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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  December 14, 2018 6:00pm-7:00pm PST

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mateo bridge, moving nicely now. south bay on the right, the 101 southbound which is always backed up like this, rain or shine. >> that's true. a live look at san francisco international airport where flights are delayed up to two-and-a-half hours today because of the weather. some flights were cancelled. a stronger storm will be here by the end of the weekend. >> "abc 7 news" weather anchor spencer christian is tracking all of this for us. >> yes, all of it. there's a lot going on here. right now the current storm isn't looking very strong at all. here is a look at live doppler 7. you can see we have very light, very light scattered shower activity across the bay area right now. pavement is wet at the golden gate bridge but it doesn't appear to be raining there right now. by the way, in addition to the stormy weather we have -- tomorrow will be a spare the air day with the poorest quality in the north bay. let's look at the storm impact scale continuing through tomorrow morning. light rain and showers developing periodically. we expect less than a quarter of
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an inch of rain in most areas from this storm as the forecast animation shows how it tapers off overnight, maybe get a bit more organized tomorrow morning and then winding down. the second storm will come in on sunday and it will rank two on the storm impact scale, expected to produce from half an inch to an inch and a half of rain for most of the bay area. wind gusts up to 40 miles per hour, rough surf developing. ama. you can access live doppler 7 any time through the "abc 7 news" app. you can click on the weather tab and customize it so you get the weather forecast where you live. one of california's energy companies could face serious legal actions. the california public utilities company has opened a case against pg&e, and very revealed the company failed to mark natural gas lines because of low
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staffing. pressured supervisors to falsify safety records between the years 2012 and 2017. keep in mind, that's two years after the deadly san bruno explosion. it was called a serious violation of law that, quote, diminishes our trust. pg&e responded by saying, we're committed to accurate and thorough reporting and record-keeping and we didn't live up to that commitment in this case. pg&e says it is working to update its audit protocol. happening now, former first lady michelle obama is making her only northern california stop on her book tour for her newly released memoire, "becoming." it is one of the fastest selling non-fiction book in history. we have team coverage on her appearance in the bay area, beginning with carlos saucedo outside the sap center in san jose. hi, carlos. >> reporter: hello, ama. doors opened at 6:45 for the sold-out event. we are seeing people show up. take a look here. barriers are up as people have to get in line, go through
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security. as you can imagine, there's a lot of excitement. many people traveled from all over the bay area to see michelle obama. tonight's event is billed as an intimate conversation with the former first lady. mrs. obama is highlighting her best-selling memoire, "becoming." her book tour has made stops in other cities to much fanfare and it is the bay area's side. they will hear firsthand of her experiences and events that shaped her life, including the eight years she served in the white house as our first lady. to me she is an inspiration as well as a role model. >> just seeing her, just being in the same room as her. she is amazing. >> i just really love like how much she has progressed and done while she was our former first lady. so being here to see her, especially as a young african-american female to see her, it has been really inspiring. >> reporter: now, mrs. obama hopes to inspire others to be the best version of themselves. michelle norris, a respected
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journalist, will be moderating tonight's event. again, tonight's event a sold-out event. 10% of ticket sales will be donated to a local charity here in the bay area. mrs. obama will be coming out at 8:00. reporting live in san jose, carlos saucedo, "abc 7 news." >> thank you, carlos. before she hits the stage at the sap center tonight, mrs. obama met with a special group of community members. let's continue our team coverage with "abc 7 news" reporter chris wynn in the south bay. >> reporter: this afternoon crowds gathered outside the seven trees community center in san jose hoping to catch a glimpse of former first lady michelle obama. >> she has really been a marker for me my entire life to see, you know, what it means to be a powerful woman of color with grace and poise and the ease of being also human. >> reporter: inside the building, an intimate conversation, a once-in-a-lifeti once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for some. >> there are so many people i wish could be here because michelle obama has been such a
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meaningful presence to all of us. >> reporter: as part of her visit to san jose to celebrate the publication of her memoire, she met with emerging community leaders part of a group near and dear to her heart. public allies is an organization that prepares diverse young people for careers in public service. they came together for a special workshop ahead of her appearance at the sap center. >> if you are going to lead and if you are going to have any sign of success, you have to be prepared to fail, maybe even at every turn. >> reporter: in the '90s mrs. obama founded the chicago chapter of public allies and served as executive director. years later she remains a strong supporter of the organization's mission. >> the transparency and the grace with which she leads, that's what she is modelling and what young people get to see and hear and identify with. >> reporter: these young adults, now more inspired than ever. >> in disbelief for sure. it hasn't quite set in yet. >> reporter: in san jose, chris wynn, "abc 7 news." "abc 7 news" is committed to building a better bay area.
