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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  November 23, 2018 6:00pm-7:00pm PST

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of the area, through the golden gate, across san francisco, across the bay, over to oakland and berkley. some rain in the south bay and the santa cruz mountains as well. it ranks one on the storm impact scale, or what is left of it. more light to moderate showers tonight into early tomorrow morning, maybe a couple of isolated downpours. breezy with wind out of the southwest 15 to 20 miles per hour. here is our forecast animation starting at 7:00 this evening. notice as we get into the overnight hours we will see the showers easing up and tapering off and becoming widely scattered and lighter as well. we will start with the i with a lingering shower but sunny breaks during the day as well. i will have the weekend forecast coming up shortly. cheryl and ama. >> thank you, spencer. only "abc 7 news" was on scene just after steph curry was involved in a multi-car crash, likeet roadways. the warriors' star is okay. everyone involved was wearing a seatbelt. no one was hurt. the crash happened just after
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the tunnel along westbound highway 24 around 9:00 a.m. "abc 7 news" reporter anser live from oracle arena. >> reporter: a lot of happy fans out here learning steph curry is okay. he wouldn't talk on camera but tweeted about the accident a short while ago. all three drivers seemed to be in good spirits, thankful all were able to walk away. warriors' star stephan curry waited along the side of highway 24 after his porsche was hit by two cars during this morning's commute. >> it was like a major accident. it was like a movie or something. >> she and her friend were first on scene. they rushed to help, making sure no one was injured. >> we ran out of the car, making sure everybody was okay. i guess it was so wet the guy in the gray car spined off and hit steph curry. >> reporter: the driver of what was actually a silver lexus lost control coming out of the tunnel, his car spinning several times before crashing into curry. the wet roads, the likely cause.
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>> it was coming through the tunnel, and next thing you know we seen the two cars spun out. it was crazy. >> reporter: after being hit, curry's porsche was rear ended by another car. stephan curry's father dale arrived shortly thereafter to pick up his son. after giving statements to chp drivers were allowed to go. tonight some warriors fans concerned for the curry family but happy the star player was able to walk away. >> we are really big fans of curry, we root for him and watch all of the games all the time. so we want to make sure he is okay. >> reporter: now, the warriors host the trail blazers tonight. steph curry won't be playing, not because of the accident but because of previous groin injury. at oracle arena, answerer hudson, "abc 7 news.." >> anser, thank you so much. let's bring in sports director larry beil. i want to wrap him in bubble wrap. >> i was thinking the exact same thing, at all times, even when on the court to make sure he is
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safe. the good news is steph does not appear injured as a result of the accident. i'm sure the warriors will monitor him closely the next few days. sometimes, maybe this happened to you, you don't feel the neck and head soreness until later on, we will have to see. steph's father was among those that came out to make sure he was okay after the accident. we presume the curry family together for the thanksgiving holiday. you don't think about this much, but players typically drive themselves to practice at home games. they're like you or me -- well, not spencer, he has his own guy driving. no, but seriously, they head into work and take the same route everyday. but the entire warriors' season you could argue and the balance of power in the whole league could have changed if this was a serious accident. the car, by the way, you see there, that's a porsche pan amera. when i was with the warriors traveling with them to china last year, steph drove that car to the airport. we talked a little bit about it because it is one much my favorites. he said he loves that car. you know if you watch tv, he has a sponsorship deal with infinity.
