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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  November 28, 2018 1:07am-1:42am PST

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live where you li, this is abc7 news. >> the first storm of the week is moving out but it's only a taste of what's to come. you can see scattered showers g
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bridge. it's misty and the roads are slick. good evening. i'm ama daetz. >> i'm dan ashley. don't wander far from your umbrella. the storm is on its way. >> big waves and rain and snow in the sierra when can we expect the next system to move in? >> sandhya patel is tracking it for us. >> let's look at live doppler 7. that next batch of moisture with the next system is going to focus on the south bay tomorrow morning. another one it. that one looks like the stronger one. i'll take you into street level radar. showers around the santa cruz mountains, saratoga, light and spotty. street level radar near john daily boulevard. level 1 through tomorrow afternoon scattered showers. .2 inch of rain. rough surf and large breakers.
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as we head into 4:00 a.m., light showers from san francisco to the south bay. 5:00 a.m. to 7:00 a.m., the focus mainly south bay. in the afternoon, a hit or miss shower. 12:00 to about 6:00 p.m. before the next wave moves in. high surf advisory till 4:00 a.m. friday. breakers 18 to 24 feet. could bring a risk of rip currents. next storm is a potent one. i'll be back with all the details coming up. >> all this rain likely means major problems for bay area drivers over the next few days. >> news reporter kate larsson is live in san francisco. you were on the roads tonight. how was it? >> reporter: dan, it was super lousy. as sandhya was saying this isn't the worst rain we'll see this week. let's hope we have a smoother commute tomorrow. rough roads and rain make for a bumpy and congested commute.
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>> it's been terrible. traffic is worse than usual. >> reporter: red taillights as far as the eye could see in san francisco. the deck confident bay bridge was wet and full of cars on the road ahead and behind. and from the surface streets to freeways oakland was jammed up with traffic, too. even gas stations were a mess. >> i had to maneuver around you know cars and trucks and so for the. yeah, it took a little while to line up for gas. >> reporter: what is it about the rain that makes drivers go nuts? >> i don't know. i think they get cautious. >> reporter: earlier in the day, a three-foot hole opened up in an elevated section of u.s. 101 on the sxwound side near grand avenue shutting down a lane and creating even more congestion near sfo. >> do you have any idea why a hole like that would open on a >> mayy? >>epobhaas says it's
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possible weather was a factor in the monster of a pothole. the rain made it harder to repair. >> it's cold and damp. it aches longer for the concrete to dry. >> reporter: and the chp tells me they have finished repairing that hole in the freeway and all lanes have reopened. that should help with tomorrow morning's commute. i'm kate larsson, abc7 nuls. >> thank you so much, kate. today's weather has delayed travelers. live at sfo. the airport says nine flights have been cancelled. the longest delays for short haul flights. >> rain fell at city hall in san jose had evening. despite getting wet, one man appreciated tonight's showers. >> after this fire and all this devastation we had last week, this is very surprising and it's a very good news. >> a little rain, it's what you make of it. it's like you know, an umbrella for the most part should do the
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trick. >> as you can manuel, the rain did make the pavement slippery across the bay area. the highway patrol suggests not following too closely and turn your headlights on. >> this is how it looked as snow fell on the sierra this evening. both 80 and 508 are open right now. drivers don't need chains at the moment. big rigs need chains on applegate as well as truckee. >> snow fall at heavenly mountain resort this afternoon. a few feet could blanket tal haute ski slopes this week. great news for the resorts. stay on top of the weather with the news app. get the forecast on your phone by tapping the weather button that you see here and customize it so you ccan find out what th weather will be like where you live. >> the parents of an east bay teen who drowned during a pe class are suing the district and
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the teacher. the lawsuit alleges the san ramon valley high school teacher may have been distracted at the time. unser hassan has more from danville. >> it's unheard of that someone, 15 years old, would drown in a swim class. >> reporter: attorney andy swartz watched video with the parents of 158-year-old benjamin curry. he says the video supposedly shows the pe teacher aaron bekar using his cell phone as ben drowned. >> the teacher had his cell phone in his hand and looking at his phone. >> reporter: according to police reports, back in may is, 57 students in his fourth period pe class were told to tread water for 3.5 minutes. the video shows ben struggling to stay afloat. sft lawsuit says bekar was negligent saying he had minimal training in water safety and his lifeguard certification expired and no lifeguard were present. >> most other school districts don't allow these classes without teachers and lifeguards. >> this parent says he's worked
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with the teachers at the school for over 30 years. >> i'm absolutely shocked. the teachers we've known the teachers for years, and they are so conscientious, it is beyond my comprehension that would happen. >> reporter: sthst district says it can't comment on pending litigation but did confirm bekar is still teaching at the school adding "the district also instituted a requirement every time district pools are in use, dedicated and certified lifeguards will be present." abc7 news. >> a controversial republican running for a u.s. senate seat in mississippi won tonight. cindy hyde-smith beat mike espy in the deep red state. her campaign was marked by several controversies including a comment been going front row to a public hanging. san francisco giants co-owner asked her to return his campaign contribution. the billionaire and his wife both donated $2700 each.
