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tv   ABC7 News 430AM  ABC  November 26, 2018 4:30am-5:01am PST

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mile in santa rosa through the entire morning commute. the rest of us, high clouds and a little bit of sunshine. this is the view from mt. tam. we'll have increasing clouds throughout the day. 61 to 62 for lunch. 60 to 62 and partly sunny at 4:00. heading towards 7:00, not quite as cool as it was last night at 7:00. neighborhood temperatures and your commute planner up next. >> fairly quiet for the morning commute. southbound 101, still waiting for the trucks to come through and give you a little bit more room on the southbound side. we are seeing light volumes from the north bay. a quick check of drive times.
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580, tracy to dublin in the green so far this morning. dublin to mission, also in the green at 15. northbound 85. 101 to cupertino, in the green at 16 minutes. developing this morning, u.s. officials have reopened port of especially try at the u.s. meetings co border. it of temporarily closed after migrants attempted to bypass police. >> they were sprayed with tear gas, a move that some say goes too far. the president's tweet read, mexico should move the flag waving migrants, only of whom are stone cold criminals, back to their countries. do it by plane, do it by bus,
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but do it any way you want. >> alana has the latest on this story. alana. >> reporter: good morning to you, remy and jessica. president trump's tweet is notable because he's gone even further than previously stated, saying he would permanently close the border between u.s. and mexico. they defended their actions saying it was necessary to control and disburse the crowd. a tense situation on the u.s./mexico border. my grants breaking through police lines in tijuana to climb over barricades and surge into the no man's lands between the and you say mexico. u.s. customs and border responding with tear gas.
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the situation has been threaten to go boil over for some time now. tijuana's mayor called the hundreds of migrants a humanitarian crisis. some tried to appeal to president trump. this sign reading mr. trump, help us please. another saying, mr. trump, we hate you not. their future uncertain as president trump has tried to change the process for these migrants hoping to seek asylum in the u.s. >> we will chosen try into the country for a period of time until we can get it under control. the whole border. i mean, the whole border. >> overnight, he commented about the criticism of his administration separating children from their parents tweeting i tried to keep them together but when you do that, vast numbers of additional people storm the border. now, 39 migrants were arrested. and the mexican government now says they will move to immediately deport anyone who
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tried to violently cross the border. reporting live from washington, lana zak, abc 7 news. we have been sending out push alerts from the abc 7 news app. enable push alerts to get these types of alerts. >> and san francisco police want to find a group of skateboarders who attacked a security guard. it left the guard with liff life-threatening injuries at the former bank of america on california street 3:00 yesterday afternoon. it's not clear what sparked the attack. but there is a private property sign and states no skateboard g skateboarding. they beat the man unconscious. >> wow. new this morning, a man who slipped on rocks is now safe. they along with chp helped to rescue the man by helicopter yesterday afternoon.
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they said the 59-year-old hit his head on the rocks. he was taken to a local hospital to get treated. the red cross is helping the senior citizens in this facility. a 10-year-old boy called 911. his mother works at that facility. he saw fire and flames shooting from the oven. a bad storm in the midwest is having a ripple effect across the country. the storm with blizzard-like conditions stretches several states including illinois. at chicago o'hare, nearly 800 flight camationcellations and hundreds of delays. >> reporter: the sunday following thanksgiving is one of the busiest travel days of the year. the transportation security administration estimates 2.7
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million people sunday. a crunch felt by clifford haywo haywood. >> i tried to come back today but there were an awful lot of people, which made me late through my flight going through tsa. >> three flight delays. he is not likely to brave the busy travel weekend next year. >> probably not. just because it's way too busy and i have things to do. >> why is sunday worse than the rest? >> i think people just want to get the most out of traveling and being with their loved ones. >> sfo duty manager maria would know. she has worked in the airline industry for decades. >> it's definitely a busy day. we amendment about 80,000 travelers departing sfo. >> the bay area is not the problem. if you look at the misery map on, delays and cancellations are due to blizzard conditions in the midwest.
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he barely beat the storm in chicago. >> the flight was an hour and a half late, maintenance for an hour, then we had to hop onto another terminal for a different flight. >> it's crazy but glad to be home. >> reporter: check in with your carrier for the latest information. if you are plan toning for next year's travel, thanksgiving dayst the best day to travel during the long holiday weekend. >> a live look at detroit where you see snow on the ground right now. over to meteorologist mike nicco for what's impacting the rest of the country. mike you said you're not minding it too much. you get extra time with your son. >> absolutely. we put up one of our christmas trees yesterday. too bad it wasn't snowing like this one. still 65 degrees and sunny. if we have any issues, it will be up around seattle.