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that contract requires him to drive their cars a certain number of times per year. the rest of the time steph can drive whatever he wants. i envision an autographed porsche fender hanging on a repair shop wall when all repairs are complete. bottom line, curry looks to be okay. we will hear about the injured groin with an update on that situation tomorrow. steve kerr just talked about the situation a few minutes ago. he said steph is a little shaken up like anybody would be if they were involved in a traffic accident, but he joked in typical steve kerr action, i think he has another car to drive so he will be okay. >> he is good. he has a couple of them. >> yeah. >> thanks, larry. one of the warriors' super fans, dance cam mom robin shriver sending best wishes to him after the crash. >> so glad steph is all right. saw it inving, happy friday. a little dance from the dance group mom. >> sthe he is unstoppable. we broke the news of curry's crash when we sent out the push
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alert with the "abc 7 news" app. you can be first to know what is happening by downloading the app. it is customizeable so you can set it for what you are interested in. >> you know it is black friday, but let's not forget about small business saturday. that is tomorrow. thousands of mom and pop shops are counting on you to support them. the weather is expected to be nicer tomorrow. abc 7 reporter lyanne melendez is live from snowy valley in san francisco. have you got it all mapped out for yourself tomorrow? >> reporter: oh, i am so here tomorrow. let me tell you about valley known for pet strollers and small businesses. this is not the only place with a lot of mom and pop shops. we checked out other places like san carlos and the west portal neighborhood. mike fish sells fine, organic olive oils and balsamic vinegar. as a small business in san carlos, he focuses on selling unique items not found at big box stores. that, he says, is what makes his
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store so successful during the holidays. >> up through the holidays from here on it is just pretty much insane. >> reporter: small businesses in san carlos on the peninsula are grateful to american express for starting this saturday after thanksgiving trend in 2010. since then, it has become the day to really support brick-and-mortar businesses that are small and local. linda kapnick owns ambassador toys in san francisco's west portal neighborhood. >> places like amazon are really stealing the business away. you know, so you're not going to see little shops along the way. you will not see the local business unless, you know, the neighborhood and the city begin to really support it. >> reporter: sarah lso lives in sacramento, but as a child west portal was where her family shopped. today she came back. >> this is our sixth generation from the area. >> reporter: and supporting local businesses? >> absolutely as you can see
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here, with a nice board game, huh? >> reporter: her son, three-year-old vaughn, left with the game hungry hippo. the rain didn't stop maggie baker. she decided to get toys for her grandchildren today. >> i love to support local businesses, especially on a day like today when a lot of people are drichen to other places or online. >> reporter: small business owners hope sales will go up, but they say even more important is that customers keep their stores in mind all year long. and last year americans spent $13 billion on small business saturday. good for them. they need the help. i'm live in san francisco, lyanne melendez, "abc 7 news." >> all right. thank you so much, lyanne. in the east bay, the parking lot was full and people were lined up to get into stores at the outlet mall in livermore. some stores looked like they were ransacked by shoppers looking for a good deal. >> it is crazy and people wait in line and, yeah.
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but i bought what i want and i love it. it is a good deal. >> i'm glad she got her deal. the outlet mall opened at 3:00 p.m. thursday and will close at 10:00 tonight, providing 19 hours of shopping. >> oh, boy. >> if you decide to come next year, it was pretty quiet between 5:00 and 7:00 a.m., so that might be your window. >> that's the key. all right, thanksgiving is over. the focus now is turning to christmas. "abc 7 news" anchor dion lim joins us in santa clara for a special tree lighting. hey, dion. >> reporter: hey there, cheryl. good to hear from you once again. hey, it is still raining here in santa clara, but get this. it is also snowing every 15 minutes. fake snow though because we are in santa claire where you can hear it sounds an awful lot like ristmas. we have performers and eight million lights around the park. something very special happened about 30 minutes ago is, if you can take a look at this video, i had the honors of lighting this
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massive 65-foot christmas tree. joining me on stage you see a bunch of people with me. one very special young man, his name is john hammond. he is from best buddies, a nonprofit that's in the bay area and all across the world, that helps those with intellectual and development disabilities. john is joining me right now live. john, you did a great job up there. what was it like getting the word out about best buddies and being on stage tonight? >> it was very fun. right now we have the show yuletime christmas behind me on abc 7. >> i think you could be my producer. you did a great job. what do you want to tell everyone about bust buddies and why it is important to be presented in the community. >> you need t hpeople with deve disabilities. want to let you guys know, come out to winter fest and have fun at great america. >> reporter: he's also a cheerleader for good times this holiday season. we're hoping that john, he already is employed but he is looking for other places to
