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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  January 1, 2019 6:00am-8:01am PST

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>> have a great one. "good morning good morning, america, and happy new year. as 2019 begins, how to refocus and revamp your life and get financially fit. from eliminating those debts to improving that credit score, how to start the year off right, right now. also this morning, as a new congress heads to capitol hill, what 2019 means for president trump. from the investigation to those white house shakeups, and who is taking on trump in 2020. the race for the white house already under way. new apps for a new you. from self-help to the easy tools to use to stay on track for the new year. and up and away. the best places to travel in
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2019 without breaking the bank. the american hot spot celebrating a major milestone, and the trip inspired by one of the hottest movies of the year. a special new year's edition of "gma" starts now. [ applause ] good morning, america, and a very happy new year. that was bad. >> thanks for joining us on this first day of 2019. we're actually on tape this morning, so our staff and all of us could be at home with our families. we hope you're enjoying your holiday too, and we want to thank our wonderful audience here. they are also at home right now. [ applause ] >> yes. as you wake up this new year's morning, we have great tips to
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help you start the new year right, mentally, financially and physically. >> and speaking of mental fitness, dan harris is here with great meditation tips coming up. i definitely need that in the new year. i need some zen. >> all of that's ahead, but let's get the headlines. >> happy new year to you. we begin with the celebrations happening around the world. >> five, four, three, two, one. happy new year! >> despite soggy weather, more than a million partiers packed into times square for the new year's eve celebration. in paris, light show dazzled in the arc de triomphe amongst protesters, and a display in dubai, becoming the largest pyrotechnic display ever. turning now to president trump ringing in 2019 at the white house, and posting this message on twitter.
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>> while i'm at the white house working, you're out there partying tonight, but i don't blame you. enjoy yourselves. we're going to have a great year. have a really, really happy new year. >> president trump says he is willing and able to negotiate an end to the government shutdown, but he is not giving up his fight for the border wall. the democrats plan to introduce two spending bills when they control the house this week, but neither include the wall. meanwhile, federal workers are now suing the government over the shutdown saying it's not fair that an estimated 420,000 government employees are being forced to work without pay. this morning, the urgent manhunt continues in texas for the man who killed 7-year-old jazmine barnes sunday morning. police releasing this image of the truck believed to be the killer's, but so far they have not identified the shooter. terrifying moments at a marina in ft. lauderdale, florida. two explosions sending this boat up in flames.
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take a look. the camera capturing a man jumping off the boat just in time. he is burned, but expected to recover. no word yet on what caused that blast. and 2019 starting off with severe weather across the country. a blizzard clobbered the dakotas causing whiteout conditions. cars spinning out of control on icy roads in washington state, and storms in tennessee triggering flash flooding. sending this tree crashing into a
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we'll be back with another news update next hour, but let's go back to times square with cecilia. thank you, eva. now to a look ahead to a year ahead in the white house. that means a new congress, a new white house. that means robert mueller's investigation. my friend holding down the fort there, senior congressional correspondent mary bruce and terry moran. happy new year, you guys. [ applause ] >> happy new year. >> so terry, any way you slice it, this is going to be a huge year for mueller. >> reporter: this is really the showdown year, right? between donald trump and robert mueller. it is a story that as you well know could consume this white house, this presidency, or not because robert mueller because he has not leaked unlike other prosecutors. it's still a black box. there is a lot of smoke there.
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what we'll learn is just what he has got, if anything, on the president of the united states, and then that key moment. what does donald trump do as that prosecutor comes closer if he does? does he fire him? does he plunge the country into a crisis that way? but right now, it is a black box pretty much. we know there is smoke, smoke, smoke. is there fire? >> that's not the only investigation, mary. you have got your eye on the hill. they have got a ton of investigations they are potentially looking into. >> reporter: remember, democrats now are in control of the house when they come back here later this week and that means they will be putting this white house, this administration under an intense microscope. they feel the president has been able to act unchecked so not only are they looking at what robert mueller is doing in the russia investigation, but they are looking at his tax returns to conflicts of interest, to possibly looking at the business dealings with his family. there is a really wide net that congress is casting here, and of course then, they can't just investigate. they know they also have to legislate and so you're going to see them take action.
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likely first up is something to show that there is a new sheriff in town. they will be taking action to try and address corruption in washington. they certainly know, especially democrats are well aware, that americans are fed up with this town and they want to send a message that they are here and they are setting a new tone. >> wait, are you telling me that 2019 is going to be just as busy as 2018? i thought we were going to catch a break. >> i think it will be even more busy. >> it may be more busy and that piece that's missing is the one that people want. what are they going to do together, right? this guy is a fighter. the democrats are spoiling for a fight, but the country wants to see some kind of progress made, some actual deal, and i think they will get that message maybe on infrastructure, right? maybe on the opiate crisis, the worst drug crisis in the history of the united states. maybe they will do a deal. >> terry, ever the optimist. there are areas for potential compromise, but look, democrats are in charge of one chamber, and republicans the other. that means fwridlock.
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>> 2019 is all about get ready 2020. the president is campaigning for a re-election. democrats are already throwing their name in the hat. you know, we have got potentials like joe biden, kamala harris out of california. but for me, the big question is, will there be a republican challenger in this? do you care to take a guess? >> if there is a republican challenger, that person will not win. the republican party is now the trump party and you can see in the midterms, if trump comes to your state, you have a much better chance of winning and the idea that someone would take him on and dislodge him from the republican party, you would have to have a completely different world which robert mueller may create, or not. >> and there are so many people, especially up on the hill who are eyeing this part of town, right? republicans included, maybe some who have recently retired or recently left the hill, but man, it's going to be a real uphill battle for any republican. >> i do think for the democrats the question for them is, do
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they want to fight and get down in the mud with trump or are they going to try what beto o'rourke tried? something positive and populous. >> there will be meditation tips later in the show. you should stick around and watch. i need them. i know you do too. happy new year again. amy and lara? now we'll take a look at how to get financially fit this new year, whether it's improving your credit score or eliminating those debts. >> and for that, our chief economics correspondent rebecca jarvis is here with more. good morning and happy new year. >> happy new year. good to see you. yeah. so we say this every year. this is going to be it. this is going to be the year i finally get my finances in order. so let's make 2019 the true year of financial freedom. here are a few tips to get you started. >> reporter: this morning, the most important things you can do to keep those new year's money relutions. first up, know your credit score. at, you can see it for free. amend any errors and make sure
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there are no fraudulent accounts in your name open. with a number of data breaches in 2018, you can never be too careful. next, pay down those debts. with interest rates rising, the cost of those unpaid balances with also going up. the biggest gift you can give yourself is a clean slate. it's also a great time to get automated. set up auto-pay on everything, saving time and money by avoiding future late fees. next, make this the year that you actually do max out that 401(k). many employers offer a match and if you are not taking full advantage, you're leaving money on the table. finally, set a budget and stick to it. technology today makes it easier than ever to track with your smartphone using apps like good budget and mint. connect your accounts and see where you can save. and here's the thing, budgeting works. it does take some time, but it is so worth it. my husband matt and i have been doing this for a few years now. it really does make a
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difference. lara will be up next, but flea market flipping, that will save you money. >> it keeps your budget working for you. all right, thank you so much, rebecca. let's head over to aforementioned lara. >> thanks for the shutout, rebecca. let's look at your health and what will make headlines in 2019 in this arena. our chief medical correspondent dr. jennifer ashton is with us, and so much to talk about. let's talk about losing weight. every one of us here, right? is going to say to ourselves starting today, okay, i mean it this time. >> right. here's what i have my eye on in the new year. first of all, you have heard me say it before. it has to have the three "ss." it has to be safe, simple and sustainable. there is intermittent fasting. you have heard of it. what it is is you use the clock. there are apps for this, and you set the time during the day that you eat. so, for me, it's, like, noon to 8:00 p.m. very easy to do. largely this works by decreasing the caloric intake.
