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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  November 26, 2018 6:00pm-7:00pm PST

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reported car break ins were down 14% from the year before. >> now they're down 16%. >> and a new bill could make it easier to convict and prosecute these people who do these crimes. >> reporter: it's not an uncommon sight to see this broken glass scatteredal ov all san francisco. because of a little-known loophole, that could prevent this could happening from as often. at alamo square where the painted ladies stand proud, a different reason to gather. >> we have seen just an explosion in auto break-ins in san francisco. >> reporter: despite a 60% decline in auto burglaries, there is still work to be done as indicated by sign like this, and like what happened to beth cane's son-in-law on
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thanksgiving. >> they came back finding glass smashed. they took everything from his car and threw it on the sidewalk. >> reporter: so along with district attorney gascon and william scott, a new bill was announced to close a little-known loophole. >> there are cases when police arrest someone, the district attorney charges someone, they bring it to court and the case gets dismissed because no one can testify that the door was locked. >> reporter: even if the window was smashed in, suspects get away under current law. >> the small percentage, we are going to have significant impact. >> reporter: as for beth and her son, this significant impact came in the form of this note left by a stranger. >> was walking by your car and saw it was broken into. covered it with plastic because it's due to rain tonight. happy thanksgiving.
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>> reporter: back out here live, happy thanksgiving indeed. that bill will be proposed when the legislative session reopens on monday. in the meantime, beth and her son-in-law justin say notes like this restore their faith in humanity. >> thanks very much. and we welcome your thoughts on this topic. use #better bay area to join this conversation. now we move on to storm watch because more rain is coming this week. tomorrow is the first of three storms. meteorologist sandhya patel is in for spencer tonight tracking the rain. >> it's beneficial rain coming our way. let's check out live done hoppl. this is the calm before the storm so to speak. this is going to bring us rain that is light to moderate in intensity and also kicking up the surf. a high surf advisory runs
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through tomorrow. watch out for breakers 18-20 foot. it's a light, level one system. anywhere from .500 to a half inch of rain. the breakers could cause erosion along the coastline. by 9:00 >> a, it's pushing into point reyes. i'll be back with the rest of the hour by hour timeline plus a look at the next storm coming up. >> you can stay on top of the weather with the abc 7 news app. get the forecast on your phone by tapping the weather button. you can see live cams from across the area. recent storms have helped firefighters reach full containment on the camp fire. today sky 7 flew over what's left of paradise. more than 153,000 acres were
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scorched and 83 lives were claimed. nearly 45,000 people are homeless. laura anthony is live from paradise once again with a look at what's next for them. >> reporter: let's think about that number. we're talking about 14,000 single-family homes. that doesn't include apartment buildings. it does include communities like this, the holly hills mobile home resort. several dozen homes were lost on the day of the fire. it's now been 18 days. we talked to some residents who have no place to go. >>q we literal lay literal la y dimeq we have trying to make it. >> reporter: now they're in the fight for their lives to live. >> we went to fema twice asking them to help us, and they denied
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us both times, because we have insurance. and we didn't want money from them. we just wanted to, a temporary place to live, because we have no place to go. >> we've been pretty much self-sufficient, surviving on what means we can obtain by ourselves. because we've had no assistance, at all, from fema. >> reporter: fema does have about 8 o there is no way to make them available. >> we want to make sure it is a mobile for them, where they can go to where electricity's up and running. >> reporter: paradise city councilman is worried. his community will never be together again. >> my biggest concern is what made paradise paradise is people who lived here.
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and the longer and farther we keep people away the less likely they are to come back. >> reporter: and those who are still here are worried they may soon be forgotten. >> it's almost like we're past news now, but we're all still going through the same thing we when the fire started. we still don't have a place to live. we still don't know what we're going to do. >> reporter: now fema's hoping to have those trailers in place and ready to use for evacuees in the next couple weeks, but as the can councilman says, his worry is that by then many of these evacuees may have left the area, possibly for good. >> a few minutes ago, we showed you an aerial view from sky 7. we want to give you a closer look. kristin seas kristin sze is here to show you a different perspective. >> remember the mobile home park, as this picture from the
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facebook page shows, this was a quiet community for seniors. today sky7 flew over the fire-ravaged scene using technology that can go back and forth between what it looked like before and now. the green trees and shrubs that once dotted the community are blackened and charred. one victim who died here was jerry rodriguez whose family has filed a wrongful death long suit against pg&e. and this is over a circle where another large mobile home park in paradise sat. nearly every home here was destroyed. here's another heartbreaking view, street after street of homes burned to the ground. but there are small miracles amid the destruction. sometimes you find one home that appears untouched. look at this property right there. the lawn's still green. its house still standing.