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volunteer at. so he was passing out maps to guests earlier today. thank you so much for your help. we are going to enjoy the show, but remember great america's winter fest happens all the time until the end of the year. they have a schedule on their website and also we will have the information at happy holidays, friends. in santa clara tonight, i'm dion lim, "abc 7 news." >> thank you. all right. well, a crash landing was captured on camera at san francisco's ferry building. this was no light bump. we will give you a closer look at damage next. still ahead, changing
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zblnchs new at 6:00th ucoast d
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28-year-old man who disappeared while swimming off the coast of daly city. police responded to a call of a man stuck in the surf around 3:00 p.m. he was not visible in the water by the time they arrived. a golden gate ferry boat crashed into the promenade at the ferry building. it was coming into port from larkspur about 2:30 this afternoon when it drifted from the designated terminal toward slips for the san francisco ferries to vallejo and hit the railing hard. there have been no reports of injuries, thank goodness, but the vets el and railing were damaged. in the south bay, san jose police surrounded a house all day long because there's a man with a gun who shot at officers this morning. at least one officer returned fire. the home is on baro court off king road. "abc 7 news" reporter david louie joins us live from the scene. david. >> reporter: cheryl, we have developing news for you. from all indications a standoff with san jose police that started eight hours ago appears to be over. a man who had shot at police
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officers when they responded to a house on barrow lane has been apparently taken away from the scene in an ambulance going to a local hospital. now, the still-unidentified man was barricaded in a house by himself. we do not know whether the man was wounded by officers who had returned fire after the suspect fired at them or whether he's being taken to the hospital for evaluation. now, san jose police were called to the house by a woman who had told dispatchers that the man had a handgun and was barring her from entering. that was at 10:00 this morning. the police swat team, known as merge, responded to the scene along with negotiators with the goal of negotiating his surrender. here is how the initial report played out over police communications. >> he refused to let her in, reached into his waistband. she saw the handle of a pistol. >> shots fired again inside the house. >> reporter: the potential for more gunfire prompted police who evacuate neighbors. one family is seen here being escorted by an officer. children and adults were taken
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away for safety. they appeared to be calm. police wanted the suspect to remain calm, too, to avoid further confrontation. that strategy appear to have wor worked. it is not known if police neglectors convinced the suspect to give up or they got him out by other means. the police chief, eddie garcia, plans to have more details about this event, still-yet officially unconfirmed by police, but from all indication goes it is resolved. live in san jose, david louie, "abc 7 news." >> thank you for the update, david. in butte county steady rain brought the devastating camp fire to nearly full containment. firefighters say remaining hot spots of the 153,000 acre wildfire have been largely doused. much of the effort now is in the hands of search and rescue crews who are going through devastated areas looking for victims of the fire. the death toll is at 84 with 605 people still reported missing. nearly 14,000 homes were destroyed. the fire is now 95% contained.
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"abc 7 news" "abc 7 news" "b bean joe -- jobina fortson is live in paradise where the search and rescue crews are looking for victims of the tragedy. >> reporter: as crews continue to comb through the debris, officials are telling me they're finding bone fragments and teeth. that dna is being processed but the issue is there are not enough samples from family to run the dna against and identify these people. it is bustling inside the resource center but at the booth that should be the busiest there's no one. >> there are people out there who have loved ones among the dead at the morgue we have not been able to identify. >> reporter: jim davis is with the company using rapid dna of people killed in the camp fire. things are slow. >> the only way to identify those people is to have family
6:17 pm
members submit reference samples so we can match the two. >> reporter: the identification process starts back in the place that is now unrecognizable. at this moment, it is with a crew out of santa barbara, picking apart debris in paradise, looking for remains. the elements are complicating things, but when they find something, dna is processed, placed on a swab and run through a machine. davis's company gave us a video and said the results arrive within two hours. >> as we've collected samples from people, you know, we see this kind of emotion that comes with finally, you know, accepting the possibility their loved ones are gone. >> if you are related to someone missing in the california camp fire -- >> reporter: a psa was just released hoping to prompt better turnout. yesterday they had 68 family donors and they need hundreds more to compare dna. maria shahid wishes she could do it for her friend who lived in paradise. >> nobody has heard of him but we have no names of relatives or nothing.