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that means we dig into the big issues and we look for solutions. tonight we are talking about transit. the bay area provides on lot of options to get around, you have trains, buses, ferries, most recently shared bikes and scooters. more than a dozen cities in the bay area have scooters from at least one company and they have hit some speed bumps. they landed on san francisco streets in march. a month later after the scooters were thrown into trees, across sidewalks, left in bushes, in the bay, they were abandoned and the city took them off the companies. then in october two companies received permits to operate. companies that did not get approved are fighting back. "abc 7 news" anchor eric thomas was at battleground city hall. >> reporter: despite being turned down for a permit to operate e scooters in san francisco, lime wants a piece of the pie. they held a rally outside city hall to push for it. >> we believe there's an opportunity here for the city to answer the needs, answer the
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voices asking for better transportation and better scooter options. >> reporter: a couple of speakers said lime could also bring jobs to underserved san francisco communities. >> it is a great opportunity for kids to work as mechanics, you know, ambassadors and that type of thing. >> reporter: lime was one of three scooter companies that began operating in the city without permission earlier this year. san francisco issued a cease and desist order based on 2,000 complaints. >> the complaints ranged from scooters blocking the sidewalk, blocking entry ways, blocking the public right-of-way, illegal riding or unsafe riding. >> reporter: that's when the city launched a pilot program, allowing two smaller companies to operate, scoot and skip. since then, only 300 complaints. lime was denied a permit and in today's appeal hearing their attorneys argued that the application pro sets was weighted against them because of their unorthodox rollout. >> i'm going to prove
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planned parenthood of t preponderance that it was tainted with bias. >> reporter: attorneys for the city it is sour grapes. >> this process was fair, and according to a fair set of criteria and by a reasoned analysis, lime's application simply did not measure up. >> reporter: there may be fewer complaints because there are fewer scooters on the road. we drove around civic center in hayes valley about 15 minutes today and found exactly one. a decision on the appeal is expected in january. at city hall, eric thomas, "abc 7 news." san francisco is certainly not the only city that is dealing with scooters. in the east bay, scooters have blocked sidewalks, ended up in lake merritt. oakland's city council voted in favor of requiring scooter companies to pay an annual permit fee. an estimated 1700 scooters landed on the streets of san jose this year. san jose currently has no rules about the scooters, but this
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tuesday the city council is going to consider issuing permits which companies would have to buy in order to operate. mayor sam liccardo wants the companies to use geo fencing when would make the scooters stop or slow down if they try to go places they shouldn't be like on the sidewalks. current state laws require scooters to be ridden in bike lanes and not the sidewalks, and riders must have a driver's license or a learner's permit as well as wearing a helmet. transit and traffic? you know they're a big deal in the bay area. we want to help make it better. get involved by using the #betterbayarea when you tweet or go on facebook and together we can work on building a better bay area. president trump has selected an acting chief of staff to replace john kelly, budget director mick mulvaney will step into the roll when kelly leaves at the end of the year. the president announced the announcement this afternoon, tweeting mulvaney has done an outstanding job in his administration. he did not mention how long he would keep him in the roll.