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the contribution led some to call for a boycott of the giants. voices behind the boycott reacted to johnson's reversal. >> i view that as a good gesture, however, a little late because it was a kind of thing that he should have done at the beginning and or should not have made the distribution at all. >> john burish says he hasn't made a decision whether or not the boycott should end. in the south bay, a grinch appears to be targeting a christmas in the park lol day display. >> the group behind this satanic christmas tree claims someone is stealing their ornaments. >> amanda del castillo is live with the details. amanda? >> reporter: dan, this is the tree we're talking about, tree 562 sponsored by the satanic bay area group. this is a separate group from the satanic temple whose tree topper was stole be last year.
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twinkling lights across downtown san jose signal another season for christmas in the park. for one tree in particular is, the devil is in the details. ornaments are disappearing from this organization's display. >> it's ironic there's a satanic christmas tree. >> reporter: the grass-roots groups of agentist satanists says it hung 140 ornaments and quickly running out. symptom park goers are sharing their own perspective on polite behavior. >> it's not correct to put that here on a special day to have that tree here. >> reporter: last year a tree sponsored by satanic temple had its topper stolen. a giant goat head has since been located. stolen ornaments are not specific to say the tannic sponsored is trees, one reason they're told not to the put anything valuable on the trees. >> don't pull off nel goat
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heads, okay? >> reporter: in a press release, satanic bay area says they might have to put a curse on the new ornaments. live in downtown san jose, amanda del castillo. >> that's a new one. >> taking giving tuesday to heart. >> i just wanted, if i could do anything to put a smile on their face. >> a california businessman brings much needed cheer to the fire zone. >> a recipe for recovery. how breweries nationwide are teaming up to help the camp fire victims. >> the epic handshake to help celebrate the mars land of blue jeans. and burgers. and while blue jeans got all skinny on us... i can't feel my legs.
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plus, get $200 back when you buy a new smart phone. it's simple, easy, awesome. click, call or visit a store today. try my all-american made with 100% ribeye beef fresh spring mix, and provolone cheese on a potato bun. it's a burger as american as bald eagles. i get it, i'm bald. fast food's first and only ribeye burgers are back, america. try them today. a man traveled today from his noam southern california to chico in a grand gesture of kindness. touchdown by the tremendous loss in the camp wildfire in butte county, he hand delivered checks to victims donating $1.1 million in all. abc news reporter laura anthony was there. >> thank you so much. >> it's perhaps a small act of kindness given a larger disaster. but for these kids from paradise high and these families, getting een $1,000 from a man they don't even know. a businessman named bob wilson is a huge gift.
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>> this means so much. >> well, you're. >> so much to everyone. >> you're very welcome. it's a little soon but do you have any idea what you might do with this money? >> i have no idea. >> it's a definite blessing that somebody would reach into their own pocket and give to the community the way he's doing. >> these are the checks. >> reporter: earlier he arrived in chico with two suitcases stuffed with exactly 1,085 checks. one each for the students and staff at paradise high. >> i just wanted, if i could do anything to put a smile on their face. >> reporter: even though they had to stand in line for a short while, it was easy to see for these kids his kindness is much appreciated. >> a lot of kids will turn the checks over to families for basic essential items like food and gas. >> reporter: not everyone knows yet what they'll do with their thousand dollars from bob wilson but know how it makes them feel. >> he doesn't know us but he has in his heart to give this to us to help us.
