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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  December 6, 2018 6:00am-7:01am PST

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to our south. socal will get drenched today. for us, increasing sunshine. and temperatures, if the clouds are clearing over your neighborhood, they are going to drop up until 7:30, 8:00. then the sun will take over. mid-40s to 50s. 55 to 58. 56 to 58 at 4:00. back down to 48 to 53 under the stars at 7:00. extended period of dry weather lasts through the weekend. that's coming up. how about this dry commute. ful here's alexis. we are looking live at the bay bridge toll plaza. things are stacked up as usual. no incidents on this route. metering lights on 5:26. that is your average drive on the bay bridge commute. we are in the green. walnut creek to dublin, 14 minutes. santa rosa to san francisco, 57. northbound 17, santa cruz mountains, highway 1, going to take you 20 minutes. overall looking good. it is heavy out of the central
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valley. more on that coming up next. thank, alexis. police made a major drug bust in the south bay. they seized 800 pounds of marijuana. amanda del castillo is live at police headquarters. amanda. >> reporter: thank you, reggie, jessica. it was the result of an investigation. they have arrested four men. we want you to take a look at booking photos. jose garcia, alejandro excuse me while we try to fix -- >> we are having audio problems with amanda. we will get back to her when we can in a few minutes. people are paying their respects to george herbert walker bush in houston. he is lying in repose where a funeral service will start at
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8:00 this morning. 10:30, a train will take bush to his final resting place in college station. 2:15, texas a&m at the george h.w. bush presidential library and museum. he will be laid to rest next to wife barbara and his daughter robin who died from leukemia when she was 3 years old. again, that starts at 8:00 this morning. we are streaming it on and the abc 7 news app. all evacuation will be lifted at 10:00 this morning. it comes nearly one month since the deadly camp fire first broke out. >> some of the residents were allowed to start returning to their residence yesterday. it filled 85 people and destroyed much of the town's utilities, businesses and homes. the lifted evacuation orders means residents whose homes were void can finally start going through the ashes and debris. for people whose homes are still standing, they are trying to figure out what to do next.
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>> i'm going to stay here. restore it. clean it up. no place else to go that's halfway -- that's as good as this. >> ten people are still considered missing. look at this. many animals hurt during the camp fire are recovering with camp fire are recovering with the help of fish skin. uc davis sent us this video shows us the process. it is amazing. the sterilized tilapia skin acts as a nourishing bandage. it can heal protein and reduce the need for frequent bandage changes. this is the first time it has been used on cats and dogs. new developments in the north bay. a 17-year-old is under arrest accused in a deadly shooting in san rafael. the boy shot and killed the 21-year-old errol matthew friedman. the victim was found in pickle weave park. the victim was found dead in a vehicle. witnesses tell investigators they saw a man running from the area. police announced that arrest last night.
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happening today, a last-minute meeting at the city college of san francisco. >> the examiner reports the board of trustees will propose changes to the free tuition program. it will go on the november ballot. it will advance to the full board for full consideration. now trustees want an amendment. under the pilot program, students must apply for other grants and financial aid to qualify for free tuition. trustees want to take it away so funding will be available to every student. >> also happening today, a chance to voice your opinion about a proposed shake shk in san francisco. the city planning commission will hold a public hearing during its meeting at city hall. during its meeting at city hall. it's at 1:00 this afternoon. shake shack wants to open a location at the corner of filmore and filbert streets. have been written in opposition. they say there are enough burger restaurants in the area. supporters save it would draw customers to other businesses on filmore street as well.
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>> it seems like we have been talking about that shake shack thing forever. >> reporter: jessica, reggie, the november 28th drug bust was the result of a two-year-long investigation. san jose police have arrested four men. we want to get you to their booking photos. anthony le, barry phan, jose garcia, alejandro garcia. this was a culmination of a two-year long investigation. they made and sold drugs throughout the area, including new york, tennessee, maryland. a number of agencies and the u.s. postal inspectors and the u.s. drug enforcement administration served six search warrants and four arrest warrants in sunnyvale. they recovered 800 pounds of
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marijuana, hash oil, powder cocaine, xanax bars, ecstasy as cocaine, xanax bars, ecstasy as well as other drugs. live outside san jose police headquarters, amanda del castillo, abc 7 news. thanks, amanda. should this san francisco police officer face punishment for a collision with a skateboarder last year. the department of police accountable just release said their decision. and way mow, you can order a ride. >> mt. tam. look at all the clean air. look at all the clean air. pretty close to average.
