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tv   ABC World News Tonight With David Muir  ABC  November 26, 2018 3:30pm-3:59pm PST

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tonight, several developing stories as we come on the air. the storm slamming the northeast now, blinding rain and win. deadly in michigan, after whiteout conditions and a record blizzard paralyze s travel. and tonight, millions under flood and wind alerts from philadelphia to new york city to boston. the major news tonight from general motors, jobs in ohio, michigan, maryland. thousands of workers, and at least three gm cars will no longer be made. president trump tonight on the tar gas used at the border. what he now says about using it. the deadly police shooting and growing outrage. the young black man killed by officers. police mistaking him for the gunman. the real suspect tonight still on the loose. the bombshell report on climate change, from 13 u.s. agencies put out the day after
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thanksgiving. its warning about farming in the midwest, future floods and fires in the u.s., and tonight, the president is asked, does he believe it? cyber monday still under way, as we come on. the big deals still to come. the list of what we found tonight. oprah's loss. her mother passing away on thanksgiving, and what oprah said late today about her mom. and touchdown on mars. the anxious scientists at nasa, and then the cheers. and tonight, the first image coming in now from mars. and you'll see it right here. good evening. and it is great to be back with you after the thanksgiving holiday. but it's turned into a real travel nightmare for millions, trying to get home. the same system now slamming the northeast tonight, and it's been deadly. first, the major blizzard across the plains and the great lakes. a bus spinning out, that's i-35 in iowa. traffic at a standstill in near whiteout conditions. hundreds of flights cancels
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again tonight out of chicago's o'hare airport. the ripple effect across the country. and right now, more than 30 million americans are now under flooding and wind alerts. cars under water. that's downtown philadelphia. flood and wind worries as far north as bonns to tonight. there is the storm as it blasted its way across the country. there are major delays at all of the new york area airports tonight. and abc's gio benitez leads us off from laguardia. >> reporter: tonight, that powerful storm stranding holiday travelers on frozen roads and at packed airports, now drenching the busy i-95 corridor from philadelphia to new jersey to new york city. >> you're talking about rainfall rates over an inch an hour here. >> reporter: blizzard conditions grinding travel to a halt across the midwest on the busiest travel day of the year. at chicago's o'hare airport, more than 2,000 flights canceled since sunday. our alex perez found danny koutlemanis still trying to get home to colorado this morning. >> i've been bumped twice. i can't even rent a car. >> we are literally driving and
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cannot see anything. >> reporter: blizzard conditions closing most of interstate 70 in kansas. some drivers abandoning their cars. drivers stuck on route 75 in nebraska too, and on interstate 80, high winds ripping the top off this 18-wheeler. there was record snow in rockford, illinois, where multiple vehicles including a snow plow caught fire. and adding to the misery, passengers on this amtrak train from new york to boston, normally a four-hour trip, were strandedster 11 hours after the train lost power. >> i can't believe we finally made it. i mean, not as bad as being stuck on a plane, but i'm just glad to be back. >> what a mess tonight. gio benitez is live from laguardia. the delays and cancellations are starting to pile up? >> reporter: they really are, david. taking a look at the boards now, we are seeing so many flights canceled or delayed. we're looking right now across this country at more than 5,000 delays, 1,500 cancellations.
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david? >> gio, thank you. let's the track of this system tonight. rob marciano live along the west side highway tonight. hey, rob. >> reporter: hi, david. this has been a powerfully stacked storm, from top to bottom in the atmosphere. now we have a secondary low kicking in. check it out on the satellite picture. shows you how expansive this system is. now we have flood alerts that range from maryland and new jersey, along the new england coastline. wi there's a lot of rain on the warm side of this. eastern massachusetts seeing its wettest fall on record. more rain coming tonight. that should clearly 7:00 a.m. in albany, it turns to snow. significant snowfall. and then lake effect snow behind this. a lot of cold air. another epic november storm, david. and winter hasn't even started yet. >> unfortunate reminder. rob marciano, thank you. we move on to other news this monday night, and the news today couldn't have come at a worse time. just weeks now until christmas, and general motors has now revealed it will lay off workers in ohio, michigan and maryland. thousands of jobs.
