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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  December 26, 2018 6:00am-7:00am PST

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hi. good morning. it is wednesday, december 26th, the day after christmas. a lot of folks still enjoying the holiday time off. >> yeah. i certainly hope so. of thank you for being up early and joining us. you're never more than 7 minutes away from your accuweather forecast. mike, i hope you had a great holiday yesterday. >> thank you. i hope you did too. it was fun working together yesterday. passing high clouds in the forecast from a dry cold front that's going to keep temperatures pretty close to average, if not just a little bit warmer than average. starting off in the mid-30s to mid-40s at 7:00. 55 to 56 at noon. 56, 55, 57 right around that range at 4:00. we will be in and out of the high clouds. on the backside, dry cold front, the breezes will kick off as we drop into the upper 40s to
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mid-50s. dry saul day. how about the dry commute. here's sue. it is light as you might expect. although we are filling in from golden gate fields into the berkeley curve and macarthur maze. sluggish. no stalls or accidents here. a look once you get into the bay bridge. and it's looking pretty good at this hour. take a look. no metering lights. they probably won't turn them on because it is holiday light most of the rest of the week. guys? thank you. the shopping is done, the gifts are unwrapped. but maybe that gift just wasn't quite right. shoppers are expected to hit stores today to make? s fast christmas returns. >> and take advantage of the really amazing sales. amy hollyfield is live at broadway plaza in walnut creek. amy, what are you getting us? >> reporter: look what's happening right now, jessica. they are putting up new signs. new discounts. this is the banana republic in walnut creek's broadway plaza.
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they are hanging signs saying an extra 60% off today of sale styles. it is definitely the way they want to move merchandise. of course this is a big day for returns. that's what this day is known for. one expert saying if you can wait, wait until january 1st to do returns. let those crowds die down. but there are big sales today. it was a good year for retailers. we have numbers to show you. people were in a buying mood this year. sales were up this holiday season, 5.1% from last year. consumers spent $850 billion this season. of course with all the gift giving, returns are expec too. made sure everybody is happy with what they got. if you don't like it, return it. >> i always ask for nut crackers. i have 27.
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i always keep my gifts. >> reporter: americans return $90 billion in gifts. some allow you to return 30 days or 45 days after you buy the item. today and tomorrow are known for the busiest days for returns. if you do come out, there is a payout. we're watching them roll out their sales. it is a good time to come use the gift cards or treat yourself after all of that gift giving, right. amy hollyfield, abc 7 news. >> thank you, amy. happening today, people in oak land will get a chance to speak out about a plan for a church for senior citizen housing. it starts at 1:00. if commissioners approve the plan it will go before oakland city council. new details on a deadly shooting we first told you about on christmas eve. san francisco police have now identified the man found and
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shot killed in his vehicle in the bay view. 32-year-old jovan reid was found in his car that crashed and a utility box on evans avenue, herons head park. he died where police found him. homeland security officials are considering asking the u.s. health department and fema for medical assistance following the second death of a migrant child this month. an 8-year-old boy from guatemala died at a hospital in new mexico yesterday morning. doctors had released him on monday after diagnosing him with cold and fever. the sickness worsened at a detention facility. then he was rushed to a hospital. a 7-year-old girl died earlier this month. u.s. customs and border protection ordered medical checks for all children in its custody. more than a year after disappearing from the public amid sexual miscondt accusations, actor kevin spacey has released a bizarre "house of
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cards" inspired video drawing parallels between his character and real life. >> despite all the poppycock, the headlines, the impeacment without a trial, despite everything, despite even my own death, i feel surprisingly good. >> in the piece called let me be frank, spacey channels frank underwood and is apparently defending himself in the court of public opinion. he was dropped after the accusations surfaced. he is scheduled to appear next month on in decent assault and battery charges. a couple who lost their home in the camp fire is getting a fresh start. the special call they received this week. jackpot fever. the major money on the line in the next mega millions drawing. and you're never more than 7 minutes away from a accuweather forecast. here's a look the at our rain system now that we will possibly an extended dry spell that leads into the new year.
