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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  December 29, 2018 6:00am-7:01am PST

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enchts foerng, buerre let's get up and get going. this is abc 7 mornings. it's saturday december 29th pl thank you for being with us us. i'm chris nguyen. let's look at the forecast. here is meteorologist lisa argen tracking live doppler 7 for us. >> hey, chris. it's absent of any clouds. that's because we are looking at the low dew pointing. temperatures cold. still gusty in the upper elevations. from in point visibility is good. san jose at 37. feels like 33 though. morgan hill freezing. half moon bay 43. and from our exploratorium camera looking at low 30s
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freezing in napa. petaluma 33. 36 in concord and livermore. the winds up around mount diablo gusting to 46 miles an hour. 27 miles an hour wind gusts around mount st. helena. and still chill in the air. 50 in san francisco. by 2:00 plenty of mid-50s a lot of sunshine and by 6:00 numbers will be dropping into the upper 40s in our inland east bay. another chilly night on the way. perhaps not as cold but we have another round of very cold mornings ahead. we'll talk about that in my accuweather seven-day forecast coming up in a few minutes. thank you. this morning, a total of 8 people in custody suspected in the death of corporal ronilening singh. the 33-year-old officer was shot and killed during a traffic stop in newman one day after christmas. the stanislaus county sheriffs department released this booking photo of the main suspect. he is 32-year-old gust of perez
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arriaga. investigators say he was trying to flee to mexico. authorities have also arrested 7 other suspects, including these four. ner arriaga's girlfriend, two brothers and a coworker. the 7 suspects including three not pictured are accused of either misleading authorities about the whereabouts or helping arriaga evade authorities. as authorities continue the investigation the newman community comes together to remember corporal singh. last night thousand attended an emotional vigil. abc 7 news reporter amanda del castillo was there. >> reporter: in front of the crowd of thousands the family newman police corporal ronil singh leaves behind. the surrounding crowd did not surprise the family. >> i wasn't -- i know ron. ron -- estes just that kind of a person. >> testimony through tears and the thin blue line. many tell abc 7 news friday's vigil is proof that smalltown spirit is stronger than some
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might assume. >> we come out when someone is hurt, in need of a show of faith. >> reporter: a faith tested wednesday morning when police say this man gustavo perez arriaga shot and killed singh. airing aire got away leading authorities on a manhunt. two days later the news everyone was waiting for. >> i'm glad he had singh's handcuffs, the jewelry on his wrists. >> for the family what the community calls a victory does little to ease the pain of the loss. >> it's unfortunate we lost a role model. our kid, grand kids lost a role model. >> but memories of corporal singh will lass. the community who came together on a cold december night say they will make sure of it. >> that shows the type of person he was, the type of officer he was because if he wasn't good there might have been a showing but not like this. ♪
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>> reporter: and whether from lasting minutes or minute long encounters it's clear corporal singh impacted the lives of many here in newman and beyond. in newman, i'm amanda del castillo. if you'd like to help the family of corporal singh the sheriffs department says there is one authorized fund set up. it's through the stanislaus sworn deputies association. if you'd like to donate we have a link on our website. this morning we're learning more about the arrest in this case. this is a picture of the suspected shooter gustavo perez arriaga being taken into custody. a family friend of corporal singh posted the picture to facebook. he got it from a law enforcement source. arriaga was custody in custody in lamont near bakersfield yesterday morning about 200 miles south of newman. he was then returned to stanislaus county with a reminder of the officer he is accused of killing.
