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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  KGO  February 4, 2019 6:00am-7:00am PST

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>> be careful out there on this monday, february 4th. some of you are still asleep from the super bowl. totally get it. meteorologist drew tuma is here to wake you up. >> a messy commute on our monday. it's tracking all the action. we zoom in and see the pop of yellow that's moving into the east bay right now. moderate showers, so this is moving to east at 25 miles an hour. dublin, you'll likely see heavier rain at about 6:22. 6:28 that cell will move over pleasanton. some light showers through san francisco right now parts of the east bay. walnut creek. seeing light rain. you're seeing light rain on the san mateo bridge. dropped on the lens. it's a slow go right now with water on the roadways. and that rain will stick with the forecast through the afternoon. 12-hour day planner, you can see the showers. ake the rain gear with you. mountains. we'll take a closer
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that. how are we doing, alexis. >> i have nothing but bad news. early start for you today. the metering lights flipped on at 5:24. unfortunately, it's a 25-minute drive across the bridge into san francisco. that's because we still have a lane blocked north of cesar chavez. same thing for the northbound side. that's due to a crash that happened a little before 1:00 a.m. this morning. check of drive times. westbound 580, tracy to dublin, one hour one minute. southbound 101 san rafael to san francisco, in the green. a full closure of niles canyon road due to a mudslide that happened this morning. that's where we find abc 7 news reporter matt keller. he's live at the closure that begins at mission boulevard. matt, what can you tell us? >> reporter: hi, alexis. the rain has stopped here in fremont. just about 20 seconds ago a tow truck went past the roadblock to re's a vehicle involved in the
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large boulder in the road. that means the canyon could be shut down in both directions for the next day or two. they're still assessing the situation. first call came in after 3:00 this morning. chp reporting that mudslide caused a crash east of the first train bridge coming from the fremont side. airbags in one vehicle were deployed. no word on injuries. ace train tweeted out an inspector found to issue on the tracks. trains through the area are good to go. but that tow truck going through, get that vehicle, bring it out. they have a lot more to clean up on niles canyon road. reporting live in fremont, matt keller, abc 7 news. matt, thank you. thousands of oakland families will find out if public school teachers voted to go on strike. >> the teachers have been working without a country since 2017. amy hollyfield is live in oakland with what the teachers want. aim sni. >> reporter: hi, jessica. this has been building for a year and a half. so today is the day for the big
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announcement. they're going to make that announcement at oakland tech high school, announcing whether the teachers voted to strike. they have received a lot of support from this school. we have video from friday when the students decided to walk out of class to show solidarity with the teachers. that happened at oakland tech. they're saying that their teachers should be able to afford to live here. teachers have been working without a contract in oakland since july of 2017. they're fighting for smaller class sizes and higher salaries. oakland teachers want a 12% raise over three years. the school district is offering 5%. the district is facing a $30 million deficit. the school board says, because of that, they're having to close schools. the union will announce the results of the strike vote at 4:00 this afternoon. if they did decide to strike, the union says it could happen as early as the end of this month. reporting live in oakland, amy
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hollyfield, abc 7 news. friends and family will gather to remember a student killed in a hit and run. 21-year-old angelina pin he had owe died. she was home visiting family during her winter break. the suspect is held on $50,000 bail. the memorial starts tonight on campus. president trump is continuing to build anticipation for the state of the union speech scheduled for tomorrow night. in an interview on cbs, he said he would reveal more on his -- he also said he may use the speech to address whether he will declare a national emergency to secure border wall funding. the white house announced last week the theme of the speech will be choosing greatness. the nfl season now officially over. but local football fans will next season sniemgt the team dropped out of a tentative agreement to play at
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the oakland coliseum before the scheduled move to las vegas in 2020. raiders officials are angry that they slapped them with an anti-trust lawsuit for leaving town. we were in oakland jack london square yesterday when members of the group make oakland better recorded a public service announcement supporting the lawsuit. >> for committing crimes against our greatest culture of people and fans worldwide and violating their own relocation guidelines. >> up against an early february dped line to decide on their 2019 plans, the raiders are now reconsidering the coliseum along with levi's stadium and santa clara and oracle park in san francisco. a source familiar with the situation tells abc 7 sports that the 49ers have not waived their right to the san francisco market and the nfl has not approved any sort of deal. both of those would have to happen if the raiders were to play anywhere but the coliseum. an iconicaly city
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restra is scalan a nty. whathe pns to do next. this weekend's storms causing problems in southern california, an area hit hard by natural disaster. >> this is street level. lght rain working through the east bay. falling in concord, walnut creek. antioch, you'll see more rain at 6:26. discovery bay after 6:40 this morning. morning. we'll go hour by
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on this monday morning, we're tracking rain with a winter storm moving through the bay area. live doppler 7, we're going to zoom on in. you can see this pair of downpours just to the east of hayward. the pocks of yellow right there moving to the east. livermore, this morning, we'll see light to moderate rain working through your neighborhood. we have light showers along the peninsula, from san mateo, redwood city through atherton. 101 and 280. along the peninsula, definitely wet. it's a slow commute out there. hour by hour we go.
