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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  February 17, 2019 5:00am-5:59am PST

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good morning bay area. let's get up and get going. >> this is "abc7 mornings." it's sunday, february 17th. good morning. and thanks for joining us. i'm chris nguyen. let's start with a first look at the forecast. here's meteorologist lisa argen, tracking live doppler 7. hi, lisa. >> hey, chris. we have more rain out there, most of it pushing along the peninsula and the south bay. it's a one on our storm impact scale, so throughout the day today, really the morning hours, you'll see the more concentrated rain, becomes more scattered throughout the afternoon. hail is possible and the snow levels lowering below 3,000 feet. here's live doppler 7. check it out from san francisco, san ramon, down through san jose and mt. hamilton. you can see the snow there, evergreen and into the city of san jose, a little closer from willow glen, looking at some wet
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weather, east williams street. to the north we go to union city, 880 and hayward. san leandro, some light showers out toward pleasanton and in towards oakland. seventh street and emeryville, you have the wet weather. back over to the peninsula, in the city here from the mission over to the sunset and then further south we're looking at some scattered light showers from redwood city, palo alto 280 in woodside and back towards the coast, in the north bay. it's mt. valley, mt. tam a little pink, could see a mix there and light showers up towards novato. it is 36 cold degrees in santa rosa. 42 in fremont. so, throughout the day today, the showers will be widely scattered. you can see 2:00 and then a line pushing into the east bay later on this evening. chris? >> lisa, thank you. new this morning, did you feel it? a jolt woke up several residents in the north bay. a magnitude 3.7 earthquake centered in yonkville hit at 1:45 this morning.
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people in napa and vallejo reported waking up to it. no reports of injuries or damage. develoing news. firefighters are keeping an eye on the main tesla building in fremont this morning after a fire started outside the plant. it happened just before 8:30 last night on fremont boulevard in a 10 by 10 storage area. the fire was contained about an hour and a half later. hazmat crews responded to the scene after barrels were reported to be on fire. >> right now we're having a hard time identifying the actual material burning. we have some barrels labeled as corrosive. they are not involved. the attack crews are having an issue suppressing it with foam. there is a possibility it's a thermal runaway with lithium batteries. >> the fire did not threaten other structures or employees. e guidelines to fire deparit batt fires. there have been several incidents of the batteries in individual cars catching on fire. tesla's 2016 manual on dealing
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with battery fires is still current. it tells firefighters to use large amounts of water. firefighters have told us in the past they still sometimes use foam because it works like a smothering blanket. in oakland teachers are vowing to strike. as of now, the strike will begin on thursday. teachers are demanding higher pay, smaller class sizes, and more resources. abc7 news reporter luis peña has the details. >> reporter: more than 37,000 students in oakland might show up to school with no teachers. >> 95 voted to authorize a strike. >> reporter: oakland teachers have been working without a contract since july of 2017. during a press conference, the teachers union's president stated once again their demand, a 12% pay increase in three years, smaller class sizes and more resources like nurses and counselors. the district has offered a 5% increase. >> oakland teachers cannot afford to live in oakland.
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one out of five leave each year. 500 classrooms are left with inexperienced teachers. >> reporter: liz hawk is one of the parents who supports a decision to strike. >> my family stands on the side of teachers and are asking families to join and not cross the picket lines. we're organizing with other families to create solidarity schools and to provide food for students through the time through the strikes. >> reporter: this decision comes after a fact-finding report that tried to find middle ground for a compromise between the two parties. >> we are certainly hopeful, though, that we can still head off this. we have set a date, but we asked oea to come to the table. we've got a comprehensive proposal ready to go, ready to present to them, so we hope that they come to the table and we can negotiate this, because we still believe that we can head off this strike. >> reporter: it's important to highlight that even with a strike, schools will remain open with substitute teachers and administrators in the classroom.
