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tv   ABC World News Tonight With David Muir  ABC  November 20, 2018 5:30pm-6:00pm PST

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ashl ashl ashley. i'm kristen sze. we'll see you again in half an hour. tonight, several developing stories as we come on the air. the storm, as millions head home for thanksgiving. snow and ice and the fog. and tonight, the arctic blast coming in. ginger is standing by. the horror in the hospital just revealed tonight. the gunman and what led him to open fire on his ex-fiancee, a doctor, then on a pharmacist in training who was simply getting off an elevator. and then the officer trying to stop him. breaking news tonight involving president trump and his answers to robert mueller. and the other headline, the president says he will stand with saudi arabia, despite the killing of jamal khashoggi. ivanka trump's use of private e-mail for her work in the white house, after her father made private e-mail issue number one against hillary clinton. the urgent manhunt right now. the woman killed inside a catholic supply store.
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the mother who plunged overboard on a cruise ship. tonight, her children now speaking out. what they say she told them right before the trip. two major fires tonight. the investigation after a family is killed inside their home right before thanksgiving. and the other fire in new york city, the aerials coming in now. the major consumer warning tonight just before thanksgiving about something that could be on the holiday table. they say, do not eat it. and black friday almost here. the tool that will tell you if there's actually a lower price some place else. good evening. and it's great to have you with us here on a tuesday night. we have a lot to get to, but we're going to begin with the mass exodus. millions heading home for thanksgiving. the storm system, and now the arctic blast, moving in right behind it. a tractor trailer rolling over on snowy i-90 near albany, new york. fog limiting visibility on the roads in erie, pennsylvania. and icy conditions forcing this car right off the road in the region, too. and as i mentioned, freezing temperatures, wind chills in
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some places below zero right after. and the winds could be an issue for the famous thanksgiving day parade right here in new york city. so, let's get right to chief meteorologist ginger zee leading us off tonight with what's coming. hey, ginger. >> reporter: hey, david. so many of us have plans to be at parades on thanksgiving morning, from detroit to new york city to philadelphia, where i'll be, and the numbers are not pretty. check out the wind chills of what you'll be exposed to. single digits for some. subzero, when you go interior new england. utica, 4 below. the feels like in boston, 0 on thanksgiving morning. and it doesn't rebound much. that arctic air settles in. new york city could tie for their third-coldest thanksgiving on record. and then the wind, 20 to 30-mile-per-hour gusts that will make it at least challenging for those balloons at that macy's parade. david? >> all right, ginger zee with us tonight. ginger, thank you. there are new details coming in tonight about that horror that unfolded inside that hospital. just a short time ago, authorities came before the cameras, describing what happened.
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the gunman taking aim at an e.r. doctor, his ex-fiancee, and then going on a rampage, targeting an officer and a pharmacist who just happened to be getting off an elevator. abc's alex perez in chicago again tonight. >> reporter: tonight, the horrifying new details about the deadly rampage at mercy hospital in chicago. >> holy [ bleep ]! >> reporter: authorities say 32-year-old juan lopez arrived just before 3:30 monday afternoon to confront his ex-fiancee, e.r. doctor tamara o'neal, demanding his engagement ring back. that's when police say lopez shot and killed her. lopez then moving inside the hospital, killing chicago police officer samuel jimenez and pharmacy technician dayna less. >> i need officers to go to the lobby. there's a female shot in the lobby. >> that poor woman had gotten off of an elevator, had nothing to do with nothing, and he shot her. >> reporter: police heroically facing off with the gunman as doctors fled with patients. one officer struck in his holster.