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>> thank you, kristin, very much. you can get a closer look at the video by going to our website. that's also where you'll find all the stories we've done on the fire since it first started. san francisco firefighters helped two people escape from this car after it crashed into a building in the sunset district. look at that. it happened at 24th avenue and terra belle avenue. the fire department says both people rescued from the honda are expected to survive. city inspectors will check the building to make sure people can still live in it. the santa clara district attorney is exploring legal options following another arrest of rubin foster on suspicion of domestic violence charges. >> he is currently on probation for a weapons charge. kyle shanahan spoke to the media
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at length over the >> mindy balk >> in an emotional, honest question and answer session, he said there aren't many things more wrong than domestic violence. the ex-girlfriend is the same woman involved in the first incident in the bay area. she told police her ex-boyfriend broke her phone and slapped her face. >> we knew he had a string of making bad decisions, we thought that would improve and we would do everything we could to help him. and rubin did help himself in sopg so some things, but for that to come up, what happened earlier in the year and what happened saturday with the same person at a team hotel, it's hard to
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comprehend how you could put yourself in that situation again. >> the woman's injuries were described as very minor. shanahan said he called foster today, as he still cares about him. foster now faces a possibility of additional charges in the bay area as well as charges in florida without the team's support. stay with us, a smooth landing is something to celebrate, no matter how close or how far. >> touchdown confirmed! [cheers and applause] >> nasa scientists were not alone in their applause and cheers. we'll take you inside the packed watch party in the east bay. i'm wayne freedman. these are the remains of a senior center with six residents. tonight the story of how a 10-year-old boy helped save their lives. and get out your phone and vote and let us know what you think about sports and politics. will there always be overlap?
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a security guard is now in the hospital after he was attacked on the job yesterday afternoon. our reporter talked to police about the investigation. they're still looking for the people responsible. >> reporter: richard takes a break outside his office just about every day, so he was stunned when we told him a security guard was attacked sunday near his lunch hour hangout. >> i really feel sorry for the
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guard. >> reporter: abc 7 news was the own crew on the scene when he was rushed from the scene by ambulance. skateboarders have been linked to the incident. >> there were a large number of skateboarders leaving the scene. but as of right now, it's an early investigation. >> reporter: it's obvious, skateboarders are welcome here. they see them a lot trying to use steps and rails outside the building. >> sometimes they do violent, dangerous moves, right? you can hurt people. >> reporter: we told tivo and his friend about the incident. he hopes the incident doesn't cause people to make assumptions about skaters. >> i hope he's going to be okay. >> reporter: it's possible video of the assault was recorded. police are asking any one with
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information to speak up. i spoke with a representative from allied universal. they are very upset about their incident, but they did not release a statement. abc 7 news. today a federal grand jury indicted a former assemblyman on more than a dozen counts of fraud and money laundering. he served in the'70s and '80s and ran a company that ran pete's coffpet pete's coffee shops. he is out of custody on bail and due back in court next week. if convicted, he could spend decades in prison. new details in the let lettuce e. coli scare. it is said that the lettuce is off the market. the vast majority was grown in
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california's central coast, and there's no indication area is affected. nasa successfully landed a probe on mars today to the cheers of mission control and space enthusiasts. hundreds watched live in oakland. kat . >> reporter: from jumping out of their seats at mission control to a celebratory handshake that's now gone viral online. nasa's mars landing brings out the kid in all of us. mars is your favorite. are you excited? yeah? >> we feel like we're skipping school, which we potentially never did from first to eighth grade. >> reporter: they streamed into the chabot center. the main auditorium is already
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packed. they're moving folks to overflow seating that seats 240. it touched down around noon. >> it seemed like the people working there, i'm pretty excited. >> reporter: jarrell >> reporter: this rover will stay in one spot. >> it's going to put out seismometers and devices that are going to measure shaking of the ground due to mars quakes. >> reporter: learning about mars' core will help us learn more about earth. >> it will help us understand the origin of the planets, solar system formed 4.5 billion years ago. >> reporter: and he helped with thermal insulation that protects the spacecraft. >> it's amazing to think of us able to create technology that can travel 33 million miles many. >> reporter: within a three minutes, insight sent back these
