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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  December 8, 2018 1:42am-2:11am PST

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right in the water. and this is the shot that jason really wanted to capture. them coming into the water. they also get the added treat of the seal hanging out while they do. >> this is the shot where you can totally understand how sharks get confused sometimes. >> uh-huh. >> you know? not much of a difference between that seal, dinner, and that researcher not dinner. the next video is also pretty awesome because it combines two really cool things. scuba diving -- but they're doing it in a volcanic crater because it turns out this crater in iceland was flooded. and now because it's so cold, this that you see right here, that is ice forming on the surface of the water while these divers are in there. >> they got time to get out before it completely freezes over, right? they're going to be stuck. >> they do say this is an area that was discovered just very recently within the last few years. so not many people have gotten
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to scuba dive here. this was filmed by julian o'neil. he says that the water temperature was just over 35 degrees fahrenheit. ♪ how much you have there? >> a sweet waitress can't believe her eyes. >> because the coin keeps coming. >> yeah, that's a good day, baby. >> hear the heartwarming story behind a mystery diner's big tip coming up. >> yeah. and dudes dodge, dash, and dive around. >> the trampoline race track. >> i forgot, you have to throw in a backflip, as well. >> find out what surprise they've cockdock ---cooked up f those who can't keep up. my pie chart showed that i'm from all over europe, but then it got super specific. i learned my people came from a small region in poland and even a little bit of the history about why they might have migrated during that time. those migration patterns are more than just lines on a map,
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they're really your family's story. this holiday, give the gift that's connected millions to a deeper family story. order your kit at what does help for heart fait looks like this. entresto is a heart failure pill that helped keep people alive and out of the hospital. don't take entresto if pregnant; it can cause harm or death to an unborn by don't take entresto with an ace inhibitor or aliskiren, or if you've had angioedema with an ace or arb. the most serious side effects are angioedema, low blood pressure, kidney problems, or high blood potassium. ask your doctor about entresto. ♪ the beat goes on.
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closed captioning provided by -- precisely fills cracks. 94% saw noticeable improvement. new gold bond cracked skin relief. back in the day 10% was a good tip. nowadays, 20 is standard. but check out the tip this wait crew got. >> how much do you have there? >> the bill was $12.04, this is at the on your mark cafe in new york. >> holy macaroni. >> that's right. the coin keeps coming. >> 110, 111, 112. >> that's a good day, baby. >> yeah, it was a good day. and the staff shares the
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communal tips so everybody gets a piece of it. >> who did this? >> a stranger. the on your mark cafe is a cafe made for people who have developmental or intellectual challenges. this is a job training program. when people come in, they say, you know, they get really moved by what they see. somebody had a $12 bill. left a 933% tip. >> that's nice. >> yeah, it is. si they're so sight. >> it was filmed by the manager. -- they're so excited. >> it was bied the manager. they were so happy at the end. meanwhile in albany, louisiana, we have the albany saints. it is a youth football league, the pee wee class. this is their banquet night. their coach couldn't be e. they brought the banquet to him. >> they're quiet standing at the counter inside this restaurant. >> i love this. >> cute. yeah.
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>> a the coach shows up. one of the boys jumps on the countertop, is on highwayen to see him. >> -- so happy to see him. >> say hi, coach. >> coaches and players have a special relationship. it's sweet to see that they're like, we're not having this banquet without you. they come in for the big group hug. cuddle up. >> all right. goofing off in the back yard. some kids have been doing it for years. the cam and jeff youtube channel built a race track out of trampolines. rob, chris, and jeff will take turns racing around the back yard. >> going down. he's going down. >> you're not funny! >> the rules are one of the guys gets to throw balls at the racer. if you hit them, that's plus five seconds on your time. steroids. >> that's exactly what it is. >> they each take their turns. >> oh! >> around the trampolines they go. they've got to climb up to the stack. once your feet touch the roof,
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that's the finish line. >> i love just watching this. >> i forgot, at some point you have to throw in a flip. we've got the scores. >> chris has 32. >> dang. >> he is the -- >> don't talk to me. >> it doesn't seem really hard. but actually hitting someone who's jumping, bobbing all over the place -- >> sure, it's a challenge, and it's fun. that's why they're doing it. the challenge changes in round two. instead of kickballs, they're going to use workout balls. >>oh. >> dude, i want to play this one. >> i'm with you. >> that's a quick time. can anybody else beat it? >> oh. >> i'm starting to feel bad for him getting hit. >> four hits. >> what about the neighbors? they're going to go out to their back yard and find a ton of balls -- >> something tells me the neighbors are used to those guys. robert is the clear winner. they've got to have a runoff between chris and jeff side by side. jeff is the overall loser now. what's the loser get? he has to dodge tomatoes. >> tomatoes?
