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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  November 23, 2018 4:00pm-5:00pm PST

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fans celebrating. obviously, they know what's at stake. we had a couple of virginia people know come in and say, until there's zeros on the clock and virginia is leading, i'm not believing it. >> rod: how about the virginia band though, they got p ay h ea w es to move. >> rod: thercoer. >> adam: l o bands i think that's funny. >> rod: how you treat your rival. but they may have a chance to do quite a bit of celebrating that's been pent up for 15 years. >> adam: oh, man. third down and nine. key play in this game.
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perkins, rolling, for zaccheaus. incomplete. good coverage by devine deablo. a field goal makes it a seven-point game. >> rod: good job by deablo. he gets his head around and the officials lets them play. it's a trend we have seen this season. we have talked to the officials and they have said, hey, a lot more mutual combat. you get your head around, a little more leeway. >> rod: remember, brian delaney missed the field goal against georgia tech to tie it. high snap, handled well by the holder nash griffin and virginia is up by seven. still 2:41 to go in blacksburg. >> rod: well, for virginia tech
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it's a two minute drill after this kickoff. no time-outs. willis no doubt will be thinking about how he can that pick by snowden that led to the field goal. >> adam: you often don't get the second chance. >> rod: he'll have two minutes and maybe 40, 41 seconds depending on whether this ball is kicked out of the soefd or not. . >> adam: give credit to the virginia defense. they needed a stop to keep it at a one-score game. it's been a much maligned defense. >> rod: it's not the defense
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we're used to seeing at virginia tech. they were number four in the country last year and they have given up a lot more -- >> adam: 32 this year per game. 2:41 to go. kevin negandhi? >> we're an hour away from lincoln riley and west virginia and in morgantown. the winner will play next week in the championship game. >> rod: it's a bit of a heisman head to head between grier. >> adam: a little bit of a cachet game. >> rod: heisman voters like myself will be paying attention because those games in november matter when it comes to the trophy as far as i'm concerned. >> adam: no time-outs for virginia tech. 2:41 to go. 75 yards to try to tie the game for ryan willis and the hokies. that one deflected again. >> rod: three straight. >> adam: yeah, three straight passes. tommy christ makes the play. a 6'5" defensive end.
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>> rod: well, at this point, you know, willis has got to be more aware of it. you have to get into the five-step drop and get him removed more because they're knocking things down. his confidence has got to be a little shaken. >> adam: pressure. willis escapes. and smartly throws it to the bench. third down and ten coming up. here's what's at stake. virginia tech with a 14-game winning streak against virginia. they need to win this game to force a conditional game against marshall next week. >> rod: since 2003. >> adam: and they have to win that game to be eligible for a 26th consecutive bowl game. >> rod: no virginia win since 2003. >> adam: 14 years, 11 months, 25
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days. third and ten. willis, buys some time. looking downfield. 50-50 ball. simultaneous, dalton key ripped it away from bryce hall. what a play by dalton keene and virginia tech is still alive. >> rod: he was not open. willis just gave him a chance. he was not open. >> adam: how about dalton keene? >> rod: hall was in great position and keene took it away. >> adam: 45 yards. here's willis. running out of time and he'll sling it to the sideline. looking for turner and he's got a catch right at the sticks. back-to-back incredible plays. willis buying the time to find keene and then doing it again to find turner.
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into the red zone goes virginia tech. >> rod: out there, there's your guy. >> adam: handoff, peoples, loose in the end zone, virginia tech, touchdown! >> rod: are you kidding me? >> adam: a wild sequence and a touchdown for tech. >> rod: this is just crazy. peoples up the middle, wide open to the end zone. the ball gets knocked out and then grimsley gets on it. >> adam: there was a flag thrown. this should be an offsides
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penalty but it's going to be run back by joey blount. this is more than likely going to be offsides. >> referee: offsides, defense. half the distance to the goal. continue -- >> adam: they'll rekick that. a little bit of a confusion on the snap there, but how about that? >> rod: would you consider going for two? now the book says when you're the home team you try and tie it up and force overtime. >> adam: i don't think you play around. you take the point right now. no reason to play around, with how crazy this game is, i think you tie the game and focus on your defense to try to get a stop. >> quint: you have to block 21 in white. thornhill has blocked two of these kicks this season. >> adam: johnson has not missed a point after in his career. there's thornhill. trying to get a head start, oh, it came close, but guess what?
