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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  February 12, 2019 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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good evening. >> i'm dan ashley. thanks for joining us. we'll get to sandhya patel for the timing of this strong storm. >> yes, and the timing of this power storm is going to be the key here. dan and christian. i want to show you live doppler 7. we are seeing some moderate rain right around ukia. as we get you into street level old river road across 101 seeing heavier rain. i do want to show you what's going on with the system. there is heavier rainfall off the coast. and tracking it for you. just off the coastline here, which is going to be heading towards the bay area. the wider perspective showing you the atmospheric river, huge plume of moisture towards the hawaiian islands, storm 3 on the scale. north bay three to four. cotal range four to six. wind gusts 35 to 60 miles an hour and damaging. rain is focused north bay. midnight starts to spread.
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heavier at 5:00 a.m. for the commute. going to be seeing strong winds causing possible problems. 7:00 a.m., 9:00 a.m. so prepare for a messy morning commute with downpours, gusty winds, flooding on the roadways. remember, wipers on. take it easy on the roadways. back to your time line and what you might encounter coming up. >> thanks very much. live doppler 7 is one of the most popular features right now on your website and on the "abc7 news" news app. if you want to track the rain, just click the blue live bar at the very top. you can also check the weather conditions where you live. and enable push a lertslerts to the latest news as it happens. then we'll be on early to bring you extended coverage of the strong storm join us 4:00 a.m. we'll have your updates hour by hour and track the storm street level with live doppler 7. and traffic reporters alexis smith will have up to the minute road conditions and live drive time traffic. itsds going to be messy. it is indeed.
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bart is a good option when it's raining outside obviously. and integral part great option for a lot of riders. but rider satisfaction is record low. >> so all week long digging deeper into the challenges facing the agency, what's working and what's not. >> you can let us know what you think right now by voting in our live online poll. asking people to rate bart. go to "abc7 news".com/vote. >> we have several news crews on the trains today. so let's start with rainy free man with his experience. what do you see, wayne? >> reporter: well, it's a long day, first of all, but i imagine people do this every day. and when they drive those rides tend to blend together. but it's amazing if you think how this system moves 400,000 people a day. here's people getting 0 off the embarcadero line. it is not an intentional pun. but one of the problems with bart, especially in san francisco stations is the homeless.
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and now with rain coming they use the trains for shelter and the stations for shelter. i took this photo in embarcadero station. it is symbolic. homeless are unavoidable. mostly unacknowledged. one homeless went down the aisles begging for food except for one woman tracy louis, gave him her lunch. we asked what made it difference? >> we all have basic needs. eating is one of them. i never missed a meal so i'm happy to share. >> reporter: so when you see someone on bart train asking for food? your reaction is some people are put off and your reaction is? >> to help them out. if i had had a couple of bucks i would have done that. i just had half eaten lunch. perfect timing for his part. >> reporter: as it terms out she works for the saint anthony foundation. she is clearly one of those people who have absolutely no problem blending her identity with her function. just a matter of a human being
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being human on a crowded train on a busy afternoon with a lot of cold outside. the only person who acknowledged that homeless person's existence. everyone else wanted nothing to do with him. live at embarcadero station in san francisco, wayne friedman, "abc7 news." >> good for her. wayne, thanks for her. we've been getting feedback online as well and share your thoughts "abc7 news".com. link on all of our building a better bay area bart coverage. someone tells us i was almost attacked twice on the train. i emailed the board of detective ors and no response. passenger safety is not ha priority. please feel free to contact me. >> by the way, they have tracked down carmen and riding bart with her. we'll be hearing about cornell about his experience on icbm at 6:00. >> this is the mcarthur station
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live tracking bart riders for the evening commute. >> our start was bright and early this morning with "abc7 news" amy. >> and during the day live she shared la interesting experience she had on the platform. >> and i saw a lot today, i smelled a lot today, i smelled marijuana while waiting on the platform 5:45 in walnut creek. i saw a fare evade der. then i saw some very clean trains, but one major lesson of the day, probably won't be a big surprise, earlier you leave the better, much smoother ride than all of your fellow commuters who leave later in the morning. here is my video i took 4:45 in antioch, caught the new train to pittsburgh, then transferred to regular bart train. it was already standing room only, even at that time that early hour. the trains were clean. the people were friendly. the ride was quiet. as most people were reading on
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their phones. but the riders i talked to said they do have some issues with bart but still it as the best most convenient way to commute. but it is crowded. and a common question i heard all day today is why can't bart add more cars in the morning. >> well, that is a question that we'll be asking in the days ahead as well. but for a day on bart today, several of our colleagues are riding every line from sunrise throughout the night to get a better feel for what it's really like on bart. look for more coverage tonight on "abc7 news" at 6:00. >> and we want to hear your ideas about building a better bay area, what issues do you see where you live and what would make them better use the #better bay area and join the conversation. governor knew son h first ste of state today in sacramento. the speeches are predictable bull knew son surprised add lot of people when he announced
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plans to pull back on california commitment to high speed rail. >> that's right. now with the story from sacramento. >> reporter: california's new governor addressed this joint session of the legislature first by drawing a deeper line in the sand between california and washington. >> this border emergency is nothing more than a manufactured crisis, and california will not be part of this political theater. >> reporter: that earned him a standing ovation. >> i loved governor brown. but i think today what governor newsome brought us is this direct relationship to the needs of people of california. >> reporter: the top need, homeless necessary caused by what he said ws lack of affordable housing. also pledged to come up with a viable stability plan for the pg&e bankruptcy in the next 60 days. and redirection of the border to help with fire suppression. also amended high speed rail.
