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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  February 18, 2019 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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somebody who was just rescued. luz? >> thank you, that's right. here's what we know. at least 15 residents have been displaced because of a two-alarm fire behind us. currently the fire is out. firefighters are still spraying sections of the building. it broke out around 3:12 behind. firefighters are currently on the roof of the burned building and assessing the properties right next to it. we spoke to one of the residents who was inside the building when the fire broke out and tells us he never thought this would happen to him. >> we turned the tv off for a second. we heard a very faint fire alarm. and so we stayed quiet for a minute. and then all of the sudden we hear sirens in the background like fire sirens. i said yeah, i don't like that combo. we should probably go. so we run out the doors. and by that time when we're running out, there was glass coming down from the top window.
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>> we're one block south of the panhandle section of golden gate park. with eknow the red cross is expected to help the displaced residents with hotel rooms for several days. live in san francisco, luz pena, abc 7 news. >> luz, thanks very much. in the east bay, a tesla driver walked away after hitting a tree head-on. skycaptured the aftermath in fremont. you can see the burned out vehicle and the debris scattered all over the place. huge impact. it happened about 7:00 a.m. on paseo padre parkway near thornton avenue. no other vehicles were involved. abc 7 reporter david louie is in fremont with what remains of that destroyed car. david? >> the front third of the model x suv was demolished after it crashed head-on into trees off paseo padre parkway near thornton avenue. the driver told police on the
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scene he was a tesla employee and had just completed a 12-hour shift. they're looking into fatigue as the reason for the crash. the driver managed to escape on his own, with only minor injuries. >> it's hard to tell if the components were the origin, if the upholstery. it was a total loss by the time we got there and fully involved. >> tesla batteries have a history of re-igniting hours and even days later, even after firefighters use massive amounts of water to extinguish flames. pouring,000 gallons of water is the tactic. even then a terminal imaging unit was used to monitor signs of reignition. quote, the damage sustained by the vehicle is indicative of a very high speed collision, which can result in a fire in any type of car, not just electric vehicles. we understand that the driver sustained only minor injuries. we are glad that he is safe. the model x is registered to brian morton. though tesla would not confirm the driver works at tesla, there is a linkedin page for a man of the same man who works as a
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maintenance auto technician. this is the third time they have responded to calls involving tesla. on saturday night an outdoor fire broke out at the plant. >> we're able to determine some battery modules were involved. not so much a complete pack, but modules that were being disassembled for recycling. >> firefighters say they have special precautions to take care of these battery fires. saturday night, tesla actually provided a forklift and some bins which the firefighters filled with water in order to submerge the batteries. with this crash that. >> had plenty of water available at nearby hydrants. live inavid louie, abc 7 news. >> thank you very much. now to a story of a burglary, car left, a jaw-dropping video on the cloud. >> and a mother's profound disappointment. abc 7 news anchor dion lim brings you the story that you'll see only on abc 7 news. >> i'm afraid to go into my own house.