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we are knotted up at 31 apiece. >> rod: this has been crazy. back to peoples losing this ball, knocked out. he was carrying it kind of low. that looked like it was going to be recovered by nelson. he doesn't get on it and instead, it's grimsley who gets it. and you have a touchdown. >> adam: are you kidding me? >> rod: now, remember, this is all because of the third down throw by willis that was ripped away. really made no sense because keene was not open. >> adam: he ripped it a way from one of the best defensive backs in the conference. >> rod: he threw it up to keene to give him a chance, keene came down with it. and that gave virginia tech life. >> adam: watch this.
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>> rod: he is not open. hall is on top of him. and keene rips the ball away. i think hall actually got his hands on that ball. >> adam: that was simultaneous it looked like. that was a third and ten that ended up in a miracle 45 yard reception for dalton keene. >> rod: this is too crazy. >> adam: all right. so let's set this up for you. virginia has all three time-outs. bryce perkins at the controls. they have got a field goal kicker in brian delaney who has been for the most part rock solid this year. all they have to do is get into field goal range to try to end a 15-year drought. a 14-game losing streak for virginia to virginia tech. >> rod: that man you just saw number 2, joe reed, has two second-half touchdowns. he has been a real problem.
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>> adam: there he is in the slot to the right. perkins. sideline. looking for jana. inbounds makes the catch. the clock continues to move. >> rod: there are two guys that you trust right now if you're perkins. number 2 reed. number 4 zaccheaus. those are your guys. >> adam: they're both in the slots. perkins will run. he's got the first down. clock will stop to reset the chains and then move on the signal. >> rod: well, they have plenty of time. they have plenty of time-outs. poise is what perkins must show right here. >> adam: 70 seconds to go.
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perkins. that one is deflected. it drops incomplete. dax hollifield nearly made the play. would have been the play of his life. >> rod: yeah, the freshman number 4, he gets up. >> adam: how about the hops there? >> rod: yeah. he's only 6'1". >> adam: that kid runs on adrenaline. justin fuente and his staff love the freshman hollifield. the clock stops at 63 seconds. three-man rush. perkins, going deep. into traffic and it's incomplete. trying to find joe reed out there. >> rod: i'm not sure he was trying to find reed or hoping for a pass interference call.
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that was great double coverage and there was no way to get that ball in to reed. >> adam: now the clock stops again. 57 seconds left. third down and ten. >> rod: now the change-up here, you have dubois down at the bottom in what should be single coverage. >> adam: against the redshirt freshman caleb farley. now they bring a little bit extra over there. >> rod: that tells you they're likely playing some zone over there. >> adam: just a three-man rush again. perkins looking for a window. it is dropped. nearly intercepted by javon quillen. it would have been the first pick of his career. >> rod: yeah. not a fan of that throw, that selection because you had to know virginia tech was rolling the coverage to the field. out that way, that there would be a lot of bodies out there. that's why i was saying the play -- the place to go was to
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the short side of the field where you're more likely to get the kind of coverage that you wanted. >> adam: so now important punt here, virginia tech has been bringing some heat in this game on these punts for virginia. they already have one block tonight. coleman delivers it away. hazelton fair catch. at the 23 yard line. i think the fans wanted him to get some more yardage, but playing it safe. no time-outs for virginia tech. trying to get into field goal range for a struggling kicking unit. it's up to ryan willis and the hokies now on the offensive end. >> rod: in order for virginia tech to feel comfortable with the field goal attempt, they've got a long ways to go because they have not been really good in that area.
