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tv   ABC World News Tonight With David Muir  ABC  November 25, 2018 5:30pm-6:00pm PST

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tonight, breaking news, dangerous travel across the country. 25 million people in eight states under winter weather alerts. where officials are declaring a disaster emergency. blizzard conditions shutting down interstate highways and around a thousand flights canceled. we're tracking the storm now on the move. breaking tonight, clash at the border. hundreds of migrants pushing through the border in san diego. reports of u.s. agents responding with tear gas. that crossing now completely shut down. deadly mixup. police killing a young black man suspected in a mall shooting, then later saying he was not the suspect after all. tonight his parents demanding to see the body cam. home explosion. a home going up in flames. the series of blasts with a couple and their baby daughter inside.
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also tonight, the new alzheimer's drug, the promising experimental research. could it one day dramatically cut the number of people afflicted? online shopping's busiest day. the big ticket item 90% off and warning of electronics sold at deep discounts. good evening. thanks for joining us on this sunday. i'm tom llamas. we begin with that breaking news. the winter storm barrelling across the country at this hour after pushing out of the rookies and barrelling across the plains now set to hit the major travel hub of chicago. the images coming in. take a look, dangerous driving on the roads in central kansas. the governor there declaring an emergency. in nebraska cars skidding off the road in near whiteout conditions. de-icing planes at the airport in kansas city, missouri.
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and the crowds backing up at chicago's o'hare airport. some 1,000 flights already canceled across the country. the storm headed east tonight. abc's alex perez is at o'hare right now. >> reporter: tonight, a dangerous winter storm bringing heavy snow from kansas into the great lakes, forcing airlines to cancel nearly a thousand flights on the busiest travel day of the year. blizzard conditions shutting down parts of interstate 70. the kansas governor declaring a state of disaster emergency. >> it's bad out here. the visibility is probably less than a couple of car lengths in front of us. >> reporter: blowing snow and high winds causing whiteout conditions, making it nearly impossible to see. in nebraska, motorists stranded along the highway, pushing their cars, trying to get out. numerous accidents on interstate 80 closing down the highway for part of the day. in kansas city, missouri at the airport there crews working to de-ice planes.
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the visibility forcing them to shut down incoming flights. over 3,000 flights delayed nationwide. chicago's o'hare, now in the crosshairs. >> the frustrating thing is really that you cannot do anything about it. you're just stuck in here, everyone's in the same boat. you cannot do anything about it. >> alex perez joins us live from o'hare airport in chicago. we see those crowds behind you. the airport is now under blizzard warnings and the airlines are bracing for even more cancellations? >> reporter: yeah, tom. both wind and visibility expected to be a major problem here tonight. i saw one line back here more than 100 people deep. the major carriers are already issuing travel waivers for those who want to change their flights and hotel vouchers. it's going to be a long night for a lot of people. tom? >> a long night, indeed. thanks so much. let's get right to abc's senior meteorologist rob marciano. he's tracking that storm along the west side highway here in new york. rob, time this out for us. >> reporter: well, tom, first of all, this is a very powerful winter storm for november.
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right now it's centered over st. louis. you can see the radar here. the winter weather goes back through kansas city where they have a blizzard warning up. they haven't had that up since 2011. you see that stretching to where alex is, right in chicago. getting into michigan as well. another 12 inches across quad cities, davenport with the next batch of snow that's coming in. chicago will have the worst of it tonight. detroit is mostly rain and then this moves into the northeast which has some mild air now. it will be rain but it will be heavy rain for the monday commute home. morning commute in chicago will be a mess and the evening commute here across the northeast will be a mess on the wet side. tom? >> rob marciano tracking that storm for us tonight. rob, thank you. we turn to the other breaking news we're monitoring from the border where thousands of migrants from that caravan have arrived. some of them breaking through mexico's police lines in tijuana surging into the no man's land between the two countries. u.s. agents reportedly responding with tear gas and completely shutting down the busy crossing near san diego. the army now reporting members
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of the military are on the scene. abc's marci gonzalez is there. >> reporter: tonight chaos erupting on the border, hundreds of migrants rushing to cross into the u.s. from mexico. the group, pushing past mexican authorities in riot gear, climbing over barricades. one group attempting to climb on top of this train where they were confronted by mexican police. at one point migrants retreating after reports of border agents throwing tear gas canisters. it is a tense situation here right now. the mexican police in riot gear pushing the group of migrants back. they're yelling at the officers saying the tear gas injured two children earlier today. this video showing migrants running through traffic at the entrance to the border. the u.s. border patrol shutting down the san ysidro port of entry to cars and pedestrians. it's unknown if anyone made it across. additional officer deployed to stave off the crowds.