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he also praised kelly's service in the tweet, calling him a great patriot. president trump met with top aides to discuss his spending strategy as congress races to avoid a government shutdown. he told leaders he would be proud to shut down the government unless he gets $5 billion for a border wall. >> what are you guys doing to try to head off the potential shutdown? >> it is not for us to decide actually. he's got the votes. he says he has the votes. then put up the votes. he has control of the house and the senate and he's the executive. so we don't want a shutdown. >> democratic leaders are proposing $1.6 billion for border security. without a resolution, parts of the federal government could shut down next friday, potentially furloughing hundreds of thousands of employees. beneficial beer. it is what is now on tap at hundreds of breweries across the
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country, all to help out people in northern california. plus, this little home of mine, ♪ i'm gonna let it shine. ♪ it's energy saving time, ♪ i'm gonna reduce mine. ♪ californians all align ♪ to let our great state shine. ♪ let it shine, ♪ the power's ours to let it shine! ♪
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tonight some bay area breweries are pouring a special beer for a very special cause. sierra, nevada's resilience ipa is 7% alcoholnd hrt the brew company created the special brew to help relief in butte county. it offered up the recipe for any brewer that wanted to help. let's say it caught on. some 1400 brewers nationwide are making the beer and that includes drake's in oakland where it just went on tap this afternoon. >> people are already asking
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about the beer, asking if we are participating in it before we actually had it on. >> sierra, nevada's suppliers are donating ingredients to participating breweries. while breweries raise money for camp fire relief effort, pg&e is working to mitigate the danger of electric power lines and high fire danger. its solution, an emergency shut down is under scrutiny. "abc 7 news" reporter has more. >> reporter: in santa rosa veteran's memorial building, a small crowd with concerns. they are worried about a solution that has become a problem. >> we're all vulnerable. >> reporter: that's calistoga city manager dylan feek telling a public utilities commission panel what he learned following a shutdown that impacted 60,000 customers last october. >> it was a difficult decision we weren't prepared for. >> reporter: napa and lake county were hit fires for fears
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of it starting fires. it led to financial losses and inconveniences across the region. >> two hours notice really is not sufficient notice in some of our areas. >> reporter: today the utility heard concerns about the shut-offs needing more planning, especially for people with disabilities. >> wheelchairs, lifts that get people out of things and into things, breathing equipment, hearing equipment. >> reporter: you can't just have that turned off you say? >> no. >> reporter: pg&e says they got the message today but restoring power after a shutdown remains a complicated process. >> this is about keeping the community safe during extreme weather, during extreme fire conditions to reduce wildfire threats in the high fire threat areas. >> reporter: pg&e says it wants to streamline the process but it is not an easy task. last october in napa and lake
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counties the utility had to check 3400 miles of line before flipping the switch. in santa rosa, wayne freedman, "abc 7 news." new at 6:00, east palo alto finally has long-awaited protection against flooding from a nearby creek. dozens of people turned out to celebrate the completion of the project along san crete. 20 years ago it flooded causing evacuation of 1100 homes. completion of the project brought peace of mind for those who live nearby. >> now we can look at that and see we won't have the evacuations in the future, we won't have to be worried, we won't have to be scared. >> the work also protects the area from sea level rise. the flood walls were built ten feet higher than today's high tide. given the weather we are looking at, higher is better. >> absolutely although today's
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rain pretty light. >> here is spencer christian with the forecast. >> it is lighter right now. look at live doppler 7. you see we have lots of clouds hanging around but not much in the way of rainfall at this moment. of course, that could change. we could get more showers developing later in the evening. let's move along, give you a live view from the abc 7 exploratorium camera across the embarcadero from abc 7. you see a few clouds across the skyline, but it is not raining right now. san francisco, 55. oakland, 57. mountain view, 61, san jose 60. a at the golden gate bridge, the pavement is glistening. it looks damp but traffic is moving freely. we have light showers north of the golden gate. temperature readings in other locations in the low to mid 50s at santa rosa, napa, san rafael, vacaville. concord is 57 and livermore is 56. a live view at emeryville and you can see clouds in the