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>> adam: they haven't made a field goal since october. first down, peoples. >> rod: here's your answer. >> adam: peoples with a great run, out to the 37 yard line. >> rod: justin fuente said he'll take his chances in overtime. >> adam: a spike here. we talked about the field goal kicking game. again coming into tonight. brian johnson had missed five straight. made one from inside of 40 earlier from 31 yards. but from 40-plus this year he's 2 for 7. it's a lot to ask of a struggling kicker. >> quint: jordan stout the other kicker inexperienced but he's got a rocket launcher for a leg. hitting from 58 in warm-ups. >> adam: they gave him a 43 yard attempt on the first try of his career earlier tonight. he missed that one.
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30 seconds left, virginia uses a time-out. this was the miss from earlier tonight. "q" talked about it. the kid's got a great leg. this one had some distance but it was wide to the right. special teams, not as special this year for virginia tech as we have come to know it. but tonight they have done some solid things. it might come down to the kick from stout. >> rod: to give him a possible chance, a reasonable chance, you've got to get to the 38 yard line. >> adam: because that's a 55 yarder, that's where stout connected in warm-ups. >> rod: you have to get him to the 38. and give him what we have seen so far with this series. there's no attempt by virginia tech to try to make that distance. >> adam: let's see if willis can make it a moot point. there will be a handoff for peoples.
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and it will get out of bounds, that'll stop the clock across the 40 yard line. >> rod: you need about 17, 18 yards to have a realistic chance at a field goal. >> adam: third down and three coming up for virginia tech. looked like joey blount was on the ground for virginia. they'll tend to him. injury time-out. and for those of you just joining us, you probably saw there was some craziness in blacksburg. here's what we've got for you. it was a 14-0 virginia tech lead at halftime. virginia misling out of the gates on offense in the second half. a wild sequence to close this fourth quarter with a fumble into the end zone and a virginia
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tech touchdown and an extra point to tie the game. virginia has not beaten virginia tech since 2003. virginia tech has a 25-year bowl streak at stake. they need to win this game to force a conditional game with marshall next week here at lane stadium. they would need to win that game as well to keep that bowl streak alive. joey blount limping off the field with some help from the staff. 25 seconds left, virginia tech with the ball. third down and three, out of time-outs. you're all caught up. let's have some fun. >> rod: well, seems like their approach is get the first down and then have a shot to take one throw to get themselves to field goal range. >> adam: draw play. peoples. and down he goes. good play by jordan mack and again, no time-outs. so this is going to go to
4:18 pm
overtime. >> rod: yeah. this is a very conservative drive by virginia tech. >> adam: but you know if you're virginia, why don't you call a time-out here or do you not want to risk them getting the first down? that might be the other question. >> rod: you don't want to do that and give them a chance to get one more play and try that long field goal. you know, that was famously done in the kick six game between auburn and alabama. >> adam: i was there, five years ago on the plains. nick saban begged for the extra second when a player of his ran out of bounds. had that extra second been added back on to the clock, that would have gone to overtime. we wouldn't have had the legendary khris davis play and i wouldn't have lost my voice on national radio calling that game. fourth down coming up. the punt unit is coming out. >> rod: from the very first play of that drive it was pretty clear that virginia tech was
4:19 pm
thinking overtime and not trying to get into position for a long field goal. >> adam: thornhill is back, but he's starting to backpedal inside the 30. bradburn kicks away. and thorn hill just kind of bailed out. inside the five. the clock is at 0:00. this is the 100th meeting between virginia and virginia tech. and for the first time in series history, after all of this craziness the cavaliers and hokies are about to play overtime. however, let's see if they're going to rule this down -- yeah, they're going to rule this with
4:20 pm
still time left. sorry to build that drama. the drama is going to come in the knee and in the overtime. i promise, it will come in a moment. >> rod: the drama is warranted. take a knee and get into overtime. >> adam: never has there been an overtime game between virginia and virginia tech until this cold november night in blacksburg. come on back. ay announcer who's in your ear... and the more praise i heap on your team... the more excited you get. touch-down! now.... you don't hear the upstairs toilet over-flowing... and i don't mean with confidence. you wanted a bowl season? you got a bowl season. and if i can show up on game-day, imagine what could happen the rest of the week. so get allstate. and be better protected from mayhem like me.