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his gun stopping the bullet. the gunman, dead at the scene. >> had those officers not engaged that guy yesterday, there's no telling how much loss of life we would have had. >> reporter: tonight, tributes to the lives lost. officer jimenez, a husband and father of three. dayna less's father says she was set to marry her high school sweetheart next year. >> i was going to be giving a wedding speech instead of a eulogy. >> reporter: and dr. o'neal, with a beaming smile on the day she found out she would be an emergency medicine physician. her father spoke with her the night before she died. >> and she said, i love you. and those were the last words that she spoke to me. >> and alex perez joins us live from the hospital again tonight. and alex, this evening, you learned that the gunman actually had accusations of violent behavior in his past? >> reporter: david, he was dismissed from the fire academy after allegations he bullied female cadets and, according to
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court documents, his ex-wife accused him of threatening her and says he slept with a pistol under his pillow. david? >> alex perez, our thanks to you. now to the breaking headline involving president trump tonight. we have learned this evening that he has turned in his written answers to robert mueller, and it comes as the president also makes headlines on saudi arabia. today, making it clear that he is standing with saudi arabia's crown prince, despite the murder of "washington post" writer jamal khashoggi. and despite the cia reportedly concluding with, quote, high probability, the crown prince was behind the hit. here's abc's senior white house correspondent cecilia vega tonight. >> reporter: from president trump today, a forceful defense. >> if we abandon saudi arabia, it would be a terrible mistake. >> reporter: that, in spite of "the washington post's" report that the cia has concluded crown prince mohammed bin salman himself ordered the assassination of journalist jamal khashoggi. khashoggi last seen alive walking into the saudi consulate in istanbul. officials say he was assassinated by a saudi hit
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published in a turkish newsp show the luggage of the alleged killers. right there, electric shock devices, syringes, scissors and radios. there was even an audio recording of khashoggi's execution. apparently, none of it enough to convince the president to break ranks with this middle eastern ally. >> i'm not going to destroy the world economy and i'm not going to destroy the economy for our country by being foolish with saudi arabia. >> reporter: today, in an exclamation point-filled statement, the president emphatically declared, "the world is a very dangerous place!" and while he criticized the murder, saying, "the crime against jamal khashoggi was a terrible one, and one that our country does not condone," he also essentially declared the matter case closed, writing, "it could very well be that the crown prince had knowledge of this tragic event. maybe he did and maybe he didn't!" on fox news, the president said
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the crown prince assured him he was not involved. >> he told me that, i would say maybe five times, at different points. >> reporter: today, he told me, there's just too much on the line. why are you siding with the saudis over your own intelligence community? >> because it's america first to me. saudi arabia, if we broke with them, i think your oil prices would go through the roof. >> cecilia vega asking the questions there at the white house. and cecilia, on another front tonight, the president's lawyers are now confirming that the president has turned in his written answers to robert mueller? >> reporter: david, they were turned in today. this, after months of negotiations over the scope of these questions, what the subject could be, how many there would be. sources tell us that the president actually spent several days last week huddled up with his lawyers, coming up with the answers to these questions. answers, we're told, that address conclusion, but not obstruction. >> cecilia vega at the white house tonight. cecilia, thank you. the other headline out of the white house tonight involves the president's daughter, ivanka, who, it turns out, was
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using private e-mail for her work in her father's administration. here's abc's chief white house correspondent jonathan karl. >> reporter: tonight, president trump is defending his daughter, under fire for using her personal e-mail to conduct government business. during the campaign, the president made hillary clinton's use of private e-mail a central issue. >> i think she's pathetic. i think she should be in jail for what she did with her e-mails, okay? >> reporter: now we are seeing e-mails ivanka trump sent white house aides and government officials, including cabinet secretaries, from her personal account, using her married name, ivanka kushner. in one e-mail, obtained by a liberal group through the freedom of information act, she writes "for future reference" and then gives her government e-mail address. her lawyer issued a statement, saying, "while transitioning into government, ms. trump sometimes used her private account, almost always for logistics and scheduling concerning her family." the president today said there's no comparison between hillary clinton's actions and his daughter's. >> early on and for a little
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period of time, ivanka did some e-mails. they weren't classified like hillary clinton. they weren't deleted. it's all in the presidential records. everything is there. >> jon karl live at the white house tonight, as well. the president there defending his daughter and her use of private e-mail, but tonight, jon, as you know, "the new york times" is breaking a story that president trump once wanted the justice department to prosecute his former opponent, hillary clinton, and james comey, too, but that he was advised not to? >> reporter: "the new york times" is reporting that white house counsel don mcgahn rebuffed the president's request, and that mcgahn had the white house legal team draft a memo, saying that if the president ordered the prosecution of his political opponents, he could face a range of consequences, including impeachment. david, there is no comment from the white house tonight on this story, and don mcgahn's attorney said simply that he would not comment on what legal advice he offered the president. >> all right, our chief white house correspondent jonathan karl. we're turning to other news now, and to the urgent manhunt