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on and off showers throughout the day. have the rain gear with you. we're watching later on tonight as cooler air gets into the storm around mt. hamilton in the santa cruz mountains. could see a mix of rain and snow even close to ukiah. we'll track that closely. nonetheless it's a wet start this morning. good morning, guys. >> taking a look at the roads here. don't think this is weather-related but it's a major problem in the east bay. southbound 680 just parking lot here of brake lights. we've got a sig-alert still. olympic boulevard, it was a work truck that lost construction lumber and nails. they need a street sweeper and it will be 30 minutes until they get to the scene. two left lanes blocked there. you are backed up to concord on this 240 too. avoid that if you can. this has been here all morning too. semi caught fire. that is a sig-alert. we did confirm nothing on the
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main line is blocked. everyone is slowing down to take a look at that. just the on ramp it closed. >> thanks, alexis. a restaurant in daly city is planning to close after more than a century in business. abc 7 news is at estrada's fine mexican cuisine for the super bowl. plans for this to be the closing bash. now he says he plans to operate with a reduced staff before fully closing by the end of the month. everything has to end at one point or for me, this is about the right time to do it. the economy and a bunch of other things, you know, involved. >> it's really delicious food and it's really sad that this place is going down after being in business for 100 years. >> mercedes loves to cook, but he wants to spend his retirement sharing his other passion, which is playing music. an indian restaurant will take over estrada's building on mission street. not once, not twice, three
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look at what is happening in southern california. heavy rains creating dangerous flooding conditions.
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torrential downpours have transformed busy los angeles roads into rivers. santa barbara residents are inundated with mud and debris and bracing for the worst. >> you're bracing for what you know can happen. you get a little nervous. >> saturated earth is to blame for the sinkhole in malibu that swallowed a front end loader. the operator escaped unharmed. swift water rescue teams are on high alert. sonoma state university fraternity has been banned from campus for five years after a hazing investigation. university officials say students at an event november 20th were paddled and intimidated. the suspensions started friday and end january 31st, 2024. sfu's dean of students saying, quote, sonoma state takes pride in being a leader in higher education that supports student sub and we will not tolerate blatant violations of our
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student code. nut ew at 6:00, an affordab pet clinic is opening. the community vet clinic will serve low-income residents who otherwise can't afford medical care for their animals. it's in santa rosa. it will open one day a week starting next monday. services include vaccines, urgent care and dental work at low cost. pixar releases a new teaser for the upcoming toy story 4 movie. we see familiar characters and then we see some others. >> astro boy, if you think you can take our top prize spots, you're wrong. >> get me out of here. >> i'll help you. >> with my foot? >> it aired during the super bowl. you see woody and bo peep looking for buzz who is tied up as a prize at a carnival game. that's where we see a duck and bunny played by comedians.
