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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  December 5, 2018 4:00pm-5:00pm PST

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side streets, all of it is jammed up in traffic. i do believe that we have sky 7 overhead right now. all of i started because around 11:30 this morning, a big rig jackknifed on the lower deck of the bay bridge, that created a real mess, it took hours to clean up and deal with. and now, this is what we are dealing with the after math of everyone backed up, trying to still complete their evening commute and get on the bay bridge. so if you are watching it and you have to get on the roads this evening. be forewarned, it will take you a lot longer than you anticipated. back to you. >> kate, thanks very much. >> now to the coverage of the emotional final farewell george hw bush. there was a state funeral in washington. >> emily has more. >> reporter: the funeral for
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george herbert walker bush, a celebration of a former president and forever patriarch. >> we will miss you, your kindness and decency will stay with us forever. through tears, let us know the blessings of nowing you, the best father -- knowing you, the best father or son or daughter could have. >> the washington national cathedral packed with dignitaries from broad. president trump and first lady milania in attending after having a private meeting with the bush family. the impact of 41's legacy
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evident by the number of people filing in to pay respects. more than 42,000 people some of them waiting for hours. >> he was with one of a kind. one of a kind and he will be greatly missed. >> reporter: in route to the cathedral, the president's casket traveling down pennsylvania avenue, passing by the white house and crowds of people gathering to greet the motorcade in the bitter cold. >> and as emily mentioned hundreds of people lined up the streets to pay respects forpresident bush, people, including some from the bay area snapped photos and paid tribute. >> so, it's sad. i mean, it's sad. he lived a long life though, and he lived certainly to the fullest. >> bush, bush was the president of my youth. i came of political age with him as president and he was a great
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man. we happen to be out here for other reasons, i would not have missed it. >> others in the crowd praised the late president for his character, calling him a great american. >> and spencer christian got to meet george hw bush. >> yes, it was a unexpected conversation, right? >> i call it the accidental interview. i was sent to the white house by good morning america to interview first lady barbara bush who had a commitment for children and literacy. i was doing a remote with her and we read books and next thing i know, as we are getting off the air live, the president walked in the room. >> you didn't know it was coming? >> didn't know it was coming and i had the microphone on, and the camera was rolling, even though we were not live. he reached for her hand, you hard a hadity of speakers talk about how loving they were. he used to love holding her
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hand. he reached for her hand and he may have been holding her hand as he shook mine. we had a casual conversation, was not an interview about policy or issues. just a casual conversation. he was such a gracious, down to earth, warm person. and you know, you respected him for being president, but you didn't feel in awe of some distant regal person, he was a regular guy. >> it's a memory that i treasure. >> we will see later on, with the forecast. >> okay. >> sounds good. >> maybe another president will walk in. >> i met a few of them i have more stories to tell, i was touched, deeply touched by the tributes paid to him. and in fact, brought to tears by president george w. bush's speech. so many talked about the loving relationshipthe president had with hiss barbe and i got to see a glimpse of it when he was
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holding her hand. it was sweet and touching and memorable. and that memory came back i i i vivid fashion when i -- when i heard the tributes. >> and as we mentioned the body of george hw bush, well, it was going to be in houston for the funeral service. there will be a separate funl service in houston. >> that's right, and we have coverage of the funeral service here on abc 7, at 10:30, mr. bush's casket will be transported to the george bush presidenti aial library and mus 2.5 hours away. and then 2:15 p.m., he will be laid to rest next to his wife, spencer just talked about, barbara, together for all time. >> in more news today, the east bay, a wanted man was killed ini an officer involved shooting. sheriffs say that the officer fired after the suspect fired on