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transit sent a message confirming the agency would do every effort to maintain bus services to and from schools during the strike. now the city of oakland is ready t provide 15 recreations centers for students whose parents don't want them to cross the picket line. >> here's a little more background on the school district. last school year, oakland unified reported more than 36,000 students in its 87 schools. it has just over 2,300 teachers. the starting teacher salary is $46,570. experienced teachers can earn around $64,000. according to state data, that's the lowest of all alameda county school districts and the third lowest in the bay area. we sent out this push alert yesterday on our abc7 news app. it is free to download in the app store. be sure to turn on notifications so we can send alerts like this one on any breaking developments with the strike or a possible resolution. time now is 5:05. there are still widespread problems throughout the bay area
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caused by last week's storms, and the north bay bore the brunt of the damage. look at this mess in woodacre. a large red wood tree came down on a house and the house has been red tagged. emergency crews were at the scene yesterday morning rewiring some of the power lines that came down as well. marin county has declared a local state of emergency because of all the damage suffered during the relentless storms. >> especially in marin county, you have so many hills, so many creeks. there are, unfortunately, events that bring us beyond what our capacities are, and we need to look to our partners for mutual aid from the state and federal government. >> another red wood tree fell yesterday morning along lucas valley road. that busy road has been closed indefinitely. some marin county residents say they've been without power for the last several days. meanwhile, the westbound lanes of highway 37 are closed southeast of novato because of flood damage. a levee breach near the highway created a pool
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"the press democrat" reports the road will remain closed for at least another week. drivers are being rerouted onto 101. in sausalito, the woman whose house slid down a hill after a series of powerful storms last week says she is still in shock. dozens of homes were evacuated and many were red-tagged. abc7 news reporter j eer jobina fortson spoke with susan gordon, the woman rescued after being buried in debris. >> oh, my gosh! you've got to be kidding me! i went through that? >> reporter: until susan gordon sat down with us at her hotel, she hadn't seen the wreckage from the thursday morning mudslide. now she can't get the image out of her head. her duplex went sliding down some 200 yards and into another home. gordon was inside. >> tumbled and tumbled and tossed and smashed into things and tumbled and tumbled until it stopped.
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and i was knee deep up to here in mud. >> reporter: and to sit in front of us 72 hours later with some cuts and bruises, it just makes you wonder how? what did it sound like? >> a roar. a big lion. a big, big roar. >> reporter: how'd she get out? >> one fireman came down and he said, we had to really be careful in how we get you out of here because there's gas lines that are broken. >> reporter: first responders used jaws of life. gordon lost every single thing, including her cat, peaches, who was on her bed before the slide. >> a friend that i share the house with said that you just have to look at her as she was the angel that saved you. >> reporter: gordon has plenty of others coming to her rescue right now. >> i don't know. my son set up this account, gome or whatever you call it. >> gofundme? >> i don't know anything about it. >> reporter: it won't replace everything, but gordon is committed to healing and rebuilding. the sausalito city council will
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hold a special meeting monday night to declare a local emergency. that declaration will allow them to receive funds from the state to help with this rebuilding process. reporting in sausalito, jobina fortson, abc7 news. >> the sausalito city council will meet tomorrow morning at 9:00 to consider declaring a local emergency to obtain state and federal assistance because of the storms. check the weather conditions where you live with live doppler 7 on our website and the abc7 news app. you can just click the blue live bar at the top. you can also enable push alerts to get weather and news updates sent to your mobile device. lisa argen tracking the accuweather forecast for us, and another wet start to our sunday. >> that's right, yeah. the rain is certainly coming down in the south bay, along the peninsula. a live look outside. san francisco just had a shower. it is 44 degrees. and once again, we've got some snow levels here that will continue to lower throughout the afternoon. but we're also looking at some sunshine the next few days. i'll have your full accuweather seven-day forecast, next. >> lisa, thanks. also ahead, a police chase
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ends in a massive crash in the caldecott tunnel. we look at the exting fistfight with a chp officer. also, we're getting our first look inside the theater after a shooting scare during a performance of "hamilton."
