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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  December 3, 2018 6:00pm-7:00pm PST

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>> for two months this is what has been seen and heard by hotel guests, by tourists, by anyone living or working nearby or simply walking past. but now picket lines are silent. >> let's go live to "abc 7 news" reporter lyanne melendez. is it finally over or not quite? >> reporter: it is good news, dan. let me tell you that the union president has come down along with other union members to confirm what we already knew, which was, of course, that the union has approved this contract. the union calling it the best deal they've ever had. workers lined up for hours today to cast their votes. late today, even before all of the ballots were counted, union employees cheered. the union called the new contract historic with solid living wages. >> certainly the hourly increases are significant enough that many of our workers who
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have to work second jobs will be able to no longer do that. >> reporter: the median income for dishwashers, bellmen, cooks and housekeepers working at one of the seven-owned marriott hotels in san francisco is $44,000 a year. last october 4th we met larry on the day the strike began. the mother of three living in san leandro said $22 an hour wasn't enough to live on. >> yes, it is celebration. thank you. >> reporter: today we met with her. this time she was much more optimistic. >> i don't need to work two jobs anymore and i can take care of my kids and i can take care of myself, too. >> reporter: marriott would not talk about the impact the strike has had on their business, but it was clear that guests were feeling more and more inconvenienced. union workers at their hotels in eight cities were on strike. san francisco was the last to settle. today marriott said, quote, we look forward to welcoming our associates back to work.
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mayor london breed had openly supported the union workers. >> we are finally at a point where they're going to be able to get back to work with the wages and the benefits that they need in order to afford to live in such an expensive place like the bay area. >> reporter: the 2,500 workers in san francisco who walked off the job are expected back on wednesday. now, earlier i quoted the union by saying that this was the best contract, the best deal that they've ever had, and this is why. for example, a housekeeper will go from making $22 an hour to making $27 an hour. i could tell you these employees are elated. i'm live in san francisco, lyanne melendez, "abc 7 news." >> all right, lyanne, thank you for that. it has taken two months to resolve the strikes which began on october 4th in san francisco, san jose and oakland and elsewhere. oakland workers reached an agreement about a month ago to go back to work. ten days later
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san jose workers reached an agreement. we have been tracking and reporting on the progress of the negotiations since the strikes began. you can find all of the stories on president george h.w. bush made his final trip to washington, d.c. today where he was honored for his lifetime of service to our country. taking you live now to our nation's capitol where the public is paying its respects. a steady stream of people making its way through the rotunda. the elder bush will lie in state until wednesday. tonight president trump and first lady melania paid tribute to our nation's 41st president. earlier, bush's family along with lawmakers and close friends attended a ceremony in his honor which was quite emotion ool. vice president mike pence was among those who made remark goes. >> we do not grieve like those who have no hope. for president george herbert walker bush had that hope. his faith sustained him throughout his life of service, and we pray that faith will be a
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source of comfort. >> george h.w. bush died friday at the age of 94. several memorials are also being held in his adopted hometown of houston. president george h.w. bush's signature legislation while in office is the americans with disabilities act. "abc 7 news" reporter katie yu tess hyu yu-utehs has more on how it began in the bay area. >> reporter: her son benjamin has a severe seizure disorder. >> every door is open to him because of the ada. i get emotional thinking about it. >> reporter: the door-opening advocacy for people with disabilities started in the bay >> prior to the ada there wasn't a far-reaching law that said that people with disabilities had a right to access to public accommodations, to the workplace.
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>> reporter: ed roberts, the name sake of this building, was a uc berkley student and polio survivor who advocated for accomodations like wheelchair ramps, automatic doors, the changes we see today. from there, the disability rights education and defense fund helped turn advocacy into law with george h.w. bush's administration. >> it was a bipartisan effort and in this day and age it stands as a hallmark of what can be done for people if people are willing to talk to each other. >> reporter: she and thousands of people with disabilities joined president bush in the signing of the americans with disooblts act in 1990. it prohibits discrimination based on disability. >> and it was, you know, like the declaration of independence for people with disabilities. days that many of the people in that audience thought they would never see. >> reporter: in this 1999 interview president bush talks about why he supported it. >> it was the fair and right thing to do. i think there are a lot of
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people who if given access to the workplace, for example, can achieve things. but if they are denied that, they won't have a shot at the american dream. >> reporter: he says that president bush considered the ada his proudest achievement. >> as i said, through wednesday president bush will lie in state in the capitol rotunda. wednesday morning, friends, family and national leaders will gather for the funeral at the national cathedral. on thursday the president's casket will leave washington to go back to texas. that's where a private, family service will take place before he is laid to rest. you can watch wednesday's funeral service here on abc 7 as it happens. abc news will have life coverage beginning at 7:00 a.m. right after abc 7 mornings. in the south bay san jose police evacuated people from their homes and a swat team moved in while officers dealt with a disturbance. the incident took place inside a home along foot hill drive.
