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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  November 26, 2018 7:00am-9:01am PST

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frontierman bear spraeurbgsy $21 today. there you go. >> that bear stood up, opened the good morning, america. blizzard blast. whiteout conditions, heavy snow and wind pummeling the midwest. drivers stranded overnight, and families trying to get home from the holiday stuck at airports. now, the new warning out this morning. 14 states on alert as the storm moves east. confrontation at the border. hundreds of migrants met by tear gas as they tried to make it to the u.s. families desperate to escape the fumes, and now president trump's new threat to permanently close the border. demanding answers. outrage after this young man is killed by police at an alabama mall, mistakenly believed to be a shooter. now his family is speaking out.
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>> we definitely will get justice for our child. >> the investigation and the search for a gunman still at large. final words. the diary of that american missionary killed after making contact with a remote tribe. now revealed, what he wrote about that fateful mission and his last message. cyber monday. record-breaking sales expected for the biggest online shopping day of the year. where you can find the deepest discounts on travel, tech and toys. the savings going live right now. and caught on camera. the vicious shark attack, a diver bit on the head and neck. how he has made it out alive. he is telling his story right here on "gma." and we do say good morning, america. great to have you with us on this monday morning. hopefully you were able to make it back home. we got to get right to that
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powerful winter storm that's hitting right know. >> let's look at the roads on i-90 in chicago. moving along pretty well right now, but the snow has caused a lot of problems for drivers. at times some accidents all across the midwest. >> a lot of frustrated people out there. airlines are trying to de-ice planes and get travelers home, but thousands of flights were canceled or delayed on the busiest travel day of the year. >> and this morning, hundreds of more flights are already cancelled or delayed. abc's alex perez is at o'hare airport in chicago with the latest. good morning, alex. >> reporter: good morning, robin. it's been a long night for a lot of passengers here at the airport. the storm's timing could not be any worse. a rude awakening for millions of passengers who thought they were going to get home. this morning, the dangerous winter storm bringing heavy snow, pushing east. forcing airlines to cancel over 1200 flights, delaying more than 5,000 others on the busiest travel day of the year. >> oh, man. it's been hectic, bro. really bad, really terrible.
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>> reporter: stranded passengers are spending the night in packed airports from chicago to charlotte. >> you're just stuck in here. everybody is in the same boat and you really cannot do anything about it. >> reporter: blizzard conditions shutting down parts of interstate 70. the governor of kansas declaring a state of disaster emergency. >> it's bad out here. the visibility is probably less than a couple of car lengths in front of us. >> reporter: whiteout conditions across the heartland from kansas to missouri and into the great lakes, making it nearly impossible to see. this tour bus trapped after a spinout, blocking the highway in iowa causing a backup for miles. along i-88 in illinois, multiple vehicles including a jackknifed semi sliding off the road blocking lanes. in kansas, the situation so bad at one point the governor there asked, warned residents not to go outside at all. this storm is moving out of the
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area, but the residual problems will be felt here all day, cecilia. >> we can see those lines behind you, alex. okay, thank you. that storm system as alex said is heading east creating headaches on the road right now, but the real concern is tonight when millions head home from work. rob is tracking it all. hey, rob. >> hi, cecilia. wind and snow and rain. look at this snow. it's a good thing for ski resorts but not when it's blowing 80, 90 miles per hour. this is loveland pass, about 13,000 feet, and we have nine states reporting 50 mile-per-hour winds and a foot of snow. this is the first november blizzard in missouri and illinois since at least 1959. you're stilll getting it just outside of chicago, and this low will track just to the south of detroit. snow north and west of there, and heavy rain into the i-95 area right around rush hour and the heavy snow will pile up, 6 inches to 12 inches, northwest of i-95, but some seriously heavy rain here, philly and new york up through boston right through tomorrow morning. coastal flight impact.
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we'll talk about that in a little bit. george. now to the rising tensions at the u.s. border with mexico. a port was shut down and migrants tried to breach a fence and border patrol used tear gas to try to stop them. this photo showed around the world shows the family running from the fumes. the border is open again now. our chief correspondent matt gutman is there with the latest. good morning. >> reporter: hey, good morning, george, security is tighter here on the u.s. side of the border. the mexican government says it is going to deport the 500 or so migrants it says were involved in the clashes which shut down the busiest terminal on the planet. it began sunday when hundreds of central american migrants protested at the border south of san diego. at first clashing with mexican police in riot gear, and then some sprinting past them and skirting those pickup trucks and barriers into the maze of canals near the border terminal. many seen climbing over barricades and hopping onto
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trains. behind those coils of wire, dozens of heavily armed u.s. border patrol firing tear gas and pepper balls from close range. many hundreds beating a frantic retreat. among those caught in the clouds of tear gas, mothers clutching children. the chaos engulfing the northbound lanes of the crossing, one of the busiest terminal crossings on the planet, ordered shut down completely for hours. they arrested 39 migrants and migrant groups say several people were hurt. u.s. customs and border patrol saying in a statement, in responding to some of the multiple incidents, cbp personnel were required to deploy crowd-disbursing devices to include pepper ball launching systems and cs can nicer thes. president trump says they will meet them with force to stop the
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caravans long before they get to the southern border. for weeks, the thousands of mostly hondurans marched peacefully, making the trek from southern mexico without incident. caravan organizers tell me those migrants are not going anywhere. right now, they say there are about 5,000 migrants on the tijuana side of the border. that number is expected to swell to 9,000. i'm told many will seek asylum status in mexico, but the bulk of them will try to get asylum here at the u.s. this border terminal which can only accommodate about 100 people a day and that means they could be processing these people here for months. george. >> thanks very much. let's bring in jon karl for more on this, and jon, all through the weekend talk of negotiations between the u.s. and mexico to keep those migrants in mexico, and now the president tweeting this morning
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he may permanently shut down the border, or at least try. >> reporter: he is certainly making that threat, george, but the administration is trying to work out a deal with the incoming president of mexico. he takes office on saturday. an agreement that would keep those migrants on the mexican side of the border while they wait for those asym claims. there have been conflicting reports about the progress on negotiations. the incoming mexican interior minister said that no deal has been reached yet. meanwhile, the president is up this morning already tweeting about all of this saying that mexico should send those migrants back to their home countries saying, do it by plane. do it by bus. do it any way you want, but they are not coming into the u.s. we will close the border permanently if need be. >> jon, meantime, on the mueller investigation, status expected on paul manafort, whether or not he is cooperating with mueller today. the white house appears to be bracing from a tough report from mueller. i was talking to alan dershowitz who said it could be
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devastating. >> reporter: absolutely, and it's a huge unknown. the white house and the president's legal team, they don't know when this report is coming, what in what form it is coming, but they are certainly bracing for bad news from robert mueller. the words from alan dershowitz, who has been a strong supporter of the president were stark, saying this will be devastating to the president. >> thank you very much. coming up, two of president trump's closest political confidantes, corey lewandowski and david bossie are here with their new book, "trump's enemy." cecilia. >> looking forward to that one, george. we want to turn to a tense battle over the senate seat in mississippi. president trump heads there today to campaign for the embattled republican candidate cindy hyde-smith who is facing accusations of racism and supporting voter suppression. our chief national affairs correspondent tom llamas is here with more. tom, those voters head to the polls tomorrow. >> reporter: that's right, cecilia, and good morning. you'll remember that it was around this time last year neighboring alabama elected its first democrat to the senate in decades. this is a much different race,
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but president trump is now on a mission to mississippi to try and help the stumbling campaign of senator cindy hyde-smith. just one day before that runoff election in mississippi, and senator cindy hyde-smith trying to fend off an upset against mike espy. her recent comments, photos, and even her own personal history raising questions about where she stands on her state's racist past. "the jackson free press" reporting she went to high school at an all-white private school critics have called a segregation academy. that's her, third from the right, a cheerleader for the rebels. years later, the paper says she sent her daughter to a similar school. hyde-smith's campaign calls the allegations a new low, this after a photo from her own facebook page showed her wearing a confederate army cap at the home of jefferson davis, the president of the confederate states. the caption, mississippi history at its best. and this video of her joking with a supporter.
