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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  January 17, 2019 7:00am-9:01am PST

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earthquake, i'm sorry. we're here every morning earthquake for not. >> "good morning america" start right now. >> sta good morning, america. triple threat. those winter storms moving across the country bringing snow, wind and a major arctic blast east as the west gets pummeled with flooding rain leading to pileups and dangerous rockslides. now, ginger is here with the new timing and track. pelosi's power play. with a shutdown on day 27, the speaker now tries to block president trump's state of the union as struggling unpaid federal workers raid their retirement accounts and hit food banks to feed their families. terror takedown. the 21-year-old arrested in georgia accused of plotting attacks on the white house and the statue of liberty. the deadly suicide bombing
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killing four americans in syria caught on camera. isis now claiming responsibility just weeks after president trump declared the terror group defeated. judgment day. the teacher convicted of running away with a 15-year-old for more than a month is now sentenced. the powerful message from that student who was right there in the courtroom. and perfect ten. the college gymnast with the flawless floor performance now here for her first live interview. the incredible setback she overcame and how she found joy again only on "gma." ♪ rhythm nation good morning, america. thankful thursday, thriver thursday and that's what katelyn is. boy, what she had to overcome to get to where she is today and cannot wait. cannot wait for her live interview later this morning. >> every time i see that split it puts a smile on my face.
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>> every time i see that split i think, thank god that's not me. i could not get up. i can't wait to hear her story. but we're going to go from that triple flip to the triple threat. yeah, one we don't really necessarily like, it's the weather. it's taking aim at both the east and the west. flooding rain and strong winds leading to tons of accidents and rock slides. abc's will carr. >> reporter: rain is pounding southern california this morning. you can see these massive bould boulders. the fear now with more rain on the way, all of that mud and rock could come crashing down. overnight, devastating storms battering the west coast. heavy rain and floodwaters soaking california. this car in malibu, destroyed after being hit by a boulder from a rockslide.
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thousands under mandatory evacuations. the concern, more hillsides scorched by the record-setting fires could crumble and turn into deadly mudslides. the storms have turned fatal. one person in oakland killed by a falling tree on the side of the highway. drivers in long beach stranded after the area was pounded by rain for hours. >> oh, man. >> reporter: foggy conditions causing more than two dozen cars and semis to collide on the 15 freeway. >> somebody is really hurt right there. >> it appear that there might have been a light rain up here at the same time as the fog and speed is usually a factor when you get these type of pileups. >> reporter: at least 30 people injured. families stuck for hours. in northern california, 50-mile-per-hour winds whipping in whiteout conditions. this plane at the airport in tahoe stuck in a wheelie. the tail covered in more than 16 inches of snow. we're in a flash flood watch this morning. schools in this area are closed. we're expecting a lot more rain throughout the course of the day. michael. >> all right, will, thank you
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very much. those storms are bringing snow, rain and a deep chill east. let's go to ginger with the timing and tracking of that storm. good morning, ginger. >> reporter: good morning, michael. you got the first storm and the second storm. here's the timing for you. here in the northeast, tomorrow morning, friday morning commute, icy. that one is gone quickly. then, it's saturday night when almost everybody especially from pittsburgh to philadelphia, new york city, see snow. but by sunday, to new york city to the south, delaware, washington, d.c., and philadelphia, it transitions to rain. so that's going to make anywhere in the white right there could end up with six-plus inches, right, watch your local abc stations. but closer to the coast and south it's going to be ice or rain. here's that cold, the last threat, it will feel like 12 in atlanta monday morning. 19 below the feellike right here
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in new york. >> ginger, thank you. george. we move to washington and the government shutdown, day 27 setting new records imposing more severe hardship by the day and now house speaker nancy pelosi pushing president trump to put off his state of the union address until the government is open again. citing security concerns because of furloughs at key federal agencies. our senior congressional correspondent mary bruce is on capitol hill with the latest. good morning, mary. >> reporter: good morning, george. well, it's been nearly 24 hours and this morning surprisingly still no response from the president. look the ball is in court after this bold power play by house speaker nancy mroosi. unless the president can agree to re-open the government there will be no state of the union address. now, by postponing the speech the speaker would deny the president a pretty powerful platform to make his case for his border wall but says this isn't about politics but security concerns. she says the secret service and the department of homeland security have been hamstrung by furloughs but the department is disputing that.
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the secretary says they stand, quote, fully prepared to support and secure the state of the union, george. >> mary, speaker pelosi has not taken the step but she can block the president from getting this by not putting a resolution on the floor to approve it so she has that power. what alternatives does he have. >> reporter: the speaker is suggesting the president giving it in writing or in the oval office. he could deliver this somewhere else here on the hill possibly even from the republican-controlled senate and this morning i'm told republicans here are weighing all their options. >> they're looking at everything he could do from the east room at the white house, the oval office if he chooses to. presidents until woodrow wilson generally sent it up to capitol hill. i don't think he's going to do that. >> i don't think so. more and more people are feeling the effects of the shutdown and the impact is growing every day. the tsa chief says the financial hardships of going unpaid are leading to scenes like this, protests all around the country. some tsa checkpoints closed again this morning as unpaid workers call out sick and now there are signs that federal employees are withdrawing money
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from their retirement accounts to make ends meet, so-called hardship withdrawals are up 34% over the same time last year. steve osunsami is at a food bank that's helping government workers there in atlanta. good morning, steve. >> reporter: good morning to you, robin. this food bank on the southwest side of atlanta has signed up a couple of dozen government government workers. breakfast cookies and ted did graham for the kids. these are all working class people. we met an irs worker yesterday who told us that she's applied for unemployment. they told her it could be a month before they let her know if she can get any assistance.
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there's help coming from all corners but not as much as they would like from washington, robin. >> so much is needed. >> and that next pay period is actually next friday. if we hit that as well a whole other round of paychecks missed. a big problem. now to the terrorist arrest in georgia where the fbi thwarted a possible attack on the white house taking 21-year-old in custody the day before he was planning to launch a deadly assault. our chief justice correspondent pierre thomas is tracking it. good morning. >> reporter: the fbi today is laying out a chilling tale involving a proposed suicide attack that was supposed to happen today, january 17th, here in washington. among the targets considered, the washington monument, the lincoln memorial and a specific synagogue, but the most detailed and focused planning involved a plot to attack the white house with a three-man team using assault rifles, hand grenades and an anti-tank rocket launcher. the plan was to cause a distraction by blowing a hole in the mansion and proceed to kill, quote, as many people as
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possible and do the most damage, george. >> and thank goodness the fbi was able to get wind of this in order to set up the sting operation. >> reporter: that's right, george. the fbi says that hasher taheb was arrested. the weapons were fake and the other terrorists he thought he was dealing with were actually undercover fbi operatives posing as radicals. the case began last march when local police contacted the fbi and told them that taheb had been radicalized and the fbi sent undercover informants to make contact with taheb who allegedly began discussing his allegedly deadly operations saying, quote, jihad was the best deed in islam, george. >> they've got to be vigilant. >> so many great organizations and agencies doing their best to keep us safe here. but we have new details about that deadly suicide bombing in syria. four americans including two u.s. service members among at least 16 people killed. isis is claiming responsibility. now, this is just weeks after president trump claimed isis was
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defeated and announced the u.s. would withdraw all of our troops. terry moran has more at the white house for us. good morning, terry. >> reporter: good morning, robin. the president heads to the pentagon this morning to announce his new missile defense policy, but so far he has made no statement on that deadly suicide attack in syria. the deadliest attack on u.s. troops since american forces went into that country in 2015. a busy downtown street in syria. suddenly, a fireball explosion in a local restaurant. a suicide bombing. [ sirens ] >> reporter: 16 people killed including four americans. among the dead we know two active duty service members, a civilian defense department employee and a contractor. as their families are notified and the military investigates, isis has claimed responsibility. just weeks after president trump said this when ordering u.s. troops out of syria. >> we have won against isis. we've beaten them and we've beaten them badly.