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officers eventually went inside the home and found a man dead. they believe he shot himself. an alameda county judge is coming out of retirement to preside over oakland's ghost ship white house fire trial. the announcement involves the trial of the defendants. it comes a day after the two-year anniversary of the deadly fire. they are charged with 36 counts of involuntary manslaughter. retired judge vernon nakahara will preside over the trial. he has been appointed last year before they agreed to a plea deal which was later rejected. the trial is now set to begin in april. new developments tonight in the death of bay area radio legend ray taliaferro. his body was found in a wooded area in kentucky yesterday. he had been missing since veer0th andow lovedaruscis o h ra "abc 7 new reporter jobina fortson has the latest. >> there's no question that the inspiration to raise as much money as possible -- >> reporter: this is the image of ray taliaferro so many are
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trying to keep fresh in their minds. >> he was a professional, quality guy from a to z and it is tough to use the word "was." >> reporter: the long-time radio host and community activist was found dead by two teenagers in kentucky on sunday. it is not far from where he dips appeared on november 10th. >> he shouldn't have died by himself in the cold, in the dirt. >> reporter: his son rafael traveled from the bay area to kentucky to look for his father. unfortunately, he was too late. police say he and his wife were looking at this home in southern illinois on november 10th when evan issued. he showed up in paducah the same day, stopping at a bank, a pizza shop and finally a church where he was last seen. police say his wife didn't initially tell them that he was suffering from dementia. >> normally if someone comes in and says they're diagnosed with
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alzheimer's or some type of thing like that, that automatically makes it a heightened response. >> reporter: his son finds recent developments in the investigation concerning. he nor police have heard from his father's new wife of five months. taliaferro was 79, his wife in herself 50s. the couple's marriage license was found in the rental car according to his son. >> the red flag there. >> reporter: until the autopsy is complete, police say they will continue to treat the case as a death investigation. reporting in san francisco, jobina fortson, "abc 7 news." new details on the fate of a woman's only homeless camp in -- women's-only homeless camp, the city is set to evict them on wednesday after a judge says he cannot prevent the city from removing. this the camp is on edes avenue and clara street in east oakland. homeless women formed the camp on vacant city land. the judge said it is not a
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reflection on whether they should remove them but instead on whether they can legally remove them. some kids from the fire-ravaged area returned to school for the first time. the office of education tweeted this photo of the superintendent greeting students as they got off the bus today. classes for elementary-age students are held at schools in nearby cities. middle and high schoolers went today to chico mall to sign up for virtual classes for the rest of the semester. students heading to class admitted they were excited but a little uneasy. >> like it's been a while till i came here for my first day of school again, because now i'm so nervous. >> reporter: what are you excited about? >> i'm excited to see all of my new friends. >> yeah, lots of new friends i'm sure the sheriff's office announced today the number of missing has dropped to 25. at one point though more than 1,000 were unaccounted for. the death toll stands at 88.
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california wildfires are among the topics discussed at the u.n. climate change conference which is underway in poland. world leaders hope to finalize the guidelines for the paris climate change agreement, which president trump announced the united states would leave. former california governor arnold schwarzenegger spoke at the conference today, telling leaders despite the president's decision there is still widespread support for the paris agreement at the state and local level. for a look at our local climate now and approaching storm, let's bring in "abc 7 news" weather anchor spencer christian. more rain coming? >> more rain is on the way, dan. we have increasing clouds. let me give you a look at what is going on here. take you offshore a bit which is where the storm is and the unit coulder clockwise circulation is going to sweep rain in from the west/southwest. so the south bay may get more of the rain before any other part of the bay area. the storm will rank two on the impact scale. a storm of moderate intensity with showers beginning tomorrow morning with the heaviest tomorrow night. rainfall totals about a quarter of an inch to three-quarters of
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an inch in most location. it will be gusty and windy at times. in the overnight hours, you can see how the clouds continue to thicken ahead of the rainfall which will appear during the daytime hours tomorrow, but at its heaviest at night. i will give you a closer look in a few minutes. dan and ama. >> thank you. it is easy to point out a problem, obviously. a lot of people do that. it is not as easy to find a solution. >> next we will meet contenders that gathered in berkley to prove they could solve one of the tech industry's biggest issue goes. plus -- >> there needs to be a diversity of shoes like diversity of dancers. >> a step forward for inclusion among ballet dancers with different skin tones. we were at a loss. i mean we didn't know what we had done wrong. had done wrong. theweek 7 news" isommied t a bt x: tdp m sfx: feet shuffling life can change in an instant. be covered when it does... ...with a health plan through covered california.