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>> let's be real, the current project as planned would cost to too much and take too long. there has been too little oversite and not enough tran par antsy. >> reporter: he's willing t wilt finish some. but some were disappointed on fiscal responsibility and more. >> look at the dmv, that's a huge crisis, he didn't address it today. he has called for a strike team. and we applaud him on that. >> so i think the governor is going to find a willingness from the assembly and the senate to actually tackle some of these critical issues. >> reporter: he said it's the most worthy state of the state she can recall. in kt sa, i'm leslie brinkly, "abc7 news." >> one of the big things that came out of today's state of the staft address was the high speed rail project. it was supposed to come to the bay area. "abc7 news" reporter joins us
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live from san jose what this means for the future of tran r transportation in our region. >> reporter: yes, it has been controversial from the start. years behind schedule. those who support it scaling back kills momentum and jeopardizes the project's future. >> governor gavin newsom is putting the brakes on the high speed rail project. >> current project as planned would cost too much and respectfully take too long. >> reporter: the governor surprise announcement to curtail the massive structure project that would link southern california to the bay area came as a shock to many and big disappointment for others. >> not having connections to san francisco or los angeles, those are the rich urban environments that are experiencing congestion and crisis in affordable housing. >> reporter: she's the director
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at the meta institute. she supports high speed rail. under the governor proposal noul only built between merced and bakersfield. >> i'm concerned the central valley region won't have the ridership necessary to make this project as efficient. >> reporter: but on the other side flt track are those who oppose it from the start. >> a lot of happy people in the peninsula they will not have 120 mile an hour train going through their back hard. >> reporter: they say they do need a robust rail station, but not this one. his concern millions closed. >> grand central station of the west looks like will not happen for many years. but that's a sad situation and investment that we will have lost. >> reporter: and i spoke to the city of palo alta, they had been
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big opponents of this. they said they are focused on the lines, which will still continue even though the rail project is put on hold. reporting live, "abc7 news." >> thank you. well, this is the last thing par tenth probably wants to hear, it's cold, and their child's o heat. the bay area school where this is happening hand what's being done to warm things up. scientists hope to learn from a mountain lion prowling around the north bay, but it's dead. a bay area city has made the long list. 7 on your side will tell you where you should not take your car if you need it to be fixed. all this week "abc7 news" is following the bay area bart experience as part of our effort to build a better bay area. join us to see what it's like to ride barlt and what track the transit system will take next. "abc7 news" will be right back. [phone ringing]
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in the east bay an elementary school in oakland has been without gas since last thursday. think about that. no heat. >> yeah, tough. gas leak was confirmed and capped. but still no heat in the facility. "abc7 news" louis pena has the story. >> reporter: the brookville elementary school the weather is cold, we are talking about inside the facility. last thursday, a crack in the gas lines led to evacuation of 329 students. >> at that time pg&e came out and determined there was a leak and turned the gas off. >> reporter: no gas means no heat. they have been sending the kids extra bundled up. >> did they tell you this