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him. >> reporter: well, hi, this all started just after 9:30 this morning. police still have this area taped off where they are investigating. it started with a deputy who spotted a wanted man and it ended within a minute with gunfire. >> this morning i had about about 4 or 5 shots. >> reporter: sheriff's confirmed what witnesses heard. one of the deputies shot and killed a man on adelaide drive during a violent struggle in the middle of the roadway. >> the suspect fired one shot towards the deputy's head, the deputy took out his own firearm, and shot at the suspect. and hitting him as well. >> reporter: sheriff's spokesman, said that two deputies were in the area on another matter. when one spotted the suspect who had an arrest warrant for evading police and resisting arrest in another county. he was a 41-year-old man and had
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numerous contacts with the police, and gang affiliations. >> he has had extensive law enforcement contacts. they include drug possession. multiple accounts of assault with a deadly weapon. possession of dangerous drugs. felony in possession of a firearm. >> reporter: she doesn't buy the sheriff's department claim that the suspect fired at the officer first. >> of course, they will say that, they say it all the time. much why did they shoot him in the leg? >> the girlfriend was getting out of the silver car and being checked out at a local hospital. we don't know if she has been injured in all of of on this. the deputy was unhurt, he is on paid administrative leave. abc 7 news. >> all right, thank you. there was also a deadly police shooping in napa, it happened
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near an apartment complex by lake park. we are told the man now identified as 27-year-old david molina, had a gun, they found him riding skateboard. molina got in a fight with the officer. and neighbors are concerned saying that the crime in their area is increasing. >> it's right here, that, that is going on right here. that is my concern. this is, this is not the first little violent thing that happened here. >> the officer who fired the gun is put on administrative leave in the investigation. >> it appears san francisco's foot patrol strategy to reduce crime is working. a new study found a significant drop in assaults and thefts after the police doubled foot patrol to address crime throughout the city. here are the numbers. a 19% reduction in assaults. especial until the bay view, central and mission districts and a nearly 17% decline in larceny, theft, that is when somebody takes somebody's
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property like a cell phone from them. the greatest reductions were in the i think he wie -- >> the storm that hit last night is tapering off this evening. >> yeah, here is a live look outside. as you see the broken crowds as we approach sunset. a weather anchor, spencer christian is back with the forecast. >> the tapering has ended. here is a look at live doppler 7, we have widely scattered pockets of light sprinkles in the bay area, the real rainfall event has ended. here is the forecast animation showing 5:00 this afternoon, you see a few lingering clouds and a chance of more pop up showers. widely scattered and isolated in the late night and overnight hours. as we go in to tomorrow, we will see partial clearing. what has been left behind is dangerous surf. wave heights are elevated and there's danger of sneaker waves, otherwise, the weather conditions will be >>ha youspen. almost a month after the
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campfire tour through the town of paradise, most residents will be able to go back and inspect the remnants of the property. 85 people were killed and around 14,000 homes were destroyed. crews have been working on fixing power lines and clearing roads to make it safe, however, residents are being warned the area is still considered hazardous. some eevacuation orders were lifted this morning and three more zones are opened tomorrow. >> a controversial google development in san jose, if they get the thumbs up, following a passionate protest against them. and up next what community activists are asking for now that they lost the fight to prevent google from buying the land. the change to help gender neutral campers feel they belong. and a live look at the traffic at 4:10, you are looking outside. you can see the cars backed up on the roadways and it's not just the freeways, it's the side
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streets as well. there was a big rig jackknife on the bay bridge this morning and that just caused a horrible traffic ripple affect all across the bay area. stay with us, we are back after this.
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a big rig jackknifed on the bay bridge this morning on the lower deck. it's still causing a back up on the freeway and side streets as you see from the live picture from sky seven.
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a real mess all day today. one person is dead and another in a this occurred just after 11:00. neighbors heard the car crash in to a house and then multiple gun shots, a passenger died at the scene, and the man that was believed to be the driver was found not far from the scene wi with juinjuries. no arrests were made. what happens after a major land sale to google was approved? >> a land mark vote that will shape the future of san jose, the city council unanimously approving a massive deal where are the city will sell several parcels of land to google.