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your options are offense,
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defense, which end you want to play on. your call? calling tails. let it hit the ground. it's tails. virginia wants to go on defense first. which end of the field are we going to play on? your backs are this way please. virginia wins the toss. >> adam: here's the overtime rules. virginia won the toss, selected defense first. each gets a possession from the 25 until a winner is decided. you have to go for two starting with the third overtime. it's like baseball. top of the first overtime and bottom of the first. each team gets a chance. >> rod: which is why you want to be on defense first to see what the other team did. so you'll know what you have to do whether that is to kick a field goal to tie or a touchdown to win. >> adam: first game that's gone to overtime in the entire series history. first overtime game for virginia tech with justin fuente as head coach. it's the second for virginia with bronco mendenhall, the first was a loss last week.
4:24 pm
ryan willis. under pressure, and delivers out of bounds. jordan mack was closing in. >> rod: trying to get the ball to turner. he was covered very well that time. and protection has been an issue a little bit in the second half for va tech. >> adam: bronco mendenhall and that defense trying to step up. does the offensive line have what it takes? >> rod: considering the way that they have been able to run peoples at times inside or even willis, surprised they have -- they have gone away from that a little bit here. >> adam: play fake. willis for turner, trying to hold on to the ball and it comes out loose. it's ruled incomplete. bryce hall with a nice play. >> rod: it's a good call. he never had complete possession
4:25 pm
of it or sole position of that. you see the left hand pulling it out there. >> adam: he had the ball for a while there. he didn't complete the process of the catch. >> rod: it's a good call. >> adam: did not survive the ground and that had to do with bryce hall. one of the better defensive backs in the country. leads the nation in pass breakups. third down and ten. willis. under pressure. still on his feet. launches it away and somehow he got away from charles snowden. how about the night -- how about the second half that snowden has had? >> rod: snowden makes this tackle -- >> adam: they're out of field goal range. >> rod: he has him right there. loses him. and then how about willis saving the field goal possibility?
4:26 pm
>> adam: they would have lost 20 to 25 yards. instead, they'll keep it going for brian johnson. >> rod: no gimme here. >> adam: made one from 31 earlier. can he make it from beyond 40? and he delivers. much maligned in the second half of the season, brian johnson with a clutch kick to put virginia tech in front at the end of the top of the first overtime. now virginia will go to work. a field goal forces double overtime. a touchdown ends a decade and de half of futility against its rival. >> rod: this is why you chose to go on defense first. now you know, you're bronco mendenhall. you know a field goal will get you a tie and into the next overtime. how aggressive will you be to get the touchdown to end this?
4:27 pm
>> adam: happy thanksgiving, everybody. i hope you've had as much fun as you have had. >> rod: enjoy the leftovers with this entertainment. >> adam: bryce perkins. looking for dubois and he's got a first down. down to the 14 yard line. >> rod: they have lots of options now. lots of options. they have perkins with great feet. he can run it. you still have reed involved. who's already picked up two touchdown passes in the second half of this game. lots of options now for virginia. >> adam: how about that? perkins held on to it. and that ball came out loose!
4:28 pm
is it over? a scrum for the ball and if virginia tech has it they win. and the hokies survive another scare from the cavaliers. what a win in overtime and it's 15 in a row. let's take a look at this sequence. >> rod: it was the pressure, but it wasn't the pressure that caused the fumble. it was a missed handoff. it looked like perkins couldn't decide whether to give or keep.
4:29 pm
he was thrown by the pressure coming. and never made the decision. he was caught in between giving it to his back and keeping it which is why he's so distraught. it wasn't the pressure that knocked the ball out. it was a zone read. he was trying to decide whether to keep it or give it. and he lost the football. that's just awful for that young man. they were in great shape. >> adam: and what a turn in blacksburg. let's go down to the field and quint kessenich after that wild sequence. >> quint: coach, congratulations. what's your reaction to the last fumble? >> well, this football team has been through a lot. and we had adversity in this game. and our kids stuck together and found a way to get the job down. >> quint: what were you thinking when virginia took the lead? >> well, we knew it was going to be a back and forth battle. we had to find a way to keep plugging away.
