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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  February 13, 2019 5:00am-6:00am PST

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>> announcer: now from abc 7, live breaking news. now at 5:00, a look at live doppler 7. you can see a big storm in the bay area right now. >> the north bay received so much rain. i was amazed to hear that we have an inch and a half already. mike is tracking that this morning as well as the storm hitting the entire bay area. live doppler 7 is behind us and it's fired up. let's get straight to it. never more than seven minutes away from your accuweather forecast. meteorologist mike nicco has a first look at the day ahead. you need that umbrella all day
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long. >> all day long. you may want something better than that. the rain will be coming in sideways. if you have the umbrella, from about the waist up, you'll be dry. but from the waist down, you'll be soaked. hi everybody. that 1.5 inches reggie mentioned was in santa rosa. we've had .03 in san jose. .05 is enough as you can see on 101 and 880. let's go street level. in clayton and concord, you can see treat boulevard, heavy rain is coming down right now. that's heading out towards pittsburg and antioch. blackhawk, danville, san ramon. we've got crow canyon road, al costa boulevard, all wet. towards laurel grove road, san rafael, 101 to to mill valley, the normal wet spots, you're about to get soaked more. 101 will get dicier there. even more yellows and oranges and reds offshore. now we're in the thick of the
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worst part of this 3 which is a strong. we can get up to 2 inches in most areas. 4 inches in the north bay, even 6 inches in the coastal ranges. that's why we have the potential for some rocks and mudslides. here's a look at walnut creek where one of the heavier downpours is rolling through right now. temperatures today will be mild. near 60. but it's the sideways rain and the thunderstorms that will keep us in the 3. even though this tapers a little bit during the evening hours. let's bring alexis in for the busy commute. >> yep. it sure is, mike. we've had our fair share of issues on the roads so far this morning. we're looking live -- can you guys hear me? >> you can? okay. sorry about that. i wasn't sure if my mike was working. it is. golden gate bridge, northbound 101 around vista point, we have a problem. solo vehicle spin wroout crash. sounds like they made it off on the shoulder. emergency crews are headed to the scene. not sure about injuries there. second crash of the day here on highway 24. if you're traveling on the
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eastbound side, the lighter side of traffic, just before ka minnow pablo, a two-car crash blocking one lane. an earlier one on westbound side before caldecott tunnel. overall, drive times looking good. highway 4 to maze, 18 minutes. about 14 across the bay bridge. southbound 101, san francisco to sfo, you're in the green at 11 minutes. >> alexis. thank you. we have crews out this morning getting a closer look at the conditions. >> matt keller is in santa clara county. but we begin our team coverage with reporter amy hollyfield. she's on the road joining us live from sonoma county. how is it going, amy? >> reporter: hi, jessica. we just arrived in santa rosa. we're driving the streets through the city right now just looking for any issues. this area received so much rain already. we had rain our entire drive up here. it never stopped. it was heavy at times. we did hit spots of standing water on highway 101. just be careful. it's been raining a lot while you were sleeping. it has created some issues. look at this tree that came down
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in occidental in sonoma county. this was around midnight on coleman valley road. some power lines came down with it. pg&e got the power turned off there. all lanes are open again. it's been raining all night. officials are concerned about the flooding that the people will have to deal w as they head out for the day. officials knew that this storm was going to deliver a solid punch and create problems. >> it's ai pritt good soaker that's coming in. coming in so late in the season, the ground is fairly saturated. it's not just rivering flooding but localized flooding. debris flows or mudslides. >> check out this mudslide. this happened on marquess spring road. they cleared it out of the way. the road is open. the ground is so saturated from the other storms we've had this season. officials are worried they will