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san jose resident daniel gonzalez was one of the eight people arrested for disrupting the meeting after chaining themselves to chairs in the council chambers, bolt cutters were used to cut free the group. >> we want the lands to be used to house our people and take care of the homeless. >> reporter: the community activists were surprised by the police presence. >> we need to make sure it reflects best what is good for the people, not google shareholders. >> reporter: a council member awoke to find a car window smashed outside the home. he is unsure if there's a connection to his yes vote. >> it may inspire folks or encourage folks to take a physical action against somebody they disagree with. i think that is unfortunate. >> reporter: google plans to develop 50 acres of land, west of the highway station,
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converting it in to a mixed use transit village that would transform the downtown as we know it. >> they are not asking for subsidies or tax abatements, they are simply locating here, and paying full market value for the land. >> reporter: the design and development phase will begin in 2019, with construction set to start in 2022 if all goes according to plan. google has to first get city approval before ground breaking can begin. abc 7 news. >> a bay area woman is taking on the male dominated gaming industry, she was zynga's youngest ever concreter of product. and she is now got her own company. thank you for coming. >> thank you for having me. >> tell us about your company. ? i founded fort mason games two years ago, we are a mobile gaming company. we make fun interactive games for everyone, but especially with the focus on women. >> so obviously you are doing
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well. what made you decide to branch out on your own? >> i have had a entrepreneurial person inside of me and i saw an opportunity in the market to bring something new and fun. our games are like a virtual game night, what you are seeing, we are having our phones with us all the time. and so, the way we are playing games, and women are playing games is changing. it's live. and like i said. -- none of it is gambling and it's all for free. >> it was not any back in the day, old video games, it didn't
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really -- a lot of women are getting interested in mobile games now. casual game play throughout your day is more and more common as phones are more prevalent and powerful than ever. >> okay, let's talk about the community growing up. you obviously are successful, do you have any advice for maybe the young ladies wouly ies who getting to the stages that you are. and how they blossom their career. >> two things are important, you need to be confident in yourself, and especially young women. i think for everyone, what is important when you are going out on the big limb and your big idea, pick the right team to take the junior with you, no matter -- take the journey with you, no matter what, the team will make our break the vision. it's important to pick the people, before embarking on that
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part of your life. >> congratulations on your success. >> appreciate it. >> all right. >> now, your accu weather forecast. >> okay, we will start with live doppler 7, showing a few pockets of widely scattered isolated showers. and our main rain event has ended. this is looking western and it's a current temperature 55 in san francisco and oakland, and 56 in mountain view, and san jose and half moon bay. here is a view from emoryville, and other temperatures, 54 in santa rosa, and napa, san rafael, 52. and here we have a view of partial clearing that is taking place over the bay. this is the forecast futures. clouds overnight and patchy fog near the overnight and inland valleys. dry pattern is with us and the next storm arrives sunday night in to monday. let's look at the forecast animation, you are still at 5:00
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this afternoon, that storm we have right now, is going to move southward along the coastline over the next day or so. and tomorrow, it will produce showers and heavy showers down in southern california, especially between l.a. and palm springs, and it will move further southward and weaken on friday and move out of the state, back to the bay area, overnight, lingering clouds and fog in the valley. overnight lows in the mid to an chillier, with the lows in the upper 30s to 40s. it's a wide range of temperatures. our rain chances over the next seven days, pretty strong over the weekend, sunny sunday, 60% chance monday, and 80% chance. a quick look at the storm impact scale for the storm sunday night and monday. it ranks s a 1, light intensit. seven-day forecast, we have dry
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conditions to sunday, and then the storms move in, and it will continue to produce showers and light rain in to monday before it weakens and it ranks 1 on the storm impact scale. it looks like we have calm weather for the next seven days. >> thank you, spencer. >> well, take a close look, notice something different about this nativi the. y scene, coming up, who is behind the political statement. >> and a live look from the south beach camera in san francisco, look at the cars, toward the top of the screen. hey, it's -- i laugh now because i got to work, but it took a long time. this is one of the approaches to the bay bridge. we have been talking about the traffic mess in the city because of this morning's crash on the bridge. we will have more throughout the hour, stay with us, we are coming right back. it was here. i couldn't catch my breath. it was the last song of the night. it felt like my heart was skipping beats. they said i had afib.