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>> if he invited me to a public hanging, i'd be in the front row. >> reporter: she later apologized. >> there was no ill will, no intent whatsoever in my statement. >> reporter: her opponent, mike espy, is hoping to become the state's first black senator since reconstruction. >> i don't know what's in your heart but we all know what came out of your mouth. >> reporter: but espy's past as a lobbyist has also become an issue. >> have you ever been paid $750,000 from a foreign dictator charged with crimes against humanity? mike espy has. >> reporter: espy says he canceled his contract with the leader of ivory coast once he found out about those charges and passed on what he knew to the cia. now, several companies have asked for their donations back from the hyde-smith campaign including walmart and major league baseball. unclear if the campaign will do that. one of the reasons president trump will be hosting two rallies today in mississippi is that he is incredibly popular there, winning in 2016, guys, by 18 points. >> this is a state republicans do not want to lose.
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>> right. >> thanks, tom. now we're going to go to that outrage that is growing over a fatal police shooting in alabama. officers now say they targeted the wrong man when they responded to shots fired at a mall. this morning, the family of that gentleman right there, 21-year-old e.j. bradford, demanding to see the bodycam video. abc's steve osunsami has the story. >> reporter: the grieving family of 21-year-old e.j. bradford jr. is demanding answers this morning. he was shot and killed by police during the confusion of a thanksgiving day shooting at this mall south of birmingham. >> it hurts me to the core. my son is gone. i can't get him back. >> reporter: during a family news conference, it was too much for his grandmother who fainted. >> everybody out. out now. >> reporter: shoppers were dodging bullets thursday after a fight at the mall turned into a gunfight. when police arrived, they initially believed that bradford was the shooter. the young man seen here in uniform who briefly trained in the army was holding a gun. >> we've got officers on the
7:13 am
scene. there have been shots fired. >> reporter: bradford was shot and killed by a responding officer and then blamed for the shooting. two people had to be hospitalized, but this morning, police have changed the story, saying that he was not the shooter and that the real suspect is still on the run. >> they just went and rushed to judgment on national tv. my son's name, got my son looking like he is a killer. >> reporter: in a statement, the hoover police department is explaining, saying that the 21-year-old brandished a gun during the seconds following the gunshots, which instantly heightened the threat to approaching police officers. >> a black life was taken away. a black man literally gave his life for this country for them to take it away from him. >> reporter: his family says he was probably trying to help and that he was legally carrying the gun. >> we definitely will get justice for our child so no other parent should have to go through this. >> reporter: in the gun deba, there is often that argument about the good guy with the gun,
7:14 am
and the family of the victim killed here says that's what he was, a good guy with the gun, and they believe he is dead this morning because he's black. the officer who shot him remains on administrative leave. >> tragic beyond words. >> certainly is. we'll move overseas now to a dangerous confrontation between russia and ukraine. the ukrainian navy says the russians blocked three ships near the black sea, and the u.n. scheduled an emergency council meeting for the standoff, and martha raddatz is tracking the latest from washington. good morning, martha. >> reporter: good morning, george. a critical u.s. strategic partner, already simmering, but this could bring things to a boil. the ukrainians say russia prevented its ships from transiting a key waterway. video released this morning shows a russian vessel ramming a ukrainian tugboat, and they say they then opened fire injuring several sailors and seizing several of its vessels. russia says it had warned the
7:15 am
ships to stop. russia scrambled military helicopters and warplanes during the standoff and ukraine's president is asking that martial law be imposed. to mobilize its armed forces. nato is calling for restraint on both sides as the u.n. security council prepares to meet just hours from now, george. >> and that martial law could mean postponing elections as well. martha raddatz, thanks very much. cecilia? we turn to a mission to mars. the spacecraft named the insight lander is expected to touch down on the red planet this afternoon. abc's clayton sandell is right there at mission control at nasa's jet propulsion laboratory in pasadena, california, where scientists are nervous about what they could find today. clayton, hey. >> reporter: right here behind me is a mock-up of that, and as you said, they are nervous because getting to mars is hard, and they are -- more than half of all mars' missions actually have failed and the problem is that the insight mission will also have to survive seven minutes of terror.
7:16 am
that's when the lander hits the mars atmosphere at 13,000 miles an hour, heating to almost 3,000 degrees and that is hot enough to melt steel. everything on board from the heat shield to the parachute, to the landing rockets, have to work perfectly and automatically in order to slow insight to landing around 5 miles an hour. if it sticks the landing, it will be the first mission to probe deep inside the interior of mars and hopefully unlocks mysteries about how mars, the earth and some of the other planets in the solar system formed, cecilia. >> but that seven minutes of terror will feel like a lifetime to those scientists. when will we see what they see? will there be pictures? >> reporter: there will be pictures, hopefully soon. the lander is programmed to take pictures just a few minutes after it lands and they tell us they may be able to get those pictures back to earth within 10 to 20 minutes after landing. >> all right, clayton. thank you. over to you, robin. today, cecilia, is also cyber monday. saw a huge jump in spending on black friday, up 24%, and today's sales are expected to
7:17 am
bring in nearly $8 billion. our consumer correspondent, becky worley, is at the walmart distribution center in pennsylvania. becky, shopping and shipping in full swing. good morning. >> reporter: oh, boy, is it in full swing, robin. there are 21 football fields under roof here, 12 miles of conveyer belts and all that shopping is fueled by the deals. so let's get to it. just to give you some examples from walmart, these lego classics, 30% off. this doc mcstuffins push cart, great for toddlers, that's 60% off and then the toy for the big kids, this laptop, is $799 today. parents are really thinking about those toy purchases, those all at walmart, robin. >> okay, that's one "t." now the second one, tech. >> reporter: oh, yeah, let's do rapid-fire tech deals. i found an external hard drive good for all of those photos and videos, four terabytes for $80
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at best buy. that's the cheapest price i could find online by $80. next, let's go to the ipad. huge gift this time of year. $249, that's the best price we saw even on thanksgiving and black friday. that's at amazon and walmart. finally, beats solo 3 headphones great for the kids, $239 at b&h photo. you got nieces and nephews you want to shop for, robin? >> always. all right, becky. we'll be back to you on our next hour with great travel savings. let's go back to rob. tough travel today. >> heavy rain from dover, philadelphia, back through new york. one to two inches and coastal flood warnings in effect with heavy rain through tonight. time now for your select cities brought to you by amazon echo.