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>> can i remind him that's a real white wall. ho hurt. crowe too t them in the maind h btime. trampoline racin? add that to the list. ♪ she's super sleepy and -- >> nothing's getting in the way of it. >> a tiny tot who's just too tired. >> that's when you arrive. plus, a breathtaking look at the people and culture surrounding the scenic himalayas coming up. >> when you get to the heart of this place and you learn about the people and the way they live and you get to see it through their eyes, it's amazing. n a sm. what?! -welcome. -[ gasps ] we're in a small room. whoa! >> welcome. >> a bigger room. >> how many.
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promotional krr aal conside provided by -- as hyaluronic acid locks in moisture. new gold bond overnight lotion. perfect taste and texture to get your meal started right. that's why it should always be an idaho potato. you know, the struggle is real because when you got a date with the sand man, nothing is getting in the way of it. she's righting in the car and settled in. you know that good sleep. every time they hit a bump or, you know, really it's just her head is too heavy.
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>> commit to it. i feel like she's napping but doesn't want to miss anything. >> right. but again, the sand he'mhere. it's time. at this point it looks like she might be out. all right. she's in it. >> that's when you arrive. >> yeah. this little someone such a cutie pie. i think we all identify. we've all been there. >> she's a bobblehead. up next, it's a 2-year-old going fishing. she's out with dad and reeling. >> catch a baby shark. >> shark? >> well, you know, baby shark. that's the fun viral song that all the kids are singing. >> right. right. >> oh. >> and while they're joking, it's like, uh, wait a minute. she's got something on the hook. what is it -- that's a big one. >> for little girl, she caught a big fish. [ laughter ] >> yeah, dad. baby shark that. >> she's otdad, i fo tir s the fis
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he fish uick, t meback,'mlaughter ] >> look at that fish! back in the distance -- that's not the highest mountain in the world. that's the eighth. it's in nepal, in the himalayas. and it clocks in at 26,781 feet. still, quite respectively tall. we have a few climbers headed out to this area to start climbing on. their way, this video is nothing about really the summit. it's all about the area around it, the people, the culture. all of this captured in the video put together by evilwood films. it's pretty awesome to see one of the most beautiful places in my opinion in the world, nepal is gorgeous. himalayas, striking. >> when you think about the himalayas, you think aboutll tne sherpas or the people who just
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live around there and kind of support the tourism that goes on there. >> it's interesting to see a part we are just not familiar with really at all. and to see it through the lens of a professional cameraman like these guys, it's neat. to see how daily life goes. >> that's the best part about traveling and seeing different places. yeah, you can go to the touristy areas, but when you get to the heart of the space, you learn about the people, and the way they live and you get to see it through their eyes, it's amazing. and it's really beautiful. >> it's beautiful now, but watch what it looks like when the sun goes down. >> yeah. that's pretty majestic. >> and that's another thing -- you don't have all that light pollution. look how many stars are in the -- like they're there over our heads, but we don't get to see them like that. >> looks like glitter. >> yes. >> yeah. >> of course. a merry and bright beauty trend got everyone decking the brows. >> in all the christmas colors. >> see lou we get in on -- how >> i like this one.