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talk to your doctor about xarelto®. a traditional nay -- traditional nativity scene had a
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make-over. when h-- when you get closer, yu see baby jesus in a black metal cage, the church put the scene together to protest the treatment of immigrant children separated from their parents at the u.s./mexico border. >> people were seeking refuge in a safe place, and the government was separating families from their children. doesn't seem to be the message of the person whose birth we celebrate. >> last year, the nativity scene depicted some of the deadliest mass shootings in u.s. history. >> someone paid big bucks for a letter written by albert einstein, it had his blunt assessment of religion and god, for 2.4 million dollars. in the letter to a jewish
4:25 pm
a -- he said that the bible is a collection of honorable and primitive legends. and the letter was written in 1954 the year before einstein died, it was sold in auction at 2008 for $400,000 last time. >> another shoe drops in to the question of campaign medaling and court documents that detail how pres ♪ ♪ jack in the box ♪ pannidos ♪ no-mess bag ♪ ♪ deli trio! ♪panni-do it while you're twerking at a construction site♪ ♪ wear a hardhat you're gonna do it right ♪ ♪ panni panni panni-do it low ♪ panni panni panni-do it slow ♪ panni panni panni-do it low [airhorn] [construction noise]
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now, from abc 7, live breaking news. >> and the breaking news is out of san francisco. we have been talking about it all hour on, on the traffic badge up around the bay bridge. >> awful. we have the latest. >> reporter: yes, this is a kind of traffic that makes people want to scream and we have seen it already. we have been stuck in it hou ourselves trying leave the bay debut area to get closer to the -- bay brview area, things d in a slight crawl. this is, and you see it, you can hear the horns too. that is further expressing the frustration people are feeling. this is stretching tall way to the back. the back-up started because of something that happened at 11:30 today, according to chp
4:29 pm
jackfived big rig forced three lanes to shut on the bay bridge. the lanes reopened at 3:00. just in time for the afternoon rush. sky 7 flew over the mess this afternoon. and it been chaotic and frustrating for drivers. i have been talking with many of them sitting in traffic. a driver told me, it took him 30 minutes to get around the block here. and unfortunately, it does not look like this is going to be getting any better as we know, rush hour is getting ready to kick off. so, we will be monitoring it all for you on the air, and online. so, make sure to stick with us. we are reporting live in san francisco, abc 7 news. >> all right, thank you very much. >> court documents are providing new insight in to robert mueller's investigation. they reveal michael flynn has been helping with multiple investigations. andy field explains why flynn's information could keep him from going to prison. >> reporter: heavily redacted court documents released late tuesday night shows the level of
4:30 pm
cooperation that special council mueller feels he has received from michael flynn t former national security adviser had 19 interviews with the special council's team. prosecutors say flynn provided first hand information about the content and context of interactions between trump's transition team and russian government officials. flynn resigned 24 days in to his job, and in 2017, it was flynn lying about the contacts with russia that bother him, not the contact himself. >> i would have directed him to do it if i thought he was not doing it. >> reporter: flynn called to arrest and impris amprison hill clinton in the campaign. >> yeah, that is right, lock her up. >> reporter: but the special council's office does not want to lock him up. they are calling for no jail time based on his 33 years in
4:31 pm
the military and his immediate cooperation. flynn is helping mueller with another unidentified criminal investigation. prosecutors blacked out much of that flynn told them. but the special council's team will provide more pieces of evidence later this week, on friday, they will file a letter to the judge who will sentence michael cohen. it will outline details of cohen's cooperation with mueller's offices -- office. >> the british parliament is accusing facebook of cutting special deals with advertisers to give them more access to datast. a parliamentary committee investigating fake news released 250 pages of documents on the tech giant's internal discussions about the value of users personal information t committee said that facebook white listed or gave preferential access to air bnb and netflix, even after the tech
4:32 pm
giant claimed to end access to the user's friends. it was misleading without context and the documents are part of the story says spokes people from facebook. >> the people of florida are going to finally get mobile telephone access. mobile customers who can afford it will use the internet via a 3-g network. cubans can only access state run e-mail on their phones. the move is a major step in kubkubcu cue -- in cuba, they are called one of the world's least connected and repressive for communication technologies. a warehouse worker is recovering after being overcome by bear repellant. the automated machine knocked the repellant off the shelf and released the fumes. firefighters treated 30 other workers in robbins ville outside
4:33 pm
of philadelphia. most of them reported difficulty breathing and burning in the throat. >> a camp outside yosemite national park is piloting a program to be more inclusive. we have the story. >> reporter: this summer, jonathan and his big sister. >> 10 and 2,. >> will attend camp tuwanga, a camp outside yosemite national park. it's not their first summer at camp, but it's the first summer that they get to camp in an all gender bunk. >>ing, i'm happy. >> jonathan said, he is transgender and non-binary, he uses the pro nouns, he, she, or a. >> he is not a boy, he is johnny. >> we have a cabin called g-11. children came up with the idea
4:34 pm
to change it to a-g-11, to make all the children feel welcome and part of the group. >> it will have a nudity rule for areas for changing. >> this ensures that everyone feels safe. >> before attending the current school, jonathan was bully. >> it was very, very annoying. and it hurt physically and nonphysically. >> but his mom said, he was never bullied at the camp. >> tawanga, being such an accepting place was really so powerful and healing. >> the camp plans to have two all gender bunks this summer as part of the pilot program, so far, she has received only support. >> it will allow more children to feel like they get to be their best selves at camp and be a part of the community. >> the program could expand or go away in the future. in san francisco, melanie woodrow, abc 7 news. >> it could change a kid's life. >> it can.