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clouds have been clearing from north to south. and you can see where they cleared first, how much cooler. 5 to 13 degrees up in the north
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bay. let's start there. 35 in rohnert park. you're going to have frost tomorrow morning. 36 in santa rosa. same thing in ukiah. a little milder in napa tiburon and vallejo. temperatures in the 40s to 50s elsewhere. let's talk about activities. errands, exercising, good. but the beaches, still dangerous. the surf still too rough. that will continue through tomorrow morning. 12-hour planner, 51 at 8:00. increasing sunshine by noon. 60 through 4:00. 51 at 8:00. east bay valleys, 46 until noon. 55. then sunshine this afternoon. upper 50s. we quickly fall back into the upper 40s. so have that heavy coat handy if you're heading out this evening. no need for the umbrella. >> good morning, mike. we are enjoying that part of it this morning.
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we have crashes to felt gte to. into the tracy area. a bit of good news. westbound 580 at granted line road. obviously you're quite heavy out of tracy from 205. that stretch has cleared. road work between greenville and 205. castro valley, northbound 238 near east 14th, a crash blocking the left lane. traffic heavy approaching that scene. a crash in the north bay. we'll check that outcomi coming we'll check that outcomi coming next. >> new details involving a collision between a skateboarder and a san francisco police sergeant. a new report said the sergeant will not face punishment despite an oversight agency's recommendation that he be
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recommendation that he be suspended three days. he was racing down delores street during an unpermitted event. the dba received numerous complaints, saying the sergeant used a police vehicle and his own body to block the path of skateboarders riding down the hill. the police commission is expected to discuss the report at a meeting set for later today. it took 12 years now my mom's pain from moderate to severe rheumatoid arthritis was intense. i wondered if she could do the stuff she do for us, which is kind of, a lot. and if that pain could mean something worse? joint pain could mean joint damage. enbrel helps relieve joint pain, and helps stop irreversible joint damage. enbrel may lower your ability to fight infections. serious sometimes fatal events including infections, tuberculosis, lymphoma, other cancers, nervous system and blood disorders and allergic rctions have occurred. tell your doctor if you've been some place where fungal infections are common, or if you're prone to infections,
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welcome back. ibuprofen made for babies is under recall this morning. it is these. the concentrated oral suspension medications. they were sold at cvs and walmart. the maker says the medicine could have a higher concentration of the drug and it could cause nausea, pain, gastrointestinal bleeding. so far no reports of any illnesses. much more information on transportation just one issue we are focused on in issue we are focused on in building a better bay area. >> we have to have the funding
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to move forward before we put a shovel in the ground. >> the subway project won't even open its first station in chinatown until next december after serious delays. transportation officials say they are already talking about this extension to get a head start to the environmental study. you can now call for a driverless ride in arizona. w customers can with a smartphone app for waymo. only a few hundreds customers will have access initially. a waymo engineer will sit behind the wheel in case anything goes wrong. pricing is in line with uber and lyft. a bill to establish new safety measures for testing driverless vehicles will go into effect next month. the new law would allow the chp and police officers to impound robot vehicles that do not have the right permits. a nasa spacecraft reached
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this asteroid monday. it took 12 years from planning to arrival. now the real work begins. the final work is to grab a piece of asteroid and return it to earth. it has to enter the same orsbit a -- orbit and then close enough to collect a sample. it will enter orbit new year's eve. for perspective, scientists believe its diameter is 1600 feet, 600 feet taller than the sayles force tower. it has a high probability of impact on earth. >> just a side note. >> you're fine. your relatives down the road may not be. not be. >> the physics behind that.