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at least three vehicles will no longer be made. abc's eva pill grim is in detroit tonight. >> reporter: tonight, major cuts at car giant gm. nearly 15,000 jobs eliminated, a whopping 15% of the company's work force. in all, five plants will shut down by the end of next year, including those in warren, michigan, whitemarsh, maryland, warren, ohio, and detroit. >> we are going to come back hard, and we are going to try to convince them that a modern plant in an area where you can get a good workforce is an asset. >> reporter: gm citing a shift to focus more on automation, and high suv sales. the company announcing they're eliminating the low-selling chevrolet cruz, volt, and impala cars from their roster. today, the president not hiding his frustration with ceo mary barra. >> i expressed the fact that i am not happy with what she did. that car is not selling, it's the cruz, chevy cruz. it's not selling, but hopefully she's going to come back and put
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something. but i told her, i'm not happy about it at all. >> reporter: the president also asked if increased tariffs due to a trade war are to blame. tariffs. he said the car was not segm as ts, but in june issued warning that, quote, "increased import tariffs could lead to a smaller gm." >> so, let's get to eva, live in detroit tonight. and eva, while nearly 15,000 jobs are being cut, as you reported there, some of those workers will be given the chance to try to relocate to other plants? >> reporter: that's right, david. gm says it plans to expand operations in those well-performing areas. about 3,000 of those workers will be up for those new positions. david? >> eva pilgrim with us tonight. thank you, eva. the imamgs of the tar gas used at the u.s./mexico border seen across the country and the world. thousands of migrants from that caravan have now arrived in tijuana. some of them breaking through
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mexican security, u.s. border patrol, then firing tear gas at them. this mother and her children among those caught in the chaos. tonight, president trump was asked about the tear gas, and here's abc's chief national correspondent matt gutman from tee wijuan tijuana. >> reporter: tonight, more than 100 migrants deported after those vie lant clashes in tee yab that. hundreds of central american migrants first clashed with mexican police. then, rushed the border fence. they were met by a wall of tear gas unleashed by heavily-armed u.s. agents behind those coils of wire. some of those migrants throwing the canisters right back. thick smoke sending mothers with children in diapers into a panic. today, the president denied that agents used tar gas against children. >> are you comfortable tear gassing children like what we saw at the border? >> they're not, as you know, they're not. they had to use, because they were being rushed by some very in those bandages.
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one of the things he says is that he's not going to stop, he wants to still get into the united states, and he's not going to quit now just because he was wounded. the clashes forced authorities to close this port of entry, one of the busiest on the planet, for nearly seven hours. thousands of people, most there legally, stranded at the border. >> all right, matt gutman with us live tonight, and matt, the department of defense just announcing that they're moving more troops to california, to the border there to offer support? >> reporter: that's right. 300 additional troops to california, bringing the total there to 1,800. now, there is a concern of a prolonged standoff here, the migrant caravan is expected to swell to over 9,000, and it could take months, david, just to process all those asylum requests. >> all right, matt gutman, thank you. we're going to turn next tonight to the growing outrange. a young black man shot and killed. police apparently confused him with the suspect.
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that suspect, still at large tonight. here's abc's steve osunsami. >> reporter: e.j. bradford's family tonight says he was that so-called "good guy with a gun" at a shooting inside this al oks but because he's black, they say he was shot and killed by responding police. this is a picture of the 21-year-old in uniform. he briefly served in the army. >> and the officer that shot him, you didn't give my child no warning, basically. you just up and shoot, assuming because you see a gun. >> reporter: alabama police tonight say they're sympathetic to mr. bradford's grieving family, but stopped short of saying they're sorry. >> everybody out now! >> reporter: they admit that the real gunman, who shot two people and sent shoppers scrambling, is still at large. bradford's family believes he was trying to help save lives and say his gun was legal. >> it feels like someone has ripped my heart out. >> reporter: late this evening, the mayor came out and called for patience. the family of the victim is asking for police to release all of their body camera videos.
