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tv   ABC World News Tonight With David Muir  ABC  February 12, 2019 3:30pm-3:59pm PST

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tonight, several developing stories as we come on the air. the verdict tonight in the trial of el chapo. stunned drug lord realizes finally been brought to the u.s. to face justice, and now tonight, what the jury has now decided. also breaking at this hour, the college student abducted at gun point from campus in broad daylight, and authorities just a short time ago, and the horrific reveal. that suspect driving her to another state and then the deadly shootout with police. the major storm slamming several states tonight. snow, ice and rain. thousands of flights canceled. dangerous driving. the major system now coming next. president trump, his reaction tonight to the deal. democrats and republicans coming to terms on the wall. what they're willing to spend.
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will he take the deal? the horrific parachuting accident. three members of an elite military skydiving team, and the jump that went terribly wrong in the middle of the night. the growing outrage tonight over this video. police asking a passenger for his license or i.d. the officer tasing the passenger 11 times. you can hear the children crying. breaking news tonight. authorities say children discovered in a dog cage. the images coming in right now. and your money, your taxes. tonight, what we've learned from the irs. the massive backlog revealed. and under the new tax plan, what's happened to the average refund already? many are not happy. good evening. and it's great to have you with us here on a very busy tuesday night. we have a lot to get to. and we're going to begin tonight to the dramatic moment in a brooklyn courtroom today. mexican drug lord joaquin "el
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chapo" guzman convicted on all counts. that was the moment he was actually brought here to the u.s. to face justice. well, tonight, justice served. for three months, jurors escorted by armed guards for their own protection into that courthouse, and tonight, what they heard. his diamond encrusted pistol, his paranoia, spying on enemies and loved ones, and his escapes. once through the floor of his own prison cell. tonight, injures convicting on all counts, and abc's gio benitez leading us off from the courthouse. >> reporter: this dramatic moment was the end for joaquin "el chapo" guzman. in this never before seen video obtained by abc news, the notorious drug lord learned he had landed in new york. he had been brought to the u.s. to face justice. once the most wanted drug lord in the world, now bleary-eyed and bewildered. and tonight, el chapo has been
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convicted on all ten federal charges, including drug trafficking and conspiracy to murder. he will likely spend the rest of his life in american prison. jurors deliberating for six days. >> it is a sentence from which there is no escape and no return. this conviction is a victory for the american people who have suffers so long and so much while guzman made billions, pouring poison over our southern border. >> reporter: the trial pulling back the curtain on the man who ruled the sinaloa cartel with an iron fist, bribing politicians and killing rivals. his favorite gun, this pistol encrusted with diamonds. >> he was a killer. he was a murderer. he was a manipulator. but he was also very, very, very smart. >> reporter: he smuggled drugs any way he could. inside cans of jalapenos, fake bananas, by boat, even submarine. prosecutors describing a paranoid drug lord who spied on his enemies and his lovers.
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the trial was held under unprecedented security. jurors who were never shown, were escorted by armed guards in and out of court as they decided the fate of a man who famously escaped two mexican prisons. el chapo seen here slipping beneath his prison cell, going through the floor of the shower, disappearing into the elaborate mile-long tunnel. we saw that tunnel first-hand in mexico. even the motorbike that was waiting for him in the tunnel to escape. this is the house where he just walked into and disappeared. but months later, mexican authorities would storm el chapo's hideout, grabbing him outside one of his tunnels, turning him over to the u.s. and tonight, an american jury convicted him, likely sending him away for life. >> if we can get our hands on el chapo, arguably the most notorious crime boss in the history of this world, i would say we can get our hands on anyone. it's just a matter of where and when. >> a stunning fall. gio with us live tonight from the tral courthouse in brooklyn.
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and gio, when will el chapo be sentenced? >> reporter: well, david, he'll be sentenced in june. where he goes after that, we just don't know. it's very likely to be a super max prison. the tightest security in this country, david. >> gio benitez leading us off tonight. gio, thank you. we are also following another developing headline at this hour, and this one is truly horrific. a young woman taken from her campus in broad daylight, taken to another state, and then the suspect in a shootout with police. that young woman did not survive. and here's abc's alex perez now. >> reporter: tonight, authorities have just revealed that skylar williams, a student at ohio state university, was abducted at gunpoint and killed in another state after a high speed chase. >> what is the address of your emergency? >> mansfield campus, ohio state, manfield campus. >> reporter: the 20-year-old student, taken at gun point monday morning from the mansfield ohio campus. police say she knew her alleged abductor, tyrell pounds,.