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the latest clash has come after continued threats by president trump to close the border. >> we're close the border until we can get it under control, the whole border. >> reporter: senators from his own party responding. >> we would prefer to keep it open. let's work hard to make sure we're addressing the asylum seekers. that's the intent of the president to divert any issues before they actually happen. of course we don't want to see the border closed. safety of our nation comes first. >> reporter: this morning trump again blaming democrats for the central american caravan tweeting. it would be smart if mexico would stop the caravans lodge before they get to our southern border or if originating countries would not let them form. tonight as the border grows more unruly, tijuana's mayor calling it a humanitarian crisis.
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>> and tonight u.s. customs and border patrol saying as of now that port of entry must remain closed and everyone trying to cross illegally through those vehicle lanes was sent back. tom? >> marci gonzalez reporting tonight from tijuana. thank you. next we turn to the deadly mixup back here at home at an alabama mall. police killing a 21-year-old who they believed shot two people later saying he wasn't the suspect after all. tonight his grieving parents are speaking out asking for the body cam video to be released. here's abc's lindsey davis. >> bleeding out, dying. >> reporter: tonight a family in mourning and an impassioned plea for justice for a son that was gunned down in an alabama mall. >> no family should have to ever go through this. he loved people. he was not a killer. >> reporter: the victim's family is now demanding police release all body cam footage from that night after police initially announced their son as a suspect in the shootings.
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21-year-old emantic fitzgerald bradford jr., known as e.j. >> the family demands transparency. they demand that all the videos be released. >> reporter: after videos surfaced of people running and ducking from gunfire. >> everybody out. out now. >> reporter: police issued a statement saying bradford jr. was the shooter. less than 24 hours later police retracted the statement saying they had the wrong man. >> you didn't see no gun waving as you said and you shot my son in the head. you let my son bleed out. >> bradford briefly trained with the army. the family's attorney said bradford was licensed to carry a concealed firearm and had a gun when the shooting broke out. he died hours after his mother saw him that thanksgiving morning. protestors came out in support of bradford at the mall where he was gunned down saying this is about much more than the gun. >> when it's a young black man, it's always a confusing situation. at what point do we say enough
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is enough, that your training, your policy is broken? >> reporter: according to the family, witnesses have come forward saying e.j. was trying to wave people away from the shooter. they believe the video will confirm this. no additional comment at the time from the hoover police. tom? >> linsey davis for us tonight. thank you. next to the race for senate in mississippi. a runoff election set for this tuesday major league baseball, the latest donor to republican senator cindy hyde-smith asking for their money back after a series of controversial statements she's made and photos showing her with confederate items and a new controversy over where she and her daughter went to school. here's abc's david wright. >> reporter: republican cindy hyde-smith, the first woman to ever represent mississippi in congress, once again taking heat for where she appears to stand on the state's racist past. the latest controversy, exposed this weekend by the jackson free press when they reported she
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went to high school at an all-white segregation academy. they published this yearbook photo. years later she sent her daughter to a similar school. her campaign calling the allegations "a new low." this after a separate photo came to light on her own facebook page. the republican senator seen here wearing a confederate army cap at the home of jefferson davis. the caption, mississippi history at its best and there's a video of her joking with a supporter. >> if he invited me to a public hanging, i'd be on the front row. >> reporter: hyde-smith later apologizing. >> there was no ill will, no intent whatsoever. >> reporter: after that video went viral, several corporations asked her to return their campaign donations. >> how embarrassing is cindy hyde-smith? >> reporter: democrat mike espy is hoping to become the first state black senator since reconstruction. he's walked a fine line calling