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>> yeah. >> so that's a lot to take away from me. >> to understand this crazy story, let's rewind to february 10th when tiana lee and her husband came home from their hawaiian vacation to find this. >> i go to my bedroom, and i notice everything is ransacked through. >> their bmw was also gone. several days later, when he picked up his phone to look at their vacation photos. >> i find out that on thursday there was this random video that's on my phone. >> the video believes was shot on his stolen ipad and somehow uploaded to the cloud and sent to his phone. you see three young women, we're blurring their faces smoking, drinking, waving bills in the air, having a good time. >> we saw my wallet in the video. oh, this has to be your car. >> afraid police wouldn't find the suspects, tiana took matters into her own hands. that's when things got even crazier. >> i put the video on facebook because i wanted some identification of who they are,
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because what the cops told us the night before, i felt like they weren't going to do aything. >> this video went viral, getting nearly 60,000 view, even by one of the teenagers' very own mom. >> a friend of mine's sent it to me through facebook. and she said liz, i think this is your daughter. i'm not sure, but i think it is. when i watched the video, oh, that's definitely her. >> her is elizabeth's 16-year-old daughter standing right next to her. they live right down the street from tiana. >> what happened that day? >> we were smoking and just listening to music, and like i was in the passenger seat and my other friend was driving, and we were just recording on the ipad. >> mom immediately reached out to tiana on the facebook and has this message for the victims. >> i apologize. i'm very, very sorry. be a little lenient with my child, please, because i know she did a bad thing, and i'm not happy with that. >> elizabeth's daughter says she was not involved in burglary or the stealing of the car. san jose police tell me the investigation is open and
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ongoing. in san francisco, i'm dion lim, abc 7 news. >> abc 7 news is committed to covering issues that affect all of us. in an effort to build a better bay area, today the focus is on education. the city is oakland, where teachers say they'll go on strike on thursday. many parents are dealing with uncertainty about where their children will go during the strike. abc 7 news was at martin luther king jr. elementary school where the principal had a message for students. >> do support teachers in their effort to receive a raise. we support that, but we also want parents to know they need to have their children come to school. >> i'm pretty sure he is not crossing the picket line, but he will have to do something related to his growth, yeah, and his education. >> the city has rec centers and libraries open for people who don't want their kids crossing picket lines. the district says schools will remain open with consolidated classes taught by subs or
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administrators. here is more background. last year oakland unified reported 36,000 students in its 87 district-run schools. it has just over 2300 teachers. starting teacher salary is $46,570. pay tops out at $83,000. according to state data, that's the lowest of all alameda county school districts and the third lowest in the bay area. all right. now to sausalito where homeowners are wondering when can we go back home after that huge mudslide last week. the homes are off sausalito boulevard near crescent avenue. from sky 7, you can see all of the damage the mudslide caused. one woman was actually inside her house when it hit, and she survived. abc 7 news reporter wayne freedman is live from sausalito city hall with the latest on the story. wayne? >> good evening, dan. it's still a mess here in sausalito. the initial shock of what happened last week has warn off. but people still have questions.
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we still have five red-tagged homes. the residents want to get back in and see what they can salvage. and all of this in some of the most expensive real estate in the world. million views, million worry, and questions. >> at this point, how is your sense of security? >> i don't have any. >> that is sausalito slide survivor susan gordon answering the question of the day following the event of her life last week in a duplex on a piece of land that no longer exists. >> my life is gone. i have to build from here. every day is a new day. >> susan joined other mudslide survivors at a city council meeting this morning. >> yes. >> they ratified a declaration of emergency. later, back up the mountain, mayor joe burns took a hike and then a long concerned look. >> what is your biggest concern at this point? >> more rain coming. >> the city has yet to pinpoint a cause, but has now begun discussions with caltrans, which operates highway 101 above and also with the national park
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service, which owns the land where the slide began. >> we have been working with the park service and caltrans. >> what do you mean? >> in trying to what other areas are we vulnerable. >> old sandbags in this same location might lead a person to believe that this area has seen problems before. a short walk away, here is another slide that occurred two weeks ago. eve mccauley lives in the neighborhood. >> we're down 92 stairs. we have a house above us. if that house isn't secure, it could come down. >> so we have a lot of questions and empathy for the slides' most prominent victim. >> i live with a woman who is a nurse, and she said that i'm in trauma and shock, and that this is going to take some while. >> we did reach out to caltrans and the national park service. the national park service never got back us to. caltrans did. their comment is they don't comment on situations where there are current claims. in sausalito, wayne freedman,
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abc 7 news. >> wayne, thank you very much. the storms may have cleared out, but they have definitely left their mark. >> oh, they have. take a look at this. it was a snow day for some people atop mount hamilton in santa clara county. can you believe this? even the dog got out and had some fun. >> and the kids enjoy the sledding. so are we done with rain and snow? let's check in with abc 7 news meteorologist sandhya patel. >> yeah, dan and kristen, redone for now. but mt. hamilton will likely be seeing snow showers come midweek. let me show you live doppler 7 right now. we are in the clear as we head towards the later part of the night and into tomorrow morning. it is definitely going to get chilly. so tonight turn up the heat. throw that extra blanket on your bed because you will need it. tomorrow at 7:00 a.m., 30s, 40s, as you take a look at the satellite and the radar. all the showers are long gone. the sierra snowpack is doing well, and our next chance of rain is coming our way with a cold system midweek. i'll time it out for you coming up in a few minutes. dan? >> sandhya, thanks very much.