4:30 pm
bronco has done a great job with his program. we had to go play the next play. >> quint: what is it like to play tournament football today? >> well, i'm just enjoying this. this is awesome. we live to fight another day. i'm just proud of our kids, i really am. >> quint: congratulations. survive and advance, adam. >> adam: that was the theme for justin fuente this week. his family with him. we talked about how important this week is to him to have his wife, his girls with him. over a thanksgiving holiday. and virginia tech hokies keep the commonwealth cup. >> rod: you know, a rivalry game is so emotional. the agony of the defeat here when you're the guy who lost the football and 15 years of
4:31 pm
thinking about it on the other side. willis, tears of joy. he was told when he to campus here, do not leave to uva. keep the cup and they have the cup and they're drinking from that thing. >> adam: it runneth over in blacksburg for a 15th consecutive year in a classic rival contest. final score in overtime, virginia tech, 34, virginia, 31. let's get you back to kevin negandhi in the studio. >> adam, rod, "q," great job. fantastic work. let's hope we have a fun game in morgantown tonight. top of the hour on espn. the winner of this game will face texas next weekend. our triple header tomorrow on abc, starting with the rivalry in florida. gators as well as the noels and then maryland and penn state.
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notre dame on the road at usc. i'm kevin negandhi. and we'll see you tomorrow. enjoy the rest of the night. ♪thisi'm gonna let it shine. ♪ it's energy saving time, ♪ i'm gonna reduce mine. ♪ californians all align ♪ to let our great state shine. ♪ let it shine, ♪ the power's ours to let it shine! ♪ well, it's a whole day's worth of love songs. or 300 minutes of baby videos. a gig goes a long way.
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live where you live, this is abc news. >> a big scare for warriors guard steph curry this morning when he was hit by not one but two cars while driving his bla tunnel. good afternoon. thanks for joining us. i'm larry diehl. >> and i'm ama daetz. luckily none of the drivers were injured. it happened when another driver lost control. abc news reporter unser has has the details. >> he wouldn't talk on camera, but he seemed to be in good spirits. warriors fans happy number 30 is doing okay. warriors star steph curry waited along the side of highway 24
4:36 pm
after his porsche was hit by two cars during this morning's commute. >> it was like a major accident. it was like a movie or something. >> reporter: denisha allen and her friend were the first on scene. they rushed to help. >> the guy spun off and hit steph curry. >> reporter: chp says the driver of what was a silver lexus lost control coming out of the caldecott tunnel, his car spinning several times before crashing into curry. the wet roads the likely cause. >> the car through coming through the tunnel. the next thing you know we seen the two cars spun out. it was crazy. >> after being hit, curr curry's porsche was rear-ended by another car. steph curry's father arrived shortly after to pick up his son. tonight warriors fans are happy their star player was able to walk away. steph curry tweeted about the accident just a few hours ago, thanking his hans for their
4:37 pm
support. i spoke to his father. he wouldn't talk on camera but he said his son is doing fine. >>anser, thank you. >> don't need any reminders, but all the time god is great and god is great all the time. appreciate all the text. the chp posted about the accident and commended all of the drivers, including steph curry for wearing their seat belts. the good news is steph doesn't appear to be injured as a result of this accident. i'm sure the warriors will be monitoring him. sometimes you don't feel neck and head stiffness until later on. steph's father is on the left wearing the baseball cap. well assume he was here for thanksgiving holiday. this is what happened to this guy and that guy hit me. we don't think about this, but players typically drive themselves to games when they're playing home games. they're just like anybody else heading to work in the morning. but the entire warriors season, the balance of power in the nba would have changed if this was a
4:38 pm
serious accident. the car by the way, that's a porsche panamera. steph drove for the airport in that car. he said he loves that deal. he has a contract with infiniti that contract requires him to drive their cars certain time of year but the other time he can drive whatever he wants. i envision a fender hanging on a while when the repairs are complete. we'll hear about his injured groin and about how he is healing up tomorrow. a golden gate ferry boat crashed at the ferry building. this video was taken by someone on the promenade. listen to the panic from the crowd once they realized that ferry boat was out of control and about to crash. >> no, no! oh my god. oh! >> we're told the vessel crashed into the promenade, as you just
4:39 pm
saw. 80 people were on the ferry. the ms san francisco, which was coming into port from larkspur, for some reason it to vallejo where it made that hard landing. no one was hurt. the vessel was damaged. we have a reporter on the scene, and we'll bring you updates as soon as we learn more. >> it's like a movie. the runaway ferry. the day after thanksgiving, one of the biggest shopping days of year. how big was it today? we'll take a look. plus the effort to get you to shop local this holiday season. i'm spencer christian. well still have light to modera . . . . . . . welcome to emirates mr. jones. just sit back, relax and let us entertain you...
