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tv   ABC 7 News at 5  ABC  February 17, 2019 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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but prevagen helps your brain with an ingredient originally discovered... in jellyfish. in clinical trials, prevagen has been shown to improve short-term memory. prevagen. healthier brain. better life. >> announcer: live where you live, this is abc7 news.
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people on a hot air balloon right out of sonoma got two rides today. >> one in a balloon. and another in a police helicopter. good evening, thank you for joining us. i'm dion lim. >> i'm eric thomas. crews took on the unusual challenge of removing a hot air balloon and its basket from a marshy area near vallejo. >> this was, to say the least, an unexpected landing. reporter jolena fordson tells us what heppened. snoor the breezy air and gorgeous sunshine made for a perfect sunday, but not so perfect conditions for a hot air balloon pilot. >> at no time was there any -- you know, did he feel like he was in danger. he just you know made the best decisions with what he had to work with today. >> reporter: ten passengers and their pilot from sonoma ballooning adventures landed on skaggs island outside of vallejo. the win was pushing them off course. to be clear, this was not a crash or even an emergency landing by ballooning standards.
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a spokesperson with the ballooning and training situation says what happened is called a rip out or dry landing. >> in this case, this is an unfortunately, not greatly accessible area to retrieve the balloon. it was a safe and appropriate landing spot for the pilot to put the balloon down. it is better than landing in the bay or landing in a lot of houses. >> reporter: to put things in perspective, that is skaggs island. a chp helicopter brought all 1 people on board to this park in vallejo which was about seven miles away. >> i was confused what was going on. i didn't know it was a ball loon involved. they came from all over here. >> reporter: the pilot has had his ballooning license for eight years and handled sunday's event by the book. >> all the guests had a great time. it was great adventure on a sunday morning. >> reporter: you could say so. reporting in vallejo, jolena fordson, abc7 news. weather played a role in the last hot air balloon emergency
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in the bay area. heavy fog in santa rosa forced a balloon to make a dramatic landing at sequoia elementary school last september. there were eight people on board. kids were out in the school yard at the time. no one was hurt. firefighters are keeping an eye on the main tesla plant in fremont today after a fire started outside building. abc7 was there after the fire started last night on fremont boulevard apparently in a storage area. the fire was contained about an hour and a half later. haz-mat crews are trying to figure out what caused the fire and what was burning. they say fire crews had problems suppressing the fire with foam. the building did not tlep other buildings or employees. contingencies are to assist those affected by a teacher's strike scheduled. the teacher union will provide
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volunteers at centers which will provide meals for student. all public librares will be open during regular business hours. the city is asking that children 7 and younger be with a parent or a caregiver. ac transit says it may reduce its service to schoolsings detour routes and close some bus stops during the strike. teachers want smaller class sizes and a 12% pay increase over three years. the district says it can only afford a 5% raise over three years. it says it will hold classes with substitute teachers and stool administers teaching. in developing news, chicago police say they urgentently want to interview "empire" star jussie smollett about a twist in the investigation in his alleged attack. the two brothers they questioned said they were paid by smollett to stage an attack on him.
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somalia's attorney says, he has now been further victimized by the alleged perpetrators that jussie played a role in his attack. nothing is further from the truth and anyone claiming otherwise is lying. los angeles based project for islamic hope does not buy it. they are calling for the actor's arrest. >> for smollett to say he was a victim of racism and hate crimes, and we believe it is an lie. certainly it is an an justice to those true victims of racism and hate crimes. who the [ bleep ] would make something like this up or add something to it or whatever it may be? >> the actor claimed on january 29th evident beaten in chicago by two men who tied a noose to his neck and yelled slurs. smollett is from santa rosa. getting to storm watch coverage. ground that's been saturated by days of relentless rain is causing problems throughout the north bay. abc7 news was in san anselmo
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where crews were repairing damage caused by a landslide. the area is closed while those repairs are being made. severe storm damage prompted marin county officials to roe proclaim a local state of emergency. flooded west bound lanes of highway 37 near novato could be reopened by wednesday. engineers spent the weekend anizing embankments and the levee. a levee breached on friday and they say the water needs to recede out to the bay before the extent of the damage and any potential fix can be determined. drivers are rerouted onto 101. most areas are drying out after early morning rain. heading live outside, a bright end to our sunday as we look from our mount tam camera. let's check in with abc7 news meteorologist drew tuma to find out if we are in for a wet president's day. >> most of us now are deal with sunshine. there is one area in the east bay where thunderstorms popped
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up on live doppler 7. do you know to street level on live doppler 7. around concord. pleasant hill, we see light to moderate rain. the rain switching over to snow in mount diablo. pops of pink and purple on the screen. live doppler 7, around livermore we have a lightning strike. a thunderstorm has popped up. and the rain rate -- look at that, those are heavy intense downpours working through livermore at this hour. two inches per hour with that cell. we will look at the track of that storm. expecting more rain the next hour and a half in the inland east way. the showers will calm down as the sun goes down. earlier today, sky 7. look at the great video. we had some snow in mount hamilton. we will look at that in the full accuweather forecast. eric, we will send it back to you. before showing you when we can expect dryer weather in the seven-day forecast. the sierra today being pummelled by heavy snow.