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thick fog around petaluma. where we are seeing it is mendocino, lake county. that will be hanging around through the morning commute. sfo, that's what we're looking at. not san rafael. l.a.x. already with delays if you're connecting through there. our storm is now sitting over top of socal. partly cloudy skies. a little more fog. especially in the north bay. mainly dry pattern through the extended. temperatures today upper 50s to 6 0s. 59 to 61 under the partly cloudy sky. don't is when you feel the real chill of this air mass. low to mid-30s. frost poll. mid to upper 30s in the east bay. low to mid-40s south bay. along the shore, out to the coast. 48 in san francisco the mild spot. jump ahead. here we are 7:00 sunday. a nice shield of light to
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moderate rain. look what happens. it moves into the north bay during the afternoon and evening hours. it falls apart through our neighborhoods monday morning. we have 60s today, tomorrow saturday. and tuesday and wednesday. a couple new spots to talk about, unfortunately. one of them in the north bay involving a motorcycle. southbound 101 past petaluma. initially sounded like lane two was blocked. now sounds like both lanes are blocked. definitely seeing a backup in that stretch. central avenue. looks like it is a little bit past that emergency crews are heading to the scene. here's a look at emeryville. not too far from there. folks made it past that collision. the rest of the way to the bay bridge is typical.
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metering lights on at 5:26. next traffic update at 6:30. thanks, alexis. good morning america is coming up at 7:00 right here on abc 7. ginger zee live from new york city with a look ahead at the show. good morning, ginger. good morning, reggie. good morning, jessica. so good to be here with all of you. i will talk about another storm. accidents from different pockets of wintry weather. a new one from right there in southern california. you guys already dealt with the beginning of it. and moving across the nation, it could mean up to a foot in north carolina. the final farewell to george h.w. bush as he is laid to rest in texas today. the in kraoebl scene all the living u.s. presidents teague. also an abc news exclusive, the woman accusing an nfl star of domestic abuse is breaking her silence. outrage over the redskins' decision to sign him. and jennifer aniston and dolly parton turning the tables.
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jennifer will be interviewing dolly about a new movie. you don't want to miss it. two legends. and it's pretty darned good. it's coming up on gma. >> legend recognized. dolly parton is my favorite celebrity of all time. i cannot wait to see this interview, ginger. is it good? >> good. it's great. you're going to love it. >> we'll be there. >> thanks, ginger. my other favorite thing this morning, dear evan hansen. it just opened in san francisco last night. you will laugh. you will cry. it's better than "cats." you can get a ticket for 25 bucks. we are also squealing with excitement because we have a excitement because we have a thricalifornia phones offers free specialized phones... like cordless phones. - ( phone ringing ) - big button, and volume-enhanced phones. get details on this state program. visit right now or call during business hours.
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- ( phone ringing ) - get details on this state program visit right now or call during business hours. 6:24. area of low pressure you can see it spinning and pulling away and taking all the wet weather with us. the vane over for the nt several days. enjoy the dry weather while we have it. >> mike, thank you. the hit musical dear evan hansen is now playing at san francisco's curran theater. >> if you want to go, you have a chance to buy tickets at just 25 bucks each. bucks each. ♪ >> this young actor is getting rave reviews. the tony winner for best musical is the tale of a teen who feels
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invisible until tragedy strikes. the show's message is about overcoming isolation, broken families, the pain of suicide, and the pressure of social media. that's all. ben levi ross stars at evan hansen. jessica phillips plays his mom. the performance will certainly leave you with tears. if it doesn't, are you even human? the stars say it is uplifting and humorous journey. >> everyone on some level can relate to one of those relationships or more than one of those relationships. it's very tangible in that way. >> we are finding they are laughing and they're laughing a lot because it is a really funny script is. >> if you want a chance to buy tickets for 25 bucks, you can enter a digital lottery. it is open for tomorrow's performance. we posted a link on dear evan hansen is in san francisco through december 30th. if you have a chance, run, go see it. >> you might see this guy sitting next to you. probably. piggy smalls has a new home. >> check it out.