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pictures. it will send data back to earth in about ten weeks. >> i could watch that all night long. >> it's so fascinating. time to get a check on the weather. >> sandhya patel is here. >> as soon as early tomorrow morning for the north bay, for the rest of you, you will have to wait until afternoon. right now you look at live doppler 7 and clouds are stacked up. visibility is good, in the upper 50s. 55 in half moon bay, and from the south beach camera, sales force tower, napa and concord at 61 degrees. look at the stunning view from te east bay hills camera as we look all the way across the bay. fog is not a concern tonight. stronger storm wednesday through thursday morning. let's start with tomorrow's storm. it's a light, level one system
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many light ma many, watch out for large breakers. 5:00 a.m. tomorrow, just cloud cover. the north bay, ukiah starts to seat ra see the rain move in. as we head into 11:00 a.m., san francisco, east bay begin to see the wet weather. but it starts to weak and bit as the front falls apart. we will still get rain, but the heaviness of the rain will be focussed primarily in the north bay until about 2:30 in the afternoon. and then scattered showers for most of tomorrow afternoon going into tomorrote at best by 11:00 p.m. in terms of your rainfall potential, it is going to vary quite a bit, from a few hundreds of an inch, sorry, this model
6:20 pm
has stalled here trust me on this. first thing tomorrow morning, mid-40s to low 50s. you will see cloud cover, patchy cloud in the north bay. temperatures in the mid-50s to mid-60s. a moderate-strength storm for late wednesday into thursday morning. strong winds, dangerous surf. and there is a chance of isolated thunder during that time period. we show you the rainfall potential. this one is going to soak the bay area, especially parts of the mountains. you're looking at over an inch, san jose over an inch. and you will notice martsof the a good healthy dose of rain. in the mountains, it turns to snow. winter storm watch above 4,000 feet. we're talking about low visibility and the highest peaks
6:21 pm
getting up to 32 inches. light level one, rain spreads tomorrow. another system coming in. but before that storm arrives wednesday night into thursday, we will have scattered showers for the first part of the day. level two for thursday and level one friday night into saturday. that is going to be the third storm that comes through. next five days, best opportunity for seeing rain, so basically, hang onto your rain gear and a slight chance sunday on the accuweather seven-day forecast before we dry out on monday. there could be minor flooding on thursday, especially in the morning hours during the commute, especially if the rain does intensify as the storm arrives. >> thank you. all right, well, today could be the busiest cyber monday
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monday turned out to be a good day for the market, after some steep losses last week. we saw a lot of gains today, the dow jumped more than 350 points. the nasdaq added 142. and an increase in general motors stock equalled almost 5%.
6:25 pm
today the auto maker announced it will close five plants in north america and cut 15% of its salaried staff, including a quarter of the company's executives, all to improve overall business performance. >> a buying blitz on this cyber monday is just the beginning of a busy season for one south bay company. today we were inside ebay's san jose headquarters. ebay's president talked about some of the trends so far. >> some of the trends we're seeing this year are shoppers coming out early. they're choosing to shop online to avoid lines and parking lots and checkout counters and choosing to use mobile devices more than ever before. >> ebay says two-thirds of its volume is driven by mobile sales. today it sold a mac book air every four seconds. ebay sold a watch every seven
6:26 pm
seconds on black friday and a pair of shoes every second. see what some activists are bringing to the border. and take part in tonight's poll about the intersection of sports and politics. will there always be
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not my money. that's all i'm saying. not my money. >> money? politics? and sports. the bases are loaded. two prominent african american activist say they will boycott the san francisco giants. >> that's after it was known that one of the members made a donation to a candidate for senator in mississippi who made a comment referencing a public hanging. >> whether n it comes to sports politics, will there always be overlap? >> we'll keep the voting open as
6:30 pm
dan melendez gives you the full story, including the perspective from the giants' owner. >> reporter: the head came down hard on the principal owner of the giants, charles johnson. >> mr. charles johnson has shown that his heart is on the side of oppression, terror, lynching and racist. >> reporter: johnson and his wife donated the maximum $2700 to cindy hyde smith who has been criticized for comments on public hanging in mississippi. >> there was no ill will, no intent whatsoever. >> reporter: johnson, one of 30 giants owners was in florida today. his attorney told reporters how his client ended up donating to her campaign. >> he's never met her. he doesn't know her.