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>> reporter: the attack has raised sharp questions about whether the president's sudden decision to pull out of syria was premature. some republicans even suggesting trump's boasting might be spurring isis to kill americans. >> my concern about the statements made by president trump is that you set in motion enthusiasm by the enemy we're fighting. >> reporter: but hours after the attack, vice president pence repeated the president's claims. >> the caliphate has crumbled and isis has been defeated. >> the idea that isis or the caliphate has crumbled, that we have defeated isis, smacks of a mission accomplished moment and really is naive at best, possibly delusional, dangerously so. >> reporter: american forces were meeting with locals in the strategically vital town of manbij in northern syria when the blast occurred. three other service members were injured. since the president announced his withdrawal from syria, the
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time line has changed. he first said the troops were coming out soon. but now it's clearly going to take longer so that the withdrawal can be orderly, coordinated with allies and safe, george. >> based on conditions on the ground. we're also learning new details this morning about the american killed in kenya's terror attack. jason spindler was a 40-year-old businessman who survived the 9/11 terror attacks. he was late to work at the world trade center when the planes slammed into the towers. he had been living in kenya for three years working on a business he founded for emerging markets. the death toll now up to 21. and in washington, preparations advancing for a possible second summit between president trump and north korea's dictator, kim jong-un. a top negotiator for north korea heading to washington to meet friday with secretary of state mike pompeo hoping to schedule a meeting for early spring, but vice president mike pence warned in a speech to american diplomats that north korea has failed to follow through on promises to curtail its nuclear arsenal, which could prevent another meeting from taking place. michael.
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we turn now to the bombshell lawsuit taking on the powerful opioid oxycontin and the family that owns the company producing it. the state of massachusetts is suing them, accusing them of misleading the public about its dangers, and abc's whit johnson joins us now with more. good morning to you, whit. >> reporter: michael, good morning to you. the national safety council says americans are more likely to die from an accidental opioid overdose than a car crash. this morning, the attorney general of massachusetts is accusing the billionaire sackler family of contributing to the epidemic saying they knew the risks but pushed the drug anyway. the complaint alleges certain members of the sackler family who are worth $13 billion were aware of the dangers of oxycontin but continued to push sales. according to newly filed court documents, when oxycontin was first released, richard sackler is quoted as saying it would be followed by a blizzard of prescriptions, and
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the complaint also says, years later as evidence of widespread abuse of oxycontin began to mount, sackler urged the company to blame addicts allegedly writing in an e-mail, we have to hammer on the abusers in every way possible, they are the culprits and the problem. they are reckless criminals. purdue pharma telling abc news that the attorney general has cherry-picked from among tens of millions of e-mails and other business documents produced by purdue. the complaint is littered with biased and inaccurate characterizations of these documents. purdue and the individual defendants will aggressively defend against these misleading allegations. now, purdue pharma's statement goes on to say that we continue to fight for balance in the public discourse so that society can simultaneously help pain patients in need and create real solutions to the complex problem of addiction. the company and sackler family are facing dozens of other lawsuits across the country. robin. >> all right, whit, thank you. now to a major fortnite breach. parents, you're going to want to
7:15 am
pay attention to this. a vulnerability may have let hackers take over players' accounts and use their credit cards. linsey davis is here with these details. good morning. >> reporter: this is scary. a lot of parents just pay attention to the dance, the floss dance, but now you have to pay attention to your bank statements, parents, that's if you have kids that play fortnite and also your bank account. it's so crucial because epic games, the maker of the hit video game, announced a flaw that may have allowed hackers to pretend to be actual players and purchase in game currency using credit cards already on file. about 80 million people play fortnite each month. as many as 200 million people have registered accounts. epic is not saying how many people were affected by this breach. they will only say the matter has been addressed and that, quote, we encourage players to protect their accounts by not reusing passwords and using strong passwords and not sharing account information with others. now, the hack came to light when checkpoint research, which is an information security group, said
7:16 am
that it privately notified epic after tests revealed it could lead to widespread fraud, so check those credit card statements. >> it's affected members of our staff. >> oh, i bet. >> small charges that you don't pay attention to when you add up at the end of the day. >> yes, thank you. >> thank you, linsey. and we're going to go overseas to a major explosion caught on camera. take a look at this. a science building in france going up as the buildings were undergoing repairs. three people suffered minor injuries, and the blaze is now under control. and also overseas, serena williams is rolling over the competition at the australian open just before our air, she defeated eugenie bouchard wearing that same green leotard she wore in the first match. it's hot down there, 90 degrees. got to stay cool.
7:17 am
>> a sauna. >> we were in our dressing room watching the match beforehand. she is incredible. >> powerful. >> she's absolutely incredible. >> amazing athlete. i wish i had half her -- >> all right, hall of famer. we're going to turn to incredible new images of the largest great white shark in the world. >> that's why i don't go in the ocean. >> her name is deep blue, and experts say she is 21 feet long. she could be more than 50 years old. now, this new video of blue feasting in the waters off hawaii's island of oahu is especially jaw dropping because her previous sightings were recorded off the coast of mexico -- >> whoa. >> -- in 2013, which means blue traveled, oh -- carry the 1 -- 2,600 miles since we last saw her, and her markings make us believe that this truly -- it's not like a descendant of big blue, but this is her. >> big shark. >> that's why you don't get in the water. let's go back to ginger. >> that's why i get in the
7:18 am
water. i think that's so cool. let's talk about the blizzard warnings out in the sierra, you can see here, mammoth lakes, 50 or so-mile-per-hour gusts but above 7,000 feet picking up feet of snow with the storm that's still ongoing and wind gusts of up to 100 plus miles per hour. you even have those advisories through the plains, several feet yet to come.
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coming up, judgment day for that tennessee teacher who ran away with his teenage student. now her powerful new message in that courtroom. and claims of blackmail and betrayal. mariah carey's multimillion-dollar lawsuit against her former assistant for taking private videos of the superstar. and right here on "gma," how you can fight the flu with your phone. you don't want to miss that. stay right there. we'll be right back. you don't want to miss that. stay right there. we'll be right back. istinct con]
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so i called him. he didn't call me back! if your ex-ex- ex-boyfriend isn't a lawyer, call legalzoom and we'll connect you with an attorney. legalzoom. where life meets legal. good morning. it happened again. another earthquake hit the piedmont area this morning. the magnitude 3.5 quake hit at 6:11 on the hay ward fault. yesterday a 3.4 makignitude hit the same a area. crews are cleaning up fallen trees. workers cut up a tree that fell during a storm, it crashed into a car and home. no one was hurt. blets talet's take a look a commute. >> still pretty wet out there. and because of the earthquake, we have some b.a.r.t. delays, 20 minutes system wide.
