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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  December 25, 2018 2:35am-3:04am PST

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♪ santa is circling the globe with a sleigh full of christmas eve viral videos "right this minute." itxckids are e world. >> mickey is the man. >> but see why it's this man who's really going to rock their world. it looks like an underwater adventure but -- >> -- that's an illusion. >> what this climber is doing insa tries the impossible. going for -- >> the christmas number one seesi tnghele i journey to make happen and help a lot of families. ♪ and dennis roadie and company try to see -- >> -- how much love they can
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spread around town. >>he christmas eve high jinks that could land them on the naughty list. ♪ mickey is still the man. there are no doubts about it. and they're both meeting him. in disney world, a few hugs, take a few pictures. >> kind of a paparazzi. >> as they pose for their pictures, mickey suddenly has an idea. next trick, anybody? yes, let's do it. so she positions jennifer and elijah, they get in close. stay there. puts both of their hands over their eyes, i'll be right back. and brings in a special guest. >> that's cool. >> that's awesome. >> that's dad marine corps sergeant anthony. he's been stationed overseas
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10 momnths. their mom tiffany. >> they open their eyes and head straight for their dad. they jump into his arms and just hold on tight. >> it's really cute. i love that moment where they are calculating what it is. >> yeah. >> somebody needs to get mickey a tissue. >> this is definitely a magical moment. their mom is standing back there in tears as well. and the grandparents are there capturing the moment. they just can't get ethrh ugnod. that is just one of two special ceremonies. this is the other. leading the pledge rre ceremony. >> every night, they take the there's a special someone there, they allow them to take it home.they honor marine corps>
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diving in the deep blue when it's frozen is a whole other story. >> ier thing. >> that's an siluil.on chang, hn a crevasse in iceland. >> it looks like they're it's froze. the ripples on the side, it's crazy clear. >> and it's deceptive in the videos, too, it makes it look like there are waves. >> this glacier is your largest glacier covering about 8% of icelans l tanhids as part of some training to teach themselv situations like this. in case they ever find emselvassees. in >> you can clearly see how they're training for a situation if they land in trouble.
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>> this is where they filmed that scene from "interstellar." >> no way? >> yeah. you can see them climbing out of that gap. >> climbing ice. ahh! >> really? >> heck no. i would lose my mind. -i tear that thing down. >> youit hsanta. >> she just came in to take a shower, and her fiance thought it would be hilarious to take thisanta doll and hang s it outside the door. now, she's already been creeped out by this particular doll. and it moves around the house. >> it's like a creepy elf on the shelf? >> worse -- >> ho, ho, ho! merrchristmas! >> now, it seems like christmas
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prints are all the rage. as he's about to find out. >> it's not funny! >> they just open the room and there's santa there. >> what are you going to do if you wake up in the middle of the night on christmas eve and there's santa? are you going to freak are go? >> and remember how kids love santa? >> whoo! >> whoo! >> this poor little guy's fear. poor little guy. >> hopefully, santa mitesakith rea. w, ase've seen in the
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video recently, we know his message and is absolutely crazy about christmas. so, what do you get someone that crazy for c hrtm christmas? something huge. something unexpected. something unmatched. i can pulll be the best christmas ever. >> whatever he does never fails. >> i'm going to try and get rock s the christmas number one. >> christmas number one single in the uk. every christmas, it's like who is going to get the christmas number one. >> that's the premise of -- what was that movie? love actually"? >> exactly. >> approximation, at number one. >> i mean it seems ridiculous, right?♪ we built this city we b
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this city on rock 'n' roll ♪ >> this is a parody off the 1985 "we built this city." ♪ >> well, how does it get to number one? >> you have to get more people to buy that single than anybody else's? >> he's feeling confident, though, because i checked the midweek chart. he was at number two, battling it out with ariana grande but we just heard -- >> no, come on, no! >> the wukum's built this city' roll ♪ ♪ >> cat's cozy inisas hsy gear. the littleo cute. let's see how the christmas cheer knos her socks off.
