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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  December 13, 2018 5:00am-6:01am PST

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>> we have good news this morning, there is no fog to contend with. that is a big change from what you experienced the rest of the week on this thursday, december 13th. meteorologist mike nicco is here with the nice, clear view for us. i have overlaid the visibility layer on live doppler 7. a little bit of fog trying to develop around know vat is toe but it is very small right now.
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most of it is in the central valley. the winds are pulling offshore is. it could drag some of that in through the delta. for now, yeah, everything is clear and sunny as we head through 7:00 to the noon hour. mid-60s a lot noon. 61 at 4:00. 47 to 53. grab a coat heading out this evening. here's alexis. >> good morning, mike. overall, we are looking good here today. mostly green on our traffic maps. one minor issue in the east bay. someone lost a ladder eastbound 80 near appian way. they possibly have flat tires or maybe damage too their vehicle. so they are off on the shoulder. chp is on the scene helping them out. that should be clearing shortly. golden gate bridge.
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driving conditions much more ideal. we are not seeing the thick fog. the central valley coming up next. >> thanks, alexis. developing news about the raiders. the team appears to have no home. >> they have produced so much bad blood that the team says they will pull out of the coliseum next year. amy hollyfield has the story. amy. >> reporter: what a move out of these offices, reggie. the the ceo of the raiders is saying they don't know where they are going to be playing next year. this is according to our media partners at the bay area news group. they are reporting that the raiders have pulled their offer to play in oakland next year off the table. that means their game in two weeks on christmas eve could be the last game played in oakland. this is all because the city of oakland filed a lawsuit against the team and the nfl claiming the team's move to las vegas will violate league policies. when asked about playing one more year in oakland after the
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lawsuit was filed, the owner mark davis said emotionally he doesn't want to stay here and pay for his own lawsuit. but for the fans he said it's something for him to think about. it is unclear if this declaration to not play here is a negotiating tactic or a real promise. the new stadium in las vegas is set to open in 2020. so they just have one more year to play before they get there. the question now is where will that be? reporting live from alameda, amy hollyfield, abc 7 news. that is something else. the raiders' last home game of the season and possibly the team's final game at the oakland coliseum let me know on monday night football, december 24th at 5:00 p.m. you can watchespn's broadcast here on abc 7. a new fcc ruling may block a proposal to tax your text messages here in california. they are information services
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rather than telecommunications services. i'll explain why that matters. that will protect people from spam and robotexts. they want to fund programs which help the poor. according to the mercury news, critics wrote a letter earlier this month and said the commission can't impose the tax without federal officials classifying text messaging as a telecommunications service. p.rime minister theresa may made an announcement after she survived a party no confidence vote yesterday. on a related note, french president emmanuel maccarone set to place a vote of no confidence in the country's national assembly today. that vote follows a month of civil unrest in paris over some of his economic policies. >> some developing news we are
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watch anything turkey as well where the death toll is rising after a high-speed train crash. at least nine people were killed when a train smashed into a pedestrian overpass in the capital city of ankara. dozens others are hurt right now. the accident happened when the passenger train hit another train. authorities have detained three railway employees that are suspected now of negligence. dr. christine placy formed is speaking publicly for the first time since testifying against supreme court justice brett kavanaugh. >> i am honored to speak with you from a far about a woman i admire so much. a woman who suffered abuse as a vulnerable teenage act legality, who found the courage to talk publicly to stop the abuse of others. >> the bay area professor appeared in a video statement for "sports illustrated". she presented this year's inspiration of the year. she is the first woman to