6:31 pm
he was asked to write a check as a republican. he wrote ten to 12, probably 25 checks. that's what he does. >> reporter: the giants' organization released a statement. larry baer said neither i nor anyone else at the giants can control who any of our support politically. >> it may be true that they can't control the managers. on the other hand, it's also true that we don't have to support the management either. >> reporter: the coach says johnson has always condemned racism. >> this is charlie johnson's words. joe, if she is a racist, i will not support her. i will get my money back. >> reporter: johnson says he will talk to his attorney today about getting that done. in the meantime, the special election is tomorrow. leanne melendez, abc
6:32 pm
>> there will always be overlap, 36% who have taken part in this poll believe that. >> continue to vote. meantime, president trump spent the day in mississippi campaigning for hyde smith. the president introduced her, highlighting her support for brett kavanaugh when he was nominated. >> she stood up to the democrat smear machine and voted yes on brett cakavanaugh. so important. >> cindy hyde smith is in a runoff tomorrow against democrat mike espy.t the president denied the border patrol used tear gas th rpons t this video after some of them tried illegally crossing into the u.s.
6:33 pm
at least 90 were detained and are being deported. another 60 were arrested on the california side. the san yesidro crossing was closed for several hours. >> they deployed tear gas to protect themselves and the border. >> the busy border crossing remained open today. president trump has threatened to close that border permanently. a caravan of activists is heading to the supplies. they were donated. >> basically, when the families and children arrive from their journey of crossing, you know, into the border, into i.c.e. detention and ultimately out for a court date, they only have the clothes that they're wearing for that whole journey, so we
6:34 pm
basically give them a whole another set of clothes. >> organizers plan to drive to a humanitarian center in mcallen, texas. >> now to the north bay where people say a 10-year-old boy and his mother are heroes for saving six elderly people from a fire. we met them in healdsburg today. >> reporter: the enchiladas are all that survived. >> i was terrified. >> reporter: carlos spent the day with his mother and sister picking through the ruins of this house. magnolia manor is a business, they spend a lot of time here. the fire broke out in the kitchen last night at carlos fst spotted the smoking boiler and told his mother. >> i came in and opened the oven. there was just smoke. >> she opened the bottom of it and flames started shooting out. >> reporter: what were you thinking? >> i was thinking, i got to get
6:35 pm
out. >> reporter: they knew would spread fast. there was another complication. this is a senior seen tcentercer r residents. carlos went outside with only his socks on, called 911 and gave the address. that call and the promptness made all the difference. >> when i first got here, there was fire coming out of the door. >> reporter: they evacuated all six of the elderly resident. they're calling her and her son a hero. >> i wonuldn't be in this profession if i didn't care about them. >> reporter: they're saying you're >> yes. >> reporter: do you feel like a hero? >> not really. >> reporter: carlos never mentioned his prize ps 4 which
6:36 pm
vanished in the flames. >> i was happy everybody was able to get out and they were able to stay alive. >> reporter: and he played a big part in it. from healdsburg, wayne friedman, abc 7 news. warrior star steph curry was involved in a car accident on friday. >> he's okay, his beloved porsche isn't. but that six-figure car may be the reason he walked away unharmed. a woman
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we have breaking news out of butte county. the sheriff's office has confirmed 88 deaths because of the wildfire. additional remains were recovered in earlier searches. 203 names remain on the missing list. it is now 100% contained meaning the fire is no longer spreading. the rain coming this week is expected to put it out completely. dash cam video has surfaced showing the crash steph curry was involved in. you can seat crash e the crash left of the screen.
