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tv   America This Morning  ABC  February 4, 2019 4:00am-4:30am PST

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making news in america this morning. >> the dynasty continues. >> the patriots beating the rams, taking home the top title in super bowl liii. tom brady winning his sixth ring as fans across the country celebrate from the national anthem to the winning moment. the highlights from the record-setting night. breaking news. new details in that southern california plane crash. at least five people killed as a cessna lands into the house. what we know. not backing down, virginia governor ralph northam refusing
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to resign. why his own party turned on him after that disastrous press conference. plus, up in smoke. the new plans to outlaw cigarette sales regardless of age. a sign of kindness. a firefighter signing to a little boy going and commercial kracrossover why one commercial left viewers stunned. >> from abc news in new york, this is "america this morning." good mont morningday mornin everyone. we begin with the new england patriots. super bowl champs once again. >> it was an exciting game if you only tuned into the fourth quarter. it was the lowest scoring super bowl ever. fans in boston swarmed their streets after the victory. it's the fans in boston swarmed their streets after the victory. it's the patriots sixth super bowl win, they now tie with the most ever with the steelers.
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>> patriots' quarterback tom brady was swarmed by his teammates as he gave a big hug to his teammate julian edelman. ♪ land of the free >> gladys knight's powerful national anthem got things started. as for the game, it was a struggle from the start. tom brady's first throw, intercepted. >> and it's intercepted! picked off on his first throw. >> the first score, a patriots field goal in the second quarter. >> it's good. >> the rams finally getting on the board in the third. >> feels like we got a scoring spree going on. >> the lowest scoring super bowl ever. the game's mvp julian edelman getting a hug from brady. >> it was a crazy year. we had a resilient bunch of guys. it was unreal, man.
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i mean, it was like a home game here. we love you guys here. it was awesome. >> what the game lacked in excitement, well, some say the halftime show did, too. maroon 5 taking the stage for a politics-free performance after other a-listers reportedly turned down the gig. frontman adam levine wearing rn twitter users. joining the show, travis scott and big boi and even spongebob squarepants squib wood. >> he needs no introduction. >> thanks to a petition by fans. back in boston, the party begins. the skyline says it all, go pats. and they are still celebrating in boston this morning. the city's mayor said the parade will be held tomorrow. it comes just 14 weeks after the city held a parade for the red sox. >> lucky them. well, president trump watched the first half of the super bowl at his golf club at west palm beach and caught the rest of the game on air force one on his way
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wouldant his youngest son barron playing professional football for safety reasons saying in the past that football has gotten too soft. >> i just don't like the reports that i see comin do with football. i think the nfl is a great product, but i really think as far as my -- well, i heard nfl players saying they wouldn't let their sons play football. so, it's not totally unique. i would have a hard time with it. >> meanwhile, the president also said he and nfl commissioner roger goodell have set aside their differences over players kneeling during the national anthem. a silent protest that the president had repeatedly criticized. at least five people are dead after parts of a plane crashed into a california home. the pilot of the twin-engine
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plane died along with four people in the house. witnesses say they could see the plane falling from the sky. wreckage from the plane, some of it still burning, was scattered across four blocks. daria albinger has more. >> reporter: chaos in loma linda, california. after a plane crashes into a home. >> i have a single family residence completely engulfed at this time with reports of four people missing. we are going to establish command. >> reporter: firefighters responding to the scene. >> a two-story family dwelling with fire showing from all sides. they did notice there was some debris from the small aircraft. the rest of the aircraft was located to the rear of the residence. >> reporter: from above, you can see the extensive damage, a huge hole, firefighters working quickly to stop the flames from spreading to other homes. >> five individuals deceased. one is the pilot. a male. four were in the residence, two males and two females. >> reporter: one firefighter suffered minor injuries. smoke from the fire could be seen for miles. witnesses in the area describe
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hearing a loud boom. >> all of a sudden i hear the plain like whining like and then an explosion like in the sky. i went to the ground. >> reporter: debris scattered throughout the neighborhood, a small piece of wreckage could be seen burning in the streets. one neighbor trying to douse the flames with a garden hose. daria albinger, nbc news, new york. virginia governor ralph northam met with members of his staff as he faces growing pressure to resign over a racist photo in his medical school yearbook. fellow democrats swiftly abandoned northam after he changed the story from being in the video and then changed to being in black face. mona, good morning. good morning, over the course of 48 hours, northam apologized for being in that racist photo and then
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denied being in it. despite changing the story one after other, northam's colleagues and chief supporters called for his resignation. this was the scene outside of the virginia governor's mansion as protesters urged for ralph northam to resign. >> how powerful is white supremacy to think this is acceptable behavior for our governor? >> reporter: virginia's two senators, the naacp, and more than a dozen key democrats echoing the same message, after this photo surfaced friday. the picture featured on governor northam's eastern virginia medical school yearbook page shows two men, one in black face, the other in a kkk robe. >> that photo and the racist and offensive attitudes it represents does not respect that person i am today. >> reporter: northam initially apologized for appearing in the photo, then changed course over the weekend, denying he's either person in the 1984 picture. >> i believe then and now that i am not either of the people in that photo. >> reporter: but any chance of redemption quickly dwindled for