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publicly accuse former usa gymnastics dr. larry nassar of sexual abuse. with just 12 more days to christmas, bay area food banks are in desperate need of monetary donations. they are facing a $1.1 million deficit compared to last year. officials say some major donors are giving less to local causes are giving less to local causes and changes to tax law for charitable deductions may be playing a role. all five bay area food banks are respond to go butte county relief efforts, as well as increasing needs in their local communities. santa comes down the chimney every christmas, but things did not go as smoothly for a would-be burglar suspect. he was stuck in a restaurant grease vent for two days before
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somebody heard his cries for help yesterday morning. laura anthony spoke with the witness. >> i kept hearing this ah, ah, ah. and then i'm like, well, who could it be? >> reporter: igor said it's a sound he kept hearing for two two days. and it kept continuing, ah, ah. >> reporter: this is what he found. a man covered in grease, stuck in an exhaust fan at the business next door. i said what's your name. oh, just please help me. get me out of here. i said, okay, but what is your name. he said please don't hurt me. i said i'm not trying to hurt you. i'm trying to help you. >> reporter: when first respond issers arrived, all they could see is a man's leg and foot. >> apparently he jumped into this ventilation area for the cooking area. >> they saw a foot. >> reporter: in order to free the man, they had to dismantle the vent. >> he was in a fetal position
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with his upper body, shoulder still stuck in the vent itself with the lower portion hips and below sitting down here above the vent system on the stove, unable to move. he couldn't go up, he couldn't get down. >> reporter: once freed he was loaded into an plans and taken to a local hospital. we can determine this is not santa claus and did not have legal authority to be here. >> reporter: spokesman ray kelly says he's not sure what charges the 29-year-old will face. >> right now he is looking at misdemeanor charges of trespassing. and sthrthere was some vandalis occurred breaking into the shaft. >> i feel lucky that is okay. i pretty much believe i saved his life. i believe today or tomorrow he could be a lot worse. >> reporter: the suspect was treated and released from a local hospital. he was not arrested. sheriffs say they will get a warrant for his arrest once they determine what the charges are.
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laura anthony, abc 7 news. what did i just see? what just happened. >> you guys need to comment on that. >> where am i going to star? every second of that story was compelling. >> ye is s. >> can you believe he survived two days like that? >> i can't believe the police officer said we can confirm this was not san attachment all right, sorry. just move on. we're going to try to get over it. >> he's no grinch, is he? when you step outside, temperatures much cooler this morning. at 5:00, mid-40s to low 50s across san francisco. 40s along the bay shore. palo alto, santa clara, upper thirty. mid to upper 30s in pleasanton, up until the north bay s. have your coat this morning. here's the exploratorium. outside today, doing yard work, one more time. you get like a month or two after you put the decorations
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up, to not have to do yard work. that's the way i do it. it's good, calm, and hazy. monday, 40 to 50-foot breakers. east bay, 45 this morning. 59 by noon. 62 at 2:00. 52 by 8:00. we will cool off quickly tonight. mostly sunny along the pa minutes last 58 at noon. low 60s during the afternoon hours. 52 at 8:00. last stop the south bay. starting off at 44. 60 by noon. low to mid-60s this afternoon. 53 at 8:00. rain on the way for the weekend. that's coming up next. let's see if there is any slippery situations on the roads this morning. alexis. there, there really aren't, thankfully. we are i enjoying on the roads. westbound 205 past mountain house parkway, it has cleared but damage is done. we are slow eastbound 580.
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once again we have lanes blocked between greenville and 205. down to 11 miles per hour. you're slow for one and a half, two miles at this point. no word on bay bridge metering lights yet. that is definitely starting to fil in. i will have an update as soon as we get official word. carpool lanes have opened up, though. congresswoman nancy pelosi clears a hurdle for the house. a call going out for volunteers. volunteers. warriors star is s
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>> beautiful day full of sunshine. that changes tomorrow. a one on the storm impact scale for rain change to go showers. i'll show you an hour-by-hour look at that. and sunday's rain coming up next. jessica. >> okay, mike, thank you. house minority leader nancy pelosi as all but ensured she will be elected house speaker next month. she will serve four more years. the plan calls for her to step aside by the end of 2022. she will be 82 then and likely retiring from the house. within minutes of making announcements, several critics promised to back her for speaker. that gives her enough to regain the post when the house chooses its new leader.