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it's pretty straightforward. if you are cutting out a meal or snacking or picking, you will be generally eating less. not for someone with diabetes who needs to keep a steady level of blood glucose going, but for weight loss or awareness or maintaining your weight, it can meet all three "s's." >> i have a follow up question. >> sure. >> i have two. >> okay. >> would sleeping count? >> you are fasting while you're sleeping. >> what if you fasted longer in the morning? you could get yourself a 12-hour fast. >> correct, and that's super easy for us, working on the show. by the time we finish, it's pretty much noon. >> right. if you go to sleep, you're getting eight hours there, and push breakfast later and before you know it -- >> it's worth a try and some
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people like that kind of regimented schedule. >> does it wreak havoc with our metabolism? >> it doesn't. in a day, you're never truly fasting. this is just using the clock to restrict when you are eating and when you are not eating. >> we're going to turn to women's health now. there will be a new focus now on "m" and "m." what does that stand for? >> i care about women's health and men care too. we will be looking at two "m's." menopause and maternal mortality. 6,000 every day go through menopause, and there will be more options than ever. there will be a big focus on postpartum care. our rate has gone up. we are losing women in pregnancy and postpartum when every other developed country is going down. we need to do better on that. >> yes, please. let's continue that conversation. so "m" and "m." we'll be talking about both of those things. jen, thank you so much. happy new year. >> you, too. >> love that conversation. thanks, guys. we want to turn to the power of music and how it's helping soldiers hear.
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a program started at walter reed is bringing joy not only to wounded service members but also those who get to see them perform. martha raddatz takes a closer look. ♪ >> reporter: doctors through countless surgeries put these wounded soldiers back together, but it was the music that made them feel alive again. ♪ ♪ do the right thing do the right thing ♪ >> we have had guys tell us that during their darkest period of their lives, being able to play music instead of staring at the ceiling helped in a way nothing else did. >> reporter: creating music corps out of necessity. adapting music lessons for injured service members. >> these are badass soldiers and marines and sailors and they want to work with the badass musicians so we get the best musicians we can find. >> reporter: and they turn them
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into the talented artists performing with the likes of roger waters, and sheryl crow. what they didn't expect was how profound the transformations would be. >> i was feeling stuck in a rut, and i felt like i needed to do something more. >> reporter: for army specialist tyler mcgibbon, music helped reawaken parts of his mind and body after he suffered a traumatic brain injury from a humvee rollover in kuwait. >> i started playing music in the hospital, and i guess this brain injury unlocked something. it just has me in the moment of this is my music. this is my time. this is my zone. nothing can interfere with it. just pure joy. >> the design of the holder is a little bit looser so it's great for strumming. >> reporter: music corps helped sergeant shane heath rediscover his joy after he lost his leg to a roadside bomb in iraq.
6:16 am
his injuries left him struggling. >> they definitely helped reaffirm that purpose. ♪ don't you know you're not the only one suffering ♪ >> all the stress, all that stuff just kind of goes away and it's -- it's a feeling of peace. >> i know it's not just these guys who benefit. these women and men who are in the music corps, you do too. >> it's that saying, if you want to help yourself, put your arm around someone else who needs it a little bit more. it gives me purpose. music gives them purpose. >> reporter: arthur and the wounded veterans get so much out of this music corps program, but watching them perform is equally joyful. they are about to pand to the west coast in san diego, meaning they will be a step closer to arthur's goal of bringing the healing power of music to veterans all across the country. cecilia?
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>> and our thanks to martha raddatz for that. over to you, amy. >> thanks, cecilia. new year's a always a big day for college football, and today is no different. espn college football analyst desmond howard joins us now to break it down. let's get straight to the games. first up, fiesta bowl, pitting lsu against university of central florida. what is going to happen on the field? >> look at this ucf team, and they are exciting. explosive on offense. number five in the nation, scoring offense, averaging 44 points per contest. they lost their quarterback, mckenzie milton, late in the season. you thought that might slow the offense down. no, ma'am, it did not. darryl mack jr. came in, and against memphis they scored over 50 points. they have a lot of weapons on offense, but lsu's defense, a very physical defense. >> all right, that could be a tough one. let's go to the rose bowl now. we have washington taking on
6:18 am
ohio state, and the major story line actually is the one perhaps on the sideline of course. ohio state's urban meyer coaches his final game before retiring. can the buckeyes take him out on a high note? >> i tell you what, amy. i think they can, and they probably will. i mean, this is a team that went through a lot of turmoil at the beginning of the season because of the whole zach smith saga and all that suspension that happened with urban meyer. so, you know, they want to send urban out on a high note. be careful with this next one, desmond. i'll warn you. we're talking about texas longhorns taking on my georgia bulldogs in the sugar bowl. what do you think is going to happen? >> i tell you what, this game features two teams obviously coming off of some disappointing championship losses obviously. texas, the longhorns they lost against oklahoma, the sooners. and georgia lost against alabama in the s.e.c. championship game. keep an eye on georgia's defense. they lost their defensive coordinator, mel tucker. he left and he took two defensive coaches with him. he used to call the defensive. i know kirby smart is a
6:19 am
defensive-minded coach, but mel tucker used to call the game. so it's going to be really interesting to see how they defend the texas longhorns' offense with a new person now making the calls defensively. >> all right, well, we'll be watching and i'll be rooting for them no matter what. yeah. you had to bring up alabama, didn't you, desmond? all right. thanks for being with us, and you can catch this college football tripleheader today starting at 1:00 p.m. eastern on espn. lara? cecilia? over to you. thanks, amy. coming up, new apps for the new year that can help you accomplish your goals, keep you on track and even help solve some problems. indeed, and what about meditating? there is an app for that. there is also dan harris. he is showing us how to finds the calm in the storm of the new year. just one minute of meditating, he says, can make a huge difference. namaste, my friend. namaste. my friend. namaste. we're all stressed. i hear you, sister. stress can affect our minds.