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distance. whatever showers are falling are light and widely scattered. forecast features are these. we will continue to see the chance of light rain and showers through tomorrow morning. stronger storm coming in on sunday, continuing to monday morning. we will have a dryer pattern for the middle of next week. let's look at what is left of the current storm. it ranks one on the storm impact scale. we can expect periods of light rain or showers through tomorrow morning, and in the afternoon and evening we could see showers in the north bay. less than a quarter inch of rain is expected to fall from this storm in most areas and breezy at most areas. starting at 7:00 this evening we will see waves of light rain pushing through during the overnight hours. early tomorrow it may get more organized and dissipate going into the later hours of the day, giving way to just a few pockets of showers tomorrow night in the north bay. overnight tonight, look for low temperatures, mainly in the low 50s around the bay shoreline, upper 40s in most inland areas. tomorrow under maybe showery conditions we will see high temperatures right around 60,
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62 degrees in most locations, though a little cooler, mainly upper 50s in the north bay. then in comes the main event, the stronger storm on sunday. it ranks two on the storm impact scale. it is expected to produce rainfall totals between half an inch and an inch and a half. we will see wind gusts of 30 to 40 miles per hour perhaps, even stronger at times, and we can expect rough and dangerous surf. here is the forecast animation for that one. starting at midnight tomorrow night going into early sunday morning, we will see the rain become well-organized and widespread across the north bay. these yellow and orange areas indicate heavier downpours. we will see the heavier rain sweep south ward and eastward, eventually covering all parts of the bay area by evening on sunday, and it dissipates monday morning, leaving bemihind a few trailing showers. rainfall potential for the second storm will rain from a half inch to nearly an inch and a half in the wettest locations and wind gusts up to about
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40 miles per hour along the coastline, 20 to 30 miles per hour in most other locations. we have rough surf, a high surf warning in effect from 9:00 a.m. sunday to 9:00 p.m. monday. breakers could reach heights of 25 to 40 feet. here is the accuweather seven dray forecast. after that wet and windy storm coming in on sunday, we can expect a few early morning sprinkles on monday. after that, dryer pattern beginning on tuesday and continuing for the remainder of the week. it will be a pretty wet weekend, especially the second half of the weekend. >> okay. >> thank you, spencer. >> all right. a christmas gift came early for some young students in the east bay today. it may have them dre
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sfx: tsfx: feet shufflingc life can change in an instant. be covered when it does... ...with a health plan through covered california. we offer free expert help choosing the best plan for you. and all of our plans include free preventive care. financial help is available, so check for yourself to see what savings you qualify for. for health insurance starting january 1st, enroll by december 15th.
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because you never know when life... ...will change. get covered today. happening right now, oakland's first-ever holiday ice rink is about to open. sky 7 flew over it this afternoon, using our sky map 7 technology to show the exact location. the corner of 8th and washington streets in old oakland, the rink moved there from alameda. official kickoff at 6:30, so 6 1/2 minutes away to be precise. it will be open every day for skating until january 6th. >> the nut cracker production opens next weekend but this morning east bay students got to see part of the special performance at their school. >> it is part of outreaches the ballet company is doing and amy hollyfield has the story.
6:24 pm
>> reporter: they have not had opening night yet, but the reviews are already pouring in. >> like when he carried her and they were like turning around, and that was like really impressive. >> reporter: today's audience wasn't a typical one. the performers brought their show to a room full of children at anna yates elementary school in emeryville, one of several schools in the oakland area that will have the nut cracker come to them. >> it is absolutely powerful because everybody in our community doesn't have that opportunity to be able to go to the theater in oakland. so to have it right here is even more empowering. >> reporter: there was plenty of proof that the performance was a hit, but it is not just the little ones who get something out of this. >> it gives us a big thrill. yesterday a little boy told me, he said, from the elementual fr schoelementually -- elementary school he said, this is the best show i have ever seen.
