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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  February 19, 2019 4:00pm-5:00pm PST

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and open window. returning to a house that turne carport. >> it t t black. there was nothing there. >> there was mud everywhere. >> they have been living with a friend hoping to get bs their r >> i know where everything is. >> they are fortunate. landlords david johnson and winston ashby already returned security deposits and hired a contractor and found a way to get renters back in. >> lieutenants are our first priority. >> brian, sarah, and their neighbor karen went only for essentials. >> jewelry, clothes, shoes, paperwork, passports, checkbooks. >> not far away susan gordon watched from a distance. she's the neighbor that somehow survived sliding down the
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reconvene. has not been doing well. just this morning. >> i woke up with a primal scream because i was dreaming and visualizing a flash back of the trees and the debris falling on me. >> in all, the emergency moves took more than one hour. a tense fair well to what had been home sweet home. >> will you move back in? >> no. >> do you feel fortunate? >> extremely fortunate. we're very lucky to be alive. >> so that's the big stuff and it's also the little stuff. the little stuff helped the big step. we asked sarah wilson what difference it makes to have some of those items back in your life again. she says she feels as if she can put her life back together. wayne freedman abc 7. >> how did they decide to use the plank? >> well, the plank was an after thought. the original plan this morning, they were going to take a crane, a big crane with a bucket on the
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end and they were going to fly it over the reconvene and have these people climb in through the window. the contractor got there and took a look around and said we don't need a crane. we can use the plank, they put it on the hill, they held it and people went right in like a giant slide. >> all right. thank you so much, wayne. >> well done. investigators are piecing together what happened after a woman was killed in a fire in san mateo early this morning. broke out near 2nd avenue. abc 7 news reporter matt keller talked with the woman's neighbor. >> the flames were big in san mateo just before 4:30 this morning. the front of this home on south humboldt street was engulfed by a fire. the neighbor watched from across the street. >> they start breaking down, water on them. >> when our crews arrived they found a heavy amount of fire coming from the front door and breaking through a front window in the residents. >> once firefighters had initial
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knockdown they went into rescue mode looking for a person inside of a bedroom. an 86-year-old woman was pulled out. firefighters did cpr but could not resuscitate her. she died at the scene. the red cross is helping them with food and housing. >> it's tough. it's very, very sad. we feel for her family. so sad. >> the fire marshall told me he doesn't have an update yet on their investigation. they're still looking for the cause. they're expected to be out here all afternoon. matt keller, abc 7 news. >> oakland teachers are set to go on strike for two days unless an agreement is reached with the school district. >> a new report illuminates some of the issues involved here. >> abc 7 news reporter is live in oakland for us. leann. >> well, you know, the school district and the union began negotiating back in december
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2016. so i don't have to remind you that we are in the year 2019 and still there's no agreement and here's what i found out. both sides have had 30 bargaining sessions for a total of 200 hours of bargaining. still nothing. here are the >> the education association wants higher salaries, smaller class sizes and more nurses and counselors. for starters, oakland has a teacher retention problem. it loses nearly 19% of teachers every year. that's much higher than the state average. >> we lose one out of five teachers every year. >> the starting is an average pay of 67,000 for a more experienced educator. this independent fact finding report agrees that a 5% raise over three years will not keep pace with inflation but on the
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other hand, it acknowledges that given the district's financial crisis, it cannot afford the 12% raise the teachers want. so recommendation is 3% for the first year, 3% for the second year and economic reopener for 2019-2020. >> both sides would come back to the table to discuss the appropriate compensation given what might be new about the state budget. >> if the district wants to retain specialized teachers, nurses and counselors offer them a $5,000 signing bonus and $2,500 every two years. the union wants to reduce the number of kids in each classroom by two students over the next two years. >> it's been incredibly difficult for him to learn and be successful and be ready for
