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tv   America This Morning  KGO  November 22, 2018 4:00am-4:30am PST

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>> happy thanksgiving. >> that kid in the background. >> happy thanksgiving. making news in america this morning, a thanksgiving travel nightmare. an amtrak train suddenly comes apart on the tracks headed to new york, two cars separating. >> all of a sudden i just watched the other part -- the whole other part of the train just rip and detach. >> passengers stranded in the cold. how it happened. will the historic cold ground the macy's parade balloons? the holiday forecast and just how low the temperatures will go. breaking overnight, president trump's new plan at the border. where he now wants asylum seekers to wait before coming to america. the dramatic fire escape. people jumping from the third story of this burning apartment building. a mother forced to drop her baby.
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>> i have my child because of him. she gets to live another day because of him. >> this morning we hear from the heroes who jumped into action. the holiday shopping already being offered this morning. what you should buy and what you shouldn't buy this black friday weekend. and later, hear from the ceo who decided to give his employees a $20 million bonus. and good morning, everyone. and happy thanksgiving. we begin with the brutal cold affecting holiday plans this morning. >> the temperatures could hit a record low for millions of americans today and gusty winds here in new york could leave those famous macy's parade balloons grounded for the first time in decades. >> in the meantime, travel rush continued overnight with a frightening scene between albany and new york city when a train came apart on the tracks. overnight new images from this amtrak train that became detached near albany. the view out the back showing
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the rest of the train, gone. >> we were probably en route about 20 minutes, and all of a sudden we started hearing a strange noise, and when i looked back, i saw sparks, and i thought i saw something waving like metal, and i couldn't figure out what it was, and then i realized we were no longer connected to the rest of the train. then we were calling 911 and amtrak saying we need direction here. should we try and jump off because there's an embankment and another track here, or should we remain on this train? do you have the other one stopped, or are they going to run into us? >> reporter: after stopping the train, they sat in the cold for two hours before being finally transferred to another train. amtrak now investigating what happened. it wasn't the only travel nightmare. one person was killed in this fiery crash on the brooklyn bridge cutting off a major trav rouaxinside a nearby tunnel caught fire smoking out visibility for drivers. >> you can't even see. >> reporte
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across the northeast with feel-like temperatures of 6 degrees expected for the macy's parade. >> reporter: the 16 large helium balloons will stay grounded if sustained winds reach 23 miles an hour or if gusts exceed 34 miles an hour. those rules were put in place after a balloon blew into a lamppost in 1997 critically injuring a woman. police will monitor the wind block by block with high-tech sensors. >> the safety of spectators and all the parade participants is the utmost of importance to us. >> and so many people will be out there. by the way, president trump is in florida, but seeing the bitter cold conditions in the north, he tweeted last night, whatever happened to global warming? we'll have a closer look at that global warming forecast in just a few mo clash between president trump and supreme court chief justice john roberts. roberts openly delivered a rare rebuke defending judicial
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independence and contradicting the president for labeling a federal judge an obama judge, and now the president is doubling down. abc's emily rau has the latest. emily, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, janai. this really is a very rare situation. chief justice john roberts is a republican appointed judge, and while he has stayed quiet as president trump has repeatedly blasted other judges in the past, now he is speaking out. president trump making it known he is not happy with the obama appointed judge in the ninth circuit court of appeals who blocked his plan to limit asylum for migrants at the southern border. >> this was an obama judge, and i'll tell you what, it's not going to happen like this anymore. >> reporter: the latest case of the president lashing out at a judge who didn't rule in his favor triggering an unprecedented rebuke from the chief justice at the united states. john roberts releasing a statement saying, quote, we do
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not have obama judges or trump judges, bush judges or clinton judges. what we have is an extraordinary group of dedicated judges doing their level best to do equal right to those appearing before them. it didn't take long for president trump in florida for thanksgiving to fire back tweeting, sorry, chief justice john roberts, but you do indeed have obama judges, and they have a much different point of view than the people who are charged with the safety of our country, and he wasn't done yet. a few hours later the president tweeting a quote from fox news about the ninth circuit then calling it a terrible, costly and dangerous disgrace. and chief justice john roberts has not commented since that initial statement. in it, though, he even alluded to today's thanksgiving holiday saying the independent judiciary janai. >> and our thanks to emily on this thanksgiving morning. well, breaking overnight, a new proposal from the trump
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administration regarding migrants who seek asylum in the united states. "the washington post" reports the administration wants to force asylum seekers to wait in mexico while their cases are processed. it would be a major shift from the current policy, which allows migrants to wait in the united states until they get a hearing with an immigration judge. in the meantime, troops recently deployed to the southern border ahead of the election have now been given new authority to use lethal force to protect border patrol agents but only in cases of disorder or violence. turning now to that gruesome mu i new jersey town. hundreds gathered for a candlelight vigil for the caneiro family. authorities say keith caneiro was shot, and his wife and two children were stabbed before their mansion was set on fire, and now caneiro's brother is behind bars. here's abc's gio benitez. >> reporter: authorities in new jersey say a nightmare unfolded inside this burning mansion, the killing of an entire family followed by arson. >> this is one of the most
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heinous cases that i think they have ever investigated that we have ever seen. >> reporter: police recovering the body of 50-year-old keith caneiro tuesday outside his home with multiple gunshot wounds. >> all units operating, 15 willow brook road, colts neck, evacuate the building. >> reporter: inside the bodies of his wife jennifer and who they believe to be their two children. a source telling abc news investigators suspect all three were stabbed. >> unfortunately, sadly each of these individuals were the victims of homicidal violence at some point prior to when the fire was set. >> reporter: it turns out earlier in the day ten miles away, the home of the victim's brother was also burning. police charging that brother, paul caneiro, with aggravated arson of his own home saying he doused it with gasoline then set it on fire while his wife and two daughters were inside. no one was injured. police say the two fires are related, but they have not called caneiro a suspect in the death of his brother and family.