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next month levi's stadium will host the college football playoff championships. >> it's exciting. a final push for volunteers to help out. chris wynn has the story. >> reporter: we're less than a month away from the college football playoff. in san jose, excitement continues to build > to bring something like that to san jose brings a bigger spot light. hopefully attracts other people to want to come here and do things. >> reporter: the cfp national championship will be held at levi's stadium santa clara, january 7th. leading up to it, the pregame festivities, including the concerts, will take place in san jose. and volunteers are still needed. >> greeters at hotels, at the airport. courtesy drivers for vips. >> reporter: the bay area host committee halfway to its goal of recruiting just over 1,000 volunteers to help staff the major event. if chosen, volunteers are expected to put in three four-hour shifts at membershini.
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>> we want to feel proud of our region and act as ambassadors. >> reporter: here's a look at the swag. the more hours you put in, the more freebies they get. san jose sports authority says it successfully executed event could lead to bigger scale opportunities for the city down the road >> the reason they know the way to san jose is the community we have and the way they step up the work and their love of events. especially major sporting events. >> reporter: volunteer orientation will be this weekend. for more information go to steph curry is finally coming clean about his moon landing comments. the warriors star said he was 1,000% joking on a recent podcast when he said he did not believe we have been to the moon. many believed the moon landing was fake. he said one good thing to come out of this craziness, he is taking up nasa on its offer to tour the lunar lab and will use
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the opportunity to educate others. >> cool. >> so the mystery is solved. the sunglasses emoji means, yes, he is accepting the nasa tour >> i thought there was some shade out there. >> probably that too. he said the reason he didn't talk about it on social media, he felt the conversation got so dumb that he wasn't going to even contribute to it. >> i think it was the perfect thing of something taken out of context if you listened to the entire podcast, you know his personality, his humor. >> it was a joke. >> yeah. got us good. mother nature going to tease us today with warmer weather. low to mid-60s in the middle of winter. and then of course we have the rain tomorrow. but look at this. san jose, 87. we could barely see it the last couple of days because of the fog. not out there. that is going to lead to faster sunshine and warmer temperatures today. clouds will increase tonight. a sprinkle or two possible. it will remain dry for all of us during tomorrow's morning commute. tomorrow afternoon, that he wants a different story is.
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light to moderate storms through the extended. take a look at temperatures today. 61 in san francisco and half moon bay. 65 in santa rosa. down towards fremont, morgan hill. milder with cloud cover coming in. 40s until you get to san francisco at 50 degrees. here we are at noon tomorrow. clouds are increasing. little green dots out ahead of the initial steadier line to our north. that's showers that could happen during lunch. light to moderate, green to yellow. by 4:00, less moderate. by 7:00, mainly light. mainly across the north bay. the front stalls right here, as you can see. it never pushes much rain past the north bay. and tomorrow afternoon, there's some rain we start off with in the morning hours. then it moves and clears us out. north bay, up to a half inch of rain. the rest of us could get nothing out of this system. especially south bay and east bay valleys. a stronger storm, breezier with
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two. monday morning will be pretty wet. monday afternoon it will start to clear out again. alexis. good morning, mike. overall, looking at a very quiet morning. bay bridge metering lights still have not gotten official word they're on. word of a two-car collision beyond the toll booths. everything contained to the right shoulder. it could slow you down a little bit more. folks taking a look at that as they drive-trough the toll plaza. traffic maps, one new issue eastbound 80, pinole valley road. something was still there. yet another vehicle got a flat tire. they are on the shoulder now. a quick check of drive times. 680, highway 4 to walnut creek, 6 minutes. westbound 24, walnut creek to highway 13, 8. tracy to dublin, in the red at 52 minutes. alexis, thank you. in today's gma first look, a man is accused of trying to snatch a
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teenage jogger off the streets. >> police think she is not his first possible victim. here's kendis gibson. >> reporter: in this morning's gma first look, 22-year-old steven salazar behind bars. investigators say he attacked a 15-year-old girl out for a jog last week in houston. the teen told them he stepped occupant of his truck and wrapped his arms around her. she screamed for help and fought him off after. when he fell to theground, she ran away and called 911. he may be responsible is for attack others as well. >> we really are reaching out to the public. is there anyone that's ever encountered this gentleman before. >> reporter: this is the latest attack on female joggers. this summer, mollie tibbetts attacked and killed while running in her rural iowa hometown. and tech executive wendy martinez was fatally stabbed in the neck while on her evening jog in washington, d.c. with your gma first look, kendis
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gibson, abc news, new york. a penny for your thoughts needs an upgrade. fewer people are carrying pennies. more are going cash-free. only half of americans say they always have cash on hand, compared to 60% three years ago. now almost one in three people say they make no cash purchases in a week. that's up slightly from three years ago. some places no longer take cash. for example, the food trucks went cashless because of an increase in credit card and electronic payments. they must not live in the mission district where just about every other store is cash only for buying food. >> i always carry cash. >> got to have a few bucks in your pocket. >> just in case of an emergency. >> uh-huh stkpwhraofpyouh-huh. all right. sesame street is releasing lily as its first homeless character.