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and it kind of makes my heart smile. >> reporter: bob told us at 89 years old, he still looks back on high school as the happiest most carefree time in his life and wanted to make sure these kids and families felt that way again. in chico, laura anthony, abc7 news. >> what an incredible gesture. >> absolutely. >> hundreds of breweries nationwide are putting competition aside to answer the call tonight for him. >> they volunteered it assist survivors of the camp fire. abc news was at the san francisco brewery and ghiradelli square while a beer called resillence ipa was being created. >> chico's brewery launched the beer. one grad is part to be part of brewing tuesday. >> it's been hard knowing i'm so close toe that community. i went to the university there at chico state. my wife went there. i have friends that still go there. >> all of the breweries involved are use the same ingredients to
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make resilience. >> great effort. if you'd like to help, we have a full list of resources on our website. you can make a $10 donation to the reoss by texting the words red cross to 90999. >> might enjoy a beer for a good cause. you might want hot chocolate for the weather. >> the subpoeandhya patel is he with the forecast. >> i want to show you live doppler 7. this is what i consider your breather. all right? we need the beneficial rain and there's more coming. let's get you into street level radar around clover dale, light rain. geyserville, dry creek road, very light rushes. heading into the south bay, spotty returns around willow glen heading into ever green. the showers will continue off and on through tomorrow late ternoon before thaext stohomu r? .06 in san jose.
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hayward .34. san francisco, almost a half an inch in santa rosa. brentwood, concord about .06 inch of rain. temperatures in the comfort zone in the 50s with all the cloud cover. we're watching our next batch of moisture. this quick-moving system will bring showers tomorrow. not a major storm. this is the storm we're watching. it has all the right dynamics to cause major issues. let's talk about those concerns for thursday. hydroplaning flooding on the roadways high likelihood. trees toppling, high likelihood. small stream flooding a pretty low rick. this is what it's going to look like foromof wet. stronger storm late tomorrow night. it is stormy for your thursday morning commute. tomorrow morning, allow more time. fog with reduced visibility in some parts. showers in others will make for a slower drive. low 40s to mid 50s.
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tomorrow afternoon, expect a shower or two mixing with clouds and sun. temperatures in the 50s and the 60s. then our level 2 moderate strength storm on our storm impact scale comes in late wednesday night into thursday morning. heavy rain, damaging winds, dangerous surf and a thunderstorm chance is in the forecast. high wind watch already posted for thursday afternoon, thursday night. gusts up to 60 possibly higher. may take down trees and power lines. certainly going to be difficult driving. keep that in mind hour by hour we go, wednesday night 7:00 p.m., we're just getting started with the arrival of the system. it's 10:00 p.m. that you will see some pocks of moderate rain tomorrow night. 11:30 heavier rain moving in. 12:30, you see the oranges and reds. potentially some thunderstorms. towards the wee hours of the morning is when it really gets going. into your thursday morning commute, pocke o modere showers coming in. 7:00 to 10:00 a.m., the potential for heavy rainfall,
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drenching the roadways causing a mess of your thursday morning commute. there could be flooding on the roads because of the heavy rainfall. then it turns to scattered showers for the rest of your thursday afternoon and evening. here's what you're looking at. most areas in the half an inch to inch half category. hills up to 2 inches. burn scar areas under a flash flood watch through thursday. and a winter weather advisory up for the mountains till 10:00 p.m. tomorrow. above 6,000 feet. watch the snow level drop to 4,000. winter storm warning above 4,000 feet for wednesday night into friday morning. heavy snow several feet expected for the highest elevations. seven-day forecast, tomorrow morning it's a 1. tomorrow night into thursday, a moderate strength storm. that one's stronger. a quick-moving system friday night into saturday. cold showers. sunday is a break. monday and tuesday looks
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unsettled. we'll be here tracking the system. >> it is the elaborate handshake that went viral after nasa landed a spacecraft on marpz there was some local inspiration. >> we'll have that story and tomorrow on "good morning america," an exclusive one-on-one with ivanka ruch. what she says about her private e-mail, of and the mueller