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help us make hearing loss a thing of the past. a public service from hearing health foundation. @@ ♪ closed captioning provided by -- with seven moisturizers, three vitamins. gold bond. ♪ > . ♪ >> what is this? >> she's not very excited about it. >> ooh. >> she wants to know why? why would you give me this? a book. and then i saw her pick up that
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card in front of her. >> oh, there you go. ou having a baby? >> yes, thank you. >> aww. i dreaming? >> nope. >> it's unbelievable. her mom ali said she's been asking for a sibling for quite some time. i'm going to freak out. this is the best day ever. >> she's going to freak out. >> this is the best day of my life. >> now, in the video, at a christmas party they're about to learn whether or not they're having a baby brother
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yeah! are pumped.ree, two, one!e meanwhile, he smashes to the ground like no! >> whoo! ♪ people with siblings out there may know what this is like. that's patrick. he's hoping to stay on the good list. ♪ but you'll never -- >> in the background, he's like arr! christmas tree. he has just a few more days. >> says on camera, it wasn't me. >> no. she's like, live a little. >> these twoat aui
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popular on instagram. if you want towhiloolri tty of s you approach the holidays. here's another video from that norma, kicking off one of her presents. >> that's like me and shoes as soon as i walk in the house. shoes go flying, it's awesome. >> littlelike a great idea. oh, my cat or dog will like these. >> no. >> no, they don't get cold. they don't like shoes. and norma is showing us, no thanks. a series of video, santa demonstrating his skills when it comes to getting it down. he's got the speed. ♪ >> hey. he nailed it. >> you shouldn't be surprised. he's in orlando.
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doesn't he like a bad hip or something? >> santa got magic, i can two a real two-step, but that's in tight spaces. >> well, he doesn't just stick to flossing type dance. one is a real life person. if you can pfigure out which on is which, you're better than me. >> it is uncanny. >> he decides to dress up as santa for the day. and he really burns it. >> and he's walking down the street, involved with the funkiness. >> in this last video with this young lady -- >> sweet and traditional and
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suddenly -- >> okay. >> yes. it might not be a present but that's guy getting it. >> and go to "right this minute" d .com if you want to see videos. joseph cooked up a handy holiday hat to cut the christmas ham. it does disturb one festive feast. >> ooh! oh! and this red-nosed gal's game can join santa's top team. >> because she flies. >> rudolph has to be shaking in his boots somewhere. >> see how they're getting fit. so you can seize the morning. zzzquil pure zzzs.
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the key problem, cutting the ham. >> i got my swinging chandelier to my hair cutting machine. and i'm going to attach eltrical knife to it. >> no! >> that sounds super safe, buddy. >> oh! >> yeah. >> it's all about trial and error. but in this case, he kind of gets a weight and going to rotate a broom while it also has a very interesting thickness control device. depending on what thickness ham you want. it will give you different options. watch as it all comes together. >> assortment. >> everybody loves eggnog, right? in this case, you design a machine to motivate people that like to knit. because as you finish your roll, it will go into the machine.
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>> and you kind of have this device going on that goes into that right there. the ball moves kengt s and cono these electrodes. >> drip, drip, drip -- >> and then -- >> oh. >> drip, drip, drip. >> ooh. you take a long time to write all of those christmas cards, but if you have a train set, you can build yourself this. while you're one writing on that card, the other card is being written. >> amazing. i can't figure out if he's the worst or the most brilliant. meet the red-nosed game deer. >> boy, she can fly.
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>> well, she can do lots of things because this game deer is so fit. >> whoa, whoa. >> okay, girl. >> i got the magic. it's cool. >> she looks like she's got the pecs,>> she is in california an made this pretty cool video of her running around town doing some fitness moves. >> now from the game deer o tba christmas can't be sexy, especially on the parallel pbar and the pullup bars. >> oh. >> uh-huh. >> push-ups. >> this is miss kyrie on instagram, and she's known for her street workouts. she does some pretty rad things. >> she's strip. >> uh-huh. she's got it down.