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had to. but then, we were like. what are we doing? the nicodermcq patch helps prevent your urge to smoke all day. nicodermcq. you know why, we know how. ♪ i love it. >> i know. [ applause ] >> welcome back to "gma" and happy new year, everyone. "the lion king" roaring into theaters in 2019. we are so excited about that. just one of the amazing movies we're all looking forward to. we're going to have a lot more on the other boxffice hits to come in just a bit. so looking forward to that, and of course, we want to wish all of you a very happy new year. [ applause ] i have a feeling -- i have a great feeling it's going to be a good one.
6:31 am
>> i really do. >> i have to tell you we're on tape. so that our staff and our crew and all of us could be with our loved ones at home this morning. >> we're sleeping. >> we're hoping you are enjoying your morning as well. thanks for joining us. [ applause ] we have something to make it even better. apps that could improve your life in the new year helping you accomplish goals, solve a few problems. the solver of all problems, becky worley is here with all the details. good morning, becky. >> that's a heavy mantle, but i'll take it because new year's resolutions are hard to keep. could an app help with that? >> reporter: from fitness -- >> in the name of this app -- >> reporter: to weight loss. >> you have got 12 points for that meal. >> reporter: we know that apps can help us track personal progress, but the trend has broadened significantly. self-help apps? this is a thing? >> oh, yeah. this is a thing. so there is pretty much an app for any type of goal you have in the new year. >> reporter: there are
6:32 am
meditation apps. >> i think a lot of people might think it's just sitting there and being quiet, but it's not. it's actually a skill it's actually a skill that you have to learn and get good at. >> reporter: there are apps help you get more consistent bedtimes. >> you may want to consider an app like sleep cycle. >> reporter: as counterintuitive as it may seem in this age of tech overload, use it to work on your happiness. >> one app i love is called shine and it's kind of like a personal trainer for your mental health. >> reporter: one feature, a chat robot that you can text about your problems. >> i feel tense. okay. >> then you can see here it has this heart emoji. we got you. >> yes, it's so cute. >> even though i know it's a robot, it gives me a warm fuzzy. >> reporter: these apps have even more reach because they can nudge us beyond our home screen. >> i actually just got a notification telling me it's time to drink water on my apple watch.
6:33 am
if you have something wearable, you can actually amplify your goals and these reminders through your wrist as well. >> reporter: so, even if your only goal for the new year is to stay hydrated -- 2019. and more water. yeah, there's an app for that. another place where tech can really help, sobriety apps from positive messages and connecting with others in the recovery community, they offer support with you 24/7 if you need it, and i just really learned a lot in that piece, especially about meditation and the fact that it's a skill you really need to learn it. >> so important. >> amen. amen. [ applause ] this guy here, our resident meditation expert, weekend "gma" anchor dan harris also with us. also with us, his new book "meditation for fidgety skeptics." >> mm-hmm. i named that for you. >> thank you and i'll take that because it's true. it's a 10% happier how-to.
6:34 am
it really is just that. 10% happier, your first book, we all loved and it opened my eyes certainly. no pun intended to how to close them and try to meditate at least. we're going to get into it right now. >> yeah, i am a fidgety skeptic. you know this about me because we have talked about meditation before. my job is insane. it just never stops. you're covering the trump white house. so you have to hear this from people. i just don't have the time. i can't fit this in. >> you're not alone. not all of us cover the trump white house, but we all feel time-starved. inriting this new book, we took a cross-country road trip and went all over the country in 12 days, which i don't recommend doing, and we met -- the goal was to meet people who want to meditate, but aren't actually doing it and the number one issue we heard is i don't have time to do this. the good news is, i believe one minute counts and we have a lot of one-minute meditations on our app and i
6:35 am
really believe that this is not requiring two hours a day, moving into a monastery or anything. one minute is enough to derive the benefits. >> i can usually find 17 minutes. that's how long it takes to get from the train to my apartment. to uptown. i'm so scattered so when i'm sitting in the subway, instead of looking at my phone, i have a mantra. does that count if i'm on the subway? >> absolutely. as i said, you don't have to find a pristine, quiet place. you don't have to live in a monastery. meditation is eminently portable. you can do it on the subway, you can do it on an airplane, you can do it in your office, you can do it in your car. as long as you're not actually driving. you can do it in the white house briefing room, probably not. not everywhere is eligible. >> is it okay if there are noise and distractions around you? >> absolutely. we have this beautiful gift of
6:36 am
headphones and you can pipe guided meditation into your ears. >> it's giving me anxiety listening to this. which is probably not the goal. i don't think a lot of us know how to do it. >> we were talking about this the other day. another huge issue when i found this and when i did the cross-country tour is people said, i can't clear my mind. as i like to tell people, clearing your mind is impossible unless you're enlightened or you have died. the whole point of meditation is not to magically clear your mind. it's to focus your mind for just a few nanoseconds at a time, usually feeling your breath coming in and going out and then, when you get distracted, start again and again and again. let me say one final thing, what is the point of doing all that? the point is when you see owe distractible you are, and how crazy we are, the craziness has less of a chance of owning you and that is the point of meditating. you're not yanked around by your emotions. >> dan's book is out now on paperback.
6:37 am
check it out, and if you want to learn more, check out dan's 10% happier app. you can do it. so excited. coming up, the top places to travel in 2019. [ applause ] top places to travel in 2019. people are managing their type 2 diabetes with fitness... ...friends and farxiga, the pill that starts with "f." farxiga, along with diet and exercise, helps lower a1c in adults with type 2 diabetes. it's one pill a day and although it's not a weight-loss drug, it may help you lose weight. do not take if allergic to farxiga. if you experience symptoms of a serious allergic reaction such as rash, swelling, difficulty breathing or swallowing, stop taking and seek medical help right away. do not take farxiga if you have severe kidney problems, are on dialysis, or have bladder cancer. tell your doctor right away if you have blood or red color in your urine or pain while you urinate. farxiga can cause serious side effects including dehydration, genital yeast infections in women and men, serious urinary tract infections, low blood sugar, and kidney problems. stop taking farxiga and call your doctor right away if you have signs of ketoacidosis which is serious and may lead to death.
