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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  November 20, 2018 3:00pm-3:30pm PST

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video show, "right this minute." a terrifyin preor a commuter who -- >> i was trying to take a shortcut. >> while it feels like an eternity. >> you only take a shortcut for the next life. >> this woman has no clue about the reunion. >> with sidney. >> the moment the sweet surprise sinks in. he had hypnosis and poor hayden bell is now stuck in the '80s. now the totally rad creators of a comedy series reveal how "that '80s guy" is bringing back the fun and the fashion. >> i had sometime original stuff i had in high school in my closet.
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>> plus the buzz word for your shot to win a new ipad mini is christiane, kerry nick and gayle break down the best on the web, including playing a game with granny. [laughter] >> what they're scratching off that has her all worked up. >> oh, granny! >> we've all done some pretty crazy things trying to commute. got to catch that plane? got to catch that train? nothing quite as ridiculous as this. no! >> this is intentional. or is this an accident? >> on one platform, trying to take a shortcut to the next. >> he almost took a shortcut to the next life. >> yeah. >> this is true. >> he came across this track, the train was starting so he had to think fast. he laid there, he made himself skinny, he waited until the train passed, and then -- >> then in the cartoons is when the next train comes back and flattens him. >> no, he sits up and he's like,
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whoa. that was close. >> yeah, reassessing things right now, aren't you? >> he was uninjured. this person in china wasn't so lucky. here we come. >> oh, dude. >> you're doing it wrong. 0 you're doing it wrong. >> whoa! >> wow! >> this is crazy! >> goodness. >> it was like there was somebody in front of him. >> he felt that the space was to go towards the hill when his brakes stopped working. >> okay. he thought he could burn off some speed by trying to go up the hill, but also looks like the throttle was stuck or something. that car was moving. >> well, he said he tried to maneuver because he figured the hill would stop him. however, the hill was lower than he expected and so instead he went over it through those bushes and into that pole. >> you know what didn't work? neutral and an emergency brake. >> he was lucky. there were no injuries and it's being investigated. >> you know, when somebody asks you a simple question, you probably don't expect this kind of response. >> how was your visit with the
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bracy? >> good. >> how long did they stay last night? >> this woman has been without her assistance job for four months. you see her here in the hospital and that's when somebody was able to get her reconnected with sydney, her assistance dog. >> sidney, where have you been? i have so much to tell you. and i have to much to kiss and love on you, because that's exactly what they do. somebody calls her and she's like, how did you make this happen? >> a the service times are there to make them feel better and take away anxiety. someone in the hospital that long, that's the perfect time for your service dog to climb up. >> put a leash on you. >> she's surprised. sydney's in my lap right now. >> sidney is like, stop asking questions. >> the kisses do begin because
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it's like, i missed you so much. >> oh! >> first lieutenant jake pope is a pilot with the u.s. air force and he's been gone from home five months. his mom was having lunch with his girlfriend. she eventually gets some other words out, like what are you doing here? >> surprising you. >> it's clear she had to get some -- >> this is what it looks like to be a champ. >> man, that kiechbd distance you normally have a parachute with that thing. >> this is gary hunt. he is a red bull professional diver and a champion at that. >> he's also built like a human lawn dart. right into the water. >> if you were impressed by that, check this out. >> oh, whoa!
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>> he looks like a stunt man just flung out of a window. >> what about a very, very, tiny diving pool? wow. knowhis guy. this is the kid that i used to hang around with when i was like 8 years old that wanted to jump out of the trees we were climbing. why are you doing that? >> he does kind of say that's how he got started. he was the little kid who was learning how to swim. he watched the older kids diving and having a great time and he decided, i want to be them. and that is how this journey into diving started for him. and now he has been crowned world champion six times. and very recently, the 33-year-old participated in the red bull cliff diving world series in texas. >> so, red bull typically gave you wings. he's like, i don't need those eager. >> in many of his jumps, he reaches speeds of up to 60 miles an hour as h ther. needless to say, don't do this at home.
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>> it's time to giveaway another ipad mini. >> you'll need two things, buzz word, and a legal resident of the u.s. >> coming up in just minutes. >> stand by, everyone, for the rtm mini pad giveaway. >> question of best decade ever. of course it was the '80s. the decade that brought us mtv rubik's cube, pacman and members only jackets. and there's a brand-new web comedy series, giving an homage to the '80s. >> high school reunion is this weekend. been having some anxiety issues. >> hayden bell, the character in this show "that '80s guy" resort today hypnotherapy. >> we're going to make you the person that you really want to become. >> hayden. >> wow, i feel awesome. you're totally rad.