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>> officer singh's handcuffs were on that down annan on that guy. >> three of the eight suspects are reportedly in the country illegally. including arriaga one of his brothers, and coworker erik razo quiroz. this case puts the issue of illegal immigration back in the spotlight. the stanislaus county sheriff spoke at length about how he believes sanctuary laws are impacting public safety. abc 7 news reporter melanie woodrow has that part of the coverage. >> why are we providing sangt ory for gang members and criminals. >> stanislaus county sheriff adam christiansen asserting the death could have been prevented. he says gustavo perez arriaga who shot singh was in the country illegally from mexico. the sheriff says arriaga had two prior dui arrests and was a
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known gang member. >> law enforcement should be able to turn people over to i.c.e. who are committing crimes, gang members who victimize others. >> president trump tweeted about the manhunt for arriaga in part time to get tough on border security. build the wall. back in may sheriff christiansen appeared at a round table with president trump. today he wouldn't speak about the president. >> i'm not here to talk about the president of the united states but i will repeat what i've said before. border security goes hand in hand with national security, goes hand in hand with public safety. goes hand in hand with the safety of our community. >> law enforcement officials found arriaga near bakersfield. the kern county sheriff had this to say. >> when you tie our hands and don't allow us to work with our federal partners and communicate with our federal partners about people that commit crimes and who are in this country illegally we're going to have incidents like this not just on police officers but on the public that we're -- at a we serve and protect. >> still kern county sheriff
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called arriaga immigration status secondary in the case. a reporter asked the stanislaus county sheriff whether the arriaga had prior deportations. he said he didn't have information on that yet. today president trump threatened to close the southern u.s. border completely unless congress agrees to fund a border wall. in the newsroom. melanie woodrow abc 7 news. abc 7 news is staying on top of all new developments in this story. we sent out the push alert when officials announced the first arrest. can you get updates like this on your phone by downloading the abc 7 news ach and enable push alert. the time is 6:07. the manhunt expands for a skapee from san quentin the state prison. shalom mendoza walked away wednesday night. prison officials are not saying how mendoza ska skapd. but he was assigned to work outside the security perimeter. sky7 was over the nearby area where waste water is pumped out
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to the central marin sanitation agency. the general manager says it's common for inmates to maintain the pumping station. >> he was probably one of the fellows out there cleaning the racks out of the influent channels of the pump station. >> mendoza was serving a 5-year sentence for a car jacking in los angeles county. today family and friends will remember a 2-year-old yemeni boy who passed away after being on life support at ucsf benioff hospital. he suffered from a rare brain disorder. his mother was reunitwood her tying son last thursday after not being able to enter the country as a result of the travel ban. a lawsuit was filed and she was grant add waiver. hassan's funeral is scheduled for this afternoon in lodii. in the east bay a large police presence is expected this morning when troe cutting crews return to berkeley. they're finishing up work in people's park.
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this comes after a protest delayed the remove of of dozening of trees yesterday. uc berkeley owns peoples park. a campus spoke person tells abc 7 news the trees are being cut down as part of a wider project to catch up on deferred maintenance. and this is also happening at other uc owned siting. people's park is located south of the main campus. it's been the scene of many controversies and protects since the 60s. >> the hasn't reached historical landmark status yet but they are trying to basically tear down the park before it reaches historical landmark status which would be next summer. >> protesters say the university should have done a better job of informing the public about its plans to cut down the trees. in related news more than 1,700 people are have signed a petition to save 19 ficus trees near the main library at civic center. thely braer has been working with the department of public works to replace the trees which
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overshadow the sidewalk. a immunity organizer has appealed the decision alleging that clearing the trees is an effort to reduce maintenance costs. a hearing is scheduled for next monday. the time is count 6:10. lisa has been tracking the forecast. not much by way of clouds. no it's certainly cold though. the winds the most part at the surface have backed off. in ut upper elevations gusty. looking life outside the visibility is good. but temperatures mainly in the 30s. and in all neighborhoods except if right in san francisco, half moon bay, low to mid-40s. it's freezing in santa rosa as well as the san ramon valley. it's a slow warm yum today, plenty of sun but what about the holiday weekend? i have the answers coming up. >> thank you, lisa. also ahead, an extra set of eyes even when no one is around. the technology helping crews
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fight fires. plus living on a billboard. four superfans camped out in san jose. why one is waking up a bit warmer this morning. i am a techie dad.n. i believe the best technology should feel effortless. like magic.