4:35 pm
>> and scientists are coming up with a way to determine if you have cancer in ten minutes. >> and the role water plays in the test that could detect sooner than any other current test. >> more sun light coming on our way tomorrow, we will talk about it coming up. >> isn't that sunset relaxing? this isn't, as you look at sky 7 in to city streets. terribly backed up. and because of the accident on the bay bridge at 11:30er this mo -- 11:30 this morning. stay with us. what does help for heart failure look like? it looks like this. entresto is a heart failure pill that helped keep people alive and out of the hospital. don't take entresto if pregnant; it can cause harm or death to an unborn baby. don't take entresto with an ace inhibitor or aliskiren, or if you've had angioedema with an ace or arb. the most serious side effects are angioedema, low blood pressure, kidney problems, or high blood potassium.
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open to something better? start today. open enrollment ends december 7th. a task force by president trump calls for an overhaul of the postal service. the treasury department led group said that the postal service should price packages with post ability in mind, and impose rates on other goods. the financially strapped agency should act more like a private business in some ways and determine that full privatization would undermine the issue to serve rural america. >> reducing air pollution could save more than a million lives a year by 2050. the study out reveals each day, air pollution mainly from fossil fuel combustion contributes
4:39 pm
million deaths worldwide. that could be changed if they met the commitments of the -- >> australia researchers have developed a ten minute test, that can detect cancer cells anywhere in the body. the university of queensland discovered that cancer molecules have a unique dna structure in water. and they could detect cancer earlier. the test has yet to be used on people and clinical trials on needed. but the results are promising, boasting a 90% success rate. >> now, your accuweather forecast. >> live doppler 7 showing the system winding down, we will have clouds overnight and patchy fog in the inland valleys and lows will be in the mid to upper 40s and tomorrow, we will see quite a but of sunshine, and
4:40 pm
highs will be around in the upper 50s to right around 50. and as we look ahead to the next storm, it will come in sunday night in to monday, it ranks 1 on the storm impact scale. light intensity. it will move north to south. most areas will have less than a half inch of rain from the storm. by midday sunday, we will see the first parts of rain that will push in to monday and it will produce snow over the sierra, as it winds down. monday evening, giving us clear skies on tuesday. here is the seven-day forecast, the next three da -- the next te days will be dry, and rain will arrive sunday night. once again, that storm will rank one on the storm impact scale as it continues in to monday. and then we have partial clearing at the end of the damon, and sunny skies on tuesday and wednesday. >> a relatively calm seven days ahead had. >> thank you, spencer. >> well, imagine uber or lyft, but without a driver, a state is
4:41 pm
taking a spin with a driverless ride-of share service. that is ahead had. >> and do you have a little one to impress? we bring in an
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4:43 pm
4:44 pm
>> this is a live look at george hw bush's casket that arrived moments ago. it's by invitation only and not open to the public. following the service, he will be buried at the presidential library in college station, texas. >> a driverless car is now picking up passengers as part of the ridesharing business. >> rainbow 1 will function like uber or lyft, except there's no human driver. only a few hundred customers will have access to the app for safety reasons and it will only be available in phoenix, arizona. >> this is different from the 2017 rider program, which required all passengers sign a liability waiver. >> and a bill to test driverless vehicles, the law allows the chp
4:45 pm
and other officers to impound vehicles that do not have the right permits. they found out up-- that uber w operating an illegal fleet of driverless cars. >> it will be interesting how far the leap in technology had has gone, and we will be monitoring the deployment of that technology very, very closely. i think it's exciting. >> and analysts say we expect to see a surge in driverless vehicles over the next year or so. >> all right, the holidays are here. and we have the intel on the hottest toys. >> yeah, who should you get and avoid? michael finney has more. on your t all of that? holiday shopping list and you are at the right place at the right time. we have you covered. joining me is marissa, senior editor at the toy insider. that is a toy review website.
