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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  January 19, 2019 5:00am-6:00am PST

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it's saturday, january 19th. good morning and thanks for being with us. i'm chris nguyen. let's start with a first look at the forecast. >> good morning, everyone. moechlt of us can put the umbrellas away today. here's live doppler 7. the satellite image, we're mostly under cloudy conditions right now and a few spotty sprinkles in the north bay. on our storm impact scale this is level up with, light, scattered isolated showers in the north bay. up to a quarter of an inch of rain for parts of the north bay. by 7:00 this morning we could see some of the sprinkles hit the ground in parts of the north bay and even off the coast.
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by lunchtime mostly dry for everyone, but you'll notice the showers continue through the north bay. by 7:00 tonight even some moderate showers at times and into tonight. today's temperatures, though, will be pretty mild this afternoon, in the 60s for lots of folks. i'll have more details on another storm heading our way. chris. >> frances, thank you. developing news out of mexico. a pipeline explosion killed at least 21 people and injured 71 others in the state of hidalgo. officials say an illegal tap that fuel thieves had drilled into the pipeline caused the rupture. this is after the president of mexico launched a major crackdown on gangs who steal fuel. gangs cost the country more than $3 billion last year. developing news this morning, president trump is promising a major announcement later today as the government shutdown enters day 29. 800,000 federal workers are still without a paycheck.
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amanda has the details. >> reporter: a clear, yet cryptic message from president donald trump on twitter friday. he tweeted i will be making a major announcement concerning the humanitarian crisis on our southern border and the shutdown. >> the humanitarian crisis that the president talks about at the border is actually happening right here in our country. >> reporter: congresswoman jackie speier hosted federal workers inside her district office friday, taking aim at the president who has refused to agree to a budget unless he gets money for a wall along the mexican border. federal workers are continuing to bear the brunt of the political standoff. >> frankly, we don't have anything to do with the wall, and my members are asking me why are we being punished for this wall. >> reporter: 800,000 federal workers are still struggling to make ends meet, with many facing eviction and subsequent homelessness. in the bay area, help for those hurting. the alameda county community food bank made its third delivery of the week to workers with families to feed.
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700 pounds of food, including fresh fruit. >> we are prepared to do this work as long as the federal workers need our assistance. >> reporter: the president has spoken in recent weeks about declaring a national emergency at the border. however, a senior administration official says the president will instead propose a deal to end the nearly month-long shutdown. >> this is a repugnant set of circumstances. >> reporter: the political stakes are high, as the shutdown moves into its fifth week. at the san jose bureau, this is abc 7 news. east bay congressman will host an emergency town hall on the shutdown. agencies will be there to help workers or those who may be impacted. the town hall starts at 2:00 this afternoon at stanley middle school in lafayette. former president george w. bush is also speaking out during the shutdown. yesterday he tweeted this picture showing him delivering pizza to his secret service detail.
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he wrote he and his wife are grateful to the secret service and the thousands of federal employees who are working hard for our country without a paycheck. paypal says it will offer interest-free cash advances up to $500 to all affected federal employees. the san jose-based company says it will make up to $25 million in cash advances available to existing or paypal customers. the san jose zoo will let federal workers in for free. they just need to present some identification to take advantage of the offer. the free admission deal is good for the duration of the shutdown. we'll have coverage of the president's announcement later today. download the abc 7 news app to see what he says. we'll also send out a breaking news alert. 2017, 2018, 2019. today this the sitter year of the -- third year of the women's march. several events are planned here in the bay area which are expected to have thousands of people. we put together a video if
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you're participating or trying to avoid the crowds. just search women's march on hundreds of oakland teachers walked out yesterday demanding smaller class sizes and better wages. while it's not an official strike, the group was hoping that the action would draw the attention of the district. they're asking for a 12% pay hike over the next three years, but the district is offering 5%. oakland teachers make on average $64,000 per year which they say is not a living wage here in the bay area. >> they make it impossible for community to teach in the schools that are in our neighborhoods. >> we want to make sure that our teachers feel appreciated and valued and we want to make sure they get a contract they are happy with. >> oakland teachers are expected to take a strike vote later this month. in los angeles striking teachers in the school district are set to continue renewed