6:25 pm
those moments, you take those with you. it is beautiful. >> reporter: the dancers not only performed but explained ballet to the kids and told them the story of the nut cracker. the artistic director said his goal is to turn the kids into art lovers. he certainly picked up fans today. >> my favorite was "the nutcracker" because he turned into a prince. >> when she was with the nutcracker and with all of those flips, it was just amazing. i wish this would happen like all the time. >> reporter: the ballet's generosity does not end here. it has invited 2,500 students to come to the dress rehearsal next friday. "the paying public on thursday. >> we were warned romaine lettuce could make you sick. apparently it is not the only problem. what else you should check in your fridge so you don't risk
6:26 pm
getting e.coli. >> my son would be alive if the true risk of this procedure was made known.
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live where you live, this is "abc 7 news." tonight a story that really hits close to home for us in t tv news industry. a meteorologist at a station in detroit tragically took her own life while recovering from vision correction surgery. >> we don't know if the surgery was a direct cause. many are questioning the procedure's safety and side effects now. "abc 7 news" anchor dion lim spoke with the surgeon and the mother of a son who took his life after having corrective story and brings us the story. >> after his 27th story, my son lost all hope. >> reporter: dr. nancy burleson somes the pain of eye surgery all too well after her son who underwent the procedure could no longer deal with his pain. >> he felt like needles were continuously being poked inside his eye. by the time he was four months
6:30 pm
after this procedure, he became legally blind. >> reporter: no longer able to go to school, find work or even go outside, max had lost all hope. >> the day after his birthday, he went into a state park in texas and he put a gun in his mouth. he pulled the trigger. >> reporter: meantime, just this week jessica starr, a tv meteorologist in detroit, took her own life. on her facebook page, she expressed her difficulties with recovering from vision correction surgery. >> blame -- >> reporter: the medical director at the laser view eye center has performed over 25,000 vision-correcting procedures and doesn't believe there's a scientific correlation between the surgery and suicide. >> i think suicide is a tragic multi-factor mental health issue. i don't know if it can all be summed up to one cause. >> reporter: dr. bansel says 1%
6:31 pm
of the 70,000 procedures in america result in major complications, but that surgery isn't for everyone. >> the most important thing is to determine if you are an excellent candidate prior to proceeding with any surgery. >> reporter: meantime, nancy burleson is skeptical of the studies done touting the safety of the procedure and says this. >> my son would be alive today if the true risk of what is going on with this procedure was made known. >> reporter: in san francisco, dion lim, "abc 7 news." we want to be sure you know there is help available. if you or someone you know is thinking about suicide or experiencing mental health issues, we put together a resource page for you. go to dlk tofindyouralley. international concerns dragged down the market. the dow lost almost 500 points, closing at 24,100. the nasdaq dropped 159 points.