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coming up, the last words of the american missionary revealed. what he wrote just before his mission. and two of president trump's closest confidants with their new book, "trump's enemies." ts with their new book, "trump's enemies."
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making quaker oats a delicious part of a heart-healthy diet. high five, fiber! good morning, east bay. let's get up and get going. >> this is abc 7 mornings. hi, good morning. i'm jessica castro from abc 7 mornings. a sheriff's deputy is dead after crashing into a power pole. the sheriff's department shared this picture of deputy antonio "tony." investigators say he was responding to a dui. he had been with the sheriff's department for nearly two decades. taking a look at the road here this morning. we are our sig alert objen the lower deck of the bay bridge. we have at least one lane blocked eastbond 80 before you get to the midspan.
7:24 am
we'll flip over and show you what this looks like on our traffic maps. easier to see the impact there. we possibly have the two outside lanes blocked right now. you are backed up into san francisco. >> okay. thank you. and mike
7:25 am
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it's a little cooler outside. temperatures mainly in the 40s. we have some 50s around fremont and san francisco. let's take a look at some fog around napa. highway 37, that's where it's thickest right now. there's some around san francisco and along the coast. cooler this morning but mild this afternoon. the ferry is going to be dry all day. here's a look at the seven-day forecast. we have two light storms tuesday and then wednesday. we'll have steady rain tomorrow, showers wednesday, and a stronger storm thursday. j >> mike, thank you. coming up, new details from the
7:27 am
diary of that american missionary who was killed after making contact with an isolated tribe. stay tuned for that and we'll have another abc 7 news update in about 30 minutes.
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♪ it gives me chills. back here on "gma," a lot of excitement for the new live action "lion king." that teaser trailer was viewed more than 224 million times in just 24 hours. disney calling it their most viewed trailer debut ever. that's saying something. >> wow. >> the movie stars donald glover, seth rogen, james earl jones, beyonce and so many others. >> it looks spectacular. >> we have to wait a little bit longer. summer of '19. >> i hope we get a sneak preview. following a lot of headlines this morning, including that blizzard that is causing so many travel problems across the midwest. some whiteout conditions are
7:31 am
stranding drivers. hundreds of flights have already been canceled or delayed this morning. 14 states are on alert for snow and flooding as the storm moves east and we do finally have good news out west. the camp fire in northern california, the deadliest in state history is now 100% contained. >> that is good news. there is another story making headlines. reports that the world's first genetically edited babies have been born. their embryos were made to ry cyst future infection. jen ashton will be here. and get your christmas tree. there could be a shortage this year. this is interesting. experts say that farmers cut back on planting during the recession ten years ago. that's about the time that it takes to grow a full-sized tree, so hence here we are, fewer to cut down this year. smaller selection. with that comes higher prices. so i got a fake tree. not because of that.
7:32 am
i just have one. >> all right, cecilia. now we have those new details about that american missionary killed after visiting an isolated tribe. we're getting a closer look at his journal. what he revealed before that fateful trip. paula faris has that. >> reporter: according to those images and entries in that journal, he was chased off the island after he was shot at by an arrow and he returned the next day knowing full well what dangers he was facing. this morning, new details from the journal of that american missionary feared killed by an isolated tribe in the middle of the indian ocean after he illegally made contact with them and tried to convert them to christianity. in the diary obtained by abc news, 26-year-old john chau says, a member of the tribe, quote, shot me with an arrow directly into my bible which i was holding in front of my chest. i stumbled back and recall
7:33 am
yelling at the tribe member for shooting me. chau says he then fled, swimming back to his boat where he left the journal, but later returned to that island despite knowing the dangers. he writes, this is not a pointless thing. the eternal lives of this tribe is at hand. you guys might think i'm crazy in all this, but i think it's worth it to declare jesus to these people. chau's friends say he wanted to go to north sentinel island for years. it's home to sentinelese, one of the most isolated tribes in the world. >> this was his life mission. this is what god has called him to do, which is to go and share the love of god with these people. >> reporter: contact with the sentinelese people is illegal because it could expose them to our diseases which could prove deadly. unable to communicate with outsiders, the tribe is known to be hostile. after the 2004 tsunami, this tribe member was seen firing
7:34 am
arrows at a helicopter sent to check on their well-being. chau seeming to acknowledge those potential dangers his actions could bring, writing, quote, i think i could be more useful alive, but to you, god, i give all the glory to whatever happens. forgive any of the people on this island who try to kill me, especially if they succeed. now, local indian officials believe they know where the american missionary is buried, but that it may not be possible to retrieve his remains without endangering more lives. as for the fishermen who helped him get to the island, they have been charged with culpable homicide. >> do we have any idea the number of isolated tribes like this that are out there? >> there are about 100 uncontacted tribes around the world, and as we mentioned in the piece, this is serious because it could expose them to disease. they don't have the immune
7:35 am
systems we do. >> thank you, paula. we want to turn now to the survivor of that terrifying shark attack. he was spear fishing in the bahamas when a shark attacked his head and neck. gio benitez has more on that. good morning, gio. >> reporter: good morning. at first, he said he didn't know a shark was attacking him. only he felt this huge impact on his head and neck. he remembers seeing his own blood in the water and thought his time was up. you're watching what will krause calls a brush with death. the young man was on a fishing trip in the bahamas when he was charged by this reef shark. >> shark. shark. shark! >> i just remember pleading with the lord, like, not right now. not yet. not yet. >> reporter: the shark clamping down on his head and neck. >> the only thing i really can remember in that moment under the water was the sound, the sound of the crunch of my head which is not a pleasant sound. >> reporter: his story going viral after he posted on thanksgiving about the encounter writing, this thanksgiving, i'm thankful more than ever for
7:36 am
god's kindness and protection over our family. >> i remember the first 15 minutes if we don't get him to stop bleeding, it could get all over. >> reporter: even after all this, he and his friends say they love the water too much to give it up. >> we want to come back again. >> don't be scared. >> reporter: with one caveat. >> if that happens again, maybe i should get a new hobby. >> reporter: his father asked the group of friends how they were making an impact on the world. will's friends say now after the attack, they are looking to answer that question. >> give them some clarity there. >> yep. >> thanks, gio. coming up next, the trump insiders behind the new book, "trump's enemies." they are here live. we'll talk about the forces working against the president inside the white house, and they're only here on "gma" this morning. a" this morning. (storyteller 3) the matzo ball soup. (storyteller 4) dumplings! (storyteller 5) my mom makes this really
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get the fitbit versa... kitchen electrics... and $2.99 bath towels or pillows! plus - take an extra 20% off!... cyber monday only!... at kohl's! we are back with our exclusive behind-the-scenes look at the trump white house. it comes from a new book, "trump's enemies: how the deep state is undermining the presidency," by trump's close political aides, corey lewandowski and david bossie. that sounds pretty dire, and when you go through the book and it includes people like the chief of staff, john kelly? >> well, we don't say that general kelly is an enemy. we talk about the overall effort being put forth by some in the white house staff and we would like to see people who are supporters of the president, and look -- presidents have -- you know this, george -- presidents have to have all sorts of people around them, and we understand that. we are two of the president's
7:41 am
best advocates on the outside and we want him to succeed. we want america to succeed, and that's what this book is trying to do. show people. >> it often creates tension, and you wrote that at one point it got physical between you and general kelly. is that what happened? >> look, i don't want to talk about what may or may not have happened with john kelly, what i can tell you we have had very candid conversations about the way that we think that this president should be out talking with the people. i believe, and we wrote this in our first book, "let trump be trump." the president is at his best when he is on the road seeing the american people and there is a mindset inside the white house when the new chief of staff came in to limit the access to people and to keep him at bay from everybody else, and i thought that was a fundamental mistake. so i let john and others know about that. >> the president seems unhappy with just about everybody around him right now. maybe you guys are excluded since you're not inside the white house. he has talked about secretary nielsen and steve mnuchin. he talks about general mattis being a democrat.