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5:13 am
emergency. many lawmakers calling it a power grab. >> so, i'm going to be signing a national emergency. >> reporter: lawsuits piling up since the order was signed friday. aclu, public citizen, and the state of california suing the administration for an overreach of executive power. >> california's prepared to call this what this is, which is a theater of the absurd. california's prepared to continue to remind the american people this is a manufactured crisis. >> reporter: some saying the president's own words undermine his argument. >> i didn't need to do this, but i'd rather do it much faster. >> reporter: after only getting a fraction of what he wanted, trump rationalizing his decision to tap into nearly $6 billion in unappropriated funds from the defense and treasury departments to bypass congress and build the wall himself. now claiming declaring a national emergency is within his authority. >> that gave the presidents the power. there's rarely been a problem. they sign it. nobody cares. >> reporter: house democrats drumming up support for a resolution that terminates the action. in the senate, ten republicans
5:14 am
already voice their disapproval. >> their judicial committee is going to do an investigation. the framers of the institution are rolling in their graves right now. >> reporter: during the campaign, trump criticized obama for using an executive order to give legal protection to those undocumented immigrants who came to the country as children. >> there is no leadership at the top. signing executive orders is not the way our country was supposed to be run. >> reporter: tara palmeri, abc news, the white house. >> following president trump's declaration of a national emergency on the southern border, armed service committee member senator tammy duckworth will appear on "this week." you can watch the full interview on "this week with george stephanopoulos" at 8:00 right here on abc7. in the east bay, one man is in custody this morning after police say he rammed into several police cars, a pack of tourists, and even got into a fight with a chp officer. the wild chase ended in the caldecott tunnel. l story.
5:15 am
>> reporter: the driver of this mazda crashed into two cars including police cruisers. the in walnut creek and ended with the suspect's mangled car stopping in the third boar and the westbound direction of the caldecott tunnel. >> two patrol vehicles. i spoke with witnesses who said there may have been six others involved, six other just passing motorists. >> reporter: police say the suspect crashed his car and then got out on foot and then ran through this passenger door. this is a cross bridge over to the next bore. but then he came back and jumped into the car with these european tourists who had pulled over because the suspect also crashed into them at some point. >> the maniac hit us from behind, and then we were driving on the side here and we were waiting, and suddenly, the guy came and tried to steal our car. we left. rauphimall hlsince thef e with e e ighbor where he was arrested. but not before punching a contra costa county chp officer first.
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abc7 news. two kayakers are safe on dry land after being rescued from frigid bay area waters. san rafael firefighters say the two kayakers off the marina called for help yesterday afternoon. several agencies assisted and pulled the two from the water. firefighters say they had all the right gear and were prepared but that the weather conditions and low tide caused some problems for the visitors. new details are emerging about the scare that sent an audience running from friday night's showing of "hamilton" at the orpheum theatre. >> emergency, please exit the theater. [ sirens ] >> here's a look at the scene from inside the theater friday night. a woman suffered a heart attack and a person near broke open an emergency defibrillator, setting off the alarm. at the same time, somebody reportedly yelled "gun!" and people rushed out or ducked
5:17 am
for cover. police say there was no gun and that a gunshot heard at the time was just part of the musical. the woman who suffered the heart attack is in critical condition. three others were hurt, including one person who broke a leg. abc7 news was there yesterday where another "hamilton" performance took place without any issues. >> i was here last night. then when i saw the news this morning, i was thankful that we hadn't come last night. >> all audience members will have another chance to see the show. time now is 5:17. in the north bay, a rideshare driver's unusual request ended with marin county deputies getting a pair of shoes with drugs inside. the driver pulled up behind the deputies in sausalito, asking them to investigate a shoe box. he told them he got a ride request from a woman in san francisco, but when he got there, a man greeted him, asking the driver to deliver the shoe box. when the ride was canceled, the driver got nervous and found the deputies. when they opened the box, they found fentanyl inside one of the shoes.
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time now 5:17, and we are keeping an eye on that accuweather forecast for you. lisa, cooler conditions, of course, to start the day, and hopefully a break soon? >> mm-hmm, yes. we're going to see some sun, but not warming up any time soon. so, as we look at live doppler 7, you'll notice that it is active once again today. you can see the white there and the purpose representing the rain-snow mix, certainly around mt. hamilton and that northwesterly flow that brings the showers quickly from the northwest sweeping to the south and east. and as we go in closer through willow glen and 280, san jose, 101, evergreen, still some light showers for you. a bit further to the north around milpitas, 680, north capital avenue, it's a wet start. stay indoors, right? pleasanton, 680 and dublin, union city, wet pavement out there. and to the north, you can k of see it ends where alameda is and oakland. but san leandro, you have showers through the valley.