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happened? >> i didn't get a phone call. i didn't get anything. >> reporter: after shutting off the gas the oakland unified school district said they sent letters with every kid and delivered 18 space heateders to every classroom. >> space heighteraters. is that enough? >> it wasn't enough. >> reporter: how many? >> there is one in every classroom. actually 14 classrooms. >> here at brookville elementary and even i had to wear a coat. and we are told the warmers in the cafeteria are actually powered by gas so students are having to eat cold meals. school district officials say the repairs could take them to the end of next week. >> we know it's supposed to rain pretty hard tomorrow. that would make the work they are doing dangerous so we can't do it then. hopefully not too much rain on thursday. >> reporter: meanwhile students at brookville elementary are wearing coats in their classroom. "abc7 news." >> some members of a north bay community are outraged after a
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man shot a mountain lion that had attacked two of its sheep. mountain lion had attracting device on it after it was captured following a different attack. "abc7 news" reporter melanie woodrow is on the story. >> reporter: patricia says dasher queen of the heard. she experts that's what dasher was doing the night a mountain lion attacked. >> i'm sure she went after the mountain lion. there was scratches on her nose and a bite in her neck. >> reporter: dasher didn't surprise. she called fish and wildlife and u.s. department of agriculture trapper plands to capture the lion. >> i knew it was going tube death sentence but i didn't know what else to >> reporter: a friend suggested she call the ranch instead. >> they educated me how to keep myan malice safe and myself and my grandchildren. >> reporter: she removed the rest of her animals off of her
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land. also set a trap for the mountain lion and put a gps collar on him. >> it was a young male who would have left his mom just recently. and he was quite lean. >> reporter: meaning he would be looking for prey again. >> we didn't know what he would kill. >> reporter: nearby redwood road property killed two sheeps. on the third night the land owner shot and killed the mountain lion. >> when you feel like your children and your live stock are being so threatened you want to protect them. >> reporter: "abc7 news" was not able to reach the land owners. >> often the land owners don't know better in these cases. >> reporter: she said that was true for her. >> the reason it was killed was my fault. i had not secured the door. >> reporter: she's hopeful the community will come together to help this family secure their sheep and keep them safe at rath thanhaming the for r actio. in napa, melanie woodrow, "abc7
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news..." >> in consumer news valentine's day approaches there is a scam that plays with your emotions. >> and a uni corn could pose a health hazard to your children. we don't say that he every day. >> no doubt about it. this is an important recall today for parents. toddler boots due to choking hazard. boots are sold under the label cat and jack and feature uni corn heads on the toes. consumer product safety commission says the uni corn's horns can actually detach posing a choking hazards. this recall covers sizes 1 and sizes 5 through 13. anyone who bought the boots is urged to return them to target. they'll give you a full return. it's been said you can't buy love, but it appears scams of romance is costly. the federal trade commission released new data huge jump in
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scams dating site profiles. the scam steers persuade their targets to send the money, not only did the ftc discover cases nearly trimmed, but also determined that losses spiked from $33 million in 2015 to million last year. as if bay area traffic isn't enough of a headache for motorists, we are learning about another down side to driving. repair pal. karrie pair and maintenance websites in san jose is the second worst place in the nation to get cars repaired. honolulu took the first spot. repair pal looked at own data on labor rates and federal statistics of road conditions. san francisco comes in 7th out of the 20 cities in the survey. all right. we don't want to be in the top then. >> wrong list. >> all right. on to the weather and the storm.
