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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  February 15, 2019 1:42am-2:12am PST

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what happens when you're following the rules of the road, kicking back chilling, not causing any problems? >> oh! >> know. >> wow. >> oh, geez, man. >> you had nothing to do with that. somebody just made a dopy move up at the intersection. >> oh. >> oh! >> lucky how the load on that truck went either side of our desk cam. did you notice that? >> yeah. >> he got swashed. >> and listen to their reaction. >> oh, my god. >> they turnl the camera around. but you would be surprised to find out there were no injured in this accident. you always have those testy people who don't want to wait their turn.
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>>. >> yeah. >> just when they think they're in the clear -- >> come on, guys, how about peripheral vision? it's sitting right there. >> he looked to the left, too. he even looked that direction. if. the l.a. animal services specialize mobile animal rescue teams has all the bells and whistles. they have everything, but this time this had they had to go to the 99 cent store because a birdie got stuck between two walls. there it is. >> wait, they have everything and they didn't have a net? what? >> they probably have like a net launching gun or something. >> this time they're using it to
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get at that bird. >> i like how the bird sits on the edge of the net. you can lift me now, you can lift me. as soon as it was lifted out of there, and they did get it out, it was released back out into the wilds of l.a. >> this bird was rescued from an animal cruelty case in texas. now she's with her new family, and let's just say her adjustment, well, you make the call here. >> do you think it's funny? >> wait, who is laughing? >> that is the bird. the bird is mocking nick who has rescued it. >> the insipid thing about it is he came from an animal cruelty case. and maybe if someone was being mean to the bird, they were laughing at it. >> that is heartbreaking. this bird is n'sar
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and care of its partner and they're going to take really good care of it. with this chill in the air, it's kind of hard to think about summer water sports, but makes it easier when you have awesome videos like this. watch this guy. look back and land that thing. >> you were flying. >> he had a ranch? >> he did. they're following behind the wake of a boat. these guys say they go out three to four times a week when the summer is good and that was planned. it wasn't just an accident that one was able to jump over the other. they made this happen. they've done it before. this time they just happened to catch it on camera. but don't worry, they call themselves the late crew legend.
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this is the kind of thing they go out and do regularly on lake michigan. >> invite us. >> on the back of that, brinking champagne and watching them do that? >> one has been riding for about three years and the other since he was 7 years old. these videos from chicago jet ski inthstagram. >> the rtm buzz word is coming up in a little bit. >> stay tuned for the ipad mini give away. to thailand for a very special valentine's day celebration where we're going to be celebrating love, deep love, about 26 feet deep, actually. nine couples have got themselves all dressed up, they have their dresses, their scuba gear.
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>> is this the love boat? >> yes, they are. they're about to jump into the water and go through pressures of getting married. >> taking the plunge, literally. >> and figuratively. >> but now your pictures are going to be all wet and -- >> full of bubbles. >> full of bubbles. >> if you enjoy scuba diving or original numptials, this is the way to do it. in this case now it's open for couples to get involved. >> she went in for the kiss and napped her lips on his regulator. >> in they use holy water. i'm sure it's just mixing with the saltwater. they pour rose petals over the hands, as well. they even go through the process of signing the marriage license. one couple, i'm going to quote
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them, said they were both sea lovers so they decided to join in. >> the witness is a little fish. >> if at any point they change their mind they can be like, the fish front. >> this is unique, but hey, if it floedz their boat, why not? a scary moments on a movie mountain side. >> and all those workers running the opposite direction. >> and dangerous debris just keeps coming. the landscape just changed. and it's a makeover matchup full of heart. >> because, well, valentine. >> see the super sweet look you'll surely love. the world could use some warmth. ♪ i'm a close talker. so i was excited about all-new colgate total.
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palike that's going to happen. closed captioning provided by -- rise from pain. icyhot.