7:24 am
they have slowing trains down as they track inspections which is routine. you can see very slow traffic on the richmond/san rafael bridge. roads are wet. and eastbound you can see the emergency lights there, we had a couple lanes blocked with an accident eastbound. and mike nicco has a
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with the tjx rewards credit card - every time you shop at our stores, you earn 5% back in rewards. tjx rewards credit card. an even better value every day. best chance of thunderstorms in the north bay, there you go, we have a pretty potent thunderstorm, but downpours on 80 from hercules down to emeryville. right now more ponding on the roadways and we'll have waves of showers today locally intense, best chance will be this morning and then they will taper during the afternoon and evening hours. so the morning commute will be harder than the evening commute. a chance of rain tomorrow and all of us sunday. coming up, an emotional day in court when a tennessee
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when cravings hit, hit back. neulasta onpro. choose glucerna, with slow release carbs to help manage blood sugar, and start making everyday progress. glucerna. ♪ welcome back to "gma." that is the gymnast routine seen around the world. it's a perfect ten and it's been viewed tens of millions of times and ucla's katelyn ohashi is here for her first live interview this morning. there she is. yes. >> look at her. >> she's got an incredible story, so inspiring. you won't want to miss this story. everybody sees the result of this perfect ten but takes a lot to get there. >> a lot of work she had to do and there's a lot she's doing off the mat that she's going to share with us as well. looking forward to her and her legendary coach miss val is here as well from ucla.
7:31 am
but first, we have the top headlines we're following right now. both coasts are facing winter weather threats. two storms and a major arctic blast are moving across the country. the west is facing flooding rain and strong winds leading to accidents and rockslides. and here in the east, winter storm watches have been issued already for this weekend. and this morning also, we have new developments in the jayme closs case involving the $50,000 reward that was offered to help find her. well, there are now calls that are growing for authorities to give that reward right to jayme because in essence she rescued herself escaping from her captor. even the people who helped her calling 911, even they say that she should receive the $50,000. and do you know, gentlemen, do you know what today is? >> what is today? >> resolution d-day is what it is. january 17th is the day when new year's resolutions start to fall off track a little bit. don't worry, though, we'll show you how to keep those fitness goals with a five-minute routine. really? >> five minutes.
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>> hey, whatever it takes. >> better to stay on for five minutes. >> who decides today is resolution d-day? >> i don't know. it's like it takes 21 days to form a habit. research, george. >> research, science. >> science. >> okay. we'll move on to another story, the sentencing of that teacher who ran away with his student. tad cummins was in court wednesday sent to prison for 20 years. his victim, elizabeth thomas, right there in the courtroom facing him during the sentencing. abc's eva pilgrim here with the story. good morning, eva. >> reporter: good morning, george. it was a case that gripped the country. a tennessee high school teacher, his then-15-year-old student, the two gone for more than a month before they were found in california. tad cummins pled guilty to taking a minor across state lines for sex. this morning, he now knows his fate. the two, the center of a nationwide search, spent 38 days on the run leaving a trail of surveillance video, changing their appearance before they were discovered at this remote northern california cabin.
7:33 am
overnight, almost two years after tad cummins took off with his then-15-year-old student elizabeth thomas, cummins sentenced to 20 years behind bars. appearing in court thomas sitting feet from her former teacher breaking down in tears, her statement read in court. "you preyed upon a vulnerable girl and robbed her childhood. for the last two years i've been picking myself up piece by piece proving to myself that i am much, much stronger than you convinced me i was. elizabeth sitting down with me. >> i blame myself a lot but now i know that he is at fault. he himself made him do it. other people don't choose your actions, you do. >> reporter: in court wednesday, elizabeth calling his actions unspeakable, saying, your choices destroyed not just my family but also yours. the former teacher emotional, apologizing to his family and to thomas who blasted cummins
7:34 am
saying, you act like you care now and that you're full of all this regret but where was any of that before? the two met when thomas was a student in cummins' health class. he seemed like a mentor at first, but thomas says the relationship soon became more sinister. >> it was fourth period. i can't remember the conversation and then the next thing i know he said you look pretty nice naked. >> reporter: when did he take it from saying things like that to you to something more? >> whenever he first kissed me, that was whenever i realized this is getting too far. >> reporter: eventually, another student reported seeing the two kissing in cummins' classroom setting off a chain of events that sparked the plan for the two to leave town. >> but he set a gun in the middle console and i knew that i wasn't getting out of the car. >> the day the police show up. >> that was the best day of my life. >> reporter: thomas told us it took time for her to really understand what happened to her. in court speaking directly to
7:35 am
her former teacher, i will have to live with the scars you left on me forever. now, elizabeth asked the judge for 38 years, one for each day she was gone, the judge ultimately deciding on 20 years. now, in the federal system there's no parole so he will likely serve the majority of that time. >> as he should. >> what a strong young woman. >> and she is, you know, doing all the therapy and trying to move on with her life. >> wishing her the best. >> yes, we are. thank you so much, eva. and now to that major lawsuit from mariah carey. she's accusing her former assistant of betrayal and blackmail. claiming she secretly recorded videos of her, then threatened to release them unless mariah paid up big time. gio benitez is here with the story. good morning, gio. >> reporter: hey, michael, good morning. yeah, carey's lawsuit calls that former assistant a grafter, a peeping tom and an extortionist claiming the woman demanded millions of dollars or those personal videos would go public. ♪ >> reporter: mariah carey's
7:36 am
latest album cover might as well be a warning "caution" as she directly takes on a former assistant. ♪ >> reporter: the pop superstar filing the lawsuit in los angeles against former assistant lianna azarian, seen here on carey's 2016 e! docu-series "mariah's world." according to the documents obtained by "people" magazine, she is accusing her of violating a confidentiality and nondisclosure agreement alleging azarian secretly filmed mariah and showing the intimate videos to her friends and co-workers and alleging azarian threatened to go public unless mariah paid her $8 million. the 48-year-old singer seeking at least $3 million in damages as well as a restraining order. azarian worked with carey for more than two years and made as much as $327,000.
7:37 am
azarian's attorney firing back, telling abc news, these baseless allegations are an attempt to attack my client's character and deflect attention away from a workplace harassment and wrongful termination lawsuit she filed today against her former employer. >> they are taking their allegations very seriously and that's why they aren't backing down. >> reporter: in a statement to abc news, mariah carey's team saying, this new year welcomes mariah's continued efforts to clean the trash from her life. given that the evidence against this former assistant is vast and deplorable, we anticipate a victorious resolution. and carey's team ending by saying she, quote, continues to her streak of success this year with an upcoming north american tour and return to vegas. she is not backing down here. >> not at all. >> wouldn't expect her to. yeah. all right, gio, always good to see you. thank you. all right, coming up, smart ways to take on the flu this season. paula, do tell. >> hello, robin. good morning to you, everyone.
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only eggland's best. with more vitamins d and e and 25% less saturated fat? only eggland's best. better taste, better nutrition, better eggs. welcome back, everybody. flu season is in full swing and paula faris is here, fortunately, with some real smart new ways you can fight that flu with your phone. >> yes, 6 million americans have already been diagnosed with the flu this season, michael.
7:42 am
the first app that i want to show you is called kinsa. michael, this works with a smart thermometer. i will ask you to take your temperature. walk on back to the desk. >> on the interface this will take michael's temperature and it will also -- we are going to put in his symptoms it's going to make the determination. 97.9. we will go to the -- >> it's a good radio station too. >> do you have any other symptoms? we'll say you have a cough. we say you have an earache and have fatigue. this is going to make a determination based upon your age, michael, we need to call the doctor at the top right there. it says call the doctor. that's what to do next but what i like about this, it also says if you scroll up, home care for michael. natural remedies it will allow to you try as well and then if you want to, you can cry medication there. it says optional try medication.