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highway 37 near novato remains closed in the westbound direction. sky 7 was over the road today. you see it's still covered in water. it flooded last week after a levee breached. crews have been busy shoring it up with rocks. look at that plow pushing all that water. there is no word yet on when the lanes will reopen. drivers are being detoured. work will begin tomorrow to repair the upper deck of the richmond-san rafael bridge. sky 7 was over the bridge just this morning. caltrans put a metal plate on the deck as a temporary fix. crews will be out starting tomorrow at 9:00. they expect to have it finished by 4:00 a.m. wednesday. drivers should be prepared for lane closures. you may recall back on february 7th, concrete fell from the upper deck on to the lower deck. some of the debris even struck a car. the falling concrete led to the bridge being shut down for several hours. abc 7 news first reported and caltrans later confirmed that a failed expansion joint caused the concrete to fall. san francisco giants players
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and fans were stunned by news from manager bruce bochy today. he is retiring after this season. >> yeah, abc 7 sports anchor mindi bach joins us. this will be his 13th and last season. >> a little bit of a shock, but really not that surprising. when you look at it, bruce bochy managed his exit from the game the same way he managed his teams. expertly. the timing is impeccable. the organization made major changes to the front office during the off-season. the roster is sure to follow suit. bochy is entering the last year of his contract and didn't want his future with the team to be a distraction for the season. so he told his players of his decision this morning as they met for the first full squad workout of spring training. >> in my mind, it's time. i've managed with my gut. came up here in 2007 on my gut. and so it's a gut feeling that it's time. and it's been an unbelievable ride. >> bochy plans to remain in baseball. he and ceo larry baer are
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discussing possible positions. this afternoon he tweeted ever since i moved to san francisco in 2007, the city and our awesome fans have embraced me. i'm going to miss it, but i'm so grateful for the last 12 years, and i'm looking forward to finishing strong this season. baer released a statement saying words cannot adequately express the amount of admiration, gratitude and respect the giants family has for bruce bochy. his honesty, integrity, passion and brilliance led to the most successful period of giants baseball in the history of our franchise. bochy turns 64 in april. he has dealt with some health issue, but not a factor. the team is going to honor bochy and his three world championships with san francisco throughout the season. we're going have 162-game party. >> well-deserved. >> as a baseball fan, he has given us so much. >> wonderful. thank you so much, mindi. a star-studded day of service. >> yes. see who is coming to the bay area as part of an effort to make a difference in children's lives. southwest airlines under
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investigation. 7 on your side's michael finney will explain what's caught even if no one in your home smokes, secondhand smoke can be closer than you think. secondhand smoke from a neighbor's apartment can enter your home through air vents, through light fixtures and even through cracks in the walls and the floors. secondhand smoke is toxic. especially to children. protect your family. visit
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. former president barack obama will be joined by warriors star steph curry and musician john legend over the next two days as part of the obama foundation's mbk rising. >> it's an opportunity to take on the big issues facing young men and byes of color. the event kicked off today with a day of service. >> anser hassan has more from oakland. >> they come from across the country to be a part of change. >> president obama asked what would accept the challenge. >> dr. alston is one accepting the challenge. he is leading a team from new york that is part of the national my brother's keeper alliance aimed at closing the opportunity gaps faced by young men of color. it's led by former president
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barack obama. >> children who believe they're going somewhere behave very differently than those who dos don't. >> the two days of seminars is aimed at finding solutions to obstacles young men and boys of color face. it kicked off with a day of service. ah mopping those taking part former a's all star pitcher dave stewart. stewart says as a black man it's important for young black men to believe they have opportunities to achieve greatness. >> we're looking out for each other, making sure the advancement of our youth and minorities in the bay area. we're making sure we pave the way for them. >> he says president obama's backing will have a huge impact. oakland mayor schaaf agrees. >> what's different is for the president of the united states to lift this conversation up at a national level, to pull in national resources. >> oakland native ivan garcia will be emceeing one of the events. he says it's about time young men of color have a voice. >> so i found it extremely necessary to have young leaders,