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the two brothers ran a tech company together. the victim, keith caneiro, was the ceo. and that brother will be in court next week to face those arson charges. meanwhile, police here say there is no threat to public safety. they call what happened to that family a targeted attack. gio benitez, abc news, colts neck, new jersey. >> our thanks to gio there. well, heavy rains today could trigger mudslides in the areas of california burned by recent wildfires. overnight the death toll in the town of paradise rose to 83. nearly 600 people are listed as missing. hundreds of families will spend the holiday in makeshift camps today. damage from the fires across the state could top $13 billion. and time now for a look at your weather forecast for this thanksgiving day. good morning. taking a look at thanksgiving day in the northwest part of the country, a mix is going to push throughout portions of the northwest with heavy showers throughout the northwest corner of the country, and the
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northeast is all about the cold, not just regular cold, very cold we're talking about and freezing drizzle. now, with the northeast we're looking at temperatures 20 to 30 degrees below the norm for this time of year and we're bracing for freezing drizzle and fog throughout the north central part of the country while milder air will be butting up right next to it. i'm accuweather meteorologist paul williams. comi and also ahead, what is different about black friday this year. what you should buy and what you shouldn't. and later why a teenager in foster homes nearly her entire life is especially thankful this thanksgiving.
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we're back with this
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southwest airlines baggage handler tossing packages from a conveyer belt at the phoenix airport. at least one package was labeled live tropical fish. southwest says the worker will now be retrained. >> well, their slogan is bags fly free so boxes, as well. the fda says the romaine relationship -- lettuce linked to an e. coli outbreak in 11 states was likely grown in california. the government has asked all restaurants and supermarkets to stop selling it. at least 32 people have gotten sick. some farmers said the feds are overreacting. >> normally when you have a thing that makes people sick, you don't put on a nationwide alert to throw away every little bit of romaine, to bleach your shelves, to do everything. i think it was a knee-jerk reaction. the cdc isn't going to end up paying for this. all of the individual growers, all of the little farmers, all of the processors are going to take huge losses over this. >> well, growers want to know
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why it's taking the cdc so long to find the source of the e. coli. they say every carton of romaine lettuce has a bar code. changing gears now to final preparations for black friday. as millions of americans rush to get the best deals, we have some tips on what to buy and what not to buy this year. this morning, the final countdown to those doorbusters deals. ♪ light it up black friday black friday light it up ♪ >> reporter: shoppers are already lining up, but you may not have to. our rebecca jarvis spoke with mark ellwood, author of "bargain fever." >> in 2018 it's all about the online doorbuster. you don't have to get up and get out of house really early. you just have to get up, stay in your pjs and shop before dawn breaks. >> reporter: if a tv is on your wish list, thanksgiving and black friday are your best bets for budget tvs. but if you're looking midrange or high-end variety, experts say it might be better to hold out until cyber monday. meanwhile with toys "r" us now shuttered walmart, target and amazon are trying to fill the
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void. >> the weekend before christmas, the toys will be slashed in prices. >> reporter: and if clothes are on your list, consider holding off as well. analysts say apparel sales will pick up right before christmas as retailers rush to make way for new stock in the new year. but if you insist on braving the crowds tomorrow, consider putting on a smile and negotiating. many retailers offer hidden deals and promotions, but you have to ask. >> so a smile will go a long way. >> that, it will. >> i'll remember that. all right, coming up, lebron james back in the land. but first the dramatic rescue from a burning apartment. we hear from the terrified mother who dropped her baby into a stranger's arms. and later the shocking video as a baby falls onto these railroad tracks with a train passing over but survives. we'll tell you how. we'll tell you how. h a train passing over but survives. we'll tell you how. and pause. not even in your vocabulary. so when a cold sore tingle strikes. you act on it. only abreva can get rid of a cold sore
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people rushing to save their neighbors from this burning apartment building catching them as they jumped from windows. >> one man convinced a terrified mother to drop her baby into his arms. reporter tiffany liu from our dallas station has the story. >> reporter: it was waking up to the worst nightmare, an apartment filled with smoke and a mom and dad left with no choice but to drop their baby out the bedroom window. >> it was hurting, terrifying because i didn't know if i was going to come down with her or that would be the last time that i was holding my child. >> reporter: shuntara's daughter is only 1. >> it was just terrifying. >> reporter: a stranger named byron campbell caught her. >> so she finally trusted me, and she dropped the baby, and i caught the baby. >> reporter: but the rescue was far from over. neighbors and police grabbed mattresses holding it under windows begging the people