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the peninsula humane society shared this picture on instagram saying piggy smalls has been adopted. her new family has a small farm where piggy smalls can enjoy life to the fullest. she was found wandering east palo alto earlier this month. she is gentle, possibly housetrained and loves apples. she will live with other rescued farm animals. >> she is so cute. her family looks just as adorable. i'm so happy for piggy. muni's driver shortage appears to be worse than originally reported. both sides pointing at each other. >> we are hours away from george h.w. bush's final farewell. a live report from houston >> we will leave you with a moment from yesterday's state
6:27 am
funeral that we can watch over and over again. george w. bush appears to hand michelle obama something as he greets her. he has not said exactly what it was. was. he made a senator
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sfx: tsfx: feet shufflingc
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president george h.w. bush receiving a final farewell this morning. a live look at saint martin's church where he is lying in repose. the rain moved out. that means theun moving in. i'll have a closer look at how long that will last. >> that sky, though. and then there's this. free cheek cake promotion goes hoerbly wrong. >> i'm surprised. come on. >> you were surprised? >> no. i plame the whipped cream machine. >> i blame that for most of our ailments. good morning on this thursday, december 6th. >> you're never more than 7 minutes away from the accuweather forecast. mike nicco looking at the skies for us. >> i'm going to show you again in a second. look at the 12-hour accuweather day planner. drying breeze.
6:31 am
they are guesty at 32 miles per hour. the rest of us 10 below. absolutely gorgeous sunrise coming our way. get ready. it is going to be colorful as we uplight the clouds here in half an hour. mid-40s to low 50s. the clouds here out. partly cloudy at noon. 56 to 58. partly cloudy 4:00. 48 to 53. complete stars at 7:00. nice day today. hope you enjoy it. here's alexis. good morning, mike. we have been overall pretty quiet. we got a series of new crashes. last i checked just a few moments ago, one lane blocked. the speeds approaching the scene are starting to recover a bit there. i'm wondering if they pushed off to the shoulder. stop and go through crass troe valley. westbound 80, central avenue. highway 4 to the maze not terrible.
6:32 am
in the yellow a lot 35 minutes. 18 minutes across the bay bridge. san francisco to sfo, still looking good, in the green at 10 minutes. abc 7 news committed to building a better bay area. we focus on improving issues like housing, the economy, and transportation. and this morning we look at what happens when a bart route becomes a little too popular. >> the problem isn't the train. it is the parking. bart will be addressing it this morning. cornell bernard is live in antioch. cornell? >> reporter: jessica and reggie, things getting busy. we are getting an earful from commuters big time. this could be a victim of its own success. lots and lots of riders. just not enough parking. antioch station opened last may. a million riders have come through, exceeding estimates big time. initially bart expected to see 2,700 riders daily. an average of 3,000 commuters are using this station every day. trouble is, there's only enough parking for about 1,000 cars.
6:33 am
some riders have been forced to park in the neighborhood, prompting complaints from people who live there. if you don't get here super early, you're out of luck. >> can you find park something. >> in the morning i typically can't find parking. and that's why i either take uber or my wife drops me off. and it's the same thing in the evening. i take uber or get picked up. >> it's terrible. i have to get here this early to ensure i have a place to park. i work in oakland. >> lots of frustrated riders. bart has found $16 million in funding to build an additional 800 parking spaces. the new lot is in the planning phases and won't happen for another two years. in the meant, bart is urging riders to carpool if they can. bart board of directors will discuss the issue at a meeting
6:34 am
later. live in antioch this morning, cornell bernard, abc 7 news. >> cornell, thank you. we want you to be part of this conversation. how can we work on building a better bay area and make it easier to get where you want to go. use search under way for two marines caught in a mishap off the coast of japan. >> there were five personnel on board a refueling tanker. there was two on board the f/a-18 at the time of the incident. two people have been found by japanese officials. the others are still missing. the first person was in good condition. the second person's condition is unclear. they were taken to a medical facility for evaluation. >> we have learned the man shot and killed by a contra costa sheriff's deputy was a children's book author. abc 7 news was near martinez after they investigated yesterday's deadly