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negotiations today following a fifth day of passionate protests. yesterday thousands of teachers and parents rallied in front of city hall as the union and the school district went back to the table. the union is demanding an increase in staffing to reduce class sizes as well as an increase in pay. the district offered $135 million toward some of the union demands, but the union rejected the offer. some teachers think it's a good sign the two sides are back at the table. >> i'm very hopeful. i don't think any of us really want to be on a strike situation. i really do hope that we can come to an agreement so the students can get back to their instruction. >> the district has lost 97 million in state revenue based on attendance, but union leaders say they're prepared to continue the strike. all this week abc 7 news has been doing stories about teachers and the challenges they face. as part of our commitment to building a better bay area, we're digging into issues and finding improvements. teachers are facing more and
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more pressure living in the bay area. in fremont salaries start at about $65,000. but get this, the federal housing and development department says the threshold for low income is $89,600. abc 7 news reporter matt keller shows us one teacher who decided to moving home with her parents was the best option for now. >> reporter: 27-year-old anna lives at home with her parents in fremont. it's not an ideal situation for a 27-year-old woman, but you can't beat free rent. >> i'm still thinking about what i'm going to do when i grow up because right now in my current job, i don't feel like much of a grownup all the time. >> reporter: anna is in her fourth year teaching high school. she's a third generation teacher. her mom, nancy, taught for 40 years. >> i don't know that i'd go into teaching now, because i don't think i could make it. >> i love you. >> i love you. >> see you tonight.
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>> reporter: anna tried to make it on her home. she rented a room in a house for $950 a month. >> and i wanted to start saving. and i found i wasn't able to do that. >> salaries for starting teachers for fremont unified are in the mid-60s, but the district does not cover health care and rent can reach $2500 a month. add those two together, plus student loans and teachers are forced to make tough decisions. >> i'm thinking changing careers or moving somewhere else. i feel like i'm getting pushed out. >> reporter: replacing someone like anna is getting more and more difficult for school districts as fewer college students choose education and those who do often leave for better paying jobs. anna's mom isn't worried about her. nancy feels she'll find her way even if it's not in education, but she is concerned about the future of california schools. >> i feel badly because we're throwing away our next generation, and who's going to
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teach the children who will care for everybody who's in their 20s, 30s, 40s, 50s now. >> reporter: the learning policy institute says dpbeginning teachers earn 20% less than individuals with college degrees in other fields. that wage gap can wide ton to 3 for midcareer educators. >> we'd love to know what you think. join the conversation by adding #betterb #betterbayarea to your posts on twitter and facebook. in other news, you can see the storm damage that forced a beach to close in santa cruz county. sky 7 flew over sea cliff beach yesterday afternoon. the beach is closed until at least thursday for cleanup and repairs. sea cliff state beach is best known for its fishing pier. good news if you're heading up to the sierra for the holiday weekend. right now there are no closures or chain controls on the main roads to tahoe after getting 5 feet of snow in some places earlier this week, but always
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pack your chains since there could be some flurries over the weekend. frances is here and you've been tracking it all for us. >> yeah. >> always a good idea to keep those chains in the car. >> yeah. and you'll want to travel today because they are expecting quite a bit of snow in tahoe tomorrow, even up to 2.5 feet. for us in the bay area we are mostly cloudy right now with a chance of showers and sprinkles in the north bay, so most of us will be dry. we also have nice above average temperatures for the highs today. i'll have all the details and what you can expect over the three-day weekend with another storm on the way. >> sounds good, frances, thank you. also ahead, a san quentin inmate is a free man under a new state murder law. what it means for others convicted of similar crimes. also adulting can be hard. we'll introduce you to a course that's helping silicon valley teens graduate to grownup.