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>> reporter: if anyone is out there, family dna swabs can be taken at any police station in the u.s.. this is the first time rapid dna has been used in a mass casualty situation. if you or someone you know would like more information on the dna collection process, we had the resource site on our website, that is for now reporting live in paradise, jobina fortson, "abc 7 news." >> thank you so much. we have a el rooey nice upda -- a really nice update to a story we brought you first on abc 7 last night. a man donating an rv to a survivor of the camp fire has rid chico give it away. he lived in the bay area more than a decade ago. he went to the chico craig's list site and saw how much people needed so srted raising money to buy an rv to house a family that lost their home. he bought a pre-owned six-passenger motor home and drove it to chico with his six-year-old daughter. he decided to give it to jeff
6:19 pm
wood. the two met today. wood said he doesn't know how to adequately say thank you. >> the only way to do it is come and give him a hug and try try tell him how much it means. >> other people have donated at least four rvs after seeing what james is doing. if you have a motor home you would like to donate, they could use it. visit our website, for more information. all right. for now we want to get another update on our forecast. >> spencer christian joins us. >> we have had a wet and windy black friday as you know, but the showers are winding down a bit now. here is a look at live doppler 7 and we don't see as much green on the screen as we saw an hour ago, but still wet weather in parts of the east bay and down in the south bay. here is a closer look at light showers, light to moderate moving across the bay into hayward, lay fayette, richmond, san ray moan. in the south bay, san jose had steady downpours earlier but it is moving now into the mount hamilton area. here is a live view from the roof top camera at abc 7 looking
6:20 pm
at the embarcadero. we have 59 in san francisco. a view in emeryville and you see traffic seems to be moving ail long pretty well. the pavement looks damp but the showers have ended for now. 60 in santa rosa. 59 in napa and san rafael. one more live look at the golden gate where the pavement looks wet and i think it is raining there. we will see scattered showers with breezy conditions overnight. sunnier and dryer weather coming our way this weekend with a series of rainy days next week. right now we are looking at the current storm tapering off. it ranks one on the scale. we will see light to moderate showers overnight, maybe a couple of isolate it downpours. breezy with winds out of the southwest at 10 to 15 miles per hour. we will start the forecast animation at 7:00 this evening. notice later tonight and into the overnight hours we see the
6:21 pm
showers weakening, becoming more widely scattered and tapering off as we get into saturday morning. we will see sunshine moving down into the east bay, but showers may linger on the peninsula and in the south bay until late morning tomorrow. overnight lows in the upper 40s in north bay valleys, low 50s just about everywhere else. tomorrows high from the upper 50s along the coastline to around 60, 61 on the bay shoreline and in some of the inland areas we may see 62, 63 degrees. in the farther north locations like ukiah and lakeport, highs only in the upper 50s. here is the accuweather seven-day forecast. it looks like we will see dryer and milder conditions on saturday and monday. then our next series of storms will begin moving in tuesday and wednesday with systems ranking one on the storm impact scale. thursday a stronger, windier storm coming in, ranking two on the impact scale. next friday, sunny skies again,
6:22 pm
but, of course, it is seven days away and it could change. >> yes, it could. thank you, spencer. coming up next, new clues about where the thisdon't miss outss, on incredible savings on thousands of gifts. oh yeah! most stores open friday at seven a.m. with extended hours saturday and sunday. get your yes for less.