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♪ all the ways at the store, or to your door. target run and done. [ applause ] this is one of my favorite topics, the hottest places to travel in 2019. we have an editorial director here. she has advice for every kind of traveler in the new year.
6:41 am
welcome and happy new year. >> thank you. >> i have taken advice from you and really enjoyed all of your suggestions. i can't wait to hear what you have in store for us this year. how do you pick the top travel spots each year? >> well, to create the frommer's guidebooks, we have journalists all from around the planet and we pull them saying, what's going to be exciting and great in 2019? we then create an article and here i am. >> i love it. all right, let's get right into that list. first up, you say, and this was kind of surprising to me, memphis. >> yeah. >> that's the place to go. why? >> if i were elvis, i would say -- ♪ happy birthday, baby it is the 200th birthday of memphis. they're going to have a year's worth of celebration. of course the barbecue and music will be great, but this is a city on the upswing. they have invested $70 million into the waterfront, a fabulous mile-long bridge. they have taken their attraction
6:42 am
graceland and made it even better with the multimillion-dollar visitor center and on a more somber note, it's 50 years since dr. martin luther king was assassinated in memphis. where that happened, the lorraine motel is the centerpiece for the incredible national civil rights museum. a really moving year to go to memphis. >> so much history. something that i think could shock a lot of people, space major list. >> we're not saying, shoot yourself off in a rocket. we're saying, let's have a science vacation. it's 50 years since man walked on the moon, and so -- yeah. [ applause ] so that too is going to be celebrated all around the u.s., but specifically on the space coast where there are going to be astronaut parades and special exhibits, and there are going to be 19 space launches from tesla.
6:43 am
so, if you ever wanted to see those live, you can do it. as well, disney. disney is giving us "star wars: galaxy's edge." it's going to be a game changer. they are spending $1 billion to create these new theme parks. >> wow. that's exciting. let's get back down to earth and talk about vacations for nature lovers. >> okay, national park. olympic national park in washington state. >> i have heard great things. >> gorgeous. >> it's the size of rhode island, but 95% of it has no roads, so totally pristine nature with towering peaks with glaciers on them and 70 miles of undeveloped coastline. this rainforest just a fabulous place. >> i have been there. it was, like, 20 years ago, but you're making me want to go back. it was beautiful, and the puget sound right there as well. incredible views. if you are looking to go overseas, europe say, it's really expensive. but you have a solution. >> for portugal, and restaurants, the problem is that's no secret. it can get overcrowded. we're saying do the interior
6:44 am
portugal, take a road trip on their equivalent of route 66. it's called the estrada nacional in wine country number two, and it's a fabulous road. >> i want to go. >> amazing. >> thank you so much. happy traveling in 2019. coming up, the movies you will be talking about in this new year from star-studded sequels to new takes on the classics like "the lion king" and "the little women." [ applause ] like "the lion king" and "the little women."
6:45 am
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6:48 am
back now with the blockbusters you will want to watch in 2019. we're talking sequels to your favorites like "frozen", and new takes on classics like "little women." this new year has a lot of movie magic in store for us. abc's chris connelly has all the details. >> reporter: you want big? from "avengers:end game" to "the monsters," to "little women", to a sequel to "frozen", and from a climax of "star wars" episode nine, to "frontier." 2019 has plenty of massive movies in store. "serenity" sees matthew
6:49 am
mcconaughey re-teaming with his co-star from "interstellar," anne hathaway. and this creature in "a dog's way home," and bryan cranston in an unlikely duo. taraji p. henson is in "what men want." "pitch perfect"'s rebel wilson tweaks the roll com in "what men want." from "avatar" producer, alita finds he reality in february. while march brings the debut of brie larson as "captain marvel," >> i'm not what you think i am. >> reporter: and liam neeson is back and you won't believe this part. he's seeking revenge. yes, again in "cold pursuit." >> i'm going to kill him. >> reporter: for earth day in
6:50 am
april, disney's got penguins. even the reinvented versions of "aladdin" and "the lion king." plus, more laughter and emotion from the people at pixar thanks to "toy story 4." >> to infinity and beyond. >> reporter: while "dark phoenix" and "x-men" sequel may further brighten 2019's films. for "good morning america," chris connelly, abc news, los angeles. >> grab your popcorn, everybody. coming up, how to help your kids cut back on screen time in the new year. we do have ways. and we're kicking the morning off right with the perfect new year's brunch using ingredients that are already right in your kitchen. don't go anywhere. "good morning america" coming back in 2019. [ applause ] g america" coming back in 2019. [ applause ] (client's voice) oww, it hurts... (danny) ...that you're not using smarter tools to manage your business. you work too hard to work this hard! collecting receipts? is it the 80s?
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6:56 am
good morning. i'm jessica castro from abc 7 mornings. we have developing news out of san jose. a two-alarm apartment fire has displaced between six and eight people. it started this morning on north fifth and east julian streets. the cause is under investigation right now. fireworks were found at the scene. selling fur clothing or accessories in san francisco is illegal starting today. san francisco is the largest city in the country to implement a fur ban. berkeley already has a similar rule in place. san francisco's chamber of commerce says fur sales brought in about $40 million a year but it's not enough to have a major impact on the city's economy. retailers will have until next january to see -- to sell, i should say, all of their
6:57 am
inventory. here's just a sample of what we can expect during today's rose parade. tese are some of the floats that will roll down colorado boulevard in pasadena later this morning. this is video of them on the move yesterday. volunteers built many of them at a warehouse. they move into position about 15 miles away. a reminder that you can watch the 2019 rose parade right here on abc 7 this morning. live coverage begins at 8:00, in just about one hour. let's check our forecast. hi, mike. >> hi, jessica. amazing the detail they can do on those floats. we still have details as far as the winds still above 1,000 feet at 10:00 this morning. as you can see, it's still a little gusty out on the embarcadero. exercising, yard work, the sunshine will be out there. it will feel more comfortable this afternoon as the winds ease. we have a little bit of an issue north of the bay bridge if you're out on the water. that's only until 9:00. the small craft advisory rolls away. here's a look at my accuweather forecast.
6:58 am
we had a few frosty spots around menlo park and palo alto this morning. expect more frosty conditions wednesday and thursday morning. friday will be our last dry day as the storm patterns looking afwress ive for saturday, sunday and monday. right now i put the storms at one. we'll have another abc7 news update in 30 minutes and always on our news app and happy first day of 2019. we'll see you the new sleep number 360 smart bed. it senses your movement and automatically adjusts to keep you both comfortable. and now, the queen sleep number 360 c4 smart bed is only $1299. plus, 24-month financing on all beds. ends new year's day.