6:35 am
confrontation. the sherif's office said the suspect shot at a deputy during a struggle. the suspect's girlfriend disputes that. >> he was just running from them and they shot him. he tackled him to the ground and shot him twice before he even turned around. they shot him twice. they shot him twice before he even turned around. >> the girlfriend identifies the man as 41-year-old paul ridgeway from discovery bay. investigators say he was well-known to police and had gang ties. new developments on the camp fire investigation. a federal judge asked whether pg&e could be charged with a state crime if reckless power line maintenance started the deadly wildfire. he urged pg&e and federal prosecutors to provide a statement of the role pg&e played, if any, in these recent wildfires. pg&e is reviewing the court's
6:36 am
notice. the official cause of the camp fire is still under investigation >> muni driver shortage in san francisco is nearly twice as bad as claimed earlier this year. sfmta has just under 1,900 drivers on a given day. that is more than 400 fewer than the 2,00 needed to deliver service. the figure is more than twice te amount. the former transit director claimed during the summer. muni chief told the board of supervisors the shortage is caused by difficulty in recruiting and training employees. but muni drivers sayt's low pay and dangerous working conditions that are the real reason. preparations are under way for one last farewell to george h.w. bush. >> the 41st president will be buried alongside his wife and their daughter robin, who died when she was just 3 years old. abc news reporter t.j. parker live for us a lot st. martin's church in houston where president bush is lying in repose. t.j.? >> reporter: yeah. good morning, reggie and jessica. people are already starting to show up here at st. martin's for
6:37 am
that service. they are paying their final respects ahead of this morning's funeral. >> and we're going to miss you. your decency, sincerity, and kind soul will stay with us forever. a great and noble man. the best father a son or daughter could have. >> reporter: a celebration of life from the national cathedral in washington, d.c. to the city where president george h.w. bush called home for many years, called home for many years, houston, texas. carrying the special mission over texas where he will be buried at the presidential library at texas a&m alongside his late wife barbara and daughter robin. the plane then landing at ellington airport in houston. a motorcade taking the president to st. martin's episcopal church. long-time mechanics of the parrish there. >> you talk about creating a
6:38 am
kinder, gentler nation. we're not that anymore. and i'm here to say thank you for putting that out there, mr. president. unfortunately it may be your death that brings us all together. >> reporter: bush was active in the houston community. he lived here since the '50s where he raised his family after this morning's funeral, he will journey to his final resting place on a train whose engine is named for him, bush 4141. they are proud of their 41st president and will forever remember what he did for texas and the country. >> he was so nice, so kind to me. >> reporter: that private funeral is expected to start at 10:00 houston time with close friends and family attending. already showing up here for that service. as for the train taking the president to college station, it will leave houston at 12:30. t.j. parker for abc news, houston, texas.
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jessica, back to you. here's a quick look at the schedule today. we will have live coverage of the houston funeral service here on abc 7 starting at 8:00 this morning. really touching ceremony yesterday. amazing. you're never more than 7 minutes away from my accuweather forecast. upper 40s to 50 in the south bay with clouds and showers lingering a little bit longer during the overnight hours. most of us in the upper 40s to near 50 until alameda, san francisco, half moon bay. mid-50s. gorgeous sunrise at pier 15. dampness on the roads just about over. mass transit, cool temperatures most of the day. grab your sunglasses if you will be on the water today. you'll get a claire coming the reflection there. north bay, 43 degrees. we'll have almost total sunshine by noon. a few passing clouds. 60 through 4:00. look how quickly we dip to 44 degrees under the stars and the dry air. south bay, 4 this morning.