5:22 am
her family lacked consistent access to tpaofpltd the creators decided to modify the character as part of its sesame street and communities program to eliminate the stigma around homelessness. >> i wish they would put it on the televised episodes. it was one of the most heartbreaking things i have seen. >> i have a resource to parents to watch it online. at least have the character out there. coming up next, the 7 things you need to know to start your day. >> a holiday tradition comes to life in san francisco. how a roadway in germany turned into this chocolate mess. here's a live look outside right no
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before you go. number one, breaking news from cupertino-based apple. the tech company announcing plans to build a new billion dollar campus in austin, texas. it is part of a big expansion across the u.s. number two, the raiders final game of the coliseum could be christmas eve. the team's president is pulling their lease proposal for 2019 off the table. this follows a lawsuit by oakland over the team moving to las vegas. number three, breaking news. british prime minister may will step down before the country's next election in 2022. she survived a no confidence vote by members of her own party yesterday. >> number four, not tracking fog this morning but rain for tomorrow. by 7:00 in the evening, the steady rain is up in the north bay. the rest of us have a light shower or two. the rain will mainly stay in the north bay through saturday morning. number five, ideal traveling conditions for this morning's commute. and ideal as far as incidents are concerned as well. i don't have any to tell you about right now. and we are looking at a fog-free
5:26 am
golden gate bridge. southbound 101, no delays from marin county. >> number six, a plan to texas messages is in jeopardy because of a technicality. a ruling classifies it as information services rather than telecommunications services. >> number seven, the bay area's first shake shack will open in palo alto saturday. this is video from last night when they had a house warming party that drew a lot of its fans. okay. it is officially nutcracker season here in the bay area. ♪ >> translator: san francisco ballet opened the nutcracker at the memorial opera house. that is where it performed since 1944. the the ballet runs through december 29th. ♪ >> that's creative.