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it comes out june 21st. the cast is looking good. looking like they haven't anld at all. >> that's true. how do they do that? i suspect -- >> you think? >> little here and there. >> plastics. >> went to the spa. >> i love it. that franchise is so good. never gets old, guys. this morning, it's slow out there. we've got showers and downpours working through. it's a monday mess on this morning commute. live doppler 7. let's zoom in to where the action is happening. our first stop on street level is the east bay. right over san lorenzo. you have that pop of yellow there. live doppler 7 estimating it's about two minutes from castro valley. we'llrom 880, 580 in the east bay. you've seen that through the east bay. from concord moving into antioch at this hour. some light rain. walnut creek as well. we're tracking another downpour, this one about to move through dublin and pleasanton.
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live doppler 7 where you see the yellow, rainfalling close to a quarter of an inch an hour. that's approaching 680 at this hour. winds are breezy right now with the winter storm overhead. gusts less than 25 miles per hour and they'll likely stay in this rain. it's a wet and breezy morning. a wet and breezy day ahead of us. 40s and 50s the current temperatures. pretty typical for this time of the year. but grab the umbrella. we'll have the storm with us the entire day. it's a level 1 light system with hours, a brief downpour from time to time. in the afternoon, there's a chance of a thunder shower popping up. we're talking about the chance . 12-hour day planner, download the accuweather app. you can track the showers from your phone. there's the chance in the evening. we're talking about mt. hamilton, mt. tam, could see a mix of rain and snow. here's the seven-day forecast. showers today, more showers tomorrow. the big headline wednesday and
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thursday morning, we have cold mornings. but this rain certainly having issues on the roads. how is it looking, alexis? >> we're dealing with a headache from a crash that happened a little bit after 1:00 this morning. it is having a big impact on the bay bridge chute. here's a look at the south beach camera. folks heading into san francisco just crawling along. you can see soggy conditions and we did have a crash earlier this morning. that was really just north of cesar chavez. one lane blocked in either direction there. that still is the case. look at the drive times. westbound 80 highway 4 to the maze. 26 minutes. 29 minutes across the bay bridge. that's not great. southbound 101 san francisco to sfo. again, we have one lane blocked on the southbound and the northbound side. that's coming in at 15 minutes. looks like my map doesn't want to load for us. i've got three other major issues this morning. we'll look at those coming up next. thanks, alexis. "good morning america" coming up at 7:00 on abc 7. ginger zee is live from
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new york city with a look at what's ahead. good morning, ginger. >> hi jessica and reggie. great to be with both of you. coming up on gma, we have the super bowl covered from top to bottom. all the great moments. tom brady leading the team to its sixth title. we are talking live to mvp julian edelman. so we've got tall the action off the field too. just in case that interests you more. the commercials to the halftime show. who were the big winners? we're going to tackle all of that. we go one-on-one with superstar cardi b. she's opening up about why she skipped the halftime show, talks about motherhood and her marriage. we've got henry winkler. so much coming up on april monday edition. you don't want to miss t i highlight all of your snow in the sierra. i think that's the coolest thing to happen. >> just as long as it doesn't get anywhere near us in the city. >> exactly. >> you don't want 96 inches of
6:21 am
snow? >> no. i'm excited about two dove queens. >> that should be great to see. >> they are on the show, too. >> good. thank you, ginger. >> thank you. new at 6:00, elon musk teases his new rocket and it could take humans to a place we have never been before. as we head to break, we leave you with abc 7 news now. we'll show you what's happening with weather and traffic. as you can see, the streets are wet this morning. please take
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good morning. great news if you use niles canyon road. i want to take you live to our crew, matt keller and his photographer. they've been reporting on this closure. we had reports that a large boulder fell on to niles canyon. as you can see, they're driving along the road right now. they just cleared the roadway. traffic is allowed through. initially, they were saying it would be a day or two. you have to take the long reroute of 580 or 680. niles canyon road is back open. it looks like it's still raining. let's check in withdrew tuma. >> we're tracking downpours looking through parts of the region. live doppler 7 tracking the action. get you down where the heaviest rain is falling in hayward. 580 is getting wet. as it moves to the ver east. pleasanton, another round of heavier rain this morning. livermore, expect that downpour