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the time right now is 5:17. we are taking a live look outside from our abc 7 exploratorium camera. a relatively dry day on tap for most of the bay area, but another storm is on the way. we'll let you know more about that in frances' full accuweather forecast coming up. first, after serving 15 years on a murder conviction, a san quentin prison inmate from the east bay is getting his first taste of freedom. a new california state law is allowing early release and resentencing for those who didn't commit the actual crime but acted as accomplices. abc 7 news reporter cornell bernard has the story. >> i don't know what to feel. i feel i'm going to wake up in the morning like what, where am i? >> reporter: 34-year-old adnan was ordered released from san
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quentin prison. >> excited of course. i get to hug my brother. >> reporter: khan is the first inmate to benefit from a new law limiting murder convictions to those who actually commit a killing. khan was serving a 25-year-old sentence for robbing kevin mcnutt. he was stabbed to death by khan's partner. >> the facts were never disputed that he did not kill, intend to kill or act with reckless indifference to human life. >> i want people to know that there's a lot more men and women inside that are just like me and are ready to come out here and taste the clean >> reporter: prisoners like khan are eligible for resentencing on a case-by-case basis under the new law. >> i feel like i'm a story teller. i want to tell people's stories. >> reporter: khan produced this media project at san quentin about incarceration. his first stop as a free man -- >> six flags. >> reporter: but not everybody is happy about khan's release. the mother of the murder victim told me by phone she does not believe in the justice system. as many as 800 inmates with
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murder convictions could be eligible for resentencing under the new law. cornell bernard, abc 7 news. thousands of police officers, firefighters and first responders saluted and said farewell to a rookie officer who was killed in davis. yesterday sky 7 flew over the procession carrying the casket of fallen davis police officer natalie corona from the uc davis campus to her hometown of arbuckle. billy ray cyrus performed in corona's honor. ♪ ♪ all gave some ♪ some gave all >> corona followed her father's footsteps into law enforcement. merced corona is a retired deputy sheriff and yesterday he explained why his daughter posed for a photo in a blue dress to celebrate beginning a career to serve others. >> she said i would like to photograph to serve as my gratitude for all those law enforcement men and women who
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served -- who have served, who are currently serving, and those who have died in the line of duty protecting our liberties in this great country. >> corona was just 22 years old. she the first davis police officer killed in the line of duty since 1959. san francisco's curran theater honored carol channing by dimming its lights. last night's tribute follows a similar gesture when marquee lights dimmed across new york city's theater district after channing's death on tuesday. channing grew up in san francisco. the 97-year-old won three tony awards. generations knew channing best as the title character in the musical "hello dolly." high schools teach history and math, but what about how credit cards work or mortgages? well, students at a south bay high school are taking a special course called adulting to prepare for the real world. abc 7 news reporter david louie
5:17 am
has the story. >> reporter: it's only a mock job interview, but you can see how this exercise has given a case of jitters to many of the 27 students. they're taking a course called adulting. for a generation used to texting, they're being used to the unfamiliar world of face-to-face communications. students asked for the course to help them prepare for adulthood. >> it's equipping yourself to make the choices that are right for you and to sort through the bevy of information that you'll get in the world to navigate a plan that's true to yourself. >> reporter: polishing resumes, paying taxes and using credit cards are some of the practical skills covered, along with exploring their sense of purpose, things that regular academic courses don't cover. >> maybe even buying a house or insurance, stuff like that that normally teenagers and our age kind of don't really get a chance to learn about. >> reporter: justin told us silicon valley's startup culture
5:18 am
and the wealth it can create causes a rapid stritransition f being a teen to an adult. it doesn't mean they can't find a balance. >> still play video games, mess around with my friends, do fun things. >> so you can balance being a kid and being an adult? >> yeah, i think that's an important thing that this class has taught me too. >> reporter: the class doesn't make it any easier for 15 and 16-year-olds to feel comfortable dressing up in a suit and tie for a job interview. however, with practice comes confidence and the ability to communicate and to impress. by the time the school year ends in june, these students will have gone through a total of eight weeks of adulting. while it is a pass/fail course, we don't expect any of these kids to fail at being adults. in sunnyvale, david louie, abc 7 news. a sonoma county brewery will double its production of a limited edition beer that attracts fans all over the world for two weeks every year. people sometimes wait more than eight hours to get a taste from
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russian river brewing. this year the brewery will release it at two locations. it's original home at santa rosa and a new pub in windsor. production will increase to 350 barrels. it is only available from february 1 through the 14th. good morning, i'm meteorologist frances lawson. we're mostly under cloudy conditions right now and we still have a chance of some sprinkles in the north bay. here's live doppler 7 and the satellite image, clouds right there. we could see some green sprinkles reach the ground throughout the day. here's a live look towards downtown san francisco. it's beautiful out there. winds are mainly light right now. temperatures are mild because of the cloud cover. mostly in the 50s. 55 in san francisco, oakland and mountain view. san jose 54, cooler in morgan hill at 51 and this time we are checking out the san jose airport. we do have some low clouds over the airport right now. more temperatures for you all in the 50s.