7:43 am
what's great about this app kinsa, but to the doctor and say, i don't remember what my kid's temperature was or the symptoms were, this keeps a digital log of everything in perpetuity. if you need a prescription, that is where good rx comes in. an app you're probably familiar with, right? it's been out there for awhile but even more important now because prescription drugs have gone up 9% in just the last ten years so let's say we're looking for tamiflu right now. it will give you the best price in your area and what a lot of people don't know pharmacies can charge what they want for these prescriptions so we'll go, how much is tamiflu? we'll look for the brand name in our particular area, find the lowest price, survey says, kmart is the lowest for $157.25. now, the highest is at duane reade. it's pretty amazing they can charge what they want. how much the generic. find the lowest price, survey says -- >> a bargain. >> $50 for the generic at acme and the highest is $88. if you use this app alone you
7:44 am
are going to save 120 bucks if you go with that low generic price. both these app are free, both kinsa and good rx are free. that smart thermometer, you can keep it because you had it under your tongue. we don't want it back. go to our website for more information and for a map of illnesses in your area and a reminder to consult your doctor if you're feeling sick and to read the fine print when downloading any app. michael, you need to go to the doctor. right now. >> that's why i'm not sitting here. >> whoa, whoa, whoa. >> i'm going to the doctor. the doctor said i should go. >> he's got an earache and fatigue, he's gone. >> he's going to use that. >> i wonder if my kids can set it to must stay home from school. >> they'll try. >> but thank you, thank you. >> thank you. >> well, you coming back? >> they told me that was just for the show. >> that didn't last long. >> i tried, michael, to get you out of work. >> appreciate that. >> thank you for this. coming up, we have the
7:45 am
college gymnast. stay here for this. katelyn ohashi has taken the world by storm. how she found joy again after serious injuries. you know what, she's going to join us live just ahead. come on back. come on back. >> can't wait. l get-together, especially after being diagnosed last year with advanced non-small cell lung cancer. (avo) another tru story with keytrud (dr. kloecker) i started katy on keytruda and chemotherapy and she's getting results we rarely saw five years ago. (avo) in a clinical trial, significantly more patients lived longer and saw their tumors shrink than on chemotherapy alone. (dr. kloecker) it's changed my approach to treating patients. (avo) keytruda may be used with certain chemotherapies as your first treatment if you have advanced nonsquamous, non-small cell lung cancer and you do not have an abnormal "egfr" or "alk" gene. keytruda helps your immune system fight cancer, but can also cause your immune system to attack healthy parts of your body. this can happen during or after treatment and may be severe and lead to death. see your doctor right away if you have new or worse cough,
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new johnson's cottontouch™ a wholwash and lotionre for newborns is born made with real cotton and enhances your gentle touch a new soft a new touch a new gentle new johnson's cottontouch™ (baby cooing) choose gentle we are back now with a gymnast who's taken the mat and the world by storm. we're going to talk to katelyn ohashi live. that is just ahead, but first janai norman has a look. what an incredible story she has.
7:49 am
>> it was absolutely incredible and so she had songs from the jackson 5, earth wind & fire and tina turner so you already know the music was a hit and then katelyn knocked it out of the park. katelyn ohashi has people all over the internet flipping out. ♪ the 21-year-old ucla student tumbling into viral history with a floor routine full of gravity-defying flips, rocking dance moves. and perfect landings. the high-flying coed landing all 10s from the judges. her video scoring over 39 million views making her a viral sensation. celebrities like troy aikman tweeting, congratulations. united states senator kamala harris tweeting, this is fantastic. and ucla gymnastics speaking for many of her newfound fans with their tweet, a 10 isn't enough.
7:50 am
gymnastics fans may remember ohashi from the american cup in 2013 where she beat out future olympic gold medalist simone biles. >> katelyn ohashi wins it. >> reporter: but a fractured back, shoulder injuries and unhappiness on the professional circuit sent her in a new direction. >> it's not me standing on a podium with medals. it's me being able to walk out with a smile on my face. >> reporter: now, she's found joy again as a college-level powerhouse. ♪ and so katelyn has been having a lot of fun responding to many of the tweets from the big names on social media, even promising tickets to some but that one move where she does the split, it's incredible. all of it is. >> her story is incredible. when you -- i can't wait. she will join us live in our next hour with her legendary coach, miss val but she has been through it. >> yeah. >> and to have that joy again, wow. >> amazing. >> it is. >> you can see it by the way she performs. >> she's standing by. oh, you go, girl.
7:51 am
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good morning. i'm alexa smith. mike nicco has the forecast. >> good morning. for some of us, it is like deja vu. la fayette heading up toward pleasant hill, potential thunderstorm. heavier shower moving through san francisco, toward brisbane and also sfo. we'll have this throughout the morning, but it will taper as we head into the evening hours. the storm is a reverse of yesterday. getting weaker as we head in the afternoon. but watch out for flooding on roads. and still running at about 20 minutes behind system wise due to the earlier earthquake this morning. so they are slowing down trains as protocol and reducing speeds there. and we do have reports of sigalert on the bay bridge with
7:57 am
an accident westbound near treasure island blocking the two right lanes. and coming up on gma, hear from the college gymnast who captured the nation's attention with a perfect floor routine. she is sharing her inspiring story. and another update will be in about 30 minutes and always on our news app or
7:58 am
7:59 am
8:00 am
good morning, america. it's 8:00 a.m. triple threat. winter storms on the move churning across the country. snow, wind and a major arctic blast. ginger is tracking the latest. also this morning, the government shutdown now setting new records. house speaker nancy pelosi pushing the rest to put off the state of the union until the government is open again. and struggling unpaid federal workers dip into their retirement accounts to pay their bills. thriver thursday. one inspiring mother who's transformed her heartbreak into helping so many others. how she's changing live in an act she calls band-aids for the soul. ♪ i'm on my way the duchess of discounts.
8:01 am
duchess meghan in a maternity dress that's just $35. you better believe it's already sold out. and her date night with prince harry dazzling in sequins and a bracelet that belonged to princess diana. "deals & steals" this morning. tory johnson has us going green in 2019. from reusable straws that are kid approved to chemical-free skin care solutions, tory here with the deals. ♪ and are you ready for katelyn? she is the gymnast who blew away the competition with the stunning routine more than 40 million have watched that radiates pure joy. how she came back from devastating injuries. the legendary coach miss val who's been right beside her. now they're both here live on "gma" this morning. are you ready for katelyn because she's saying -- >> good morning, america. [ cheers and applause ]
8:02 am
>> she makes it look so easy. >> not only that, she makes the most of every single moment. it is so great to see. good morning, america. hope you are all well this thursday morning. >> and it's wonderful to have this -- dancers from north carolina here watching katelyn do her moves and stuff like that but you're right. we are excited to have her here and we'll talk to her live. her routine got over 40 million views. there she is warming up again and again. her joy is infectious but it wasn't always that way for this young woman and you'll see coming up. >> i guarantee you if we want she would teach us and the results would be more than 40 million views because we would be all over the place. >> that's true. before we get to that we have a lot of headlines to get to and we start with those storms that are moving across the country. they're hitting the west right
8:03 am
now causing pileups and mudslides. ginger has the latest. good morning again, ginger. >> good morning, michael. california, that 19-car pileup. you had 30 people injured. that was from fog and light rain and go into southern california, it's not light. you had 2 to 4 inches, flash flooding and still dealing with this storm. definitely more feet of snow for the sierra likely and the gust, 50 to 70 miles an hour for a lot of folks and eventually 100-plus in the mountains but look at this talking about two storms. that's the second storm. the first one out of the way first. the tri-state should have a slick start to friday morning commute so keep that in mind up into new england too and sarday night where if you're from indianapolis over to pittsburgh, it's already snowing, that's where some of the heavier snow will be. new york city to boston, it begins saturday night as snow, then transitions to ice from new york city and then it looks like rain from philadelphia south, so these are just snapshots in time of one of the models but we'll watch this as it progresses through the weekend. it will be an unfortunate and difficult travel saturday night into sunday for sure. monday, i can promise you, the coldest air of the season. feels like 26 below in cincinnati. it will feel like 15 below in washington, d.c., guys. >> it's okay if you break that promise. [ laughter ] it's okay. we are going to go to
8:04 am
washington now. government shutdown, day 27 starting to hit so many families so hard and now house speaker nancy pelosi pushing president trump to put off his state of the union address until the government is open again. i want to go back to mary bruce on capitol hill. good morning, mary. >> reporter: good morning, george. well, surprisingly still no response from the president here to this bold power play by speaker pelosi. she is suggesting essentially if the president doesn't agree to re-open the government that there will be no state of the union address. now, by postponing this speech, speaker pelosi, it would deny the president a powerful platform to make the case for his border wall but says this is not about politics but security. she is arguing that the secret service and department of homeland security are hamstrung by furloughs and the impacts of the shutdown but the department is disputing that. the secretary says, quote, they are fully prepared to support and secure the state of the union. now, speaker pelosi has every power to block the president from delivering this address but the president also has alternatives. he could speak out at the white house or somewhere else here on the hill, george.