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pg&e could face murder charges if found guilty of startth the camp fire in beauty county. the official cause of the fire is still under investigation. but the fir flames fire crews spotted were located directly under an active pg&e high-tension power line. the camp fire was the deadliest
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and most destructive fire in state history. 86 people died and nearly 14,000 homes destroyed. a federal judge is demanding answers from pg&e and its possible role in starting the fire by new year's eve. in the north bay firefighters have a new set of tools to discovery discover and locate wildfires sooner and better than ever. it's a new new york of cameras. abc 7 news reporter wayne friedman has the story. >> reporter: sometimes the destination eclipse a journey. the mount tam would be one of those places. from gardener look out 2571 feet up. san francisco seemed almost touchable. mount diablo shoutable and far in the distance that is thor sierra snow pack. >> how rare is today. >> rare. >> the marin county fire captain keith wallace didn't bring to us show off the view. instead the newest tools taking advantage of it high-definition cameras two of six soon to be eight mounted in marin and linked to a north bay network. >> they all see each other.
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>> it's the difference technology can make. used to be to spot a fire you had to have a man or woman looking out at a place like this. now not anymore. with the cameras the lookout can be anywhere. literally. >> i'm here. >> that marin deputy fire chief mark brunn mo watched every move we made today from his kitchen in sonoma county. >> you followed us? >> yeah, i did. absolutely. >> this freeze frame of our crew at the lookout demonstrate how well the system works. the first time fair commanders can move and pan the cameras from anywhere. they made a big difference at an apartment catching fire on wednesday. chief brown had electric electronic eyes on and relayed information before crews arrived. and he did so from his kitchen table in sonoma county while on vacation. >> it gives us context, can help with shortening our reflex tame to get to the incidents. >> you know what you're getting into. >> correct. >> pg&e paid for the cameras soon covering more than a thousand square niles miles
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north as lake county. it's not the same as hiking to the top of mount tam on a chlorday. but in terms of the wildfires it's the next best thing. from marin county, wayne friedman, abc 7 news. your pg&e bill will go up in the new year. the company is increasing rates for gas and electricity commerce by about a dollar starting tuesday. officials say it's because of a jump in natural gas prices. earlier this month pg&e requested a large rate increase by 2020. the state public utilities commission is currently reviewing the proposal. a bird strike it for forced a student helicopter pilot and his teacher to make an emergency landing near hayward executive airport. >> the copter crashing. may dab bha day. >> sky7 was over the scene of the crash just after 11:00 yesterday morning at sky west golf course. airport officials say a large turkey vult you are mashed into the windshield. the back propeller took a hit and broke off. >> i looked behind me and was
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just -- the helicopter was spinning out of control. >> i thought, man that doesn't look good at all. that was amazing. i look at it now that's an incredible pilot. >> both the student and the instructor were both able to walk away. today's is the semi finals of the college football playoffs and one of four fans living on a giant billboard in downtown san jose is waking up warmer this morning. >> you win this giant abc 7 news parkay coming in very handy. how excited. >> i'm pumped because i'm really cold thanks, guys. >> notre dame fan janette kim named the ultimate fan thanks to the viewers voting in the all-day poll. the group mab hanging out 50 feet in the air since thursday. they're all vying for a chance to watch their favorite team compete in the national football championship playoff on january 7th. two teams and two contestants will be eliminated today. i want to apologize to you all in advance we're going to
6:18 am
win again. we're doing it again and bringing home number 18. >> the fans were picked from a pool roughly 700 to represent the college teams. >> again the semi finals of the college football playoff today. notre dame plays clemson at 1:00 this afternoon. followed by oklahoma versus blachl. you can watch both on espn. and college football champs is on levi stadium on monday, january 7th. now the accuweather forecast with lisa argen. well the coat coming in handy because in morning we have a slight sweat o southwest wind allowing for wind chill factor in san jose making it feel like 33. but at 7:00 you'll be up to 37. noontime 53 degrees. and then by about 4:00 feeling pretty good at 58 dropping into the low 50s. those folks are pretty hardy out there. enduring the wind and now the cold but at least they have nice sunny skies to look forward to
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today. live doppler 7, it's clear and we have good radiational cooling lougt for cold temperatures draining in the valleys. look at the storm track it's well north and looking dry the next several days. elsewhere around the bay it's certainly cold over in the east bay. 32 in the san ramon valley. 36 in concord and livermore with freezing numbers up towards santa rosa. 46 in san francisco. 43 half moon bay. compared to yesterday it's pretty cold out there in the valleys. at least 11 degrees colder. 14 degrees colder in concord. all that wind mixing the atmosphere yesterday. the higher dew points helped to keep the numbers up. we will get into an on shore push westerly wind helping the overnight lows in mitigate a bit tonight. still 41 miles an hour wind gusts mount diablo. and that's the cold direction. vantage point crystal clare. frost this morning.