5:27 am
here's a video that the oakland ballet put out to promote their version of nutcracker. version of nutcrou know what, t impressive, right? >> yeah. >> there that nutcracker is on the scooter, electric scooter. how 2018. oakland ballet will perform the 22nd and 23rd at the paramount. once the nut crackers goes back into the ballet house, someone picks up that and throws it into lake merritt. that is basically what's been happening >> i would freak out if i saw that scooting next to me. >> right? firefighters in a western germantown were called out to an unusual emergency this week. >> a tank at say chocolate factory overflowed causing a ton of melten candy to run outonto t the street. they eliminated it with shovels and muscle power. coming back with another
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it is thursday, december 13th. >> i don't know what we were look agriculture the. text messages this morning? >> can we go back? >> what's going on. >> it is the google maps story. how you can find transportation on google maps. >> i thought we were going to get some dirt. >> me too. darn it. >> we thought it was our producer. >> yeah. come on. >> never more than 7 minutes away from your disappointing accuweather forecast, i guess. it is exciting in some respects because we don't have to travel through fog this morning. visibility up around 10 miles,
5:31 am
that's unlimited. over the central valley, a pocket of fog here and there. the wind trying to blow offshore. we will keep an eye on the delta because that's where it would scoot through. east bay hills, crystal clear back to san francisco. it is cooler this morning. phaeufp to g may have to let the car warm up before you turn the heater on. 56 to 60 at noon. 60s at 4:00. back to 47 and 53. still comfortable at 7:00. alexis, what's going on? >> not too much. only a couple minor issues so far this morning. we have the bay bridge metering lights as of 5:20. we got official word from chp 10 we got official word from chp 10 minutes ago. 11 minutes across the bay bridge. southbound 101, san francisco to
5:32 am
sfo, looking great, in the green at 9 minutes. thanks, alexis. breaking news from apple overnight. the cupertino company announced a major expansion, including a new billion dollar campus in texas, austin, texas. >> abc 7 news reporter amanda del castillo is live in cupertino at the company headquarters. amanda. >> reporter: good morning, reggie, jessica. that $1 billion expansion would be enough to make apple austin's largest employer. and over time that austin campus can take on up to 15,000 workers. but apple is not stopping there. we know that it is expanding operations across the country. here's a map for reference. the tech giant will build new offices in seattle, san diego, and culver city. it will then expand its locations in pittsburgh, new york, and boulder. this is all expected to happen quickly. apple estimates within the next three years. in the next five, apple will invest $10 billion in u.s. data
5:33 am
centers, including 4.5 billion this year and next. animal seams data centers in north carolina, arizona, and nevada are currently being expanded. preparations are under way for the newest data center in iowa. in true apple fashion, the company's data centers will run on 100% renewable energy. apple's announcement comes exactly one month after amazon picked two locations for its hq2 project, each of which is expected to land 25,000 jobs. apple also announces they have about 90,000 employees nationwide. i'm live at the apple headquarters in cupertino, amanda del castillo, abc 7 news. amanda, thank you. news on the peninsula. police are trying to determine if a woman's death was a homicide. her body was found on valparaiso avenue yesterday. police took a person into custody. it is unclear what the
5:34 am
relationship was with the victim. the last homicide in menlo park was 2012. developing news on a stabbing outside the powell street bart station. a person tweeted this photo of officers surrounding ticket machines at the station last night. bart police tell abc 7 news the stabbing happened outside and then the victim walked into the station. we don't know the victim's condition. sfpd is handling this. we have contacted them for more information and are still waiting to hear back. happening today, we expect an update on repairs to the salesforce transit center in san francisco. it has been closed since september after cracks were found in two support beams. the steel has now been tested. they are expected to answer what caused the cracks and lay out a detailed plan for repairs. there is still no set reopening date for the transit center yet. in the east bay, a longtime community church is in
5:35 am
jeopardy of falling into a creek. they need to stabilize an embankment. major erosion started 14 years ago caused by flooding. they applied for disaster relief but did not qualify. >> it doesn't sound like a lot of money. but to a small church in a small community, it might as well be a billion bucks. >> church leaders say the only realistic option right now is to get help from the community. if you would like to help we have a link on >> the san francisco fire department is mourning the death of a firefighter killed in a car crash in santa rosa. the chp says steven pacatte was on his way to work when he tried to pass a garbage truck and collided with a car during heavy fog yesterday morning. he and the other driver were taken to the hospital in critical condition. unfortunately pacatte died a