8:05 am
>> we will watch today, thanks very much. we have a story that's going to mean -- well, it really tells you what it means to be a real fan. in the playoffs, the nfl playoffs over the weekend, it was the eagles taking on the saints and eagles player alshon jeffery dropped a pass and he was distraught, absolutely distraught, because he really took the blame for ending the eagles' season but one second grader wanted to cheer him up. 8-year-old abigail johnson wrote him a letter reminding him that we couldn't have won the super bowl without you last year. >> very true. >> that's true. i think you're an awesome player no matter what. so hopefully that cheered him up. >> i love that. >> good for her. >> it came down to more than just one play. that's a team sport if there ever is one. >> you know that. >> absolutely, i do. >> i won't rub in that it's the saints. >> go to commercial. >> it was such a sweet letter.
8:06 am
i don't want to say -- katelyn ohashi is coming up here on the show. her first live interview with her fabulous coach miss val by her side. and "deals & steals" to help you go green in 2019. that kind of rhymes. >> uh-huh. >> lara is upstairs. what's going on, lara? >> i am, michael. look who's with me, sarah paulson, everybody. one of the greatest. she usually has us on the edge of our seats. she does again in her new film. the audience can't wait to meet her and talk about it. so much coming up on "good morning america" so don't go anywhere. you guys are staying, right? [ applause ] [ applause ] strong you are, but we also know how tough it is to keep up with your medication. that's why we're introducing a new and easy way... refill, prepay and skip the line... ...or have your prescriptions delivered. so you never miss a day. walgreens. trusted since 1901.
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8:11 am
love the entire audience, and we have a group from lsu here with us. [ cheers and applause ] >> all right. i'll have what they're having. >> do you remember this one right there? that's my summer intern. kennedy walker is back. [ applause ] i know. i call her mini-me. tomorrow we have some great, fast beauty fixes that will save you time and effort but right now lara with "pop news." >> yes, indeed, robin roberts. good morning, george, michael and all of you. we'll begin with prince harry and marvelous meghan stepping out in london. the duke and duchess attending cirque du soleil at the royal albert hall looking dazzling. meghan wearing navy markle sparkles and a gold bracelet that once belonged to princess diana. and earlier this same day, what did you call her earlier, robin, the duchess of discounts? >> yes, i did. >> i love that. she's proving that style doesn't
8:12 am
have to be expensive, stepping out in a beige maternity dress from h&m for a visit to an animal shelter. if you are interested in buying that $35 dress, it ain't happening, people. already sold out. >> wow. [ applause ] >> 35, i know. we love a bargain. >> yep. we love a bargain. also in "pop news" today, hat's off to betty white celebrating her 97th birthday today. i love this lady. did you know she was born the same year as eva gabor and judy garland? >> did not know that. >> yes, the original golden girl spotted in los angeles recently looking chipper as ever. she'll reportedly celebrate with a small party and a few close friends. january 17th, today a very popular day to be born apparently. michele obama turns 55 today. [ applause ] jim carrey, 57 and steve harvey,
8:13 am
62 years young on this day. happy birthday to betty and friends. >> yes. [ applause ] also in the news, "home improvement" fans, it's your lucky day. hgtv announcing it will revive "extreme makeover: home edition." do you remember that show? it was a giant hit. originally hosted by ty pennington on abc 2003 to 2012 giving top to bottom home renovations as you can see for deserving families each week and, guys, at its peak it averaged more than 16 million viewers every sunday night. no wonder it's coming back. no word yet on whether ty and his original team will be back in some fashion. we will find out when the show launches later this year. looking forward to that. [ applause ] >> yes, i used to watch it. i loved that show. >> the stories, not only did you get a great before and after but a touching story each week. a one-two punch.
8:14 am
>> move that bus! >> yes. please move that bus so robin can say it every week. this story blew me away. it's every dog owner's fear. watching your fur baby get snatched by a wild animal or in this case a giant hawk. that's what happened to this little sweetie who is alive and well, i'm happy to say. the austin animal center calling him miracle pup after a giant bird of prey dropped him from midair. thankfully the little fella amazingly just has a couple of cuts on his tiny head. he's been nicknamed tony hawk. he's now up for adoption. the austin animal center using his story to remind pet owners to please keep an eye on small animals when you let them outside. >> happy ending. >> i'm hoping. i was like, please. that's why i said the name four times. hint, hint. >> as always, thank you, lara, very much. thank you very much. all right.
8:15 am
in just a couple of minutes we'll have katelyn ohashi. let's get to ginger. [ applause ] >> all right. now it's our turn. let's do your "gma" moment. let's have a little fun. i don't know about you but i sure love a beyonce or j. lo fan to follow me around. i think that's what max the dog feels. yeah, every morning his owner says he goes to the heater, stands over it and just lets it blow. it's mostly because it's cold and winter but that's lake port, california. they're getting slammed with that storm right now. we just love this video of max taking it all in. you look good,
8:16 am
[ applause ] now what you have been waiting for, our "gma" cover story. the ucla gymnast whose floor routine scored a perfect ten with judges and the internet bringing joy to everyone who watched. please welcome katelyn ohashi and her legendary coach valorie kondos field. [ applause ] thank you both. your feet don't even reach the ground. the joy, the joy. were you having as much fun as we were watching you? >> oh, my gosh, every time i get on the floor that's always been my favorite part of gymnastics and being there with my team and my coach and being able to see them dancing with me and it just feels like home. >> what is it like for you, miss
8:17 am
val? i mean, you are a legendary coach, a warrior, a fellow thriver as you are working with a talent like katelyn. >> absolutely blessed. and it's been such a thrill to be a part of her journey and to see her come in as a freshman and not really have a direction and now to see the woman that she's grown into but still be able to maintain that joy is such a gift to all of us. >> did you know like -- because whenever i'm watching that first landing, it's like once you stick that first one is there a little relief there? >> uh-huh. when you watch it as it will be billions of people will is when you watch the face and all that she's having fun and then as soon as she starts to tumble you see this go, focus. it's like small but mighty right here. >> is that how it is for you? [ applause ] locked in? >> yeah. because i know obviously i'm doing a lot of hard passes, so right before i'm like, okay, like let me have as much fun as
8:18 am
i can and i know i have to get dialed in before i go and that first pass was the first time i competed. >> and it's -- >> what? >> it's ridiculously hard. like i don't know another female gymnast in the country that does it, in the world that does it. >> we had to resubmit it because it wasn't in the code of points. >> you just are breaking records and just doing your own thing. >> she is. >> tell us about -- we've heard your story about the shoulder injuries, the back injuries and things like that. and you said it was even more than that. at one point you felt broken and you wanted to walk away. >> yeah, so when i was 12 years old i was on the national team and i was there for four years and, you know, it wasn't the same as it was when i was a little kid and you couldn't get me out of the gym, and so when i was told right after my first and last senior debut elite competition at american cup, i was told that i might not ever do gymnastics again and so it
8:19 am
was almost like this weight was lifted off of me but then at the same time i realized that that's the only thing i knew how to do. so it was like -- it was taken away from me at the same time. >> you have talked about -- and i can't wait. i'm going to have you read one of your poems. she is a poet and she knows it. she's a poet. does so many things. [ applause ] as great as it is as the internet is and social media and a lot of the praise that you receive, you also had people that were body shaming you and you said this is something that you've dealt with since a young age. >> yeah, probably since i was 14, you know. in the gym, outside of the gym, on the internet, so it's something that you can never really escape. and as a 14-year-old it's kind of hard to cope with because you're still developing as a person and so everything really impacts you. >> it had to be something for you, miss val, here you have this phenomenal athlete. she comes to you and the joy has left her and you have -- what's the book you wrote? >> thank you. it's called "life is short, don't wait to dance."