6:20 am
a dry weekend new year's eve. and then into another round of some very chilly numbers after that. sunday, monday, saturday o tuesday, after the weekend and then a chance ever rain next friday. with the on shore push hopefully not as cold but still in the 30s out there. monday 34. this is the north bay valleys waking up to cold temperatures again for tuesday and wednesday, the greers day hopefully you sleep in numbers below freezing. by the end of the week extra cloud cover and it shouldn't be as cold. wave height six feet to eight feet but a beach hazard statement through noontime for sneaker waves anywhere from monther away no sonoma county. dangerous out there. rainfall how is it looking? we are looking at only 49% of average in mountain view. over two inches of rain. but everybody else falling from 70 to 74% of normal for this time of year with san francisco almost six inches of rain and nine 1/2 for santa rosa. we need more and hopefully it
6:21 am
comes by the end of the week. 82% of normal is the central sierra snow back. statewide 79% of average. and no snow in the future for this week anyway. maybe late friday. 58 in san jose. 57 in richmond. numbers in a narrow range. the accuweather seven-day forecast, a frosty start today. mid-and upper 50s. tomorrow it gets windy in the hills. new year's eve it's cold and the gusty winds continue to blow and look for cold morning tuesday and wednesday. lots of sun. milder the end of the week and hoping for the rain to arrive friday. you can download the app to stay up to date. >> always a good tool. thank you. coming up next -- >> you subscribe to netflix and spotify so why not ford or volvo? i'm michael finney with the latest on car subscriptio
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you might have a tv subscription through netflix. perhaps your music subscription through apple. why not a car subscription through ford in 7 on your side michael finney has been looking into it and explains why some may like it better than owning a car. >> the ford parked outside of this burlingame home is neither leased nor bought.
6:25 am
giann didn't win it either. back home in the bay area after living in new york city for years, she went online and subscribed to ford's used car subscription service canvas. as in blank canvas is it. >> quite literally clicked buy and it appeared in front of my house two days later. >> seriously. >> yeah. i didn't have to go anywhere, do anything. disrupt my workday. came at 9:00 a.m. sign the paper and went to work and it was at if nothing happened. i just had a car. >> canvas is headquartered in san francisco. it offers a call and all the fixings for a single monthly price. >> we bundle everything. the insurance, the maintenance, the warranty, the roadside assistance all you have to do is add gas. canvas a simple solution. >> allison brailly heads up marketing she tells me you can sign up for a month, several months a year or more. so what's the catch in. >> you have to have a good driving record to use canvas.
6:26 am
you have to be 21 plus. and you have to be -- have a valid u.s. driver's license. >> seven car makers offer subscription services in various u.s. cities. of those only canvas and care by volvo here in the bay area. carol lachnit is the director of >> they are set up to test in nashville and philadelphia and in atlanta to see how these programs work. before they take them wide. >> she says subscription case appeal to auto enthusiasts who like to trade in and out of cars. they also appeal to drivers like gianna. >> i don't know anything about cars. the i don't want to know anything about cars. i just need it to get me around. that's my whole thing is i don't really care. i just want it it to work and get me where i need to go that's whydy it. >> there are another half dozen car subscription services offered by third parties and
6:27 am
dealerships. they're scattered across the country and operate different niche services. the company called less operates here in the bay area. i'm michael finney, 7 on your side. still to come on abc 7 mornings, day eight of the government shutdown. the concern for some local families this morning. also, the end of an era for two brothers. the shop that's closing after four decades in one community. kayla: our dad was in the hospital. josh: because of smoking. but we still had to have a cigarette.