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>> cute. otter catches the cradle. ♪ ♪ >> a lot of christmas make-up tutorials popping up. the eyebrows are the go-to when it comes to christmas diy. >> a lot of social media gurus are doing cool things. she's doing holly and betteries are -- berries on her eyebrows. this one -- theayhe incorporated her
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piercing and like her eye shadow and stuff with the lights. it's really cute. >> one of my favorites is from tiffany. >> i thought i would share one of my all-time favorite looks. everybody is going to be so surprised when you walk in. ♪ have a holly jolly christmas >> you can't have a completed look without some eyelashes. it's christmas so we need more glitter. >> i'm no make-up guru, i think you're not support to use elmer's glue around your eyes. >> it's nontoxic. you're fine. a little bit of glitter on the lips. >> hey, sugar lips. >> mint lips. >> oh, yes. headgear, baby. >> top the entire look with a blitz headband, and you are ready to go to your party. if you're not sold on this one, maybe this one. we've done the glitter beard before on the show with the guy. the hair i thought was pretty
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rad. you're basically going to tease the heck the sparkly garland with those ornaments. add some light, and it doesn't have to be perfect. if you want to include the kids into it, you could do that, as well. it's art. it's open to interpretation. >> you've got perfect eyebrows. >> i was going to say -- >> i've got a healthy base to start with. >> it's funny that you see those are the eyebrows because i brought some decorations that we could use. >> oh. >> velcro? >> nah. wait -- [ laughter ] >> you're going to look so yummy. >> i already do. >> oh, the indignities. >> hey, boy. >> you look like youav to house? [ laughter ] >> oh, that picture is priceless.
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have the rotorazer. it cuts new tile like magic without cracking the tile. >> i wanted to remodel the kitchen countertops with granite tile. it was so much easier to use the rotorazer rather than getting out a great big, cumbersome, tile saw. it would have made a huge mess. the rotorazer, what makes it so easy, it's small, it fits in my hand, and i can do it by myself. the angles were smooth. it was so easy to cut the tiles. it was wonderful. i absolutely loved it. it was perfect. >> it's time for the rotorazer challenge. we're gonna cut out an octagon window and light switch from the drywall behind us, and here to do it -- come on in, you two. this is nathan, a professional carpenter. so, you've done this before. >> oh, i do it all the time. >> and marcy, you are a...? >> professional mom, and i've never done this before. >> nathan you can use any tool in your box. marcy, you only ge them all. this is the rotorazer. let's go to the drywall. go! [ rotorazer buzzing ] now, nathan, you're starting with a drill. >> that's right. i have to drill first, 'cause a
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jigsaw can't just plunge into the drywall. >> okay, well, meantime, marcy can plunge with the rotorazer. plunging right in. >> it's so fast and east. >> no lie. you're already on your final cut. you switched tools. >> i did. it's my next tool here. >> oh! marcy! >> look at this! [ laughter ] >> she got the light switch done. she's on the octagon. now, you switched tools for -- okay. >> that's right. this is a jigsaw here, and i'm being real careful not to wander off the lines. >> yeah, 'cause they're kind of tough to control, right? >> sometimes. >> okay. look at this. watch this. >> so, i used to be afraid of power tools, but not this one. >> no. >> nope. >> not at all. look at you go! finally, we've got nathan doing wato go,ar.isn't ht?awri >> well, i got the bigger saw here for the bigger cuts. >> marcy's been using one tool only, and that's the rotorazer. [ saw whirring ] that's a lot of dust. >> it is a lot dust, but drywall is always dusty. >> meantime, marcy, you've got a
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dust extractor on the rotorazer. there's no dust. >> i love it. joe, i love it. there's no cleanup. >> do it! [ laughs ] marcy is done! this is beautiful. hey, nathan. [ laughs ] i know you tried desperately to catch up to her. >> i tried, joe. >> now, what happened over here? this kind of got beat up? >> well, yeah. the saw jumped. i must have hit something in the wall. >> let's see. ohh! nathan. that's not only expensive, that's dangerous. with the rotorazer, you can completely control the depth of the blade. no cut on the wire, just a beautiful cut on the drywall. so, the decision is yours. you have a choice. you can pay a contractor by the hour and spend a lot of money, or you can do it yourself fast and easy with the rotorazer. here's how to order. >> announcer: uh-oh. can't find the right saw for the job? you need a handsaw for this, a circular saw for that, a band saw, a miter saw, and a jigsaw.
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projects. does this look familiar?


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