5:20 am
santa rosa 51, petaluma 53, livermore 51 degrees right now. as we look from emeryville out towards the bay bridge, here's what you can expect for our weather forecast. so we have scattered showers but mainly for the north bay today. most of us pretty much dry. you can put the umbrellas away. then another light storm arrives tomorrow. then a dry pattern begins on monday for martin luther king jr. day. we have high pressure building next week. on our storm impact scale, so for tomorrow we have a light storm ranked 1 out of 5. we are expecting anywhere from a quarter of an inch to three-quarters of an inch of rain. the winds will pick up. this is a fast-moving storm, 30 to 40-mile-per-hour gusts, up to 50 miles per hour. there is a slight chance of thunderstorms as well. i'll show you the forecast animation. throughout the day today, agai, those sprinkles and spotty showers stay mainly in the north bay. and then tomorrow morning we'll see some of the heavier rain hit the north bay first. this is a cold, fast-moving storm coming from the northwest.
5:21 am
we expect the rain and showers to sweep through the bay area tomorrow. so it's not a great day to be outdoors tomorrow. today will be a good day to do that. then it sweeps through pretty quickly, so by monday we'll wake up in cloudy conditions but then start to dry out for the rest of the week. so the rain potential, again, very light today in the north bay, mainly a few hundredths of an inch. we're expecting a little bit more rain for tomorrow's storm and generally half an inch for most of the areas around the bay, a little bit more through parts of the north bay. highs today will be really comfortable and milder, much warmer than average. in fact lots of 60s out there. san francisco 61, san jose hitting 66 degrees. you'll still need the umbrella through parts of the north bay where we'll see cooler temperatures in the 60s, low 60s out there. also it's going to be great for the women's march today. in oakland we've got cloudy conditions, but temperatures will be warming up into the low 60s this afternoon.
5:22 am
you definitely don't need an umbrella there. here's the accuweather seven-day forecast. some scattered showers in the forth 40s. the windy showers start to pick up tomorrow early morning. it won't be great to be outside. then we have a much cooler and drier day for martin luther king jr. day. after that cold front sweeps through we'll have chilly mornings as well on tuesday, but high pressure builds, lots of sunshine and then we'll start to warm back up again as well. >> frances, thank you. just ahead, how can you pass this up? it's an embarcadero pop-up.
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ucsf invited abc 7 news to a new lab. the makers lab provides 3d printing technology to students, faculty and surgeons at no cost. instead of having to study diagrams or videos, students can print models and take it home in less than a day. orthopedic surgeons say it's a break-through in preparation for an operation. >> we can take the patient's own ct scan, turn it into a 3d model of that patient and see their internal anatomy before we take them to the operating room. it has made tremendous changes in how we actually care for patients. >> ucsf predicts there will be an explosion in 3d printed medical devices in the coming years using this technology. california's monarch
5:26 am
butterfly population has dropped dramatically according to a new report. about 28,000 monarchs were recorded during its last count. that's an 86% drop from last year, and this isn't just a one-year trend. in the 1980s, the monarch population was in the millions. some of the reasons given for the decline are bad weather, pesticide use and climate change. southern california firefighters had an unusual rescue call yesterday. take a look, a horse trapped in a dumpster. officials in huntington beach believe the 18-year-old animal named rodeo got loose from the corral and somehow got on top of the dumpster. predictably the plastic lid collapsed under the 1200-pound horse. rescuers used a forklift to hoist him to safety. he's expected to be okay. so did you have a tough week at work? if you're in san francisco, you can cuddle with some puppies or kittens. the san francisco spca is once
5:27 am
again hosting a pop-up at the embarcadero center. it's open every weekday through valentine's day except this monday. there are puppy cuddles and a cat cafe and also weekly yappy hours and opportunities to paint a portrait of your pet or do yoga with cats. you can visit between 11:00 and 7:00 on weekdays at one embarcadero center. the pop-up closes on february 14th. still to come on "abc 7 mornings" taking to the streets for the annual women's march. see what's different after three years when it began to protest president trump. an unexpected side effect of the government shutdown, more robo
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weather. here's meteorologist frances lawson. lisa is off. hi, frances. i just go into auto pilot mode. >> we are at the tail end of the storm system and i want to show you live doppler 7. we could see a few sprinkles through parts of the north bay. on our storm impact scale this is a level 1, light scattered showers mainly in the north bay. we could get up to a quarter of an inch but mostly a few hundredths expected. we'll see spotty showers possibly reaching the ground through parts of the north bay. mostly dry by lunchtime for all of us. you notice the sprinkles continue to move through the evening, throughout the day and into tonight for the north bay. here's your 12-hour planner. sunrise at 7:22, cloudy conditions, temperatures in the 50s. we'll see spotty sprinkles throughout the day in the north bay but temperatures will be warming up nicely in the mid to low 60s for many areas around the bay area.