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61% in livermore. everyone else 70% to 80%. we could use rain. we'll take a look at that accuweather forecast coming up. taking a live look with abc 7 news now. a pretty empty bay bridge toll plaza. if you have to head to work, you shouldn't have to deal with any traffic. traffic. weather and traffic
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stkpwhraoeut just turned 6:09 on this wednesday morning. upper 30s in cupertino, sunnyvale, santa teresa. here's a look at the exploratorium. exercisi exercising, beaches, out and about looks good. plenty of sunshine. a few high clouds, as you can see right here. 8:00, 38 in the north bay. 47 at 10:00. mid to upper 50s from noon to 6:00. back in the 40s by 8:00. 40 in the east bay at 8:00. 52 at 10:00. upper 50s from noon to 4:00. 50 by 8:00. in the east bay shoreline, 44
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this morning. our best chance of clouds up until 10:00. sunshine is and mid to upper 50s this afternoon. a check of that traffic.>> ishe yeah, tre's some out there for sure. getting busier on the san mateo bridge. sit moving nicely from 880 towards 101. we'll take a look at the south bay. just past the s.a.p. center. you can see the runway lights at the san jose airport. better news in the southbound. 880, ramp to 101 has been cleared. an earlier accident there. very few delays in the area. all right. thank you, sue. we have a warning to share with you this morning. prosecutors want to alert you about a scam where someone calls asking for your social security number. the caller tells an unsuspecting
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person they need to pay a fee to unlock the social security number due to criminal activity. they commit identity theft aft getting the social security number. if you're feeling lucky, the time is now to buy a mega millions ticket. >> it grew from $321 million hrfr no one matched all the incomes in the christmas day drawing. 2, 8, 42, 43, 50, is and mega ball 6. the next drawing is friday night >> $348 million. wow. i'm going to buy a ticket. the warriors are getting a lot of flack for a picture they posted on social media this morning. a suspected thief messed with the wrong home. with the wrong home. the
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a woman who lost her home in the camp fire has been pardoned by jerry brown. she barely escaped the flames and the fire. she was arrested in 1998, charged with intent to manufacturer meth am felt mean. both she and her husband applied to be pardon. he received his but hers came later as a much needed christmas
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present. hundreds of new state laws take effect in less than one week on new year's day. we have this list on our website. some of the new laws you will notice include no more plastic straws in restaurants unless requested. a boost in the minimum wage. and new laws about helmet use for kids and adults. you can read more about these changes online. head to the warriors not only got beat on christmas, they took a social media beating. it shows an illustration of bray phopbd green but they are saying it looks nothing like him. some say he looks bloated. others call this weighmond. you can judge for yourself. i don't know. do you think they have any
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remembrance? >> white is never flattering. it makes you look bigger than you are. >> he is obviously a very in-shape athlete. he is looking a little fluffy in the drawing. >> that looks like the celebrity five-on-five tournaments when you're 40. >> this isn't mine. i didn't come up with it. who is the artist, k.d.? >> oh! >> so maybe taking that beef a little farther. >> shocked. >> they won't sweet it out again, that's for sure. >> no. only we get to bring it back. tough loss mt. tam, look how clean the air is. high clouds coming from a dry cold front. breezesis late through friday
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morning. next chance of rain the fourth or fifth. an extended period of this. mid to upper 50s. even a few 60s. this may be the last day for the '60s. moisture already starting to fade away on live doppler 7. it will usher in cooler weather as it comes from the gulf of alaska. here you go. at noon, we'll have a few high clouds out there. they'll get a little bit thicker towards the 5:00 hour. so gorgeous sunset s. hashtag abc 7 news now. abc 7 news now. we would like to see it. see the slightly cooler weather. mid to upper 50s friday, saturday, sunday. we ring in the new year dry and
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mid-50s. sue. all right. take a look outside. a little blip over the altamont pass. a big rig accident over the right-hand shoulder near grant line. looky loos are slowing down. so are your speeds. about 14 miles per hour. you're looking at a 30-minute drive time. yeah. 30 minutes from tracy up and over into dublin/pleasanton. no problems with bart. ferry service out of larkspur, tiburon, reduced service this morning. ace trains 1 and 3 are running 10 minutes delayed. they had earlier mechanical problems that have been resolved. expect those delays to last for at least the next 20 minutes. we'll keep an eye on it. thank you, sue. good morning america is coming up at 7:00 here on abc 7. and rob marciano is live from new york with a look at what's ahead. hi, rob. good morning, alexis and af christmas. hope your holiday was well.