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his next step into middle school. >> that would cost the district $36.2 million because you'd have to hire more teachers and come up with more spaces and while the independent arbitrator thinks it would improve teacher retention and educational outcomes in oakland, the truth is oakland classrooms are for the most part already following the state's average class size. so their recommendation is to implemented an across the board class size reduction of only one over the next two the district will not receive the daily attendance money it usually gets from the state and teachers also lose out because they would not get paid. live in oakland, abc 7 >> thank you. two issues are pay as well as class size. the district is offering
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raise is recommended. teachers are also requesting a reduction in class size by one student each year over the next two years. the district says it's class sized averages are good and the union's proposal would cost more than $36 million. the fact finding report recommends an across the board class size reduction of one student fully implemented by july 2020. it recommends a task force to look at ways to fund further class size reductions. one of the best ways to stay on top of the teacher strike is the abc 7 news moving on now, no comment from the coast guard about a sailboat that ran aground in san francisco. they spotted the boat at baker beach around 10:00 this morning. we didn't spot anyone on the boat or near it as you see here. a passerby sent us a photo of
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the boat named lucky lady although you can see she's in rough shape. >> seems like weeks of rain. the sun has sparkling out there today. >> how much sun is in we might not see much of it tomorrow. this is a view from the east bay hills camera. you can see some clouds way off in the distance there but basically we have clear skies and current temperature readings are around 54 to 57 degrees across most of the bay you can see shower activity around seattle and portland. that's our next chance of rain. it looks rather weak but we're
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ranking it on the storm impact scale. for tomorrow, spotty light showers and rainfall totals will probably be under .2 and a little bit on the higher peaks. a closer look at the storm and the time line that comes with it in a couple of minutes. >> if you plan to attend san francisco's chinese new year's parade community leaders and city officials shared tips today to help keep you safe. abc 7 news was in china town when the chinese chamber of commerce and police talked about plans to protect thousands of parade goer on saturday night. >> celebrating the lunar new year. >> so our goal this year is to have no theft. our goal this year is to have no crime. to have everyone alert, safe guarding their property, aware of their surroundings. >> to stop anyone that uses their own fireworks at the parade or during other celebrations too and they're urging people that celebrate the lunar new year to enjoy the
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fireworks that are part of the official celebrations. >> the port of oakland is poised to get through new massive cranes that could be among the tallest in the country. they submitted an order for the new 440 foot cranes costing $30 million. they're needed to handle the new generation of mega ships that could stack containers 12 high. the cranes will be built in china and then shipped and partially assembled here to make it under the bay bridge. you might recall similar ones in 2000 and 2002. they're expected to arrive next year. >> a sign of the times. stirring things up in one bay area neighborhood. >> remove the sign or face the consequences. >> we'll show you what happened, next. >> and this fashion statement that people say is anything but fashionable. plus. >> it's the oscars. >> the unsung heros of the oscars, the people behind the scenes tha
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what came next is the problem. a suspect caught on camera throwing eggs at the home and leaving a threatening sign. >> abc 7 news reporter has the story you'll see only on abc 7 news. >> imagine getting a call saying that your home was egged. that's exactly what happened to this san francisco resident that prefers not to be identified. >> i felt like the egg, he had gone a little too far with that. >> let's rewind to three months ago when the targeting began. first he got a letter in the
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mail. >> told me i better remove the sign or face the consequences. and make america great again. >> the sign on his second floor balcony is a political one that reads impeach trump. >> then two weeks ago i got a second handwritten maga. >> the homeowner decided to post the photo of the suspect on the app next door hoping that someone would identify him but what he found were allies. >> i just live across the street and i am fully supportive of his signs. >> sarah is not only supporting her neighbor with words but she decided to buy signs of her own. >> he's not going to come hopefully after everyone. is he taking down the sign? the answer is no. >> i have no intention of taking