5:19 am
westward, spotty showers from redwood city, palo alto, sunnyvale and looking at rain up north from tiburon to mill valley, the marina, san francisco. and finally, looking at the sierra nevada, still your winter storm warning until noontime. and we do have an advisory for the west slopes here until 4:00 in the afternoon. so still, it is snowing. 23 degrees blue canyon. check out these totals. these are since thursday. so about three feet almost in mt. rose, but as you go up through kirkwood and heavenly, we're going to 5, 6, 7, even 8 feet of snow all the way up to sierra-at-tahoe. so, unbelievable amounts of that white, fluffy, dry, powdery snow after what was a little bit of rain on top of a huge snowpack. so if you're thinking of going up there the next several days, certainly the slick roadways, we have gusty winds, the ridge tops to about 60 miles an hour. today use caution. monday and tuesday will be dry.
5:20 am
and then again on wednesday, another weather system coming in could bring more snow to the mountains. it's 45 right now in hayward, 36 in napa and santa rosa with upper 30s in los gatos, 46 for you in oakland. a live look outside. you can see the cloud cover here. so scattered showers today. they will be fewer and we will look for snow on the highest peaks. but as the cold air moves in, a lot of the moisture will be gone, so we're not looking at a whole lot of snow, perhaps, and looking at sunny and dry conditions as we go into the holiday and tuesday. so, the next several hours known as the showers along the peninsula and to the south bay. then about 8:30, 9:00, you'll notice most of the activity is along the coast. until we get to the late afternoon, the higher elevations from livermore down through mt. diablo could see additional showers. through 11:00, looks like we're dry, but amounts remain very light. this is rainfall totals throughout the day today. just a couple hundredths, maybe a tenth for napa,
5:21 am
two-tenths out towards san ramon, but the winds are certainly going to be an issue out there. very gusty winds, 25-mile-an-hour wind gusts, up to 32 miles an hour around point reyes all throughout the afternoon out of the northwest, so very blustery out there. and even with the sunshine, not going to help out making us feel any warmer, so bundle up if you're headed outside. and some random showers, mainly in the morning hours, but still in the east bay in the afternoon. 52 in concorde as well as san francisco with about 53 all we can manage around palo alto. tonight, 20s and 30s in the coldest inland valleys. it will be clear. winds will be dialing back. and the accuweather seven-day forecast, a one on our storm impact scale today with the scattered showers. dry and sunny for the holiday. tuesday's looking just as sunny. and then we'll bring in the clouds, some showers on wednesday. thursday, friday and saturday looking dry. download the accuweather app. you'll need it this morning heading out. >> sounds good, lisa. thank you. nrand localish is sharing stories of inspiration
5:22 am
in a weekly digital series called "more in common." and this week, the ultimate story of forgiveness. see how one man went from shooting into a mosque to being best friends with the muslim leader. >> my name is ted maky. in 2015, i fired shots from my house into the mosque next door. >> i am the outreach director for the house of peace mosque here in connecticut. >> describe the night that you decided to fire your gun at a mosque. >> it was the night of the paris attacks. i didn't think too much about it. we went to the show, with my wife at the time. when we got home, pulled in the driveway, and i looked at the mosque and there it is. the mosque was 110 yards away. i didn't know if in was any extremists in there and that was i thought, if there are any extremists in there, i'll make them think twice. this is the exact spot right here. i fired the 20 rounds in this direction.
5:23 am
some of them, obviously, hit the mosque.
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a mother who lost everything in a fire is feeling the love, thanks to her daught's league team. a car crashed into shannon blackwell's victorville home, setting it on fire. her daughter's little legal team found out and began fund-raising. one 9-year-old boy on the team had been saving up to buy a transformer action figure but decided to donate his money instead. >> but i just figured that it's a whole, like, house that just got burned down, and it's just one single little action figure, so i might as well just give it up. >> his $20 gesture brought shannon to tears. so far, the team has raised
5:26 am
$4,300. a professional soccer team became superstars to a group of kids in salinas. here's why. on friday, the san jose earthquakes delivered more than $3,000 worth of goals, balls, cones, lights and other soccer equipment to the ac milan youth soccer club in salinas. all that team's equipment was stolen from the coach's truck. the league focuses on underserved youth. it is free for players and uses volunteer coaches. america's newest warship is ready for service. ♪ anchors away played as sailors manned the "uss tulsa" during a commissioning ceremony yesterday morning at pier 3032 in san francisco. the independence class combat ship has been docked in the city for the last week ahead of yesterday's big ceremony. dignitaries helped mark the occasion. >> a symbol that the "uss tulsa" provides is exactly what we need today, and that is the navy the
5:27 am
nation needs to fight and win. >> the city and county of san francisco -- >> san francisco mayor london breed was among those who helped commission the "tulsa." it will be home to 70 officers and sailors. its home port will be in san diego. still to come on "abc7 mornings," jussie smollett's lawyers are responding to reports the actor may have known the people who allegedly attacked him. also, the oscars just a week away. we get a sneak peek at the that leave therea lasting impression.