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you can see the white moving away from chicago and destroyed. heading towards philadelphia, d.c., new york, and eventually boston. so conditions will get worse there today. about four hours the delays trying to get through chicago. a major hub connecting flights through there. make sure you call ahead. low to mid-40s in will east bay 40s. temperatures in the upper 40s along the bay shore. 50 in novato. los gatos, 52 degrees. a little foggy in the north bay p. mass transit and ferry will be good. dry all day. north bay fog through 10:00. high clouds and sunshine, mid-60s this afternoon. 52 at 8:00. let's go to the south bay. sunshine, 49. clouds quickly by 10:00. mid-60s this afternoon. 58 by 8:00. for the east bay shore line, 50 this morning. 62 at noon. we will hover at 62 through 4:00
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with clouds increasing. you will still need the sunglasses from time to time today. that's ahead of a system that brings us rain tomorrow, wednesday, thursday. i'll have that first coming up. back to alexis. any issues this morning? >> so far it's pretty quiet. i did just get word on two new issues in the south bay. right now i want to check on really the only slow spot we're seeing on our traffic maps. no surprise. getting out of tracy is heavy. 13 miles per hour and 16 millions respectirespectively. they are wrapping up. just the normal volumes filling in. san mateo, westbound 92, seeing a few more vehicles out there. overall, off to a pretty quiet start. we will check out the south bay in less than 10 minutes.
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san francisco ferry is supposed to be back on despite a scary looking crash. >> one of the vessels track a ferry dock on friday. matt keller live for us in san francisco. matt? >> reporter: good morning, reggie and jessica. the first ferry from larkspur is expected to be here at 6:15 this morning. the hope is commuters won't miss the hope is commuters won't miss the boat after friday's crash. you can hear and see witness video of golden gate ferry slamming into the dot near a restaurant friday afternoon. the damaged ferry was towed back to larkspur. 53 passengers were on board. two sustained minor injuries. the golden gate bridge district said they hope they won't experience any disruptions today. they have a seven-vessel fleet and will use another one to keep the regular schedule for today. the coast guard is investigating
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the cause of the crash. matt keller, abc 7 news. >> matt, thank you. could plastic driver's license be a thing of the past? the alternative a dozen states are considering. the 49ers released ruben foster. what we have learned about his arrest in tampa. cyber monday is here. be cautious if you're shopping for electronics today. for electronics today. three, two, one, zero.
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if you have to travel farther than our borders, let's look at the rest of the state. clouds increasing from the northwest, heading to yosemite by the afternoon hours. they will not let go of their precipitati precipitation. l.a., very nice day there. let's talk about what's going to happen n sierra. we are blanketed by more snow starting unform with rain tuesday. moderate snow wednesday. moderate to heavy snow thursday. light to moderate saturday. wow. thanks, mike. 49ers linebacker ruben foster is out of jail and out of a job. the team released him following a second domestic violence arrest this year. santa clara police arrested
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another disturbance involving foster. we have learned a neighbor called to report a loud argument in his apartment. there were no signs of injury and no arrest there. a 49ers spokesman said the team was not aware of that incident. the second and most recent arrest happened saturday at the team hotel in tampa. police say his on again, off again girlfriend told them that he slapped her phone out of her hand, pushed her, and slapped her in the face. she is the same woman who accused foster of assault in february. she later recaptained saying that she lied to extort money from him. after that general manager john lynch and kyle shanahan said the team had a zero tolerance policy. >> we told ruben. he didn't ask what we asked him to do. i knew the decision was going to be made, it was just when. >> the league is reviewing the matter. after alec baldwin appears on
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assault charges earlier this month. he is accused of striking a man in the face over a parking spot outside his new york city home. the 4-year-old man was taken to the hospital with jaw pain and redness. he was also arrested in 1995 for hitting a tabloid photographer in los angeles. black friday is over but cyber monday is just getting started. >> the biggest online shopping day in u.s. history. 75 million americans will shell out $7.7 billion. target is putting their entire site on sale. walmart is delivering discount prices on tech products. if you are in the market for electronics, watch out. >> if you are okay with getting electronics that are maybe of an older generation, check out cyber monday. know that will be the first items that are discounted. >> certain electronics are made
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specifically for the holiday and may not have the same warranties and features. >> it's amazing how many people do this shopping. >> i thought it was redundant because people treat every day as cyber monday. but i guess i'm wrong. people are really doing it today in droves once again. >> finding the deep discounts. >> i was at the mall saturday night at 9:00, almost empty. wanted to get the spirit and get out there and enjoy the energy. >> no spirit? >> no. >> it's all online. >> everybody sleeping or online, absolutely. let's talk about what's going on with your weather. you will need the windshield wipers once again and umbrellas and patience as things get a little dicey tuesday, wednesday. thursday, here's a look at the east bay hills. pretty close to average temperatures. wet weather over the weekend. kind of hard to nail it down right now.