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drivers are being told to stay off the roads because it is not safe to be out and about. the highway patrol is pleading with drivers to avoid highway 50 because of extremely heavy snow on the roads. the chp estimates it is taking drivers eight to ten hours to travel over the sierra. traffic is being held periodically for avalanche control. 80 is currently opened. amtrak canceled bus service in the sierra area. click the blue live bar at the top on our website and on the abc7 news app. a group of inmates' unique skill set was used for good during an emergency in florida. >> the front door. . the driver door. >> coming up, tese most trips to costco are pretty uneventful,
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jolt woke up several neighbors in the north bay. a magnitude 3.7 earthquake centered in yountville hit at 1:55 this morning. people in napa, vallejo, and pacifica reported feeling it. there have been no reports of injuries or damage. audience members who rushed out of a performance of hamilton at the ar fee yum theater during a safety scare will be invited back. here's a look at the scene. the efor yum released a statement saying tthe performance will be invited to return to see the musical. they missed the end of the show after a woman suffered a heart attack. and at the same time somebody reportedly yelled gun. many people ran from the theater
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in a panic. >> police do say there was no gun. in other news now, costco shoppers enjoyed a celebration recently in santa cruz. ♪ >> a group of around the world in 80 dances organized this bollywood flash mob earlier this month to celebrate the one month of their friend being cancer-free. this video on you tube has nearly 1.5 million views. the group says it also wanted to spread joy to warehouse -- a warehouse full of shoppers. a bridal show with a twist caught people's attention today in san francisco. >> yeah, something old, something new, something cannabis, too. check out the cannabis industry, and how they want to be part of that special day for couples. and live doppler 7 tracking some thunder showers moving through the east bay right now. we will show you where they are headed. and a live look from the walnut
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creek camera. a rainbow popping out. we will look at
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are being called heroes for rescuing a 1-year-old girl who was locked inside an suv. the little girl was trapped in her family's chevy tahoe after her father accidentally locked the keys inside. as the family began to panic a crowd formed to help out, including a group of deputies and work release inmates. five low risk offenders were given permission to use their unique skill sets to help break in. >> used a wear hanger, unlocked the door. >> yes. thank god. woo! >> yeah, the parents were very thankful. the inmates were there in the right place at the right time. and the little girl is doing just fine. >> it doesn't matter who did it. it's that she's out. if you ever wanted to feel high on love for your big day, op du dt alone. abc7 news was in the westfield
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shopping center in san francisco for the city's first ever cannabis wedding expo. made possible with the legislation of marijuana in california, more couples are incorporating pot into their weddings. the ceo of the expo says there is something for everyone. >> anyone who is looking to incorporate cannabis, whether it be very internally where the bride can smoke a joint before she walks down the aisle to external where you have bud bars and infused fruits and san business bouquets. >> he says the biggest hurdle to overcome for most couples is letting their families and guests know about the marijuana-themed menu. >> that's how you fire up a new marriage, right. >> oh, badin-dink. he will be here all night. >> meteorologist drew tuma has a look at the forecast. >> let's get to live doppler 7. it is tracking action. where we have it, it's not
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widespread. but it is packing a punch. in livermore a lightning bolt symbol, indicating a hour the has popped up. pops of orange, a little bit of red likely indicated not only a brief heavy downpour but also hail moving through livermore right now. we have heavier showers towards pleasant hill. it moved through concord earl r earlier. vine hill light to moderate rain. we are tracking the tail end of this cell. it is slow moving to the south and east at 20 miles an hour. cncord at 5:45. likely to see rain. dublin, at 6:41 you could see showers as well. live look outside. walnut creek, drops on the lens as the shower, the downpour moves through. you can kind of make out a rainbow in the picture as well. really, the last 24 hours, the rain has not been widespread. and it really has been light in nature. so rainfall amounts over the past 24 hours, you can see most
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spots less than a quarter of an inch of rain. livermore, we will have to update your number. just .1 of an inch right now. you currently have a downpour overhead. that number is going to increase at we get to 6:00 later on today. percent of normal, i don't think anyone is surprised by this, season to date, no matter where you live, san francisco, santa rosa, san jose, moffett field we are all above average at this point in the water yield. exciting news there. look at this snowfall.ibveytotas squaw, 1 money-plus inches of snow. a similar story in homewood. they have certainly seen a blast of winter weather in the sierra. and our snowpack is above normal. 40s and 50s out there right now. certainly it is a cool afternoon as you step outside. on the storm impact scale this evening we are tracking the isolated thunderstorms.