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there is a protest scheduled here tonight. david? >> steve osunsami, thank you. there is still a major senate race to be decided, now three weeks after the midterms. voters in mississippi will held to the holds tonight. and tonight, the president is there, putting his support behind republican cindy hyde-smith, who has been under fire, and tonight, more of that video now surfacing during which she says if she was invited to a public hanging, quote, i would be in the front row. abc's chief national affairs correspondent tom llamas is there tonight. >> reporter: nooses found hanging today outside the mississippi state cap top, along with niece signs. one reading "we're hanging nooses to remind people that times haven't changed." it comes as the republican candidate here, senator cindy hyde-smith, is facing criticism for appearing to embrace the state's racist past. she's seen in this facebook photo from 2014 posing in a confederate cap. her caption, "mississippi history at its best." and earlier this month, joking with a supporter about public
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hangings. >> if he invited me to a public hanging, i'd be on the front row. >> reporter: the president, way to msi.he felt very bad she certainly didn't mean that, alread and very thdismng bacas i put out ament going to say about it. >> reporter: later, apologizing in a debate against her opponent mike espy, the democrat vying to become the state's first black senator since reconstruction. >> for anyone that was offended by my comments, i certainly apologize. >> i don't know what's in your heart, but we all know what came out of your mouth. >> reporter: the president hoping to tip the scales in her favor in a state where he won by 18 points in 2016. >> don't take any chances. a lot of people think we're going to have a big win. don't take any chances. that's happened many times before. >> and we'll be watching the race tonight. tom llamas reporting in from mississippi. there was a bombshell report on
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climate change from 13 u.s. agencies put out the day after thanksgiving, when millions of americans were still marking the holiday. but in that report, it warns about farming in the midwest and future floods and fires in the u.s. and tonight, our jon karl asking the president, does he believe it? >> reporter: president trump today dismissed the report written by scientists from 13 federal agencies and released by his administration the day after thanksgiving. it's a report that warns climate change is already taking a toll. record wildfires in california, stronger hurricanes, crop failures in the midwest. the report bluntly warns of more to come, including threats to "air quality and the transmission of disease" and says if steps aren't taken to limit the release of carbon into the atmosphere, the economic consequences will be devastating. a 10% loss to the economy, worse than the great recession. today, we asked the president
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about it. mr. president, have you read the climate report yet? >> i've seen it, i've read some of it and it's fine. >> reporter: they say economic impact could be devastating. >> i don't believe it. >> reporter: you don't believe it? >> no, no, i don't believe it. right now, we're at the cleanest we've ever been. and that's very important to me. but if we're clean, but every other place on earth is dirty, that's not so good. >> jonathan karl live at the white house tonight. you know many are questioning the times of the release of this report, the day after thanksgiving, was it meant to bury it? >> reporter: it sure looked that way, releasing the report in the middle of black friday. if that was the intent, david, it looks like it backfired. because it was released on such a slow news day, the report dominated news coverage throughout the holiday weekend. david? >> jon karl, thank you. overseas tonight, a dangerous escalation between russia and ukraine. the ukrainians say russia blocked a key waterway, rammed a ukrainian tugboat then opened fire, seizing several of ukraine's ships and arresting
3:44 pm
its sailors. late today, ukraine's parliament voted on martial law. to the mueller investigation, and george p papadopoulos is spending his first night in jail. he surrendered at the federal prison in oxford, wisconsin, today, to serve a 14-day sentence after pleading guilty to lying about his contact with russians during the campaign. and tonight, another subject of the special counsel investigation says he's now rejected a plea deal. jerome corsi, an associate of former trump campaign adviser roger stone, says prosecutors wanted him to plead guilty to lying to fbi agents when he was questioned about communications related to julian asaj in 2016. of course, he says he did briefly forget about an e-mail exchange with roger stone, but says he did not intentionally lie, and to confess to that, he says, would be the crime. he spoke to our pierre thomas just a short time ago. >> i have to go to jail for the rest of my life, i will not tell a lie to a federal judge or anybody else. they want to send me to the rest
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of my life, so be it, have at it. but they will not get me to commit a crime. >> corsi telling pierre he fears law enforcement could arrest him as soon as tonight. we're going to turn next here this evening to touchdown on mars. there were anxious moments at nasa's jet propoll shun lab today, as a spacecraft made its final approach to mars. abc's clayton sandell is until pasadena. >> touchdown confirmed! >> reporter: tonight, a touchdown worthy of an interplanetary super bowl. moments later, this image from nasa's insight mission proving it stuck the first mars landing in six years. insight survived the seven minutes of terror, an autopilot plunge from space to ground, 12,000 miles per hour to full stop. and every step was flawless. you made it through that seven minutes of terror. >> yeah, i still have a few fingernails left but they're mostly gone. >> reporter: mars is tough on spacecraft. more than half that try to get
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there fail. but now insight begins a two-year mission, peering inside the red planet. and they'll do that using these sensors that the team hopes will inu unlock some ancient mysteries about our solar system. >> clayton sandell, thank you. there's still much more ahead on "world news tonight" this monday. cyber monday. the wlis of what we found coming up here. also, the new headline and the desperate search for that missing girl. police asking the public to take a good look at the sneakers she was wearing. we'll tell you why. also, oprah's loss. her mother passing away on thanksgiving. and what she said late today about her 34078. and the young american killed by a remote tribe on an isolated island. police afraid they were about to be attacked, too, as they tried to retrieve the body. a lot more news ahead. jardiance is the first type 2 diabetes pill proven to both reduce the risk of cardiovascular death for adults who have type 2 diabetes and heart disease... ...and lower a1c, with diet and exercise. jardiance can cause serious side effects including dehydration.