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some mountains are meant to be climbed, but not this one at columbia. >> oh, man, they're laughing. that is scary. i would not be laughing. >> they're not laughing for long, ollie. you can see that mountain is just a land slide of mud going into the roadway and all those workers running the opposite direction. they stop laughing because watch right here, you see from a different angle -- >> it wasn't a mountain slide, it was a mountain move. >> the landscape just changed. >> you're correct. and watch, it's not done. there is another land slide in the same area. it continues. and you see all the people running in the opposite direction. somebody was in that truck right there. the doors open, he jumps out and runs away. ahese are all t ifds? >> these are road safety workers who were sent to clean up after
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the last landslide. when they get there, because of heavy rain, the ground is still soggy and the mountain is like, i'm not done yet. >> we've just cleaned up, guys. >> can you curious about what may be underneath that landslide? think about it. are there fossils in there, old ruins that have been covered up for thousands of years? what -- i want to go through it. >> have you been watching a lot of indiana jones recently? >> i can tell you one thing it's going to reveal. a digger. that is the only thick that is taken out by this landslide. it was taken away, but nobody was hurt in this whole nicki tutorials has a new series called face match. so in this video for this
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challenge, she's partnering with abby roberts. >> and i am so honored that she is here with me today. >> here we go. abby starts working on nicki's face. it's a unique, distinct look. for the most part, this is pretty traditional until she starts adding add work to her cheek. >> instead of flowers, it's like decor of the face. >> it's a cherub. >> you are the supreme. >> so now that that is done, nicki has to start getting to work and do her own version of this style. so she's done the eyes. she's added her own tiny teenie
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heart. >> i like how she mimics it, but she puts her own spin on it. >> and check it out. it's an interpretation of two different artists. i think it's really cool. >> and this side, of course, unmatch is abby's side. >> rita is on a search for singers covering her songs. >> and off the top. >> this is always so cool. >> see her fan favorite covers, coming up. plus the ipad mini give away is still ahead. keep watching for thursday's buzz word and your shot at a new ipad mini. oo late ♪ ♪ a sock-a-bam-boom ♪ who's in the room? ♪ love is dangerous ♪ but driving safe means you pay less ♪ ♪ switch and save
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tubing location. today they just decide to float along. this video was shot about five months ago. dallas dips below the surface and viola, what do you know? >> done. >> he finds a -- >> straightaway? >> yeah. >> but this, do you guys even recognize what that is? >> a battery pack? >> no. it's an ipad he finds a kayak paddle, more sunglasses. and before they leave the river, one more phone, this time an iphone. fast forward to february. now he's going to take a look.
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he first tries the ipod. >> doesn't work. >> how long the iphone? >> dude, that thing is working. >> that low battery light comes on and eventually that boot screen comes on but doesn't quite make it past that. so dallas even tried to take i it apart and maybe even drys it out. there is corrosion inside, no sim card. so this time dallas finds a bunch of stuff worth nothing. >> that nano is probably worth about 20 grand. >> i was hoping that would turn on. >> rita ort released an album last year. here she is partnering with "glamour" magazine and watching some of hurry fan covers on youtube. this dude is singing your song and off the top she's impressed. >> on he, wow. i wonder what it feels like if you ever run across someone who
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you actually think sings it better than you. >> look at her reaction. >> she leans into the device. >> is that -- >> and she immediately takes notice of the fact that they're using bottles. >> i can't believe you guys made noise from blowing in those bottles in the right key and in the right tone. >> let's hear their reaction to her reaction. >> oh, my god! >> did you see what i saw? >> i think i did. maybe i was dreaming. up next, she watches ash brandon singing her song -- let you love me. ♪ >> wow, that was amazing. i'm like -- i can't believe it. when people sing my songs back to me, like, i want to cry. >> she is really shocked when she sees that rita orr is watching her performance. >> no one is going to believe
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me. >> stier is singing i will never let you down. ♪ . >> yeah. >> hey! >> i think she likes it. >> that made me really happy. and i just feel like you are really cool. >> that probably inspires me even more to achieve my dreams. >> and that is what these are all about. a little inspiration. >> it was beautiful, really amazing. >> it's time to give away another ipad mini. >> to enter, you'llny t need th buzz word. enter the buzz word through facebook, twister or both. >> so let's reveal thursday's buzz word. it's "nerd." >> enter thursday's buzz word, "nerd." >> good luck, everybody.