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see more slides like this one. they want everyone to be on the lookout. be aware. it's very wet outside. i want to show you standing water. we're now encountering here on heather glenn circle in this residential area santa rosa. officials say be very careful when you encounter something like this. they advise that you turn around if you can. not to go through it. you never know how deep it could be. just beware as you head out this morning, this is what you're going to be dealing with. work from home if you can. give yourself extra time. amy hollyfield. abc 7 news. amy, thank for that look in the north bay. our team coverage continues right now. >> abc news reporter matt keller is joining us live. you're on highway 17, is that right? >> reporter: yes. that's right. we're headed northbound. this is the commuter way. a lot of people on the roads this morning. guess what, s gd for highway 17. really, this is the point of ghlly ru
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ci when you see so much rain out here. the roads are so wet, once you're going downhill and the turns come up, the guardrails have a lot of dents in them. a lot of people crash into them because they're going too fast. look at video from scotts valley this morning. a steady rain up here in the santa cruz mountains. they're bracing for 4 to 6 inches of rain. you have a flash flood watch, wind warning, wind advisory. hold on to that wheel when you're driving and just know it's like it could cause power outages. landslides are always a possibility. be careful of debris in the road. may be the first one to come upon that this morning. a lot of people up in the santa cruz mountains like to go back roads, highway 9 is a place you end up getting the debris on road. you got to be extra careful. reporting live in the santa cru live doppler 7 is lit up this morning. tures you can
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find on our news app. you can customize it so you just get the forecast where you live. >> in the east bay, an oakland elementary school is going without heat because of a gas leak. it might be another week before things are fixed. big heaters were brought into classrooms at brookfield village hmt elementary. the gas knocked out the central heating to the school. >> the district need to fix tis. this is ridiculous. these are kids in here. it's cold. it's freezing. why don't they have the heater on? why can't they fix it? they knew about it last week. it's now tuesday and still not fixed. >> repairs have been delayed because of today's storm. all right. so what we're looking at is the commute planner. sorry, i was trying to tweet something out. i was tweeting out the commute planner, putting it on twitter and facebook. what i want you to see is we've got heavy rain and gusty winds and that's going to bring us
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plenty of tto increases right nowea:00raz sideways ra, if y're waiting for mass transit. we've got gale warnings for the bay water. winds will gust up to 50 miles per hour. here we are at street level. lucas valley road, down 101 to san rafael, san an sale mow, kentfield, larkspur, even san quentin and now the richmond-san rafael bridge, moderate to heavy rain there. we have a moderate to heavy rain cell stretching across san francisco, the bay bridge and into oakland, piedmont and you can see where r580 and 13 come together. skyline boulevard, heavy rain there. i'll show you what matt is about to encounter, moderate to heavy rain along 17 in the santa cruz mountains. the south bay, rain all day today. becomes a little more scattered in the afternoon hours as we reach 60. may even be a touch dry by 8:00.
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let's say between storms. peninsula not so lucky. when you see that sideways rain, that's when the winds are fastest. we'll be in the upper 50s today. for the east bay valleys, we've got a chance of a thunderstorm around lunch. you want to make sure you have our app with you if one of the thunderstorms is heading your way. stay inside until it passes for at least 20 or 30 minutes. east bay at shoreline, we have rain steady through 4:00. scattered 6:00 to mostly cloudy at 8:00. the north bay, rain all day. already in an inch in san rafael. more than an inch and a half in santa rosa. the next stop san francisco. we have windy conditions through at least 6:00. let's see what the rain is doing to the commute. here's alexis. not great.f isss on the boards already today, mike. want to take you back to walnut creek. we had an earlier crash involving a semi and sedan. that's pushed off to the shoulder. another collision headed the other way on southbound 680 side towards san jose.