6:40 pm
it clipped the front of curry's car. you see the arrow pointing to his car. both hit the center divider. then another car lost control and slammed into steph's car from the rear. this is video showing the aftermath. very grlad to say there were no major injuries. everyone involved was wearing seat belts. >> curry was driving a very expensive porsche model. >> those who own them say it didn't surprise them curry survived without a scratch. >> david louie shows what make it is so safe. >> ask any owner and you'll find out why they're a fan for a number of reasons. >> it's a joy. very, very fun. fast and handles beautifully. the interior's plush, all redesigned. a joy to drive. >> for steph curry who was struck once in front and once in the rear, another reason to be a
6:41 pm
fan is safety. >> it has a skid control. it has the stability control. it has a lot of sensors, all under the car. >> wade has been servicing them for years. he praises the german engineering that makes it solid at 4400 pounds. it's a four door with a lower center of gravity than the suvs. >> if you are unfortunate enough to get hit, you have protection around you, and you're going to walk away from the thing. >> it has avoidance systems that are common in lower-priced vehicles but has brakes that allow a driver to stop quickly. when you're spending over $200,000 for a high-performance car you also want high-performance brakes. you get mono block calibers on the front.
6:42 pm
however, it can't protect a driver from damage to the frame, depeen depending on the severiy of the impact. >> if you damage it to a high enough extent, it's totaled. >> it can top $200,000, but if it prevents injury, some would consider it priceless. david louie, abc 7 news. >> and you can watch all the exclusive video of curry's crash on abc 7 >> everybody's okay. that's most important thing. wet roads probably contributed to the accident, clearly it did. we're getting more rain t
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♪thisi'm gonna let it shine. ♪ it's energy saving time, ♪ i'm gonna reduce mine. ♪ californians all align ♪ to let our great state shine. ♪ let it shine, ♪ the power's ours to let it shine! ♪ a lot has happened to tesla this year. elon musk is planning tunnels, a flight to mars. >> he's said he's gone bonkers from working 120 hours a week. >> with all the complicated projects you guys were just talking about, you would think this one would be a no-brainer. this woman simply wanted to cancel her reservation for a ou
6:46 pm
it wasn't. david mcconnell takes us for a spin in his shiny tesla s. >> it's a computer, all computer-controlled. so it is managing it sever nsel. it essentially will stay in the lane itself. i like my car. >> the tesla is very nice. >> she decided to get a smaller tesla, a model 3. >> i sent them a reservation and $1,000. >> i noticed that my reservation number was 325,000. >> she had a long wait and never even got to see a model three in person until this year. >> we took a trip down to san diego. and there was a lady parked there with a tesla three. and she was so happy about it. she showed me all about it. >> that's whethn she decided it was not the car for her. >> the trunk is really small. >> she's a nurse and needs room
6:47 pm
for wheelchairs. she canceled her reservation and tesla promised the refund. it never arrived. >> i waited 30 business days. >> still no refund. >> she said actually, you have to wait 45 days. >> again it didn't happen. tesla noted that the address didn't match the one on her reservation. she admitted she moved. now they said she had to wait 60 days for a refund. she contacted us, we contacted tesla. most receive a refund in about a week. at times, processing slows down when additional confirmation is needed to prevent fraud. and tesla sent marilyn a check. >> i just thank 100%,7 on your side. >> in spite of the difficulty she and her husband remain big
6:48 pm
tesla fans. if you have a problem with a tesla or anything else, let me know about it. my 7 on your side hotline is opened weekdays, you with reach me at my facebook page and through nbc meteorologist sandhya pate l is back with a look at the forecast. >> let's take a look at live doppler 7, you will see there's a lot of moisture around. a light system coming in tomorrow morning, arriving in mendocino county by 8:00 a.m. we see showers shifting southward by noon, and there will be pockets of moderate rain around 3:00 in the afternoon, but very scattered in nature. as we take a look at your highs, anywhere from the mid-60s. you will get a look at the next
6:49 pm