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the s&p lost 50 points, dropping to its lowest level since april. shares of johnson & johnson fell 10% today on a report that the company knew about asbestos in its baby powder for decades.. reports showed that they knew the baby powders sometimes tested positive for small amounts of as bess tot. according to the report, the information was kept from federal regulators. johnson & johnson denies the claim and says its baby powder is safe. the company has faced thousands of lawsuits alleging that its t talcum producers caused cancer. time to check your fridge again. the farm linked to last month's romaine lettuce is now recalling cauliflower and other types of lettuce because of possible contamination. adam brothers farming in santa maria says it is recalling green and red leafletous and
6:33 pm
cauliflower harvested november 27th through 30th of the month. the company says none of the recalled product tested positive for e.coli but issued the recall out of an abundance of caution. a federal judge in texas ruled the affordable care act is unconstitutional. "the new york times" reports the mandate to buy insurance was deemed unconstitutional and the rest of the act can't stand as a result. governor brown says california will fight the ruling. you have until tomorrow at midnight to sign up for covered california if you want health coverage to start on january 1st. covered california officials say the overall number of signups is down, about 10% compared to last year. they blame lawmakers in washington for eliminating the penalty for not enrolling. rise next year by about 8%. health officials say it is a domino effect. >> some of the people that roll the dice and go without insurance will end up in the hospital. they're going to be losers but they will end up having big
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bills they can't afford. >> the extended sign-up period lasts until january 15th. late enrollers won't be eligible for coverage until february 1st. "7 on your side" hosted a health insurance hotline earlier this week. michael finney and a team of experts answered your questions for four hours. you can find videos of the responses on our website at in the east bay a new area code means people need to start dialing their numbers differently. the new area code does not go into effect until june, but the changes actually start tomorrow. the cpuc wants people in the 510 area code take start dialing a one and then the area code and the phone number when making calls. in june you will have to do this because that's when a new 341 area code debuts because the 510 area code is running out of numbers. if you have a 510 number, you get to keep your number. the 510 area code covers parts of alameda and contra costa counties from fremont to hercules.
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>> coming up on "abc 7 news" at 6:00. >> the first commission i did was for her majesty the queen. >> not everyone can say that. an envied look from a jeweller to the royal family. >> i'm michael finney. how to buy a
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we buy more of just about everything this time of year. that includes mattresses. >> yes. so how do you get the right one for you? "7 on your side's" michael finney joins us now with buying advice. >> mattresses are a big, big purchase, so you have to expect to spend a little time. how much time? exactly 15 minutes. >> let's start in the middle. >> courtney is shopping at the new national mattress discount center in hayward. >> i just moved into my apartment, so i want to get a bigger bed. >> reporter: so how does she pick the exact right one? consumer advocate for serta pure u.s., elisabeth lemmy says lie down. >> all right. so you need to get in your favorite sleeping position. for me it is my side. you sleep on your back? >> no, no. >> let's be honest. you should really stay put for 15 minutes because consumer reports found the same mattresses that testers liked after a month were the ones they
6:39 pm
liked after 15 minutes. >> reporter: you don't have to do it for every single mattress in the store, but do take the time for the ones you are really serious about. >> the key is support. you need a good mattress that's going to give you good support. it is not that hard. >> reporter: keith cross owns this place. on to the mattress to know the if it is even a contender. no, no, don't get up yet, don't get up yet. lay down. just roll halfway over. >> reporter: that's something else you need to know. all beds come with at least some foam, and the chemicals used in the manufacturing process can be brutal. lemy says you should look for a bed that comes with foam certified by serta pure u.s.. she is a spokesperson for the nonprofit which keeps track of chemicals used in mattress foam. you see the logo all over this store. >> to get certified, manufacturers have to submit to rigorous independent testing and surprise spot checks to make sure their foam is made without
6:40 pm
a long list of chemicals of concern. >> reporter: and that brings us back to courtney's bed tryout. >> tried out three different mattresses and found like the perfect one that was not too soft, not too firm, comfy, i rolled around on it to make sure it was hitting all of the nice spots. it was nice. >> isn't there a story about that? make sure you shop around. paying more does not automatically mean you are getting a better mattress. i want to hear from you. my "7 on your side" hotline is open weekdays monday through friday 10:00 to 2:00. 415-954-8151. you can reach me on my facebook page or through an update on finney's friday, to take advantage of the deal, make sure you go to our website "abc 7 news" website and check on it. >> you spent 15 minutes on every mattress? that's why it took three weeks
6:41 pm
for the story, right? >> i was well rested. >> thank you, michael. >> sure. today we are getting rain from the first of several storms that will hit the bay area by monday. parts of the weekend though will be dry. spencer explains when next. today's stormst level one. that means light rain, so keep that means light rain, so keep an california phones offers free specialized phones... like cordless phones. - ( phone ringing ) - big button, and volume-enhanced phones. get details on this state program. visit right now or call during business hours.