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we offer free expert and all of choosing t our plans include free preventive care. financial help is available, so check for yourself to see what savings you qualify for. for health insurance starting january 1st, enroll by december 15th. because you never know when life... ...will change. get covered today. (music throughout)
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monday was good for the market as investors cheered news that the trade battle between the u.s. and china would be put on hold for 90 days following meetings between the two countries. the presidents at the g20 summit over the weekend. today the dow gained almost 300 points. the nasdaq wentz up by more than 100. stock in google's parent company alphabet also rose. google's ceo was supposed to testify on wednesday before the house judiciary committee about the mountain view company's data collection methods, but that hearing has been postponed due to a national day of mourning in honor of president bush. the stock market and the federal government all will be closed on wednesday. that means no mail service from the u.s. post office. a fierce
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who were trying to find a solution to bias in the workplace. leslie brinkley has more on the winners. >> we would like to recognize -- >> reporter: a company called by deny took home the top prize at this people ops tech competition. >> we always lived in a silo. >> reporter: this is like the a-b-c show "shark tank"." would-be investors and inclues experts heard pitches from entrem newers hoping to get cash to fix diversity problems in the tech industry. these ten finalists gave it a go at berkley's david brower center. >> where it is sourcing, hiring, whether it is interviewing, whether it is promoting, evaluating, every step along the way, bias gets in there and distorts the outcome. >> reporter: a company called next play scored $25,000 in second place.
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>> when i came to the u.s. in pursuit of the american dream and economic opportunity, i started to notice how a select few people are able to move in their careers much faster and more easily and especially women minorities and introverts suffer. >> reporter: next play is targeting mentorship. a company called flow recruit wants to change hiring practices. >> companies have diversity and inclusion department. he feel week could be a helpful add-on so they see what self-conscious bias they have at the top of the funnel. >> reporter: this year 150 entries and four winners. a total of $100,000 in prizes for these startups to use in any way they see fit to improve inclusiveness in the workplace. i'm leslie brinkley, "abc 7 news" in berkley. >> both sides claim victory in the settlement of a free speech lawsuit involving uc berkley. they reached an agreement. the suit claimed uc berkley
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unfairly restrictive policies towards speakers, charging them more in security costs. an attorney for the plaintiffs say it is a common problem for schools. >> the universities are caught between the hard place and -- of students who are very vocal. you have antifa, off-campus groups, causing havoc like you have at berkley. they've chosen the path of least resistance, which is shutting down speech. >> a school spokesperson says the judge ruled that the university's major events policy is constitutional and the university agreed to make, quote, a few non-substantive changes to the policy. the spokesperson says uc berkley has never discriminated on the basis of viewpoint. all right. good news. more rain is coming after a little break. giving us a chance to dry out. not a bad start to the rainy season. >> spencer christian is here with the latest. >> that is good news. we like the pattern, a little rain here, a little break and more rain. here is a look at live doppler 7. we have clouds thickening right
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now. we have pockets of moisture around. it is possible there could be a sprinkle or two in the area right now, but we're not getting any measurable rain at the moment. this is the view and a good one from atop mount tam looking down on the way and portion goes of san francisco where it is 54 right now. 51 in oakland. we have low to mid 50s in mountain view, san jose, morgan hill and half moon bay. we have a clear view in emeryville under the higher cloud ceiling goes. 52 in santa rosa. napa, 51. vacaville down to 49. 48 in livermore and 51 in concord. the view from the roof top camera looking back at the embarcadero center all eye glow. clouds will increase overnight. rain will arrive in bands of light showers tomorrow morning, but the heavier rai gusty wind will be with us tomorrow night. overnight tonight we will see clouds increasing and overnight lows dropping into the upper 30s in some north bay valley locations where it will be chilly. in the inland east bay it will
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be chilly as well with lows in the low 40s, but other locations near the coast and bay will see low in the mid 40s overnight. the approaching storm ranks two on the impact scale. it will bring waves of rain heavier at night. rainfall totals of a quarter inch to three-quarters of an inch. the wind gusts will range from 20 to 30 miles per hour and they will be stronger at times as well. here is the forecast animation. 7:00 in the morning, we will see cloudy conditions in the morning commute and maybe a sprinkle or two, but no significant rain until late morning or midday when we get the first wave of rain moving on shores. in the afternoon hours it will move into the south bay. there will be some wet pavement and afternoon showers for the laugh noon commute, but it won't be until later tomorrow night with the heavy downpour and gusty winds and widespread rain, and that will be after 8:00 or so. that continues overnight into