6:25 am
in your neck of the woods around 6:55 a.m. so the wet weather this morning sticking around this afternoon. a much closer look at the forecast in a few minutes, guys. thanks, drew. new at 6:00, elon musk is showing off spacex's new rocket engine. he tweeted video of it last night. it will power spacex's prototype that will eventually carry humans to mars. an organization dedicated to fight poverty is expected to announce a $5 million invest plan to help communities. tipping point community comprised of several groups, including the bill and melinda gates foundation have been fighting bay area poverty for 14 years. the group agreed to invest in housing and employment in the bayview neighborhood. south san jose and the contra costa town of pittsburgh. >> jussie smollett is thanking fans for their support. >> these last four daysi
6:26 am
wouldn't get through it without obviously my family and also the love and support of all y'all. >> the santa rosa native sang at a concert at the troubadour club saturday night. last week he told chicago police two hooded men shouted homophobic and racist slurs before yelling maga country and putting a noose around his neck. some accused him of lying but fans stood by him. >> the show could happen. guess he's ready to go. >> that says a lot about not letting it -- >> keeping his word and he's being a man of honor. that means a lot in a world where people are so quick to call you a liar. right now authorities are still searching for two people seen on surveillance in the area. hawaiian airlines is apologizing after a flight from los angeles to maui flew in circles for hours and never made it to the island. >> frustrating. the flight turned back not once but three times before it was
6:27 am
finally grounded at lax. flight aware shows during one attempt the plane flew for 5 1/2 hours. hawaiian airlines says each return was due to separate and unrelated faults with different systems and didn't elaborate more than that. the airline is promising full refunds plus the vouchers for future trips. eventually made it to the hawaiian islands. >> right. what a nightmare. next at 6:30, popt lular bay area restaurant chain planning to expand. to expand. california phones offershway free specialized phones... like cordless phones. - ( phone ringing ) - big button, and volume-enhanced phones. get details on this state program. visit right now or call during business hours.
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visit right now or call during business hours. now at 6:30, flooding and mud lieds ovslides overnight. live doppler 7 is tracking where the rain is now. drew tuma has more on rain, hail and the possibility of snow in the forecast. more than a year after fire destroyed a north bay trailer park, a nonprofit is stepping in to help rebuild. plus the morning after the super bowl. the parties are over. mvp is jjewel yoon edelman. i wonder if he'll shave off the beard.
6:31 am
get rid of that thing. at least trim it down a little. >> a little bit. >> anything to forget what happened yesterday. >> like taking >> what happened? did fie hours pass or five minutes? >> i have no idea. guys, we're watching the weather. it's an issue out there. a winter storm overhead. we see light showers ans isolated downpours. live doppler 7 tracking the action. we have light rain approaching newark. it's over fremont, union city. a similar story there. we see the pops of yellow. those are the down topours we'r tracking. doppler 7 just updated on the air. we're tracking that downpour into dublin about 6:41 a.m. about ten minutes from now. light sh 280 certainly wet as you make your way around cupertino. the roads are wet. a live look at the embarcadero
6:32 am
in san francisco. here's the 12-hour day planner. we have the chance through the afternoon with the level 1 storm and by 7:00, we're talking about a rain/snow mix. mt. tam, or mt. hamilton. could see snowflakes flying. let's get a check on the roads with alexis. >> we've got several brutal commutes here, including walnut creek. we're looking at a parking lot on southbound 680 at olympic boulevard. we had a truck that lost a lot of construction equipment, nails, 2 by 4s. still waiting for a street sweeper to show up. the lanes are blocked. this has miles of you're jammed into the area. we have a sig-alert at 580 and livermore avenue. you're at 58 minutes. southbound 680, dublin to mission boulevard in the yellow. northbound 85, highway 101 to cupertino. i want to end on a positive note. niles canyon road has reopened following a full closure and a
6:33 am