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>> they are already gone. he stole her. he put her in the car and he pointed a gun. >> okay. were they driving? >> red dodge caravan. i didn't get the license plate. >> reporter: the mystery deepening monday afternoon, after authorities in nearby kentucky responded to a call. a witness saw a woman, williams, at a gas station, desperately trying to escape from a car. >> they saw a person in distress. or appeared to be in distress. they also believe that they saw a weapon. >> reporter: a 20-mile high speed chase ensued before kentucky state police brought to vehicle to a stop. that's when a trooper says he heard the suspect fire a weapon and returned fire, killing pounds. williams was also shot and killed. david, investigators say it's unclear if the shot that killed williams came from her abductor or if she was caught in the cross fire. she had in the past filed for a vius aul story.r against pounds. alex, thank you. and next, to the winter storm at this hour. 28 states under alerts for snow,
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ice and rain. more than 7,000 flights canceled or delayed nationwide already. a virtual whiteout in wisconsin. up to 14 inches of snow there. in boston tonight, fires have been set along the commuter train tracks just to keep them ice-free. and rollover crashes coming in, these are treacherous roads in massachusetts. a dangerous commute tonight, and now, a new storm is brewing. abc's eva pilgrim at laguardia airport tonight. >> reporter: tonight, a coast to coast wall of snow, ice and sleet turning the east coast commute into a nightmare. >> it's very scary, slippery out. i have like no traction. >> reporter: up to nine inches of snow and ice making driving o new york and massachusetts. the governor declaring a state of emergency here in new jersey. the speed limit along the interstate slowed to 35 miles per hour. north of new york city, road crews struggling to keep up. >> based on temperatures right now, we're not exactly sure how the salt's going to work. >> reporter: the storm's reach stretching all the way to the
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midwest. in chicago, up to half an inch of ice coating sidewalks and traffic lights. gusting winds bringing down power lines, sparking this fire. residents banding together to push stuck vehicles in eastern iowa. in the west, many areas digging out from their fourth storm in a week. will carr in oregon. >> the snow here has been relentless, smothering streets like this. while crews have been working around the clock, there has just been so many storms so quickly. >> reporter: tens of thousands of homes and businesses without power in washington state alone. >> so, let's get to eva, live at laguardia airport tonight. and eva, we reported there, nearly 7,000 flights canceled nig nationwide, and laguardia getting hit hard, too? >> reporter: that's right. at least, right now, 750 flights just here at laguardia canceled or delayed. this will definitely have a ripple effect across the country, at least for the next several days. david? >> all right, eva, thank you, and to will carr, several feet
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in snow there. let's get right to ginger zee, who has the timing, the track of the rest of this, and another system she's watching tonight. hey, ginger. >> reporter: hey, david. surrounded by this ugly icy mess that was snow, sleet, now a cold rain. and i saw accidents and slideoffs on the way in, unfortunately, more of that yet to come tonight. you see it on the radar. snow in that blue, from chicago and wisconsin over into new england. that pink on the map, that's the troublemaker. that is sleet and even in some places, freezing rain. we've even seen tornadoes with this, an ef-1 reported this morning in mississippi. look at the warm front, at it lifts through, you change over to rain. even boston, where now you're snow, you're going to see this change to rain and we'll all dry out by tomorrow. move to the west coast, there are flood watches around the san francisco bay area, down to san diego tonight for more storms. david? >> ginger zee with us again tonight. thank you, ginger. to other news now, and to the other major headline at this hour. president trump. will he take the deal? democrats and republican
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negotiators coming up with a plan after the presidents demands for a border wall. the president demanded $5.7 billion to build 200 miles of border wall. well, tonight, the deal proposes $1.375 billion for 55 miles, now the 200 he had hope md for. well, tonight, what the president is already saying. here's abc's chief white house correspondent jonathan karl. >> reporter: president trump today declared he doesn't like the deal struck by democrats and republicans to avoid another government shutdown, but he won't say whether or not he'll sign it. >> i can tell you that, am i happy at first glance? i just got to see it. the answer is no, i'm not. i'm not happy. >> reporter: the dee al include the $1.375 billion to build a barrier on the southern border, enough for about 55 miles. that's even less than the 1.6 billion he rejected in december, triggering a 35-day government shutdown. and it's a far cry from the $5.7 billion the president demanded.