4:46 pm
she brought along the hottest toys of the season and i don't know where to start. where do we start? >> don't worry, i got your back. we are going to start with something great for tween girls and boys. anyone that likes to make friendship bracelets much. it will -- this does everything for you. >> okay, show us how. this is amazing. i don't know if you can get a close up on it. >> spin it around. once you put in the thread and it will twist up the bracelet for you and this is the finished product. it will be making a great accessory. >> that is cool, yeah. >> princesses, looks like we have here. >> princesses never go out of style, right? >> right. >> this is part of the disney princess pop up palace. you can see what the whole thing looks like. and it's amazing. it's over 2 feet tall. so, we could not fit on it on the table. but it has four different rooms that kids can explore, and you
4:47 pm
can add in as many dolls as you want. so, a lot of cute touches. >> perfect. never can have too many princesses. >> slime is a big trend these days. these are cool, they are call orb oddities, you have all the different sizes of squishy ball, tactile toys are big, this like toys they can feel and squeeze around. >> this i heavy. you do not want to get hit with this. >> yeah, it's not for throwing, but it's a nice fidget there's all kind of of sizes. and feeling. >> pikachu, we were talking about him early. you can see, he lights up and his cheeks light up and his taillights up. when you press on his hand, he gets different sound effects. he is fun, and kids love him and
4:48 pm
i love how soft he is. he a toy that i think will last -- he is a toy that i think will last. >> what age group is he for? >> 4 and up. i'm almost 30 and i love him. so, there's no limit. >> and up. >> that is what it means. what is this in front of it? >> that is part of a awesome play set. s that classic brand a. this is the hidden temporary with t-rex. we love play mobile, it's all about imagination. so, kids can build up the play sets and discover all that they have, all the secrets hidden inside. this is cool, it comes with a uv light whurks shine on it different aspects of the play set, it will reveal the secrets. >> okay that, is cool. >> it's a fun one. >> now, toys are us, not around this holiday season. how is that affecting us? >> we are staying optimistic, i don't think that the consumers have a shortage of where to find toys. there's options like walmart and target and costco and bjs and
4:49 pm
sam's club. >> there's a price war, isn't there? >> everyone is being competitive and you evering different things. free -- and offering different things. free two-day shipping and so you want to give consumers different options to shop at different retailers. >> is everything available this year? i know, before what are the toys that are not available? >> there's always toy this is that sell out. some of them are on the table. we say, never overpay for a show. do not shop at third party retailers like e bay, do not pay hundreds of dollars for a toy that is worth 39 dollars. because everyone in the end will be disappointed. it's better to wait until it's back in stock to pay the inflated prices. >> or wait in line for a long time. >> social media is your friend. follow all of your favorite retailers and manufacturers and they will alert you when it's backin stock, and you want to be the first in line to get therest. >> what is the name of your
4:50 pm
website? >> toy understands.c-- toy insi. >> you can get all the information on our website. >> great information, if you see huge crowds in front of the theater, it's the start of the san francisco run of dear evan hanson. >> last year's tony winner for best musicals has captivated the story of a teen that felt invisible until tragedy struck. >> we talked with the stars today. ♪ >> not being seen. an anxiety any teen can relate to, perhaps that is why the show, dear evan hanson has struck a chord, talking about the pain of suicide, broken families and the pressure of social media. ben levi ross stars as evan hanson. >> everyone can relate to one of the relationships or more than
4:51 pm
one of those relationships. it's tangible in that way. >> dear evan hanson was created by the same team that created "la la land,". it won six tonys. >> another stellar conversation. >> heidi hanson, represents the struggle of so many parents. unable to connect with her child. and evan, a loner who becomes a social media sensation after a misunderstanding and a series of lies. levi ross's performance may leave you in tears. but he said, rest assured, it's an up lifting and humorous journey. >> people are finding that they are laughing and laughing a lot. it's a funny script. >> levi ross and philip said that they look forward to performing at the curran, because it's smaller and makes a more intimate connection. they are loading in and setting up dressing rooms. levi ross shares a story that is the polo shirt of the main stay