8:20 am
>> don't wait to dance. that's true. [ applause ] you make a point as a phenomenal coach off the mat you do not talk about gymnastic. >> no. in fact, her freshman year, this is one of my all-time favorite stories, her freshman year she comes to us and halfway through our competition season she says, i just don't want to be great again. >> i don't want to be great again? >> nope. and when we delved into it she just said when i was great, there was nothing joyful about it. i wasn't happy. so why would i want to go back there? so at that point i knew i had to earn her trust and i've always believed that you coach the person before the athlete and i feel just like parenting, athletes have to have safe spaces and so i don't talk to them about gymnastics outside of the gym. they have to know i care about them first as a person. >> and so many athletes -- thank you for that. [ applause ] so many athletes, a true student athlete, you are a well-rounded person. you're a poet.
8:21 am
you're able to express yourself. can you read an excerpt from one of your poems? and what is it titled? >> this is called "self-hatred good-byes." i've been consumed with the thought that bigger is synonymous to less than, that only those people with the right perfect bodies have the right to stand, but here today i stand with a love that penetrates deeper than any wedding band. because i am my own size and no words or judgmental stares will make me compromise, for the bittersweet satisfaction that lays within my eyes and my thighs, i finally got my cake and ate it too for my old self cries and today my self-hatred says its good-byes. [ applause ] >> can i? you once again stuck the landing. you stuck the landing with that as well. thank you. i'm so glad that you got your joy back and that you're sharing it with others, and miss val, bless your heart for what you do with these young female athletes.
8:22 am
what is the last move you do? what do you always end with? >> oh. i might have kicked you at the same time. >> it's love. >> all right. thank you, katelyn. thank you so much. "deals & steals" now with michael. all right. >> thank you so much. >> robin, thank you for flipping it over to me. see what i did, flipped it over to me. time now for "deals & steals." tory johnson is here. it's all about going green in 2019. and, tory, we have bargains and they are all 50% off. >> yes. >> we'll start out with -- americans throw away 350 million -- >> disposable lighters. trash. that's right. so this is a recharger lighter so 130 charges -- lights per charge. there you go. >> wow. look at that. >> there you go. we lit them. >> that's actually fun. >> they're fun. they're pretty.
8:23 am
they're not going to get lost in your drawer and they're a really good deal. normally $30. slashed in half, 15 bucks. >> 15 bucks. >> reusable rechargeable lighter. >> this is "shark tank" approved. lori greiner. >> she invested in this called safe grabs. this is what it is. you get a silicone mat like this. they come two in a pack. a variety of colors and multiuse so use it to pick up a hot pot or use it in the microwave to grab something out as a trivet. you can use it as a cover. you did it. >> i never saw people so excited about me picking up a pot of water. >> there are so many uses, about eight or ten uses. someone told me they put their hot curling iron on this but, again, it replaces plastic so instead of using plastic covers in the microwave or plastic covers if you're going to marinate something, grab a safe grab. so many uses. really smart. there you go. also doubles as a frisbee. normally $27 for a set. these are $13.50. there you go. >> i'm sorry. you okay, man? >> keep them in the kiffin.
8:24 am
softy straws. plastic straws not good for the environment, on the outs. softy straws are pba free premium silicone grade. they're premium -- >> reusable, washable. >> that's a thick one for smoothies or shakes. we've got thin ones, regular size really. >> we had kids trying them out. >> kids that got them there. they're so happy. perfect. plus, it comes with a little squeegee, dishwasher safe, a perfect alternative to plastic. depending on the set you choose regular $12 to $13, but cutting them in half, 6 to $6.50 per set. >> wow. >> i love this. the ability to grow fresh food in your kitchen so click and grow maybes it occupy sese with their smart garden. this is the pod. you pop it into there. all do you is add water. the nutrients are in here. the seeds are in here and timer on this so you do nothing except watch your basil grow.
8:25 am
you can then ultimately buy other things. >> they made it as easy as this ever gets. >> this is the easiest one ever to use. and within a week it will sprout. within a month you can start eating this for pizza, pasta, make your fresh pesto. whatever it is, basil has so many uses. normally $100, slashed in half so 50 bucks and you'll keep on using it. okay. this works. this is all good for you ingredient skin care designed to encourage great skin but also great sleep because sleep and great skin go hand in hand, yes. and so this is one of my favorites, deep sea bath soak. that's infused with so much lavender. it smells great, gets you ready for bed and they do pre-sleep, so all your evening routines, sleep routines then when you wake up so there's products to get your skin going and glowing so i love everything here.
8:26 am
>> glowing and growing. >> 15 to $102 regularly half off and our two favorite words. >> free shipping. >> yes. finally, essentia. they are made in the certified -- you can pick it up. certified organic factory, highest eco standards. no harmful chemicals, ingredients or production three different styles depending on your sleep style. and they -- it's all natural memory foam. there's also aromatherapy properties in two of them. queen size, good sleep is worth the investment. normally start at 119. start at $59 and free shipping. >> free shipping. >> yes, everyone, everyone here in our studio is going home with products from this works, safe grab and usb lighter company and partnered with all of them on the great deals on our website. we'll be right back. usb lighter company and partnered with all of them on the great deals but our website. we'll be right back.
8:27 am
good morning. it happened again, another earthquake hit the piedmont area this morning. the magnitude 3.5 quake hit at 6:11. yesterday a 3.4 earthquake hit the same area. and so far no reports of any damage. somehow sue hall didn't feel it here in the studio. >> i did not. i was standing on my little soap box here and i think that absorbed it. speaking of the earthquake, we have a b.a.r.t. alert because of the earthquake, this is protocol. they have reduced speeds to make some track inspections and they have about 20 minute delays system wide. otherwise we are have a sigalert in concord, northbound 242 with
8:28 am
a jackknifed big rig, it is a mess, so avoid the area if you can. and glad you're back how you feeling? ♪ ♪ (both) exhausted. but finally being able to make that volunteer trip happen was... awesome. awesome. you have to scrub. what do they... they use for washing. ♪ ♪ let's do it every year. we'll do it every year. i thought you'd say that - let's do it. ♪ ♪ see how investing with a j.p. morgan advisor can help you. visit your local chase branch.
