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tv   ABC7 News 430AM  ABC  November 27, 2018 4:30am-5:00am PST

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a bare area activists is headed to texas with supplies, to be given to migrants asking for asylum rain is in the forecast and mike has details right now. >> hi. here you go with our storm impact scale. it's light today as we have moderate pockets of rain. we do have some high surf along the coast. of course, we'll touch more upon that as we head through the next half hour. let's talk about what's going on outside right now. as you can see, it's pretty clear to partly cloudy. the storm system is well away from us, arriving in the north bay as we head through the 7:00 hour to the 9:00 hour. temperature 47 to 51. we'll have light to moderate rain for your lunch with temperatures around 60s. it will become lighter around 4:00. by 7:00 it's turning to showers. then we'll take a look at our other storms coming
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taking a look at the traffic, here's alexis. good morning. taking a look at the bay bridge toll zaz. we're okay here at we have a stackup in the cash lanes, especially on the left-hand side. before you get to this point, westbound 580 around the 80 split we have results of a muticar crash. at least one lane blocked. our move our emeryville camera around and we'll see if we can get eyes on that. working on confirming that informati information. another semicrash getting out of tracy. sounds like just the shoulder is blocked. an update on both of those coming up in a couple minutes. >> thank you. 88 deaths are now confirmed in the camp fire in butte county. >> sky map 7 shows us streets obliterated by the flames. 203 people are still considered missing. interior secretary ryan zeinke toured the area. survivors are not sure where they'll live. >> we have literally spent every
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dime we have ju we'ant l from f. >> sfeem ma is working on logistics to get survivors into these 80 travel trailers. new video of a big car fire in san francisco. this was near the embarcadero and washington around 11:00 last night. the san francisco fire department was able too get control of the fire. it's not clear yet what sparked this. san francisco supervisors will hear reports of racism in city departments. >> a union representing many city employees says african-americans face skrimgs discrimination regularly. they say african-american workers are paid less and more likely to be fired. after the issue came to light, mayor breed created two new position to create more
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diversity. 28-year-old ian long shot and killed these 12 people in thousand oaks earlier this month. long also died. today investigators will reveal new information about the timeline of the attack. detectives have talked to hundreds of witnesses and gathered bullet indicationings and surveillance video as they try to piece together what happened. today's news conference will be the first since the mass shooting. in the south bay san jose's police chief says the action of officers who exchanged gunfire with an armed felon were nothing but heroic. they took a man into custody after a standoff that lasted for hours. chief garcia said three officers who responded to the bhan a gun were met with gunfire. says one ground. tactical officers used tear gas. he suffered a gunshot wound and
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a dog bite by k-9 unit. it's giving tuesday. the facebooking site is teaming up with paypal. that begins in just a few minutes at 5:00 a.m. and tonight in san francisco's union scare, alaska airlines is hosting a winter clothing giveaway. can you drop off new jackets, gloves, hats, socks to benefit larkin street services. a donation means you can skate for free from 4:00 to 8:00 tonight. you're never more than seven minutes away from my accuweather forecast. we have 53 in berkeley, the warm spot. alame alameda, 52. haywo haywood, 53. pretty much same temperatures on the peninsula side, 48 san ji. 46 in pleasanton.
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san francisco, 54 going to happen with your commute. everything is dry right now but it will become wet. mass transit, grab that umbrella and shelter inside on the ferry if you're out and about, especially after the morning rush. that's when the rain is rolling in. fog in the north bay, zero. zero visibility that stretches up towards ukiah. let's talk about the south bay. you're dry until noon and then the rain starts to roll there as we head into the afternoon hours. we top out at 63. fall back to upper 50s when the rain begins. east bay valleys we're dry at 10:00. by noon the rain is rolling in and your temperature goes from 60 down to the upper 50s while it's raining and we start off at 57 in san francisco. rain easily here by noon. it rains off and on all the way through the 10:00 hour with temperatures right around 59 degrees. in fact, not a change in the howboutkidding. about tenhours.
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>> it's a consistency quiet morning. we know that's not going to happen but it's dry at least right now. >> it is dry but we're off to a pretty busy start. we were able to find this camera -- this crash on our emeryville camera. we spun this around. this is 580, westbound 580 before you get to the 80 split coming from the oakland area. there you go. yeah, we've got four vehicles with their hazards on. chp just arrived on the scene. not sure about lanes that are blocked. this is just as you're entering the maze area. pretty light right now trafficwise. iment not seeing any big backup due to this. an update on the situation getting out of tracy. we just have the shoulder blocked but westbound -- 580 at the 205, we have a motorcycle crash. don't know about injuries but a it does not take much for folks getting out of the central valley. already heavy on 205.