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the sleep number 360 smart bed is on sale now, from $899, during the ultimate sleep number event. it senses your movement, and automatically adjusts to keep you both comfortable. it even helps with this. so you wake up ready to hit the ground running. only at a sleep number store. during our presidents day weekend special, save 50% on the sleep number 360 limited edition smart bed. plus, 36-month financing. ends monday. sleep number... proven quality sleep good morning, north bay. let's get up and get going. >> this is "abc7 mornings." >> thanks for waking up with us. i'm chris snnguyen. we start this hour with a quick look at the weather and lisa argen. >> hey, chris. good morning to you. the rain may have woken you up the past hours. it is a one on our storm impact scale, so we're looking at those scattered showers. hail is possible. this is a cold system, and the
5:30 am
snow levels will continue to lower. right here into the south bay, from san jose to campbell, bucknell road and 280, santa clara. it's been a wet morning for you. stevens creek boulevard up through los altos hills and over into union city, hayward and pleasanton this morning, foothill boulevard around 680 and 880, fremont boulevard, and further along the peninsula, lighter showers, scattered throughout redwood city, but from san francisco to the sunset, guadalupe canyon parkway and the bayshore, shower activity. the north bay now is quiet. it is cold, though. 34 santa rosa, 42 in fremont. and throughout the morning hours, notice we get a bit of a break. very cold, though, mid and upper 40s. and by 2:00, 3:00 in the afternoon, another band of showers right there along the east bay, the higher elevations, and it's going to stay cool out there. so we'll talk about that break we've been advertising for several days and still a little more rain in the seven-day outlook. chris? lisa, thank you. former 49ers quarterback colin
5:31 am
kaepernick still wants to play in the nfl. in an interview with cnn, kaepernick's attorney says there are two potential landing spots for him, the carolina panthers and new england patriots. this comes just two days after the quarterback and eric reid reached a financial settlement with the nfl in their collusion case against the league. >> i'm going to make a bold prediction that one of three teams picks him up. i think you're going to see -- i'll make the bold prediction. you can save the tape. i think you're going to see within the next two weeks that somebody's going to step up and do the right thing. you want me to predict who? i would say besides the panthers, it would not surprise me if bob kraft makes a move. >> kaepernick alleged the league conspired to keep him out after he started kneeling during the national anthem in 2016. the mystery of what happened to "empire" actor jussie smollett continues to grow. police did not chargef intere s. now they have more questions for smollett himself. abc news reporter elizabeth hur
5:32 am
has the story. >> reporter: in a shocking twist of events, chicago police are investigating whether "empire" star jussie smollett may have orchestrated a hoax, enlisting two men to purchase a noose and faine a homophobic attack. police telling abc news they want to speak with smollett urgently after speaking with the two men seen in the surveillance image. according to investigators, information obtained from the two, who are brothers, shifted the trajectory of the investigation. the two were arrested wednesday upon landing at o'hare airport from nigeria, questioned by detectives as authorities raided their home and seized computers and cell phones. investigators then looked at their phone records to figure out if they spoke to or saw smollett the night of the alleged incident. we are told detectives eventually confronted the brothers with evidence that they purchased the rope found around smollett's neck at a local hardware store.
5:33 am
after threatening battery and hate crimes, the brothers cooperated with police. police say the men have a relationship with smollett, one of them appearing as an extra on "empire." detectives telling abc news that they have not found video evidence of anyone else at the scene. in an interview with abc's robin roberts earlier this week, smollett denied this was a hoax. >> who the [ bleep ] would make something like this up or add something to it or whatever it may be? i can't even -- i'm an advocate. >> reporter: saying lying about something like this would be a disservice to other victims. elizabeth herr, abc news, new york. >> smollett's attorney said one of the suspects was jussie's personal trainer. they say smollett is angered and devastated by reports that the perpetrators are individuals he is familiar with and that nothing is further that the his own attack. time now is 5:33.
