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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  November 21, 2018 3:00pm-3:31pm PST

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now your accuweather forecast with spencer christian. >> this has been a wet day before thanks goodbying. the roadways are congested because the rain continues to fall. let me give you a closer look at areas of steadier, heavier rain. going north in the state 880. highway 880. 680 wet spots over the pavement. 580 as well. locally heavy down pours. farther north between rio vista, walnut grove gut an area of heavy down pours. mostly napa we have moderate to heavy rainfall. so the storm continues.
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it ranks one on the impact scale and for the remainder of the day and into the evening, we expect light to moderate rain general but there could be isolated down pours and this evening a possibility of an isolated thunderstorm or two. we do expect the rain to continue winding down and over to the sierra where it is snowing. but as the rain moves away from us our roadways will be wet and slippery. bare that in mind. in the sierra a winter storm warning in effect until 10:00 friday morning. 10 to 18 inches of snow. up to two feet in some areas. travel is not recmentded. improved air quality in the bay area tomorrow and friday and into the weekend. i'll have a further look at our wedding at abc 7 news at 4:00 p.m. thing still
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alive. >> they got a fire going. they see it moving a little. they decide that is not enough. they take it on a sled to a garage. give it one cup of vodka. look at it now and listen to them cheer. >> we go from siberia to thailand and from ice to fire. a man goes to the store with his wife, his two-story town home in flames. screaming, help me, i have rescue animals in there. i need to get them out. his neighbors help him carry out
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his seven cats and two dogs. guess what, none of the animals were injured. they say when you marry a person with children, you are not just marrying them but their children too. here as he's marrying valerie, he also that's vows for her daughter. he makes it clear that he's not there to replace his father but there to love her. >> i promise to read stories to you at night and always tuck you in. >> you can imagine how how much this means. >> i'm so grateful you'll share your mommy with me. on this day, i marry your mommy
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and i marry you too. >> there is not a dry eye in the house. mom gets a ring and bennett gets a beautiful necklace. they say a family prayer and then it is time to turn up. so clearly they had their first dance. as they head down the aisle, they walk to "bet you." >> in brazil, this is huge. so is this bull. it comes charging out the gate. getting busy. before it gets tossed to the ground. it is the job of the rodeo clown to keep that guy safe. >> holy cow.
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the clown gets in there and gets hooked and tossed out of the arena. about 15 feet in the air. >> the news caught up with the guy and spoke with him. he's fine. a little sore. he got back in the ring. >> they always do. >> watching that is amazing that he did not suffer any serious injury. >> it is time to give away another ipad mini. you need wednesday's buzz word and be at least 18 years of age and a legal resident of the u.s. the moment captured in this video has been years in the making. that pretty little girl is molly and she is being guided by tim and anna. she's been living with them about two and a half years. today everything is going to
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change. they have been her foster parents this entire time. they've provided her with love, warmth and guidance and a lot of smiles. you can see how happy molly is. you can see they are at a courthouse. reading this frame saying she has been with them 945 days. they have been having a family and decided to foster kids hoping one day they'd find their own. turns out the first child they fostered molly became a part of they are life and now they are becoming an official daughter. >> that's how it worked with our daughter. she came into our house and it was like done and done. >> the family has to sit in front of the house and explain why they should go forward
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between this adoption. >> i dreamed about being a dad. >> the judge speaks directly to molly and asks if she understands that these are going to be her parents forever. >> it's really cute. once the judge gets all the yeses from molly and the parents, she says all right 0. it is official. the photographer who caught, he too was a foster kid. what you'll love even more is what molly is doing now. she is hoping to raise $10,000 hoping to put cheer packages together for other foster kids. head to our tv show and check out our mobil app. >> a 95-year-old man celebrating
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>> closed captioning provided by. gold bond eczema relief relieves five frustrating symptoms of eczema. my skin's back. >> some people when they want to feel alive do something extreme like sky diving. this 95-year-old man in brazil.
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his kids and grandkids were all into this. they got a team together to make sure they did this safely. he did get medical clearance. he had been diagnosed with parkinson's disease. >> i take it he is doing a tan dem jump. >> many years ago, he was in the army and yjumping with a pair a chute was something he did all the time. >> he's probably wondering what all hubbub is about. >> the coolest thing is when he jumps out you'll look for them. >> now we are at altitude, he doesn't look a bit scared as they get ready to exit.