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turning now to our weather. that's a live look from the mount tam cam. cloudy, rainy. better to be indoors right now. >> certainly. let's take a live look from our camera in san francisco. you can see lots of rain drops on the lens there. only half of the transamerica building can be scene there. and a live look at san francisco international airport there are some minor delays, but not like we saw earlier this week. things are running smoothly at oakland and mineta airports. >> now your accuweather forecast with spencer christian, we'll start with live doppler 7, showing it is still pretty wet over most of the bay area. in the east bay we have are the steadier, heavier showers near fremont and into parts of the south bay and on the peninsula. this is the view from our rooftop camera, looking at clouds over the embarcadero. some wet pavement there showers have eased up for a few minutes. 60 degrees right now in san francisco and oakland 59 at morgan hill and half moon bay.
4:43 pm
along the bay bridge, traffic is pretty heavy right now. it's not raining very heavily over the bay at the moment, but we may get some more heavy showers later. 60 degrees north of santa rosa. 61 in san rafael. low 60s at vacaville and 58 at livermore. the view shows wet pavement there. these are our forecast features. we'll see showers continuing. overnight it will be a bit breezy as well. sunnier and dryer weather this weekend, and we'll have a series of rainy days next week. our current storm ranks one on the storm impact scale. so through tomorrow morning, we'll see light to moderate showers, maybe a few isolated downpours. it will be breezy winds out of the southwest. forecast animation going into the evening hours shows the continuation of this pattern of light to moderate showers, but after midnight we'll see the showers becoming lighter and more widely scattered. early tomorrow morning, some sun will be breaking through by about 8:00. but there will be some lingering showers. high temperatures tomorrow by afternoon, upper 50s on the coast, and 60 to 62 around the
4:44 pm
bay and inland, and here is the accuweather seven-day forecast. a look for dryer, milder weather on sunday, and sunny and relatively milder on monday as well. but rain returns on tuesday. a system ranking 1 on the impact scale. a similar storm coming in on wednesday, and a stronger, windier storm will come in on thursday. so we have more wet weather coming our way. the rainy season really is rainy. >> finally. i like it, spencer. santa with a twist. what i landed. i saw my leg did not look right. i was just finishing a ride. i felt this awful pain in my chest. i had a pe blood clot in my lung. i was scared. i had a dvt blood clot. having one really puts you in danger of having another. my doctor and i chose xarelto®. xarelto®. to help keep me protected. xarelto® is a latest-generation blood thinner that's... proven to treat and reduce the risk of dvt or pe blood clots from happening again.
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steady rain fell on black friday shoppers in san francisco's union square area this morning. >> abc 7's lyanne melendez lye from n lyanne melendez. >> known as small business central, larry. we were really lucky today. we also visited two other great
4:47 pm
location, the city of san carlos and the westport tall neighborhood. take a look. every day is a good day to shop at your neighborhood store, but since 2010, the saturday after thanksgiving has become the day to really support brick and mortar businesses that are small and local. linda owns ambassador toys. >> i think more and more people are beginning to understand the value of shopping local, and that unfortunately, you know, places like amazon are really stealing the business away. >> she admits her business suffered when the smoke from the camp fire covered the bay area. >> we had to keep the doors closed. so yeah, it definitely affected us. there are much fewer people out on the street. >> she hopes to make up for those losses in the upcoming weeks. sarah kelso now lives in sacramento, but as a child, west portal is where her family shopped. today she came back.