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that one near olympic boulevard. that one is just blocking the on ramp. but we do have backups forming in a few other areas in the east bay. eastbound 580 before the 24 split, just hearing about a solo vehicle crash. that was a spinout. all lanes blocked to clear the vehicle. not seeing a big backup yet. if you're headed into oakland off the bay bridge and looking a little bit better here. westbound 580 at grand avenue. we had another multicar crash, another spinout collision. just hearing that's in the cleanup stages. still ahead, the grocery store raising prices again. >> will edna the cat be returning to a san francisco fire station facility. the proposal, the fire commissioner is pitching today. let's take you outside right now as you begin your day. a wet look from our camera in san francisco. you will need that rain gear and of co
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we're encountering a lot of localized ponding on the roadways. it's more widespread in sonoma county. we have the urban and small stream flood advisory. even small streams are overflowing banks. turn around, don't drown. we have the flood potential
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until 10:00 tomorrow morning just about everywhere. the east bay valleys, even until 4:00 tomorrow, we've got a flood watch for lake, mendocino and sonoma counties. they're pulled out because they're under a different national weather service office. you can see the winds, high wind warning with gusts up to 60 miles per hour in the areas you see in brown. to 50 miles per hour in our valleys. this is going to go through at least 10:00 a.m. tomorrow also. the potential for more flooding is out there. we go out to antioch, discovery bay, bethel island. vasco road. adeline street, to orinda, moraga way. the caldecot tunnel getting beat down with heavy rain right now. of course, we've got heavy rain nearing an inch and a half to 2 inches across parts of the north bay. that's why we have the flooding right now. mike, we'll continue to check in with you. got it tourn to a terrible story out of new york. police are mourning the loss of a 19-year veteran killed by pro
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dead. they responded to a report of a armed robby. the suspect approached them with what appeared to be a handgun as other officers got to the scene. multiple officers fired multiple rounds. simonson, the sergeant and the suspect got hit. the suspect was taken into custody. both he and the sergeant are expected to be okay. it turns out it was a fake firearm that was recovered. police in florida have released surveillance swrid yvi hopes of finding a monkey stolen from a zoo. here's the details in the gma first look. >> in the gma first look, the urgent search for the person breaking into the palm beach zoo and stealing this rare monkey that has a health condition. she's a 12-year-old monkey likely worth more than $10,000 on the black market. weighing one pound, she
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a special diet and anti-inflammatory medication. >> do we have a timeline? >> every second matters. this medicine is something she received daily. she needs it. just every second counts here. >> zoo officials say the suspect seen on surveillance broke in early monday morning from behind the monkey's enclosure when the zoo was closed. >> this is the enclosure where she was being kept. take a look at the corner. the suspect cut the mesh and stole callie. >> we'll have more on the search for callie at 7:00 a.m. with your gma first look, i'm victor oquendo. the biggest surprise in the state of the state address, right now there isn't a path to build high-speed rail from san francisco to l.a. the governor wants to scale back the project and focus on building the high-speed rail from merced to bakersfield. in our effort to build a better bay area, we asked if this would put transportation improvements here in the bay area in jeopardy. the bay area council president says it will actually benefit us in the long run.
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>> the idea is to keep the project going and to have the central valley connection from bakersfield to merced form a spine from which the rest of the system can grow. >> governor newsom's office issued a notice saying they're fully committed to building a high-speed rail line between san francisco and los angeles. edna the firehouse katmai return to fire station 49. the fire commissioner tells abc 7 news he'll bring up a proposal today to revise the policy thatt banned animals on fire department property. she began visiting as a feral kitten. a department staff member adopted her after she was ordered out on monday. klay thompson is expected to play in portland tonight. if you're queasy, don't look at the screen right now. he suffered a dislocated finger. this was the first quarter of last night's game in utah. klay got his left ring finger caught in donovan mitchell's
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jersey while pushing off to get open. he went to the locker room, got it popped back in place and taped up. he returned in the second quarter finishing the game with 22 points. 115-108 victory. >> #warrior. >> like it. >> it makes me just cringe. >> gives you the heebie-jeebies? >> yes. the picture of it sideways. >> the description of popping it back into place. good morning. >> too bad we don't have a sound effect for that too. that would be over the top. the sounds we're hearing mainly are just the drops of rain right now. sometimes th herss thwas of rain roll in. here's a look from the east bay hills. the breezes are starting to pick up looking back towards san francisco. here's a look at san francisco. nearly half an inch of rain here. but there's been a lot more in the north bay of the i'll show you that coming up. heavy rain and windy conditions, especially this morning. chance of thunderstorms starts
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today and lingers through friday. we finally get into a dry pattern on the holiday monday. here's a look at all the heavy rain that's from san francisco and highway 4 northward. it's sitting right now on the richmond-san rafael bridge after just breaking through sausalito and tiburon where we've received more than an inch of rain already. you can see street level right there. the entire city is getting moderate to heavy rain. we've got atherton avenue in novato, 1.5 inches already. i just checked santa rosa, up to 2 inches of rain. across the richmond-san rafael bridge heading towards grizzly peaks san pedro dam road which we've mentioned a couple times. it goes towards pleasant hill and 680 and 242. you can't escape it. look at this fetch of moisture. even some reds. we have more intense rain coming our way the next couple of
5:20 am
hours. by noon, it lets up a little bit. you don't see more reds. in fact, you see a few pockets of clear air out there. that's the case at 4:00. but what does rain could put puddle and will keep the compute wet. look at this at 7:00. the next wave rolls in. it gets heavier, again, during the overnight hours and into tomorrow's morning commute. maybe a few hours quicker. but the waves keep rolling on and on and on. so for today and tomorrow, everything is pretty much high to very high. the rises on the rivers, i'll have that forecast for you coming up next. we're watching the napa river and the russian river in the north bay. they could get near flood stage. for tomorrow, we've got a moderate storm, especially in the morning hours. it will taper just like this afternoon's will. the cold air rushes in. the snow level drops down to around 2,000 feet. so we're going to have a mixed precipitation of rain in our valleys, mountain snow for friday, saturday and sunday.