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the early morning hours on wednesday, at which point we will see showers lingering for the morning commute on wednesday. rainfall totals we project ranging from about a quarter of an inch to three-quarters of an inch in most locations. isolated areas may see more than that, and the wind gusts will peak sometime tomorrow night with the arrival of the heavier rains. we will see gusts tomorrow evening between 25 and 30 miles per hour generally across the bay area. highs tomorrow will be in a very narrow range, mainly about 56 to 58 degrees just about everywhere. here is the accuweather seven-day forecast. by wednesday morning, the storm will rank only one on the storm impact scale, a storm of light intensity just bringing scattered showers. there's a chance of a couple of isolated showers on thursday as well. dry conditions prevail on friday and sunday and we get two more light storms coming in on sunday and monday. so waves of rain, and they arrive with golden clouds, we could then call them amber waves of rain. >> good effort.
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thank you, spencer. coming up next, find out how to get a view like this crossing the bay bridge for less than $5. and because of abc's special coverage of services for president george h.w. bush, today's episode of "general hospital" did not air. it can be seen in its ent
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a major change for ac transit buses which you may
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notice rolling down the street next to you. today ac transit debuted double decker buses. one passenger tweeted these photos from the top deck as the bus crossed the bay bridge. the new buses carry almost 80 passengers each. other buses have a maximum of 57 seats. on the upper deck, the seats recline and have foot rests. they're now in use on the fs and j trans bay lines, and next year will be added to the l and la routes. well, an all-time favorite player of san francisco giants fans is back in the bay area for a couple of days. hunter pence and his wife visited abc 7 this afternoon. they told "abc 7 news" anchor kristen sze they will be at at&t park tomorrow evening to accept the inspiration award from the winder wise foundation at an annual party called holiday heroes. they will greet underprivileged kids at the ballpark where hunter pence created so many amazing memories during seven seasons as a giant. he also hopes to land with a new team for next season.
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>> i'm headed to play -- alexis will be coming with me, supporting me as always. >> yes. >> we will go to the dominican republic. we will be working -- right after this season i flew to l.a. to work with a world -- you know, a famous hitting instructor. >> lexie, you will make sure he is working hard when he is there? >> oh, yes. open blister right here. >> if you want to meet hunter and alexis pence at holiday heroes tomorrow, a few tickets are still available. you can find details on great to have hunter and his wife here today. they're very nice people. >> absolutely. paper, plastic, bottles, cans, it is all recyclable, right? >> well, getting it wrong could cost you. as part of our commitment to building a better bay area, "7 on your side's" michael finney steps in when customers get the blame and the -- >> i share some very difficult things in my life that i've never talked about before. >> abc 7's cheryl jennings sits
6:27 pm
down with congress woman jackie speier about
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live where you live, this is
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"abc 7 news." america is suddenly facing a recycling crisis, and since "abc 7 news" is committed to building a better bay area we are finding out why. one main reason is because china set strict standards for what materials it will buy. >> recyclers say it threatens california's goal for zero waste in our landfills and some garbage companies are putting the blame on consumers. >> "7 on your side's" michael finney joins us with now one company is penalizing bay area residents. >> wait until you hear this. not long ago we were all encouraged to recycle as much as possible. now we are told we are putting a lot of the wrong stuff in recycling carts and turning everything in the cart into trash. an east bay company is holding customers accountable. some say they're living with the recycle police. >> this is basically what we
6:31 pm
recycle. >> richmond resident christian smith is careful about what he throws in the blue bin. >> it has a recycle symbol on there. i'm going to say yes. i think that's all good stuff. >> and so he was shocked to find this citation slapped on his cart. >> i was given a contamination notice. >> it was stern but cryptic, saying the garbage company found contamination in the bin and he would have to pay a fee. >> we were at a loss. i mean we didn't know what we had done wrong. >> he isn't the only one. >> they sent me a bill for something that i don't even know what i did. >> michelle and art of richmond didn't get a notice on their cart, just a bill in the mail, $26.60 for contamination in their recycle bin. >> there was no explanation about what it was or what it could have been, so -- >> "7 on your side" learned the republic services garbage company was sending auditors to inspect customer's recycle bins in west contra costa county and it charged customers a fee for