6:59 am
7:00 am
good morning, america. it's 8:00 a.m. happy new year. we're helping you kick off 2019 refreshed and renewed, mentally, physically and financially with healthy habits from the inside out. also this morning, how to reset screen time rules. are your kids spending too much time online? why a social media detox might be the answer. our experiment right here on "gma." how to look your best in 2019. the top trends taking over from your clothes to your cup of joe. is cheese coffee the hot, new drink of the new year? and we have got your recipe for recover if yas
7:01 am
morning. on this special edition of "gma" as we say, good morning, america. [ applause ] good morning, america and happy new year. thank you for joining us on this first day of 2019. i want to let you know we're actually on tape this morning so our staff, our crew and all of us could spend time with our loved ones. we hope you're having a great morning too. what do you do on new year's eve? >> i'm a stay in girl with friends. i'm really the going out girl. >> all right. everyone comes to our home and having the kids around and where we are right now is colorado. so midnight is actually 10:00. it's really great. >> fantastic.
7:02 am
family, fun, friends, but i definitely like to have -- this is, like, my big night. >> it's your big night? >> i go big. i have lots of big nights. [ applause ] >> i do love it. i love it's about the year passed and i'm hopeful about the year forward. so it's a special time. >> i think it's important to celebrate that you have made it through another year. you have another year to look forward to. >> absolutely. >> and i love the sound of s champagne bottles popping because you only hear that when it's a good thing to celebrate. >> a taste of that too. happy new year to you both, and if you had a little too much fun last night -- what's that noise? do you hear a noise? >> champagne. >> just kidding. i was wondering if that was only in my head. you need a great brunch to ease into the new year. we are whipping up some food network delicacies from alex. she is with us to help. i love when she is here. >> oh, anything she makes.
7:03 am
a new year means a new look. wait until you see what the color for 2019 is. >> i do know this. >> do you? >> it's a wow. >> all right. and replacing those bomber jackets. i didn't know they were popular. i have not been in style all year. >> i halove it. it's like back to the '80s. we want to get back to your headlines and eva pilgrim. good morning and happy new year, eva. thanks, amy. good morning. we begin with two attacks on new year's eve revelers. in tokyo, police say a van slammed into a crowd celebrating, injuring people and that driver behind bars. in manchester, england, a man stabbed three people including a police officer at a train station. that suspect is in jail. counterterror police are leading the investigation. thankfully, no fatalities in either incident. back here at home, the biggest issue facing partygoers, wet weather, but that didn't
7:04 am
dampen spirits. >> happy new year. >> reporter: braving the pouring rain and a whole lot of confetti, more than 1 million people were on hand to watch the world's most famous ball drop. >> whether it's freezing, clear or rainy, we love it. >> reporter: 7,000 officers there to keep the party people safe, making use of 1,200 cameras and 50 canine units. >> times square is a safe place tonight. >> reporter: expanding from new york to new orleans to los angeles, jam packed with these hottest artists like shawn mendes and due what lia lipa. christina a e christina aguilera rocked times square. the sky lighting up around the globe from rome to russia to hong kong, and in dubai, a
7:05 am
record-breaking spectacle leaving onlookers in awe of the largest pyrotechnic display ever. turning now. the shutdown stalemate dragging on this morning. just days before democrats take control of the house, president trump saying he is ready to negotiate, but not willing to back down on the border wall. democrats say they have two spending bills to introduce, but neither will fund the wall. this morning, the urgent manhunt continues in texas for the man who killed 7-year-old jazmine barnes sunday morning. a gunman opened fire on her family's car and a walmart parking lot. police releasing this image of the truck believed to be the killer's, but so far, they have not identified the shooter. the colorado man accused of killing his fiancee is now facing a pair of first-degree murder charges. patrick frazee did not enter a plea during a court appearance yesterday. also it has been suggested he had one or more accomplices in the death of 29-year-old kelsey
7:06 am
berreth, but that has not been confirmed. north carolina officials say they will investigate after a deadly lion attack. the wildlife center where 22-year-old intern alexandr ale black was mauled by a lion. north carolina is one of four states with little or no laws for keeping wild animals in captivity. australia's biggest city turning back time last night when the ball dropped to ring in 2019 down under. the electronic sign on sydney's harbor bridge, look at it there. it flashed happy new year 2019. i feel their pain. it's hard
7:07 am
happy new year. it's the first day of 2019. let's enjoy it. head back now to times squa irand cecilia. and coming up, how to reset those screen time rules for your kids. is it time for a social media detox? >> yes. and from clothes to coffee, the new trends for 2019. why some say cheese is the perfect ingredient to add to your cup of joe. >> what did you say? how many cubes? >> cubes of cheese. plus, our dream team of wellness experts are here showing you how to reboot your life mentally, physically and financially. that's the dream team, people. we have a wonderful audience.
7:08 am
happy new year. "gmacoming right back.
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welcome back to "gma." thanks for joining us on this new year, and lara, you have a special edition of "pop news" for 2019. >> i do. >> wow. the first "pop news" of 2019. >> rolling up the sleeves for this. here's a question for all you film fans. what is the most influential movie of all-time? not of 2018. of all-time. a new study published i in "applied network science," looked at over 27,000 films, across different genres on metrics, and coming in at number three, the horror classic, "psycho." >> i get that. >> third most influential movie. >> no one has taken a shower in
7:14 am
the same way again. >> and horror movies from that point on have used it as basically the sort of be all, end all. the number two is the intergalactic adventure, "star wars." >> that was the first movie i ever saw in a movie theater. >> i remember it so specifically. that's one of the movies that touches all of us in a different way. the most influential movie in history, any guesses? don't look at the prompter. >> i took myself out. >> click your heels. >> sparkly shoes. >> there you go. >> "the wizard of oz," everybody. i wanted to try to explain to you the metrics, but it was so intense. there are a lot of reasons y but three great movies were taken a look at. also the most influential director, alfred hitchcock, and surprised me on this, the actor was samuel l. jackson.
7:15 am
very distinctive certainly. there she is, carrie fisher was named the most influential actress of all-time. i would have gone with, like, vivian lee from "gone with the wind," but i guess the late, great carrie. >> they said it. >> made the cut. there's that. what do you think the secret to success is in 2019? buckle up. a new report in "the wall street journal" says that super successful, 4:00 a.m. is the most productive time to start the day. unfortunately, cecilia, amy, we know -- not sure about the productive part, but it's part of life. apple ceo tim cook even starts his morning routine at 3:45 a.m. when our writers are getting in. twitter has its thoughts on this topic. a man named matt haig posted, i define success as the ability to sleep well. i like joseph.