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and then some sunshine breaks out monday and tuesday. alexis? >> all right. a lot to tk abt i theces mobari. we started off with a crash on the upper deck of the bridge and have been trying to bounce back since then. looking very heavy here at the maze, at the bay bridge toll plaza. a lot of problems on the east side of the bay area here. okay. we'll start on northbound 880 just past 980. a two -car just before the 24 split, a solo vehicle spinout crash. they're working to clear that now. on lakeshore, we had a crash clear at grand. second crash, 200 feet behind the first one, the first one was clearing. again, we have the left lane blocked if you're coming throug bridge. concord, we've got a rollover crash. on the concord avenue ramp.
5:22 am
not impacting the lane -- want to slow down and drive for conditions today. thank you, alexis. new this morning, whole foods is raising prices to cover rising packaging, ingredients and transportation costs. the "wall street journal" reviewed internal company e-mails and found the price of hundreds of products rose between ten cents to several dollars. soaps oils and nut butters had the highest increases. amazon initially cut prices at whole foods after acquiring the grocery chain in 2017. now prices going back up. >> right now an important recall for parents. >> target is pulling toddler boots due to a choking hazard. the cat and jack brand boots feature unicorn heads on the toes. the horns can come off, posing a choking risk. if you have the boots, you can take them back
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whether just joining us or headed out the door, seven things to know before you head out the door. pinole valley, tara hills towards el sobrante, we have heavy rain falling and it crosses out on highway 4. look at this. upstream, which happens to be to the left side of your screen, more heavy rain is coming in. we are on storm watch for another inch to 3.5 inches of rain. flooding and wind damaged that's our big problem today. >> 2, all that translates to a wet and windy commute here this morning. we have about 30 issues on the board right now. had a lot of spinout crashes already today. here's a live lkechndan brid. t. heavy rain in the area now. only high-wind advisory is for the bay bridge. >> number 3, we're starting to se effects from the storm in the north bay. the mudslide happened on marques springs road in north santa rosa. it has been cleared.
5:26 am
>> a landslide is blocking hicks road. it's about a mile and a half from camden avenue. officials expect it to remain closed because of the rain. >> number 5. the dixie school district in san rafael is keeping its controversial name that some say is racist. last night the board rejected suggested name changes. the board will consider changing the name if more members of the community give their input. >> governor newsom is clarifying his stance on high-speed rail after saying yesterday there isn't a path to build the project from san francisco to los angeles. newsom's office issued a statement saying he's fully committed to a line between the two cities. not just the central valley. number 7, all hail the king of westminster, king the wire fox terrier was named best in show at the westminster kennel club dog show. the runner-up was a bay area havanese named bono after the u-2 singer.
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live doppler 7 working overtime for us. we track a strong storm through the morning commute. >> the rain has been coming down for hours outside the station in san francisco. a live look at the embarcadero. you want to grab the umbrella, rain boots and leave the house early if you have to drive today because you want to take it slow and easy. uh-huh. you can see that we have live doppler 7 behind us this morning tracking the storm. it's giving us a colorful response for wednesday, february 13th. mike, i heard you go -- i know you've been very busy this morning. >> thankfully, frances is
5:30 am
helping me behind the scenes. it's a two-man effort to track all of this wet weather. even more so with our people out in the field, obviously. let's look and show you what's going on inside the studio. 101 and 880. it is wet there. let me show you what's going on. you have heavier showers moving through the santa cruz mountains. that's moving into the south bay. expect your rain to increase in intensity. the most intense rain moving through american canyon and vallejo towards cordelia. sacramento street carquinez bri pounded right now as it benicia itself. just moving through broadmoor daly city, we had a heavier shower. it's around ingleside now. it's raking 280, 101 and san francisco. here's a look from the exploratorium. you can see, we've got our heaviest rain now, a chance of thunderstorms at noon. it's still going to be windy at 4:00 with lighter intensity of
5:31 am
rain and the rain keeps going at 7:00. alexis? >> we've got a lot of issues on the roads as you would imagine this morning. looking live at the bay bridge toll plaza. metering lights on quite early. 5:13 the official time. you'll have a wait there in the cash and fastrak lanes. quick check of drive times this morning. overall, they're okay. but i don't really want that to be deceiving. it's not going to be an easy commute. 20 minutes westbound 80. 11 across the bay bridge. southbound 101, san francisco to sfo, in the green at ten minutes. we have about 30 crashes going right now. i'll pinpoint some of those up next. thanks, alexis. our abc 7 news report ert are out in the storm this morning. >> matt keller is live in cupertino. matt, what's going on there? >> reporter: hi, good morning jessica and reggie. windy and rainy conditions on the border of cupertino and san jose. we're just off lawrence expressway and bollinger. pg&e working on something here.