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the sign down. >> we spoke to san francisco police. they tell us they cannot investigate this case yet because there hasn't been a police report filed. abc 7 news. >> new developments today in the jussie smollett case. the two brothers that were once persons of interests say smollett played a role in sending a threatening letter addressed to him at the chicago studio where he filmed the show empire. the letter was sent a week before he claimed he was the victim of a hate crime attack. the letter is being analyzed at an fbi crime lab. the others also said he paid them to fake the assault because he was upset the threatening letter didn't get more attention. detectives have stopped calling smollett a victim. bu bu bu burberry is apologizing for a draw string in the shape of a
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noose. she also raised the issue of lynching. she claims they dismissed her concerns. they claim it was inspired by the marine theme that ran throughout the collection. it has now been removed. >> all right, well work will begin on the upper deck of the richmond san rafael bridge. it caused concrete to fall from the upper deck to the lower deck. repairs should wrap up by 4:00 a.m. tomorrow. drivers should be prepared for lane closures. >> a state lawmaker wants to remove the speed limit for proposed new lanes on i-5 and highway 99. the senator from orange county says his bill would create two additional lanes on i-5 and 99 with no speed limit. the other lanes would have a 65 miles per hour speed limit. >> if you look at what's happening in germany, they're a lot less than what's happening on our roads. >> the attempt is a viable
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alternative to the high speed rail system. so high speed cars. >> nice day for a car ride? >> what a beautiful day but we have clouds coming our way. maybe a little bit of rainfall. here's a look at live doppler 7. the clear skies are evident in this look at our radar screen. a lot of you looking westward. beautiful crystal clear skies. just a few low clouds in the distance. mid 50s and oakland, and san jose and morgan hill and half moon bay. here's some looking down on to the bay and a little bit of san francisco there and a few thin, high clouds but not many. it's 57 degrees at santa rosa. napa 55, and 56 at livermore. looking westward once again and
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we'll have a spotty wintry mix of precipitation tomorrow. and over the weekend. >> mid to upper 30s in our inland valleys and mid 40s around the bay shoreline and on the coast and way up north we'll see precipitation. >> we're going to interrupt you for just a moment to bring developing news. >> former president obama is in the east bay for the first national convening foundations and bk alliance supporting young men of color and steph curry is there too. we want to listen in. this is happening. now he's on stage. >> a joy to this and it's been fun to watch the warriors and the greatest
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shooter of all time. i gave him some tips right before, about five seasons ago and there's film of this in the white house, mr. steph curry. [ applause ] >> thank you very much president obama. this is a very humbling experience where my true story really started in the last ten years and i have been here really proud to represent oakland, represent my team and taking us to new heights. to be here in this new city it only feels right to be able to host you and the entire program. it means a lot. so i think i want to start, we obviously know why we're all here and what it means and what it has done with the future plans. i want to take it back to where the initial seed was planted. what was your initial motivation behind the initiative and
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really, i guess, what has changed from the start to, you know, post-presidency and the plans you guys have been trying to initiate for sure. >> well, from the moment that i was elected president i was constantly thinking about how do we make sure that everybody in this country has opportunity and every child is valued? and although this is the greatest country on earth and there are still people who are able to rise despite disadvantages, the fact of the matter is is that there's a will the of neighborhoods that are still left behind. there's a lot of young people who, sadly, don't have the resources, don't have the support, don't have the attention that other communities have. and so we were working on a whole range of issues from
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education to health care, you name it. but when treyvon martin was killed while i was in office and some of you remember, although actually some of you are so young you may not, you know, i was asked to speak on the issue and as somebody who is the head of federal law enforcement, i would not comment on the particulars of the case, but what i could say was that he could have been my son. and the fact that not just trayvon but every single day there were young men of color who were being shot and killed, that every single day there were young men who are dropping out
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of school, every single day there were too many more likely to end up in prison than in college, required us as a society to wake up. and to find ways in which we could come and say to all of them that were having a more difficult time in society for a whole range of historical reasons, we had to be able to say to them, you matter. we care about you. we believe in you. and we're going to be sure that you have the opportunity and chances to move forward like everybody else.