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i know you both probably worked. coming up on gma, we have the storm that you got hit by earlier in the week. it is now in the intermountain west, merging into the plains. this is going to dump snow across the northern plains, heavy rain, and maybe thunderstorms that drop tornados across texas and pushing off towards the east. on thursday and friday, if you have friends traveling to and from dallas, houston, some of these other cities, they may have a hard time getting back to san francisco. also ahead, wall street on edge after a disastrous december. the worst since the great depression. the dow taking a plunge christmas eve. we'll check in with rebecca jarvis for a read on what may come next. plus, the latest on president trump and the showdown over the government shutdown. one of the things that he is doing or trying to do is build that wall. that is making wall street nervous. the shutdown now entering day five. he is not giving an inch on the demand to build. worlder wall.
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it is coming up here on gma. haefp boxing day. >> thank you. happy national candy cane day, rob >> that too! >> alexis got the short straw yesterday. >> yeah, i did. i thought you meant this morning. candy cane not my cup of tea. but we're going to trade. >> the gifts when you work christmas week, they keep on coming. >> rob, thank you. >> one woman was determined to catch a package thief and the confrontation was caught on camera. indonesia not in the clear yet after a deadly tsunami. find out why people living near a volcano are at risk.
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you are never more than 7 minutes away from a accuweather forecast. temperatures running one to five degrees warmer than average. instead of 55 to 58, we'll be 57 to 60. here's jessica. mike, thank you. a group of scientists have funding to study climate change along the california coast. according to the l.a. mes, four skreupers at the scripps is institute of oceanography models. ed goal is to identify hot spos where the coastline is quickly receding.
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this morning indonesia's government is urging people living near a volcano to avoid coastal areas due to the potential of tsunamis. a deadly tsunami was triggered on saturday. it killed more than 400 people. it drove thousands of others from their homes. heavy rain and high surf are expected today. there's also a fear a landslide triggering a tsunami pause of the wall in the volcanos crater could collapse into the sea. a beauty county family celebrated but at a different home than usual. >> the romero family shared memories while looking at photos. dr. allison opened up her home to her parents and other relatives and she reflected on the happiness that grew inside the home her parents lost in the fire.
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>> for 25 years we went to their house. we decorated the tree with old ornaments that we have had since i was little. it's weird. it is very awkward. you feel awkward. not going home. not having that tree. >> this is the best day. >> a tough christmas for the day. allison helped her dad discover family treasures. they found four rings in the ashes of their burned-out home. a tough holiday. at least they are all together this year. >> absolutely. today marks the beginning of zandalasini qaa. kwanzaa. village project will hold their 13th annual kwanzaa celebration today. this is video of a previous kwanzaa celebration held at city hall. this year's events will kick off with a dance performance and key note address. it lasts seven days through january 1st. it was invented in 1966 by an african studies professor to celebrate african tradition. a porch pirate more than
6:26 am
she bargained for. >> i'm going to corner her. did you just steal something? give it. i'm going to call the police. i've got you on camera. give it to me now. >> okay. she means business. the colorado woman would not take no for an answer. she got a tphoeufrgdz on her phone saying somebody was at the door. when she checked, she saw a woman walking away with a package on her front step. she said she had no idea what came over her but wanted justice. >> i don't know what came out of my mouth or even why i said what i did. it just happened. >> now get out of here now! >> i was mad. there was no way i was going to let her go. i would have ran for as many miles as i had to. >> in the end she got her package back. what she did, by the way, is not recommended by police. >> yeah. hopefully that woman never steals a package from someone's porch erno.