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the models are being obtuse about what they want to do with those systems. we will fine-tune it as we get closer. 62, half moon bay, the cool spot. santa cruz, livermore, 68. most of us around 63 to 65 degrees this afternoon. a little milder don't with the clouds coming over. mid-40s to mid-50s with some light rain developing during the morning commute up in the north bay. the rest of us have light rain into the afternoon hours. here we are at 4:00. as we head towards 9:00 and then into the afternoon hours, it slowly slides south. in the evening it switches over to light showers. let's see the rainfall totals. things slick towards the end of the morning commute and the evening commute. anywhere from a tenth to a quarter inch in most neighborhoods half an inch in the north bay. the storm impact scale, wednesday's storm.
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thursday a 2. wet and windy. we will talk about that coming up. we have two new issues to talk about in the south bay. solo vehicle collisions. i'm not seeing much of a backup yet. southbound 880, it sounds like someone lost control. that vehicle is wiped out. that is in the slow lane. chp on the way to the scene. hopeful that no one else comes up and hits it before they are able to keep it clear. and great america parkway, solo vehicle collision. that is sitting in the far right lane. use caution in the area. next traffic update just before 5:00. speaking of driving, listen to this. more states could soon allow people to show their driver's license on their smartphones. louisiana became the first state to make digital licenses available in july. according to the american association of motor vehicle administrato
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administrators, 14 other states a are considering the eidea. >> my mom has to update her flip phone. once it lands, it will study the deep interior of the planet. one thing researchers hope to learn more about is how earth formed. oakland space and science center is hosting a live is stream viewing party from 11:00 to 2:00 today. tickets are eight bucks. that sounds fun. why a zoo animal is moving to a new home after 30 years of being new home after 30 years of being here in the bay area.
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a healthy baby is worth the wait.
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all right. you're never more than 7 minutes away from my accuweather forecast. rain season before last week's storm anywhere from 2% to 9%. santa rosa, 9%. we are 41% in livermore. about two-thirds of where we should be for oakland, sfo, and san francisco. and also in santa rosa. we're going to add to the totals, especially thursday. i'll show you that coming up next. >> mike, thank you. the rain coming here. buff snow in other parts of the country. happening today, it is certainly beginning to look like christmas at the u.s. capitol. >> the christmas tree will arrive 7:00 this morning.
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an 8 0-foot tall noble fir from oregon. the capitol christmas tree has been a tradition since 164. hundreds of volunteers are helping bay area residents prepare their homes for the holidays while helping at-risk youth prepare for their futures. abc 7 news was in san francisco at the fort mason festival pavilion. >> you come down and buy a tree from us. not only will you have a great time but you will know your money is going to one of two great causes. one is sending at-risk youth to summer camp. the second one is scholarship funds. >> the guardsmen have been selling christmas trees to enrich young people's lives since 1947. the lot will be open daily through december 14th. wait. did you see that last shot? it looks like a roving bar? am i the only one who saw that?
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>> i just changed my plans where i'm getting my tree. >> cheers! >> eggnog. >> i hope they have that too. let's jump ahead to thursday. this is when our storm increases from 1 tomorrow and wednesday to moderate. moderate rains at times. gusty afternoon breezes. and thunderstorms are also possible. rainfall potential out of all three storms as we head towards thursday night, look at this. yeah. wheryou see green is over an inch. that's most of the north bay, along the peninsula coast, diablo range. the rest three-quarters of an inch. a fairly quiet start to the monday morning commute. a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza. we have a healthy backup in the cash lanes on either side. hopefully we will get a few more booths open soon.
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carpool lanes should be opening soon as well. other than that, typical heavy traffic out of tracy. 50 minutes to dublin. antioch to concord in the green at 14. san rafael to san francisco looking great in the green at 17 minutes. alexis, good news for people who take parking lot in the morning. it's almost finished fixing its screeching tracks. 90% of the fleet have had metal shaved off turning the high-pitched screech into a steady 'hum. it will save the agency $2 million a year. an award-winning show that gets kids excited about math and science. science. >> it is for pre
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kindergarten. mary libby schaaf is expected to attend. an animal that's been at the oakland zoo is headed to the santa barbara zoo. it has been at oakland zoo 32 years. he has been increasingly quiet since his mate passed away in january. he will live with two other gibbons. they hope this will especially rich his life and give him a little bit more company. >> good. he's been a little lonely. bon voyage. >> new at 5:00 a.m., why this job could be in jeopardy. returning home. local crews back in the bay area after spending thanksgiving searching for
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go, robots, go. we are live at amazon's fulfillment center in tracy as the robots get ready for one of the biggest shopping days of the year, cyber monday. sunny skies will return to the bay area as everyone returns to work. the sun, we're being told, will not last for long. >> enjoy it while you have it. good morning on this monday, november 26th. >> you're never more than 7 minutes away from our accuweather forecast. mike nicco, why is the rain not staying? >> if you are energized by the sun, gets


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