5:32 am
there was an emergency issue in this neighborhood. they're working to get the power back on. they're working on what appears to be some wires and some trees here. they're trying to get that fixed so they can get power back on for this neighborhood. check out another emergency issue in los gatos. this is a landslide, about a mile and a half from camden avenue. yesterday, officials announced hicks is closed from pheasant run to hall immediate a road. they expect it to be closed for a few days because of the rain and the pg&e workers working in the rain. they'll be dealing with windy conditions and rainy conditions as well. we were driving out there on the road on 280. we saw a lot of debris on the road. a lot of tree limbs, pine needles, brush, all that on the roads. live in cupertino, matt keller, abc 7 news. >> thankhollyfield, she's live with a look at conditions in sonoma county.
5:33 am
amy? >> reporter: hi. good morning reggie. we're in santa rosa. we found a little bit of flooding on heather glen canyon road. i checked in with the fire department, they haven't had a lot of flooding problems. about but as people get around, they'll be encountering something like this and have to notify them. it has been relentless and heavy at times. just keep in mind, this could be waiting for you as you head out for your day. we have heard of other issues as well. i want to show you a mudslide in north santa rosa. they cleared the rocks and debris out of the way. the road is open. but they're worried about more situations like this happening because the ground is so soaked from all of the rain storms that we have had this season. officials are worried they'll see more slides like this one. it's been raining all night long
5:34 am
here in santa rosa. officials want to warn you, if you do see standing water, you should not drive through it. >> we have good faith in cars and big trucks. sometimes the water is too much. we don't know what's going on in the water. maybe something you'll get hung up on. >> now look at this tree that came down. this was in occidental in sonoma county. this was around midnight on coleman valley road. some power lines also came down with it. pg&e got the power turned off there. the fire department very busy. cleared that tree out of air so they could open the lanes again. we're keeping on eye on this creek in santa rosa. spring creek. it looks very full. but it's staying within its banks for now. just beware, it is a very, very wet out here. it's been raining all night long. it is still coming down. live in santa rosa, amy hollyfield, abc 7 news. >> thank you, amy. here's another look at live doppler 7. remember, this is one of several
5:35 am
features you can use on our news app. you can customize the app so you just get the forecast where you live. a preliminary hearing begins today for the man already convicted in the bizarre 2015 kidnapping case of a vallejo woman. matthew muller pleaded guilty in 2017 on federal charges of kidnapping denise huskins. police officially called the case a hoax. today's hearing will decide whether there's enough evidence for mueller to stand trial on state charges. he's acting as his own attorney. there's a chance that he'll cross-examine huskins who is on the witness list. developing news, president trump is not happy with the new proposal on border security that would avoid a government shutdown. the bipartisan deal was drafted by leaders from both parties. it includes nearly $1.4 billion to build steel border barriers on the southern border. about 55 miles worth. it's not the prototype steel and concrete walls the president was calling for. >> we have a bipartisan
5:36 am
agreement. as in all bipartisan agreements, everybody had to give something. we are urging the president to sign it. >> i have to study it. i'm not happy about it. it's not doing the trick. but i'm adding things to it. >> republicans are urging trump to take the deal as a downpayment. but the president is adamant, with or without the deal, the wall will get built. he's taking money from other areas of government. >> the tentative deal doesn't include aid for california wildfires. the state is seeking $9 billion from relief from the last two years, including in the north bay and butte county. negotiators were unable to reach > allrit. federal disaster let'ta a look at what's going on down in san jose. i'm looking at 101 and 880 really quick. you can see light rain. some of the lighter rain falling there. that is as slick as everywhere else.