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hyde-smith out while trying not to alienate rural white voters. >> i don't know what's in your heart, but we all know what came out of your mouth. it's given our state another black eye that we don't need. >> reporter: republicans normally don't have to worry about mississippi, but because of the race issues, espy's voters are motivated. now the president is heading to mississippi to make sure his voters turn out too. tom? >> all eyes on mississippi. the election set for tuesday. we're learning the identity of a 25-year-old american soldier killed in afghanistan. the department of defense confirming sergeant leandro jasso was a member of the elite 75th ranger regimen. he died after clashing with enemy forces. the washington state resident on his thirteenth third deployment. and a serious new confrontation between russia and ukraine. russia placing a large cargo ship, you see it there, beneath this bridge to block ukrainian
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boat's access to the black sea. they then seized three ukrainian ships after they rejected repeated demands to stop, opening fire and injuring three ukrainian soldiers. back here to the explosion in oxnard, california, injuring a couple and their infant daughter. neighbors could hear that mother screaming after the blast as the home was engulfed in flames. abc's stephanie ramos has more. >> reporter: tonight authorities are still trying to determine what caused this house west of los angeles to burst into flames seriously injuring a family. >> we have smoke and flames visible about a quarter mile out. >> reporter: witnesses say they heard an explosion, possibly coming from the garage. then screams from inside the house just before the fire erupted. [ screaming ] >> we have a one-story house, heavy fire and smoke. >> after 20 minutes it was just -- it was just astonishing how big the fire got. >> reporter: the mother, father, baby badly burned. neighbors heart broken by what they saw. this woman describing those intense moments.
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[ speaking spanish ] >> she saw the father come out shirtless and he was covered in black ash and the baby had half the face burnt and the mother came out looking very worried. it was just a terrible thing to see. >> reporter: paramedics rushing the family to the hospital as firefighters worked to put out the blaze. authorities tell us they're still investigating the cause of the explosion. the house is destroyed. as for the family, we're told they're still being treated at a burn center. tom? >> incredible anyone survived. stephanie, thank you. next to new developments after the death of an american missionary on a remote island. authorities now say they know where he is buried. it comes as we see his haunting last words written in his journal in the days just before he died. here's abc's lana zak. >> reporter: tonight, local indian officials say they believe they know where american missionary john chau is likely buried, but that it may not be possible to retrieve his remains without endangering more lives.
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the 26-year-old illegally snuck into north sentinel, to try and convert one of the last groups of indigenous people completely isolated from the outside world. the group, estimated between 40-400, are hostile to outsiders. you can see in this picture a tribesman pointing a bow and arrow at a helicopter doing a welfare check after the 2004 tsunami. but chau reportedly knew the risks, bribing local fishermen to take him close to the island. those who knew him say he would not be dissuaded. >> this was what god has called him to do, which is to go and share the love of god with these people. >> reporter: in pages of his diary obtained by abc news, chau wrote "please do not be angry at them or at god if i get killed" underlining this sentence -- don't retrieve my body. >> reporter: tom, the fishermen who helped chau get to the island have been charged with culpable homicide. anthropologists are asking that the sentinels be left alone since their immune systems are undeveloped and infection for them can be deadly. tom. >> lana zak with the haunting journal entries.
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lana, thank you. there's much more ahead at "world news tonight." dangerous encounter for a diver. a shark -- you see it there -- attacking his head. how he escaped when we come back. plus, here comes cyber monday. big ticket item nearly 90% off and the big warning if you're looking for electronics from tvs to apple watches. plus, the dangerous prank caught on camera and why police are now getting involved. stay with us.