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>> announcer: good morning north bay. let get up and get going. >> this is abc 7 mornings. thanks for being with us. i'm chris nguyen. we start with ha quick look at the weather. lisa argen is tracking the conditions where you live. hey, chris. you only want a quick look because it's cold out there. you're probably already feeling it. starting out this morning in the south bay, check out the 30s. 35 in cambrian park. 29 in morgan hill. sunnyvale. and towards the east bay. above freezing in danville and novato. 33 in sebastopol. we have dropped considerably compared to yesterday. that's because of the dry atmosphere settling into place. winds are still slightly guster in the upper elevations. 10:00 temperatures in the 40s in the inland east bay. 2:00 tons of sun. mid-50s in concord and san
6:31 am
francisco. perhaps 60 bip santa rosa by the evening no clouds but we are dropping through the 40s. new year's eve and new years day to talk about and whether or not rain returns i'll have the answers coming up. >> thank you. happening today's homeland security secretary kirstin kneelsen plans to visit the border near yuma, arizona following the recent deaths of due migrant children from guatemala while in custody. she visited the border patrol agent near el paso texas. promising more tlor oskrerng for dep tand children after an -year-old died monday. president trump cancelled his trip to mar-a-lago for the second time in season as the government shutdown continues into day number eight. the president wants money for the border wall but the democrats are refusing to provide it. president trump tweet add threat to close the southern border entirely if if they don't. meanwhile hundreds of thousands of federal workers are
6:32 am
furloughed or working without pay. the u.s. coast guard found out they'll be getting paid for the past week of work but future paychecks aren't guaranteed. abc 7 news reporter jabbena fordson explains thousand impacts families. >> the children are happy but there is stress behind their mother's smiles. >> we're a proud coast guard family. but there are sacrifices we have to make and we never thought that not getting a paycheck was going to be one of them. >> sister in laws kristine and amber kroll's husbands are members of the the coast guard, the only branch of the military not getting paid during the government shutdown. >> our husbands are still going to work every day, staying late going early doing everything they always do. >> about 42,000 active duty members nationally and 4,000 in the bay area are working without pay. we asked the coast guard how many members were fuloughed locally but the person who could provide the answer has been furloughed. the coast guard released a statement saying the longer the
6:33 am
shutdown lasts the more difficult for the coast guard to maintain mission readiness. >> people are afraid that they're not going to be able to make rent, not pay bills. >> a one time emergency axe is allowing them to get the december 31st paycheck but everything else up in the air. >> great in the moment it's just a band aid. we still need to figure out what's happening if they can't come to a resolution. >> yes, we will likely be back payed do i look at my child and say i'll feed you eventually? you know what i mean? not an option. >> there are some resources in place who financially assist military families such as loan programs and the coast guard mutual assistance. kristine kroll tells me her family didn't qualify. she has calmed dozens of lawmaker across california to share her family stories and many others like theirs. from laemd. jobina fordson abc 7 news. the shutdown is impacting yosemite. the park says it's closing the
6:34 am
two camp grounds as well as mar posa grove because of impacts from human waste. and dogs are banned on all trail. the badger pass ski area, lodging, dining and retail stores remain open. for a complete list of what's open and closed during the federal government shutdown, go to our website. an expanded program to combat drunk driving in california goes into effect on new year's day. senate bill 10946 requires ignition interlock devices for all repeat dui offenders and first-time offenders who want to drive rather than have a suspended license. a driver has to blow into the device to check blood alcohol levels in order for the car to start. >> ignition interlock devices are a game changer in the fht to stop the revolving door of repeat offenders. >> an interlock pilot program has been in effect in some