7:42 am
if he is surrounded by so many people he is unhappy with, why not clean house? >> well, i think you're going to see changes after, you know, with the midterms happening and now behind us, you're going to see some natural changes in the white house staff, in the cabinet. i would assume, but if you look at -- look, morale in a white house goes up and down. we have all seen that through many presidents and i would posit that reince priebus' tenure was as good or better than right now. >> you were not happy with that. >> reince was not set up in the first seven months for success, and he did an admirable job and got policy successes. >> let's talk about robert mueller who is hanging over this entire white house right now. i was talking to alan dershowitz yesterday who has been an ally of the president and he says
7:43 am
this report from robert mueller will be devastating to the president. do you agree and what should the president do about it? >> george, we sat down for the president with this book and we asked him about the mueller investigation and talked about what his answer is. he says a couple of things, you know, number one. i was there during a significant portion of the campaign. there was no collusion or cooperation between us and anybody from some foreign entity to impact the outcome of the election. >> what if robert mueller shows that then? >> i think people deserve to see the full mueller report when it comes out and i know it's up to the department of justice to release that investigation, but the millions of dollars that have gone in, we want the right to see what mueller is going to say either did or didn't transpire. we know that anybody who has been caught in this mueller investigation, whether it's george papadopoulos, people, had things that had nothing to do with the campaign. george papadopoulos who reports to prison today, was accused and been convicted of lying to the fbi.
7:44 am
>> on paul manafort and whether he is cooperating with this investigation. you guys call him a rat. >> we say a lot of things about a lot of people in "trump's enemies." but, look, we want to make sure that this mueller report, whatever it's going to entail talks about jim comey and what he did, talks about whether or not barac obama knew about the spying operation, whether those folks, strzok and page. we've seen the texts. whether barack obama was informed of those activities because there are allegations he did know, and one of the things we think is important is the mainstream media, being used by those in the fbi. the strzoks and pages and mccabes, comey's leaks. >> those leaks never came out before the election. >> not before the elections, but what they did was put stories out and used them to go after people. that is what's very important, using a badge once you place the media stories, not the way to do law enforcement.
7:45 am
>> thank you very much. the book comes out tomorrow. robin? moving on. coming up, homeward bound for a dog found more than 1,000 miles from home. come on back. om home. come on back. peppermint mochas for lia. ♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ moderate-to-severe eczema, or atopic dermatitis,
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7:49 am
and a half of heartbreak, he is finally coming home to his family. when sinatra disappeared from his home in brooklyn 18 months ago, his family was devastated, fearing he was lost for good. little did they know, 1200 miles away a miracle was under way. >> at my bus stop, and i saw this dog coming down the road. >> reporter: no one knows how he did it, but somehow the 5-year-old blue-eyed brown and white husky made the journey south all the way to seffner, florida and into the arms of rose verrill. >> i immediately checked with my mother and my sister, and my sister ran out and got him. >> reporter: rose and mom, denise, used sinatra's chip to locate the owner, but the phone number was off by one digit so they turned to social media and found sinatra's owners, the willis family at their home in brooklyn. >> then she described him and i was just elated that it was possibly him. >> reporter: what made this all the more painful for the willis family, sinatra ran off shortly
7:50 am
after 16-year-old zion willis tragically passed away from a tragic gun accident. >> they loved each other. there's no other way to describe it. >> reporter: now a reunion is in the works for later today. >> sinatra. >> he was really a great guest to have. >> i want to say thank you so much from myself and my family. we're elated beyond measure. >> so rose and her mom did it their way. never giving up. sinatra left florida last night, you guys. i have chills, driving through the night to maryland. he'll be back with his owners here in new york by tonight. >> oh, goodness. i know. he was supposed to come yesterday, but the travel with all the weather happening. >> he too got stuck in turkey traffic. sinatra will be home. >> yeah. >> and the connection that sinatra's dad, because of zion's loss, very important.
7:51 am
we're so happy to have them reunited. >> we needed that this morning. thank you. coming up, we have the cyber -- a special cyber monday "deals & steals." we have got savings on one of oprah's favorite things. >> love those. >> mm-hmm. ito take care of anyct messy situations.. and put irritation in its place. and if i can get comfortable
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7:56 am
good morning, south bay. let's get up and get going. hi, good morning. i'm jessica castro from abc 7 mornings. meteorologist mike nicco is here with our forecast. >> hi, everybody. still have some fog santa rosa that will be here throughout the morning. some has slipped from the coast across san francisco. you'll need the sunglasses from time to time today. today is our last dry day. most of us around 63 to 68 this afternoon. we have two light storms. tuesday, a steadier rain. wednesday, more showery in nature. thursday, a moderate storm with a good soaking and thunderstorms possible. >> good morning. i have some good news to pass along here on the lower deck of the bay bridge. eastbound 80 before the midspan we had a sig alert. at one point, up to slthree lan
7:57 am
blocked. everything is now clear. the backup has spilled over to northbound 101. about 10, 15-mile-per-hour average approaching. jessica? >> thank you, alexis. coming up, cyber monday deals and steals, up to 75% off on some great holiday gifts. we'll have ano
7:58 am
♪ ♪ connecting people... ...uniting the world. ♪♪
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good morning, america. it's 8:00 a.m. snowstorm on the move. whiteout conditions as heavy snow and wind blast the midwest. drivers stranded overnight as families try to get home from the holiday. stuck at airports. now a new warning this morning. 14 states on alert. confrontation at the border. hundreds of migrants met by tear gas as they try to make it to the u.s. president trump's new threat now to permanently close the border. a startling headline overnight. were the world's first gene-edited babies just born? the scientist and team behind it releasing an announcement on youtube. why they did it and what it could mean for the future of medicine, science and ethics. on the move. prince harry just landed in zambia for a solo trip as
8:01 am
details emerge about a brand-new home for he and duchess meghan. where they're headed next before the birth of their baby. cyber monday. big deals and steals on airfare, cruises, hotels. what you need to know about travel to score big, and wait until you see what tory johnson has in store. free shipping deals you can get only here, including one of oprah's all-time favorite things. and buckle up. one of the funniest stars in primetime and on youtube, sean hayes is here and anything could happen, and he is here to say -- >> good morning, america. [ applause ] he makes me laugh all the time. >> he does. >> he's so funny. >> even the way he says, good morning, america. >> good morning, america. not quite as funny from me, but hope you're feeling happy and well fed after a good
8:02 am
thanksgiving weekend. have we told you yet that it's cyber monday? it's cyber monday. that's the top trending topic on twitter right now. this is projected to be the biggest online shopping day ever. we've got huge savings exclusive to "gma". first, though, we'll begin with that winter storm that is hitting the midwest, moving east, grinding travel to a halt. let's go back to rob. so, rob, 14 states are on alert this morning? >> yeah, this is turning out to be an epic winter storm in november, robin, and horrible timing as folks try to get back from their holiday weekend or just try to get back to work and school this morning. check out some of this video. in nine states, winds over 50 miles an hour. it's not just the snow, but also the blowing snow in kansas. 80-mile-an-hour wind gusts in colorado, and this video in loveland at 13,000 feet, great for snow skiing, but horrible visibility. and in iowa, they had 17 inches of snow, grinding traffic as you mentioned, to a halt there. the airports are jammed up. o'hare approaching 500 canceled
8:03 am