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we have new details about the romaine lettuce being blamed for a nation wild e. coli outbreak. the agricultural commissioner from monterey county said it is, quote, very likely that the tainted romaine came from that county. the cdc is telling people to not eat any romaine, throw it out if you have it. the fda says this e.coli is likely the same strain that was found last year which came from the end of season harvest in california. dozens of people started getting sick last month, but at this point federal officials have not ordered recalls of romaine products. you can find a list of e.coli symptoms on our website, "abc 7 news".. santa cruz county reports a big spike in the number of whooping cough cases. the county health agency said there have been 66 suspected or confirmed cases since september 1st. that compares with 45 confirmed cases for all of last year. most of the cases have been associated with outlabreaks at school. california had a whopping cough
6:26 pm
epidemic in 2014. based on past trends, doctors are concerned 2018 could be a bad year. infants are most at risk for serious complications. health officials say the best protection is vaccination for everyone. san jose's traditional christmas in the park will be bigger and better this year. >> it is thanks to community support. people are using the event to pay it forward and help this year's wildfire victims. next, another check on our storm and how hard the rain and snow have made it to get where you are trying to go. . . . . . .
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live where you live, this is "abc 7 news." live doppler 7 shows what is left of today's storm which drenched the bay area all day long. >> in the santa cruz mountains before dawn, a chp patrol car split the northbound lanes on highway 17, pacing the traffic and forces drivers to slow down, but still some spinouts on the slick roads. no reports of injuries, thank goodness. another live look at current conditions for drivers on the road. on the left, the golden gate bridge, in the middle the bay bridge, and the san mateo bridge is on the right.
6:30 pm
in the north bay, the driver of this car walked away after her vehicle hit a pothole and then swerved across south bay 101 this morning. the car came to rest upside down beside a parked car. chp says it was a typical case of just driving too fast in the rain. >> it came across all four lanes and across the on ramp and this road, too. >> scary. no other vehicles though were involved. getting through this year in nevada mountains meant going very slowly in the snow, if moving at all really. this is what it looked like on 80 at castle peak just afternoon. east bay traffic was held at times because of dangerous conditions. chains were required for some drivers on some roads into the mountains. >> all right. let's check in with "abc 7 news" weather anchor spencer christian. >> ama and cheryl, as the rain winds down we have lots of wet pavement around the bay area so please drive carefully if you are on the roadways. here is live doppler 7.
6:31 pm
you see we don't have much left from today's storm, now tonight's storm. in the east bay, scattered showers from danville to hayward and down into the mount hamilton area. it ranks one on the storm impact scale, a storm of light intensity, but during the overnight hours and early morning hours we may see a few slight storms. breezy, wind out of the northwest, five to ten miles per hour. overnight, the showers just wind down after about midnight or so and become weaker and more widely scattered. we will start the day tomorrow with some sunshine and later in the day more sunshine. i will have the accuweather seven-day forecast in a few minutes. cheryl. >> all right, spencer. thank you so much. well, "abc 7 news" was at san francisco's union square today where black friday shoppers had a brief break from the rain. the union square christmas tree will be lit tonight. the ice rink, which closed for days because of poor air quality, reopened on tuesday. in the south bay, christmas in the park opens to much fanfare tonight and promises to
6:32 pm
be bigger and better than ever after the community stepped up to help fund the decades-old holiday tradition. "abc 7 news" reporter chris wynn has the story from san jose. >> reporter: call it a winter wonderland in the heart of san jose. christmas in the park has returned to plaza de cesar veshaw -- chavez. this one from the catholic charities stem program features many computer ornaments programmed by elementary students. >> they all had their own color, their own sequence, their own patterns. it is a lot of fun. >> reporter: each year david puts up a tree to honor the daughter he lost to sudden th syndrome. >> i want a bigger tree because it feels good doing something like that. >> reporter: bailey bayer and his family are raising aware for their nonprofit, half bay be strong. >> we lost a brother and sister to childhood cancer. for those to be able to walk by and see and for us to express
6:33 pm