5:34 am
jackie o.'s sister, socialite, actress, princess, all those describe leigh roadswell, who has died at the age of 85. this photo from the jfk airport shows her on the right with jackie onassis on the left. her daughter says her mom died of natural causes. she was a frequent white house guest and strong support to jackie after jfk's assassination. biographers of the family say while close, the sisters were also very competitive throughout their lives. just one week away. preparations are under way for hollywood's biggest night, including the five-star menu. celebrity chef wolfgang puck is fine-tuning his menu for the stars. abc news reporter kayna whitworth got a sneak peek. >> reporter: immediately after >> the oscar goes to -- >> reporter: 1,500 of hollywood's elite head right for the governor's ball. >> whoo! >> reporter: but the star of this show is wolfgang puck in
5:35 am
his 25th year. >> what is that? ah! >> reporter: serving up more than 400 pounds of miyazaki wagu beef. >> and we get to be the first to taste test it? it actually melts in your mouth. >> some of the dishes we make have become such favorites that we have to bring it back, like our chicken pot pie, like our macaroni and cheese. and this year we have been using the ham which they aged for us for five years. >> reporter: you can wash it down with one of the 8,500 glasses of champagne. >> so, no one could ever buy this bottle of champagne with this label on it? >> unfortunately, those bottles are not for sale. >> reporter: or some 2,400 bottles of francis ford-coppola wine, some of the grapes from his very own home in napa valley and a label that has a story of its own. >> it's like a movie. >> and this is an idea from
5:36 am
francis that took five years to get on a bottle. >> reporter: ending the night with dessert, 22 pounds of gold luster spray used to create the pan favorite chocolate oscar statue. 6,500 made this year alone. and the literal crrn to new dessert this year. >> oh, my gosh, it looks like a cherry inside with a pit and everything. that is so beautiful! >> thank you. > wow. how many of these did you make? >> we do 400. we are going to make 400 of each. >> reporter: abc news, los angeles. >> you can watch the oscars only here on abc7. the awards will be handed out next sunday, february 24th, at 5:00 p.m. abc news anchor dion lim will be there starting friday with coverage as all the preparations get under way. billionaire entrepreneur sir richard branson wants totroo 11 to go into outer space. branson says he will personally
5:37 am
hop on his virgin galactic space plane for a trip on july 18th. that also happens to be the 50th anniversary of apollo 11's moon landing, and it's also branson's birthday. the founder of virgin galactic says his company is not yet ready to take paying passengers, but there are plenty of people willing to pay $250,000 for the journey. still ahead on "abc7 mornings," forget about going to the movies. now you can be a part of the movie. >> it's pretty amazing, intense. all your senses are being engaged. >> the new vr experience at a south bay movie theater. as we head to break, here's a live look outside, pointed at the bay bridge on this sunday morning. me laen will have your full accuweather forecast in just a few minutes.
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the countdown can officially begin to perhaps the last episode of "the star wars" series. director j.j. abrams took to twitter on friday and posted this picture, announcing filming had wrapped. in the photo are stars daisy ridley, john bodega and isaac. this is episode nine in the series. the title has not been revealed. lucas films, which is behind the movie, is owned by disney, the parent company of abc7. everyone loves "star wars," so, anyway. >> yeah. >> maybe people will love your forecast, too, this upcoming week. a change from what we've been experiencing. >> yeah, that's right. maybe not today or right now. 44 degrees right now in san francisco. it is cold. showers have just moved through. still some showers here and points south. they are sinking into the south bay and the central coast, but a few more to come today and those snow levels. it's cold. we're seeing that rain-snw mix. my forecast is next.
5:41 am
>> lisa, thanks. also ahead, steph curry tried to regain his three-point shooting crown and
5:42 am
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time right now is 5:43 and we're taking a live look outside from our golden gate bridge camera. you can see the roads are wet this morning. we'll get a check of the full accuweather report from meteorologist lisa argen coming up in a little bit. in sports, tonight the warriors will be well represented in charlotte at the nba all-star game. kevin durant and klay thompson will be on team lebron facing steph curry, who is on team giannis. lebron james and giannis antetokounmpo selected the teams. tip-off is 5:00 p.m. at the spectrum center. last night, steph battled his brother in the shooting contest. mindy back has the highlights. >> reporter: stephen curry had a lot riding on the three-point shooting contest saturday night.