4:48 pm
>> it keeps the neighborhood of my childhood alye. >> the rain didn't stop maggie baker. she decided to get toys for her grandchildren today. >> i love to support local businesses, and especially on a day like today when a lot of people are driven out to other places or online. >> small businesses in san carlos on the peninsula are grateful to american express for starting this trend in 2010. the selling point for many of these stores is their unique items, not found at big box stores. mike fitch sales fine organic olive oils and balsamic vinegar. >> up through the holidays on, it's insane. >> and that's a good thing, insanity. >> it's all good. bedlam is good. >> he is hoping sales will go up, but he says even more important is that customers keep his store in mind all year long. and you know what i like about these small business series that
4:49 pm
one-on-one attention that you get from the employees. and of course they really know what they are selling to you. so i have to say noe valley, i live very close to here, is one of my favorites. but this holiday, this event, if you will, this small business saturday has become so popular that now it has its own facebook page. doesn't everybody? i'm live in noe valley, lyanne melendez, abc 7 news. >> that's how you know you've made it. >> for sure. >> thanks, lyanne. san jose's iconic christmas in the park opens to fanfare tonight and promises to be bigger than ever. >> community members stepped up to fund the decades old holiday tradition. >> trees, lights, and lots of action. christmas in the park has returned to san volunteers spent the day putting the finishing touches on the winter wonderland featuring exhibits, entertainment, and more than 550 trees decorated by
4:50 pm
community groups and businesses. bailey thayer are raising awareness for their common profit, have faith, be lstrong childhood cancer, and for us to express through our tree what that means to us and what it means the other families is super meaningful. >> this tree from the catholic charities stem program featured ornaments programmed by elementary school students. >> they all have their own sequence, their own patterns. so they're fun. >> tonight's tree lighting ceremony will honor the smith family, who recently lost their paradise homes in the camp fire. >> we're just taking it one day at a time and holding each other and know that tomorrow is going to be better. it has to be. >> organizers say all of the donations from opening weekend will go to a fund to help victims of the wildfire. >> my board was amazing, stepped up and made this decision. and we're 100% in support of it. >> christmas in the park will remain open through christmas day. >> families, sometimes they
4:51 pm
drift away, but during christmas time, you really come together. this is one of the places where it happens. >> a local tradition working to make a difference this holiday season. in san jose, chris nguyen, abc 7 news. >> and keep umbrellas handy if you plan to attend tonight's macy's union square tree lighting ceremony. the ghirardelli tree lighting ceremony kicked off at 4:00. and in danville at 5:15 that is community tradition. the annual christmas in the park tree lights event in san jose also kicks off at 6:00 at plaza de cesar chavez park. joining me right now is chef tu david foo of oakland. once we finish the tree festivities and lights. he is host of taste bud chefs giving on sunday. thanks for coming. i love the name chefsgiving. what's the concept behind the show? >> the concept is we're celebrating thanksgiving as of
4:52 pm
2018 and all the different reflection, faces and cultures that consist of being an american. and i join with melissa king, kwame and sheldon, all top chef alumnis, all of different cultures and different heritages, and we cook our heritage dishes. >> do you cook vietnamese? >> i do vietnamese. >> you mom taught you to cook. she must be so proud of you now. >> yes there are moments in the connection where she still checks me and says tu, this needs more pepper or seasoning. mama is always king. >> do you say mom, i'm on tv. i'm the professional chef in this kitchen. no, you don't. >> try to pull that every now and then. my mom, she wears the pants in the family. she always checks me in the back of the head when i say a stupid remark like that. >> it was my stupid remark. but you're all inked up. i love some of the means behind your tattoos. show some of the four
4:53 pm
ingredients you think key. >> this is my seasoning hand. love, pepper salt, and in vietnamese essence of passion. so with all four essential ingredients, it makes the perfect dish. >> your whole body like a menu. what else have you got? >> i have han made on my hands, and most of this art, because i grew up in my teens, i was very active in oil paints on canvas, which translated into graft. >> the i did a lot of murals in my room. and doing tattoos was a way to preserve the art that i drew. just a disclaimer for all the kids, i didn't get my tattoos until i was at least 25 or 26. so i'm not an advocate for early permission. >> favorite foods to cook. >> favorite foods to cook. i grew up allergic to eggs. in my teen years, i couldn't eat eggs. every time i ate them i'd break out in hives and rashes.