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the money will go toward steel barriers like these, not the prototype steel and concrete walls the president wanted to build. the president's allies are furious. >> any republican that supports this garbage compromise, you will have to explain. >> reporter: conservative firebrand ann coulter declared, quote, "trump talks a good game stephanopoulos but it's "increasingly clear he's afraid to fight." but republican congressional leaders say the president should sign the bill, calling it a down payment on the wall and more than speaker of the house nancy pelosi wanted. she said not one dollar for the wall. >> i hope he'll decide to sign it. i think he's got a pretty good deal here. >> let's get to jon karl, live at the white house. and jon, of course, 800,000 american workers anxiously awaiting word, watching all of this. they want to know whether the government will shut down again on friday. so, bottom line, does it look like the president will sign the deal? >> reporter: david, it does not look like there will be a government shutdown. it looks like he will sign it.
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he said point blank today he doesn't want another government shutdown and doesn't think there will be one. he may try to go around congress, declare a national emergency and get the extra wall money that way, but the bottom line is, nobody i have spoken to here at the white house or on capitol hill thinks there will be another shutdown. >> all right, jon karl with us again tonight. thank you, jon. we're learning more tonight about three members of an elite u.s. army parachute team, and their jump overnight that went terribly wrong. they are in the hospital tonight, at least two in critical condition, and abc's martha raddatz now on what might have gone wrong. >> reporter: they are the army's best, the three elite parachutists from the golden knights, medevaced to the hospital, clutching hands with teammates after that serious late-night training accident. >> i've got multiple patients with spinal injuries, loss of sensation and movement. >> reporter: the three men likely collided midair, or were tangled in one another's canopies. the golden knights perform in the daytime, here at the
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army/navy game that president trump attended, and at night, like this pittsburgh steelers game. >> your ability to judge how high off the ground, when you're in close, is much more challenging in a night operation than it is in a day operation. >> reporter: in 2015, the team was grounded after a midair collision witnessed by thousands in chicago, which knocked one of the golden knights unconscious, followed by a deadly 1 120-mile-an-hour freefall into an apartment building. as for the golden knights from last night, two are listed in critical condition still. the third in serious condition. but of course, tonight, david, everyone hoping that all three improve. >> no question about that. all right, martha, thank you. overseas tonight, and to syria, where the final push against isis is now under way. kurdish forces backed by u.s. air power tonight, are moving to take back the last of the territory claimed by isis. it comes as president trump says he wants to pull those u.s.
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troops out of syria. abc's james long manner and our team inside syria tonight. >> reporter: a war in its final stages can be the most dangerous. tonight, a suicide car bomber wounding seven in this massive explosion on the syria/turkey border. and inside syria, the push to take back isis territory inching closer to its end. this as president trump looks to remove remaining u.s. troops from a country torn apart by terror. we've just crossed the border from iraq into syria. and this whole area is controlled by the kurds. they, together with the united states, have been leading the fight against isis and now they're trying to liberate the last few towns. the coalition has the terror group cornered in the tiny town of baghuz. about 500 isis holdouts are dug in for a brutal last stand. david, even if u.s. troops do withdraw from here, peace may be far from won. many fleeing jihadists often pose as civilians and the u.s. state department says isis
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fighters could be in the thousands, waiting for another chance to fight. david? >> james longman in eastern syria for us. james, thank you. next tonight, to the growing outrage back here at home over a tasing incident in glendale, arizona. a passenger in a car is tased repeatedly after he says he does not have his i.d. as his wife and children begged police to stop. here's abc's chief national correspondent matt gutman, and we warn you, this is difficult. >> reporter: the newly-released body cam video begins with a request. >> what's your name? >> reporter: and it ends in a spasm of violence. minutes earlier, glendale arizona police officers stop this car for a turn signal violation. officer matthew schneider almost immediately putting hands on that passenger, johnny wheatcroft. >> relax. >> i am, dude, stop. >> reporter: officers tasering him, struggling to cuff wheatcroft, who is tangled in the seatbelt. it devolved. wheatcroft's wife striking an officer. their children watching and crying out.