6:32 pm
putting something wrong in their bin. >> people were the garbage nazis are out. >> reactions blew up on the next door neighborhood website, ticketed by the recycling police. i will just quit using the blue bin at all. >> reading next door, you found out the mass confusion it brought on. >> cheryl bombberry called "7 on your side" to find out what is going on. >> i thought if there's anything going on that shouldn't be, you will find out. >> public services would not talk on camera but put blame on china and its new national sword policy. starting this year china is no longer buying our recycled materials unless they meet tough standards, fewer types of plastics and non-recyclables and less soiled items like greasy pizza boxes. republic said people are putting garbage in the bins and ruining the loads. showing these examples. >> we don't do that. >> customers we talk to said
6:33 pm
they recycle the right way as they have for decades. >> blue, it makes me mad because i'm trying to do the right thing and then all of a sudden get a fine. >> there was no way to access a digital picture of what we did. >> republic told us customers can call and get an exact description of what they did wrong and a one-time fee waiver. >> i'm calling about a couple of -- i guess they're fines on my bill. >> we were there when art and michelle tried to find out. >> non-recyclable items. her words was that we had non-recyclables in our recycle bin. >> okay. what was it? and they couldn't explain that. >> items found. i don't know what that is and it troubles me it is so arbitrary because is it going to happen next week? >> we asked republic what gives the company authority to issue fines. at first the company said it is authorized by contracts with local governments. >> we dug into those contracts and nowhere does it say that republic is allowed to charge a fee. >> republic's authority to
6:34 pm
charge that fee is not explicitly included in their franchise agreement or any ordinance. >> reporter: richmond mayor said the company never notified local governments before issues citations. his city has now issued a cease and desist letter, requesting republic stop citing customers and refund the money it collected so far. the county followed with a similar demand. republic said it rescinded the program but the next contract will include the right to levy those fees. the mayor said he is inclined to allow it but promised public hearings first. >> republic says people are essentially putting garbage in their recycling bins and we have to find a way to fix it. >> the customers we talked to say there are too many variables. one man said he was hit with a fine while he was on vacation and his bins weren't even out. others say anyone can dump trash in someone else's bin and most of all it is unclear what is acceptable in the bins anymore.
6:35 pm
>> it has aluminum or something on the cap. >> it should be recyclable, right? >> and it is cardboard. i don't know, am i supposed to take it apart? >> i don't wash out my bottles and i haven't gotten fined. >> even the mayor didn't realize he is supposed to wash out food containers. republic says it gives customers a recycling guide, telling us our ultimate goal is to help customers understand what can and cannot be accepted in the recycling carts. the recycling industry has reached a crisis point in this country. contamination has become rampant, and the future of our local recycling programs is in jeopardy. now, abc 7 has been investigating the recycling crisis and looking for possibe solutions. tomorrow i'll show you how mayor an county trash collector is cracking down on customers for recycling the wrong way, but with a much different approach. >> really interesting. it affects all of us. >> it does. >> some people will just quit recycling. >> that would be a concern. >> thank you very much, michael.
6:36 pm
>> thank you. we have put together a recycling resources page on our website, no matter where you live, you will see the rules for your city and county. all right. have you run into an issue with recycling? share it with us online, adding the #betterbayarea to your post on social media. we would love to hear from you. next on "abc 7 news" at 6:00, changing
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ballet shoe companies are stepping it up, creating shoes in different flesh tones. >> local dancers say it is about time they got the point. "abc 7 news" reporter melanie woodrow has the story. >> reporter: she is an artist. ballet is her medium. >> that's how i think of my pointe shoes, they're like a canvas because they're like to my feet and my feet make the art. so i have to make sure my canvas is correct. >> reporter: which is why she has been pancaking her shoes for years. >> i buy liquid foundation, i buy at least two bottles, and then i get like the makeup swabs and i'll sit for maybe two, three hours, just, you know, painting my shoes. >> reporter: when pointe shoes match a dancer's skin tone it
6:40 pm
creates a long line that's aesthetically pleasing to the audience. alicia understands. >> it is a simple thing but a big deal. >> reporter: both womens are students in a training program in san francisco. for the first time, shoe companies are offering pointe shoes in different shades. dancers time and money. >> it is a long process. >> it is a very messy process, too. >> reporter: tights in different shades have been available for some time but not pointe shoes. >> i think it is more incruisive and -- inclues i ha -- inclusive and it gives dancers of color a step in the right direction. >> reporter: in san francisco, melanie woodrow, "abc 7 news." we've had cold weather lately and more rain on the way. >> spencer has the seven-day forecast next.