5:37 am
we're not seeing as many puddles there. >> let's take a look at what's going on for your commute. you're going to notice a lot of red on it. that's because, yeah, it is dangerous. whether you're on the -- the rain is coming downside ways. the umbrella will only keep you so dry. flooding is occurring. amy talked about it. we have the flood advisory until 8:30. that's because the rivers are not quite full yet but the streams are starting to overflow their banks. they're always the first besides roads and parking lots. here you go. you can see a lot of the yellow and orange and over the last hour, there's been wave after wave and let me go upstream. there's heavier rain coming to the north bay. expect more next hour to hour a half. some of the heaviest rain right now just pushed through berkeley. grizzly peak boulevard heading into the east bay hills. around orinda, the caldecott, in or out that of, you'll be hit with heavy sideways rain.
5:38 am
look at san francisco in the golden gate bridge. red, that means heavy blinding rain following right now. puddles developing. south bay, steady rain up until 2:00. it will become more scattered. almost dry by 8:00. rain all day with temperatures in the upper 50s. east bay valleys, rain all day today with a thunderstorm possible. the rain is more scattered at 8:00. for the east bay shoreline, we've got rain and windy conditions all the way up until 6:00. a little bit of a break at 8:00. the north bay, rain all day. more flooding likely in this area. because you will not get a break today like the south bay will. in san francisco, rain all the way up until 6:00. it's as bad as we talked about it would be. how about the roads? >> they're pretty bad too. we've had a lot of issues so far today. we'll get to some of those on the traffic maps. i have live doppler 7 on top of the traffic maps. you can see, boy, that orange even red and yellow, that is
5:39 am
moderate to heavy rain. everyone is getting wet right now. whether it's heavy or not. you're certainly going to have a soggy commute. sounds like we had our third crash of the morning. red and yellow driving conditions through lafayette trying to get into orinda. take it slow along that stretch this morning. we have a rollover crash vehicle on its side. concord avenue ramp, just the shoulder block there. but very heavy rain through that area. you want to drive for conditions here today. the south bay, overall, you have been probably the quiet he's. you've had the lightest rain all things considered today. northbound 101 before tully road, a crash with injuries. it's blocking the right lane. they're close to clearing that one. next update in about ten mi thexis. a day on b.a.r.t. the final abc 7 staffer was on a train late at night. some of the big concerns facing riders from sunup to sundown. a live look outside right now as the storm moves through
5:40 am
your neighborhood. snap a picture or video and share it using the #abc 7 now. we could end up sharing it here on the air or online. >> announcer: the abc 7 storm impact scale. today's storm is level 3. that means a strong storm. look out for flooding, hazards on the road and possible power outages. stay ahead of toda
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5:43 am
take a look at live doppler 7. it's like a christmas tree. all lighted this morning. let's look at some of the damage we're seeing from heavy rain. that's the one near cloverdale to nooding. those are the other other areas. the trees aren't down but coming. sausalito, it has the potential to put down 1.5 inches of rain per hour. it's moving about 35 miles per hour and it's not going to put down all that rain. it's still impressive intensity. that's a blinding rain on the golden gate bridge. where 37 and 101 come together in novato, right there. around san marin drive, we've got heavier rain falling. just a lot of ponding. you can't escape it this morning. abc 7 news is committed to
5:44 am
build a better bay area. we're devoted to covering b.a.r.t. this week. >> rider satisfaction is one of the lowest levels. common complaints include dirty trains, crime and drug use. >> more police presence. there needs to be somebody walking around so they know they can't jump the gate or intimidate somebody on the train. >> many b.a.r.t. riders want more police officers patrol b.a.r.t. stations. weechb with police around, the law is not always in force. one man that dan noyes spoke to admits he used drugs in front of police. >> can i ask you what type of drug it was. was it crack? >> no. it was fentanyl. any time the police come up and see me, they'll usually say aw. >> abc 7 news documented the experience on every b.a.r.t. line yesterday. herea day on b.a.r.t. went.