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>> a scare at an airport in paris on one of the busiest travel days of the year. find out why people were forced to evacuate. and we are learning more about the deadly officer-involved shooting in san
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now at 6:30, new details on
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the deadly police-involved shooting in the south bay. what led to this woman's death the partial government shutdown enters its fifth day. it could be a while before the president reaches a deal with congress. amazon broke records this holiday shopping season. a lot more are expected to go out for sales. we saw them rolling out the discounts earlier this morning atiba nana republic from 50% to 60% off. >> that's pretty good. >> all that's left. it is worth looking, though, isn't it? >> yes. >> amazon, you're welcome. this is the first year i bought most of my son's gifts online using my son's private account. thank you, son. >> was it his card? >> no, my card. that would have been nice, right? a few high clouds.
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our temperatures seasonal. a high cloud or two. it is cooler this morning. 55 to 56 at noon. a little more sunshine by 4:00. 55 and 57. this evening, breezes kick up behind the cold front. 47 to 53 at 7:00. it will feel cooler than that. how why et is it? living proof. at least there are no traffic issues. under 25 minutes from hercules to san francisco. the metropolitan transportation industry just said that was the worst commute here in the bay area, from hercules on 80 westbound. not bad if you have to be out there this early morning. 30-minute drive over the altamont pass into dublin/pleasanton. we go to an update on a deadly shooting that happened deadly shooting that happened christmas morning.
6:32 am
good morning alexis, and jessica. the police chief eddie garcia is scheduled to talk to media tomorrow about this officer-involved shooting. four officers are on paid administrative leave. that is standard protocol. 2:00 a.m., police got a call of shots fired. arriving officers found two adults with gunshot wounds. they survived. they tried to stop a vehicle matching the suspect description. it took off. the vehicle crashed several miles away at lee avenue and fruitdale avenue, san jose. they ran the car into a patrol car. four officers opened fire. a witness captured it on video. the driver died at the scene. she is yet to be identified. a female passenger had one gunshot wound.rom the
6:33 am
hospital and booked in jail on an outstanding arrest warrant. they are conducting their own investigation. matt keller, abc 7 news. matt, thank you. today the partial government shutdown will enter its fifth day with no end in sight. >> many federal workers will >> many federal workers will feel the impact. hundreds of thousands of workers will feel the impact. president trump said he is willing to sit down with congressional leaders to talk about a budget deal. but he said he still doesn't know when the government will reopen. partial government shutdown. an estimated 800,000 federal employees are likely impacted. on christmas day, president trump claimed those federal workers support his position in
6:34 am
the fight with democrats over billions of dollars in funding for the border wall. >> many have said to me, communicated, stay out until you get the funding for the wall. >> congress is still away for the holiday. many lawmakers are reacting to the death of an 8-year-old guatamalan boy who died while in custody. this is the second to die in detention just this month. jacqueline caal died after crossing the border with her father. and another tragic death just reinforces the need for the ig to investigate conditions in cbp's short-maternal holding facilities. and the general suitability of such facilities for families. u.s. customs and border protection say the boy died shortly after midnight tuesday and that he showed signs of a potential illness. >> it's just tragic.
6:35 am
we are thinking about his family right now. what they must be feeling to have lost their child on sphas day. >> customs and border protection have directed medical checks on all the kids in their custody nationwide. that's about 2,500 kids. the president separately has said he plans to visit the u.s./mexico border in texas by the end of january. stephanie ramos, abc 7 news. thank you, stephanie. authorities in texas are rush to go house hundreds of nye grants that were dropped off at a bus stop. 100 from central america were left at the greyhound station in el paso yesterday. local humanitarian agencies rushed to find them shelter or reunite them with relatives. >> it takes a collaborative effort. the city, count, volunteer, non-profits, making sure we can respond inthe most adequate manner.