storm, it will be stronger. heavy rain at times. strong winds, dangerous surf and even a chance for isolated thunder. hour by hour wednesday night at 7:00 p.m., the rain begins to intensify. by midnight thursday and as we head into the wee hours of thursday morning, that's when it will be heavy. that's a look at the timeline. that will likely change again. a look at the seven-day forecast, next five days you will need rain gear. level one for tuesday, wednesday, friday and saturday. level two for saturday and a slight chance lingering sunday before a dryer pattern on monday. >> thank you, sandhya. the big question everyone wants to know, when will stephen curry return? we got our first hint. no one was allowed t
6:50 pm
6:51 pm
6:52 pm
now abc 7 sports with mindy bock. >> steph curry scrimmaged with the team in practice. steve kerr says he looked good but we'll have to take his word for it. it took place behind a big blue curtain out of the media's eye. if curry can get practice tomorrow he could return thursday in toronto. he's missed the last nine games as he recovers from a groin
6:53 pm
strain. draymond green has missed due to a toe injury. >> we're trying to figure out a 30 points with steph. any given night you don't know how you're going to make those up. you have to play a more cerebral game without one of your best scorers. we try to rely on defense. and offense, we figure it out. >> well, it's still a three-way race for the first pick in the nfl draft. that will be seen here on abc 7 as part of the expanding draft coverage. the raiders and cardinals share league worst records. the 49ers get the top pick because they have a weaker schedule. they have a lot of holes to fill, quarterback is not one of them, though jimmy garoppalo has struggled. he threw one td pass
6:54 pm
shanahan's sticking with him. >> i said i know nick didn't play well, but i didn't coach well. nick did a good job in his first two games. it was not the reason that happened yesterday. so that's not fair to do that to him. >> derick carr got sacked three times, bringing season total to 35 sacks. and the season ain't over. he has not thrown an interception in the last six games, and john gratitududen se better things to come. >> i think he's a heck of a quarterback. i'll reef it at th i'll leave it at that time. i look forward to when we have a lot of continuity and everyone's used to playing with one another. i think this guy has a real high ceiling. >> we've been enjoying highlights of tyler murray all
6:55 pm
season. the two parties agreed he would quit football after this season and join the as. murray has played so well, there's speculation he might change his mind. today he put an end to that. >> as far as giving it up, that's the plan. >> to play football? >> yeah. yeah. >> josh donaldson has agreed to a one year, $23 million deal with the atlanta braves. the mvp is a big timeate in flr due to injury and missed 50 games in 2017. designated hitter. here's hoping the soon to be 33-year-old is fully healthy. he's still well-liked here in the east bay. >> we can't wait to get steph and draymond back. >> he hasn't been practicing
6:56 pm
yet. we thought we could get draymond back before steph. join us tonight at 9:00 coffee how they are keeping people from crossing the border. and a south bay woman collapsed on thanksgiving gaday. now she's on a mission to find her holiday hero. at 8:00, it's the great christmas light fight followed by the good doctor. stay with us for abc 7 news at 11:00. and at 11:35 you can watch jimmy kimmel live and former first lady michelle obama and
6:57 pm
lin manuel miranda. >> we appreciate your time. i'm dan ashley. >> i'm ama daetz. have a great night.
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♪ this is "jeopardy!" introducing today's contestants-- a telemetry technician from butte, montana... a pediatric dentist from durham, north carolina... and our returning champion, a marketing and strategy consultant from portland, oregon... ...whose 1-day cash winnings total... [ applause ] and now here is the host of "jeopardy!"--alex trebek! thank you, johnny, ladies and gentlemen. hi, everyone, and welcome to our show. as you noticed, our returning champion is very frugal with the alphabet.
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he goes by a single letter, j. i'm assuming that if he wins a number of games, he will add some vowels and consonants... [ laughter ] ...and develop a full first name. dylan and bridget, good to have you here. good luck, players. here we go. ♪ all right, now let's find out about the categories, and don't hold us to this, please. we're making... next... and finally... j. let's go which state? for $200, please. which state... dylan. - what is hawaii? - correct. which state? for $400. - j. - what is texas? yes. let's go which state? for $800.


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