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>> maybe i shouldrtta high-heel. >> i know you like to post your workout vi it. >> you'll bede, touhe y next on busting your tail on instagram. ni denstreets. >> spreading some holiday cheer. >> how, he's trimming the town with
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as chronic bronchitis or emphysema. over time, you feel like you're breathing through a straw. it's the 4th leading cause of death in the u.s., and it took my grandmother. if you're over 35 and have ever smoked, you could be at risk. i'm danica patrick, and i drive4copd. join the movement at ioaire today, and talk to your doctor. to do next? the neighborhood looks forward to it as well. ♪ santa is spread something holiday cheer. he's out with his buddy eric walterman. and they're just trying to see how much love they can spread around town. >> who's going to take the bait of the mistleto >> the first thing that seems to be okay with it, this lady -- >> please don't come near me. re facetiming with someone on
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her phone. when they cam she just kissed someone on the other side which is perfect. >> can we get some love from th. >> speak up behind the police officers. >> well, does it work? >> yeah! >> officer friendly. >> mistletoe. >> oh, my gosh. >> spreading the love, i just hope they're not spreading mono. >> no, these are mischievous elves. they take toilet paper. and start -- remember how friendly that other cop was? not so much this one. >> ooh! >> he's been so naughty.
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>> don't worry, they do clean it up. >> there are a few people around with that one. makes some people laugh. >> they call security. >> to see more, go to "right this minute" merry christmas, everyone. we'll see you next time on on the street is he's stopping by your house pretty soon, he's not stopping by my house -ut b- no. >> maybe everybody else's. >> what i can tell you is it has not been a time for investors to celebrate heading into the holiday. all the major stock market averages fell at least 2 percentage points christmas eve as wall street tumbles towards its worst december since the great depression. >> the market chaos wasn't helped by the partiavegol rnment shutdown. it's now in its fourth day and the president says the battle
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over border wall funding will continue. here is abc's kenneth moton. >> reporter: the nation is feeling and seeing the impacts of the holiday shutdown. lawmakers at home due back thursday to pick up negotiations on funding the government and president trump's southern border wall. the president making christmas eve calls to kids, pausing to say -- >> it's nothing new. nothing new on the shutdown. nothing new. >> thank you. >> except we need border security. >> reporter: the president summoned homeland security officials to the white house toi s earlier, trump tweeted, "i am all alone. poor me. in the white house. waiting for the democrats to come back and make a deal on desperately needed border security." democratic leaders struck back in a new response, "it's christmas eve and president trump is plunging the country toha." cos adding, "the president wanted the shutdown but seems not to know how to get himself out of it." the president is backing down on his $5.7 billion demand for a wall. his incoming chief of staff says they're waiting on democrats to respond to a counteroffer. >> i think they offered us $1.6 billion a couple of weeks ago. $1il twethpresident that's a negotiation that seems like it's going in the wrong direction. >> $5 billion is a lot of money,
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and to spend it on a fourth century strategy, rather than on stuff that actually improves border security is something ato >> reporter: in washington, a glimmer of hope. the national christmas tree damaged by a trespasser who climbed the tree over the thwe tekhe od.ngoing shutdown, tree expected to remain dark until the national park holiday symbol. rivate donors >> it likely won't be a good holiday for 800,000 workers. more than 400,000 are being forced to work without pay and the rest are on nonpaid leave. zachary? janai. >> thank you, kenneth. some states are paying washington to keep. sites open through the shut done. state governments along with private donors are picking up the bill to keep landmarks like the statue of liberty and the grand canyon up and running. estimates say the collective cost nationwide to keep sites open could be more than $500,000 a week. >> wow. well, president trump may be visiting turkey next year. the white house says turkish president erdogan has extended an invitation for 2019.
3:05 am
it follows trump's promise to pull the u.s. out of syria. he says erdogan has vowed to eliminate what's left of isis. the invitation came the same day defense secretary jim mattis signed orders authorizing the syria withdrawal. the number of people killed in that violent tsunami in indonesia has passed 400 now, but rescue workers aren't giving up the search for survivors. the searchers have been using heavy equipment, bare hands and just about everything in they're also on alert from another eruption from the child of krakatau volcano. abc's ian pannell is on the scene. >> reporter: there are hundred office military personal and emergency workers now down in the tsunami zone looking for people buried under the rubble, injured. trying to help the you can see some of the destruction is pot marked all along the coast here. every now and again you go through a small coastal village, you can see houses that have be


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