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there it is. by now you've probably seen the handshake that's gone viral. the two the nasa engineers celebrating the touchdown of the insight spacecraft on mars. turns out a 49ers touchdown earlier this season inspired the display. marquis good wynn and kendrick born launched the elaborate handshakes in september in a game against the chiefs. nasa decided to pick up on it. two different kinds of touchdowns. nfl one is great. on mars, that is something. >> that's spectacular. >> sports director larry beil. >> they've been working on that for six weeks. >> really? >> yeah. >> looks like a lot of coordination. >> yes. reuben foster did not stay
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unemployed for long. troubled linebacker claimed by
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abc7 sports experienced by river
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rock casino. >> good evening. the washington redskins sent a clear message today, if you can play, we will overlook almost anything and with that they claimed reuben foster off waivers a day after the niners released the troubled linebacker. the 49ers decided to cut the cord following another domestic violence arrest. the redskins were the only team to claim him. he's on the nfl's exempt list. the redskins would not call colin kaepernick because he dared to kneel but repeated domestic abuse allegations does not quis disqualify you if you're talented enough. an they've been playing the big game since 1892 and this is one of the oddest scenarios. cal and stanford scheduled to play a couple weeks ago in berkeley postponed because of the smokey air. both teams come on saturday at 7-4. the cardinal favored by three on the they've held the ax so long they
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might as well cement it into hoover tower. let's hear from the coaches. >> a little bit like a bowl game where you have a week of practice and get another week to refine it. >> it's kind of like the rebeginning of the season when in training camp you take a couple days to prepare for that, that first opponent. >> we'll have our game plan things that we had already prepared and a couple other maybe wrinkles for the nuances they showed in that game. >> i say it that way because we prepared the entire week for cal but now we've played another game and they played another game. >> sharks in buffalo. this boy wants the stick and a puppy. no score in the second. res toe linen joe pavelski one-timer from brett burns. three minutes left, little joel again. that's why he's the captain. sneaking it in. i'm over here. we're tied. then they go to overtime where
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the sharks always seem to struggle. just a crossup here and it's a gift for jeff skinner. good night. the sharks lose 3-2. sabres have won ten in a row. zion williamson and duke taking on indiana. williamson lookout. rim. i fear for you. zyi don't know 6'7", 285. freshman. he also swats people away with authority. get it out. zion not the only duke player who can dunk. r.j. barret make a one-two in the nba draft. zion showing up angry. he had 25. i don't know if he does the sinister laugh. but duke wins, 90-69. abc7 sports sponsored by river rock casino. >> it would be great if on the way down he w
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babies aren't fully developed until at least 39 weeks. a healthy baby is worth the wait. >> thanks for joining us. jimmy kimmel live. tv's number one daily viral video show "right this minute." >> a cyclist rolls up to an unguarded level crossing. why waiting for a train to pass
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is no guarantee of safe passage. >> oh, my goodness. >> when a talented vocalist visits an old church, she knows. i got to take advantage of this. the heavenly sound taking the internet by storm. >> not a damn person in sight. >> a moatorist caught in a blizzard. see how a nice couple with a warm home and wine solve the problem. and whipping up some meals where he shouldn't. >> this dude is like, are you kidding me. >> the prankster egging him on in the library. >> i've never seen someone cooking in the library. >> if darwin were alive today, he would have a field day
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studying human beings. sometimes being human is hard. we are in the netherlands, this guy is riding on his bike to an unguarded level crossing. this large freight train passes by, he's like oh, good. i'm clear. >> no, no. holy. my goodness. he just used the bathroom. >> he put his feet down to try and scoot himself across. officials are putting this video out to remind people that you have to be extra careful. but that is just sad that we as human beings have recently landed a craft on


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