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good morning. high 250 high tide is pushing through. and we have heavier showers san mateo, all the way down to 237. watch out for ponding there. a thunderstorm just rolled
8:30 am
through la fayette. and this is the strongest part of today's storm. the chance of showers will decrease this afternoon. another abc 7 news update in about 30 minutes and you can always fin ♪ welcome back to "gma." we are excited for our next guest. she is an emmy award winning actress. you know her from all eight seasons of "american horror story" and as marcia clark in "the people versus o.j. simpson." >> now she's starring in glass glass. please welcome sarah paulson. [ applause ] >> thank you, michael. you're such a gentleman. thank you so much. >> good to see you. [ applause ] >> thank you. >> now we can chat. >> we can chat. >> i love this. i want to show everybody what you wore to the premiere. can we see a picture of sarah?
8:31 am
look at that dress. talk to me about that. >> it was plastic. calvin klein dress and made of plastic. >> which is probably very warm. >> it was very warm and it was very frigid and i was very warm. >> and hot. >> and the balloon sleeves, air would go up and my whole chest would puff. personal little puff the magic heater in my dress. >> you did the red carpet and did not go into the movie this. is something you do. >> i don't like to watch myself. do you like listening to the sound -- do you watch the show back ever? >> no. >> the answer is no. yeah, i bet they would but -- i just think -- >> i watch the show but i understand what you're saying. >> based on a giant screen or small one is traumatic for me. >> if you did watch yourself you'd be pretty impressed? that's right. >> you think so. >> i think you would. >> i don't know, i'd be like, ah. uhh! >> i saw it last night. samuel l. jackson and james mcavoy and m. night shyamalan.
8:32 am
all those guy, incredible cast but we heard you and samuel l. would have -- what do they call it? a swear-off? >> well, we both like colorful language. and we're the only people in the movie who have hair in the movie so we were in the makeup trailer the earliest and latest because he got his wig on and i put my wig on so we would talk all day about "game of thrones" and all the things that we love about all the shows we're watching and it just created an atmosphere for a lot of excited talking. >> colorful. >> very colorful dialogue and no one does that like he does. >> yes. we got a little sample of that the other day on "gma." >> did he do it. >> no, but -- >> you can tell he's stopping himself. >> he's too cool. >> beep, beep, beep, beep, beep. >> do you want to sea a little bit of gla"glass"? >> my name is dr. ellie staple and i'm a psychiatrist. i specialize in a particular
8:33 am
type of delusion of grandeur. i specialize in those individuals who believe they are superheroes. i've been given three days to treat you by whatever means necessary. i came here for you both. [ applause ] >> sarah turned around and would not even look at the clip. >> i was looking at lovely times square. it's lovely out there. >> this is really -- this a real thing. >> i don't need to see it. i got to do it. i got to work with those incredible actors and got to make the thing and i'll let you all enjoy it. >> but not only that -- [ applause ] you actually -- you didn't see the script before you took this role and this role was originally written for a man. >> for a man. >> that's awesome. i love that. >> you went in and took it. >> i went in and took it from that man. i don't know who the pan was. i'm sorry. i'm sorry to you, but, yeah, and i think not much of the dialogue changed which was great because
8:34 am
they didn't try to soften her or feminize her, just kept her authority and her strength which was really cool and i did -- i said yes without reading the script which could be crazy but i do that with "american horror story" every year. i never know what the character is going to be so it's sort of in my blood at this point to just go, yeah, i want to work with m. night shyamalan and all these people. i think it was a good dice roll. >> i would say so. another good dice roll is "bird box." >> the "bird box." [ applause ] >> can you believe what a phenomenon it's become? >> no, but i didn't watch it so i don't understand exactly -- i'm just jealous of all the people in the movie who got to wear the blindfold. i didn't get to wear the blindfold. thank you for your sympathy and support. it looked like they got to do some acting with the blindfold on. i didn't get to do it or be in the house with all those guys. i got to be in the car and like,
8:35 am
ah, freaking out. >> you do tend to gravitate towards stressful films. >> i know. i don't know what it is. [ applause ] thanks for the applause for all the anxiety and stress that my work brings me, yeah. >> also we can't let you go without talking about "american horror story." >> okay. >> you play ten characters over eight seasons. >> yeah. >> do have you a favorite character? >> i love playing lana winters in season two the most. it was very -- [ applause ] but tevery year i get to do the wildest stuff. >> do you ever look at it and go what? >> every time i'm like, huh? i have to do this. i've had to do crazy things where i had to call my mother and say, this is not something you should watch. i won't let my grandmother watch it. she can't watch bird bur. almost nothing i do she can watch. >> i tell you what, we're -- >> you guys can all watch it and i want you to. >> sarah, we love what you do and it is "glass." it is in theaters tomorrow. make sure you go check it out.
8:36 am
and coming up, fitness guru harley pasternak is here with a 15-minute full body workout. i'm waiting to see served in a no-mess bag, my new deli trio and turkey, bacon, and cheddar pannidos are almost too easy to eat on the go. so panni-do eat one while you are in a car, but panni-don't, while you are on a car. order a pannido with doordash today. only at jack in the box.
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so panni-do eat one while you are tackling errands. but panni-don't... huh? [buzzer] ...while you're getting tackled by a guy named aaron. order a pannido with doordash today. welcome back to "gma" on this thriver thursday. right now an inspiring story from robin's digital series about a mom named julie who lost her 9-year-o son zach to a
8:39 am
form of leukemia. >> i was talking to ginger about this on "gma" live and i discuss can't imagine as a parent going through this but this woman is -- cease's incredible. she has turned the pain of grief into action and now you know what, she's changing lives. >> three, two, one. go. >> i think it's hard for any parent who's lost their child to ever say i'm thriving. i think -- i like the word defying. that night leaving the hospital room for the last time i'm like, this is not over. this is not over the course of this whole thing i have learned too much. i have made too many good contacts and i just had too much knowledge that i could not just
8:40 am
walk away and leave that. i needed to take that and use that for a higher purpose. >> julie is a shining example of what one person can do. she's raised millions of dollars. she allowed everyone to collaborate and to be helpful. >> you're already beating aml. there are lessons learned interest that. >> i didn't want zach's story to just be a tragedy and to be honest, also, you know, it's a little bit of a way to keep him alive. just the simple act of helping somebody else, i know it's like a total cliche, but giving, it really fills you up. it is bavendz dand-aids for the. >> i love how she said that. band-aids for the soul. and she has raised multimillions. she has brought families together and given people so much hope and i'm looking forward to speaking with her and
8:41 am
talking a little bit more on her on facebook live right after the program. >> we're definitely tuning in. her energy is contagious and her defiance. >> i know because she was reluctant when i said, hmm, she doesn't feel that way but she's defiant and it's secret -- everybody has something. >> i love this series. >> thank you, robin. >> again, facebook live right after the program on "gma" live too we'll do a little something with julie but now, ginger. >> yes, let's do it. i can't wait to watch. we are all -- you all are leaving before the real cold air settles in. australia has actually had record heat. talking about four of their ten hottest days, the animals at the zoo there in sydney getting kind of hosed down because temperatures have topped 120 degrees. imagine that with this coming this weekend so you all will have this tomorrow morning. you get a little slipping and sliding because of the snow turning to some ice early tomorrow and then it's out of here and then we got to deal
8:42 am
with the big weekend storm. we talked about your this has been sponsored by meg da red. michael, you getting a five-minute working. i'm so in. >> come on over, ginger. it is time for our series "fast fixes for 2019" and this morning is all about fitness. my man here, harley pasternak is a fitness guru and best-selling author of "the body reset diet." you have a full body workout where you can do it -- you set your muscles on fire. >> absolutely and this is the beginning of the year, 2019, people make excuses. i can't get to the gym. i don't have lots of equipment. i don't have the time. today i'll show you how to take five of my favorite exercises,
8:43 am
combine them into two. alternate every other day, five minutes, you're done. >> five minutes, you could be done. >> the first are doing five different exercises. >> the first thing we do is a bent over row reaching down all the way. she's squeezing from her shoulder blades right up here, great upper back exercise then we have a stiff leg deadlift for the hamstring, butt, lower back. both of these pull the body back, create the illusion of having a longer leaner physique and we can combine both of these. you're going to combine both of these for both of us right here. grab these dumbbells. you'll get in position. we'll throw your hips back, when you're down there you do a row, back down and then back up. back down, row, reach and back up. so if we're to do this for a minute and a minute off, a minute off and a minute that's five minutes. you'll have three sets, you will be tired. your hamstrings.