through our tree what that means to us and what it means to other families is just super meaningful. >> reporter: tonight the community giving tree was lit by the smith family, who recently lost their paradise homes in the camp fire. >> we are just taking it one day at a time and holding each other. we know tomorrow will be better, it has to be. >> reporter: organizers say all of the donations from opening weekend will go to a fund to help victims of the wildfire. >> my board was amazing. stepped up and made this decision and we're 100% in support of it. >> reporter: a local tradition, working to make a difference this holiday season. >> families, sometimes they drift away but during christmas time you really come together, and this is one of the places where it happens. >> reporter: in san jose, chris wynn, "abc 7 news." now, one of those stories for the future remember-when category. it is big stuff if santa is important to you. "abc 7 news" reporter wayne freedman has more from the black friday files. >> reporter: happy wet black friday, everybody. this is one of the stories about
6:34 pm
something that has not happened yet but will, and we are warning you in advance you will need to get used to it. do you want your picture taken with santa? >> sure. >> reporter: after that ringing endorsement, welcome to westfield mall. >> you know, there's a change coming. >> like what. >> reporter: have you seen santa here today? >> santa? >> reporter: yeah. >> no. >> reporter: no, not here. he used to be here. go to a mall like this and see santa sitting on a christmas set. you would stand in line, sit on his lap, take a picture, pay a few bucks. now there's a twist. they're going to call it the selfie santa. >> how much is that going to rnlikearspast, you will get a wandering santa in the very halls as a photo op. and why not? if you won't get off your phone and come to santa, now he will come to you. >> i think it is cool. >> i believe in selfies. >> we try to stay off social media. >> okay. where is he? >> reporter: he's not here yet. not until the 7th of december. >> then we're not late. >> reporter: nope, and as for explaining all of the many
6:35 pm
pictures of santa destined for social media -- >> that he can be in many places at once. >> reporter: in selfie it and you know there will be an app for that. in san francisco, wayne freedman, "abc 7 news." holiday shopping sales may be just as good this year as before, but you could end up paying more. >> that's right. next how a supreme court decision is changing what online shopping costs you. and ind out how much of a rainy season we should expect in the months to come.
6:36 pm
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the dow jones dropped 178 points. the nasdaq fell by 33. the s&p 500 was off by 17, closing 10% below the record set in september. tesla was one of the stocks that took a hit today. it fell by a little over 3 1/2% after it was announced it was cutting prices on some vehicles in china to offset the impact of the ongoing tariff war between the united states and china. the move comes just months after tesla announced a 20% price increase. in a statement, the electric carmaker says it is going to take on part of the skos cost o tariff to make the vehicles more affordable. shopping online for the holidays, you may notice more websites charging sales tax thanks to a recent supreme court ruling almost half of all states require sales tax from large out-of-state sellers. that means if you buy online from a seller in those states you pay sales tax. look carefully when you check out to make sure you know what you're paying for before you click the final buy button.
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black friday is about getting a good deal, but if you celebrated green friday you could have gotten something for free. today many state parks waived entrance fees to encourage people to get outside in nature instead of going shopping. parking was also free. if you are hoping to score a deal on your christmas tree, you may want to wait before buying. the national christmas tree association looked at sales on square credit card readers. the report found you will pay about $77 today or $81 on cyber monday. however, if you wait, the cost goes down to $64 the week before christmas. the price drops again if you wait until christmas eve when you could pay just under $50. but then maybe you don't get to enjoy it as long. >> i know, right? >> that's the fun of it. we are going to get a break from the rain for a few days. spencer shows us when the next storm comes in. the abc 7 storm impact scale. today's stormst level one. that means light rain. so keep an umbrella handy and
6:41 pm
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6:43 pm
back on storm watch now. cal fire crews spent the morning chopping up a huge oak that fell on power lines in front of a
6:44 pm
fire station in napa. look at that. the 100-foot tree knocked out power to homes in the gordon valley area. >> and crews have been out in san francisco today making sure the drains are clear. we caught up with these workers in the st. francis wood neighborhood. >> and it does look like fall now because of all of the fallen leaves and the wet streets. thanks to rush 510 for posting this gorgeous picture. that's pretty cool. he posted it on instagram. it is from san francisco. he used the #abc7notice. add it to your pictures and you could see them on tv. we need the rain, we all know that, and this image shows why. it shows drought conditions have worsened in the past week in california. more than half of the state now falls into the category of moderate drought. we are going to get several days of rain in the next week, and is that what we should expect for the season? >> christina davies from our sister station in fresno talked to the national weather service to get their predictions.
