but then they both go on the vacations and everything. i don't know. i'm just asking some questions. you will hear more from the recording on good morning america at 7:00. it's important to note abc news has not independently verified the authenticity. go fund me agreed to refund money to the people who donated. >> there has been so many twists and turns in that story it's hard to figure out. >> blows my mind. health officials say there is no reason to skip thanksgiving dinner. it is all because of a salmonella outbreak. >> it includes taco seasoned, italian seasoned, 93% lean and 85% lean. it has killed one person and
5:46 am
made 160 people sick. whole birds are considered safe. officials say whole birds are considered safe because of tighter regulations which makes contamination very low. they said properly cooking your bird kills any salmonella that may be present. the study is published in the new england journal of medicine. the fda has not approved that drug yet. you may want to change your bug haedt. probleh theit, some accounts passwords showed up in the rmat anyone else but it could be a problem for people who share
5:47 am
computers. the company has alerted people who may have been impacted. shoppers are getting ready for black friday. but many major retailers are adding big savings up to the big day. jc penney, 40% off appliances. walmart starts wednesday. at target, 15 televisions under $300. websites are offering plenty of perks to get people to spend. online shopping is a cutthroat landscape. retailers will do anything to sweeten the deal. if there isn't free shipping offered, just ask for it. >> protect yourself while shopping online. use a secure wi-fi connection and pay with a credit card instead of a credit card for protection. >> i'm just supposed to ask for free shipping? who do i ask? i just yell at the computer. free shipping, please. >>tilno work. that doesn't work. you haveak a th. >> these are the tips i live
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for. the cleveland browns are denying reports they are considering condoleezza rice as their new head coach. the team wants to interview rice. rice is an avid football fan. but she dismissed the report. she posted on facebook that, quote, she's not ready to coach but would love to call a play or two if the team wanted. rice is a fellow at the stanford's hoover institution. >> with sports, we bring in alexis smith. >> the cleveland browns don't have much to lose. they can try just about anything, right, mike? >> oh, yeah. they fired their offensive coordinator first. thin they fired their head coach. then they have one of the best rookie quarterbacks in the league in baker mayfield. so there's talent there if someone like condoleezza could come in and make it work. >> you never know. >> you never know. it's not going to happen, unfortunately. it. >> would be exciting. >> people would watch.
5:49 am
>> absolutely. i agree. let's take a look and show you what's going on. this is must-see tv.. a look at walnut creek. south on 680 through the haze. our 12th consecutive day of unhealthy air. chances of rain and cleaner air begin wednesday. it will be cooler and cleaner all the way through the holiday weekend. here's a look at what's going on for our lows don't. we have a lot of mid to upper 30s in inland valleys. low to mid-40s in the bay. 49 in san francisco. here it is. 200 days since we have had a healthy rain. rainfall amounts that could top an inch. here we are going to bed tuesday night at 10:00, give or take. we wake up wednesday morning and it's a quick transition from 3:30 to 7:00, we could have a bust of light to moderate rain roll in during the morning commute.
5:50 am
a lot of spinouts probably. she will be busy too. we will all be tracking this. it starts to taper in showers. that will be the case for thanksgiving. we'll wake up with scattered showers in the morning. for the most part, the rain will stay from clear lake northward. another chance of steady or light rain friday. scattered showers as we head through saturday into sunday. here you go. tuesday is a 2. but with the scattered showers for thanksgiving, it becomes a 1, light. it is light friday. it is a 1. and morning showers saturday and and morning showers saturday and a chance in the evening sunday. >> our main trouble spot has been the bay bridge. we have been in recovery mode for a while. you can see traffic moving pretty well into elira se the s we have heavier volumes. has ha effect back to the bay bridge toll plaza. metering lights were on early at
5:51 am
5:19 today. a hit and run crash with injuries westbound 580 before grant line road. just the shoulder is blocked. that's a tough spot to have anything blocking. i will keep an reye on that. mass transit on spare the air day, 46 traipse ns in service, delays. normal service on ac. no cable cars due to poor air quality so they are providing bus shuttles instead. bus shuttles instead. alexis, thank you. five public garages downtown in santa rosa will be free from 6:00 to 8:00 on weekdays and all day on the weekends. they are looking to turn a big profit. >> starting today, amazon will deliver a live christmas tree to your door, but is it worth the price? >> a reunion 16 years in the
5:52 am
making between a car crash victim and the chp officer who saved her life. a local brewery directly impacted by the fire is now impacted by the fire is now delivering something to
5:53 am
5:54 am
today will be our 12th consecutive day with smoky skies, 11 with ub healthy air. smoke came in thursday. it got unhealthy on friday. we have had 10 days where we have exceeded standards for collusion in the air. i'll show you the run coming up.
5:55 am
here's jessica. >> mike, thanks. believe it or not there is a new way to watch hollywood movies online. >> youtube you can watch movies with ads. take a look at what's available now. hmm. >> legally blond. i like that one. >> terminator is there. >> rocky. those who pay a premium can watch without ads. california brewers are coming together to help victims of the camp fire. you can have a beer and help a good cause. sierra nevada and several other companies will make a resilience and all profits will benefit a fire relief fund. a young lady involved in a serious traffic crash 16 years ago was finally able to say thank you so the chp officer who saved her. so here you are. and this is the emotional reunion between officer tom
5:56 am
mcguire and christine macintosh. she was involved in a horrific 2002 crash when she was an infant. he was first on the scene and found macintosh badly injured and then started cpr. >> i got you breathing again. and obviously eventually firefighters got there. and you're here today. so that's a good thing. >> wiping away the tears. she will be a biological sciences major. she said she wants to go into forensics and, get this, a career in law enforcement. that's pretty great. >> so cool they got to be reunited there. taking a look at the commute this morning we have heavier volumes than i was expecting. i thought a lot of folks would take the whole week off. walnut creek north of 24 near 24 2, a crash on the shoulder. heavy through the concord area
5:57 am
of 242 as well. westbound 80, highway 4 to the maze, 24 minutes. 13 minutes across the bay bridge. and san francisco to sfo in the green at 9 minutes. let's check in with meteorologist mike nicco. thanks, alexis. you are never more than 7 minutes away. 3:00 wednesday morning. by 4:00, wow. almost everybody is getting rain except for the far inland areas of the east bay and the south bay. that's how quickly things are going to change. by the time we head to the evening hours, look at this. a third of an inch in the south a third of an inch in the south bay. easily the wettest weather on wednesday across the state. it will extend to washington and oregon while the rest of the country is pretty dry. >> thank you, mike. the bad air quality impacting everything we do here in the bay area. we will have that coming up for you, as well as breaking news
5:58 am
coming in. the rescue effort right now happening off the marin county coast. that's right. an update on closures from schools to attractions across the bay area. the president of finland
5:59 am
6:00 am
now at 6:00, sorry to say, but we have more bad air. a live look from the east bay hills where you can hardly see anything. hazy, smoky conditions still lingering over our skies. and the conditions slightly improved over the weekend. you can see the bay area still up healthy. you can you check out this map at it updates every five minutes.


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