5:36 am
short time later. he was escorted to a mortuary in daly city. think stood at attention as the procession arrived. he had been deployed to the camp fire in butte county. he was 34 years old. a go fund me was established for his family. he was engaged. his fiancee is expecting a child. you can find news on three people have been found alive four days after disappearing into an abandoned disappearing into an abandoned west virginia coal mine. the three hugged rescuers as they were pulled to safety. four people basil lost after going into the mine. they were looking for scrap copper wiring. they were reported missing late saturday. one man found his way out and gave searchers information about where the other three were located. the rescued man and two women are reported to be hungry and
5:37 am
exhausted but otherwise okay. stunning new numbers are revealing the cost of the wildfire. the state commissioner says $9 billion worth of insurance claims have been filed after the camp, woolsey, and hill fires. $7 billion from the camp fire alone. the numbers are expected to go up. they include losses for property, vehicles, agriculture. a state emergency services official says cleanup will begin next month. and that will take a year to complete. alameda county deputies want to bring holiday cheer to those who lost everything in the camp fire. they are asking for donations. they have set up this go fund m campaign called bikes for butte. raising bikes and helmets for at least 100 kids. the deadline is december 21st. we will post a link on anticipation is certainly growing this morning at the maverick surf competition. it could be held sometime next week. >> nothing official yet, but
5:38 am
waves could go as high as 50 feet by sunday. some of the world's best surfers are standing by waiting for the call that will bring them to half moon bay for the competition. this will be the first time the contest will be held in december. >> 50 feet. i cannot imagine being in the water anywhere near those waves. >> that will be something. i can surf about, i don't know, three foot waves maybe on a good day. >> you need to practice. >> get your boogie board and get out there. >> sure. what could go wrong? >> monstrous waves developing in the gulf of alaska. they are red, orange and turn to purple. they will calm down as they head towards us. we will get 30 to 40 starting sunday night, monday with a breaker west-northwest possible. we'll keep an eye on that too. can you imagine the thunderous sound a 50 foot wave makes.
5:39 am
40s in the east bay. 30s in the east bay valleys. and north bay. 49 in san francisco. albany, 50. fog-free commute as you head west and east across the san mateo bridge this morning. roads good. mass transit good. ferry, good. let's talk about neighborhood temperatures. 12-hour planner 39 degrees. 48 at 10:00. low 60s this afteroon. back down to 46 by 8:00. cools quickly tone. east bay valleys, same thing. mid to upper 50s this afternoon. quickly dropping to 46 by 8:00. our last stop will be san francisco. 46 this morning. 55 by noon. upper 50s to near 60 this afternoon. down to 53 at 8:00. our run of warm sunny days just about over. i'll have a look at our storms coming up next. i want to bring in alexis. you have had really good news.
5:40 am
>> i know. i'm hoping we can hold onto it. it feels too good to be true. quiet conditions so far this morning. yeah, we'll take it for now. want to head out to the central valley. we are seeing red today. westbound 205, 9 tphrp. 16 millions on the westbound side. they should be out working until 11:00 this morning. you're averaging 10 miles per hour. that is a headache doing a counter commute. mass transit, so far so good. 45 trains in service, no delays. ace 1 and 3 on time. normal service, no delays for capitol corridor. thanks, alexis. still ahead, the big test this morning that will move virgin galactic closer to sending
5:41 am
tourists into space. so many of you are wild for shake shack. they are opening and we have the they are opening and we have the
5:42 am
5:43 am
in the high country this weekend, you have some issues.
5:44 am
it's not snow, it's wind out of the south at 35 miles per hour with gusts to 65 miles per hour from noon until 7:00. so be careful there. take a look at today around the state. low to mid-70s. 66 in monterey. upper 60s to low 60s through the central valley. sunshine in eureka at 56. my next seven days for tahoe forecast. you can see it is a little bit above average until we get to the weekend. light to moderate snow for monday. thank you, mike. happening now, virgin is set for takeoff in an hour and 15 minutes. two test pilots will fly t ss unity more than 50 miles into the sky. this is video from a previous test flight. virgin galactic is trying to make space tourism a possibility. a successful test like today means we are one step closer to the start of commercial flight.