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>> this is it, bro. i'm finally going to talk to rob. >> paul head ebb bell is now stuck in the '80s. going after the hottie that he always wanted. >> hayden bell? what a loser. >> into the car, '80s boy. >> can you believe it? over a million views already. >> we all know somebody who was stuck in their -- you're like -- >> not me. >> it's a fun new web comedy series called "that '80s guy" created by craig and larry and they're both joining us right this minute. >> the '80s totally cool in my opinion. and lots of people, lots of audiences craving that '80s feel, right? >> it's back. what's not to like about the '80s, right? >> why are you making the show? for people like us trying to relive the '80s? >> that's one of the great things about the '80s. not only is it coming back but there is a whole new generation falling in love with the '80s.
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anything '80s. our daughters love it. >> in the '80s, costumes or clothes? >> we had some of the original stuff that i had in high school in my closet. >> greg, we are, of course, keyed in on the viral video clip that you guys referenced in the show here. talk to us about that scene a little bit. >> hayden's character, the '80s guy, he goes viral which he doesn't even know what that is. but -- >> that's where i get my name from, "that '80s guy." >> there was a classic theme in the '80s movies, to beat the bully. >> there is always a dance in those '80s movies. there always seems to be a fight. we wanted to turn it into something comedic. a lot of those dances are from '80s movies. i don't know if you can guess which ones. >> guys, this looks like a lot of fun to get into. how can we see that '80s guy? >> the entire series is on vimeo
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on demand. there is a link from the youtube trailer that will take you right to it. by the end of the week we're going to be on amazon. anyone on amazon prime can check it out, too. >> any chance we might see some old '80s stars make an appearance in had? >> that's a good question. i can't tell you which actors, but we have had eight '80s iconic actors that want to be involved. >> it's going to be really exciting because you're going to see a lot of old familiar faces. >> a lot. >> i want to see the shot where he got the girl. >> you're going to have to watch. [ laughter ] >> a woman's really fired up, so she's letting her rage out with a fire extinguisher. because why? find out what set her off on a smashing rampage. >> girl, you better get your life together. >> and trying to bust something out from under the shed. >> but this rescue was pretty tough. >> see what it takes to bring in the backyard badger. new theraflu powerpods.
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when you find it for less, ingenious space- neat nest™ by fasaving design. closed captioning provided by -- al and the pan surface. farberware neat nest™. stacked & intact™ it looks like one woman's patience has been extinguished. >> oh! >> well, you're using it wrong. >> uh-huh. >> this is a woman letting her rage out, because why? >> chill out on that, because this is a lot of rage. >> you see the woman? >> in this case she's smashing up three cars in a hospital car park. but the day before she was also on that same rampage, the aftermath of which seen here. this is the other 24 cars that she smashed up on this street as well. she also went around pushing
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over parked motorbikes. that's just under $15,000 worth of damage in total. she is expected to serve some time. but the reason behind this is that she was in a bad mood after she had a rau with her husband. >> so she took it out on everybody else's car? >> yes. >> maybe he had an afar with all of these women. >> if that's the case, she's the energizer bunny. >> we're in a jewelry store in the philippines. check out that dude in the blue right there waiting for his opportune moment to, in the most unsubtle way, rob this place blind. >> i wonder if those three people were his accomplice. were they running a block is this >> watch from this other angle. all three of them. >> can i have a look at this one? can i have a look at that? while the people are distracted the other dude is able to snatch just over 7 1/2 thousand dollars worth of jewelry and not half a beat after he walks out the front door, everyone is like, you know what? no, i don't want that. and they follow along.
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>> they totally ran interference. >> they got a clear look at everybody on the cameras. they're having trouble tracking them down. they're still looki f >> wow. >> simon cowell says he's been rescuing animals four years. this rescue was pretty tough. he got a call from badger in ou backyard. this badger is looking lean and scrawny. once he gets there, it wasn't hang ag around in the yard. they finally look under the shed. >> they finally spot it. the grasper doesn't look like it's able to reach. so simon goes to the other side while lori is trying to fish it out from that end. >> luckily the homeowner didn't mind a little bit of vandalism. >> yes, simon breaks into the other side, and in that tiny, tiny crawl space, they're trying to get that badger out. >> the badger is literally like next to you. >> oh, wre waiting to see who is going to get it.