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next traffic update coming up in less than ten minutes. thieves found a legal loophole to beat car break-in charges and now a new california bill could stop them. >> a south bay woman suddenly collapses on thanksgiving day. now she wants to find the now she wants to find the holiday
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i want to let sierra. up to a foot of snow. and the possibility of 2 1/2 feet at the highest peaks. as far as today, you can see it's mainly rain down to about 6500 feet as we head into the evening hours and then it will change into snow. look at all this snow. tuesday, wednesday, thursday, friday, saturday, and sunday. >> let's talk about that storm a little more. it's not just bringing rain into the bay area, it's bringing a high surf advisory to the entire coastline. >> waves could reach 25 feet high. abc7 news reporter matt keller is live in pacifica. >> reporter: hi. we're expecting high surf at 10:00 this morning. that's when the high surf advisory goes into effect. we looked online on
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found they were 4 to 5 feet. when we arrived at the pier, they were a lot bigger. my photographer, ian babcock, is a knowledgeable surfer and he says these waves are about 8 feet right now. a lot bigger than we expected at 4:30 this morning. along with the rain you'll see swells at 13 to 16 feet high. you can see waves 18 to 24 feet with some places exceeding 25 feet. surfers will love this. many of the best in the world are in maui for the jaws challenge. 35 to 50-foot surf yesterday. eventuallile organizers put the event on hold because of dangerous surf conditions. they're expected to be back on the water today. that big swell is coming this way. we're told officials are monitoring the condition in half moon bay. for normal folks like
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>> that is a team celebrating after insight touchdown near the martian equator. it deployed solar panels overnight and engineers will run tests to make sure insight's interior is okay. >> the best part happened on earth. did you see this? this is a celebration going
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viral, an elaborate handshake between two workers in mission control. it rivals some handshakes you might see in the nba. don't know how long they've been practicing. >> hoti,ke >> this way, this -- >> this is the part that really is special. >> we're driving to mars, driving to mars. >> oh, yeah, that must be it. i love it. >> only a billion miles away, we'll get there, eventually. >> oh, my god, we're getting rain. >> it's going to take that long to get home tonight, too. >> that's not so funny. >> we went from fun to oh really quick. >> we've also got fog. walnut creek. the east bay valley is getting as foggy as the north bay. fog as our first storm arrives today. showers tonight and tomorrow and then heavier showers and thunderstorms possible wednesday night into thursday. here's a look at today's
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temperatures. we'll hang out in the mid to upper 50s in the north bay because you get the rain first. the rest of us will be around 60 to possibly 64 degrees in the south bay because you get the rain last. another mild night, a few upper 40s in the north bay. the rest of us in the low to mid-50s. let's go time by time. 7:00, you can see everybody's quiet. a stray shower, sure, it's possible. light green, moderate yellow and orange, 7:00, it's barely moving into the north bay, so the system has slowed down by yesterday. the heart of it in the north bay but it's moving into the heart of the bay. we'll be there at 4:00 for the evening commute. by 7:00 you can see it tapers down, only green left, no yellow and stcattered as we dry by noon. and then everybody is going to be wet for the evening commute. as you can see a tenth to a third of an inch around the bay
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and third to half an inch in the north bay. a one tomorrow with scattered showers. the stronger storm thursday will be a two. very active. alexis? >> we're active on the roads this morning, too, even though we still have that dry pavement for now. we're looking at a situation in emeryville. we're holding all traffic westbound 580 at the 80 split. this is a four-car crash blocking the left lane. we do have a backup from about highway 24 and we'll slip over to our traffic maps and take a look at that. it's starting to unwind. we were in the red. now it looks like we're back in the yellow and maybe not backed up to highway 24 at this point. no word on injuries but it's starting to improve. that is definitely our biggest issue so far today. southbound 680, highway 4 to walnut creek. good news, westbound 580, tracy
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to dublin, that accident on the shoulder has cleared and you're in the yellow at 37 minutes. apple stock dips after president trump talks about potential iphone tariffs. >> if you shopped on cyber monday, you helped shatter a record. the trade war with china could raise the cost of your iphone. >> president trump tells "the wall street journal" he'll go ahead with tariffs he's already announced if he capital get a deal. he may add morel including 10% on apple devices made in china. cyber monday set records with nearly $8 billion in sales even more than expected. >> it was the biggest single shopping day in u.s. history. overall online sales in the u.s. hit half a billion before 7:00 a.m. now it's travel tuesday. good day to get some cheap flights. black friday also set a record, by the way, for mobile shopping. >> sales reached $2 billion in online sales coming from phones.