6:35 am
california counties since so you, including alameda county. the devices have prevented people from drinking and driving more than a million times. every year in california drunk driving kills 1,000 people and injures 20,000 others. the time is 6:35. it's the end of a era for a shoe are repair shop on the peninsula. two cobblers who are brothers are both retire attention after rnning their shop for four decades. abc 7 news reporter david louie has the story from san mateo. >> reporter: we came in to say goodbye. >> thank you. >> >> reporter: a steady extreme of longtime customers timing in march owes on west 25th avenue. the brothers harry and robert kept the name of a previous owner when they took over 39 years ago. the brothers are immigrants from syria. saari came first then his older brother robert. they put in 14-hour days and developed a reputation for repairing shoes and purse and other leather goods. >> you know if you get some favorite pairs of shoes you
6:36 am
don't want to give up he has always been able to repair them and make them like new. >> three women have been customers since the beginning. >> they must love your work. >> my work and me too. >> they inherited and managed to maintain century old cobbler machinery that stitched soles and polished shoes sadly there is no market to sell them with shoe repair fading as a result of wanes demand a as skmurms witch to thus made with synthetic materials the cheaper to replace than repair. harry and robert use the best quality leather soles from germany and italy. some rare american souls will be relics for a corrector. sports figures, allen kennedy and tom brady's family are commerce. abc 7 news anchor kristen sze. >> the mother-in-law send her over i died her wedding shoes. >> over time four pairs of shoes are unclaimed after the customers were reminded to pick them up.
6:37 am
if you are getting concerned about what happens to the orphaned shoe f2 the owners don't claimpeople thp harry and robert have recipients in mind. in san francisco, david louie, 7 news. >> facial salen will take over the store front. harry plans to travel in retirement and the older brother will move to los angeles to be closer to his daughter. >> stepping in the tich with a passionate bay area chef how he elps others whip up a new career. but first a look outside from the abc 7 roof camera. time is 6:37. a chilly start to saturday morning. lisa argen has the full forecast in just a few minutes. also, abc 7 has more news weather and local hot topics coming your way. abc 7 news at 11:00 a.m. is expanding to a full hour at midday live. join the team every weekday at
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good morning, everyone. time right now is 6:40. we are looking live outside from the sutro tower camera. if you were hoping for a warmup this weekend, not much luck. we get a check of the full forecast from meteorologist lisa argen coming up in just a little bit. in the east bay, a chef's passion for food is contagious and he shares his love of cooking with people hungry for a
6:41 am
new career. alexis smith from abc 7 mornings met the man making a difference one scone at a time one of our abc 7 stars. >> kitchen on fire in berkeley offers some of the highest rated cooking classes in the country. even if you can barely pull off making a frozen pizza it's easy to be inspired working with olivier sayedp. known as chef olive. >> he is a bundle of energy. he is what people ask for. it's the energy walking in the room to get people excited about whatever they're doing. >> their classes fill up quickly with date nights, cooking parties and corporate team building workshops. >> he makes sure he works with people who normally wouldn't have the opportunity to be in his kitchen. >> i was a professional driver for 20 years. i'm driving limo. and career change. >> luc is here today with bread project, a non-profit that chef olive frequently works with as a guest instructor ofrpg a free intensive bakery training program to those facing economic
6:42 am