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>> reporter: tonight, a record cyber monday. but the deals don't necessarily expire at midnight. many retailers now calling this cyber week. >> shop in-store or online. >> reporter: like macy's, amazon and target, which is rolling out new discounts every day through saturday.y one, get one 50% off plus an extra 15% off at this 55-inch 4k oled tv now $500 off on amazon. now also primetime for travel deals. jetblue edadvertising one-way sales on sale now as low as $20. >> if you want to go ahead and buy a ticket or a travel package for spring break, summer vacation, fourth of july or holiday 2019, tomorrow might be a good day to do it. >> reporter: and if your wish list includes toys and clothes, the best deals on those items tend to happen in the week leading up to christmas, but you have to remember, by then, supplies, inventory can be limited. >> for travel, tomorrow?
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>> reporter: tomorrow is a good day. >> we're on. let's do it. when we come back here tonight, we do have more news coming in on that missing girl taken from in front of her home before school. and oprah's loss what she said today about the passing of her mother over thanksgiving. anksgiving. sometimes bipolar i disorder can really get you going. but mania, such as unusual changes in your mood, activity or energy levels, can leave you on shaky ground. help take control by asking your healthcare provider about vraylar. vraylar treats acute mania of bipolar i disorder. vraylar significantly reduces overall manic symptoms,... and was proven in adults with mixed episodes who have both mania and depression. vraylar should not be used in elderly patients with dementia, due to increased risk of death or stroke. call your doctor about fever, stiff muscles, or confusion, which may mean a life-threatening reaction or uncontrollable muscle movements, which may be permanent. side effects may not appear for several weeks. high cholesterol and weight gain; high blood sugar, which can lead to coma or death
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sneakers, white adidas with colorful stitching on the heel. they hope it sparks new leads. to the american missionary killed by an isolated tribe on an island in the indian ocean. authorities are unsure now if they'll ever be able to recover john chau's body. they say he was killed after illegally making contact with the tribe. indian police were forced to turn back after seeing tribe members armed with boups and arrows, ready for them, too. and some sad news to report tonight involved oprah winfrey. her family revealing her mother died on thanksgiving. she leaves behind her daughters oprah and patricia amanda lee, along with several grandchildren and great-grandchildren. oprah saying her mother lived a good life and is now at peace. she was 83. when we come back tonight, the image getting our attention late today. first responders getting to a fire victim and getting that victim back on her feet. her name is lady.
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finally tonight here, america strong. firefighters, paramedics and the family dog named lady. it was the image today that reminded us of the work our first responders do every day. even to save our pets. listen to him say, "good girl." >> good girl. >> reporter: the wayne township fire department in indianapolis, indiana. that's captain eric bannister in the fire helmet. operations chief rick duncan on the left, responding to a fire this afternoon. and inside, they find the homeowner's dog, lady. chief duncan holding an oxygen mask to lady's face and her tail begins to wag. you can see her taking deep breaths. we've seen these moments before. in bakersfield, california, firefighters carrying little jack, unresponsive. >> hold on. we're going to give him some
3:58 pm
oxygen. >> reporter: within minutes, they're giving him oxygen. and they pat him. and a short time later, jack's up and alert. and back in indianapolis tonight, after wagging her tail, look at lady, standing up, pulling away, just about ready to breathe on her own. she's ready tonight. thank you to our first responders and thank you at home for watching. i hope to see you tomorrow. good night. good night. liv
3:59 pm
>> a san francisco security guard attacked. the search now for any witnesses who may have recorded it on their phone. good afternoon. thank you for joining us. i'm ama daetz. >> and i'm dan ashley. the guard was critically injured yesterday. >> and police are searching for whoever was responsible. our reporter is laive with the latest. >> reporter: officers say they need witnesses to come forward. at this point, there are reports of skateboarders in the area, but it's too early in the investigation to say who was responsible for this. this is the aftermath of a man being attacked on the job. >> when san francisco police responded, they found him unconscious. he was taken to an area hospital with life threatening injuries. >> reporter: sunday afternoon, a security guard was assaulted while working on california street. there was word that skate borders were somehow tied to the incident.
4:00 pm
>> there was a large group of skateboarders leavi t


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