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visit right now or call during business hours. all right. the royal family is getting into the holiday spirit. they take good pictures, don't they? good-looking group. i wonder why. kensington palace released photos that will be used in official christmas cards. this one shows the duke and duchess of cambridge along with prince george, he's kicking up his feet. you can see princess charlotte and kate, of course, is holding little prince louie. check out some royal emboss ters. that is our abc 7 mornings team. you have alexis, jessica, mike and reggie, and mickey. side by side, i'm not a photoshop guy. how do you get the background almost exactly the same? how do you do it? >> i'm guessing one of the wizards in our graphics department could probably just -- you could probably cut
6:45 pm
out the royal family and put in our family. >> tweet me how you do that. i would like to put myself in some photos. imagine meeting the queen of england. few actually have. >> i mean it is a privilege. yes, now envision designing her jewelry. one of the top british jewelry makers was in sonoma today, sharing inside info about the royals. >> with "abc 7 news" reporter lyanne melendez. >> reporter: she is in the bay area to attend a christmas party for silicon valley millionaire mike maples and his wife julie. >> they were married about a month ago and i created the ring. >> reporter: here is her creation, price paid undisclosed. it is her jewelry designed for the royal family that has gotten her worldwide attention, most recently a crystal and gold brooch for queen elizabeth. >> i didn't put it on her. there is etiquette involved.
6:46 pm
i'm not allowed to touch a member of the royal family, but we presented it to her along with the craftsman who created it. >> she designed pieces for kate middleton. >> kate is very beautiful, obviously very accomplished. >> reporter: i came for some gossip, so i moved closer to try to force her to reveal more. >> give me a little, you know, inside information. >> yeah. >> reporter: who is a real royal, beep. >> i would say prince george has really got a mischievous quality. >> reporter: and princess charlotte? >> definitely daddy's girl. >> reporter: and is there really a royal rift between kate and meghan markle? >> she's vo, a little like wallace simpson, so obviously there will be parallels drawn there. >> reporter: that's as much as she was going to dish out. we're going to play a game. you will select one item and you're going to describe the item using one word, a word that would be used in england.
6:47 pm
i'm going to use a word that would be used here in the united states. >> right. >> reporter: let's start with that one. >> so i would say this is scintillating. >> reporter: okay. and i would say rad. >> okay. >> reporter: these? >> this one i would say is very elegant. >> okay. i would say mine. >> reporter: oh, to have an opulent lifestyle. simply enchanting. cheers. in so 7 news." >> i do not want to be interrogated for lyanne melendez, getting in close for the answer. >> and she takes what she wants. >> she does. it is the season to be giving. we are thrilled to partner with the marine corps toys for tots. >> this is awesome. they did the honors today, making a drop-off at the disney store in union square. for every new unwrapped toy donated in the u.s., disney will
6:48 pm
donate $5 for toys for tots, up to one million. >> part of our culture. it is giving back to our communities. you know, walt dit asney founde this company on a suitcase and a dream. >> a feeling of christmas, the holidays, and if it is something that you haven't experienced it is what toys for tots and disney is allowing to give to less fortunate children. >> toys for tots began in 1947. this year's campaign runs through tomorrow, and disney, of course, is the parent company of abc 7. >> awesome to see the bins in our hallway filling up. >> they were starting to overflow. >> fantastic for the kids. >> let's get a check on the forecast. here is live doppler 7. we have spotty, patchy areas of light showers right now. what is left of the storm ranks only one on the storm impact scale. we may continue to see light rain and showers overnight into tomorrow, but the main event is the storm coming in on sunday, a stronger storm ranking two on
6:49 pm
the storm impact scale. it will produce from half an inch to an inch and a half of rain for most of the bay area with wind gusting up to about 40 miles per hour. in fact, the wind is whipping up a high surf. we have a high surf warning in effect from 9:00 a.m. sunday to 9:00 p.m. o we will see breakers with strong rip currents and dangerous waves. look for about a foot and a half of snow in the sierra. here is the accuweather seven-day forecast. once we are through the wet and windy weather on sunday, we can expect a dry week next week except for maybe a lingering shower or two early monday morning. >> thank you, spencer. i'm in for dan. mindi is handling sports. surgery? >> i know. it is december. we are told december, and we're sharing baseball news. not good news when you hear he underwen
6:50 pm
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6:52 pm
now abc 7 sports with mindi bach. the a's revealed that their platinum winning third baseman had a surgical procedure this off-season. he underwent an arthroscopic procedure on his left shoulder to relieve discomfort that popped up during off-season workout. the team is calling it a success. chapman is expected to be able to swing a bat in six weeks and make a full recovery before spring training. his right thumb is also expected to be good to go by spring following a surgical procedure he had on that in october.