5:31 am
another storm on its way. i'll have details coming up. chris. >> frances, thank you. developing news, president trump is promising a major announcement later today as the government shutdown enters day 29. the president has talked in recent weeks about declaring a national emergency at the border. however, a senior administration official says mr. trump will instead propose a deal to end the nearly month-long shutdown. nearly 800,000 federal workers are still going without a paycheck. here in the bay area sfo officials are asking its restaurants and stores to cut prices by 50% for federal employees who work there. the airport says it will protect the concession operators from any financial impact of this program. the airport has set up a shutdown support center where affected workers can meet with specialists to learn how to deal with unexpected financial challenges during the shutdown. the harlem globetre t furloughed government employees. they have two shows at oracle arena today and shows at sap center in san jose tomorrow and
5:32 am
monday. the president of the globetrotters says he wants to show support for workers and their families. employees can get two tickets by showing their government i.d. at the box office. consumers are feeling the federal government shutdown through their telephones, both smartphones and land lines. 7 on your side's michael finney has more. >> you've heard the calls. >> your vehicle reached a certain mileage. again, press 1 to be connected to a warranty specialist. >> probably way too many of them. >> we work with motivated buyers looking for property in your area. >> noel told me he doesn't need the interruptions. >> i can't ampfford to miss an important call. most often it's like a fake credit thing. >> he also gets threatening fake irs calls, ripoff lenders offering deals, and things could
5:33 am
get worse. >> the robo call problem now with the government shutdown is like a street with no cop on the beat. the robo callers are going to recognize there aren't any consequences and will eventually make more calls. >> alex heads up you mail, a visual voice mail service that offers call blocking. he says there hasn't been a djup in robo calls yet but there has been a change in the calls being placed. >> the real problem we're seeing is robo callers mentioning the government shutdown in their scam. we're starting to see that. for example, the irs, the government shutdown. so your payment hasn't been reported, you better make another payment. we started to see those sorts of robo calls. >> joe rideout tells me it's getting harder to dodge the calls. >> if you go to do not, they're not accepting anyone. you can't automatically add yourself to the webso not call list for the moment.