6:40 am
last to see full-on sunshine around 5:00. near 60 this afternoon. 52 when the stars come out at 8:00. and for san francisco, we'll be partly cloudy just about all day today. 50 this morning. 57 at 2:00. back to 52 at 8:00. if you are like me, putting off the outdoor activities because it keeps raining on the weekend, why you can do them coming up. over to alexis. it looks easier to get around. how are you doing? >> not so great. even with the dry pavement, unfortunately. we have a couple issues to talk about. i want to take you to castro valley once again. i did confirm with chp that the first collision at east 14th street, that collision has cleared. just behind it we have a new problem. it does sound like a serious one. 580 near castro valley boulevard, a rollover collision. two other vehicles involved in this one as well. three total. two left lanes are blocked. yeah, we are definitely seeing a backup form. north bay, you still have that crash in petaluma, southbound
6:41 am
101 past petaluma boulevard. a motorcycle is down. two left lanes are blocked there. two pretty tough situations. terrifying moments for a driver on a texas highway. dashcam video caught an airborne trash can hitting the windshield. a woman was driving on 635 in dallas when it happened last month. she said the car did not suffer any major impact. but can you imagine? >> wow. >> she has barriers on either side of her there. i would have swerved a hard left right into that barrr. just your reaction. ah, something is coming at me. i need to get out of the way. >> something like that happened to me. i was driving on the 5 freeway, part of a shopping cart, a handlebar hit our windshield. i was 16 years old with a friend. we couldn't swerve. luckily it only cracked the
6:42 am
windshield. >> secure your loads. that was not tied down correctly. >> i'm glad she's okay. >> it definitely could have been worse. thank you, alexis. how would you like to drive on freeway shoulders to avoid traffic or flying trash cans. robots are taking over the world. they are infiltrating our schools. don't worry. this is a generous gift and it's a good thing. a good thing. >> that hand movement is very
6:43 am
6:44 am
6:45 am
right there on the left is the nasa satellite image showing a bare lake tahoe. even smoky from the fires. december 2nd, 12 days later. look at that winter coat of snow. ski resorts, are they happy? >> i would say so. you can see it is still snowing. off and on light snow showers in tahoe. if you're head outing there, it will become mostly cloudy by will become mostly cloudy by afternoon hours. as far as weather, a chance of thunderstorms across socal.
6:46 am
as far as weather, a chance of ecstasy, cocaine, even a rocket launcher is a fraction of what san jose police seized during this massive drug bust. abc 7 news reporter amanda del castillo has much more on this high-profile raid. >> reporter: jessica, or san jose police say a group of men were making and selling drugs across the bay area, taking them to other parts of the country. u.s. postal inspectors and u.s. drug enforcement administration served several search warbts and arrest warrants. more than 800 pounds of marijuana, plus handguns, an ex
6:47 am
pended rocket launcher. $600,000 was also seized. sjpd says warehouses in four other states were identified as well. four men were arrested in the case. here they are. anthony le, barry sand, jose garcia, alejandro garcia. all san jose residents in their 30s and 40s. this is the result of a two-year long vacation. outside police headquarters, amanda del castillo, abc 7 news >> amanda, thank you. the woman accusing ruben foster of domestic violence is sharing her story in an exclusive interview. it happened days after the niners released foster following his domestic battery arrest. she is and foster had taken a break and he started seeing other people. >> he invited me to come see him >> he invited me to come see him in florida.
6:48 am
he took one of my phones and slapped me and pushed me. i told him i was going to tell his new girlfriend that he paid for my flight out there. so that's what triggered it. >> it left her with bruises on her neck and face. earlier this year, she used him of battery but later recanted and dropped the allegations. you can hear her response to that decision coming up on gma at 7:00 >> happening today, oscar grant's family plans to be at bart's board meeting trying to get spaurd for another plan to honor himment he was shot a killed 10 years ago. wanda johnson wants to rename fruitville station and the adjacent street after her son. bart says it does not have plans to do that. now your morning money
6:49 am
report. we want to start by checking the new york stock exchange. >> it's not good news. markets were closed because of the national day of mourning for president bush. as you can see, we are starting the day down 422 points. there's concern the markets will be impacted by the arrest of a top chinese tech exec. she was arrested in canada. you say how could that make our entire stock market go down? it is because people are on edge about our relationship with china with the tariffs president trump. there is a lot going on. this little thing happening is causing stocks to tumble. causing stocks to tumble. especially tech stocks. the rideshare service was a confidential draft document related to its proposed initial
6:50 am
public offering. no word how much the company thinks it is worth. its value was at more than $15 billion. bay area transit agencies want to allow buses, maybe even carpools to drive on freeway carpools to drive on freeway shoulders. the idea is to speed up bus service. they question what drivers would do if they had to pull over in an emergency. >> new robots that can high-five, fist pump and do tai chi are helping students in the classroom. >> hi. welcome to galileo. >> the san francisco unified school district just receivd 10 of these robots named pepper
6:51 am
from soft bank. a galileo high school, the girls coding phrub will work on developing more applications for them. soft bank is donating 100 to schools across the country. schools across the country. and businesses usually pay each. >> customers began flooding >> customers began flooding cheesecake factory for orders. a lot showed up at once, including at this arlington, virginia restaurant. a fight broke out. officers arrested one man. they were gone in less than two hours leaving many disappointed that they didn't get their cheeseca cheesecake. and one person in jail.