8:44 am
>> i'm tired already. >> let's move on. >> okay, what do we have next? >> seated clam shells or abductions. use a hip circle. you can get them online for $2, the rubber ones, i wrote my name with a marker on it so no one steals it. this hits the outside of the hip. important for balance and rounds out the side of the butt. then we have a hip thrust, such a simple movement to do lying on the ground driving up through your heels and keeping shoulder blades down. this hits the glut maximus, the big part of the butt and hamstrings. >> we like to maximize that. >> a lying down extension. can you do it on the ground and it's a simple movement that hits the back of the arm or the triceps. you don't need help there. >> yes, i do. you'll show us how to combine three of these. >> put your head down here. we'll throw the hip circle over your legs, put it above the knee. for those at home, it's a really simple piece of equipment, get it online and grab the two
8:45 am
dumbbells, we're going to start off with your arms to the ceiling and hips up the ceiling. this is the starting position. from here we lower the dumbbells and hips at the same time so hits triceps, butt. >> how does it feel? >> it feels great. how long am i supposed to do it? >> one minute, everyone, one minute. got timers, everyone? look, these are really important exercises. you do these every other day. you still need to walk, everybody, you still need to walk, you till need to hit at least 10,000 steps a day. all my clients, i make sure to give them an activity to monitor. eat, sleep and move like this. >> i tell you what, i'm glad you're done talking so i can stop. whoo. that's a workout. robin and i -- can you do this in five minutes. let me tell you, you really can. i feel the burn. thank you, man. oh.
8:46 am
and coming up, take-out fakeout. how to put a healthy spin on some of your favorite mexican dishes when we come back. now you can help me up. (sigh) (crunch) babybel: that snack just sounded boring. babybel: coming through. no photos, please. babybel: bye bye, bland. babybel: helloooo, delicious. vo: rich, creamy, 100% real cheese. vo: with mini babybel, snack time is saved. babybel: saved it!
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(music throughout) i had so much doubt in me. my current supervisor reached out on linkedin. we set up a phone interview and from there i was hired. linkedin was the matchmaker.
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welcome back to "gma." time for "takeout fakeout." we re-create the most popular foods from the food apps. >> chef jamika pessoa is with us from food network to show us how to do it baby. let's bring the delivery out. special delivery. >> what do we have here? mexican caesar salad. >> you are on it. >> and chicken tacos. [ applause ] >> theme show. let's go make it. >> let's get this party started? so before we go over to the table and get this done, want to explain here according to grubhub this mexican caesar salad we do is one of the top
8:49 am
ten foods that people order often so we want to do it and take out some of the calories and make it easy to do at home? all the flavor but taking out some of the fat. i am starting with romaine lettuce. we love that creaser salad, the crunch, the cheese. >> hot skillet. >> a hot grilled pan. we have our romaine. what we'll do is grill it so -- yes, i have some olive oil and chili powder and a little garlic powder. why we grill the romaine and put it down. >> you can put oil in there too. grilling that takes some bitter this is out of it. it adds a little smokeyness to it. you won't cook it. just a couple minutes to give the char lines and turn on both sides and brush. >> i don't know if you know this but george stephanopoulos is a great cook. >> i love to cook. not like you. [ applause ] >> well, no, you'll jump in here with me. see, we're grilling our romaine and a lot of restaurants charge you extra money for that because i know, i'm a chef.
8:50 am
we charge you extra for grilling it. you can do it at home for free. our vegetable, lots of nutrients and color, black beans. george, jump in here. you're the chef at home. you can char all of your vegetables, char some corn. do some red bell peppers. char is instead of grilling you can do this at home. one tip, if you have a gas stove put it directly over that name and put that full ear of fresh corn, get that nice, that black on that outside. that's where your flavor is. that's where cha aing versus grilling and we grilled our romaine with that, flavor it up with salt and pepper and spoon it over. see how beautiful that comes out. >> looks gorgeous. >> spoon it over the top there just like that. >> so many hidden calories in dressing. >> we love the creaminess. this one is avocado with some green chilies, canned diced chilies and add in lime juice, a
8:51 am
littlecilantro, the secret to keeping it healthy but creamy is greek yogurt. this is plain nonfat greek yogurt. half a cup going this there. you want to whisk that up for me. >> i want to taste that. >> you absolutely must taste it. sought and pepper and this you can make in advance and keep it stored in ray jar in your refrigerator. >> it is creamy. >> one avocado, a little bit of yogurt. soups so good. >> it's perfect and spoon it over the top. we're doing a little cheese, keeping it in the family and doing pepitas. they're pumpkin seeds so that will give us lots of fiber and crunch and texture and nutrients so that's our mexican caesar salad. >> chicken taco. >> who does not love a tack dou -- taco. we won't add extra fat. a slow cooker and we add two pounds of boneless chicken breast so about four breasts if you will and add in our two cups of salsa and basic taco
8:52 am
seasoning so add chili powder, cumin, black powder garlic, powder, all of that. just to taste and just mix it altogether. make sure when you mix the spices together you mix in a spate bowl so it's evenly distributed and spoon it all over your chicken. and i love doing it in the slow cooker. >> you can walk away. >> no, because when you put it in a slow cooker, set it, set it and forget it. when you come home, the smell of that chicken greets you at the door. who doesn't like to be greeted with that? so then you put in your slow cooker four highs on high or six to eight on low. when it comes out, look how it break as part. you shred it with two forks, short rib, pork loin. breaks apart easily and has so much flavor with all that salsa in there so we have our chicken. let's start making tacos. george, you make yours. we're doing lettuce wraps if you want to keep your new year's resolution. i do cheese on the bottom
8:53 am
because that adds a little barrier so then that way it doesn't get your tacos soggy. a little cheese. you can put your favorite toppings in there and then instead of, oops, instead of sour cream i have greek yogurt again. a little chili powder, lime juice and dress it up. >> thank you. >> thank you so much. you can get all these recipes on our website, tomorrow we have tasty italian treats. we'll be right back on "good morning america."
8:54 am
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good morning to you. it is not deluge from yesterday, but still getting some rain. >> and it is intense at some times. but not like yesterday. the altamont pass getting some right now. 237 right near sunnysunnyvale, all this is moving east. this is the strongest part of today's storm. here is a look at my 7 day forecast, a chance of showers friday. sunday. warmer next week. and we have a serious problem in the concord area, northbound 242, completely shut down near highway 40 due to a jackknifed big rig that is leaking fuel. so take 680 northbound to highway 4 to get around the closure. thanks.
9:00 am
and time for live with kelly and ryan. we'll sue you back again at 11:00 a.m. and always on our news app and >> announcer: it's "live with kelly and ryan." today, from the new thriller, "glass," sarah paulson. and from one of the stars of "black monday" ," and the "stress-releasing workout," courtesy of jillian michaels. and a special announcement could have you seeing stars and packing your suitcase. all next on "live" ." and now, here are kelly ripa and ryan seacrest! ♪ [cheers and applause] >> kelly:


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