flights today alone not including what happened yesterday. this storm will bring more snow to places like michigan, canada, and ii think the warm side of this will be the i-95 corridor, but it will be heavy rain this morning and lasting through tomorrow morning for boston, we have coastal flood alerts and we'll see 6 to 12 inches of snow and it's not even december yet. >> all the additional cancellations today. >> tough for a lot of people. we move now to the rising tension along the u.s./mexico border. dozens of migrants tried to breach the fence on sunday. the border patrol had to use tear gas to try to stop them, and this dramatic photo shows a family racing away from the fumes. we want to go back to our chief national correspondent, matt gutman, at the border with the latest. good morning, matt. >> reporter: good morning, george. security is tighter here on the u.s. side of the border. the mexicans are also cracking down. the mexican government saying it
8:04 am
intends to deport up to 500 migrants that were involved in those clashes. it began sunday when hundreds of central american migrants protested at the border south of san diego. at first, clashing with mexican police in riot gear and some sprinting past them and skirting those pickup trucks and barriers into the maze of canals near the san ysidro border terminal. many seen climbing over barricades and hopping onto trains. behind those coils of wire, dozens of heavily armed u.s. border patrol firing tear gas and pepper balls at close range. many of them in a frantic retreat. among those caught in the clouds of tear gas, mothers clutching children. the chaos engulfing the northbound lanes of the san ysidro crossing at one of the busiest terminals on the planet, ordered shut down completely for hours. mexican authorities say they arrested 39 migrants and migrant groups say several people were hurt. u.s. customs and border protection saying in a
8:05 am
statement, in responding to some of these multiple incidents, cbp personnel were required to deploy crowd-dispersing devices to include pepper ball launching systems and cs canisters. president trump weighing in demanding mexican authorities stop the migrants long before they reach the border here. i'm told 9,000 migrants are gathering here and many will try to seek asylum at this border patrol terminal. >> tensions will rise even more. okay, matt, thanks very much. okay, george. coming up, that story making headlines. were the first genetically edited babies just born? what we're learning about the controversial procedure. dr. ashton is here with that. plus, tory johnson's here with cyber monday "deals & steals," including one of oprah's favorite things. there is free shipping on everything she's offering today. lara, what else do you have upstairs? i am with the very funny sean hayes, and brian tyree henry, already getting oscar buzz.
8:06 am
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♪ [ cheers and applause ] welcome back to "gma." it is wonderful to have you with us on this monday morning. [ applause ] you notice we're getting into the christmas spirit here, the holiday spirit. beautiful decorations. it's hard to believe -- yeah, okay. [ applause ] christmas is less than a month
8:11 am
away. >> wow. >> we're going to help you get ready with everything from a christmas cookie bake-off to gift guides and, of course, "deals & steals" to help you cross everyone off. tory has really incredible savings ahead, but right now, ladies and gentlemen, lara spencer with "pop news." [ cheers and applause ] thank you x robin. missed you. good morning to you guys and to you. we're going to begin with movie news and "ralph" breaks the box office. the animated sequel "ralph breaks the internet" raking in a massive $56 million for the weekend, $90 million over the five-day holiday period, making it the second best thanksgiving debut ever behind only "frozen." >> wow. >> that wasn't the only sequel bringing home the bacon over turkey day. michael b. jordan's "creed ii" was also a knockout coming in at number two. >> strong. >> yeah. this was the biggest thanksgiving ever at the movies. >> was it really? >> i was surprised too.
8:12 am
that's why i wanted to put it at the top. big year at the movies. >> chilly outside. >> i guess that is the case. we also have some royal news. a royal shakeup. it seems that the sussexes are moving on up. or at least out to windsor. in a brief statement released over the weekend, kensington palace announcing that meghan and harry will move to frogmore cottage on the grounds of windsor castle. royal watchers had assumed they would stay close to william and kate, but the sussexes are doing things their own way. windsor they say is a very special place for their royal highnesses and while meghan is in london planning the move for early in the new year, harry has just landed in zambia for an official visit. there he is moments ago touching down. >> they call it a cottage? >> mm-hmm. >> ten bedrooms. >> when we say cottage, we don't mean cottage. [ applause ]
8:13 am
this is fun. jennifer lopez and a-rod had a dinner party on friday night so a-rod hired a famous mentalist. there they are, to entertain the table. he walks j.lo around saying he was hypnotizing them all. she doesn't seem that into it as you can see. until this happens. take a look. >> what the? >> rodriguez posted the prank on instagram with the caption, psych. he then thanked the mentalist for having a little fun with j-lo and added the #goodsport. [ applause ]
8:14 am
and finally, a new study confirms what robin, myself and a lot of others have known, a dog may just be the be all end all secret to a great night's sleep. this study, george, i'm not leaving you out, was geared at women only. scientists found nearly 1,000 women and they have determined that dogs, i'm sorry, george, were less disruptive to sleep than our human counterparts and they are associated with strong feelings of comfort, security and even helped end or stop nightmares altogether in the study. i'm just saying in conclusion a few paw marks on the comforter seems like a small price to pay. >> for a great night's sleep. >> the third person in the bed doesn't get a good night's sleep. >> all the dogs in the bed? >> they are back in the bed. we had conquered that for awhile. >> they are back? >> they are back. >> lara, thank you so much. rescue dog. now to our "gma" cover story, those claims overnight that the world's first genetically edited babies have been born. of course, there is a lot of
8:15 am
controversy around this claim. now, this kind of gene surgery is banned in so many countries, the scientist behind the procedure says it was intended to protect the babies from future hiv infection. dr. ashton is standing by with more. but first, erielle reshef, you have our attention. good morning. >> this is a big story, robin. good morning to you. this chinese doctor championing this achievement as a breakthrough saying his goal was to create resistance to hiv. if the claims are proven true, it would be a profound and highly controversial leap in science and in ethics. >> reporter: overnight, an astonishing and dubious claim. a scientist in china saying he created the world's first genetically engineered babies. >> two beautiful little chinese girls, lulu and nana, came crying into the world as healthy as any other babies. >> reporter: the team of geneticists and fertility specialists announcing the so-called breakthrough on youtube. according to those researchers,
8:16 am
they used a controversial gene-editing technology to manipulate the twins' data. the purpose, not to cure or prevent an inherited disease, but something else entirely, supposedly giving these twin girls the ability to resist hiv infection. >> the gene surgery worked safely. no gene was changed except the one to prevent hiv infection. >> reporter: seven couples were involved in the fertility treatments. all the potential fathers have hiv. the potential mothers did not. the scientist says the intention was not to prevent transmission, but instead to protect the child from being infected with hiv in the future. this morning in hong kong, at the conference where the international community is gathering to discuss the implications of genetic editing, dr. jennifer doudna telling us this. >> i think it's a break from what was recommended by the report released by the national academy of sciences last year in 2017 that encouraged and opened a transparent approach to any clinical use of human embryo
8:17 am
editing that would involve careful establishment of a process, and following guidelines that were put in place by an international consortium of scientists and i don't think that that appears to have been done in this case. >> reporter: and there has been no independent confirmation of the doctor's claim but this announcement has already been widely condemned by scientists who say it was a dangerous precedent. this experimentation is illegal here in the u.s. and most other countries. >> we're keeping that in mind, erielle. thank you so much. dr. ashton is here now do tell. >> first of all, robin, this is not a new technology, and with this story it's not a question of whether this could be done at all. it's a question of if, when, why and how? let me tell you about this technology. it's called a crisper gene editing. you take a strand of dna which codes for genes and this crisper acts like scissors, removes the gene and this dna heals itself.