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>> now, your accuweather with sandhya patel. >> and this is going to be a strong storm. good evening to everyone. live doppler 7 showing you where the moisture is focused. not all of that green in the north bay is hitting the ground. some of it is evaporating before it reaches the ground but not for long. cloverdale, definitely seeing some wet pavement as light showers coming in ahead of the storm. but there is a lot of moisture just off the coast with heavier rainfall, 97 miles away from san francisco as atmosphere itic ri heads in our direction. be prepared. here's a view from our east bay hills. plenty of clouds. strong storm later tonight. stormy for your morning commute. widespread showers and still windy on thursday. exclusive scale strong level 3
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storm. 1 to 3 inches. north bay three to four. half a foot coastal range. and wind gusties 35 to 60 miles an hour. here are the major concerns, trees and power lines down. you are looking high likelihood of mudslides. small stream flooding and rises on creeks and rivers. let's take a look at the rivers. russian river will be cresting thursday afternoon above flood stage. napa near flood stage. anna varo crest thursday afternoon above flood straying. so definitely need to watch out. 7:00 p.m. tuesday night light rain tonight in the north bay. it becomes a little more moderate at midnight. and now we head towards 5:00 a.m., downpours very messy morning commute. at 5:00 a.m., not only dealing with the heavy rain, but some strong winds. 8:00 a.m. you are looking at moderate to heavy rain. coming across the bay area mike
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will be tracking this storm starting 4:00 a.m. noontime still going. excuse me. as we head into 5:00 p.m. wednesday evening going to scattered showers. and they'll continue wednesday night 9:00 p.m. looking at moderate rain in the north bay. midnight the focus is still there. this is where we'll sema majority of the problems in the santa cruz mountains. 5:00 a.m. thursday scattered showers. so when you have saturated ground will exacerbate the problems. look at the wettest north bay locations receiving over 5 inches of rain. the rest of you between that 1 to 3 inch category. this is why flash flood is in effect 10:00 p.m. tonight. watch out for flooding on roadways. those small streams and creeks will rapidly rise. flood watch for lake countys. tomorrow morning through
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thursday afternoon. burn scar areas likely to see them. until 10:00 a.m. thursday mostly high wind warning or wind advisory. possibility of downed trees and power lines. tomorrow morning a stormy ones. tomorrow afternoon windy conditions. 50s and 60s in the morning. winter storm warning friday. difficulty driving and traveling. accuweather forekaek level 3 tomorrow. level 2 for valentine's day. wet, windy, chance of thunder. colder system level 1 friday through sunday brisz us showers and snow above 3,000 feet. president's damon day is dry. i want to say thank you dan for getting me water, particular cell in my throat. >> i would have done the kwhr but i don't know what i'm talking about. >> you could have done it. >> you were so good. could y . >> thank you, dan. >> of course.
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>> new numbers on the housing crunch in california. how much a family needs to make in order to buy a home at the median price right now. that story is next. then at 5:30 world news with david muir. coming up tonight breaking news young women abducted campus broad daylight. authorities just a short time ago and horrific reveal. also breaking now the children in dog cages. and the next storm coming up. >> and the sales force transit center opened six months today and closed soon afterwards. new at
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>> the housing market in california remains tight and very expensive. the median price for the home at the end of 2018 was about $568,000. now 28% of california households could afford that purchase price
5:26 pm
in the fourth quarter according to the association of realtors. that's slight increase from the previous quarter in order to make the monthly mortgage payments though a family would need an annual income of about $122,000. >> where the raiders will play next season has yet to be finalized but rather bizarre being made by two cities birmingham alabama and tucson arizona are willing to serve as the home for 2019. they are about sa hundred miles apart and uneven split of the home games. raiders are already committed to playing one of their home games in london. as we reported last week the sources told us raiders are talking to oakland about playing one last season at the coliseum. we'll see. we'll see indeed. a new season and new name. >> yeah, giant transformation is under way at what used to be at&t. >> we are there as the
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"abc7 news" at 6:00, here it comes live doppler 7 is showing us the strong storm heading our direction. spencer has the update how one town is preparing for the worst. also taking a look at bart train, day on bart continues. we ride home with a woman who is taking her complaints all the way to the top. >> i was beyond upset. i couldn't speak. >> this man watched someone drain his bank account right before his eyes. see why it took 7 on your side to help. all that coming up at 6:00. dan, christian. >> thanks. >> out with the old in san francisco. >> sky 7 was over the giants ballpark as they removed the at&t letters. the stadium is now oracle park. >> that is not the only thing that's going to change. crews are also working on a new scoreboard center field. >> hopefully a new look for this season too. >> more scoring.
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>> world news tonight with david tonight, several developing stories as we come on the air. the verdict tonight in the trial of el chapo. abc news obtaining these images, a stunned drug lord when he realizes he's finally been brought to the u.s. to face justice, and now tonight, what the jury has now decided. also breaking at this hour, the college student abducted at gunpoint from campus in broad daylight, and authorities just a short time ago, and the horrific reveal. that suspect driving her to another state and then the deadly shootout with police. the major storm slamming several states tonight. snow, ice and rain. thousands of flights canceled. dangerous driving. the major system now coming next. president trump, his reaction tonight to the deal. democrats and republicans coming to terms on the wall. what they're willing to spend. will he take the deal? what we've learned tonight. th


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