7:16 am
it's always 4:00 a.m. somewhere. >> there you go. i like that. >> i like p.m. thank you for your thought. finally in "pop news," here's a fashion trend in 2019 we never saw coming back, though we should have probably seen it because they are right there. right -- they're right here. they are right here. >> oh, man. >> the fanny pack? >> it's back, ladies and gentlemen. celebs love the '90s accessory. let me put mine on while you show those celebs. this will show that fanny packs made up 25% of accessories sales growth in 2018 alone. i see you shaking your head no, young lady. i say be open-minded to the fanny pack. so why is the one-time tacky turning into trendy? fashion insiders say, why not? it's a mix of '90s nostalgia and pure convenience, and a little history. of course, you know, the name
7:17 am
was because it was worn on the fanny. >> right. >> now though, they're worn in front or the new trend, if you are really a fashion nieceista, wear i -- hold on. i don't know how to use it correctly. sal -- never mind. >> it's a backpack. it's a small backpack. >> it's your fanny pack. >> if anyone wears it well, it's you. >> thank you very much. they are available everywhere. louis vuitton is making them. they are, in fact, back and if you are traveling and you want hands-free, it's worth it. >> when i go running, i wear a version of it. a runner's pack. i don't call it a panny pafanny. >> honey, it is. >> okay. big dilemma for so many of us. is it time for a social media detox? becky worley is back with that, and i think we all know the
7:18 am
answer to it. >> yeah. kids and screen time, especially for modern 13-year-old girls, they dominate their interactions with peers and their parents. asking a group of ten girls to log off social media for two whole weeks, that might be the first step to a year with more balance. we're in california. ten girls from a few different schools. eighth and ninth graders who volunteered for a major challenge. >> i can't wait. >> reporter: no social media for two weeks. they mostly use instagram and snapchat. new research suggests that screen time is associated with anxiety in teens, and child and adolesce adolescent psychiatrist, jodie gold says so. losing the messaging functions within these apps. they are vital for making plans
7:19 am
and arranging rides. >> i have more people on snapchat than i have, like, phone numbers. >> reporter: another concern, milestones. >> what am i going to do if, like, my friend has a birthday and i can't post that? >> people are -- >> they're going to be so mad. >> reporter: here is the challenge. two weeks, no social media whatsoever. delete the apps right now. >> i can't. >> oh my gosh. >> oh my gosh. >> reporter: we asked the teens to record video diaries throughout the experiment. >> i have been able to just put my phone down and just listen in. >> i can actually sleep a lot better without being on my technology a lot. >> reporter: after two weeks, they reinstalled the apps and we gathered to talk through the results. show of hands, who thinks they slept better? who got into fewer arguments with their parents? they said they felt a little out of the loop. >> i missed out on so much. i didn't know pete davidson and
7:20 am
ariana grande broke up. >> reporter: when they hung out with friends not part of the experiment -- >> they would be sending each other pictures and i was, like, why don't we do something? >> i was, like, we're getting off our phones and we just listened to music and talked and we had so much fun actually and i learned so much about them. >> the upside from taking a break from social media is you have time to do your homework and spend time with your parents and be mindful of your experiences. >> reporter: they were more present in real life. >> i'm more cautious and it showed me i don't need social media at all. i did perfectly fine for two weeks without it. >> i fought so much less with my parents. i have gotten so much more done and i feel like it kind of in a good way made me feel like i was a little kid again. it made me feel, like, you know, not worrying about stuff as much. >> i learned so much from these girls and from talking to counsellors and a
7:21 am
neuroscientist. let me break it down and get practical here, amy. kids hate limits. kids want limits, and we as parents, we have to help them. >> so it sounds like we as parents need a recipe for success. >> absolutely. so the first thing is talk to them at a time when things aren't hot and bothered and you're all mad about screens. actually ask them to watch maybe this piece or some of the other reporting we have done on kids and screens. your kids have incredible insights to what they need and what's bothersome to them. they can say, do screens make you feel, you know, compelled? >> i have done that. because they end up being in a bad mood after they sit on their screens for a long time. >> yes. they know what they need and want and then after they do that, next step, get a media contract. you can go to and download a contract and it will talk about when, where and how much time kids can spend on
7:22 am
screens. so we have karis and sandra, mom and an 11-year-old, is that right? they're signing a contract. any big issues? snapchat. is that the one? >> yeah. >> working to limit maybe the snapchat involvement for long periods of time. that's the second step. final step. you have to layer in limits and basically automate it. use technology to fight technology. you can do this with your wi-fi router, parental controls there to shut devices off. you can do this with apps and the one that we like is circle with disney. this is -- disney is an investor in this company, and we have to disclose that, but this is amazing for the devices you're using. gaming consoles -- >> inside and outside of the house? >> inside and outside the house. you put the app on the kid's phone and it shuts it down when they have hit their limit. >> it's tough to be the screen police 24/7, impossible actually.
7:23 am
>> parents give up because it's so much rough work. >> that has happened with me. becky worley, thank you so much. lara and cecilia, over to you. thank you. all right. so our team is here now with tips to reboot your life helping your body, soul and yes, your bank account. >> they are the wellness dream team. dr. jenn ashton, rebecca jarvis, back along with the author of "the big life." thank you for being here. happy new year. >> thank you. you too, guys. >> so everybody would love to be healther, right? everyone in this room? did you bring a breakfast for us to show us an idea? >> i brought a breakfast and in 2019, we need to keep our eye on the prize here. it's going to be about low sugar, relatively low carb. for people that are big breakfast fans, i think you need to look for the protein, the fruits, the vegetables. maybe a fruit smoothie without too much added sugar. start your day well and continue it that way. you have heard me say it before. for anything to work in terms of
7:24 am
m maintaining your weight or weight loss, it has to be safe, simple and sustainable. >> i'm into that. i'm also hungry. rebecca is here to talk about how you can save more. save more, spend less. >> two important "s's." we sign up on the websites with our credit card information, right? it makes checking out easier, but it makes it a lot easy tore spend, so if you go through and remove that credit card information, i promise you will think twice in the new year about clicking that checkout button. another thing i love, and i do this at home. you set up a separate gmail or any kind of e-mail account that is specifically for shopping. it literally -- it streamlines your life in an amazing way. i won't give out the whole e-mail, but it says shopping in the name. any time you sign up for
7:25 am
anything, you use this account. everything comes back to you and you can track it and then fin finally, i don't know if you're familiar with this. >> what is that? >> what is this thing that you speak of? >> this is cash, guys. if you really, really want to try living on a budget and sticking to it, going only with cash for a month and setting that budget, it really keeps you saving. try it for a month. it night not be for everyone. >> go green. >> go green. >> well done. >> to the expression. >> and you have a way to motivate us as well in the new year. >> we have so much we want to achieve for 2019, and you need something that's going to keep you on track moving forward to your goals. you need a simple trick and i'm a big fan of choosing a word of the year, and i have been doing this for a very long time, and the word is not the goal that you want to achieve. it's a mantra. it's the thing you need to remember. it's the meaning behind the message. i -- in fact, i put mine on --
7:26 am
it's a simple word, not lofty. i put mine on my bracelet. my word for this year is impact. there are so many places where i want to put my energy and if i go to all of them, i'll just be drained. i want to put my energy where i will have the greatest impact for my family, for my career, for my life. >> don't feel like you have to lean in. sometimes it's okay to lean out. >> yeah. >> we all have our words. >> what's your word? >> mine is pause. take a quick breath every now and again. >> mine is pivot. don't be afraid to, you know, sort of -- if you have to, it happens in life. all the time. >> great word. >> both of you guys. >> happy new year, ladies. >> thank you. >> thank you. coming up, 2019, the hot trends are next.