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a friend zone dude is feeling down. >> but don't
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for the thousands of wounded warriors returning from battle, wounded warrior project has developed the warriors to work program, a unique program that helps wounded warriors translate their military experience to the civilian workplace. the warriors to work program also works with employers to find the right job
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for the right warrior. contact wounded warrior project at welcome home the brave. t end at the end of it, he says it was 15,000 calories. david dobrick is getting all up in other people's business. he found these young fellas at the store and started inquiring. >> you have a huge crush on this girl, you're kind of friend zone. >> yeah. >> they're going to get him a very nice suit, a bouquet of flowers and a very nice car. >> what is a car someone your age would drive? >> mustang. >> what color? >> red. >> and this is a o, just a random kid on the street
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that he ran into at the store. that's how they found all of this out. >> you arrived for the day, baby. don't mess it up. >> we evhave to work on the swagger, but it's okay. >> you need your crew. and three girls walk up. >> oh, he's picking up other girlts. >> they get past that and totally recognize david. >> i'm right here. >> >> he got sidelined. >> he's walking over to our handsome fella. shgets in the car. and i don't know if this isng o she's got an entire posse
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following behind very closely. >> are you guys having a good time? >> overall, he had a successful date. >> right. but did he get the girl? did he find himself out of the friend zone after that? >> she said she really likes me, but she can't date until she's ready to get married or something like that. >> and don't bring the car back because it's yours. >> yeah, no, no. no. that is really -- you're messing with me. >> i'm not kidding. >> oh, my god. i drive a mom van. >> he gave him the mustang? >> david actually bought that car with the intention of giving it to him at the end of the date. >> do you like it? >> yes. > ay. what youoferano get
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bye-bye. >> how cute is that? >> that is all for now. go to right this and be sure to enter your buzz word for a chance at that ipad mini. we'll see you next time on a brand new r >> our returning contestant, charlie pevey, has $30,000 and is only one question away from a guaranteed $50,000, so let's play "who wants to be a millionaire." [dramatic music] ♪ [cheers and applause] hey, everybody. welcome to the show. are y'all ready to play today? [cheers and applause] well, i know charlie pevey is, from los angeles, california, our returning contestant. you brought the lucky jacket back, and if you missed yesterday, he won this jacket 14 years ago down at disney in anaheim by playing the "millionaire" game.
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>> that's right. >> and you won the jacket, you won a cruise, and you won your wife. well, he met her and they ended up getting married. you didn't actually win her, but anyway, welcome back. you're playing a good game. $30,000. we're out of the lifelines, but now we're one step away from $50,000. you feel good? >> i feel great. >> ready to get back to it today? >> let's do this. >> all right, let's play "who wants to be a millionaire." [dramatic musical flourish] ♪ deep breath. $50,000 threshold question is on the board. referring to its shape, what balkan nation has been described as the jaws of a hungry crocodile swallowing up bosnia and herzegovina? >> what balkan nation... a hungry crocodile.
2:10 am
so if it's a hungry crocodile, it's kind of horizontally shaped. croatia and slovenia are right around there, and i don't think it's romania. >> now at $30,000, which you can always walk away with. you're risking $25,000. >> that's a lot of money to go on a... >> but you know what happens when you get to that $50,000. >> i get a swing at $100,000 later. >> exactly. >> oh, man. [sighs] romania is just ahead of the sea. i don't see a v in romania. i don't see some jaws kind of thing going on with romania. i guess that makes it a pretty easy decision if i can't remember how they look.
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[exhales] chris, i'm gonna walk away with $30,000, and that's my final decision. >> not a bad decision to make. $30,000. congratulations, charlie. what would you have guessed? >> i'm between serbia and croatia. >> it was croatia. >> it was croatia, not confident enough. >> it was "d," croatia, but hey, you're walking out of here with $30,000, charlie. good playing. [dramatic music] ♪ [cheers and applause] charlie played a solid game, walking out of here with $30,000. our next contestant is a camp counselor from new york city. please welcome adam senack. what's up, buddy? how you doing? welcome. >> good to see you. >> adam, welcome to
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"millionaire." let's set up your board, so we can get into game, those 14mill. three lifelines up top if you need them. good luck. let's play "who wants to be a millionaire." [dramatic musical flourish] ♪ $500 question. in 2018, which of these famous brands introduced a line of meat-scented candles for father's day, and saw them sell out almost immediately? >> um, a.1. sauce. it's for steak. "c," final answer, a.1. sauce. >> in the strange but true category, yes! meat-scented candles. >> meat-scented candles. [chuckles] >> $1,000 is next. by tradition, the benches of the opposing parties in the uk's house of commons face each other


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