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mobile sales increase every year but sales from desktop are still top dog. >> is tomorrow like bankruptcy wednesday after all that? >> have a great day. >> keep shoppings. a hawaii-bound flight diverted to sfo after a woman goes into cardiac arrest and two passengers knew exactly what to do. do. apple s
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we're 9 feet right now in san francisco. friday is when we'll have the high surf with the swells reaching 13 to 16. breakers up to 24. a lot of rip currents and a lot of beach erosion don't turn your back on the water. don't even go in. a firefighter and nurse are credited with saving the life of a woman on a flight that got diverted to san francisco. >> we do have medical personnel for assisting her. apparently she's conscious at this time. >> alaska airlines flight was headed to hawaii from seattle. flight attendant, a recently retired, and firefighter used an on board defibrillator to assist her. she was taken to a local hospital in san francisco and
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the flight did take off for hawaii a few hours later. >> glad she's okay. president trump is dismissing dire findings in a climate report released by his own administration. >> i've seen it. i've read some of it. it's fine. [ inaudible [ wrk. >> i don't believe it. >> you don't believe it. >> no, don't believe it. >> the report warns of extreme heat destroying crops in the midwest. the president has frequently claimed man-made climate change sh a hoax. happenle is creating more opportunities for women in tech. a new program launching in january geared toward female engineers and entrepreneurs. a boot camp will be held every three months at their headquarters in cupertino. it's the company's latest attempt to level the playing field. as of last year, women filled only 23% of apple's tech jobs.
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are you never more than seven minutes away from my accuweather forecast. my storm concerns for today, hydroplane hydroplaning, power lines down and small stream flooding, not worried about that. we could get closer to that wednesday night into thursday morning with moderate to heavy rain, gusty winds, dangerous surf continuing and the chance of some thunderstorms. let's reset the rain counter tomorrow at 7:00 and see how much more rain we're going to get out of this next system as we head through thursday into friday and in the morning. you can see areas in blue, that's about half inch to three-quarters of an inch. areas in green, that's more than an inch. a big soaking is on the way after we get a little appetizer today. alexis? >> thank you, mike. checking out our emeryville camera checking out as folks trying to get to the bay bridge. westbound 580, you can see we have emergency crews on the scene.asbo5 mut o.
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ill no word on injuries. i'm not quite sure how many lanes we have blocked. at least one is blocked and we do have traffic getting by once again. chp actually stopped all traffic for about ten minutes as they tended to that collision. we also have a full closure of san pablo avenue between road 20 and el portal area. that's due to a police pursuit resulting in a crash. avoid that stretch of roadway. that's likely to be closed for the next several hours. a warning from michael finney and the 7 on your side team about a new scam that preys on your kindness. con men approach them on the street and ask to use their smartphone. they claim their phone has died and they need to make an emergency call. once they get your device, they look to see if you have the zenmo app. if they do, they quickly use it to send money to an untraceable account. the best way to protect yourself is enable a separate p.i.n. to
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open the app and be cautious whoever you lend your phone to. this holiday season is a bit brighter this morning on san francisco's knob hill. look at the trees in huntington park lit up. as parts of the tradition, residents gave awards to local firefighters and police officers for their service to the neighborhood. sierra, nevada, start a movement that's gone international. new at 5:00, what is happening today to support camp fire victims and how you can take part. president trump is backing this controversial senate candidate in mississippi. and she's connected to a protest against the san francisco against the san francisco giants.
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. good morning bay area. let's get up and get going. this is abc 7 mornings. thousands of supporters, hundreds of pru breweries and o incredible cause. the camp fire benefit we can all take part of. >> mike is tracking the timeline so you know when to bust out the umbrella. >> good morning on this november 27th. >> meteorologist mike nicco is tracking a lot of changes. >> here we go, jessica, reggie. hi, everyone. the rain is up to the north as you see on live doppler 7. it's a little behind yesterday's schedule by an hour or two. out ahead of that you'll have dangerously low visibility. the fog is moving up through the san ramone valley and expect this fog throughout the morning commute.


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