6:52 am
we told people don't bombard cheesecake factory. but then you have the delivery guy. >> nothing is free. can we just put that out there? there is always a price to pay. >> a new business model. you can't get your building any bigger. they are starting to indicator to that. i think that was cheesecake factory seeing it and going we didn't realize it would be this big. >> we talked about it endlessly on the show. we are part of the problem, mike. >> we promoted it. we let everybody know. here's what's going on. i'll let you know approximate the weather. mt. tam, looking at partly cloudy conditions. a sprinkle or two in the diablo range. it is dry. it will remain dry. 280 and 17. a gorgeous sunrise about to develop here. dry push of air will bring us partly cloudy conditions. more stars. chilly tonight.
6:53 am
fog in the north bay. mainly dry pattern through the extended. for our highs today, upper 50s to low 60s. 58 to 61 degrees. 58 to 61 degrees. much colder. mid to upper 30s in rohnert park. low to mid-40s everywhere. san francisco, a little milder. we have the beach hazards. sneaker waves. long run-ups through tomorrow morning. jump ahead, increasing clouds. the gray you can receive sunday morning. ahead of our next system. moderate rain moves into the north bay tuesday. i should say, excuse me, sunday evening. monday morning, it starts to fall apart. but i think it is going to hold together long enough that i put a 1 on it for the storm impact scale. monday morning's commute is our next chance of driving in the rain. here's alexis. good morning, mike. we have plenty of trouble out
6:54 am
there this morning even though we have the dry pavement for now, including a rollover crash in castro valley. this happened right before another crash that was a little bit further up. i'm wondering if someone came up on that slow traffic too quickly and resulted in a new crash. three vehicles involved in this one. one vehicle flipped over. one vehicle flipped over. two left lanes blocked. delays on the approach. bay bridge toll plaza looking typical. metering lights on at 5:26 this morning. stpwhraop >> thanks, alexis. golden globe nominations are out. >> they were announced this morning in los angeles. >> best motion picture drama, "black panther", black clansman bohemian rhapsody, "a star is
6:55 am
born". >> crazy rich asians is competing against vice and "mary poppins returns" for best musical or comedy. and lady gaga for per and lady gaga for per performance in "a star is born". february 24th, 2019. abc 7 the only place you can see the oscars. the oscars. tell
6:56 am
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6:58 am
6:58. if you're just heading out the door, the 7 things to know before you go. number one, final farewell to george h.w. bush. family and friends file into st. martin's church in houston, texas. abc news will have live coverage of the funeral at 8:00 this morning. number two, a huge drug bust in the south bay. police recovered 800 pounds of marijuana and other drugs, including steroids and cocaine. four men were arrested. bart is scramble to go solve parking problems at its antioch
6:59 am
station. the board is set to build hundreds of new spaces to accommodate all the riders. >> number four, new overnight lyft just filed paperwork with the securities and exchange kpheurbgsz the first step to becoming a publicly traded company. >> and the rain train has left the station. we have a lot of sunshine coming at you. and temperatures in the 50s this afternoon. next chance of rain, sunday night to monday. >> a rollover crash in castro vehicle. westbound 580 near castro valley boulevard. now just the far left lane blocked. speeds averaging between 17 and and 7 miles per hour. golden globe nominations golden globe nominations were announced. christian bale.
7:00 am
if you're wondering why you haven't heard of this, it is being release odd christmas. >> i thought that was jason alexander from "seinfeld". good morning, america. winter weather warning. millions in the path of powerful storms coast to coast. snow and ice causing these accidents in the east and heavy rain leading to crashes out west. now a new storm on the move. california to virginia bracing. breaking news. search for survivors. two u.s. marine planes crashing overseas. seven crew members lost in the water. overnight, at least two marines found. now the race against time to rescue the others. also this morning. the nation says one last farewell to president george h.w. bush. now back in houston after that emotional day in washington. the incrediblece


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