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two, one. lifton. lift off. talk about many birds with one stone. spacex today deployed 6 had satellites in one swoop in a record-setting mission. it launched from the air force base in southern california. minutes after the launch it landed on an unmanned ship in the pacific. the same first stage was previously lunched and recovered on missions in may and august. it is a record for spacex which set reusability as a major goal of the program. >> happening now, jaky spear is ano. be interviewed ajenn in her new book called"undau s childhood experience buried in her mind, an experience that
6:45 pm
shaped her life as well as her career. >> abc 7's cheryl jennings has the story. >> i share difficult things in my life i never talked about. >> reporter: congress woman jackie speier's new book "undaunted" reveals a childhood ordeal. she goes into detail about what happened at the jones town massacre. the leader of a cult ordered the deaths of 900 people. she was shot multiple times and were left for dead. >> they found another bullet in my right arm. >> reporter: she was included in a recent documentary on jonestown on abc. while we were talking about that she slowly described what happened when she was just a child. >> when i was a young girl, my grandfather t tellt was my fath father. and i had just basically put itt
6:46 pm
away. >> how old were you? >> you know, i think i was maybe five, six, seven. >> reporter: this is a recovered memory then? >> uh-huh. >> reporter: congresswoman speier kept silent about her sexual abuse most of her young life but finally at the age of 11 or 12 she told her mother. she said her mom's face crumpled but she didn't respond to the revelation. the congresswoman lirnd to compartmentalize the trauma. the first of many. >> i want the system fixed and the perpetrators held accountable. >> reporter: she battles ferociously to protect others from sexual assaults in the workplace. >> they don't want any tolerance for sexual harassment. >> reporter: women and men in the military. >> only about 500 go to court martial and less than 200 actually go to convictions. >> reporter: students on college campuses. >> require a climate survey on
6:47 pm
every campus. >> reporter: and children harmed by pedophile priests. >> why do i get so enraged when some of these things are presented to me? but then i realize that it that outrage from my childhood that was really spurring me to pursue all of these issues. >> reporter: how are you dealing with that now? >> i was always very vigilant about my kids when they were growing up, to make sure they were never put in any kind of a compromising position. >> reporter: and she continues fighting back so that others don't have to suffer. congresswoman speier says it is incredible she survived all of the traumatic events she describes in her book. you have an awesome husband and two great kids and a career. >> i do. >> reporter: that many people envy. >> i'm very lucky. no question about it. >> reporter: her book title suits her well. she is undaunted. cheryl jennings, "abc 7 news". >> remarkable story.
6:48 pm
>> yes. >> she has a powerful career too in congress. >> that's right. speier's book "undaunted" is on sale now. let's turn our attention to the weather forecast. more rain on the way. >> spencer is here with the latest. >> clouds tonight, light rain tomorrow, heavier rain tomorrow night. that's pretty much here. here is live doppler 7. we can see moisture forming in the atmosphere already. the approaching storm ranks two on the impact scale. the rain arrives tomorrow. it will be generally light rain during the day, getting heavier and steadier, more widespread at night, accompanied by gusty wind. most locations will see a quarter to three-quarters of an inch of rain. a few showers develop by midday. we will see breaks of sun but turning breezy and continued showers in the after noon. by evening, probably always the evening commute is winding down we will be tracking heavy downpours. here is the accuweather search day forecast. wednesday morning we will have lingering showers. the storm will rank only one by that time. you will get a dry break friday and saturday with
6:49 pm
thursday being unsettle it. we could see a shower or two on thursday. friday and saturday dry with rain arriving on sunday and monday, another storm ranking one on the impact scale. we have a steady pattern of rain, a day or two of break and more rain. >> nice to have the breaks. thanks, spencer. let's talk warrior's basketball. >> mindi bach is here with the latest. >> we're not used to the warriors losing. six straight, it is crazy. they could match a stretch that hasn't happened in a decade. but they're playing in atlanta tonight. highlights in sports coming up.