barriers. >> my dream job now is to be a baker. i love to bake. >> that little thing with eggs would get them higher guess what they asked me to do. i know that. >> growing up in france, chef olive's grandmother and aunts taught him to cook using healthy unprocessed foods. it's the traditional way that kitchen on fire is so enthusiastic about. >> it definitely comes through in the way he teaches, treats people and just makes is fun and enjoyable for everyone. >> reporter: bread project mass an 85% graduation rate. almost everyone completing the program is able to find work in the baking and food service industry. >> it's a lot of giving, but you receive a lot, not in money, but in much more important things. that richness come from those people that you help. money can't buy that. >> in addition to helping bread project chef olive and his staff volunteer with east bay organizations like the arc,
6:43 am
st. vincent depaul and oakland public schools. another reason he is an abc 7 star. if you'd like to nominate someone to be an abc 7 star go to our website. abc 7 the time is 6:44. lisa has been tracking the accuweather forecast. clear skies but if you are heading out fwrab a jacket. >> it's cold out there. san francisco in the 40s. and as we look from the exploratorium camera it looks gorgeous with the clear sky. but the lack of wind has allowed many of the valley locations to drop near freezing. 32 san ramon as well as santa rosa. and we're at 30 in gilroy. it's a cold start. a slower warmup. plenty of sun on the which. but several cold mornings to speak of, including new year's day. my accuweather seven-day forecast is next. >> thanks. also ahead what jimmy garoppolo just did that has the
6:44 am
6:45 am
6:46 am
? sports, the warriors will look to rebound from thursday night's disappointing home loss to the trail blazers. tonight the dubs play the blizer again in portland. tipoff at 7:00 p.m. at the moda center. the 49ers prepare for the season finale tomorrow against the nsk west division leading rams. yesterday the nine erps had a welcome sight at practice. anting nip floerps has the details in this morning's
6:47 am
sports. >> good morning, everyone. the 49ers close out the regular season sunday in l.a. but when you are 4-11 there is a lot of looking ahead it next season. here a positive sign. jimmy garoppolo working out at practice. the 49ers held the last practice on friday. jimmy g was doing rehab work off to the side under the supervision one of the 49 ertz trainers. he suffered a season-ending knee injury in week three recently got off crutches and has been able to stand on sidelines during games. >> i think it's always good for guys to sit back and watch especially when you know the offense inside and out. first time i could do that was wei became a coach opinion then you wish you could play again because it helps. it's a situation players don't want. but if you get that situation you take advantage of it and it definitely can help. >> the power of nick sabine on full display at media day when
6:48 am
the lineman was asked about facing heisman trophy winner kyler murray. watch what happens when he realized he is about to criticize the ou quarterback. >> have you gone up against any quarterback that's sliltly represent assemble kyler murray. >> i don't feel like i have gone against a quarterback sloiltly reemable but i feel like kyler murray is not worried about -- >> what's that. >> no, i'm good. >> that is classic. the bell, washington state and iowa cougar. the the great catch. it's 21-7. cougs. iowa comes bab needing a 2-point version. blocked perdy in trouble. stopped short pop mike leech geets the gatorade bath.
6:49 am
wazoo wins 28-26. it's in a tradition dating back to the mid-1980s. last night 49ers lineman gathered at the house of prime rib for the annual end of the season dinner. the rookies always get the biggest piece of meat. that's joe bets delivering what appeared to be half a cow to this player. the annual dinner has gone on more than 30 years and no one leaves hungry. >> it's very interesting. faces change. but the character is the same. of course this is an incredible, nice group of people. they have to work together. and they are just showing it. they're fantastic. >> reporter: who says lineman never get any love. that's a look at morning sports. have a great weekend and a happy new year. i'm anthony flores. >> announcer: now the accuweather forecast with lisa argen. good saturday morning. look how glassy the bay looks from mount tam.