8:18 am
whatever this gene codes for, a disease, a condition in theory, maybe even other things like hair color, is now gone. >> what are the possible benefits of this usage? >> well, the excitement about this, robin, is that it can be used to treatment deadly diseases that are inherited so it's being studied for cystic fibrosis, even for cataracts. the question here is whether you can use it for other things and what those things will be. it's actually being studied intensively for use in food and agriculture to make certain products less susceptible to viruses and that kind of thing. >> so, let's talk about the risks and the ethical debate. >> the risks, when you talk about this, you have to understand this is not perfect. there can be inaccuracy. it can miss the target. if you take a gene out, future generations can be affected and then you could wind up with a situation where you have a lot of people with a disability or not a disability and is there a result in stigma? and then, if you really take this gene out on a widespread basis, will there be major
8:19 am
inequalities that are now more emphasized? there are a lot of risks here, and when you talk about this done for optional reasons -- i want dark eyes, i want blonde hair, then you get into a slippery slope and that's why for cosmetic reasons or nonlife threatening indications, this is not even being discussed. >> there is so much controversy surrounding this, especially about the gene research. >> exactly, and so here is historical context. in 2017 the national academy of sciences put out massive widespread recommendations for this and guidelines which there was global agreement. they said this should not be done for something that there is already a treatment for like hiv reducing risk of that. it should only be done in life or death situations and caution should be used when doing this for human embryos. they didn't give it a green light. they gave it a yellow light, and i think when you put that into context here, that's why you are seeing so much major uproar.
8:20 am
i have a quote for you, robin, because this is coming from all over the world including researchers and scientists in china. one professor from london is quoted as saying, this report of genome editing human embryos for hiv is premature, dangerous and irresponsible. we have not heard the end of this story. it is going to cause massive uproar in the scientific and medical community. >> thank you. thank you for that. >> you bet. >> appreciate it. let's go to rob. >> we have been talking about this winter storm and blizzard here in november. i know it's tough to embrace it this early but just take a cue from our boy archer here. our "gma" moment out of st. louis. this is an earlier snow flurry or two in the middle of november. he said, yeah, i'll try to catch these with my tongue and i'm just going to run around like a mad dog in the lawn because we love snow. dogs love snow, and i think people should -- yeah, get up there, archer. now there's a coding gene even more exciting. cover up that grass soon and you'll be rolling up your own snowman. hope you stay safe
8:21 am
[ cheers and applause ] all right, we're celebrating cyber monday with a very special "deals & steals," thanks to this woman, tory johnson in the house. [ cheers and applause ] so happy you're here and all of these come with free shipping. >> free shipping. >> let's get right to it. >> yes, okay. sockart is super fabulous because it's the gift of comfort and humor all in one for both men and women. i pulled some back here for you. >> i like this one. >> what?
8:22 am
>> wine. wine not? just saying. >> wine options, holiday options. just really fun, fabulous ones and you can't go wrong with these. they are normally $15, but today they are slashed in half, $7.50, plus -- >> free shipping. >> free shipping. yes. >> so good. so alice and jessica are brave? how is your 3d movie? no. this is actually a very cool mask. >> they're not just brave, they're super smart. they're taking three minutes to get a treatment from dr. dennis gross. he is a board certified dermatologist here in new york city and it's on a timer. you have had your three minutes so you're good. this is an fda-cleared device that kind of revives, refreshes the eye area for youthful looking skin. he's also got all of these incredible peels. brooke who does our makeup said, oh, my gosh, dennis gross, this is her jam. >> she loves all of it. >> this is the gift of just, like, beautiful skin.
8:23 am
normally $17 to $159. everything today is slashed in half, $8.50 to $79.50, and free shipping. >> awesome. >> okay. okay. lollia. this is a beautiful one. >> wait, isn't this one important? this is certified by the queen, oprah winfrey herself, everybody. i believe we have a word from oprah. >> take a look. >> i would say i like lollia so much that if you would go to my house right now, right now, let's zoom in to oprah's bathtub. there is that favorite thing that i chose, what, six, seven, eight years ago? i still use that bubble bath. >> so she not only still uses this bubble bath, but she loves this line so much that it made favorite things again this year. 2018, she chose two specific products, the line of the dry body oil and then this one which is the whipped butter. the packaging is spectacular. >> so good.
8:24 am
>> this is kind of, like, the quick, luxurious pick-me-up. >> wouldn't you be so happy if you got this? >> so gorgeous. >> so you give it? >> yes. your bathroom will look like oprah's bathroom. there you go. normally $12 to $60. all of these are slashed in half, $6 to $30, plus free shipping. okay, this is actually -- >> this is for the traveler on the go. >> yes. these are gorgeous. >> really pretty. >> they're genuine leather, and this is their brand-new luxurious velvet collection and what i love is that there's so many -- look at all the little compartments. typically, if you would open my drawer, this would be, like, one big mess. look at all these little compartments to keep everything just perfectly in their place. there are watch rollers, watch cases for men or for women and travel ones. just really -- >> i would be so -- wouldn't you be excited to get this? [ applause ] >> they're beautiful. >> and these are normally pricey, right?
8:25 am
>> they are very expensive, and this is another one i found from "o" magazine. they start at $75 and go up to $575, but today they are all slashed up to 74% off, so $19 to $280 and free shipping of course. >> i'm so ordering this. my daughter would love this. >> okay, patchology. this is kind of like for the girl on the go. >> love these. >> this is like the traveler kit. >> yep. >> this is for somebody who travels and the other one i love is this breakout box. their these dots for overnight or on the go when you forgot to do it. >> you know who loves these? ginger zee. she had to do thanksgiving morning. look at them. >> there she is. >> they needed to be refreshed and she is not afraid to show you -- >> that's right. >> -- that she loves these. >> she is wearing one of the mood masks. everything from patchology is great and also really good prices. they range from $20 to $60, all slashed up to 75%, so these are $7.50 to $15 and free shipping. >> finally, baby foot.