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and the idea was the government had a role to play in making sure that the policies were put in place that weren't systematically disadvantaging young men of color. statistically it was shown that black boys, latino boys, native american boys were more likely to be disciplined, suspended and expelled from school, often times for behaving the same way that other boys were behaving, but there were different standards in terms of how they were judged in school. so for example, the department of education, we created different guidelines that
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here's how you should think about discipline we had over 200 communities. from big cities to small towns to native american reservations that took up that challenge and said we're going to try to set up programs that support our young men give them opportunities, provide them apprenticeships, provide them job training, focus on making sure that if they're not going to a 4 year college that they have some sort of technical program that they can get into and we could not be prouder of all the communities around the country that took up the and initiated programs that have made a difference in the lives
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of hundreds of thousands if not millions of young men over the last several years. now, i lost my job because that's the way it works, you know? you get retired. so i had less immediate influence on the federal government programs but the community programs we could continue to initiate and so as part of the overall obama foundation what we said was we're going to keep my brother's keeper alive. and thanks to the outstanding work being done in local communities and some of the key leaders from across the country are gathered here today
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spirit has continued and thrived so for example an organization in chicago. i sat down in a circle with some young men in a high school, high park high school right across from where we're building our library, a program called bam, becoming a man. outstanding program. started off with 400 young leaders involved. now they have 7,000. they just started a new chapter in boston. and you have communities like yonkers that are yonkers in the house. that are initiating programs, the same as in san juan puerto rico where you have seen success in drastically reducing violence increasing school attendance, so
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it's really communities themselves that are mobilizing and the purpose of this summit was number one to say, five years after this started, we're not going >> number two, we wanted to lift up the organizations that are successful and bring them together to learn from each other and figure out what are the best ways to intervene and support and provide a voice to young men in our communitiecomme and number three and most importantly, give us an opportunity to see outstanding young men all across the country that are not reported on enough that are doing positive work, that are leaders in their communities, who are succeeding in school.
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who are supporting their brothers. >> you see former president obama. there he is speaking live in oakland. >> and there of course along side the warriors steph curry. stay with us. you can continue to watch this online and on the abc 7 news app
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>> check out our count down clock. we countdown the days and the hours to the 91st academy awards. >> from the red carpet to the governor's ball plenty of people are preparing for hollywood's biggest night. >> over the shoulder. >> what we see at the oscars is this. but before the celebrities hit the red carpet and any award is
4:31 pm
given. >> and the winner is. >> there are people working behind the scenes to make sure the show runs smoothly like randy thomas. >> i go, ladies and gentlemen, please take your seats. i make celebrities sit down. >> it's the oscars. >> on oscars night, her voice will be one of the most important you'll hear. >> i'm introducing people live. the top of the show, the open of the show will be live. >> last year's winner for best actress. >> she also reads the facts about the winners as they're walking toward the stage and when it comes to making sure celebrities look good before they hit the stage. >> 40 to 45 minutes. i mean, just get it done. >> that's bruce's responsibility. >> when they're putting on their make up, they're actually getting ready. it's like lacing up shoes before they go on to the playing field. >> he runs the make up department for the academy awards and often has to do his job in a matter of seconds. >> sometimes we do a touch up in less than 30 seconds.
4:32 pm
>> from backstage chaos to flowers here at mark's garden, he and his team are working until the last minute. >> it's always last minute. you want the freshest flowers. >> he has the job of designing floral arrangements for the governor's ball. the post-oscar's celebration. >> it takes about 30 people, four days to actually create the centerpieces. >> this year, he and his team are making at least 300 centerpieces with no two being exactly alike. >> every year is a new challenge. we try to rise to it. we try to always do better than we have ever done before. >> abc news, los angeles. >> abc 7 is your home for the oscars. watch it live this sunday at 5:00 p.m.. our coverage begins at 1:30 thursday afternoon because you have to see all the red carpet arrivals and the important stuff. dion lim will be in hollywood for the red carpets. she'll be there throughout oscar weekend. >> so much fun.