6:36 am
>> hundreds more migrants could be released today. i.c.e. gave no reason for the release. they are reviewing its plan for releases for immigrants detained at the border. the blast of winter weather is causing a traffic headache for millions. that is scary. more than 4 million people are under a winter weather advisory. snow fell in parts of california, sending a mix of snow and ice across freeways. slick roads caused more than a dozen vehicles to crash on highway 15 near the cajon pass in southern california. >> i got over. and then i kind of slid to the side. as soon as i got ready to go, she ran into me. she jumped out, i jumped out. >> it's not just the west coast. the system is expected to hit the plains and the midwest next. and the south is preparing for
6:37 am
heavy winds, rain, and hail. yeah. they're going to be places that haven't had blizzards in decades that will be dealing with that. that is going to be an interesting way to say good-bye to 2018 and hello to 2019. for us, it's cooler this morning. anywhere from 1 to 10 degrees cooler. we have 30s along the east bay, castro valley, union city. 47 in fremont. 48 in alameda the warm spot is. oakland, 42. richmond, 44 degrees. on the other side, we have mid to upper 40s along the peninsu a peninsula, the coast, san jose. look at napa, fairfield, santa rosa. mid to upper 30s. 101 and 880, use that as a back drop. dry all day on the roads. mass transit, or chilly. out on the bay today, a light breeze. breezy tomorrow on the bay. 40 this morning in the south bay at 8:00. 49 at 10:00. mid to upper 50s from noon through 4:00. a few high clouds at 8:00. 49 degrees.
6:38 am
peninsula, mid-40s at 8:00. 52 at 10:00. we'll be in the mid to upper 50s for the better part of the lunch hour, early afternoon hours. a few clouds and 53 at 8:00. last stop, san francisco. a lot of sunshine, few high clouds and temperatures around 52 to 56 degrees from 10:00 all the way through 8:00 this evening. all right. we're going to take a look at the new year. 2019 showing up on the accuweather seven-day forecast i put together. >> amazing. >> boom, just like that, gone. we want to bring sue hall in. nice to see you. >> nice to see you. >> what are you watching this morning? >> light traffic conditions so far. a couple of problem spots. we'll take you to the san mateo bridge. this is not one of them. an8-minuri from 880 to the span, the causeway, high-rise, foster city, all the way to 101. so not bad at all. tail lights in the westbound direction. overall, looking good. grant line westbound 580, that's off on the right shoulder.
6:39 am
a blip of slow traffic out of there. bart is running on time. today through friday, golden gate ferry service will be reduced. and you want to check the schedules for that. right now ace trains 1 and 3 are running about 10 minutes behind. they had an earlier mechanical issue. here's a look at some of your drive times. highway 4 to the maze, and then from the maze all the way across the bay bridge into the city, not bad at all. san francisco to sfo, if you're traveling today, a nice ride to the airport from downtown. all right. thank you, sue. new at 6:00, say scare at an airport in paris on this busy travel day. part of it was evacuated when two men brought weapons to terminal 12a. they were carrying air soft weapons used in gaming. you can see luggage left behind at the airport after people evacuated. police arrested the men. airport operations have returned to normal. oakland police have
6:40 am
recovered one of their patrol vehicles. it was stolen after monday night's raiders game at the coliseum. our media partner, east bay times, reports it was stolen from an officer who was directing traffic along 66th avenue. officers later found the stolen police suv along elmwood in jingle town. they say it had some damage. no arrests have been made yet. still ahead, the controversy that is prompting a school board to take action today. and the surprise the warriors had for young fans before hitting the court christmas day. you're looking live at the big board on the new york stock exchange. we are up 240 points. another update on how the markets are doing next. a nice christmas gift for a lot of folks. a live look outside at the golden gate bridge. not too many cars on the roadways today. we have your traffic and weather
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all right. 6:43 on this wednesday. high surf advisory down in socal, not heading out with their boards just yet. after 9:00 they can. mid-60s in san diego and los ageles. the system falls apart. 51, yosemite. 43 in tahoe.