8:26 am
>> everyone knows baby foot. we have the classics and the men's booty, and then the instant moisturizer boot. if you want a quick 15-minute treatment, can't go wrong. best stocking stuffer. $15 to $25 regularly, and they are slashed in half and start at $7.50. >> tory, you've done it again. these are amazing deals and that's not all. everyone here is going home with products from margot elena, baby foot, sockart and patchology. so good. >> the bonus. go online. >> bonus deal online. check it out. [ cheers and applause ] coming up, sean hayes. "gma's" "deals & steals" sponsored by target. cyber monday, get an extra 15% off top gifts. instant pot, tvs and more, only at top gifts. only at
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good morning to you. it's 8:27. i'm reggie aqui. the golden gate ferry service says it's going to run its regular schedule today despite the fact that a ferry slammed into a dock at the san francisco ferry building on friday. the coast guard is still investigating the cause of the crash. you see someone got it on video there. pretty scary moments, but luckily everyone is okay. alexis, how is traffic this morning? >> we're pretty busy, as you would expect. everyone back after the long holiday week off, or most of the week was off for a lot of folks. we're looking at southbond 680 through walnut creek. this is starting to thin out. two crashes, westbound highway
8:28 am
84 to the maze. in the yellow at 44 minutes. not terrible. 13 across the bay bridge. southbound 101, san francisco to sfo in the yellow at 18 minutes. >> okay. you're back at ♪thisi'm gonna let it shine. ♪ it's energy saving time, ♪ i'm gonna reduce mine. ♪ californians all align ♪ to let our great state shine. ♪ let it shine, ♪ the power's ours to let it shine! ♪
8:29 am
good morning. we're kind of stuck in the 40s in most neighborhoods. we have some 50s. san francisco, heyward, fremont, and half moon bay.
8:30 am
that fog is going away. cooler and dry all day, but tuesday, wednesday, thursday, and saturday. >> mike, thank you. another abc 7 news update in about 30 [ applause ] great audience, and we have great guests to bring out. he is an actor, producer, comedian, broadway star. he is about to add author to his resume. please welcome sean hayes. [ cheers and applause ] >> thank you so much. hi. >> yay! you just make us happy. there you go. come on. >> it's so high.
8:31 am
why is it so high? my god. wait. where is the thing? >> i think it's on the other -- there you go. there you go. >> oh, george. wait. i don't want to make you feel uncomfortable or anything, but shouldn't you be in jail today? oh, that's george papadopoulos. oh. >> we all look alike. >> i'm so sorry. sorry. so sorry. >> that's why we do what we do. what are you going to do? notice the holiday spirit that we're in. [ applause ] and we understand, sean. you are a man of many talents and gifts, and you were an elf back in the day. not just any old elf, but for kenny rogers' tour. >> i moved to los angeles to get a job and i went to the kenny rogers christmas tour to do the first half of his concert. i'm in the baseball hat, and there is kenny in the back. obviously it was just a couple of weeks ago, and it was a lot
8:32 am
of fun, but, you know, he would give the microphone to the audience to sing a lot so we joked with him and started calling him the rambler instead of the gambler because he would talk a lot in between. i don't know, george. what do you do? no. what do you do? you set the stage for the christmas half of the show. so he would sing all his great standards, you know, and then it would be time to put the christmas trees and everything, and we were doing the stuff as elves and they kept adding stuff for the elves to do, like, setting the lights up and then, like, the cords and we were, like, you know, we're not really elves. we're human beings dressed as elves. >> do you bring that same enthusiasm home for the holidays when you do -- >> sure, if there is enough alcohol, yeah. no. yeah, no. i take my husband, scott, and he is right there in the front row. >> hello, scott. [ applause ] >> he is not allowed to speak or
8:33 am
look up here. no. we have a great time at the holidays. we started our own tradition and we have a big brunch on christmas day and it's really fun. exactly what i wanted. >> tell us about "plum." >> it's a book that i wrote, and it's how the sugar plum fairy got her wings. what we have in common is a creati creativeness, a love for music. he does the music for "will & grace," and cnn and all those things. when i was a kid, i used to listen to "the nutcracker" on a record over and over, and that was a vinyl thing. i knew every song in the ballet, and i was obsessed with it, and he was too, and i was, like, this is an insane story. so trippy like there is a mouse king. so we thought, let's do an origin story for all the
8:34 am
characters, but we started with plum because that's the most popular one. [ applause ] >> what is it like working together on a project like this? >> it was great. >> that's exactly right. we have a good time. >> we're both creative types and we have our opinions, but i think we find respectful ground and we come to something that hopefully is a good end product. >> i say you have to fall in respect with somebody, not in love. if you fall in respect with them, everything else will fall in place. >> a little wisdom for today. >> yeah. >> fall in respect. i like that. >> that's interesting. you wrote it in spanish. >> so anything like that? >> well, there is always a little bit of probably an actor who does a character. there is parts to of him that are in it, and sean's humor and so forth is rampant inside of jack mcfarland. that's what comes home is a lot of just the fun and humor, but
8:35 am
certainly not nearly the antics. >> oh. that would be such fun. >> it comes out in our videos i think. >> yeah. >> we understand you do other projects today. tell us about this lip syncing business that is happening. >> when we had down time, scott said, do you want to make a video, like, a -- i was, like, what kind of video? he was, like, a lip sync video, and there is one. we literally -- that was our first one. that was the first one we did, and it was just, like, i took the dogs for a walk around the block and i men reimorized that part by iggy azalea, and i figured for us and a couple of friends and, like, 40 million people, and it was nuts. we were onto something so, we made tons of them. >> one of them is barbara streisand's rendition of "jingle bel bells." why that one? >> it's one of the funniest
8:36 am
sopgs in the world because she since it like she is on cocaine, right? sorry, no. and so -- and so -- look. that's the background of universal. we totally crashed it. but anyway. we don't have the rights. we don't have the rights for you guys. >> darn it. >> i found that out before the show. you can pay for it, but we couldn't obviously make, like, a family-friendly video. >> this just in. we paid for it. [ applause ] >> did we pay for it? we're cheap. did we pay for it? >> i guess i don't get paid today then. >> yeah. ♪ oh what fun it is to ride in a one-horse sleigh ♪ ♪ jingle jingle bells oh what fun it is to ride in a one-horse open sleigh ♪ ♪ [ cheers and applause ]
8:37 am
>> i noticed that sean is now missing and scott is now missing as well because we thought we have some props. we love sean and so they have agreed to do one of their lip syncing situations. >> let's do it. don't look over there. don't look over there. he's really getting into it. >> his teeth? >> i'm not quite sure. give us a sign. are you ready, gentlemen? here we go. >> okay. [ applause ] >> and you're on. ♪ ♪ someone snitched on me ♪ oh, i'm getting nothing for
8:38 am
christmas ♪ ♪ mommy and daddy are mad ♪ i'm getting nothing for christmas ♪ ♪ because i ain't been nothing but bad ♪ ♪ so you better be good, whatever you do because if you are bad i'm warning you ♪ ♪ you'll get nothing for christmas ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> bravo. bravo. >> a chip for you guys. good morning, america.
8:39 am
[ applause ] >> "plum" is out now, and everyone in our audience is going home with a copy. [ cheers and applause ] you get a copy. you get a copy.
8:40 am
8:41 am
all right. it is time now for more cyber monday savings. back to becky worley at the walmart distribution center in pennsylvania. you're not just talking about fashion and electronics, becky.