5:34 am
>> a check online and sure enough, the website is closed. we will resume normal operations when the government is funded. if you're not on the do not call list you really should get on it. of course like i just said, you'll have to wait until the shutdown is over. i'm michael finney, 7 on your side. we'll have coverage of the president's announcement later today. download the abc 7 news app to find out what he says. we'll also sending out a breaking news push alert. happening today, several women's marches are planned here in the bay area and are expected to draw thousands of people. san francisco's women's march starts with a rally at civic center plaza, then the march goes down market street to the ferry building at the embarcadero. melanie woodrow tells us for the first time ever, organizers are falling short of fund-raising goals. >> reporter: at 11:30 a.m. saturday, thousands are expected to gather on the steps of san francisco's city hall for the third annual women's march. >> the march is the most visible piece of it, but it's a movement
5:35 am
that we work on year round to make sure that we're standing up for the things that we believe in here in the bay area and across the country. >> reporter: this year's theme is the women's wave and truth to power. >> we really want it to be an energizing day that helps keep the momentum we saw in this midterm election and move us forward toward the world that we want. >> reporter: there are 35,000 people registered to march in san francisco saturday, though the movement is approximately 20% short of its fund-raising goal. $66,891 dollars, to fund things like street closures, medical services, portable toilets and food for volunteers. they say they don't believe recent controversy contributed to the fund-raising shortage. the controversy stems from the national co-president's relationship with nation of islam leader louis farrakhan. his statements about jewish, queer and trans people are not aligned with the women's march
5:36 am
unity principles. >> we have worked very actively with the communities here to say that everyone is welcome. >> reporter: a sentiment mayor london breed echos. >> as far as i'm concerned, everyone is welcome. i think this is an opportunity for us to come together to support one another, to get inspired and get excited about the future. >> reporter: organizers say they believe the fund-raising shortage this year is due to donation fatigue following the midterm elections. following the 11:30 a.m. rally, the march to the embarcadero will be at 1:30 p.m. melanie woodrow, abc 7 news. in oakland, events start at 10:00 a.m. with a rally at the lake merritt amp theerlt. theater. in san jose the march begins at 11:00 a.m. at san jose city hall, followed by a rally at arena green. we put together a video with all the information you need to know, whether you're pa participating or trying to avoid the crowds. search women's march on
5:37 am buzzfeed says it is standing by a story that president trump told his attorney, michael cohen, to lie to congress. a spokesman for special counsel robert mueller issued an extraordinary and unprecedented statement last night saying the buzzfeed report was not acurate. it reads buzzfeed's description of specific statements to the special counsel's office and characterization of documents and testimony obtained by this office regarding michael cohen's congressional testimony are not accurate. the time now is 5:37. senator kamala harris has selected baltimore as the base for a potential 2020 presidential campaign. harris has yet to announce whether she'll seek the democratic nomination in 2020, though she says she'll make a decision soon. baltimore is a long way from her home state of california, but it comes with some advantages. the city is close to the senator's office in washington and has a diverse population. hundreds of people who lost their home in last fter the las
5:38 am
shelter is set to close at the end of the month. the organization's temporary contract with the silver dollar fairgrounds expires in 12 days. about 600 evacuees are still there, but need to find another place to go. the red cross says it is working with families on a case-by-case basis trying to find them more permanent housing moving forward. >> the challenge is housing right now, especially locally, because with all the people out of housing, they're filling up quickly. not just apartments, but even somewhere to put their rv or mobile home or something that they get. >> homeless shelters are offering up beds for evacuees but there aren't enough available to take in everyone from the shelter. still ahead on "abc 7 mornings" desperately in need. meet the bay area girl searching for a bone marrow donor. first a look outside, you can see the city in the distance there.
5:39 am
the camera might be shaking a little bit. we'll have your forecast in just a
5:40 am
5:41 am
welcome back, everyone. here's a live look outside from our golden gate bridge camera. a very quiet start to the morning, at least on this stretch of tracking some rain. some places will see that this morning. we'll get a full look at that accuweather forecast coming up in just a little bit. first, a new promotion from aero mexico is raising some eyebrows because of its political undertones. >> would you consider going to mexico? >> no way. >> the idea of going mexico is
5:42 am