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especially men and boys of color to be in these conversations and be able to create that change. >> one of the conversations will be a town hall meeting with president obama on tuesday. in oakland, abc 7 news. all right. prices are going up for some of the items on your shopping list. >> yes. and those free check bags could be causing issues for southwest airlines. >> you're a bearer of all kinds of good news. >> odd stuff today really. the u.s. federation -- the federal aviation administration is investigating how southwest airlines tracks the weight of checked bags on its flights. look, the concern is pilots are calculating weights for takeoffs that are substantially higher than reported. southwest said in a statement that there is an ongoing effort to track and voluntarily report operational data to the faa so that we can mitigate and eliminate any corporational risks. with payless shoe store
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shutting down all of its 2100 u.s. locations, there are some moves you need to make right now. if you have a gift card, use it. pay less plans to keep taking them. that's what they say. but these type of liquidation sales can sometimes move faster than you would expect. also, the stores close one by one in the locations near you. the stores you're used to going to could close sooner rather than later. and when buying certain use you're looking at are what you expect to be there. many stores bring in added merchandise during closeout sales. we don't know if that's happening here. but that tends to be the way it goes. and, again, the shoes sell out in one location, then they shut that door. so keep that in mind. we told you last week that the price of mainstream household items like bleach and toilet paper were going to increase. well, now there is word the price increases will also be seen in the organic and natural marketplace. the price of goods and
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transportation services are going up. consumer staples companies like procter & gamble and clorox said their costs were rising, and shortly thereafter prices indeed went up. so stock up. now is the time for that costco or target run. >> good idea. thanks, michael. all right. time now to check in with sandhya. boy, it was cold this morning. >> chilly, but at least dry. meteorologist sandhya patel has the full forecast. >> absolutely it was chilly. i want to show you a stunning view right now. take a look at our snow full moon. it is basically the snow moon, a full moon in february during one of the snowiest times of thor. >>. so it's one of the snowiest months. snap a picture, send it to us, #abc 7 now. we'd love to see your photos. it's absolutely a gorgeous view right now as you can see from our kgo roof camera. nothing but clear skies. a view from our emeryville camera. this is why you're going get a
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stunning view. it is absolutely beautiful outside. a look at the temperatures. mid-50s. san francisco, oakland, san jose. a little chillier than what we're used to. the sutro tower camera showing nothing but sunshie over san francisco. 56 in the city. it is 54 in fairfield and 51 in livermore. here is another view in case you didn't get a chance to site. i do want to just show to it you one more time. and let's do a temperature comparison. now it is going to get cold tonight. 45 degrees in san francisco at 10:00 p.m. 39 in santa rosa. those temperatures will be dropping as we head towards tomorrow morning, coming down to the low 30s in places like santa rosa, 40 degrees in san francisco. so definitely bundle up and take a look at those temperatures. where they'll bottom out by morning. 33 in napa, getting down to 39 in oakland. 34 san jose. 30 degrees in livermore. yes, it is going to be cold. all the storms recently have made a huge difference. bay area is out of the drought. it is still dry as you will notice in yellow across much of central and saffle and parts of
5:21 pm
northern california. but you have to go to the far end of the state to be in the moderate to severe categories. we have seen a difference with all the storms. santa cruz cameras showing you a lovely view. clear and chilly overnight. sunny tomorrow. chance of showers wednesday and another chance coming your way this weekend. tomorrow a cold morning. 30s for most of you. noontime sunshine. temperatures below average, but another dry day at 4:00 p.m. and plenty of sun out there. tomorrow afternoon, you're looking at 54 in san francisco. 55 drisan ralph. upper 50s, santa rosa, nap pal. santa cruz 56 in are fremont. 57, oakland. 54 in antioch. accuweather storm forecast, i will show you in just a second. the storm impact scale. excuse me. it is monday. it's a light system, level 1 for wednesday. light showers, less than a quarter inch expected on wednesday. it's a low impact event. but it is going to be a cold one. so wednesday 8:00 a.m., start to see the rainfall and the snow approaching. 1:30, we'll see a few showers. 5:00 p.m., it's the same thing. then by 10:00 p.m., you are