5:44 am
his brother seth was also competing and the brothers made a fairly expensive bet over who would finish higher. steph scored 27 points in the first round, so he advanced to the finals with buddy hield and joey harris. harris of the nets caught fire in the finals. he put up 26 points and hit all five on the bonus rack. those are worth two points each. steph made nine of his first ten shots but needed to make all of the bonus balls to force overtime. he came up one basket short. but he's okay with it, as larry beil explains. >> so close, yet so far. steph curry came within one, in and out, of forcing overtime in the three-point shoot-out, instead losing by two points to joe harris. >> it's a make-or-miss ma make-or-miss competition. tough way to end it, but joe shut the lights out. it was a great show. i think going into this knowing how strong the field was, whoever won was going to have to
5:45 am
earn it. >> i thought, this guy's not going to miss a shot at all. what was going through your mind? >> it's just such an adrenaline rush. this is what we were talking about on the bench the most is how much fun it is to do this competition. you know, that minute seems like an eternity just because it's just you and the racks and the basket out there. so, i definitely had fun. >> but you guys had a bet on this, and how does that stand, because you got him in points. >> yeah, we'll have to talk about it. we'll have to get a mediator in there and see what's going on. >> upon further review, steph said total points would decide this, so he will pay for family tickets for life in their he did-to-head e, larrybeil, abc7 s sixfinal game of a four-game ro trip, and they blew him out. saturday night's game was in san jose and much more evenly matched. mainly, the canucks were not using an emergency goalie.
5:46 am
and erik karlsson returned. he missed the last nine games due to a groin injury. the defenseman made an immediate impact, set up timo meier for the opening goal, his 21st of the year. in the second tied at 1-1, logan couture showed patience and beat david mark strom. the sharks take the one-goal lead after two periods but the canucks come back. besser takes it from behind the net and fools martin jones. that's his 21st of the season. under seven minutes to go in the game and the shot is stopped but joe pavelski is there for the rebound. that is his 31st of the season. the sharks win 3-2. nba all-star weekend comes to a close today with the actual all-star game, as you saw, larry beil is in charlotte. we're going to bring you those highlights from charlotte and from here in studio tonight starting at 5:00. until then, have a great day. time now is 5:46. turning to weather now and the bay area forecast with
5:47 am
meteorogt lisa >> ll, it seems g day, same thing over and over. and once again, starting out with the showers, but a live look outside where the viewpoint looks pretty good, but we do have rain and clouds around, certainly sinking to the south around the bay area, and it will clear up later on today for most of us, but boy, we've been talking about the mountains and the banner snow that they've had. well, how much did they get? since about thursday, they added up the totals into feet and you can see from sierra tahoe, 58 inches, 70 inches reported at squaw, 64 inches north star, heavenly 59. 53 at kirkwood and mt. rose almost 3 feet. so, more is to come,r s warning in effect through 4:00 this afternoon. and we have an advisory for the west slopes. here's the san mateo bridge. we can see the drops on the lens there. it's wet, it's slippery, and the winds are going to pick up the activity pushing to the south, sinking into the south bay.