6:44 am
t overall, 75% of average. most of them open at 8:00. they are going to be gorgeous. sunshine and clouds. they never get above freezing. back to average saturday and sunday. dry through tuesday. >> shoppers are expected to hit stores today to make christmas returns. maybe i'll be one of them. amy hollyfield is live at broadway plaza in walnut creek. >> good morning. it is expected to be a busy place today. shopping, look at the deals they're rolling out for you. banana republic, they are putting the signs in the window. an extra 60% off their sales. good deals out here. if you have some gift cards you want to spend or you just want to come and buy what you wanted for christmas but you didn't get. it was a good year for
6:45 am
retailers. look at the numbers from mastercard sales up 5.1% from november 1st to december 24th. that's compared to this same time last year. consumers spent more than $850 billion this holiday season. of course some returns are expected today. >> i made sure that everybody is happy with what they've got. if you don't like it, you will be returning it. >> i had my parents get me nutcrackers. i now have 27. so i always keep my gifts. one piece of advice is to come out early or late. midday is expected to be very busy. bring a receipt. that will help your process go smoother. another piece of advice, if you can, put off doing returns until january 1st. today and tomorrow are expected to be the busiest days for returns. if you can wait until january, you will definitely won't have as many people to deal with.
6:46 am
amy hollyfield, abc 7 news. amazon said it broke a record leading up to christmas for holiday sales. >> tens of millions enrolled as prime members. half the merchandise sold came from small to medium sized merchants. many last minute shoppers turned to amazon. the retailer says the last prime delivery was made right here in berkeley at 11:00 p.m. on christmas eve. >> wall street looking to bounce back after markets tanked on christmas eve. we're having trouble with a live look at the big board. but we can tell you i believe it's in the green. let me look it up real quickly. 'sp174 t no we'll keep track o it througho the green today. aew jersey willoleeng tonight after a wrestler was
6:47 am
told to cut his dreadlocks or forfeit his match. this went viral and sparked outrage. the referee said his hair was against the rules. new jersey allows a hair cover new jersey allows a hair cover next to ear guards. >> thousands of people are getting money back from go fund me after a story was found to be fake. more than $400,000 poured in to he help the homeless veteran from philadelphia after a couple claimed bobbit gave his last $20 so they could guy gas. now all three people are facing charges because prosecutors say it was all a scam. elon musk is offering the a look into the future. the man behind tesla and spacex
6:48 am
posted this video of the star ship rocket. it will be used for flights around the moon and to mars. it is currently being built in texas and has a stainless steel skip he believes will perform well in heat. he said it would get too hot for paint. they plan to begin testing the new design next year stkpwhraofplt some basketball fans have a great christmas memory thank to the warriors. >> they sustained their first nba game and a pregame treat. abc 7 news was inside oracle abc 7 news was inside oracle when they surprised 32 school students. one called it the best day of her life. >> i've never been to a warriors game. this is the closest i have ever been to being in a warriors game
6:49 am
or anything >> we have been lucky to have such great support from the community. we want to turn that around and support the community where we all live, work, and play. it was a great time regardless of th loss. other fans at the game told us they have made this their holiday tradition to enjoy the warriors basketball on christmas. steph curry has special guests. a kwraoup of young artists got great seats. they participated in a class by a popular footwear design tore create the curry 6. the white and blue design was inspired by snow s. curry sported the sneaker and so did the kids at last night's game against the lakers. this year's address is creating online controversy. the queen delivered her speech yesterday in a luxurious room inside buckingham palace. in the background there was a gold plated piano.
6:50 am
some say it makes the queen seem out of touch. but others are coming to the queen's defense. here's some of the comments online. one said, she's the queen. you want her in santa pajamas drinking cocoa. another was a little more snarky. it said, oh, no, they will find out the queen is a wealthy monarch. and sue an sana reid says she's the queen. have you seen her crown. she is not one of us. yet she brings us altogether. she's the queen. lay off. >> can they play it. >> someone obviously>> t ha dirty.t goingo t
6:51 am
>> she said that is what helps her and continue to march on. all right. so will we. you are never more than 7 minutes away from a accuweather forecast. mt. tam. look at that gold and yellow. golden state sunrise. remains breezy starting tonight all the way through friday morning. and it's going to be dry all the way through the new year. check out our temperatures. we're above average. 57 to 61 degrees this afternoon. a dry cold front. live doppler 7 showing the definite decrease in the radar returns. another deck of high clouds will come through in the afternoon hours. otherwise, it will be a bright day. as you can see around noon. the secondary push of high the secondary push of high clouds will start to come in.