6:45 pm
>> reporter: rain soaks the valley and snow covered our mountain tops this week. >> we are in an active pattern right now and we will stay in a relatively active, rather stormy pattern for next seven to ten days. >> reporter: what about beyond next week. meteorologist kevin durfee says the climate prediction center released outlooks. it favors wetter weather. >> this is the three-month outlook on the climate prediction center. it runs from december through february, and it is looking encouraging. it has above-normal precipitation expect across much of california. >> reporter: he said the center puts together outlooks based on what is currently happened and they are updated every 15 days. they are forecasting a weak el nino. >> majority of el ninos are generally wetter than normal but we have had dry ones too. >> reporter: in fresno,
6:46 pm
christina davies. >> spencer is back. >> with an update for us. >> spencer is front, and we will go to the cold front moving through to bring the rainfall. i don't know. here is a look at live doppler 7. we have a bit of rain left with light showers in the east bay mainly, some reaching to the south bay as well. it still ranks one on the storm impact scale. for tonight and early tomorrow morning we will see light or light to moderate showers, maybe an isolated downpour or two, but not likely. wind out of the southwest 15 to 20 miles per hour. here is forecast animation to show you what will take place over the next 12 hours or so. starting at 7:00 this evening, notice very late after midnight we will see the system pretty much breaking up into scattered pockets of light showers. by early tomorrow morning, lots of sunny skies in the north bay, parts of the east bay by noon. the rain will be just about all over. overnight lows mainly in the upper 40s in the north bay valleys, low 50s near the cost and bay. tomorrow's highs range from almost 60 at the coast to low
6:47 pm
60s just about everywhere else. we will get a sunny break on sunday and monday. actually, the break begins late tomorrow but continues through sunday and monday. we have weak systems next tuesday and wednesday, both ranking one on the storm impact scale. a stronger storm on thursday, ranking a two, and clearing on friday. we need a series of rain coming through to keep us out of the drought situation. >> that map was scary. >> it certainly was. >> thanks nor the good news. larry beil is here with a lot to talk about. >> it is funny looking at the weather because it is going to clear up just as my sister and her family leaves. when she leaves, what happens? it gets nice. >> i can't control it. >> you can't control it. nobody can control it. steve kerr's thoughts on steph curry's accident? don't worry. steph
6:48 pm
6:49 pm
♪thisi'm gonna let it shine. ♪ it's energy saving time, ♪ i'm gonna reduce mine. ♪ californians all align ♪ to let our great state shine. ♪ let it shine, ♪ the power's ours to let it shine! ♪
6:50 pm
now abc 7 sports with larry beil. good evening. as we told you earlier in the show and showed you with the exclusive veour was involved in a multi-vehicle crash this morning on the way to shoot around, but he appears fine, so no worries there. his porsche was struck by a car that lost control near the tunnel. he was hit again when he pulled over. this could have been very bad. it is a reminder that rainy conditions can be treacherous and that stuuperstar athletes a
6:51 pm
people commuting to work like the rest of us, but maybe in fancier cars. steve kerr said steph was shaken up, joking that he has another car so he will be okay. he will be re-evaluated tomorrow for the groin injury that forced him to miss the last seven games. his fellow splash brother, klay thompson, happy to hear steph is okay. >> i haven't seen him. i heard he is all right though. hopefully. >> curry even took pictures with the chp at the scene of the accident, so a good sign there. you got some smiles. later tweeting, don't need any reminders but all the time god is great and god is great all the time! appreciate all the texts. so after the accident, the warriors went about their usual business. curry stayed behind the scenes while the rest of the guys got work in. look at boogie cousins there. he has to be close to coming back some time in the next month. they're trying to avoid another lost game, a four-game losing skid so far. tonight they play the portland trail blasers and lillard back
6:52 pm