7:27 am
good morning, north bay. let's get up and get going. >> this is abc 7 mornings. >> hi. good morning. i'm jessica castro from abc 7 mornings. firefighters in vallejo were able to put out a house fire this morning. take a look here. abc 7 news was at the home on idora after as firefighters were inspecting the damage. no one was hurt in this fire, but three people have been displaced. the cause of the fire is under investigation. starting today, the minimum wage goes up in california. businesses with more than 25 employees must pay at least $12 an hour. businesses with 25 or fewer employees must pay $11 an hour. and there are even bigger increases in some bay area cities. the minimum wage in san jose,
7:28 am
cupertino, los altos, palo alto and santa clara is now $15 an hour. cleanup is underway across the city of san francisco right now, after a long night of new year's celebrations. hundreds lined the embarcadero to get a good view of the midnight fireworks. many made the trek, despite those chilly temperatures. san francisco hosted more than 100 new year's eve events and everyone had to be very bundled up, mike. they were definitely biting last night. i think the fastest gusts are over, and minimal damage is still ahead of us. now, at the surface, we have the north bay getting pounded and especially around napa and fairfield. 21 to nearly 40-mile-per-hour winds. and then you factor in the temperatures in the 40s, it feels even cooler than that in the 30s. now, that's what we're going to have lows for the next couple of nights. 20s and 30s outside of the coast and san francisco. so watch out for frost and maybe keep your pets in those two
7:29 am
nights. saturday, sunday, monday, check out the rain coming, jessica. >> okay, mike, thank you. we'll have another abc 7 news update in about 30 minutes and always on our news app
7:30 am
♪ i hope you're having a new year's day. we are on tape this morning so we can be with our families. we hope you're doing the same as well. today though, it's out with the old and in with the new so we're looking for the top trends for 2019. of course, we have our trend expert, jane buckingham here with that. >> so nice to see you. happy new year. >> you have been here many, many years. let's start this new one right. let's look at the wall of fashion, 2018. these are three of our incredible staff members. let's talk about the trends from 2018. >> so the big color in 2018 was lavender, and, you know, sort of
7:31 am
millennial pink, moved lavender, and then fringe, an '80s thing. >> bomber jackets are in the middle. >> yes. >> should we look at the trends for 2019? >> let's bring them out. >> let's bring the girls out. >> looking gorgeous. >> wow. wow. >> yeah. >> anicole, i thought for sure because they said the color of the year was this hot coral, but you actually are wearing a color that i would wear all day long. you look spectacular. >> doesn't she? it's sort of marigold and we'll see coral, but marigold and yellow, it's bright and fun and it feels good. people want to be happy this year. >> i love the idea of pairing this feminine dress with a little bit of toughness. >> mixing it up, and those uglyy
7:32 am
sneakers are coming back ch. >> how dare you call them ugly? i wear them all the time. ? they are deliberately ugly. >> they come in every price point which is fabulous. >> tory, you look beautiful. she is wearing feathers instead of fringe. >> it's lightening up and you will see this whole mood of people feeling better. you will see the fringe and feather. >> and dani. i love this look. blazers always look. >> leopard blazers are back. it's a little more chic, trim and more professional. not that bombers are going to go, but i think we'll see that cleaned up look coming baa. >> i love the shorter jean with the high heel. that's a look. those are three great ideas in fashion. let's move on over here to food. thank you, guys. >> you guys look great. [ applause ] you know, it was all about the keto diet in 2018, and people were putting butter in their
7:33 am
coffee. >> amy robach. >> if you were ready for butter, get ready for cheese. >> cheese in your coffee. what do you guys think? >> apparently it's delicious? >> here's the thing. a year ago would you have said that you would have butter in your coffee? >> no, and i didn't. >> no, but this is about -- this is a scandinavian trend and it's called bread cheese. there is no bread in it, but it's hearty and you can let the coffee get soaked up in the cheese and then you take the cheese out. >> you're just getting the flavor. >> would you like some? >> i think you should taste it for us, jane. >> fine. wow. >> and she left the cheese in. >> it's pretty good. it's not bad. >> give the bread cheese a try. >> good for you. >> and the last thing over here we want to talk about quickly is of course, fitness. what about 2019? >> staying home, but working out at home. they have the mirror which is a trainer talking to you.
7:34 am
they have all these fitness apps. it's about customizing your routines that you can do in your house that are as effective as the gym. >> the peloton bike being one of them. thank you, jane. fashion and food, maybe not the bread cheese, it's all on our website. coming up, we have the ultimate new year's day
7:35 am
7:36 am
7:37 am
back now on "gma," and we're just moments away from showing you the [ applause ] time now for the ultimate recovery brunch. the food network star and executive chef of "butter" is here with that, and we have gotten into the drink. >> we're recovering. >> we're recovering by continuing on with the same stuff. >> i think that's the plan. >> okay. got it. >> hair of the dog is what i would like to call that. >> a bloody mary that you can make without vodka or add it in. >> it's like you read my mind. >> you can use this drink. you're having it without the alcohol. rough night, you know, maybe vodka and tequila.