4:52 pm
of the costume. >> we needed every one. we bought it all out when the show first started and there were only eight of them. >> when levi ross goes on stage wearing that polo shirt, this is what he wants the fans to experience. >> they really do leave with a sense of hopest. and they leave with a sense of, um, i think hopefully they will -- >> in san francisco, abc 7 news. ♪ >> that looks great. >> yeah, it does. >> if you can enter a digital lottery before each performance for a chance to buy $25 tickets t lottery for friday's performance is open right now. >> and later on, we will have details on the website, abc 7 >> it's a fun show. >> a boy in the south bay is asking for hundreds of toys and none for him. >> he collects them for kids in need, and falling short of last year's donation goal. still ahead, the drop-in
4:53 pm
donation, affecting a number of charities. >> and christian is there with abc 7 news at five. >> i was crying just watching them perform. new at 5:00. >> we have deadly mushrooms in our parks even though they arer nice. >> is california losing its edge, the next step in technology and why the state may already be behind. and the best and worst state force drivers. these stories and more when i join dan for abc 7 news at 5:00. but in my mind i'm still 35.
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4:57 pm
and a million little things. listen to this number, $1.1 million. had that is how much money second harvest food bank is down this year compared to last year. it's a problem that several charities are facing heading in to christmas. we are taking a look at why it may be happening. >> reporter: he has been collecting donations for toys for tots for seven years. >> last year, i ended up donating 1045 toys. >> last year, his basement was filled with hundreds of toys and this year, it changed. >> i have seen a steady decline in donations. so far, i have 259 toys donated and this time last year, i had 300, 400. >> reporter: joey is not discouraged. he is hoping to break last year's record. >> maybe i can reach 1,050, something like that.
4:58 pm
1200? >> thank you so much. >> reporter: people are being generous at sacred heart community service in san jose, but the charity is seeing a drop in individual donations. november was down 12% compared to the year before. sacred heart does not know the cause, but believes changes to the tax code and donations to fire victims may have contributed. >>, so we are trying to do a heavy push this december to meade our goal for the year. >> the food and toy give aways at thanksgiving and christmas get attention. and during the rest of the year, they average 500 clients a day for food, clothing, education, housing and other services. >> for us, it's meeting people where they are at and communicating with them about the need here in silicone valley. >> sacred heart is looking for financial donations and during the holidays they are looking for toys, and turkeys. if you like to help, you can go to our website, abc 7 we put up a link flmpt san jose, in the freeze -- link, in in inn
4:59 pm
jose. >> we have enhanced live video features for customized push alerts to get more news you want delivered to your phone in real time. >> that will do it for abc 7 news at 4:00. thank you for joining us, abc 7 news at 5:00 starts now of. >> side streets are not cutting it right now. drivers are turning around and others are surrendering to the incredibly slow traffic. >> it's all because of this, a jackknifed big rig and a crash that may have cost someone hundreds of thousands of dollars. >> deadly force, shots fired and a deputy barely escapes with his luf. >> and now, two of the most toxic mushrooms in the world is being brought out, and one way to avoid it. >> what happened to the fire-nado, we are getting answers finally. >> traffic tonight in much of san francisco is just at a crawl. as you can see, live from sky seven. but this is better than it was
5:00 pm
just an hour ago, believe it or not. >> a jack knifed big rig shut down three east bound lanes of the bay bridge, resulting in grid lock, any bridge on ramp, you can imagine that the san francisco city streets as we look live from the south beach camp at the brian street on ramp. >> it been a nightmare for hours and hours. good evening. >> thanks for joining us. let's get to abc 7 news reporter, that who is stuck in the middle of it all. ? yes, i'm standing tloong post, right where it cuts in with kearny, you will see it here. i would like to report that there's progress. you can see, people are moving here on the other side of the block. we are parallel with market, market is still very slow right now. it's not moving faster over there either. you can see things are getting going. this all, all of this back-up stems from something that happened at 11:30 today according to chp, a jackknifed
5:01 pm
big rig forced them t


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