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a plan to curb gun violence in the south bay. those that say the plan is
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>> in the south bay a new plan officials hope would curve gun violence but one gun dealer calls it
4:36 pm
>> joe is one of about 2 dozen gun dealers that may be impacted by a proposal to curve gun viol. it's known as straw purchasing. >> straw purchasing is indemic, particularly for gangs obtaining guns often from gang members that don't have a prior record. >> the crack down would include the video and audio recording of all gun and ammunition transactions and inventory rechecks account for missing guns and bullets, suicide and domestic violence prevention resources and a ban on sale of gun and ammunition. that doesn't sit well with joe. >> we police ourselves. we don't do anything illegal because we're controlled by the federal government as well as by the state government. now you turn around and have a
4:37 pm
city make a law that's totally unconstitutional, that's terrible. >> organizations seeking to curve gun violence stood by city leaders to show their support. pastor danny sanchez works with victims and families. >> we see the pain, the sorrow, the suffering, and the loss of lives through gun violence. and as the mayor said, these are mostly children shooting children. >> the proposed gun safety ordinance is going to first go to the rules committee of the city council and eventually to the entire city council for approval. a process that could take an estimated 6 months. >> san jose's police chief said officers confiscated illegal guns from criminals that shouldn't have them. legal challenges are expected. >> new developments in the race for the white house. senator bernie sanders today launched another bid for the president's position joining the growing list of candidates. lana has the latest. >> senator bernie sanders is sending a message to his
4:38 pm
supporters to let them know he's getting back into the ring. >> i'm asking you today to be part of an unprecedented grass roots campaign of one million active volunteers in every state in our country. >> his progressive platform caught fire in 2016 and many of his ideas, medicare for all, raising the minimum wage and making public college free now embraced by several other democrats, including elizabeth warren, another progressive today rolling out her plan to provide universal access to early childhood education. but during a cnn forum, amy klobuchar refused to back free college tuition. >> i wish if i was a magic genie and could give that to everyone and we could afford it, i would. >> and while sanders 2016 campaign did push to the left on many issues, another member of the crowded field says she doesn't want the party to go too far. >> i'm not a democratic
4:39 pm
socialist. i believe that capitalism has great strengths when it works for all people equally well. >> as for the man all the democrats will hope to run against, he has his own take on the democratic field. >> bernie sanders is running, that's right. personally i think he missed his time. >> sanders is the 13th democrat to announce his candidacy while others like vice president joe biden are still deciding whether they want to enter the race. abc news, washington. >> president trump signed a policy directive today laying out his plans for a new branch of the military called the space force. it must be approved by congress. president trump says the force will monitor the skies and ensure what he called, quote, america's dominance in space. critics question whether a completely separate branch of the military is the answer. >> faster than a speeding plane, how the weather is helping pilots pick up speed. >> and picking up trash along
4:40 pm
the bay. what the recent storms have been watching up. >> speaking of storms, no hint of one right now. crystal blue
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4:42 pm
one of the keys to building a better bay area is building a healthier san francisco bay. today we checked on an issue that we profiled.