7:38 am
>> i don't think you need the alcohol with a bloody mary. it's, like, a meal in a glass. how do you do it right? >> very hydrating. horse radish, celery and just a little bit of hot sauce. not too much. >> okay. >> i like the -- i like it when it's not too spicy. >> i like how you said not too much, but the omelet we're going to do -- we're going to do way too much. that's what makes it so good. what are you putting in here? >> wow. you really are -- you should be a chef i think. >> i love it. >> you didn't mean all of it? >> of course, i did. go with it, girl. i love your style. >> scallions, sausage, bacon, cheese, and when you are done wit, more cheese. sage, fried leaves and you can feel cheffy. >> some people don't like tomatoes. we happen to love them. they're so great. >> they're absorbing, right? >> speaking of absorbing, i want to mention, all i did was whip a few eggs and add a splash of water. water makes them fluffy.
7:39 am
>> that's what i do too. >> 2019 in the kitchen. it makes eggs fluffy because it adds steam instead of adding -- >> oh. >> talk to me about how your pancakes look better than mine. >> i'm sure they are not. this is a super simple pancake batter with corn bread added in. you're sip a bloody mary and getting that horse radish. >> i call it recovering. >> when you are getting back to your best life, you need corn meal pancake and spiced syrup, which you can look super cheffy, and use cinnamon stick, ginger. >> such a great idea. >> smart tip. >> something not super spicy. i love how she brings our drink down. then just stack them up. put it on top, and then also jams. if you are not a maple syrup person, then just put a different jam on top, or if you
7:40 am
are like me, put half a jar of jam on everything and cover it with butter. >> with it in the pancake mix, you add a little extra? >> you can add fine-ground corn meal to the box mix. is that okay? >> you have my permission. you're dressed for success. i'm here to shush the pancakes and this is easy. flour, baking powder and we'll see you later. half and half, and you can carve out -- >> can i get a ten-second tip? how do you get a fluffier pancake? >> the best tip for that is add double the baking powder, don't telling anybody, and let the batter sit for 15 minutes. >> extra hot pan? >> that works too, but all the pancake batter wants to do is recover. it wants to recover. >> full circle, people. isn't that beautiful? >> you can get all of these recipes on our website,
7:41 am thank you so much. coming up, a
7:42 am
7:43 am
[ applause ] we are back now with a special new year's performance from lukas graham off the purple album. here he is with the sonsong song, "promise." ♪ i have been on the road taking back money ♪ ♪ i hope you still want me ♪ i know i have been gone a little too long, but money don't grow, so i got to go ♪ ♪ i have been on the grind ♪ it's been so lonely ♪ i have been in the mind, and i
7:44 am
wasn't going to work out right ♪ ♪ i know i keep you up at night ♪ ♪ because appoint much changed but my age ♪ ♪ the man you love is the same ♪ don't you know that hearts can break easy ♪ ♪ i gave you the best of my pieces ♪ ♪ promise me you'll let me come back home ♪ ♪ keep my bed warm ♪ because i'm bringing it all back to you ♪ ♪ only say you'll be there when i do ♪ ♪ promise you get the best of me ♪ ♪ only you get the rest of me ♪ got my mind on your waist ♪ you're the life of my party ♪ got a lot to do ♪ can't stay in one place too long ♪ ♪ i have been on the move, i know you have been waiting but here's the truth ♪
7:45 am
♪ i want someone to come home to ♪ ♪ because ain't much changed but my age ♪ ♪ the man you love is the same ♪ and don't you know that hearts can break easy ♪ ♪ i gave you the best of my pieces ♪ ♪ promise me you'll let me come back home ♪ ♪ keep my bed warm ♪ because i'm bringing it all back to you ♪ ♪ only say you'll be there when i do, promise me ♪ ♪ we're not going to lose this because i'm not on my way right now ♪ ♪ it's only home with you in it ♪ ♪ now i'm so close it's unfair ♪ because ain't much changed but my age ♪ ♪ the man you love is the same ♪ and don't you know that hearts can break easy ♪ ♪ i gave you the best of my
7:46 am
pieces ♪ ♪ promise me you'll let me come back home ♪ ♪ keep my bed warm ♪ because i'm bringing it all back to you ♪ ♪ only say you'll be there when i do ♪ ♪ promise me ♪ promise me ♪ promise you get the best of me, only you got the recipe ♪ ♪ got my mind on your waist >> woo!
7:47 am
7:48 am
7:49 am
7:50 am
[ cheers and applause ] happy new year, and we want to give a big cheer to our amazing audience, and to everyone for kicking off 2019 with us right here in times square. >> happy new year to my friends. >> happy new year. >> happy new year to our audience and so many people behind the scenes here at "gma" work so hard to get our show on the air every single morning. cheers to you all. >> cheers. [ cheers and applause ] >> have a great day and a happy new year, everybody. >> happy new year. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ ♪
7:51 am
♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪
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good morning, bay area. let's get up and get going. >> this is abc 7 mornings. >> good morning. i'm jessica castro from abc 7 mornings. developing news out of san jose. the two-alarm apartment fire has displaced between six and eight people. it started just after 4:00 this morning on north 5th and east julian streets and the cause is still under investigation. fireworks, though, were found at the scene. selling fur clothing or accessories in san francisco is illegal starting today. san francisco's the largest city in the country to implement a fur ban. berkeley already has a similar rule in place. san francisco's chamber of commerce says first sales brought in about $40 million a year, but that's not enough to have a major impact on the city's economy. retailers will have until next january to sell all their inventory. new year, new county
7:59 am
sheriff. mark essex now leads the sonoma county sheriff's office. he was previously in charge of the law enforcement unit. he is taking over for rob giordano, who retired yesterday. according to the press democrat, giordano spent 42 years in local law enforcement. he is remembered for his strong leadership in the wildfires in 2017. hi, jessica, hi, everybody. about two more hours of potentially dangerous winds. north bay mountains, east bay hills in the diablo ranges. the breezes are tapering in the lower elevations, and they will be pretty comfortable as we head into the afternoon hours. in fact, the breezy morning on the bay, that's going to expire in about an hour, the small craft advisory that you see right here in yellow. here's my accuweather seven-day forecast. i'm sorry, here are the highs for today. top out 53 to 57 degrees now here's my accuweather seven-day forecast. we'll be stuck in the 50s with freezing cold temperatures in many areas wednesday and thursday morning. look at the storm door opens
8:00 am
saturday, sunday, and monday. and i'm being generous with those ones. they could be even stronger than happy new year. welcome to the 130th rose parade presented by honda from beautiful pasadena. we're ready to celebrate the theme of this year's parade, the melody of life. ♪ ♪ such a good feeling ♪ ♪ such a sweet sensation ♪ come on >> announcer: from pasadena, california, it's america's new year celebratio


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