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under way in st. louis at this hour, after a deadly attack inside a catholic goods store. a woman was killed inside. and here's abc's linsey davis. >> reporter: an active manhunt in st. louis tonight, after a woman was killed monday afternoon at a catholic supply store. >> gunshot wound. scene not secure, catholic supplies. >> reporter: authorities say 53-year-old jamie schmidt was a customer in the store when a man came in and sexually assaulted at least one woman and fired at schmidt. >> he already shot one female, so he's armed and dangerous. >> reporter: schmidt, a mother of three who sang in the church choir, later died at the hospital. the victim's sister-in-law told kmov -- >> i kind of feel like she resisted and that's why he shot her. and that's true to nature for jamie. >> reporter: police tweeted out these images, saying they are looking for a white male, 5'7" to 5'9", 40 to 50 years old, who was wearing a navy blue carhartt-style work jacket, a plaid shirt and a paperboy-style hat. that catholic supply store was
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closed for business today, but it will be back open tomorrow with additional security, david. >> linsey davis, thank you. there is new trouble tonight for the attorney who took on the president, michael avenatti. a young actress filed a request for a restraining order against avenatti and got it. tonight, her allegations, and avenatti's response. here's abc's chief national affairs correspondent tom llamas. >> reporter: tonight, new and detailed accusations emerging in the domestic violence case against michael avenatti. >> what happened, michael? >> reporter: 24-year-old actress mareli miniutti filing for a restraining order. she says avenatti physically and verbally assaulted her, and these photos of bruises on parts of her body are proof. miniutti, who had a brief role in the film "ocean's 8," says she's been dating the high profile attorney for more than a year and living with him since january. she claims the violent encounter started with an argument over money inside of their los angeles parent. avenatti allegedly calling her a quote, ungrateful expletive
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expletive, and then began forcefully hitting her in the face with pillows. miniutti states avenatti "grabs my right arm and dragged me out of bed and into the public hallway." she says she was only wearing underwear and a t-shirt. miniutti says she fled, and later that night, when she noticed the bruises on her body, she called police, who arrested avenatti the next day. the attorney posting $50,000 bail, then holding a news conference steps from the jail. >> i have never struck a woman. i never will strike a woman. >> reporter: in statement to the court, miniutti says that this was not the first time avenatti was violent. back in february, she says avenatti pushed her out of the apartment, "where i hit my head against a door." she says avenatti then threw shoes at her. >> and tom is with us now and you just heard from michael avenatti? >> reporter: that's right. i just got off the phone with him. he tells me that he will be exonerated as soon as some of the evidence comes out, including videotapes from the apartment building, instagram posts and actual physical evidence. but then i asked him why, if
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these allegations are not true, she would make up these lies. he had no comment. david? >> tom llamas with us tonight. if i don't see you, happy thanksgiving. >> to you too, david. in massachusetts tonight, long lines as that state becomes first east of the mississippi to make recreational marijuana sales legal. they're now open for business, and eva pilgrim is there tonight. >> reporter: tonight, there are still long lines in massachusetts to legally buy recreational marijuana for the first time. already sold legally in six western states, today marks the opening of the first two pot dispensaries on the east coast. >> gummies are very popular. >> reporter: the owners at this leicester store ready for the huge crowds, bringing in heated tents and even a grilled cheese food truck. >> i don't need a study to tell me it's helping them. i see it every day. >> reporter: stephen mandeli, an iraq war vet with post-traumatic stress, a brain injury and chronic pain, was the first person in line here. >> cannabis has been the only medication that has helped
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without severe side effects. >> reporter: david, you have to be 21 years old to buy marijuana in the state of massachusetts and you can get up to an ounce. you can't, though, take it over state lines. david? >> eva pilgrim from massachusetts tonight. eva, thanks. we've been reporting here on the grandmother and teacher who plunged overboard on a cruise. she did not survive. tonight, her children are now speaking out for the first time about what they say their mother said right before that trip. here's victor oquendo. >> reporter: tonight, almarosa and leo tenorio's children breaking their silence, telling abc news their mother feared going on the royal princess cruise ship, where she mysteriously fell to her death. >> my mom did not want to go on this cruise. she did not. like, blank point, she did not want to go. she knew something was going to happen. >> reporter: her ominous last words before going on vacation with her husband. >> the night before they left, my mom hugged me for, like, a good five minutes, and i was like, i was kind of curious about why it was so long. and then i asked her, and she, like, said, "well, it might be
5:45 pm
your last hug you get from me." >> reporter: the fbi investigation remains active. local reports say she was seen struggling with an unidentified man. aruban officials questioned her husband, and say he's not a suspect at this time. >> we lost our mom, i don't want to be losing my dad at the same time. >> reporter: in a statement to abc news, leo tenorio saying in part, "it was suicide. i was the only one there and it will haunt me forever." david, the children are waiting for the fbi to complete its case, while local officials say she died of unnatural causes. david? >> victor oquendo. victor, thank you. overseas tonight, in afghanistan, a suicide bomber targeting a gathering of hundreds of religious scholars celebrating the birth of the prophet mohammed. the attacker blowing himself up inside the massive banquet hall. at least 50 people were killed. more than 70 injured. no claim of responsibility yet. and here at home, and to wall street tonight, the dow plunging 551 points today, losing more than 2% and erasing the gains for all of this year. tech, retail and fears of slowing growth around the world
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weighing on investors. there is still much more ahead on "world news tonight" this tuesday. two major fires tonight. the investigation after a family is killed inside their home, right before thanksgiving. and then, the aerials coming in at this hour of the other fire in new york city. flames jumping from house to house. the major consumer warning tonight, just before thanksgiving, involving one type of lettuce, and this is sweeping tonight. they say, do not eat it. we'll have much more on that in a moment. and your money tonight. black friday, of course, almost here, and the tool that will tell you if there's actually a lower price some place else before you buy. right right back. torm should happen every ftwenty-six in the last decade.n allstate is adapting. with drones to assess home damage sooner. and if a flying object damages your car, you can snap a photo and get your claim processed in hours, not days. plus, allstate can pay your claim in minutes. now that you know the truth...