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out $7.7 billion. >> the best deals on monday will be on toys and apparel. you're going to see some discounts of up to 60 to 70% off. >> reporter: starting at midnight, walmart will deliver discounted tech products from apple to game consoles with even bigger surprise deals on the way. target is putting the entire site on sale with 15% on sale for everything. we spotted this gel memory foam mattress on wayfair originally priced at $2,300 now 89% off for $266. and the six-piece knife set for more than $300 off at sir la table. 50% off at j. crew and banana republic. before you click purchase, experts recommend doing your homework. >> if you're okay with getting electronics that may be an older generation, check out cyber monday and know those will be
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time now for our index on the dangerous prank in central new jersey. police on the hunt for these two suspects caught on home surveillance camera ringing a doorbell in the night and setting off fireworks on the porch. no injuries reported but similar incidents have occurred in the surrounding neighborhoods. now to the shark attack caught on camera. a south carolina man spear fishing taken by surprise by a reef shark. you can see the shark going for his head and his neck. the diver surviving with a few stitches and scars. his friend's go pro video now going viral. to the ghostly sight overseas in uganda. you can see the boat underwater there. transporting dozens of passengers sinking in lake victoria. rescuers pulling 40 survivors from that water. police reporting at least ten people have died in that accident. back here at home, possible progress against alzheimer's. researchers at the university of texas say an experimental drug reduced brain chemicals linked
5:53 pm
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when you bundle with us. but we can protect your home and auto they work togetherf doing important stuff. the hitch? like you, your cells get hungry. feed them... with centrum micronutrients. restoring your awesome, daily. centrum. feed your cells. finally tonight, strangers finally tonight, strangers connecting thanks to one man. the double transplant gift that's america strong. here's abc's john donvan. >> reporter: game night at kirbyville high school in east texas with a tradition first, where seniors and their parents walk the 50-yard line together.
5:57 pm
>> ladies and gentlemen, her dad's heart is with her tonight. >> he walks with me every day. he wakes me in the morning. he's the reason that i'm still here. he's the reason for everything for me. >> reporter: yet this pair, andy joiner and 17-year-old reagan dominy were not related and had only metaphor a few times the day before. >> i'm shaking and it's not because it's cold outside. >> i think she's just been a missing piece of our life for two years. >> reporter: when andy came to say thanks, thanks to reagan and her sister ramsay, the gift that andy had been given when she was very sick and needed a heart and liver transplant and both heart and liver had come from their dad steve who had died in a car crash, andy recovered, needed to know -- >> who this is inside of me that's keeping me alive. >> reporter: and when they finally met, andy came with this so that steve's family could hear that life inside of her. she went also to steve's mom and sister and what this meant to
5:58 pm
them -- >> i feel like i'm meeting my child because she is in a way my child. >> should i call you mrs. dominiy? >> no, you call me sharon or mimi or whatever you want to call me. hopefully it's nice. >> i'll just call you mom. >> there you go. >> reporter: and that's how andy and reagan ended up on that football field together. >> she's not getting away from us. >> that makes me very happy. >> reporter: because reagan's dad could not be there and because he was there. john donvan, abc news. thanks to our dallas affiliate wfaa on that powerful story. thanks to you for watching. i'm tom llamas in new york. "gma" first thing in the morning. have a great night.
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tonight on abc 7 news at 6:00. cale rallies and rising tensions at the border. the holiday travel rush is on. what you can expect if you're about to hit the road. and what's ahead for commuters after friday's frightening ferry crash? abc 7 news at 6:00 starts now. >> announcer: live where you live, this is a brks krrbc 7 ne chaos at the border near san diego. migrants approaching the u.s. border from mexico were envoel l -- envel lopped with tear gas. good evening and thanks for joining us. that border was quickly shut down. take a look, this was the scene from two different angles today. you can see those officers just lining up at the closed border, which just reopened about an hour ago. and on the right, people running
6:00 pm
near the border. the situation changing by the hour today with some reports of violence. abc news reporter cornell bernard joins us with me details. >> reporter: the tensions are raising at the border. u.s. customs and border patrol brought in extra personnel and presiden trump threatening to shut down the entire u.s. border with mexico. a small but vocal rally in san francisco's mission district. this group call r fing for the to grant asylum. >> the u.s. is acting like we're being invaded. it a complete lie. >> reporter: in the meantime, chaos on the u.s. border with mexico as some migrants tried to breach the fence and clash with border patrol agents. some migrants were sprayed with tear gas after rushing the fence separating thecounies. agents shot the gas according to what associated pr press reporter on scene.


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