5:22 pm
looking at a mix of rain and snow over mt. hamilton going into thursday. here is your accuweather seven-day forecast. a chilly morning for your tuesday. spotty mix precip rain and snow showers. isolated showers on thursday. bright sunshine for friday, saturday, and then oscar sunday. good day to be inside, and watch the oscars because we have a wet day coming your way. it's a light level 1 system. monday, partly cloudy skies. you can download the accuweather app and track live doppler 7 any time you want. really a fantastic view tonight of that snow moon. i think you have to check it out. >> oh, it's going to be special. >> absolutely. >> and speaking of the oscars. >> that's right. >> the countdown is on. a look at the preparations under way for the oscars. that story is next. and new at 6:00, proof you can't believe everything you read. misleading ads featuring our very own michael fin nymph it's 7
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oscar glitz has already completely taken over hollywood. >> preps are well under way. excitement is building for sunday's awards. here is our sister station in los angeles. >> it's oscars week leading up to the biggest night of the year in hollywood. >> for me to be as close to the oscars as possible, this is it. since i can't get inside, this is about as close as i get. it's great. >> it's just amazing to see all the production and work and effort that goes into something like this. >> brian and his kids able to see some of the glitz already on display as crews work around the clock, transforming hollywood boulevard's entrance into the dolby theater into the hottest ticket in town. >> we were walking up, what the heck is this? we had to ask one of the security guards what it was, and they explained it to us. oh, yeah. >> yeah, there is no red carpet yet. that will roll out later this week. but the pieces are falling into place for a show that will be televised live around the world. and after their interviews and photos on the red carpet,
5:26 pm
imagine this is where the stars will make their turn into the heater to grab a seat. you can tell there is still a long way to go. >> i'm wondering what it will look like exactly when it's finished. obviously, this just the beginning stages. but it's very cool. >> it's fun to see the movement and the route and when we go back home and watch it, we'll have been here. >> this one-block stretch of hollywood boulevard from hollywood and highland to orange will be shut down through sunday's big event, plus a few additional days for all the tear-down. reporting from hollywood, abc 7 news. abc news anchor dion lim will be in hollywood for the oscar. this week she'll cover the preparations leading up to the show. dion will be reporting from los angeles starting on friday. you can watch her reports and of course the oscars here on abc 7. the awards will be handed out this sunday at 5:00. >> be sure to tune in. stay with us, though. one of the biggest celebrations this president's day
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i'm ama daetz. coming up on abc 7 news at 6:00, the i-team's dan noyes digs through the newly released list of local priests accused of sexual abuse. what's interesting is who's not on the list. also, we've had tons of snow this year, but wait until you see meteorologist drew tuma's breakdown on the season so far. the numbers are just staggering. and can you fly back home if you never left? that's the dilemma a southern california man faced. see how he tried to convince a major carrier that he really did take one of their flights to the bay area. all coming up in half an hour on abc 7 news at 6:00. dan, kristen? on this president's day, where better to celebrate than the home of our nation's first president? ♪ >> it was like a time trip back to 1789 during this ceremony at
5:30 pm
george washington's home in virginia. >> how special. love that stuff. that's all for now. tonight, the major storm tonight, the major storm coming, just as millions head back to work after the long weekend. 170 million americans facing snow, ice and heavy rain, and it comes after a deadly system already. drivers losing control on the icy highways. ginger zee with the new timing tonight. breaking news at this hour in the investigation involving actor jussie smollett. tonight, what law enforcement sources tell abc news. what the men in these images now claim. president trump lashing out tonight after the "60 minutes" interview with former acting f what top justice department officials discussed involving wearing a wire and the president was treasonous. the dramatic takedown. >> hey! >> the deputy opening fire after a man, armed, claims allegiance to isis. the urgent call for help tonight. the very difficult image this


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