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we are already seeing lightning, hail, and likely high elevation snow as well. the good news, future weather, by 8:00 tonight any showers we do have, they are out of here. this is a short-lived event. that means clearing skies overnight and a very cold night on the way. showers right now. but lots of stars after midnight. et cetera going to get cold out there. spots will be dropping into the it is this. it is a chilly start to the day tomorrow. 12 hour day planner, this is beautiful. tons of sunshine. it is a cold morning but it's dry day tomorrow. by 4:00 temperatures topping out in the low to mid 50s. accur accuweather seven-day forecast. dry tomorrow, dry tuesday. the only chance of a shower comes wednesday at night with a level one light system. the dry pattern continues into the upcoming weekend next weekend even for oscar sunday aren't here in california. earlier today, sky 7. lo this. >> oh. >> et cetera like a winter
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wonderland atop mount hamilton. it is pretty incredible how much snow we have seen in the past couple of weeks in our hills. mount hamilton blakted in he. >>. could pick up a couple more inches tonight as the cell moves through. these have been very cold storm systems the past couple of weeks. >> now i understand your enthusiasm. that could be in a movie. >> that's cool, right, to see snow in our hills. >> gorgeous. >> yeah. >> thank you very much. an all-star game? it's underway. like that? >> it is just getting started. all the pomp and circumstance right now. we will see steph and klay and candidate in just a moment. and larry beil is there covering the allstars. doesn't's answers to the one question he heard all
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bach. >> team lebron and team larry, team giannis is considered the underdog. and steph likes it that way? >> yeah. steph likes his squad. it is a nice combination of bigs and little guys who can shoot the three. as you mentioned, kevin durant and klay thompson are on lebron james's squad. speaking of durant, he knew as soon as he showed up in charlotte he would get all the questions from the all star game media, questions about free
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agency, the knicks, his future, this summer. how would he answer questions he does not want to answer? durant is so at that timed he can kmapg the balance of power in the nba with one decision. stay with the warriors, go to the knicks, build something from scratch. go somewhere else. kd, he was swatting away questions about his future like a vintage can i kemby mutombo. >> i play basketball for the warriors and my main concern is to be the best basketball player i can be every day. i have no concern over trade moves or -- >> so durant, he is with lebron. and interesting as lebron drafted his squad, a team that is loaded with free agents this summer. coinciden coincidence? i think not. we'll talk with klay thompson next hour on abc7 news at 6:00. live in charlotte, larry beil,
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abc7 sports. >> thank larry. well, we obviously had a technical difficulty with that kevin durant clip. we will hopefully get that to you later. the cardinal put a home loss to oregon further behind them with a winning weekend in los angeles. the cardinal beat ucla yesterday. they completed the southern cal sweep today. trailing by eight in the fourth quarter, stanford hit three threes in a low. smith had the first two. hall added the third. the cardinal up one. 30 seconds to go. moore misses a layup. gets her own rebound, puts it in, and picks up the foul. game tied at 67-67. nine seconds left, smith banks it in off the glass and in for the win. team high 23 points and 12 rebounds. stanford witnesses by two. they are 21-4 on the year. the daytona 500 means nascar's season is underway. nine laps to go, menard gets into the back of dibenedetto.
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21 cars go with him. a massive fiery wreck. red plastic bag for 25 minutes. a second red flag was after that. this race was determined in overtime. hamlin held off busch and jones. it was his second win in daytona in his career. a sweep for joe gibbs racing and team toyota. a good start to the weekend for them. exciting but dangerous daytona 500500. two red flags. numerous cautions. it was not a short easy race. >> seemed like the data 800. >> thank a lot. here is a purr-fect way to start your morning. ♪ they say you should always listen to your heart. and where better to do that, than the island of ireland?
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fallout from the north bay wildfires. what happened at some senior care facilities is fuelling a proposal to change california law. an east bay football player learned he had cancer after breaking his leg during a game. we have an update on his fight. commuters have come to expect an encounter with a combing cat during their daily commute. >> take a look. mitzi has become a staple at a train station in central israel. she has been visiting the train station for two years now. commuters give her food and toys.
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>> would that work on bart? >> i think they would need a couple of cats. >> all right. that's it for abc7 news at 5:00, everybody. tonight, the dramatic shift in the jussie smollett investigation. a law enforcement official telling abc news the two men in this surveillance image claim smollett paid them to orchestrate the assault. the actor saying he is "angered and devastated" by suggestions it was all a hoax. the holiday winter mess from the dakotas to new england. the massive highway pileup. more than a dozen hurt. two horses rescued from a frozen pond. and millions facing snow and ice tomorrow morning. also tonight, former acting fbi director andrew mccabe on the record. did he discuss using constitutional measures to remove president trump from office? and the role he says the current deputy attorney general played in that conversation. a top republican now calling for an investigation. bride of isis.


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