4:43 pm
tons of trash into the bay. >> dorothy graham and her friends love strolling the shoreline trail in oakland. but taking in the sights is a mixed bag. on any given day, the shoreline is lined with ribbons and trash. everything from bottles to plastic bags and more. >> jackets and baby strollers. yes, you remember, baby stroller. >> yes. this is what we usually see a lot of floating styrofoam. styrofoam. he has been tracking the slow progress since state regulators began ordering bay area cities to reduce the trash being swept into the storm drain system. >> each city has its own storm drain system and most of those go directly into creeks in the bay. >> some progress is being made but it's uneven. it was taken off the trash offender list after instaling capture devices on the storm
4:44 pm
drains. at the same time, regulators crack down on cal trans threatening $25,000 a day for all the trash still blowing off bay area freeways. and governments like oakland and alameda are still in the planned improvements including trash separators and hiring clean up teams. >> it's poisoning fish and wildlife. it's unsightly. it's a threat to public health. >> dorothy graham and others agree, that a solution needs to be found before too much time and trash go by. >> it's unfortunely usual. we're not happy about it. >> abc 7 news. >> what can you done. cal trans budgeted $400 million for trash control over the next seven years. let's go now to update the forecast. >> we have a little light rain on the way but at the moment
4:45 pm
skies are clear as you can see. the approaching storm ranks one on the storm impact scale. we expect spotty light showers. maybe snow in the higher peaks and rainfall totals under .2 inch. we'll see a few spotty showers around the coastline. during the morning commute we don't expect rain to be widespread but there could be a few slippery spots. this will continue through tomorrow afternoon and into this evening. at times, some of the highest peaks will be cold enough for some of this to take the form of snow. rainfall totals will be generally under .2. in fact, mainly under .1 inch although a little bit higher in the east bay. they make it about .15 to .2. in the sierra, a winter weather advisory will be in effect from tomorrow at 4:00 a.m. to tomorrow night at 10:00 p.m.. 3 to 7 inches of snow above
4:46 pm
4,000 feet and visibility will be reduced. back here in the bay area tomorrow, under spotty showers and breezy conditions tomorrow. look for high temperatures to reach mainly to the mid 50s. 54 to 56 in most locations. excuse me. losing my voice here. here's the 7-day forecast. bright and breezy conditions on thursday, mostly sunny and dry on friday and clouds thickening on saturday with a slight chance of showers late at night. oscar sunday looking a little showery. good day to stay indoors and watch the oscars on abc 7. and we have lingering showers expected on monday and tuesday as well. some spotty activity. >> thank you. >> right now there is a fast plane in the sky and some travellers are landing early at their destinations because of strong tail winds. yor looki you're looking at a virgin atlantic flight. the jet stream helped them set a
4:47 pm
speed record for that type of plane. 801 miles per hour. they usually cruise at a mere 561 miles per hour. there's a bit of bad news though. if you're flying westbound, those headwinds might delay your flight. >> getting some sleep may be harder than ever these days but there may be one thing you can do to help you finally get some rest. >> credit card debt continues to wrack up for many americans. no
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it's a revolution in sleep. the sleep number 360 smart bed is on sale now from $899, during the ultimate sleep number event. it senses your movement, and automatically adjusts to keep you both comfortable. it even helps with this. so you wake up ready to hit the ground running. only at a sleep number store. it's the final days to save 50% on the sleep number 360 limited edition smart bed. plus, 24-month financing on all smart beds. ends sunday. sleep number. proven, quality sleep.
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>> you are taking a live look. this is where former president obama and steph curry are speaking. my brother's keeper alliance is aimed at closing the opportunity gaps aimed at facing young men and boys of color. it is invitation only. you can see the former president there and steph. you can listen in on abc 7 and kate larson is actually there so she'll have a live report coming up on abc news at 6:00. >> tune in for that. >> a popular overt the counter
4:51 pm
supplement for babies is being recalled. >> a lot of moms use this. >> gripe water is a huge product. it's used to provide babies relief from gas and stomach issues. now the recall effects gripe water sold at dollar general stores. it was recalled because not all the ingredients completely dissolve so it could be a potential choking hazard. if you have this, you should throw it away and contact a doctor if your child experiences any problems related to its previous use. new legislation can force cable companies to be more transparent about their bills. the bay area congresswoman and massachusetts senator have proposed the true feed act. it would allow consumers to terminate early if a provider increases fees or charges fees that weren't clearly explained
4:52 pm
in the original listing. companies would have to alert you no later than 21 days before the increase would go into effect. 40 million americans will miss at least one credit card payment this year. 40 million. that's according to a survey by wallet hub. the most commonly cited season for missing a payment was pure forgetfulness. after that it was because a credit card holder just didn't have enough money when a payment is due. the average american household carries $8,100 in credit card debt. it can lead to higher interest rates and damage to your credit score. that is way up because in inn 2008 it started going down. >> everyone was scared. >> definitely. thanks. >> researchers say they have the answer for anyone looking to get a better night's sleep. exercise. americans average 10 extra minutes of sleep when they workout during the day.