6:53 pm
the award honors a major leaguer who has overcome through determination and skus and bis cotty received it today. his mother passed away after battling als. after returning from mourning her loss, he hit a home run. he hit a career-high 27 home runs and drove in a career-best rbi this season while taking care of her. he returned to the mets on a deal worth a reported 30 million over three years. familia was traded to oakland in july. he appeared in 30 days for the a's with a .345 era. the raiders took another hit though they knew it was coming. the nfl suspended bryant suspeny indefinitely. he was allowed to play while he
6:54 pm
appealed the one-year suspension. he was suspended twice for violating the substance abuse policy. the raiders gave up a third round pick to acquire bryant from the steelers. he played in eight games for oakland before being put on injury reserve with a knee injury. steven a. smith got strange looks when he shared his opinions on the chargers game. he was looking forward to seeing the matchup between henry and johnson. the problem is henry has been out all season with a torn acl and the raiders released johnson in october. today jon gruden had fun at smith's expense. >> we got to get ready for dan ross and moody clark. we have to watch out for isaac curtis down the middle. we have to get tim brown and all of our receivers ready to play. >> that was tremendous. >> i love it. >> kyle shanahan is 39 today. a perfect gift for the head coach and the 49ers fan baes se
6:55 pm
would be a win over the seahawks on sunday. shanahan has asked if his team is aware of something. >> i think they're well aware of it and you hear it every time he speaks of the seahawks, it is something we're not proud of. you know, it has been since 2013. i know not all of us have been here since then, but it doesn't really matter. it is something that is not going away until we win, and we're not going to have that opportunity to do that again after sunday for another year. so i'm glad we have another opportunity and hopefully we don't have to hear it after this weekend. >> well, if there's an award for best gift of the year, drew brees gets it. the saints' quarterback gave every teammate, coach, mentor, doctor, anyone who helped him 'chief the nfl passing record a custom-painted football. he set the record during a monday night game in week five. each one is personalized like this one for all pro full back mike carney. he has a number of receptions he caught from brees and his total yards.
6:56 pm
174 people received brees' unique gift. brees said the best part about giving the gifts are the reactions he got from people, the videos they were sending him and the texts. it was worth all of the effort. >> does he do that every year? i feel like we talked about other people giving gifts. >> a lot of quarterbacks are generous to help out those who make their records possible. join us on coffee 2620, cable 713. hundreds of oakland apartment buildings may need a retrofit. the safety ordinance passed today. at 11:00, pg&e is facing harsh criticism. how people in san bruno are acting to news the utility falsified gas pipeline safety records. last year spencer gave us all autographed pictures of himself. it was fat was generous. >> only because they asked. >> i sold mine, but i can't wait for this year's gift. >> ebay! >> that's all for now. for all of us here at "abc 7 news", thanks for joining us. see you at 9:00 and 11:00.
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