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northam, when he admitted to a time that same year where he did appear in black face during a michael jackson performance. >> i used a little bit of shoe polish to put under my cheeks. the reason i used only a little bit is because i don't know if anybody has ever tried that but you cannot get shoe polish off. >> his notion that you cannot get polish off easily says to me this isn't the first time that he tried black face. >> now as northam resigns, lieutenant governor fairfax is the next in line. fairfax was elected in 2017 and became the first african-american in nearly 30 years to win a state wide office. the story is far from over. >> absolutely, thank you. now, to the risk of more mudslides and flooding in california, some highways and roads in the state were closed, especially in areas stripped of ground cover by wildfires. other areas were turned into
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lakes and river. officials warn the ground is saturated and can't hold any more water. >> time now for a look at your weather for this monday morning. good morning. well, we're looking at winter storm that's going to pummel the northwest corner of the country with some delays in seattle, portland, spokane, towards great falls with a mix towards boise. then in the southwest of the country, we're looking for heavy snow and mountainous region heavy showers throughout. how much snow? we're looking at possibly 10 feet in some of the heaviest regions. also, we're looking for road closures and whiteouts. i'm accuweather meteorologist aul williams. fr the big game.state considering a ban on selling cigarettes. where it could happen. and a professional fighter escapes custody after being wanted for
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back now with a historic visit by pope francis. he's in united arab emirates for a three-day trip. the pontiff is the first to visit an arab state. the pentagon has confirmed that more than 3700 active additional troops are headed to the southern border. the troops will support customs and border protection by assisting with surveillance and stringing wire between ports of entry. they're expected to be deployed within the next couple of weeks through the end of september. some of the troops a professional mixed martial arts fighter accused of killing two people was captured after a day-long men manhunt in texas.
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authorities say cedric marks escaped. he's charged with murdering his girlfriend and her friend last month. marks is a person of interest in the 2009 disappearance of his son's mother. police believe at least one guard was in or near the van when marks escaped. investigators are trying to figure out how he removed leg, hand and belly restraints. and the power has been restored in a new york jail where inmates spent a week without heat or electricity. it happened during some of the coldest weather of the year. officials at the bureau of prisons are blaming a fire for what they call a partial outage, the department of justice is launching a probe. now, to a 39-second encounter in new hampshire that has gone viral. firefighters were on a call when lieutenant mike rheaut that he could not speak. he used sign language and taught him a new sign, firefighter. the conversation has been
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watched more than 20,000 times on social media. very nice moment there. well, coming up, golfer disqualified from a tournament after being accused of damaging the course. and also the "empire" actor it speaking out after that alleged attack. what jussie smollett is saying to the people who doubt his story. and a man's pants catch on fire after being tased. the dramatic moment caught on camera. fire tased. the dramatic moment caught on camera. swims... and... whatever this is... because we're here to help you become your healthiest self. it's why we offer health tips for your body... ...and your brain. yeah, your brain! today is your day to make fitness happen... and a-a-r-p is here to help take on today and every day with a-a-r-p.
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we're back with this disturbing scene in philadelphia. a man caught fire after being tased by security guards outside of a popular cheesesteak restaurant. he falls to the ground and screams as the flames die down. he reportedly refused to leave jim's steaks, dragged out by two security guards. police are investigating this incident. "empire" actor justice eye smollett is telling fans he's okay. he fought back tears in west hollywood. >> he admits he's not fully
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healed yesterday following a hate crime in chicago. abc's steve osunsami has more. >> i thought for days i couldn't get through without obviously my family but also the love and support of you all. >> reporter: actor and singer jussie smollett spoke emotionally after reporting he was the victim of a violent racist act. >> we still have a responsibility to lead with love. if we don't, we just die inside. >> reporter: the "empire" tv star sang at a sold-out concert saturday night at the troubadour club in west hollywood. >> i was bruised but my ribs were not cracked and were not broken. i fought back. >> reporter: police say he told them he was beaten up walking back to his chicago apartment by two hooded men who shotted homophobic and racial slurs before yelling maga country and he said one of them tied a noose around his neck. authorities are still searching for these two persons of interest seen on surveillance
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he's ben thing into think he's not being genuine with us. >> reporter: smollett spoke out against people who doubted him. >> hatef seswhtopsith e people that believe we have that power. >> reporter: police say they still haven't gotten any tips in this case. they stay they've been poring through hour of video from surveillance cameras and at this point in the investigation are, quote, making gains. steve osunsami in atlanta. several people have been diagnosed with measles in washington state bringing the total number of confirmed cases to 48. the outbreak is centered around clark county near the oregon border. most of the patients are under the age of 11 and most have not been immunized and that's reigniting the debate over vaccination. a member of the hawaiian legislature is proposing a complete ban on cigarettes.