not something that i would foresee. >> that's not my cup of tea. >> let me stay here in peace and let those folks stay on their side of the border. >> so those are residents of a small texas town featured in the ad. as you can see, they have no interest in going to mexico. to try and change that, aeromexico offered the residents a discount on flights based on the percentage of mexican heritage each of them had to be determined by a dna test. here's more of the ad. >> the more mexican they are, the more discount they get. >> joshua, you are 18% mexican. >> oh, wow. >> so you get 18% off the flight to mexico. >> you're 22% mexican. >> that's [ bleep ]. that is [ bleep ]. >> the promotion is specifically targeted at states in the western u.s., including arizona and utah. if the clouds part enough this weekend, you'll be able to see a super blood wolf moon
5:43 am
lunar eclipse. it begins tomorrow at 6:36 p.m. with the maximum eclipse at 9:12. it's a super moon because of its close distance to earth. the moon will look red because of sunlight scattering off the earth's atmosphere. that's why it's called a blood moon. and the full moon in january is also sometimes called the wolf moon. that's why it's called a super blood wolf moon. i feel like some twilight action happening this morning. >> it sounds like an ominous movie title. >> well, it's great to have you here, frances. >> thanks, chris. >> you've been tracking the forecast for us. we have a break in the rain in many parts of the bay area today. >> for most of us we can put the umbrellas away. we'll see spotty sprinkles throughout parts of the north bay. we have a system coming in tomorrow but right now enjoy this view as we look toward the exploratorium. under cloudy conditions, that's great news for many of the women's march rallies throughout the day because it will be dry there. i'll let you know what you can expect in temrms of rainfall
5:44 am
especially for tomorrow. it's finally boogie time. demarcus cousins makes its demarcus cousins makes its warriors debut against the
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5:46 am
a 5-year-old girl in the east bay was diagnosed with a rare disease that just 31 kids develop every year in the united states. the cure, a bone marrow transplant. abc 7 news reporter us she have a match. >> reporter: she has the energy of your average 5-year-old, at least for now. >> she is so brave and she has kept us brave. >> reporter: but over the summer she was diagnosed with a rare disease that interferes with a body's ability to repair its
5:47 am
dna. if untreated, there's a 90% chance that nora will develop leukemia or bone marrow failure. >> we've got speech appointments, occupational therapy appointments, oncology appointments. we are just in appointment land and still trying to hold down two full-time jobs. >> reporter: life has been tough on little nora but the family is not giving up. they have launched a national campaign to get more people to become bone marrow donors, just neeg needing that one match to save her life. >> we know that's the cure. it's heart breaking. we love her. it's really hard. >> reporter: what's even harder, finding a match. >> when we talk about bone marrow matches, it's incredibly difficult because there's 42 trillion variations of it. >> reporter: and even if they find a match, there's still a long road ahead. >> so if the new immune system doesn't recognize the patient's body, that can cause problems. >> reporter: right now the
5:48 am
family says they're just thankful she's not sick. >> right now we're so grateful that nora gets to have her childhood. >> reporter: because they know the next few years will be crucial. good morning. i'm meteorologist frances dinglasan. mostly try for everyone exempt the north bay today. here's the satellite image picking up light rain along the coast of the north bay and that will be the story for the day. visibility right now is a bit limited in santa rosa where we're getting some fog so two and a half miles there. elsewhere, it's looking pretty good. temperatures are also on the mild side. we're in the 50s with the cloud cover. 55 in san francisco, oakland, san jose 54, clear cooler at 48 degrees. here's a live view of downtown san francisco and here's what you can expect with the forecast. we have some scattered showers but only for the north bay today. another light storm arrives tomorrow but this will bring
5:49 am
rain for everybody. then the dry pattern begins on monday, martin luther king junijr. day. it will even warm up throughout the week next week. so on abc 7's exclusive storm impact scale, the storm tomorrow is ranking a 1. it is light. we are expecting a quarter of an inch to three-quarters of an inch. this is a fast-moving system. gusts up to 50 miles per hour. there is a very slight chance of thunderstorms as well. so i want to show you the forecast animation. throughout the day today you'll notice the showers hit and miss throughout the north bay. mostly dry throughout the day for everybody south of the golden gate bridge. but the showers continue into the evening throughout the north bay. then tomorrow's system will bring moderate rainfall, even heavy in a few spots through parts of the north bay in the early morning hours and it sweeps through the rest of the bay area. notice how quickly it moves. the winds will pick up as well and this cool system from the
5:50 am