6:50 am
the winds have really dialed back at the surface. still a little breezy in the upper elevations but boy is it dry. the normal whipped will do it. and as a result temperatures have dropped to some of the chilliest eve we have even snt past couple day the. on the top is san francisco 46. 39 in oakland. feels like 33 in. and. up north bay low 30s in napa. 35 in santa rosa with mid-30s in concord and livermore. santa cruz don't that look nice, 39 degrees there going for a high in the upper 50s today. so temperatures just a few degrees below average. live doppler 7, the sweep on top of mount st. helena checking out clear conditions and the storm track remains well north of us. and so that means no rain for the next several days. but we will see some changes towards the end of next week. 11 degrees colder this morning
6:51 am
for you in mountain view. you feel that as well as livermore and concord. the dry atmosphere, the radiational cooling and the colder air pooling in the valleys making for a cold start. upper elevation winds coming down. 43 miles an hour gusts around mount diablo. look at the direction out of the north. we get the change with slightly warmer overnight lows when we see that wind shift with winds off the ocean. that is in the forecast for today. cold morning, patchy frost frost, dry weekend and new year's eve. a chance of rain arrives next friday. with the wind out of the west that allows for temperatures to come up a little bit. the dew points come up. so overnight lows in the north bay valleys in the upper 30s. around four or five degrees warmer than this morning. chillier for new year's eve and waking up new year's day below freezing. that is also into wednesday. so we get another parcel of air bringing dry conditions for the
6:52 am
beginning of 2019. beach hazard statement through the afternoon. sneaker waves from insomnia sonoma to monterey. current the wave heights not cephas but the sneaker waves certainly a possibility. and never turn your back on the ocean, of course. look at state highs number in the 40s more the sierra nevada. 64 los angeles and if you are going up to the mountains the next several days it's windy the higher you get. 40s today milder tomorrow in the upper 40s. in the teens for the most part. increasing clouds monday. highest in the upper 20s. maybe a little bit of snow. by tuesday looking at numbers around 39 degrees. a little variation with temperatures in the upper 50s. a lot of sunshine, 58 san mateo. fremont and palo alto. and the accuweather seven-day forecast it' certainly a frosty one for some of you this morning. then tomorrow we'll look for more sunshine looking at numbers in the lower 60s inland. a couple degrees warmer.
6:53 am
winds picking up in the hills. new year's eve still gusty but dry and cold. new year's day, another cold start download the app and live doppler 7 may come in handy by the end of the week when we get clouds abmilder temperatures and rain by friday. >> thank you. eva pilgrim joins from us new york to tell us what's coming up at 7:00. >> coming up on gma a man accused of killing a california cop arrested. the emotional response from the victim's brother and the county sheriff. and how the officered's memory is honored by his community. plus the government shutdown continues as negotiations remain at a stand still. the thousands of government workers affected. and finally a weekend of wild weather, snow slamming the southwest and flooding hitting the east coast and hawaii. the severe conditions sweeping the country ahead of the new year. it's coming up on gma. and still ahead, maybe it's your new year's resolution to become a multimillionaire. the megaprize on the line in the
6:54 am
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6:57 am
million jackpot is tuesday night, new year's day. oh, the things you could do with all that money. >> that's right. good morning, everyone it's cold stay in bed longer if you can. hopefully you have the socks and sweat shirt on extra blanket. 30s for most of you 46 san francisco. 58 later today. sunny in oakland as well as sand rafael. the accuweather seven-day forecast may be milder tonight. so tomorrow low 60s for highs but then new year's eve back to chilly conditions, gusty upper elevation winds. new year's day sunny and cool and a chance of rain into the end of the week. >> looking forward to that, thank you. thanks for joining us on abc 7 mornings. i'm chris nguyen alongside lisa argen. the news continues now online on twitter, facebook and instagram. good morning america is next. well leave you for now with a live look outside at the bay bridge. abc 7 returns at 8:00 a.m. we'll see you then.
6:58 am
>> announcer: let's take on the issues. let's call out the problems. >> let's face it we have a trash issue here in san francisco. >> and find real solutions. let's have hard conversations. >> i feel that the community has failed people of color. >> announcer: and hear one another. >> we can use word we don't have to use our fists. >> announcer: our concerns might be different. but we're in this together. and building a bet
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good morning, america. this morning, wild weather across a large part of the country. record rainfall in the southeast submerging cars. >> he's still in the car. >> trapping drivers. snow in the southwest. near blizzard conditions and flash flooding on this busy highway. new arrests in the killing of a california police officer as the alleged gunman is tracked down. >> thank you. >> family members speaking out through tears and a sheriff vents his anger. >> we can't ignore the fact that this could have been preventable. >> plus, the vigil overnight. shutdown stalemate. now entering week two. the president raising the stakes as the democrats dig in and


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