8:42 am
you have travel deals. >> reporter: that's right. even though the packages are flying off the shelves, i'm ready to fly away on vacation, and today is the day to book it. let's start with international air travel. if you are thinking about going to europe, a budget carrier wow will fly you from anywhere from the u.s. to iceland and you can hop over to europe. who doesn't want to see the aurora borealis? and if you are flying to the west coast, $40, and dublin, $50 off. don't forget about your regional carriers. spirit, frontier and southwest. southwest is 50% off one way. >> when you land, what about hotels? deals there too? >> reporter: oh, boy are there, and you want to start at the hotel carrier site and think about brands you don't know necessarily where you are hearing about deals. one is destination resorts. these are ski towns and in
8:43 am
hawaii. so aloha. 40% off on maurw wyndham, and that's a great discount. cruises, buy one get one 60% off on royal caribbean. anchors away, gang. >> let's go, girl. anything more and i'm in. speaking of not warm, we'll go to rob with the weather. >> i love that. aurora borealis. i want to see that. and how about the national weather service men and women? they have to launch these balloons twice a day, and they wrestle with a blizzard. their snowiest november storm on record, and they bring you the most acc
8:44 am
this weather report is sponsored by blue buffalo. >> right there, rob. thank you. thank you, thank you, thank you. i am here and i just told this man backstage how proud i am of him. he is talented. he is brian tyree henry. we love him on the hit show, "atlanta." >> thank you. >> he was nominated for both a tony and an emmy this year, and now oscar buzz. how are you? >> i'm still kind of in shock that i'm sitting in front of you. you are one of my -- >> oh, bless your heart. >> i'm incredibly honored to sit here with you. you have no idea how much i adore you and love you and thank
8:45 am
you very much. >> you're very welcome. [ applause ] >> trying not to cry. i'm trying to hold it together. but thank you. thank you. >> as i said, extremely, extremely proud of you and how you carry yourself. the work that you are doing, but first since we're in the holiday spirit and we had sean and scott, you know, doing their thing -- >> oh my goodness. >> we're going to call it a monday memory. you as a child. >> oh my gosh. >> in your christmas sweater. come on. are you going to rock that again? >> yes. no. what's really sad is i still make that face right now, like, i wasn't having it then and i'm not having it now. >> same thing. >> i actually ordered this one piece, like, i got this polyester jump suit that's all christmas inspired because i like to spend it with my sisters being as obnoxious as possible so i tried to wear the most obnoxious clothes for christmas and they have no idea what i have in store. >> they're equally proud of you. the tony, the emmy nomination,
8:46 am
and what i really respect is that, you know, when people try to say, this is your moment. you're, like, no, no, no. it's a movement. >> it brings a little -- gives little bit because i don't want it to be a moment. it's gone in a flash and it's, like, a whisper in time and i would like to solidify myself in this industry as somebody who has longevity and will continue to do the characters and the work that matters to them and continue to reach far and wide. >> well, this movie is an indication of that. >> thank you. [ applause ] >> of course, we know you from "moonlight." what was it like working with this extraordinary writer/director? >> on top of the writers, i'm still pinching myself a little bit 37 he is one of the most prolific writers and directors and human beings i have ever met, and this story is so important and nuanced and just
8:47 am
necessary. he just is one of the best people to work with. he was really great in his direction, his relationship to the characters. it filmed literally a few blocks from my home. i live in harlem and we were right around the corner from my house which i was, like, yes. >> short commute. >> short commute, but it was -- it's -- there was nothing like seeing a love story on screen, but for this especially, there was nothing like seeing a black love story on screen. i don't think we realize how rare it is to see that, and to see it in that time and era that we set it in, in the '60s, late '50s, but these characters are so rich and amazing and barry is unlike anything, and the fact i got to work with this man is still, like, it's still -- >> let's play a little bit "if beale street could talk." >> i'm lucky i have got two years because when you are in there, they can do with you
8:48 am
whatever they want. you hear me? whatever they want. >> it is powerful, it is meaningful. these stories need to be told. >> yes, i agree. >> i am so glad that you are apart of something like this and telling the story. this is a depth to you. >> i have got more, robin. >> you have got more? >> i have got more. >> we have to have you back, when we have more time. "if beale street could talk" hits theaters december 14th. we'll be right back.
8:49 am
8:50 am
[ cheers and applause ] back now with an incredible teacher. he is using his passion for music to give back. you know we're just one day away from giving tuesday and to celebrate that, we're bringing
8:51 am
you this inspirational story from our sponsor, ymca. >> reporter: the musicians, young students, performing a jazz improve they learned this their teacher, corey cook. >> i want to make sure that i can pass that onto the next generation. >> reporter: it's corey's passion for music that brings joy and direction for inner innr kids who turn to the y as a safe haven and place for opportunity. >> these kids need access. if you can help guide them along the way, the sky is the limit. ♪ >> reporter: it makes all the difference for students like 18-year-old elijah lyons. >> when i was younger and i got transferred into a different school, i wasn't accepted like i was accepted here. >> reporter: and 17-year-old chase hughes. >> corey just taught me the fundamentals, and i feel like that's what i learned was the
8:52 am
openness to creativity. >> reporter: so many of corey's students are participants in the david matthews composition school, with a mission of sharing the gift of music. >> you have people that grow up in orchestras. they are classically trained and then you have guys like myself. we learned to play by ear. this program is unique because it brings two different worlds together that normally don't come together. >> i don't think i have ever heard of the word viola. i was teaching everything to myself. when i got to this program, my whole world just opened up. ♪ >> reporter: the ultimate goal, the teens work to compose a score performed by the erie phil harmonic. >> watching them perform something that me and the other students created, it was life-changing. >> reporter: it's just one of the many programs making an impact in the community here and
8:53 am
the 2,700 ymca locations across the country, dedicated to educating youth beyond the classroom. >> programs like this, this is run free of charge for the youth here. it's very important that we receive donations in order to keep these programs going and know that your dollars are really helping them to be all that they are meant to be. >> it's changed my life forever. now i know exactly where i want to go. >> thank you for seeing the vision where i didn't see the vision, teaching that to me at such a young age. you just didn't have to do it and you did. so thank you. [ applause ] >> so special. we'll be right back. "gma's" community heroes
8:54 am
8:55 am
♪ ♪ connecting people... ...uniting the world. ♪♪
8:56 am
[ cheers and applause ] thanks for watching, everyone. have a great monday. >> going to be a good week.
8:57 am
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8:59 am
good morning, bay area. let's get up and get going. >> this is abc 7 mornings. >> good morning. i'm reggie aqui from abc 7 mornings. mike nicco has your forecast. it's sunny for now, mike. >> that is true, reggie. another series of storms coming. if you have outdoor activities, today is a good day to do them. let's look at our high temperatures. we'll be in the mid to upper 60s in most neighborhoods. light rain tomorrow, moderate at tim times. scattered light showers wednesday. then heavier rain, even thunderstorms and gusty breezes, a two on thursday. >> well, traffic definitely busier than last week. everyone back to work and school here today. those metering lights for the bay bridge toll plaza on at 5:24 this morning. a quick check of drive times.
9:00 am
in the yellow all the way around. >> time now for "live with kelly and ryan." see you at 11:00 a.m. for the midday news. you can always f >> announcer: it's "live with kelly and ryan!" today, from the new film aquaman and at a eternities gate, willem dafoe. a plus, great ideas for everyone on your list. 'tis the season to kick off "live's holiday gift guide." also, your comments and questions direct from kelly and ryan's inbox. all next on "live!" and now, here are kelly ripa and ryan seacrest! [cheers and applause] ♪


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