north will bring much cooler temperatures for monday morning which will start off dry and cloudy for martin luther king jr. day. then we get a break from the rainfall. it's going to only measure up to a few hundredths of an inch and again north bay. so everybody south of that, it's going to be dry. and tomorrow we'll see the rain pick up. anywhere from maybe a little bit over a quarter of an inch to half an inch and just a little bit higher in some of the north bay locations. now, highs today will be well above average, especially through parts of the south bay. san jose warming up to 66 degrees. you'll get more sunshine this afternoon as well. san francisco 61, low 60s through the north bay. oakland 63 degrees, antioch 61. if you're heading up to tahoe to and from for the holiday weekend, just be careful. there's a winter storm watch in effect that starts tomorrow at 10:00 and continues through early monday morning. we could see up to 2.5 feet of snow, 35-mile-per-hour gusts and
5:51 am
there's reduced visibility. if you're heading up to tahoe t. tomorrow i wouldn't drive there. and then monday is going to be cold, tuesday will be chilly and dry. here's the accuweather seven-day forecast. so we've got those scattered showers, again just in the north bay. check out how mild the temperatures are, lots of mid-60s throughout the bay area. tomorrow a system moves through. it will be windy bringing showers for everyone. then we're starting to dry off on monday for the holiday, but it will be a very cool start on tuesday as well. high pressure builds and we'll get more sunshine and even warmer temperatures towards the >> i'm sure a lot of folks coming in for the women's marches are pretty -- just very happy they're not going to have to deal with that rain today. >> it will be dry for many of the marches around the bay area today. >> frances, thank you. in sports this afternoon, the sharks will try to rebound from wednesday's loss that snapped their seven-game winning streak. san jose faces the tampa bay
5:52 am
lightning at 4:00 p.m. the warriors have a couple of days off in l.a. they played the lakers last night but last night they faced the clippers at staples center and welcomed demarcus cousins to the starting lineup. larry beil has the highlights in this morning's sports. good morning, everybody. demarcus cousins mad his warriors debut last night, the man they call boogie, playing his first game in almost a year after tearing his achilles 10 n tend tendon. they looked pretty good. he was really nervous, had butterflies. with authority. that's the way to get rid of the butterflies. second possession -- that was his first basket for golden state. got the scowl working still. cousins can shoot the three-ball. 6 points in the first half in just 7.5 minutes. guys want cousins to succeed. here's a good sign running the floor after playing some "d," easy layup. warriors up by as many as 13. how about steph curry, so smooth and in control.
5:53 am
dribbling through the entire defense, had 14 points in the third quarter, finished with a game-high 28. a little crossover here, a little pullup here. third quarter, boogie -- if you leave him wide open like that, he's going to knock them down. scored 14 points in 15 minutes. 6 rebounds, 3 assists. classic cousins. he also fouled out. dubs win their seventh straight 112-94. here's boogie after the game. >> this is probably one of the best days of my life just being out there on the floor again, playing the game that i love. my teammates were great. they supported me through this entire process. the organization has supported me through this entire process. college hoops, noodle headband night. number 6 stanford hosting washington. alna doesn't need headbands, he just gets buckets. the cardinal run away from the huskies 91-54 and the cal women
5:54 am
beat wazoo. australian open. rain has been a problem. no level 3s there, just some occasional delays. serena williams, age 37, taking on 18-year-old diana yastremska. this would be a nonissue, no threat here. serena to the fourth round easily, 6-2, 6-1. that's a wrap on morning sports. have a great weekend, everybody. i'm larry beil. next, where people will be celebrating the sea lions this
5:55 am
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happening today, you can san francisco's famous sea lions at pier 39. 29 years ago the animals made the pier their home shortly after prieta earthquake hit. it hit an all-time record of
5:57 am
1700 in 2009. pier 39 is celebrating the anniversary with free walking tours starting at noon today.ur tomorrow. next on "abc 7 mornings at 6:00," we're just hours away of president trump's promise of a major announcement on the government shutdown and the border. also a convicted killer is a free man this morning, all because of change in the law. why this bay area man and many more like him could be released from prison. if you become a teacher you say i will never buy a home. >> teaching in the bay area is tough and our kids are paying the price. how can we make it better? >> abc 7 news is on a mission to build a better bay area. we're devoting more time, resources and reporting to the issues that impact your quality of life. >> because building a better bay
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it's saturday, january 19th. good morning and thanks for being with us. i'm chris nguyen. let's start with a first look at the forecast. here's meteorologist frances dinglasan in for lisa argen. >> good morning, everyone. we're expecting some scattered light showers throughout the north bay and you can see some of that right now on live doppler 7. there's some cloud cover over most of the bay area of the on our storm impact scale it's going to be a 1, it's light today. scattered showers mainly in the north bay. many areas around the bay area not getting any rain. up to a quarter of an inch of rain in some of the coastal north bay mountains. here's how it plays out. we'll see some of these light showers hit


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