5:48 am
that rain/snow mix around mt. hamilton, san jose, guadalupe parkway and 680 looking at light showers. they're lighter as we go further north from fremont and newark but still wet from milpitas and into pleasanton, dublin boulevard looking at some wet weather. and back through schaffer ranch road into oakland and alameda this morning, while emeryville embarcadero, 880, i should say, where we have a light shower. the peninsula looking at the wet weather down through 101, san mateo down through belmont there. then finally, you can see along the coast here the higher elevations, the summit, santa cruz mountains looking at a little bit of that moisture. so, in the mountains, an additional 5 to 7 inches expected right on through the morning hours, basically. and by the afternoon, things will wind down, but the upper foothills, the west slopes on the way to sierra nevada still could see several inches of snow. this goes until 4:00. and then actually, winter storm warning now until 7:00. so still a lot of activity up
5:49 am
there in the mountains. and today looks like we're looking at a better day but a little slippery still throughout the morning hours, then we're t. numbers are in the 40s this morning, 30s in the north bay. it's cold and a live look outside at the airport right now. the scattered showers looking at snow over the highest peaks and we're dry tomorrow into tuesday. so, as we look at the next several hours, noticing that we do get a break throughout the middle of the day. then by the afternoon, still a line of showers wants to push through parts of the bay, so we'll keep it widely scattered with amounts anywhere from a couple hundredths to perhaps about a tenth throughout the bay, if you get one of those heavier downpours. winds certainly going to be a factor, 25 to 35 miles an hour from our valleys to the coast. so it's going to be gusty to breezing out there at times with those northwesterly winds blowing. so highs today just in the low 50s, partly cloudy, scattered showers. the accuweather seven-day forecast, a one on our storm impact scale, a break. another system on wednesday. download our accuweather app if you haven't already, and you'll
5:50 am
be glad you did. >> all right, sounds good, lisa. thanks so much. appreciate it. with streaming services like netflix or on demand, it's easy to stay in for the night, but a new type of experience in the south bay aims to get people off the couch and back into the movie theater. >> remember the mission, execute the mission. >> reporter: "terminator: salvation fight for the future" now playing in san jose, but it's not your typical movie. >> it's pretty amazing, intense. all your senses are being engaged. >> reporter: these players were among the first to experience the all-new spaces virtual reality center at oak ridge. >> there are bots shooting at you, so you definitely feel like you are in the experience. it's crazy. >> reporter: and in this movie, you're the star. the ticket, your boarding pass. so, we just got our mission, and now we're being outfitted in full virtual reality gear from head to the cross fire! take the front! >> reporter: the space features dozens of motion-tracking cameras and sensors all set in a
5:51 am
future apocalyptic los angeles where you go up against killer robots. >> the world shakes. the ground moves beneath you. there's wind, heat from explosions, and water effects. it's completely immersive. >> reporter: "spaces" based in southern california spent six years develoing the concept. >> we wake up thinking about the future we've read about in science fiction and seeing on tv, and we said to ourselves, we can build that. >> reporter: teams of up to four can go in at a time. prices range from 20 to 30 bucks a ticket, depending on the day you play. >> i'm definitely afraid of heights, so in that last moment of us walking out, like there's air on the floor, you're going to fall in, that was definitely the most scariest part. >> reporter: these folks taking it all in. >> this way, way exceeded my veeverxperncg >> t unveil a eer. new virtual reality experience every three months. next, a surprise announcement from one of country music's biggest superstars. what miranda lambert
5:52 am
5:53 am
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here are the winning numbers from last night's powerball drawing -- 29, 30, 41, 48, 64, the powerball number 1. nobody picked all six. and the winning numbers from last night's $19 million super lotto plus drawing -- 5, 14, 15, 35, 45, the mega number 5. nobody picked all six in that drawing either, so wednesday's jackpot increases to $20 million. new this morning, country music star miranda lambert is married again. the 35-year-old revealed on twitter that she and brendan mclaughlin secretly tied the night. she shared these photos of her wedding day and wrote "in honor of valentine's day, i wanted to share some news. i met the love of my life and we got hitched! my heart is full. thank you, brendan mclaughlin for loving me for me." lambert was previously married to fellow country star blake
5:55 am
shelton. next on "abc7 mornings" at 6:00, a fire ignites outside the tesla plant in fremont. we'll have the latest. as we head to break, a live look at live doppler 7, and you can see the activity on your screen, the green indicating the rain falling throughout the bay area this morning. lisa argen lets us know what to expect for the workweek.
5:56 am
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6:00 am
thanks for joining us. i'm chris nguyen. let's start with a first look at the forecast with lisa argen, tracking live doppler 7 for us. >> good morning, chris. it's a one on our storm impact scale. a cold weather system continues to sink south into the south bay, parts of the east bay. scattered showers, hail is possible. look at the low snow levels by mt. hamilton, taking you into san jose where park moore, tillman avenue and santa clara, wet weather. milpitas between 880 and 680, you're looking at some showers. more rain from san leandro through foothill boulevard into castro valley and on the peninsula. it's been light, but it's out there from belmont to san carlos and redwood city. it's getting more scattered in the higher elevations, but that's where we're seeing some of that moisture change on over to snow. in the north bay, it's quiet, but we will see more scattered s. it is 37 in


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