mudslide early this morning. let's check in with abc 7 news reporter matt keller. that was a lot better than we were initially thinking, matt? >> reporter: yeah. what a surprise, right? we were thinking alameda county fire had said that they had a big boulder in the middle of niles canyon road and they were concerned it would be closed for a day or two to get the time to remove the debris. but we've been driving niles canyon road now for about ten minutes and so far so good. i mean, it looks great out here. it's clear. only problem is, it's rainy and a windy road. i can understand the terror maybe that this person went through, was driving down here who hit this mudslide at about 3:00 this morning. it is a very dangerous road, especially during the rain. alameda county fire department report thad large boulder in the middle of the road. they were saying a day or two. that's obviously not the case. the tow truck came through at 6:00. we didn't see the vehicle removed but we saw cal trans
6:34 am
crews came from the area. they had swept through the area and cleaned it up. now it appears that everything is good to go. the ace train they did report and tweeted out that inspectors found no issue with the tracks that go through this area. trains through the area are good to go. as you take a look at the road here, you can see it is wet. but the good news, no mudslides, no rocks, no boulders across the road this morning. obviously, a change of plans for a lot of people out there this morning as we've been telling people that it was a hard closure for a couple of hours. now it's back open. back to you in the studio. >> certainly good news for folks in that area. matt, thank you. let's show you more storm damage from overnight. on the coast in santa cruz, a huge tree fell on east cliff drive near 9th avenue at twin lakes beach. it knocked out power in the area. we're told the road will be closed until crews remove the fallen tree. you can track the rain and check
6:35 am
weather conditions to get the latest news as it happens. in the east bay, police are investigating a shooting that left a man with critical injuries in antioch. officers received several reports of shots fired just before 2:00 yesterday afternoon near lemon tree way and sycamore drive. the victim is 30 years old. police not released any information. >> this morning, we're learning more about the father of 7 killed in a wrong-way crash in san francisco. waheed etimad lived in concord. a driver hit his minivan early yesterday morning. the driver also died. several passengers riding with etimad were among the nine injured. he was driving for uber at the time of the crash. >> waheed etimad was a hard working man. he came to the u.s. four years ago to look for better opportunity for his family. it's just very hard to even think about what happened. it's very unfortunate. it's not his fault.
6:36 am
the crash is still under investigation. the chp says drugs and alcohol may have been involved. as we mentioned, etimad leaves behind seven children. a go fund me page has been set up to help the family with expenses. we have a link if you'd like to help. uber issued a statement after etimad's death saying, quote, this was a horribly tragic incide incident. we stand ready to work with authorities to assist their investigation in any way we can. >> five people are dead after a small plane crashed into a two-story home in orange county. the impact sparked a fire. this happened about 35 miles southeast of los angeles. two men and two women inside the home died as well as the male pilot. two others were taken to the hospital with moderate injuries. a national transportation safety board spokesperson says the cessna crashed shortly after taking off from a nearby airport. >> we heard the plane winding
6:37 am
like and then an explosion in the sky. it shook our house like really -- like so much. went to the ground. >> debris from the crash was scattered across four blocks. a nearby elementary school will be closed as the investigation continues. >> there's more funding to help santa rosa rebuild after the north bay wildfires. the press democrat reports kaiser is donating $1.6 million to build a new apartment complex at journey's end mobile home park. it borders the mobile home park and was destroyed in 2017 during the tubbs fire. kaiser's donation will build 160 apartments on the burned property and developers are looking at ways to collaborate with kaiser on health care programs for the future residents. fans of the new england patriots are celebrating again with another super bowl win. this is video of people in boston cheering and stuff. the patriots beat the los angeles rams 13-3. it was the lowest scoring super bowl game in the 53-year history
6:38 am
of the super bowl. this is the patriots sixth time getting the championship. the team will hold a victory parade tomorrow. it featured several ties to players here in the bay area. patriots receiver and punt returner julian edelman was born in redwood city. >> edelman was awarded the mvp award. >> i didn't see that coming. i was just so happy we won the game. our defense played lights out. it was awesome to be a part of. i'm just excited. i'm just happy. i'm content and i'm exhausted. >> edelman's teammate quarterback tom brady grew up in san mateo. he went to high school there and the rams quarterback jared goff is tended marin catholic high school and cal. there was a lot of local boys to clear for last night. drew? >> it was fantastic to see the local connection here. what we're seeing in the weather department this morning, we're tracking rain with a winter storm overhead. we're seeing this very broken line of some light rain that's