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>> daddy! are you okay? >> reporter: the july 2017 incident now coming to light in a federal lawsuit that claims wrongful arrest and excessive force, saying wheatcroft was tased 11 times. >> put your phones away so we can start. >> reporter: overnight, the department, which dropped the charges, refusing to answer questions on camera. an internal police department investigation found that the officer should be suspended for three days without pay. david? >> matt, thank you. there's still much more ahead on "world news tonight" this tuesday. the images coming in tonight, after children were discovered living in a dog cage. authorities are on the scene right now. also, the break in that murder mystery right outside new york city. the body of a woman found in a suitcase on the side of the road. tonight, breaking news, the one clue that have brought police to a suspect tonight. and that rare monkey, stolen from an american zoo.
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claritin-d relieves more. next tonight here, your money youshgs taxes, and what we've learned tonight from the irs. a giant backlog. and after the president's new tax law, what we're now seeing with refunds already, and many are not happy. here's linsey davis. >> reporter: just weeks after that government shutdown, tonight, the chilling ripple effect for taxpayers. an internal government audit revealing today that as of late last month, the irs faced a backlog of more than 5 million pieces of mail. the agency answering less than half of its phone calls. additionally, many taxpayers say they're seeing smaller tax refunds this year. eva says she now owes money. >> in past years, i get about $1,000 to $1,500 back so i can pay my property taxes, and this year, i just don't have a refund. >> reporter: the irs says the
3:50 pm
average refund is down more than 8%, about $170 from last year. one reason, the new tax law. according to a nonpartisan watchdog group, more than 30 million americans did not withhold enough from paychecks and will now owe the government. one tip we've heard consistently from tax experts, make sure you're withholding the right amount. that's something you'll want to discuss with your accountant. and the rez try says refunds are only down slightly from last year. david? >> linzie, thank you. when we come back here, that rare monkey stolen from an american zoo, and why authorities are so concerned tonight. and that story breaking as we came on, children kept in a dog cage, and the arrests tonight. ♪ carla is living with metastatic breast cancer, which is breast cancer that has spread to other parts of her body. she's also taking prescription ibrance with an
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get going with carnation breakfast essentials®. it has protein, plus 21 vitamins and minerals including calcium and vitamin d, to help your family be their best. carnation breakfast essentials®. texas tonight, where authorities have discovered two children locked in a small dog cage, living in a barn. two more children were found in filthy conditions. the children are between the ages of 1 and 5. all showing signs of malnutrition. deputies arresting the parents after they heard the children in the barn. the major break tonight in that murder mystery in greenwich. javier deville have a was arrested for allegedly killing ex-girlfriend valerie reyes, stuffing her body into a suitcase. he nearbily had pleaded for help in finds her killer. authorities say he was using hr atm cards. and the rare monkey stolen. authorities say kali was stolen from the monkey enclosure. zoo officials tonight say she
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dizziness upon standing; falls; seizures; impaired judgement; heat sensitivity; and trouble swallowing may occur. you're more than just your bipolar i. ask about vraylar. finally tonight, they're all america strong, but who will get top dog? the last minute preps tonight, getting their hair done, the shampoo and the blow dry. the 143rd westminster dog show in new york city. the winners will be crowned tonight. among the hopefuls, burns, this dach sunday hound. and bono, the little havanes. more than 2,800 dogs competing, including talia.
3:58 pm
heidi, the st. bernard. close your eyes, heidi. and hump, a french breed, who just needs a snack. and how long do some dogs prep? >> prep work is probably about two and a half, h befo you get to tare the judges looking for? >> when the judge goes over the dog, you'll see them put their hand down like this to look for a well defined stump and a wide head. >> reporter: and agility, too. >> wow, what speed on that dog walk. >> reporter: gabi going through hoops to win. and then this. >> through the weave poles. >> oh, motors. look at those weaves! >> reporter: high fives for gabi, one of the stars already. i'm wiped out after that. i hope to see you right back here tomorrow. until then, good night. , good night. >> announcer: live where you
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live, this is "abc7 news." went to the train. >> it's not really safe. from drugs to fair evade ex trouble is nothing new on bart. but today we are taking a much closer look at the issues. we have a team of abc reporters riding bart. we'll get to that in a moment, but first take a look at live doppler 7. look at all that green, a big storm moving into the bay area right now and it is expected to be a big one chblt good afternoon thangsz for joining us i'm larry beil. and the clouds are already here. the rain is coming down soon. you are looking at live pictures from the east bay to san francisco. >> all right. let's get right to spend sore christian for what we are about to be beseeinged by. >> you're right, larry. we have a large area of rain and showers, some of it heavy.
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this is that atmospheric river, tropical moisture


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