4:54 pm
but for some reason in my late teens, it went away. so as they start to go away, i start to cherish and cook eggs. >> you can catch chef tu in taste bud chefsgiving here on abc. i want to see all the stuff you cook and follow your career because i know it's going really good. here is the promo for the show. thank you so much for coming. >> in thank you, mr. larry. >> chef tu. >> thank you. we'll be right back.
4:55 pm
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coming up tonight in primetime on abc 78:00, santa claus is coming to town. then at 9 child support followed by "20/20" at 10 and abc 7 news at 11:00. now one of the stories for the future remember when category. it's big stuff is santa is important to you, and isn't he? nbc's wayne freedman with more from the black friday files. >> happy wet black friday, everybody. this is one of something that has not happened yet, but will. and we're warning you in advance you need to get used to it. do you want to have your picture taken with santa? >> sure. >> after that ringing endorsement, welcome to west field map. >> you know, there is a change coming. >> like what? >> have you seen santa here today? >> santa? >> no. >> no, not here. >> used to be you'd go to a mall like this, you'd see santa sitting on a christmas set. you'd stand in line. you'd sit on his lap. you'd take a picture, pay a few
4:58 pm
bucks. well, now there is a twist. they're going to call it the selfie santa. >> how much is that going to cost? >> unlike years past, you'll be getting a wandering santa in these very halls as a photo op. and why not? if you won't get off your phone and come to santa, now he'll come to you. >> i think it's cool. >> i believe in self east. >> we try to stay off social media. >> okay. where is he? >> he is not here yet. >> until theth of december. >> nope, and as for explaining all the many pictures of santa destined for social media -- >> santa, he can be in many places at once. >> in selfie, and you know there will be an app for that. in san francisco, wayne freedman, abc 7 news. >> wayne freedman as santa. frightening. we're told they're still going to have traditional a traditional santa as well. santa is going to have to move around. it's going to be a leaner santa i think in years to come. but it's all about the millennials. get the latest news any time with the abc 7 news app with
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enhanced live video features and the push alerts so you get the news fast to your phone in realtime. that's going to do it for abc 7 news at 4:00. i'm larry beil. abc 7 news at 5:00 starts now. >> no! >> terrifying moments as a ferry crashes at the san francisco ferry building. we'll have the dramatic video. and take a deep breath, dub nation. steph curry was in a crash. his car was hit by not one, but two cars. and more rain rolls through the bay area, but wait until you see what's going on in the sierra. and the challenge crews are now facing as they try to identify the victims of the deadly camp fire in butte county. >> good evening. i'm cheryl jennings. >> and i'm ama daetz. thank you for joining us. news about a ferry that crashed into a dock in san francisco.
5:00 pm
>> katie utehs joins us. what have you learned? >> well, it's really surprising no one was injured considering how fast this boat crashed into the dock. behind me it struck the far dock in the distance first and ricocheted so to speak into the dock here by the ferry building near gate b. you can see the damage where it has knocked over the metal fencing. it has knocked over a garbage can. and then as our photographer pans over, that is the boat that is damaged. and about halfway up the hole you see the dent, and there is actually a trash back hanging out that it pulled from the trash can. the ferry building was packed with people this afternoon, and witnesses shot video of the crash. >> oh my god! oh! now judging by how fast it was coming, in again, it's surprising that there wasn't more damage and more people weren't hurt. it hit the ramp, as we said, on


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