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>> he's coming in from the back. >> he looks like a backward skunk. >> he does. >> in the u.k. that's what they look like. i have got the neck grasped. >> once he gets it out, he realizes it wildlife aid to get it nurtured. they have a huge room where they help nurse badgers back to help. >> the badger room. >> don't go in there, though. >> they're so cute, though. >> speaking of cute, i have to admit, the raccoon in this video is adorable. the man has spotted it in a dumpster. but he makes the discovery -- >> oh, my gosh, babies in there! >> it's mom and two little ones. so now it's time for them to come out. so he's got this big stick. he puts the stick in the dumpster. he backs off. >> one. two. here he comes. >> everybody goes successfully. go now >> kids and their food. >> this spaghetti does not stand
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provided by -- when i have a breakout from eczema, i feel like i'm in this shell. gold bond eczema relief relieves five frustrating symptoms of eczema. my skin's back. some of the most fun gifts i think you can give are scratch-off cards. >> i love getting those in your stocking or birthday card. >> and everybody there scratching off and maybe 5 bucks. >> well, granny is here. and anthony is able to give granny something to scratch on. she gets it going there. starting to reveal what's beneath all that stuff. >> oh, that's a diamond. >> got one there. see what else, can we get a match? she hands the card over to anthony to finish scratching everything off. >> you're lucky. you got one. >> i got one.
3:21 pm
i think three. >> come on, just two more. >> now granny is starting to see a few things appear. >> come on, come on, come on, one more. >> she's getting a little excited. >> is it a winner? [ laughter ] >> you want to scratch the bride box, then? >> what do you get? what's the prize? >> oh! oh. oh! >> they're having a baby. grandma goes crazy. >> are you really? >> yes. >> oh! >> do you know what it is? >> we know what it is. >> they know but the rest of the family doesn't know what it is. the creative way they reveal the gender of this future baby is with a whip. they blew it up in the air. the motorcycle kicks the balloon up with the back tire. kicks it up, megan and anthony are having a baby boy. >> that was actually pretty dope. >> that's it.
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♪ ♪ ♪ >> it's time to giveaway the ipad mini. >> you'll need the buzz word, 18 years old and a legal resident of the u.s. >> head over to and click win ipad. tuesday's buzz word is cranberry. >> go to and click on the win ipad button and enter today's buzz word cranberry, c-r-a-n-b-e-r-r-y. >> good luck, everybody.
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>> comedian kev-on-stage gives kids their first slice of pumpkin pie. >> let's see what they think. they're going to love it. >> smells good. >> why there's nothing
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>> there are several more. go or use our mobile app. >> that looks good enough to eat. >> let me get a flower. >> smell. >> let me get a flower. >> let me get a flower. >> let me get a flower.
3:26 pm
>> owen. >> oh, the flaw. that's what all the cool kids are doing. >> shouldn't everybody be doing it? >> i didn't realize it was cool. >> not that one, this one. >> miss donna harper said on instagram she's basically just giving them that work. taking him to school. kev on stage is a dad trying his hand at it. >> your hand is opposite. >> his kids are going to be so proud of him. he tried something that they do, so he decided to have them try something. >> i'm zen. >> i am joe. >> and our dad is making us try pumpkin pie for the first time. >> oh, pumpkin pie? that's hardly a thing to convince them to do. let's see what they think about it. >> they're going to love it. >> if they don't like it, i'll be surprised the.
3:27 pm
>> 100% chance they're going to be like greatest thing ever. >> i don't have any. i have mixed feelings about it. i would eat it if i was really hungry. but if i had the option, i would choose another option. >> i wouldn't eat it if i had a chance to not eat it, i wouldn't. >> i wouldn't eat it. >> oh, really? i could take out a whole pie. so, playing in the background is anita baker so he's also introducing them to anita baker at the same time. >> now, that's good. >> huh? >> i don't like the pie. >> you don't like it? >> sweetie pie, i guess we'll figure it out. i don't think there is ever a dull moment in their home. >> all right, you're all caught up in the world of the web. thanks for watching
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tonight, several developing stories as we come on the air. the storm, as millions head home for thanksgiving. snow and ice and the fog. and tonight, the arctic blast coming in. ginger is standing by. the horror in the hospital just revealed tonight. the gunman and what led him to open fire on his exfiance, a doctor, then on a pharmacist in training who was simply getting off an elevator. and then the officer trying to stop him. breaking news tonight involving president trump and his answers to robert mueller. and the other headline, the president says he will stand with saudi arabia, despite the killing of jamal khashoggi. ivanka trump's use of private e-mail for her work in the white house, after her father made private e-mail issue number one against hillary clinton. the manhunt right now. the woman killed inside a catholic supply store.
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the mother who plung


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