5:45 am
♪ ♪ >> i started our coverage on the first train this morning. i caught that new connector train to pittsburg and transferred to a regular b.a.r.t. train. it was already standing room only even at that early hour. >> on b.a.r.t. in the early morning, you cycle and rhythm and move with the crowd. if you stand in the way, you become an obstacle. >> this is 8:15 in the morning. they're so packed in there. >> i've been riding b.a.r.t. from warm spring to sfo. trash hasn't been a problem on the trains but definitely outside of the trains, i've seen spilled i found people sleeping in the hallways, leading up to the train. definite hi a strong smell of urine in the ware. >> one of the problem with b.a.r.t. is the homeless. on one train this afternoon a homeless man went down the aisles begging for food. everybody ignored him except for one woman. tracy lewis. >> when you see somebody on the
5:46 am
train asking for food, some people are put off by it? >> yes. >> your action is? >> to help them out. >> the matter of a human being being human on a crowded train on a busy afternoon in san francisco. >> b.a.r.t. riders would like to have more room on their trains much they would like them to be cleaner and safer. one issue that came up a lot in the b.a.r.t. dust mer satisfaction survey is fare evaders. it upsets them. they put their heads down and deal with it saying it is better than driving. >> you can get involved in the conversation by sending us an e-mail. we have already received so many from you. we appreciate you taking the time to send these. give us your thoughts and opinions on what we can make better with b.a.r.t. >> there are plenty of opinions. i got a lot of them on twitter last night. some of them even civil. to submit your comments or concerns, go to
5:47 am
click on a day on b.a.r.t. story. scroll to the bottom of the page and submit your thoughts. we're taking your comments and concerns straight to b.a.r.t. b.a.r.t. board president devan dufty joins us on midday live. he'll talk about what b.a.r.t. is and isn't doing. i'm looking forward to that conversation. >> the more comments we get and the more questions we get, we can pass those along to b.a.r.t. officials. the more complete coverage we can have with everyone's help. >> right. >> b.a.r.t. stations that are underground today -- >> that's the way to go. >> that's the way to go today. >> let's jump right in. never more than half inch of ra francisco. as we look at the embarcadero. heavy rain and windy conditions all day today. it will taper a little bit into the evening hours before another push tonight through tomorrow morning. then we'll trans ix over to a chance of thunderstorms. not only today but tomorrow into
5:48 am
friday. if you're looking for dry weather. starts with the holiday, monday. just like the future radar was showing us yesterday, all that heavy rain in right now during the morning commute with the most intense rain across the north bay. over the last six hours, we've had flooding along guerneville and san rafael and towards emeryville and towards dublin. i expect this to storm report map to get even busier as we head through the morning. i mean, look at this cell pulling away from 101 in sausalito and tiburon and belvidere. towards richmond where it gets heavier where 580 connects and gets close to 80. soxp extreme conditions in those areas right now. we've got plenty of moisture. the pineapple express is on top coming through this morning. the other ones coming through tomorrow morning.
5:49 am
here's the hour by hour. you can see the most intense rain up in the north bay. the rest of us heavy moderate rain and by noon, notice the moderate rain tapers and so does the shield of rain. steady light rain all day with periods of moderate rain from noon to 4:00 becoming once again moderate to heavy at 7:00. that's the first part of that chunk of energy comes through. right up to tomorrow's morning commute, that's where the heavy rain is. it continues in a more scattered nature during tomorrow's commute. it continues all during the day. now, we've pulled the storm impact scale down from a 3 today because of the more intense and more widespread rain to a 2 tomorrow where the rain will be almost as intense. it won't be as widespread. now, for friday, saturday and sunday, the cold air from the gulf of alaska comes in. we'll have valley rain but snow down to 2500 feet as we get a dusting. monday, tuesday, finally a little bit of sunshine. how about that commute.
5:50 am
here's alexis. >> not a lot of fun on the roads. one of my favorite tools in the traffic center is that i can put live doppler 7 on top of the traffic maps. we can really zoom in and pinpoint who is getting hit the hardest this morning. mike zeroed in on this area as well. we're seeing red on the radar just crossing golden gate bridge headed into the richmond area across the bay. we're talking about intense rainfall right now. we'll look live at the golden gate bridge camera. all the road spray kicking up. all the wipers. you've got to slow down and drive for conditions. i've had right around 30 crashes going pretty much since we started this morning at 4:00 a.m. we started off busy today. most of us have been spinout crashes or situations where someone has been pulled over, hydroplaning into a barrier. you want to slow down x obviously not the way to start your day. drive times deceivingly good this morning. a lot of folks deciding to work from home today.