6:39 am
beginning to push through across the bay. we're going to see light showers at oakland at 6:58 this morning. you can expect more sprinkles at 7:14 this morning. a closer look into the south bay. we're dodging light showers around mountain view, cupertino at this hour. santa clara and into the east bay. more widespread on the green and live doppler 7. san ramon and sunol right now. on the sorm impact scale, level 1. brief downpour. there is a chance in the afternoon of a thunder shower to pop up. then we'll watch for a rain/snow mix in the mountains later on this evening. future weather, the big story today. unsettled throughout the afternoon. we'll be tracking the showers working through the region. i want to point out, see the pops of white around ukiah and the mt. hamilton, that's the chance you can see of mix of rain and snow probably above 2,000 feet. could see flakes flying. the big issue this morning is
6:40 am
that rain creating issues on our roads. it's a messy monday morning commute, alexis. >> it sure is. unfortunately, i've had major problems not going away. >> all of this. >> we're looking at rain pushing into san francisco right now. it got pretty heavy on the bay bridge. it is very slow, about a 32-minute drive. once i make it through the metering light into san francisco and this is due to a problem that's been here since a little bit after 1:00 this morning. so we still have one lane blocked both northbound and southbound north of cesar chavez. that was due to a major crash that happened, again, after 1:00 today. it's sill a sig-alert. they're work to go repair the center median. it's certainly much worse on the southbound side since that is spilling over on to westbound 80. near hickey boulevard, we've got a solo vehicle crash that flipped off the roadway. landed on its roof and it sounds like a person is trapped there. they're working on getting that person out.
6:41 am
maybe have mnl crews on the scene. the on ramp it shut down. 4 to walnut creek, brutal. another sig-alert. i'll talk about that coming up. walnut creek to highway 13 looks good. though ten minutes in the green. tracy to dublin, one hour 4 minutes. the rapper talked about her decision to not perform at the super bowl. this is the new york stock exchange. we're down a bit this morning. the new technology that could help san francisco police
6:42 am
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and on this monday morning, live doppler 7. we're tracking rain. i want to show you this line of showers working through the peninsula and parts of the south bay. menlo park, you'll get more light rain at 6:48 this morning. rain at 6:55 this morning. look at this. we have rain going right over the western span of the bay bridge. in fact, we'll take a look at the camera right now. in san francisco, here's the bay bridge. got drops on the lens. got wet roadways at this hour. it is going to be a rather wet morning out there. these showers will last through the afternoon. we'll go hour by hour coming up in a few minutes. show you how long the storm sticks around. reggie, back to you. >> thousands of oakland families
6:45 am
find out if public school teachers vote today go on strike this month. >> amy hollyfield is live in oakland. good morning, amy. >> reporter: good morning. they will make the announcement here at oakland tech high school today announcing whether teachers voted to go on strike. the teachers received a lot support from the students in k oakland but especially here. the students waungd walked out of class to show solidarity with their teachers and they believe their teachers should be able to afford to live here. teachers have been working without a contract since july of 2017. they are fighting for smaller class sizes. but the real sticking point is their salaries. oakland teachers want a 12% pay raise over three years. the school district is offering 5%. the district is facing a $30 million budget deficit. the teachers have staged a few
6:46 am
walkouts. today is the big announce: they've voted. if they approve a strike, union leaders say that it probably wouldn't happen, until the earliest, the end of this month. they will be making that announcement today at 4:00. amy hollyfield, abc 7 news. thank you, amy. this morning, virginia governor ralph northam called for a large meeting with his administration staff. this comes as a fallout continues over a racist photo in his yearbook. more than a dozen key democrats are calling for his resignation. the photo in question is featured on his medical school yearbook page. it slows one in black face and another in a klansman's hood and robe. >> i believe then and now that i am not either of the people in that photo. >> how powerful is your white supremacy to think this is acceptable behavior for our governor. >> northam did admit he used shoe polish to darken his face