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now abc 7 sports with mindi bach. >> the last time the warriors lost seven straight road games, nine years ago. keith smart was the head coach that year. his one-and-only with golden state. don't worry, steve kerr's job is not in jeopardy but they need to snap the road skid in atlanta. curry came out on fire. he made his first four threes. he also had a few nice drives to the hoop. he out scored the hawks 18-17 in the first quarter as they built a lead. he currently has a game-high 30.
6:53 pm
that's rookie trey young with the floater and curry not happy with the effort there. klay thompson, is this a shot or a pass to iguodala? either way it is worth two points and warriors up by 15 at the half. third quarter, looney to durant back to looney for the slam. career-high 14 points for looney so far, and klay thompson surpassing the 20-point mark for a career-high ninth straight game. he has 27 right now. kevin durant has 28. right now the warriors are leading by 20 in the final quarter. hard to believe with only two wins this season the raiders weren't officially eliminated from the postseason until yesterday's lost to the chiefs, but they nearly stayed alive for another week with a solid offensive showing again scored the fourth quarter to make a three-point game. derek carr through two of the three touchdowns in the final 11 minutes and remained interception free for a seven straight games. they're 2-10 which means they could end up with a number one
6:54 pm
pick in next year's draft. right now they're focussed on playing the role of post-season spoiler. >> we don't look ahead right now. we're looking at pittsburgh steelers. that's all we're doing. i'm proud of our team. we fought back yesterday, made it 33-30 in the fourth quarter. we gave kansas city too many mulligans. we've looking ahead to do nothing except the pittsburgh steelers, i can assure you of that, at least on our side of the building. >> as dan said, two and ten, yes. as the 49ers are as well. they have the top draft pick over the raiders because they have a weaker strength of schedule. they had a weak showing in seattle on sunday. today kyle shanahan said the 43-16 loss is not oo surprise given san francisco's three turnovers, but the head coach wasn't breaking down fumbles and interceptions when he reviewed the game film. >> i watch people's effort and things like that probably as hard as i would say anyone else in the world when it comes to our own team. i watch every individual and i look for that stuff harder than anybody. i will come in every monday, and if there's someone who is
6:55 pm
shutting it down and not working, i have a responsibility to the other ten guys on the field and the other 52 guys on the roster to not put them out there. kareem hunt is now free to sign with any team as no team claimed the running back off waivers. the chief's released hunt on friday after hours after video surfaced of him shoving and kicking a woman during an altercation in february. even if a team signs him, he can't play until he is removed from the commissioner's exempt list. the nfl placed him on the exempt list while they investigate the incident add others. aaron rodgers says he was home celebrating his birthday when he found out his head coach of 12 1/2 seasons was fired hours after the packers' loss to arizona. >> as much as conjecture was made about our relationship, you know, it was always built on mutual respect and communication. that's why it is, you know, a different day for myself and the guys in the locker room. >> packers ceo mark murphy made
6:56 pm
the decision to fire mcar think and said rodger was not consulted. but there are four games remaining in the season and the coaching carousel is starting in the nfl. jon gruden and kyle shanahan you know will be around despite the two wins. >> they have a huge expense in gruden. >> absolutely. 100 million. >> still, two in ten, oakland. that's really -- >> thank you, mindi. >> sure. >> bad. join us tonight on kofy tv 20, cable channel 713. a chinese doctor who says he successfully edited the dn, of two babies has gone missing. where he was last seen at 9:00. on "abc 7 news" at 11:00, san jose residents are trying to preserve parts of the city like this historic sign. how it could be swept up by google after a city council vote tomorrow. those stories and more this evening. coming up tonight on abc 7, at 8:00, catch "the great christmas light fight" followed at 10:00 by "the good doctor" and stay with us for "abc 7 news" at 11:00. at is 1:35, it is "jimmy
6:57 pm
kimmel live". tonight's guests are actress julie bowen from abc's show "modern family" and rupaul. >> enjoy that. that is this edition of abc 7 flus. look for breaking news on the "abc 7 news" app. i'm dan ashley. >> i'm ama daetz. for spencer christian and mindi bach and all of us here. have a good evening. ♪
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