5:51 am
tracy to dublin, 46 minutes on 580. dublin to mission boulevard, 21 minutes. 85, 101 to cupertino, 17 minutes. >> 30 crashes. let's be careful out there. new at 6:00, the fitness influencer forced to apologize
5:52 am
that leave therea lasting impression. like the feeling of movement as a new journey begins, or the sight of soft fur, warmed by the morning sun. you might remember new flavours, the sound of an old friend's laugh, or a view that defies all expectations. these are the memories that stay with you, long after the moments have passed.
5:53 am
be aware and ready to take action immediately in the north bay and sonoma county.
5:54 am
we're having flooding occur right now. this is where the heaviest rain has been all night and the flooding is possible until 8:30. we have a possibility of flooding in richmond, san pablo, hercules, martinez and crockett. watch this. over the last couple of hours, we've had heavy waves of rain moving over the area. we call that training. as far as thunderstorm threat, all of us today but mainly the north bay coast tomorrow and then just about all of us again friday. within those thundertorms, even heavier rain and more intense winds and a higher probability of damage. >> mike, thank you. san francisco deputies are accused of beating inmates and this morning the sheriff is investigating. the city's public defender told the examiner more than a dozen inmates reported abuses late last year. they claim deputies shoved them to the ground, kicked them and forced them to pull down their pants. female inmates were forced to --
5:55 am
>> the sheriff ordered an internal investigation. she's taking the allegations seriously. america's new top dog is making a special appearance on "good morning america." >> his name is king. he's reigning supreme. the 7-year-old wire fox terrier was crowned best in show at the westminster kennel club in new york city last night. i'm laughing at this dog because he looks royal. doesn't he? >> he does. >> especially with that beard. >> it was ruff competition, though. he beat nearly 3,000 dogs from around the world. his handler, gabriel says king will be getting a special treat. he'll have a steak today and do his favorite thing in the world which is play ball. >> peter green the judge was looking at this dog's ease, ear shape, ear shape, his texture and coat. the condition ha gabriel has gotten him into. >> this is the runner-up from the bay area. havanese named bono. yes, after the u-2 singer.
5:56 am
we're very proud of bono. >> alexis, can you imagine combing that hair every day. >> that dog has some very nice hair. i'm jealous. how does he get so shiny and fluffy. that's great. the commute not so pretty here today. we've got a lot of issues to get to. we have a closure of great highway between lincoln and sloat. it's bceen shut down since 4:45. we have a lot of flooding on the roadways. live doppler showing heavy rain moving through the richmond area right now. that's the red on the radar. folks just really are not able to slow down through that area and you shouldn't. here's a live look at the richmond side of the bridge. it is absolutely standing water a possibility for you this morning. let's check in with meteorologist mike nicco. >> thank you very much, alexis. looking in the south bay.
5:57 am
looking at the -- down towards 237. you can see what's turning out to be intense rain down there. it's already been soaked once this morning. that's heading into the sunol grade. up across 112, 116, 37, the entire north bay getting soaked once again. don't forget, we've got a flood watch that continues until 10:00 tomorrow morning. we still have several hours, more than 24 hours of potential flooding. same thing up in sonoma or solano. lake and mendocino counties and don't forget, the winds will get faster through the -- more damage is possible. torm watch coverage. the bay area getting drenched. here's a live look outside. in the
5:58 am
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. we're tracking an accuweather alert. heavy rain in the bay area. >> get ready for a slow wet commute. >> same scene at the bay bridge toll plaza. we've already seen problems this morning there. this is a level 3 on the impact scale. that means a strong storm. we do have live doppler 7 behind us this morning tracking the storm. good morning to you on this wednesday, february 13th. you are never more than seven minutes away from your accuweather forecast. here is meteorologist mike nicco. it's a busy morning. >> yeah. it's a super soaker. no doubt. the ground is saturated and running off. that's why in sonoma county, we have an urban and strong flooding until 8:30. that means roads are becoming rivers. parking lots lakes. even the creeks, if you live around one, it's going to rapidly rise. remember, if you come upon a spot of standing wate


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