6:47 am
while dressing up in a michael jackson costume. the pentagon confirms more troops are headed to the southern bored ner support of customs and border protection. they'll be adding 150 miles of wire through ports of entry. they're expected to deploy later this month. there are 2300 troops between california, arizona and texas. new this morning, san francisco police officers may soon have an app on their cell phone to call an american sign language interpreter to help at crime scenes. the san francisco examiner reports the video chatting tool is in response to complaints over communication barriers between officers and deaf or hard of hearing folks. the police commission is expected to vote on a proposed policy including step by step procedures for officers to follow when interacting with deaf victims x witnesses or perpetrators. now your morning money report. the future of sears will be decided this week. >> starting today, the chain goes back to bankruptcy court. a judge will a decide whether to
6:48 am
approve a plan. it's the only way the 133-year-old company will stay in business and save 45,000 jobs. some creditors say sears should be closed and liquidated to pay debt. the judge expects the hearing to last several days. let's take a live look at the new york stock exchange. trading getting under way this morning. only down four points right now in the red. this is the dow. but google quarterly earnings report is due today. they trade on the nasdaq. a lot of people looking fords towards that today million of employees are expected to call in sick with super bowl fever. >> a survey finds 14 million adults will miss work following the big game. more than 8 million of those workers are taking a pre-approved day off. this according to employment firm challenger, gray and christmas. the day off is expected to cost employers more than 4 billion
6:49 am
bucks. abc news spoke to some football fans last>> >> probably drinking too much, having too much fun. it should be a national holiday if you ask me. >> i don't think it's a big problem. people want to celebrate once a year, let them do their thing. >> don't feel too bad for their employers. bosses are also expected to call in sick or cut back their hours today. maroon 5 headlined the halftime show with travis scott and big boi singing one it received mixed reviews. >> ♪ >> many viewers took to social media and said they were under whemed by the performances. after the show, adam levine took to instagram to address fans and critics. he said, quote, we thank the universe for this historic opportunity to play on the world's biggest stage. we thank our fans for making your dreams possible and thank
6:50 am
our critics for urging us to do better. >> in that case, you're welcome. >> one of those critics. >> well -- >> a little more. >> most people fell asleep during the first half. >> true. that didn't wake them up. >> wasn't a -- >> great if you like defense. it's a great game for that. >> if you like soft rock. >> that too. >> rain this morning, guys. we've got issues in terms of downpours in the bay area. we've been dealing with this all morning long. i want to show you this one cell crossing the bay bridge at this hour. you can see live doppler 7. it's moving at 25 miles per hour to the east. live doppler 7 estimating about 15 minutes, roughly 7:05 this morning. a light sprinkle through oakland and alameda. we'll take you further inland now. more lighter rain and coverage from san ramon to livermore. moving through pleasanton as well. 580 is wet so we could see
6:51 am
ponding on our roadways. a similar setup, just light showers moving through half moon bay. at that will move through the peninsula the next 10 to 20 minutes. light showers working your way through woodside. slower than normal monday morning commute. roughly 15 to 25 mile per hour winds. we're not forecasting any stronger winds than that. just a breezy morning and a breezy day. 40s and 50s are current temperatures out there. on the storm impact scale. a light level 1 system today. showers, a brief downpour. this afternoon, we track the chance of a thunder shower popping up. also the chance of a rain/snow mix in our highest peak. hour by hour we go. watch the time stamp this afternoon. downpours through part of the region. an unsettled day. later thiseveng, the santa cruz mountains and the white color on your screen, that's where you could see mixing of snowflakes above about 2,000 feet. the accuweather seven-day forecast. it's a messy morning this
6:52 am