home in oakland. longest losing streak since steve kerr took over as the head coach. >> obviously every loss hurts, but we realize we have enough to win. we have done it in past previous seasons, last year, year before when key guys were out. obviously we are shorthanded but we won't make excuses for upcoming games. we still are playing with talent. we have to stay the course and obviously it has been a hard part of the schedule with the opponents we are facing have been playoff teams. so it hasn't been easy, but we will be better from it. college football, washington state is the pac-12's best hope for the college football playoff. the title game will be at levi stadium january 7th. not huge chance that what zoo would be there, but to even have a chance, they got to win the pac-12 championship game at levi stadium next week. to get there they need to beat washington in the apple cup today. the quarterback in the o-line without shirts. it is about 35 degrees. it is real men right there, real
6:53 pm
men, spencer christian, who cares about this weather. senior jake browning picked by skyler phillips who takes it to the 25. firsti first time browning picked in his entire career. kew gardenss love to gamble. fourth and one, not what they had in mind. bad snap and mike leach and company come up empty. who is scared of throwing in a little snow? oh, nicely done. browning deep for andre botchelli, just tripped up at the 20. weaving his way from five yards out. huskies led by seven after a quarter. they're in the second quarter right now and it is 14-0. pro bowl, nick mullens and the 49ers are in tampa on sunday. officially first road game as starting quarterback. tampa is within driving distance of his hometown and college. he played ball at southern miss, so there should be a lot of mullens fans in the stands on sunday. >> my mindset doesn't change no matter what position i'm in for
6:54 pm
the 49ers. nothing changes. my work ethic doesn't change and it is up to me to really just do everything that i've done to get here, so i just have to continue the same approach and keep getting better every day. >> he is locked in all the time. >> yeah. by the way, maybe you saw it, but phil mickelson beat tiger woods in their pay-per-view event that they were streaming and televising. they had problems with the stream so some people missed it, but he won on the fourth playoff hole. mickelson beats tiger and both made a lot of money. >> yes. it was something, wasn't it? >> that's the important thing. >> thank you so much, larry. all right. well, join us tonight at 9:00 on kofy tv 20, cable 713. a new federal report is challenging president trump's own policies. it says climate change is real and it is here. what it will mean for our economy and disasters in california. then on "abc 7 news" at 11:00, ferry fiasco in san francisco. look at this. a ferry slammed into the dock. hear what riders say happened
6:55 pm
right before that crash. . coming up tonight on abc 7 at 8:00 it is "santa claus is coming to town." at 9:00, "child support" followed by "20/20" at 10 and abc news at 11:00. thank you for spending part of your evening with us. i'm ama daetz. >> i'm cheryl jennings. you know abc 7 reporter freedman is known for his great work as a reporter. he also almost always has a camera with him. we leave you with pictures depicting the california fire. >> reporter: until recently, if someone said it might be an alternate universe we might have said what was he smoking. it became a string of wildland fires that seemed inconceivable
6:56 pm
years ago, but this one so hot they left shoes behind as they escaped. we are calling it the new normal. it has been the most destructive fire season in california history. at least 101 people have died and counting. almost 1.7 million acres have burned, and counting. we have spent $442 million on manpower and resources, and still he counting. we have lost more than 10,000 homes, and still counting. that is christina hickson who lost her home in parp au dies. in this photo she is showing us a video of it burning. she broke into tears again while talking about it, then took to the arms of a friend in a tent city filled with so many others just like her, where they sat in their cars to keep warm. one can only hope that this will be rock bottom. their road ahead will be like sonoma county's road behind. in butte county as in sonoma, they will discover sifting as a metaphor for discoveries, both physical and emotional. in the process, they may find a wedding ring or a grandmother's
6:57 pm
box and then realize they lost grandmother's recipes. ahead, they face the massive cleanup and long lines of well-intentioned bureaucracy and the paperwork, the searching for proofs, if those proofs even exist. now add frustration, confusion, anger, despair. if you are hoping for a happy ending here, it will take time. the people of butte county can and will find
6:58 pm
6:59 pm
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