5:45 am
you might calling it the beginning of a burger invasion. a popular east coast chain is coming to the bay area. yes, indeed. shake shack will finally be in the bay area at stanford shopping center in palo alto on saturday. the popular east coast chain is known for hamburgers, crinkle cut fries and milkshakes. >> first time at shake shack? >> yes, it is. >> what did you think? >> i loved it so much. >> i will spend more of a paycheck here than i should. it's really worth it. it's good food. >> shake shack has plans to expand its presence in san francisco. how much money would it take for you to give up your smartphone for a year? >> maybe we can entice you with 100 grand. that is how much vitamin water is offering to someone who can stop using a smartphone for 365 dates. dates. here's how you can enter.
5:46 am
you can create a tweet or instagram explaining how you would use your year if you take a break from your smartphone. include the hashtag no phone for a year and contest. vitamin water will give someone an old school phone for text messages. if you can't make it the full year, you get 10 grand. it is 100,000 for the full year. and you do have to take a lie detector test to make sure you have done it. >> take it. take it. >> i mean -- seriously? i would do it for 100 bucks, like jessica and i said. >> yeah. all of us i think would be happy with a nice break from the smartphone. >> can you imagine how our mental health would be after a year? >> oh, yeah. >> i would be back to normal again. >> you know what i'm saying? >> i kind of like this, reggie. >> you like this reggie? well, you don't see it when i scream. i do al of screaming exercises. >> yeah.
5:47 am
no, i mean the phone creates a lot of anxiety for folks. what am i missing? why did it buzz? good luck to those who get to do it. let's take a look at what's going on. 5:47 on the dot. never more than 7 minutes away. no fog at sfo. fingers crossed no delays today. mostly sunny. in fact, temperatures maybe springlike. low to mid-60s. yeah. it's the middle of winther we will have low to mid-60s. tomorrow a stronger storm arrives sunday. pumping the warm weather at us. behind that, an area of low pressure to break down the high. not very successful for most of us. and bringing rain to parts of the bay area. for today, 6 1 to 65 degree highs. tonight, a canopy of clouds keeps us milder. san francisco, 50 degrees. the first storm coming in has to battle the hep. rain turning to showers.
5:48 am
half inch of rain. some areas will not see any rain. here we are at noon. light to moderate. green to yellow there. moves into the north bay. it tapers to light rain at 7:00. it stays there as the front stalls. high pressure puts up a wall in places like the peninsula, south bay, east bay valleys. no rain at all. saturday, with that front stalled across the north bay, rain in the morning and then in the afternoon hours the front actually starts to drift back to the north and takes the rain with it. so saturday afternoon looking pretty good. so is most of sunday. now, sunday afternoon in the north bay, in the evening and overnight hours. the storm is a 2 moderate. look for heavy rain for monday morning's commute. alexis. thanks, mike. overall, we are off to a great start this thursday morning. bay bridge metering lights on. no surprise there. that happened at 5:20 today. a pretty typical time.
5:49 am
if you're paying via cash or fast track, a built of a backup into the maze. still mostly green on our traffic maps here. taking you into gilroy, morgan hill, a typical slow stretch on northbound 101. down to 27 miles per hour. it lasts a couple of miles. san jose, all green from 280, 680 to maybe halfway up to the 880 split. looking at heavy traffic, but that is it. honestly, we are hoping we can hold on for the entire morning. next update just before 6:00. a security team forte lore swift used facial recognition to look for stalkers attending her concert last may in pasadena. ♪ this is so interesting. according to "rolling stone", a kiosk was set up to show highlights of swift's
5:50 am
rehearsals. it secretly recorded the faces of people looking and sent them to a command post in nashville. there they tried to match the images to the singer's known stalkers. they didn't say if they identified any of them. this is the concert at levi's stadium which installed facial recognition this year. they don't know if they used the swift stalker technology there. interesting. would you want a company to use past data to predict where you are going in the future? next a lot 6:00, who is behind this. a teenager gets a holiday surprise. wait until you hear what she has overcome to get this ultimate gift. there are those who hang on for dear life and those who have a great time. it was all part of a reward and they had a lot of fun. >> the kids hanging onto the side, it me. it me now.