morning. showers continue on and off throughout the day. similar setup tomorrow. cold mornings wednesday and thursday. they move in here to round out the week. that's weather. how are we looking on the roads? >> no. >> very ugly. if not even uglier than last time we checked out walnut creek. southbound 680, you're not moving. at least a 45-minute delay. that's due to a work truck that lost equipment early this morning. a little before 5:00 a.m. a lot of 2 by 4s and nails. last we heard, they were waiting for another street sweeper. southbound 680 at olympic boulevard, the two left lanes blocked. this is a sig-alert. you are crawling into concord. this is spilling over on to highway 4 now averaging 5 miles an hour. if you can use surface streets, take b.a.r.t. this morning, i highly recommend it. another sig-alert. a truck fire, semi. the brakes caught fire and it spread to the cab. livermore avenue on ramp to westbound 580 still closed. that's slowed down the main line
6:53 am
it we have atruck arriving on t. niles canyon road is back open following a mudslide. matt keller just tweeted that they're driving along the road. they saw rocks on the roadway that were not there ten minutes ago. use extreme caution along that route. >> be careful in in that area. an indian food restaurant chain based in south san francisco has plans to expand nationwide. you're looking at curry up now website. >> sf gate reports the fast casual chain wants to have 350 locations by the end of next year. curry up now currently has six restaurants and several food trucks in the bay area. the owner says 40 new locations are in the works. they'll be franchised locations. back to the super bowl now. ahead of the game, i'm with cap was trending on twitter. >> it refers to the 49ers quarterback who hasn't played in the nfl for two seasons. >> he made headlines for kneeling during the national
6:54 am
anthem. retweeted many supporters including a hollywood director who was boycotting the super bowl. many stars turned down performing the halftime show in support of kaepernick. >> one was cardi b. she's talking about it on "good morning america" today. t.j. holmes spoke with the 26-year-old rapper. cardi b made six appearances in atlanta during super bowl week. she also got a chance to shine during the big game as the face of pepsi. cardi b had this to say, though about skipping the halftime show. >> under what circumstance would you have performed at the halftime show? >> they hired my friend back. and understand why was it like so important and was such an uproar. >> it nent that much to you? >> he's standing up for minorities and it's like -- [ inaudible ] who is going to support us? >> you can watch t.j.'s full interview with cardi b coming up
6:55 am
on gma after abc 7 mornings. coming up next, the seven things to know before you go skbliefrm. if you haven't yet, follow us at abc 7 news bay area. us at abc 7 news bay area. you can see more
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6:57. if you're just joining us or headed out the door, here are the seven things to know. number one is weather. >> live doppler 7 is busy this morning. right down to street level. this line of showers moving into the peninsula. menlo park, some light to moderate rain, 7:31 in sunnyvale. an ominous sky out there. showers on and off throughout the entire afternoon and evening. >> number 2rks it's been a rough morning commute. we have three sig-alerts. southbound 680. a parking lot through-wall nut creek. the two left lanes are still blocked at olympic boulevard due to work crew that lost a lot of supplies this morning. one hour five minutes just to get to this point. number 3, a look at torm-related problems. a eucalyptus tree came down. the road will be closed until the tree is removed. number 4, a father of seven
6:59 am
was killed in a wrong-way crash. waheed etimad was driving for uber early yesterday morning at the time of the crash. a go fund me page has been set up to help his family with funeral expenses. number 5, virginia governor ralph northam called for a large meeting with his administration staff. this comes as the fallout continues over a racist photo in his yearbook. more than a dozen democrts are kulg for his resignation. oakland teachers will announce if they've approved a vote to go on strike. they have worked without a contract since july 2017. number 7, the new england rand patriots are super bowl champs again. this is the team's sixth title. parade planning is under way and the big celebration will take place tomorrow in boston. what's something nice to say about the super bowl? >> i've been trying to come up with that all morning. >> it was a game and it was a close game. because it was 3-3 at the start of the fourth quarter.
7:00 am
>> adam levine has a nice workout regime. sure does. ♪ure does. good morning, america. and there it is, the dynasty continues! >> the new england patriots, super bowl champs again. beating the rams in the lowest-scoring super bowl game ever. >> we won, i can't believe it. super bowl champs. >> tom brady taking home a record sixth title. what he's now saying about his future and his secret weapon. mvp julian edelman is joining us live on "gma" this morning. also this morning, virginia's governor under fire. ralph northam facing calls to resign after that racist photo on his yearbook page. al


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