4:53 pm
the study also found that americans that get more than 8 hours of sleep enjoy an average sleep quality of 82%. that's the highest sleep quality of all americans. these americans have an average bedtime of 10:45. almost an hour earlier than other americans which doesn't work for us because we start the 11:00 news. we're already 15 minutes behind. >> a bit of romance. >> i have the best husband in the whole world. >> a terrific life. >> that's sweet. putting a life of love on display in the east bay. >> and what's coming up on abc 7 news at 5:00. >> thanks, guys. we are two days away from thousands of oakland teachers going on strike. new at 5:00, see the plans being made for parents that will have to decide what to do for their children. how you can check the history of a used car. and a lot of questions after we focused last week on b.a.r.t.
4:54 pm
today we're getting you answered as part of our
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4:56 pm
at 10:00 there's the rookie and stay tuned for abc 7 news at 11:00. >> dozens of old wedding gowns are on display in a retirement community in honor of
4:57 pm
valentine's day last week. we heard and saw your responses on abc 7 you wanted to know more. here's our east bay reporter with the stories of love. >> wedding days can be a blur. >> i'm pinning a corsage on my mom. >> there's usually two things that you remember, the date. >> april 27 or 29th. i'm not sure. >> okay. okay. if not the date, then the dress. >> i had a friend with me who said, julie, this is the dress. >> residents of the stone ridge creek retirement community are taking us back down the aisle. dozens of gowns like this one from 1907 and photos were donated to celebrate valentine's day. people can't get enough from the stories behind the dresses. in 1958, salary married her high school sweetheart in this. >> my mom picked that dress out. >> her mother made her gown in
4:58 pm
1979. >> and then it comes out in the sleeve. so it's all hand done. >> this was brought from china in 1952. >> and there was a tea ceremony with my new family, my mother-in-law and that's when i wore this. >> the second time around was the charm for julie. >> i have the best husband in the whole world. >> oh my gosh. >> each love story fills shannon up. when she looks at her dress from 1956, she sees -- >> a terrific life. it doesn't mean there haven't been a few little ups and downs, but we're still very much in love with each other. >> you can tell. abc 7 news. >> they're so sweet. the display will stay up through the end of february. public is encouraged to come take a look. you can good et tet the latest time. it has more customizations and
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personalized alerts. to get more of the news you want delivered to your phone in real time. that's going to do it for this edition of the abc 7 news at 4:00. abc 7 news at 5:00 starts now. >> it was like opening the door to the matrix. it was just black. >> we're there as families finally go inside their homes following a massive mud slide. as you'll see, it was not easy. >> hear from the man accusing a well-known bay area theater group of discrimination. >> you have a lot of questions following our week of focussing on b.a.r.t. we went digging for answers for you. >> and developing news with california's bullet train. high speed rail. the demand now being made by the white house. >> live, where you live, this is abc 7 news. >> oakland is gearing up for a teacher's strike. parents are scrambling to make ultimate plans for their kids. good evening. >> thanks for joining us. here at abc 7 news, we talk about building a better bay
5:00 pm
area. we're focused on improving the major issues we faced including housing and education which is why the looming strike by oakland teachers is such a big deal. >> we're two days away from thousands of teachers walking out. the district plans to keep schools open on thursday and will bring in substitute teachers but the regular teachers are urging parents not to send their children to class. >> we're worried that there won't be enough supervision at school to keep the kids safe here. >> and the district has said they will start, they will still be able to take care of the kids. the teacher's union is seeking a 12% race. about 36,000 students in oakland unified. >> tonight some parents that don't want to send their kids to school are looking for alternatives. >> some community groups are stepping up to help. >> when teachers go on strike here in oakland, some students may end up here at east bay bible church. >> we're openg doors to
5:01 pm
them so they


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