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upstairs to jump. one after another there was little hesitation. >> the baby came out. >> reporter: it was soon shuntara's turn. and then patrick, the baby's father, was next. >> jump! jump! >> reporter: he got 20 stitches from punching out the window, and shuntara has a few scrapes and bumps from the fall, but these are wounds that remind the family of the heroes who saved their lives. >> i have my child because of him. she gets to live another day because of him. >> reporter: in dallas, tiffany liu, channel 8 news. >> amazing story there. well, we're learning more about an american missionary killed by an endangered tribe on a remote island in the indian ocean. 26-year-old john chau of alabama died on north sentinel island,
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home to an indigenous tribe that has little contact with other using bows and arrows. the fisherman who escorted him to the island has been arrested. it's illegal to visit because contact with the tribe could expose them to diseases. >> so weird. a remarkable survival story from india. that's a train passing over a 1-year-old girl. she wasn't hurt. that child slipped out of her mother's arms as they were getting off the train. the cars amazingly high enough to pass over her. okay, something that won't give us angina after all that news. in sports, lebron james back in cleveland to face his former team for the first time since joining the lakers last night. you hear them here. the crowd welcoming him like a hero then lebron scored 32 points leading the lakers to a 109-105 victory. after the me aptee ns as much as they appreciate him. in the meantime, in the nfl it's a full thanksgiving menu today. the bears face the lions.
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the redskins visit the cowboys, and tonight the saints host the falcons. well, up next, one boss' very generous gift to his employees. also, talk about cleaning up, how one couple made more than a million dollars just cleaning the house for thanksgiving. and a teenager in foster care for almost her entire life gets to spend thanksgiving with her new family. entire life gets to spend thanksgiving with her new family. ts to spend thanksgiving with her new family. i didn't know what was happening... so i kept it in. he started believing things that weren't true. i knew something was wrong... but i didn't say a word. during the course of their disease around 50% of people with parkinson's may experience hallucinations or delusions. but now, doctors are prescribing nuplazid. the only fda approved medicine... proven to significantly reduce hallucinations and delusions related to parkinson's. don't take nuplazid if you are allergic to its ingredients. nuplazid can increase the risk of death in elderly people with dementia-related psychosis and is not for treating symptoms unrelated to parkinson's disease.
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money until they retire. so, employees of a new jersey health care company alsol after their boss gave them a $20 million bonus. >> mark baida is turning his business from a for profit to a nonprofit company and to announce that change he told 26 workers including new hires and former employees they will be sharing that bonus. >> when i saw the reaction, i started -- i actually had tears in my eyes. i love them. they love me. >> ah, i could love him for enough money. >> truly. >> the gifts ranged from $50 to nur hires to $15,000 for longtime employees. this is a special thanksgiving for a teenager from indiana who is spending the day with her new forever family. her name is scarlet. she has lived in 36 different foster homes over the last ten years. every time she thought she might be adopted, something went wrong until she met mike and patty.
4:24 am
scarlet says she knew immediately they'd be a perfect family. >> after having a rough time in the past, i finally have been able to trust the fact that i have a family that will always be there for me. >> cue the tissues. scarlet says her new family is a little crazy and that she's finally with people who get her. >> typical teenager. >> uh-huh. so we offer our thanks today to the nation's military, and this morning we remember world war ii veteran ray chavez. >> he passed away wednesday at the age of 106. look at him there. he was the oldest surviving veteran of the pearl harbor attack. it's kind of sad. so, after the war he ran his own landscaping company until he retired at age 96. >> wow. >> lived a long life and kept working, and he got to meet the president at one point as well. all right. more news after this. all right. more news after this. after this.
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>> welcome to the national constitution center in philadelphia and the presentation of the 2018 liberty medal, honoring president george w. bush and laura bush. and now here's action news anchor jim gardner. >> hello, and welcome to the 2018 liberty medal ceremony, the national constitution center's annual tribute to the worked to secure the blessings of liberty around the globe. this year, the constitution center chose
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president george w. bush and laura bush for the work they've done on behalf of u.s. combat veterans since they left the white house in 2009. through the george w. bush institute's military service initiative, the bushes have focused specifically on post-9/11 veterans, those who put their lives on the line in wars started under president bush's watch. when we come right back, we'll learn about the institute's work and meet some of those veterans who say their lives have been changed for the better. ♪


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