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right now, you have to be 21 to buy a sppack of cigarettes in hawaii. he proposes raising that age to 30 and adding a decade every year until the minimum age reaches 100. the day after the super bowl, and the nfl team without a home might have a place to play next season. there are reports the oakland raiders could play in san francisco next season in the ballpark used by the giants baseball team. the giants and raiders would need to sign off. golfer sergio garcia apparently won't be suspended for an incident at a tournament in saudi arabia. the 2017 masters champion was disqualified after losing his temper and intentionally damaging the greens. garcia later apologized for damaging a couple of greens before he was disqualified. garcia lost his temper in a bunker after a bad shot. up next in "the pulse," a super bowl ad a lot of people will be talking about.
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with 20 years of devotion to gut health. activia. like no other. time to catch "the pulse" on this monday morning starting with that super bowl ad that has everyone talking. >> viewers thought they were getting a run-of-the-mill bud light commercial with a medieval theme the hero aptly dubbed the bud knight taking an an unknown character in a jousting match and of course, he was going to rein, right? wrong. >> viewers were a little confused until they hear this familiar song. ♪
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da da da -- >> oh, we know that music well, that's right, that bud light commercial it was actually a "game of thrones" collaboration. >> "game of thrones"' final season. the countdown is on. it is set to premiere 4-4, april 14th, just a couple months away. >> uh-huh. >> get ready for that. and the new orleans saints fans so upset about that blown call in the nfc championship. >> and you are too, right? >> right. >> and many spent the day protesting, the saints weren't in it. they staged a no call jazz funeral parade in the french quarter. >> that is how you do it. some people wore yellow flag costumes, you see. there's also a dunk the referee tank, of course, still blaming those refs. >> i think they'll be talking about this one next year. >> for years to come. >> years to come. and if you're still up celebrating the patriots'
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victory, half asleep watching janai, some people took the day off in advance. >> yep, but others will call in sick. surveys find 17 million people will miss work today. that is about 1 in 8. we've got at least two missing from our newsroom. many of those who do show up will spend time talking about the game, instead of working, as we've been doing. one of the surveys says the super bowl hangover will cost businesses more than $4 billion. but it's possible that sounds pretty lackluster. >> yeah. the captain of this ship, a big patriots fan of this show right now, he's not here. >> gone, gone. and he told us he wasn't going to be here. we have to wait for the official ratings to see how many people watched the super bowl. but netflix knows that number is pretty high. >> netflix tweeted its own viewership in the u.s. is down 32% compared to a normal sunday. the streaming service took it in
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to defeat your toughest cold and flu symptoms fast. new theraflu powerpods. press. sip. relief. we're waking up to a stormy monday morning in the bay area. more rain, possibly hail and, excuse me, snow on the way. what you talking about, drew? >> good morning everyone. thank you for joining us. drew tuma is in for mike nicco this morning. >> february on a winter mess out there. got rain and we could see even in our mountains a little bit of snow mixing in later this afternoon. this is a cold storm coming our way right now. live doppler 7, i want to zoom into the heart of the region right now. we're just seeing light showers stretching through parts of south san francisco into the east bay through oakland and el
4:28 am
cerrito right now. we'll be dodging some could have a brief downpour. but they won't last that long. the roads are wet with the bay bridge toll from this vantage point. take the rain gear with you. there you can see later on this evening after the sun goes down, we can have that rain/snow mix on the mountains. let's take you over to alexis first. >> off to a busy start already. we have a couple of significant issues in san francisco. we'll take you into a sig-alert here. southbound 101 before cesar chavez, a multivehicle collision that started off as a disabled vehicles and several other vehicles hit that. we had both side of 101 fully closed. we're down to two lanes blocked. i'm not seeing any major delays approaching that. however, we have a backup south of there, northbound 280 before the 101 merge. this is a pickup truck that flipped over. a couple lanes blocked there as well. not ideal driving conditions today. >> thanks, alexis.
4:29 am
yes to the rain jacket and yes to the umbrella and yes to being careful on the road. >> we're hearing report of trees down already. matt keller is reporting on things from san jose. >> reporter: we're on the road right now. northbound 87 just getting to the 280 connector ramp. let me show you what's going on right now. you can see we've got a light shower in san jose. we were told there was flooding on this ramp. it appears it's been cleared out. there was another report of flooding at the alum rock off ramp as well and apparently that's cleared as well. we're headed to niles canyon road. we're hearing of a mudslide there. we just found the flooding that we went through there. we had a lot of spray on the side of our vehicle. obviously, you've got to be very careful. you never know when you'll be running into flooding there. let's show you about the trees down that we were talking about. the winds were howling overnight
4:30 am
at the coast and santa cruz. a eucalyptus tree came down at 9th avenue at twin lakes beach. it knocked out power there. the road will be closed until they get the tree removed. a lot of localized flooding on the connector ramp. 280 to 87. puddles everywhere on the road in the south bay. you want to be extra careful about that localized flooding. if you're in the mountains, be careful about debris in the roadway. i told you about that mudslide on niles canyon road. my advice, you may be the first person that is hitting that debris and coming across that debris this morning. you want to go extra slow around the corners and be extra careful getting on to the connector ramps. obviously, you can see a lot of localized flooding. >> driving this morning. you can track the rain and check the weather conditions with our


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