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the count down and down they go. >> i love that shot of them free falling. that is so cool. they do land and his family is there cheering him on. he does admit that moment when they open the door and look out, when they jumped, he said it was a wonderful feeling. he said he would do it again maybe on his 96th birthday. they are now ten months old and they got a lot of common. they are getting it done, buddy. this spaghetti does in stand a chance. >> at that age, it is
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>> you have to allow extra. >> 15 to 20% more. >> i'll remember that. at this age, the twins aren't double trouble yet, they are just a double dose of cuteness. >> you are kidding. >> what are you and hunter doing? >> paw left them is that somebody's bed. >> you could replace the -- >> the children. >> the bedding. the bedding, oli. >> that is very naughty, isn't it? >> yes. >> how did they get to the paint
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and how did they get to the bed. >> i wochb der if somebody thought, this will make a good video. >> no flipping way. >> this doesn't sound like somebody too angry about it. >> you have two options, you can laugh about it or cry about it. it is more fun to laugh about it. >> i'm gonna need them to run up about $200 for a new bedspread. >> turkey costumes and paintball. >> awesome. >> awesome, right? >> see it next "right this minute." >> and jack is back with three videos to stump us. what happens when we give him our best guess? >> that is so nicely done.
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psych up your it is time for best guess. >> are you ready? jalen asked her mom to record a little gymnastics for the instagram. >> a surprise. >> remote control answer? >> i'm going to go with she's hiding a surprise.
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>> i feel like there is another humanbeing. >> she's hiding a surprise 0. i agree. there is something beard about that. >> answers are locked in. my goodness. that was great. well done. >> video number two, takes us to china and the ancient art of fruit carving. what do you think he's cutting up, a, something a fisherman would love. b, work of art. c, a part of the human anatomy. >> i'm going with go with a, looks like a yet. i'm going to go with c.
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i'm going b. >> i'm going down with the ship and picking b as well. >> it is a net, you you are right. >> the first time i ever got two. we can stop the game now, right? and nick has drown. >> video number three, this is our wildcard round. you can choose anything you want. scott is at park with his two kids. they go off the jump once. the first one eats some grass, what is the second sibling going to do? >> she's going down too. >> same thing. >> i think the second one will nail it. >> i think she's going to do a special trick and then laugh at her bro. >> oh! >> no one saw that one coming.
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>> double trouble. >> their father is an er doctor and says the kids are fan. >> to even out the score. gayle with two points. oli with two points, nick, you failed to answer and with that, charity gets her first win. wow. wow. how about that? >> it is time to give away another ipad mini. you need the buzz word, be at least 18 years old and a legal resident of the u.s. enter through facebook, twitter or both. enter using each every day. let's reveal wednesday's buzz word. it is, delight. >> head over to the website and
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enter wednesday's buzz word. it is delight. >> the dad dads are getting festive. >> why gravy drip is a next on abc 7 news at 4:00 the rain is back from down trees to power outages.
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need about ten of those boards. >> this is trap music. i guess you could call this trap
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the fan music. ♪ ♪ turkey fans ♪ watch how i carve the bird ♪ that pump can i pie ♪ go thank your ♪ >> gravy drip. ♪ ♪ that's how a meal is made ♪ watch the macy's day parade ♪ first and ten ♪ head back to the kitchen. ♪ >> some of these stupid internet songs, i like them. ♪ >> they have now given given gig
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characters permission. >> to slice the ♪ better get it before it is ♪ >> this is actually really good. ♪ >> that's it, you ruined it. it was going so well. >> i just thought i'd get involved. >> do they have some of this? >> rocking the sweet potato pie. >> it is really good. >> what else you got under here? >> wouldn't you like to know? >> thanks for noticing, oli. >> that's all for now, please join us next time on an all new rtm.
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tonight, several developing stories as we come on. the travel crush. more than 50 million americans on the road and in the skies this thanksgiving. the dely rush hour collision. the military opening up restricted air space to commercial flights. as an arctic blast hits on the holiday. some wind chill temperatures plunging below zero. also breaking, the mansion murder. a couple and their small children killed. their house then set on fire. why the father's brother is now under arrest. also tonight, in a rare move, supreme court justice john roberts publicly slamming president trump. the immigration ruling behind their fight. now, the president firing back.


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