6:52 am
with a mostly clear night, another chilly one. low to mid-40s around the bay, south bay. mid to upper 30s in the east bay and up into the north bay. immune from the winds that will be breezy. mainly in the hills during the overnight hours. they will sweep into the lower elevations during the day thursday. they will start to relax after 7:00 friday. a dry cold front. if your hands are -- or your lips are chapped, it will get even dryer. highs n mid-50s to near 60 today. mid-50s friday, saturday, sunday and monday and tuesday, the new year. hi, sue. >> good morning. very light across the richmond san rafael. here you are looking at a seven-minute drive from the east bay towards marin county. we'll take a look at the golden ga gate. beautiful morning there. crystal clear. no fog.
6:53 am
lots on cars going across. two lanes in the northbound. four in the southbound. overall traffic flow is looking great this holiday wednesday. sue, thank you. a bay area holiday tradition just marked its 25th anniversary. abc 7 news was in tenderloin for glide's christmas celebration and meal. it started yesterday with breakfast and followed by a prime rib luncheon. the house of prime rib donates 3,700 pounds of meet for the meal >> this is a day where we have roughly 500 volunteers show up. people are lining up at 9:00 to have christmas breakfast at 10:00. >> for the first time they handed out 500 prime rib to neighbors on the streets. volunteers paid 2,500 loaves of the jewish bread to enjoy with thriseal. > take aok. st. any
6:54 am
baked ham, mashed potatoes, corn, cheesecake. organizers handed out 2,000 gift bags filled with socks, underwear and other items. they serve 2,400 every day of the year and provides clean clothing to those in need. >> a holiday tradition in san jose is still going strong. abc 7 was at the downtown ice rink. it is located on market street near the san jose museum of art. it opened until midnight last night and reopens at 11:00 this morning. you can visit through the end of january. a christmas wish came true traou for a man in utah. >> he proposed to a woman who he has known since he was 13 years old. she said yes. here are the pictures. they have known each other 40 years but recently reconnected. they were playing mr. and mrs. claus when he popped the question. they were ready for the cameras. >> oh, my goodness. that is so cute.
6:55 am
coming up next, the 7 things you need to know before you go. first, your instagram picture of the day. snow at yosemite national park. it's a white christmas. you can see a lot more pictures like this one and share your photos and videos using #abc 7 now >> a live look outside with abc 7 news now. yep. a lot of folks still on holiday vacation, except us and maybe vacation, except us and maybe you.
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6:58. here are the 7 things to know before you go. number one, a woman is dead after san jose police officers opened fire early christmas morning. san jose police say she tried to ram officers with her vehicle. four officers are now on administrative le today is the first full business day of the government shutdown. sit entering its fifth day. president trump says it will remain until democrats agree to wall off the u.s./mexico border. number three, for the second time in a month, a migrant child has died in the custody of the federal government. the 8-year-old boy was from guatemala and died after being treated for flu-like symptoms
6:59 am
>> number four, many shoppers will search for bargains while retailers are celebrating a robust holiday season. sales jumped 5%. if you're out and about doing that, you may be using our app and watching live doppler 7. it will show radar returns over the ocean. otherwise, a dry cold front will kick up a few high clouds and keep temperatures in the mid to upper 50s this morning. abc 7 traffic center showing things are picking up on the east shore freeway. however, no major delays. we don't even have metering light on the bay bridge at this hour. the warriors are taking a social media beating showing this picture of draymond. ? say he looks bloated. they lost to the lakers. >> it looks like he ate all of santa's cookies in one night. that's not what he looks like. he is a very fit athlete. >> he looks retired already in
7:00 am
that picture. >> time to get a new artist. >> he got a little fluffier. >> good morning, america. >> watch out. >> a massive pileup shutting down an interstate on christmas. now, millions traveling home from the holiday facing hazardous conditions. the midwest bracing for a new winter storm while severe thunderstorms tear through the south. what you need to know before you hit the road. a new tragedy at the border. an 8-year-old boy from guatemala dies while in the custody of u.s. immigration and border patrol on christmas morning. he is the second child to die in custody this month. the investigation this morning. shutdown showdown. president trump doubling down on his demand that congress fund his border wall or else what's closed will stay closed. >> it won't be open until we have a wall, a fen


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