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5:53 pm
found dead at this home in new jersey. one body outside, the other three in the home. the fire is being investigated as arson. there is also a major fire burning here in new york city tonight. the fire starting on the top floor of one house, then jumping to homes on both sides in the bronx. more than 140 firefighters on the scene. several injuries, including at least two firefighters. and this image getting a lot of attention tonight. seven state troopers and detectives in central kentucky posing with their seven babies. the boys and girls between 8 days and 6 months old. the babies dressed in matching onesies. the timing is under investigation. just kidding. loved it. when we come back here tonight, thanksgiving just two days away, but it's arrived early on one bus. the moment you have to see.
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finally, a finally, america strong. the bus driver and the passenger. a wave from bus driver natalie barnes, on her normal route in downtown milwaukee. richard, a regular, gets on. with some difficult news. >> i -- i am officially homeless now. >> why? what happened? >> the house was condemned. >> the house that you were staying in? the same one that had the fire? >> yeah. >> i'm sorry to hear that. >> so i've been out on the streets for a week. >> reporter: natalie is clearly upset. offering richard food and to stay warm on her bus. >> let me go buy you some dinner. >> no, no, no, no, no. >> well, i'm on the bus until 2:44. do you want the stay with me, then? >> yes. >> okay. >> reporter: richard stayed on for six hours. during natalie's break, she bought him dinner. >> i don't know what to say, but thank you. >> you're welcome.
5:58 pm
>> i'll get it back to you. >> no, you won't. don't you worry about that. i want to help you. >> reporter: and before her shift was over, natalie had found a shelter. and tonight, the milwaukee county transit system telling us community advocates found richard permanent housing. thanks to natalie, her kindness and compassion. >> keep me posted. let me know what happens. even tonight. all right. see you tomorrow -- or soon, okay? >> i love that story. and the kindness. good night.
5:59 pm
♪ one more day. relief is in sight when it comes to our smoky bay area air. >> i'm spencer christian tracking that storm that will bring us rain, wind and improved air quality. a closer look coming un. breaking news that could impact your thanksgiving meal place. the cdc says throw out romaine lettuce. >> live where you live, this is "abc 7 news." we are ready for the rain, but we want to make sure everyone knows to do what they can. >> we're ready for our first moderate storm since april, but are we really ready for what it is going to bring? good evening. thank you for joining us. i'm ama daetz. >> i'm dan ashley. we have been waiting for rain for week goes to help clear our smoky air and put out the fire in butte county. on the bottom of your screen you see a list of the air quality ratings in the bay area. >> this rain could be too much of a good thing. first let's hear from "abc 7
6:00 pm
news" weather anchor spencer christian on what to expect from tomorrow's storm. >> let's look at live doppler seven. you can see the storm approaching right now. it is offshore, ranks two on the storm impact scale, a storm of moderate intensity. light rain is hitting the coast right now but moving into the bay area in the early hours of the morning. it will bring with it rain with moderate to heavy at times. there's a chance of thunder with the stornl. here is animation taking us to 3:30 in the morning. we will have scattered in showers in parts of mendocino. by the time we get to the middle of the morning commute, rain will be more widespread and intense. going into the midday hours it will be wet and windy. you will notice an improvement in air quality. i will give you a closer look at the forecast in a few minutes. dan and ama. >> thanks a lot. san francisco public works crews are getting ready for tomorrow's storm. they're cleaning gutters, giving away sandbags and asking folks
6:01 pm
to rake up


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