5:51 am
it me now. we keep up weather and
5:52 am
5:53 am
like many of our weaker storms, this will have a dry layer beneath the rain. a lot of it will evaporate. you see such low totals up until 7:00 friday evening. the north bay towards the y in overnight hours and through saturday afternoon. some areas, nothing. but the north bay, up to three-quarters of an inch of rain. a tale of two forecasts for sure. sunday's storm coming up next. jess is qaa. mike, thank you. google wants people to get to their meetings right online. starting today, google maps app,
5:54 am
you can find a location of lime scooters, including oakland and scooters, including oakland and san jose. enter your destination and tap the icon to see if there is a scooter nearby. the feature will roll out to more cities soon. apple marking an important day. this is the week it went public in 1980. apple stock opened at $22 a share. the ipo raised $100 million for the company. so if you bought 100 shares on opening day, your $2,200 would be close to a million today. >> i wish i could turn back time. >>. ♪ if i could turn back sorry. all i could think of was cher. look at champion kristi yamaguchi skating.
5:55 am
first graders took a trip downtown where kristi yamaguchi taught them how to skate. many come from lower socioeconomic backgrounds. they provide ereader tablets in schools. yesterday was a reward for the students for their hard work. >> maybe we will have a future skater on our hands if they decide they love it and had a lot of fun. and they will ask their parents to bring them back again. that's great. >> the always dream foundation supports two dozen schools. skate growing up in michigan. >> you would think. you would think. and, yeah, no, i'm not a very talented ice skater. it's not pretty. i'm like reggie, holding onto the sides for dear life. we are taking a look at the central valley right now. road work really slowing you down on eastbound 580. that is adding a 15-minute delay right now. 6 miles per hour, due to some lanes shut down between greenville and 205.
5:56 am
they are scheduled to work there until 11:00 this morning o. unfortunately you are heavy on the counter commute side. no surprise here getting out of tracy. 14 miles per hour on 205. 15 miles per hour once you make it to 580. let's check in with meteorologist mike nicco. >> yeah. i still have mine at home. >> all right. >> anybody? buehler? it's a skate. mine are old. storm impact scale is 2 for sunday night. half inch to an inch and a half inch of rain. dangerous sur and gusty winds. 11:00 sunday morning, pretty quiet out there. friday's storm, during the day, up in the north bay. as we head into the evening hours, moderate to yellow will move across our neighborhoods. monday morning, most of the rain is over. by afternoon, all snow up in the sierra. look at the rainfall totals. so much more impressive than friday's storm. a half inch to two-thirds of an inch in the bay. an inch in the north bay. mike, thank you.
5:57 am
this morning, five deserving families have the gift of freedom and security thanks to the workers at an antioch body the workers at an antioch body shop. yesterday for the 18th year, mike's auto body partnered with employees and parts shops to give away five cars to people in need. techs donate nights, weekends and expertise to restore and fix wrecks that insurance companies deemed totaled. one went on ali jenkins, who had three lung transplants and suffered a stroke at 14 years old. her family is so much into debt they can't actually afford a car for her. >> when they told me that i got accepted, i sat back and part of me felt bad, like maybe there is someone else more deserving. but i know this is what my family and i need. so i'm just so grateful. >> ali plans to work in the medical field and be a counselor for patients who survived lung transplants just like her. everyone needs to take a deep breath and relax. next at 6:00, why you should thank the fcc if you're opposed to the tax for text proposal. and ho, ho, hold on a second.
5:58 am
that is not santa. a burglar tried a slick move to a burglar tried a slick move to get
5:59 am
6:00 am
the raiders are homeless. the organization said it will not sign a lease at the coliseum next season. and the vegas stadium will not be ready until 2020. so now what? we confirmed this man was not santa claus. >> santa did not come early in the east bay. >> this is one of the wildest stories i have ever seen. you have to stick around for this. it just gets stranger the more it goes on. >> the picture is stunning. >> good morning on this thursday, december 13th. >> here's meteorologist mike nicco. the weather is not bizarre today. >> no, it really isn't. it is not slick.


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